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Thai Massage Masterclass

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 1. The arms reversed

    • 2. The seated transition reversed

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About This Class

"Excellent course on Thai massage. Front, side and back sequences covered. Sequences demonstrated on both left and right sides of the body. The narration during the demonstration. Additional three-part video at the end of the complete sequence for practice. Good course to get up to speed quickly on how to do Thai massage." D.G. 5 STARS

This is not your normal Thai massage course!

This is not a northern style Thai massage course nor is it the southern Wat Pho style of Thai massage.

Instead, it is a unique blend of Thai massage styles utilizing what Mark considers are the best of the best massage techniques in Thai massage.

In this online massage course, Mark guides you step by step to show you from the basic massage techniques to advanced on how to give your massage clients an incredible Thai massage experience. 

Mark's spa had the first 100 out of 100 reviews on Tripadvisor ALL 5 STAR! A feat never been done before by a spa. They were also shortlisted this year for the 2017 Spa & Wellness awards for the Americas.

When it comes to a massage clinic or spa, your best asset is your massage. Without an incredible Thai massage sequence, it will be very difficult to have a thriving practice. This course will give you the massage skills set to give your clients an amazing Thai massage experience each and every time!

Mark designed this Thai massage sequence after spending years of doing Thai massage and finding out what he thought were the best and favorite techniques over the thousands of hours of Thai massage that he had performed.

It doesn't matter whether you have done Thai massage before or have no experience at all. Mark guides you step by step and shows you not only what his 25 years of experience have helped him, but also he shows you the ways to avoid the mistakes that he has made along the way.

Enroll now and start doing Thai massages Today!

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1. The arms reversed: Okay, so now we do, uh, repeat exactly what we've just done. Of course, on the other side. Now, once again, a little bit attraction, keeping your hands soft. You just don't want to pinch their skin there as before. Just leaning gently on coming off. Make slow, rhythmical versions work. Mom, you must be careful when you work along the arm here. Ah, big nerve on the inside of the app. Aram There. You do want to be careful with that. You find during his technique. You're absolutely fine. Nice, but attraction again. Like I said before at the that 30 40 degrees out from the body that you have to close next to her room cage. Your foot can pinch the skin. So you just working the hands you see right here to sitting comfortably. Possibly today is that's count a comfortable position for him. What is the therapist? You need to be comfortable when you're doing massive, so make sure whatever position you choose to sit in, you don't have to be cross later. If you can't do that, he's young, so I could do you do this? It's not flexible. Just make sure that when you're doing your mess. That's you in a comfortable position for yourself. Don't compromise your own posturing. Body mechanics. What is your work? Which is easy to do when you're just starting out You again. You. Cassie's fingers support the back of the hand fingers as he works up through the fingers with the thumb. It slides it up there. You can see that tracks it up with back for his fingers, not from pressure through the hands there, about five stroke in the shop. 2. The seated transition reversed: Let's just take another look at this transition sitting at the side here thing that makes up starting across just underneath the news there, bring the plant up. They're nice name, way to bring into a sitting position.