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Teespring Masterclass: Start Your Own Successful T-shirt Business Online

teacher avatar Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

54 Lessons (3h 48m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. What Is Teespring? And How Does it Work?

    • 3. My MOST Successful T-shirt Campaigns

    • 4. Create A Teespring Account - Signup & Settings

    • 5. Gain A Full Understanding of Teespring Account Dashboard

    • 6. Types Of T-shirt Design: Evergreen

    • 7. Types Of T-shirt Design: Trending

    • 8. Profitable Niche Selection Fundamentals

    • 9. Google Keyword Planner To Find Profitable Phrases & Quotes

    • 10. Following Trends For Event Based Research

    • 11. USA Calendar For Event Research

    • 12. Generate Lots Of T-shirt Design Ideas

    • 13. T-shirt Design Options

    • 14. Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Photoshop CC

    • 15. Create A New Document - T-shirt Design #1

    • 16. Add Text And Shape

    • 17. Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design

    • 18. Export Design With Transparent Background

    • 19. Create A New Document - T-shirt Design #2

    • 20. Start Designing Of Eye Records T-shirt

    • 21. Add Text, Draw Eye Shape And Finish The Design

    • 22. Get 7-Days Free Trial of Adobe Illustrator

    • 23. Create A New Document - T-shirt Design #1

    • 24. Add Slogan In T-shirt Design

    • 25. Collect Images, Customize & Put Them In Design Artboard

    • 26. Introduction - Convert Any Text To Design

    • 27. Create Different Shapes

    • 28. Use Of Clipping Mask To Add Pattern In Text

    • 29. Add Color & Shapes To Give The Finishing Touch

    • 30. Getting Started With Canva

    • 31. Understanding Canva Design Dashboard

    • 32. Ugly T-shirt Design With Canva

    • 33. Design Process

    • 34. Remove Background And Export It

    • 35. How To Create Groups In Teespring

    • 36. Upload Your Design Teespring Campaign (Step By Step)

    • 37. Add Products | Calculate Estimate Profits, Choose Color, Add Style

    • 38. Add Title, Features, Description And Launch Your Teespring Campaign

    • 39. Launch A NEW Campaign From Sketch - Just in 2 Minutes!!!

    • 40. Create A Teespring Campaign Promotion

    • 41. Build An Attractive Teespring Storefront | Header, Banner, About Page & Products

    • 42. Promote Products In Social Media (Quick Tips)

    • 43. Promoting With Instagram

    • 44. Promoting With Twitter

    • 45. Promoting With YouTube

    • 46. Create A Facebook Page

    • 47. Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

    • 48. Setup Facebook Pixel

    • 49. Create High Converting Ads Image for Facebook

    • 50. Start Promoting Teespring Campaign In Facebook

    • 51. Finding Vectors To Do Your T-shirt Designing FAST

    • 52. Get Thousands Of Royalty Free Fonts

    • 53. Get Thousands Of Royalty Free Icons

    • 54. Conclusion + BONUS

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About This Class

Do you want to make money passively by selling your t-shirts?

Are you tired of trying to generate at least $1000 per month online?

If 'YES' then you are in the right place.

In this Teespring: Build A Successful T-shirt Business online course you will learn from the very basic to advanced strategies of teespring. And tactics that I use to make hundreds of dollars to over $1000 per week selling t-shirts. This course is designed to help you find profitable (make money) niches, create more winning t-shirts using photoshop, illustrator and free online tools. Als,o target the specific audiences who are most likely to buy your t-shirts.

Teespring is a great print on demand platform. You can easily make money in this platform. Just upload your design & launch campaign. Teespring does the rest of it. (prints the t-shirt, delivers it to the customer, takes care of returns, etc.) And you get paid for every unit of t-shirts is sold.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Masuk Sarker Batista and I have been working in this Teespring platform for past 2 years and still now. I have earned over $50,000+ from this platform.  Also, I'm the creator of some of the world's most popular T-shirt Design & Video Editing courses - with over 100,000+ students and thousands of 5-star reviews like these from the Teespring course:

"I had a great experience with this course. The material was easy to understand and the instructor had a clear and crisp voice. Overall great for beginners that want to get startd with selling their tee-shirts." - Rifat Shikder 

"This course is the most valuable Teespring resource I have EVER purchased. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from the course. Look forward to more!" - Nafiul Alam Nayem

It's Fast and Easy - This teespring course is an intensive, fast paced, online video training program. It's designed for complete beginners and it's easy to get started. It's not the type of thing that takes weeks or months to learn and implement. You could easily be running your own t-shirt campaigns within 24 hours of completing the course. 

By Taking This Course You Will Learn:

  • How does the teespring work & Account creation.
  • How to find profitable make money niche.
  • Learn more about Evergreen And Trending T-shirts.
  • How to design awesome t-shirts with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.
  • T-shirt design with online free tools and software.
  • Step-by-step process to upload and launch teespring campaign.
  • Build Attractive Teespring Storefront.
  • Absolutely Free Ways To Promote T-shirt Campaigns.
  • Use Facebook Advertising (FB Ads) To Promote T-shirt Campaigns
  • Tips & Tricks to take your business to the next level.
  • And Much Much More!


My Promise to You

I'm a full-time Designer, Editor, and online instructor. For past 2 years strongly involved with Teespring T-shirt business. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. I will answer your questions.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!


Masuk Sarker Batista

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & Main Author of MSB Official Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor & Serving Course For Over 75,000+ Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


Step #1: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get weekly videos with the absolute best mark... See full profile

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1. Enroll Now: do you want to Eastern? You're successful T shirt business online? If yes, then you are in the right place. Welcome to the States being billed you successful T shirt business online Master class course. Here I show you everything that you need to know to active success in distance being blocked from. I am much sugar Batista. I am the base l A T shirt designer on March by Imagine, and he's being working in these days being that from for past two years and is now for last two years. I have aren't around $50,000 from the spring and I'm the instructor off these cores in this distinction should business course, I will teach you the every step off. Basically, I will talk about what that is is how to sign up for an account. Also give you the brief overview off this case being that from the solution is very important thing off T shirt business on In this course, I will show you hard to find profitable make Manish. And also in this course, I reveal my 100 plus profitable niche to share decent section off this course You will do T shirt descending with the powerful at it before the shop and out of a listed or softer. Not only that, we also learn how to descend super cool T shirts with the on land free tools and software. Then we, after our beautiful design and launch our spring campaign. Then we have learned how to create T shirt inside Inti Spring on Launch. It is been campaign less than five minutes and of course I will keep the indigents worked off that. Then you learn how to create beautiful Easter phone for our T spin campaigns. Not only that, we also cover the free promotion west to get more T shirt sales. Also show you how to create amazing social media, asked images for paid promotion on Keep You the Easter based guidelines to run phrasebook at campaign Andi Normal level. This is a section off this course. I will share my least off ever sites where you will get free images, reality free icons, forms and so on. And this will help you to take UT spring business into the next level. So what are you waiting for? Big these scores now? And is that your own successful to show business? Who is being ceiling 2. What Is Teespring? And How Does it Work?: what is thes peeing? Basically, it is a print on demand side with a little off. The spring is www dot de spring dot com. Anyone can upload isn't and make money from these marketplace. Now let's see how Dusty's been work, create or design and launch products. Thousands off the stores and millions off unique products are launched on T's being each month just designed something cool and upload it on T Spain and launched the product. Had you can sell T shirts, coffee marks, iPhone guests, hoodie, long slip and some other different products. T shirts and hoodies are selling really, really well in this days being platform and in this course will focus about that and after happening on launching your products. If someone order pull it, then you will get the profit from it. That means if someone already product he's being will make it and ship it to the customer, you don't have to do anything for shipping. These being will handle that. So this is the basic off how that is being walks. But to get more cells in tasting, you need quality design. You have to select profitable niche and proper marketing strategy is also important. We will learn about this in details in this entire course. See you in the next lecture. 3. My MOST Successful T-shirt Campaigns: these days, I will show you some my campaigns, successful campaigns just to let you know that what is possible on T spring and these are my heavy guitars. I made a T shirt top debt who has got over 1000 cells, which is totally insane. Also, I had a series of different T shirts and hoodies that are targeted specific jobs, which head of AR 1500 splashed cells and cells are still going on. And for the stop their T shirt for over 1000 cells I met over $10,000 in jobs category, T shirts and hoodies for 1500 pass sells. I made around 20 $100. A lot of them are hoodies, and I aren't up to 15 to $20 from Barghuti. So on average off honey I and about $25,000 just on the's T shirts and hoodies. And these are my heavy death, and there's the Easter Room for you, so you don't have to think, Oh, he done these everyone else down. These and there is no it's best for me. Please don't think like that. There is. There is still a chance off opportunity for you. This is my list that we can target. We can instill type jobs. We can target the sports. The sports Ellen is bigger than the most areas on. We can also target a specific interest, which has a massive opportunity. For example, we can't I got get darks horses pretty much anything. So there's the plenty off opportunity for you. This is just a video off by successful campaigns on history. With these being, we will be going into each of the sections. We just spoke about a lot more detail during peace scores. 4. Create A Teespring Account - Signup & Settings: as I said before the spring, is an online marketplace that has millions of users. You can use this being to create a lot of products using the designs that you create. This pain is 100% free to use, and you on the gate gate if you make cells is being provided us all the necessary tools and resources that you would need to create to sell your products to Eastern working or tasting . At first, you need to sign up in the chat room in Google, simply Sarge, Fortis being and press, enter and in Google's as result here, you can see that he's being official. Upside or you are after is being is that literally deadly dart He's being got gone. So for signing up, that means to create a new T spring account. Simply click on logging are plague. He start designing I just implicitly at Easter, designing on the spring. Take us into the log in page now, to create a new account, simply click site up this little sent uplink. Now simply type your email address is too much. I've met email address and then put you prepare password and we get this pass of the game to come from these and then Jake These I am not about it. Finally, to create any duties being account, simply hit on the side and button and how you can see he's being automatically take us into . That isn't Launcher Page. We will talk about these things and launch our page a little bit. Letter. Now I simply diabetes being dot com in my Web browser and press enter now in the upper right side. Here, you can see our inner address. If I click on this image address, they should open up a drop down menu where you can view and edit your products, your Easter forms able to see analytics messages, promotion and more. Now I click on settings he's being now. Take me into the account stating Space age. Here you can abduct you, profile marketing and payment information. Under you provide sittings. You can add a public name that will be displayed for number are you can change your default address here next in advance settings. Here, you can Abit you launch preference, you product listing display performance and your marketing preference to increase yourselves. I recommend you toe upped in all into that thespian marketing options. In order to reach more customers underneath the advanced settings, you have the option to change your email address If you want. Simply confirm you new email address and we kept this again to conference your new email address and then put your current password and hit on Abdul Emmy. Alright, and the next one is changed. Your password. If you want to change your password, your current password. Then simply put your current passel here and tied Newcastle and we take you new password again and place Abdic password next to get paid from tasting. Put your paper email address and retake your paper limit address and press said Papal Address to get paid true pepper. But if people is not supported to your country, then I recommended you to create a new pioneer account on then from pioneer settings. Simply can acu Byner account to get paid from T spring and finally you can Abit you defector settings to Annable two factor authentication. So just go ahead and fill out all the information for you. T speak account and I was you in the next lecture 5. Gain A Full Understanding of Teespring Account Dashboard: In our previous lecture, we have created our tasting account, and in this letter I will give you a quick overview off piece being account. Dashboard Dayspring is a great life from that property you with everything that you need to get your business up and running. So let's head over to the East Wing and see what to spend resources they provide to help us to start our business. Once you are in, that is being home page. Dan Lear's Go up to the top right hand side on league in the email address to open up the drop down menu. 1st 1 is product. I just simply click on this here. You can see how many products are our dart amount off profit and the dollar amount to be paid and the amount off total donations in the all time. Here you can see the total product souls, number of total profit and number of total delish ALS. These days, being account is completely new. That's why things are all zero. Hope this makes sense. This is the description off my main tasting account. Relax, Paige. Yeah, You can see my number of total product sold My all time, total profit and my products the next day on drop down list is Easter forms. Actually, you can use the step to display multiple campaigns in one place and able to share numerous campaigns using one. You are ill. They even allow you to offer cross cells, and these will help you to sell multiple purchase to customers. Next step Indies being dashboard is analytics that here you can view all the analytics for beauty spin campaigns. You can manage your orders. See the number off units ordered that are dead, the other number delivery listed us and even the purchase amount. To see the A specific things for filtering, simply change your debt range from here. Juice. You prefer Dead wrench and Click AB debt. They're simple. The next minute off our dashboard is the messages menu. Here you can message your customer, and even you will be able to download vitamins for email marketing. This is great for marketing customers and to help promote other products and discounts you can also choose particular campaigns are created. A group campaigns to measures together. The next step is no Michelle stab here. You can see the promotion tools to quit discount code for buyers. They allow you to provide a parity off discounts and also give you the ability toe absolute products. You can easily create a promotion by entering promo i d. Select your discount type. Died the amount and select Expedition debt. That's it. We will go for more about creating a T spin promotion letter in this course. Now let's check the up to step these obsessed ever allow you to Anchorage your customers to purchase additional items when the check out. This can highly increase your number of sales span customer. Our next step is build step. This is how you can view how much you are getting paid. Payouts can be sent by a bank. Check direct deposit. People are pioneer. Now let's take a look. The pricing This contact Since January 2070 all the products on T speak have a flat pricing model. Bar Deal's off our reprising discover moral, depending on the amount of products you sell within a month. So the more products that you sell within a month that began your discount early in the falling month. If you sell between 100 to 4 19 units, then it will get 40 cent discount. If you sell between 500 to 19 and units, then you will get a dollar discount and the lives are going on. You can found this info in Freising this country air. So the final minute on rt spring dashboard is settings Onda. We already have covered this in our previous lecture and this is basically that he speaking dashboard overview In our next little you learn about the types off Fisher design. 6. Types Of T-shirt Design: Evergreen: in online humor. See different that off T shirts. But better two main categories. One is you have been designed, and other one is even based design. I'm going to show you the examples and explain that about each of these in a little bit more detail here. So, first of all, we talk about evergreen designs because these are my personal favorite. These actually depends. Why don't you used to spring for for me personally? I used t spring for additional income stream, a passive in chemistry. So for me, it is important toe have many different immigrant designs that make a handful cells in a consistent. This is just like an immigrant tree, which is green and myself are always camp in. So I have done a good search for Katich art, and all of these results are here. All of these are pretty much evergreen designs because they are not focused on a specific time off. Here are specific event are Okasha. They're just based on hobbies. You know, animal lovers, cat lovers, people who have cares and kittens. It is acquitted a lot off passion for something rather than an even that happens once are too Yeah. And therefore, these teachers are not specific to a time off yet, and they will sell over and over again. You are on their a game. Here is a few examples are some you hug initiatives that I discover and they are music. Coffee? Why n e mails, family really easy on occupations, Hopis, money and so on. You know, our next lecture. We will talk about the even based T shirt designs. See you guys to the next one. 7. Types Of T-shirt Design: Trending: and the second type. Often Devyn is even based T shirt designs. I could you mention that this is an even basis, and on Christmas, these type off the charts on Lee going to sell around Christmas month. You are not going to sell these type off placements based dishes in February are in April. It is just not going to happen because it is too focused on Christmas. It is only going to sell around Christmas time now lives here. Another example off even based social design, this time with such for solar ellipse desire. And we found these T shirts in services out. So this time for this particular example are just simply open up this T shirt design on here. You can see these two shared is in God over 1000 pores at ever threading is 4.6, which is really good on in the social design. Here, you can see a specific debt going to want a ghost 2017. It has a specific get on it because it is specific to the solar Elise itself. So this type of pictures probably is never going to sell again. I would be surprised if they sold anymore. This Siberry unspecific even basically, shit is an example. This happens once every so many, yes, and therefore there was a lot of opportunity to make a lot off a lot of money that you will not believe the amount of money there some people meant from this ill is true that it is spring platform and we have all sorts of different events and did, for example, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas extra. I talk about this to disease type just to let you know that you do get a bit of these designs into Catalyst. One is evergreen, which is going to sell over and over again all along, and on the other hand, even with T shirts, are still really, really well in the month off that specific event, and then they're not sell too much at all. 8. Profitable Niche Selection Fundamentals: in the section of the scores you land the fundamentals off profitable knee selection and how to find evidence trending and even businesses. Now, in this particular video, we will talk about the basic components, equality in selection, a profitable niche. And in our upcoming videos, we will take a look at how we can use online free tools and process to farther improve our money selection before selecting any niche. You have to consider few things on this first station right here. We're going to talk about what needs to select. Number one is passionate and emotional buyers. Now, when it comes to the selection, passion is gay must make sure that you targeted people in your particular niche. They are going to be proud to. Are the sharks you sell them? You really want them to think about how much pride and how much pressure on you design is going to bring them, so there is very important. Next important point is willingness to spend money. That means you have to go after people that want to buy T shirts on Lee and have the capability and willingness to buy eat. So, for example, if you go after 70 years old people then they really don't know how to use technology to well and don't know how to go through all the transition process. So that case, you can really expect a lot off profitability or return from such target, right? So target their type of people who have a lot of transitions online and, regrettably, younger by age because they know how to use social media. And they also know how to use things like people where it cut to purchase products from online. So that's what I mean by willingness to buy. Make sure they're dark people that you are titled it do. It's been money online and know how to eat spend money. The next big rhetoric is scalable by APS. When you are selecting an itch, you want to make sure that it is not too big bad. Another is to Ismail. For example, if you go with the dismal ish like new villages that you can't really is, call that you might make couple of cells here and there, but it is not a long term camping that will get you a lot in terms off profitability, so make sure that you have it is scalable campaign. Okay, so that should definitely be something that's within your mind. For example, it could be car mechanics. Car mechanics is a desert nish. You can target car mechanic stem cells, and sometimes you can target their girlfriends. You can target their family, and so on. Just people that know car mechanics is just a lot larger than people that know about never lodges. So there is quite a bit off room for is scalability in that sense, Next criteria is is a little gettable, and I think it is very important. Is the drug edible? Means it already has a lot of falling on things like Instagram on Facebook and just these different social platforms. You can go ahead and take a look at this niche by searching them on different platforms. See how many lacks how many different people are in different group and how many people are engaging for this particular niche. So you need to make sure that it is target able on different social media platforms. Actually, these are four cafeteria that, in my opinion, are very important when selecting Inish a couple of missions that I have found that worked well in the past and is still now. And they are hobbies and sports fan job and different data off professions, beds and animal lovers. Another key point, I want to say which is targeting sub knishes. By targeting SAB knishes, you can easily specify you targeted audience. That means, for example, in my case, since I am selling to a niche that is, get so my manage would be get. However, my establish that I really want to go after this passion cat in the same way. If you are going to target jobs and profession and your mannish is is like engineers, then you can go ahead and go after establishes mechanical engineer. All right, so these are cool ways that you can go ahead and defend you knishes and really focus on a specific point in a large nish. There's very much it this at the basic components that you should consider when selecting an issue in our upcoming videos, we will learn more about profitable new selection. Thank you so much for watching 9. Google Keyword Planner To Find Profitable Phrases & Quotes: Google Cured Banner. This freak you out on a total is owned by Google. You dissipating Great test to come, especially for those who are working, are doing takes base desires. Using this tool you can easily able to see started William for any cures. And first, I myself also used this tool for finding simple to our rewards faces to put into the T shirt. So to Easter, using these Kerpen a tool at first click on this link, Sarge for new cures using a fest or said our category. And then simply this time I tie few random Festus books nor Drax hugs, hugs and nets, book bobs and hacks, book books and naps on. And this time I die hacks, not drugs. Basically, I'm typing in all shorts off different faces that I have done some research on March and found that books to sharks and napping teachers are selling really well in Amazon. So I'm going to combine these two and see if there is any Sarge volume here. If I found there is the interest in these manifest, then I'm going to add this face into a T shirt, and I'm going to try these to sell on Amazon and no need to put any landing pitch well. And no need to feel this product category fit and from targeting. Click on this or location and such for a country. United is stairs sealer country read it is theirs and he don't say. And now just simply click on get ideas. And here you can see on dark your ideas for Sarse, Tom books nor drugs for these particular fists. Amorous monthly search is in between 1 to 10 thousands in the country. Off emitted is stairs and for this term, hugs, not drugs. Average monthly search for the star is from 1 to 10 thousands, and competition is low and four books nor drugs. Competition is medium, and if you eat school down here, you get lots off. Relevant your ideas with avoris monthly such and competition. Sarge Tom with dissent. Amorous monthly starts with low compression is honestly a good idea to put it on T shirt just to remember you said, targeting country to united the stairs very often. I'm using this Q Arpanet tool. I just simply started the face on. Dargo will queue up in a tool, and when im see a first with low competition are medium competition. I just simply contact that face into the Zen because I know not many companies are actually advertising. But there is a lot offside volume. These other good ideas for faces that you can put the skewers into your design. So, guys, these are the good ideas for finding faces that you can put the skewers into U T shirt design. And for that zone, I found this Google cure panna tool. Very useful. Hope this bill, you will helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching. 10. Following Trends For Event Based Research: in this little will on how we can find the falling Kreps trends that are happening in the country and in the world, who are trying to research how to find a trending topic for the researching Piper's we use at fast Google Train stool or, if you are released you and start google dot com slash friends. This is one of the most popular places to go, and it gives us snap shirt off. What is the popular on Google? Also, we can break it down by category. Business, entertainment, health, Jackie sports and tapestries. Also, you can break it down by the country in these rubber minnow Herrick and see the country least and in home page at fast. Here you can see it shows us that the one to feature the featured the recently trending topics Winter Holy. There's 2017 and the based on global such interest. Now they're featuring Gah, Santa Tracker. Also the Future Die Gold and go About Our Screwed Us in 18 and also how you can see that Mr Meyer's character in statistics and under these they also share the histories off the recent training topic. Real Madrid Personal a match Texas Tech, Red Radius, football match and so on. And also the Sha a graph. And using this graph, we can easily understand what is the heart topic right now. To see the details off any off this trending topic, simply click on this topic Liying have you can see the full statistic off this news they exasperate red radius Football match is now the heart guek and under these hair you can see the interns by the region. Not only that, they also share the relevant trend inquiries Super cool, right? And under these, they also share the related topics which are also trending pretty cool, right? You can also starts depart by putting the key words in the search box Now their cities to my time game off dons. Now here you can see in the month off a ghost this game off towns, Brahma cities, wasin trending. But for this time in November 2017 this topic is not trending right now. All right, also, you can see the interested result off this drama Cities game of Tom's by interest Fast Wyness, Kazakhistan And 2nd 1 is Russia on and the hard one is grain makes sense, right? So by simply put in key works in such books and by watching their statistic you can is the understand that is the topic is now in trending or not to find trending topics. My second favorite words, that is Bassam Oh, or if you are, is Abdullah Bustem a dot com slash research slash trending. How you can see all the available trending news and these articles are published 24 hours ago. Also, the provide different type off categories, such as E sports entertainment Business Extra. Now, if I goto politics here, you can see all the heart topics, afternoons off politics and just look at these numbers. Social shutting numbers. These news is just published for our single, and it is already shared on Facebook over to have thousands time, and the second news is published two hours before and she had on Facebook over six thousands time. These are the bile topics right now. Now, in these being idea, simply search for Trump T shirt, and here you can see a bunch of different T shirts and hoodies that are related in this topic. Actually, T shirts based on politics are selling really really well in the streets being platform and indictment. People love entertainment, and these topics are not branding on social media and on the Web. Basically, these are my two favorite tools to find trending topics. And I'm very often used these totals when I worked with even base to shut, designed to find new topics. Hope this video would be helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching. I will catch you guys to the next one. 11. USA Calendar For Event Research: For those who wants to do some even best dissents, it is a very good idea to do a Google search and combined at least off US holidays, celebration, national holidays and Easter holidays. And Kidder's basically such a Super Bowl Onda Key holidays are Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Labor Day, Independent stare extra. There are a lot of different dates that you probably don't care off, but obviously these are the main ones. But I got a lot off early this South. Just National Pizza Day, Washington's birthday tags day, our day, Father's Day, national flag weak and that then obviously you can upload a lot off. United is their slot based design. From here, you will get a lot off ideas for even best designs. The or Vural off this page is mad. Men mike dot com slash us under escort holidays underscored. Their start is TML, and our second half said is time and dead dot com. Have you can see the least off. United is days holidays in 2018 is that holy? Their city is right there. National are Red Day, Valentine's Day in those holy days and so on. You will get a lot of different ideas here. Really, you should not be struggling for an even based is and ideas not only for United East Asia leaders. If you want to target and other countries then in the same way just simply such for the holidays in Google, you will get a full list off them. Hope that health Thank you so much for watching. 12. Generate Lots Of T-shirt Design Ideas: The best way to generate design ideas is to see other designs. I very frequently do these two Jarrett my T shirt design ideas and in this video, I'm going to show you how you quit are limited to share design ideas easily Now. I am in google dot com. Suppose you want toe Great if he should. Design about. Never related. That means you target people are who went toe by. Maybe related politicians. If you want to generate ideas on these stuffy, then simply search for Navy Funny T shirt. And now he don't enter and never get to that. You must step heresy. Bunch of different T shirt designs. Hello, Bill. Goodbye problems. Another one. They simply put some logo and just at a test, he still falling me and it's behind the just put the ship. Large stuff. Lots of results. Look at this. There's just put a simple text on these dishes born to make history. Taking a sick day because I am sick of people by doing Google's are broken is illegitimate . Different type off T shirt design ideas. Suppose you want to make mothers. They're related T shirt, Then simply type mothers their T shirts. Look at this very simple, laden clean. Best mom hands down another one. They just simply put Superman logo and taxed. Supermom. Awesome! Awesome! My most Roberto said to generate T shirt design ideas is being dentist Now. I simply type inter's dot com. This is a great place to generate different type off to share the same ideas. Suppose you want to make fathers the related T shirt than simply put Dickie words This time I die, father and dissect. Look at this. We get different type off results. Look, this one. A beautiful typographic design that sounds fasted. Oh, that daughter's first like there's a simply poor different type off aren't to descend this dish Another one. I started the delivery room and it's a guy. Let's see another example. Suppose you targeted people are get are dog lovers for these users. Simply tie, get Tisha are dark B shot and then press enter. Look at this one. Really simple. On very much creative I lap cats. It's people who entering me another Kuan leave alone. I'm on. Lee is speaking to my cattle. Actually, Pinterest is a great place to Jenner, different at all of these ideas, I tell you again, the best way to generate ideas is to see other designs. There's way I recommend you to generate design ideas. Use Google and interest by searching only targeted cures. You will able to direct lots of lots of design ideas. Thank you so much for watching. 13. T-shirt Design Options: in this lesson. I want discuss about options for designing Fisher's You don't need to Have It is in Bagram to get started with the spring, so let's take a look off your design options. Option number one is designing your own T shirts. If you are a designer and you can design your own T shirt, then you have a leg up on everyone. In fact, if you don't have any design idea, then you can also get started. Would be spring because we're going to look at some resources throughout this course and learn different type off programs that you can use to create your own T shirt desires. Now, if you want to get into something like that before the shop, are everybody solicitor, then there are turns off. Amounts of resources are available online. So if you are really want to learn one of these programs, and if you have the time to invest in it, you can learn how to use thes different programs. We're going to look at the difference after applications that we can use and also share some resources that you can go ahead and take it letter. If you want to learn how to use this programs in depth. So fast off. If you want to design your own T shirt, then it is one option and the second option is hiding a designer. If you don't want to dissent you fishers, then you can actually go out there and find someone to help you with you. Designs some bunch of different oil says are out there where you can find freelance designers to do this work for you. For hiring designers. My least favorite of sets are five are up our and freelancer. From our next little we Will Easter designing our own T shirts. Thank you so much for watching. 14. Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Photoshop CC: in the section off Artie's being T shirt business course we will Easter. Designing a Marty shot without before Shelf CC for meaning off CC is greatly cloud, and in this time it is the letters for Shabbat sha. I already opened these out before the shops this election on my computer, but if you are using air predestination, then it's OK because all of the tools and techniques we're going to teach in this course are saying. But if you don't have 40 shop, then download the seventies free quest to dollar the simply open your browser and then type rally before the show frequent, then click on the fast link and simply heat on download down. Let's read well, after that, simply install it on his computer and it will get free seven days free crab. I already have installed elevate for initial in my computer. That's why I just skip it and from this next lecture usually start grating our projects 15. Create A New Document - T-shirt Design #1: in the section. I show you how to quit this T shirt design that you see on this group right now using some sample text by drawing rectangle and Sarka. Actually, designing this type of T shirt is where they're really easy on using these techniques and with creativity, you will able to quit much more fantastic pre shirt like this one. So without any part of the deal, let's start it. But before that, we need to know who are type of dissent, tiles and resolution to spring lacks. Now. I'm interesting community designed file tips and best practices page Andi have you can see they are recommended These and filed tip is PNG and JPG file farmers. They are also support GPS form it, but GPS are not accepted in the new lunch at this time on here, you can see their size recommendation for different types off products on for apparel for custom T shirts. Basically, you can upload GPS, PNG, J, P, E G and deputy file format on, you have to meet a minimum threshold for high quality T shirts. This means email should have at least 120 dp I at the school of print, and his insides should be near 3000 by 2000. Pigtails. This is the minimum requirement. Off course. You can upload high resolution and higher Depay designs. I always recommend to say Resolution 4500 pigs by 5400 pictures and 300 dp I. This is a very positive size for descending to shops. You can upload this Resolution T shirt design into its being and also some other print 20 months types like Mars by a margin rate double bed, really still and so on. And of course, you can change your design dimension any time if you want. All right, so at first, regret a new document to wear these. Go to file and select New and Trump This new commander indoor, I said with 4500 pigs is said hi 5400 gigs and set Resolution 300 Kalamata. I just you seem like a color and said background this to my c leg black. Finally, I just simply heat on create. So are blank. Document is just grated. From our next lecture, we will Easter designing our T shirt 16. Add Text And Shape: Now I text on this blank and us to do this from the leftover. I choose this text take on and click on this canvas for wanting. Now, I said, My foreign says in 300 pigs ill and said my phone color from black to white And from these drop down menu, I choose my fund this time athletic. All right, now a type that now I heat Okay, Now I click on this canvas again to create another taste Look, and they type are now I heat look again and create another textbook. And this time I tak hat. Now I see like the fast text block and make this bigger a little bit. And using the motile idea stated in center. And I make this big artists are text. It'll be it and said to tear. And I select this hair text block and make this smaller a little bit. And using the move tool, I said it's just in this position. All right, now from the Lepine l I just plea on great in Yulia After quitting a nuclear, I just leak on rectangular Mark you tool. And this time I quit a rectangular like these and select pain Packet Tool And Shane these color from white to doctorate. Now I click on OK and I just paying this wreck and go like this Now I select polygon listen to and these days ises draw it Franken. And after that I yes, Jews magic is a tool And it is this all right Now I press control de to dislike this portion to activate the cramps from mood for thes rectangle I just press country t And then I moved here and wrote it it a little bit and make this bigger. All right now I heat on okay. And from the left a little I quit the text layer again and this time I type jumps and I changed thes gems color from red white Now I heat on Okay. Now, by placing contra t I just activate that transform moat. Now I just wrote it it like these and said Justin thes position and now I heat on. Okay, You know, next little I will give the finishing touch off. These two shared the same. Thank you so much for watching 17. Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design: in this little I will give the finishing touch off this desert design. Now, from the left toolbar, I just leak and hold this rectangular. And this time I choose on this time I still a electrical mark, you tool now holding shift. I just draw a circle like these. Andi estimates select Been back a duel and change my color from red to white. Now I just draw this one. All right now I see, like electrical my total again and holding shaved I just draw a and of the circle likely being back a tool and is in the color picker. I just like these red color and heat on, okay? And I just draw the circle in red. Now I never get to the move to And this time I stated in just thes position and I place control de to de select their sit So are descending is no complete In our next little you learn how to export this design Transparent background Thank you so much for watching 18. Export Design With Transparent Background: in our previous lecture who just completed our T shirt design. And in this lecture you learn how to export this descent with transparent background so we don't any for the Dylan. Let's get started at first toe. Export this image with transparent background from the Lepine and simply select your bag bowler. And until these visibility, and then simply go to file export and select safe or where are select export s Mr My Choose export as and then from thes form a drop domino Choose file, form a PNG and make sure that you check this transparency option to get the transparent background and then sit you in its size and canvas size for months by Amazon are preferred with these 4500 pigs and hide 5400 pig's ears. All right, No, I choose Middleton on on Finally, I just simply hit on export all And this time I choose Destination Bola de esto and attacked my filing Gens d shocked and then said My fight that PNG on heat own sake so are exporting is now complete. And here it is our teacher design transparent that ground. Actually, In this way you can easily export your descent with dress but and back down. Thank you so much for watching 19. Create A New Document - T-shirt Design #2: in this new sexual discourse will clear this. I records they should design. At first I regretted different size circles and then we put our ship. And after that we create a new document and draw this by ship. And finally we create the circle and draw the stunned rebel. Also, we add these two different text in this middle of the sarka to Easter descending keys design their ex, create a new command toe. Do the simply hit on file Neil and I say it with 4500 pigs ill and said hi 5400 gigs L and said Resolution Cree 100 and background contents. That means background color. I choose what and now I finally heat on quit. Our government is just quitted and in our next lecture, who you Easter does any R T shirt? 20. Start Designing Of Eye Records T-shirt: to Easter designing. At first, I create a cycle in the middle of this document to do this at first from this LePen l I just create a new layer and click and hold on this icon and select elect stool and holding shift. I just drag a circle on it. And after that I click on these efforts icon and select color overlay, and from the Scholastica I choose never blue color, and after that I just simply hit on okay and using the Moto, I just see him play. Set it in Media. Now I convert the circle as a smart object. To do this, I just right. Click on this lifts one layer and still a convert to Eastman Object, converting it to a smart object. Basically, LoC to recess eat toe, any says, without losing pig's ears, which is very important if you don't want to lose pictures while you are designing. All right now I rename it as a main circle, and now this time my duplicate this means our killer. To do this either simply right click on the ISS main circular and select duplicate layer and said these land name Men's Argyll copy and I simply press control t all. If you're raising Magnin, prayers commented toe, activate that France from more now simply hold altar and shift our If you're using Mac than simply place option shift and then recess it like this and after they're simply hit on done And then said Thies feel zero because I want to show the only stroke off the saga. Now I, like click on the Spain circle copy and choose blending options. And Jake this bistro and set color White. And I said these is struck size in 67 and now I heat on. Okay, now I duplicate this main circle air copy To do this either simply right click on this again and select duplicate layer. And by selecting these nuclear press control T to activate that runs from Mort and then holding all the shift, I just recess it like these on heat on OK, and select this main circle copy layer and place contra t to activate their transfer moot and holding all the shift, I just resize it and city it right here. All right to set everything in center from this lepen l I select these three different layers and click on this icon, Alan, Holy gentle center and and by the girls under. And now this time I add too little lines on this position. But before this hit on Bill and check these rulers now, I add to grid lines to do our work quickly. All right, now click and hold on This icon still like rectangle duel and said he stroke Zito and dry rectangle and make sure that you rectangle with is similar, right? This is truck size, which is 67 and using the Moto, I say to tear and press control t to activate that France removed. And then I resize it and rotate it a little bit and said it right here. All right now I drum these documents a little bit more, and it is the week off this line a little bit. All right, now I heat on dumb, and now from this lepen l I just simply directly canete and select duplicate layer. And after that, using the move toe, I said he just in this position and press control t to activate that transform mood, and after that I just simply wrote it. It aun said teacher all right. Now from this lepen l I select these two rectangle on right click on it and select combat to is my object. Now, to hide these guidelines simply hit on view. Sure And antic these guys. Now I change these middle circle color from blue to it. To do this, I just seem places like this middle Sarka and weak on this FX icon and select color overlay and change these color from blue to red. All right, now I heat on. Okay, now I mean this portion color to do this. At first, I select everything by simply players Control a And after that Goto idiot copy special and still a copy marched and then simply press control Be toe pest it. And now simply select one books right here. And make sure that Conta ghost is Jet and Selectees box. Otherwise it will select this whole soccer. Now I just simply cut that by simply pressing control X And now from these Lebanon I simply utilities layer one and then go to eat it. And from these placed especial simply select best in place And then, like this little one and click on this FX I gone and select this color overlay and using the scallop Icka, I just seem places like these dark blue color and heat on. Okay, now I add a art ship in this middle of the circle to do this, click and hold on this icon and select custom shape tool. And from these dropped on middle, select these art ship and said size 500 by 500 exists and heat on. Okay, Now I simply press control t to activate that France from mood and holding shift. I just make this bigger and using the moto I just said to just in these position now to change the shape color click on this FX icon Cruz color overlay on using the scallop Icka to scholar Red and heat on. Okay, Now from the shrapnel, isolate these art yet and B s contra de and make these bigger a little bit more. And using the moto, I just simply said it in media and in our next little we'll add a text around the circle and give the finishing touch off this T shirt design. Thank you so much for watching 21. Add Text, Draw Eye Shape And Finish The Design: now these Demi added test on the Cecka. To do this from this, Lebanon at first create a new Leah and then click and hold on this icon and select its stool and holding saved draw a circle and then said this in middle to Rudy's never get to the move to and simply said it in middle. This time I will add few grid lines about before that, make sure that rulers in four shop are visible. So do these simply go tobe you a jek rulers? Now I add quick lens on this document to work more efficiently. Now I see like these lifts one and said feel from 100 to 0. And after that, I see like these text tool and however on the circle and click on this. And this time a tight are. Yeah, courts now simply see, like this tool, which is called part selection tool, and then go to the one of this point off the sacha and simply drag and said it in center all right, and after their selectees textile and then gente is text color from black to white and from these rubber Manu I truth ease, athletic fund and is in these character Penna, either simply decrease little height a little bit and into the foreign size and add letter spacing. All right, once you are satisfied with their simply hit on done. And now this time I add another text on these position to do this. At first, I just simply had these I records text and then select these lips one and chose this Takes tool and click on the Sarka and dive lack real. And from this left side, I select this part selection tool on however the smiles on the circle and said this pollution in media and from these character Pinna I just simply change this text height. All right. And now I also people these Ida Cox text on this day might create a I shape using for shop . To do this, I just simply goto file new and create new document. And from this lepen l quit in Yulia and select the spent two and now I draw a I shit. Now I duplicate these shape one and using the moto I said it just in this position and prayers Control Tito, activate that France remote And now I click on these and select Rotated 108 2 degree and using the Moto. I just simply said it just in this position and from the left panel. I just like this to shape on, right Click on these and select Convert to a smart object. Now toe dislike the selection. I just simply press control d Now I just simply hide these background and using the moto you simply regular chair. And then I pass control t to activate the transfer moot and then increased ease. I says a little bit more and using the move tool I just stated in media now I renamed these eye shape as I and after that I just rightly condition and select bending options and check a stroke and said it in 67. And now I simply hit on, okay. And then again, I just simply plays control t to activate that France removed and make the speaker a little bit more. And using the Moto, I just simply said in media, All right, on then I create a little mosque and now I removed this extra portion off this ship. So do this Select these brush tool and I choose hard brush and make sure that your foreground color said black and background color set white and then simply brash it. Now I added another circle on this position. To do this, click and hold on this icon and select lives toe and holding shaved go circle and using the move to stated in Media. And now right click on these Goto blending options and check this stroke and set it in 67. And now I simply place concerti to activate that ran through mood and holding shift. I make this bigger a little bit more on is in the mobile. I said it in middle and said Feel from 100 to 0. And now finally, I just straw is simple, comparable on this position now to go These at first I create a new earlier and say it my for gun color, white and holding shift. I true Theis polygonal lasso tool and draw a ton dribble like these and choose the Spain back a tool and see it color White and prayers control t to activate that transfer, Mort. And now I see empty rooted these and right click on these and select flea Ajanta. Now I just simply city chair. And yes, we are done. So this time, if you want to export these to jettison transplant in background and simply from their panel and check your bag dollar visibility and exported in regular y in PNG format. Hopefully it was a lot. A lot off this to third isn't section So from now using these techniques and using you creativity, I think it will able to quit much more amazing T shirts like this one. Thank you so much for watching. 22. Get 7-Days Free Trial of Adobe Illustrator: now from the section off RT. Spring to share business course, we will be started sending our T shirt put out of molested or see See. The full meaning off CC is greatly cloud, and in this time it is the latest a lister to Russia. I only opened these Arab list softer on my computer, but if you are using the previous brushing off listed or 10 it's OK because all of the tools and techniques who are going to teach in this course are saying. But if you don't have illicit er, then simply download a seven days Recraft. Darling process is pretty simple. Simply open your browser and then type out of illustrator Freed Prayer, and they're simply click on the first laying. Download a realistic or cease if with Russia, and then simply heat on download free trail. And after that, simply install it on your computer and you will get seven days off Recraft. I already have installed Arab illicit or sited RCC softer on my computer. There's why I just skip it and from honest lecture well, Easter parading our project 23. Create A New Document - T-shirt Design #1: from the section off. This displaying course we will design our T shirts with out of the solicitor on in this section is specifically we with great the's T shirt design that we see on the screen right now. At first we pulled some sample text actually slogan in our art boat. And then we collect images from Google and then simply said them here and customize a character and put it here. Hopefully the section will help you a lot to Jarrett idea to quit different type off slogan base to shut so we don't any for the deal alerts he started Now, At first I just open up a lister door. It are new and said with 4500 big cells and said Hide 5400 gigs us Now I heat on Quit. Now we add a black background on this art boat. This is optional, actually. Now, to add a background, I just see in places like this week tingle, tool and click on this corner and dragged down. And after that from swatches, I see leg color from white to black. All right now I just double love beastly and one and great in Yulia. Our document is ready, and from our next lecture who you'll Easter detainee. Our slogan based to shot 24. Add Slogan In T-shirt Design: So these days I pulled slogan in this art boat toe Do this wrong the left side. I just saved pc like the stack tool and click on that boat. And from these drop burn minerals juice you preferred form size. This time I die 500 big sales. And now I heat on India. And after that from swatches, I just select feel and change girl from black to white Now I just simply died back at now. I never get to the selection tool and then select this tap till again and click on this airport and change the field color from black to white. And then this time I type owns the house. All right. And finally we add another text block and these Demming die. I just paid abuse. All right, now, to change these fun, Tristan, simply select any off you prefer text block that you want to change. And then from these drop down menu, choose any off you. If you had fund this time, I select American captain formed and for the second take slow. I just do the same, said the American Captain foreign. And for the 3rd 1 I also select the same farmed. And for this final Four line, I just simply choose these monotype course were formed. Excellent. Now I never get to the selection tool and select these fast explode and then bring on this corner. I just simply re says it and said it just in this position. And for the second text block, I just simply recess it a little bit and make the speaker and said it here and for the Arctic's lock. I just seem, please, City chair. And for the last six block, I just make it smaller a little bit and said to just in these Polish on All right now I see like everything and click on this icon for gentle Allen Center and after that, to group them together, I just simply go toe object and click on group. Are you just simply press control? G. And for these here, you can see we can move all of these days. Look at once now I simply sit in center and we said it a little bit more awesome. We just successfully ad slogan in art board in our next lecture. We just call it image from Google and customize them and finally we put them in this season at Balto Complete Peace T shirt design. Thank you so much for watching. 25. Collect Images, Customize & Put Them In Design Artboard: And this time we colored cat image and Poppins from Google. To do this, I just simply go to google dot com and this time massage. Far get black and white art. And now I never get to that even just Dad and he received a bunch of du grand black and white Get images lifts that this time we download this one. I just hit on beauty match and right Click on this and heat on save us actuals destination for the deck. Stop and heat on. Say now their search for weapons This time I don't load the 2nd 1 These background is already transparent. No, I right click on these hit on said images choose this nation for the deck stop. And he didn't say All right now in a list it, er I just open up these two images Now, from next up, I'd choose thes two images and heat on open. So this is the 1st 1 and this is the 2nd 1 All right. Now these things I just drag this image and said You chair And after that to remove these white background at first, I I just selectees image and then heat on image dress and leak on exponent. And now I never get to that direct selection tool and then click on this blanket space. And after that leak on this white background and then praised village from Keyboard, and now to change these cat color, I just simply never get to the selection tool and then click on this cat image and a public on this field icon and then using these Collopy girl, I just said, Color white and heat on. Okay, now I see, like this get image and then prayers, controversy to compete. And now I never get to our design at boat and press detail by simply pressing control D and then holding shift and rang on this corner. I just simply make this bigger and stated in Mida and for the second image, toe back crazy. I just seem please sick these hair and then on a miss dress and he on exponent and again I just simply go to the EC selection tool and then take on these blankets, pairs and selectees, white background and press delete from my keyboard. And now I just simply copied by simply placing control C and placed it here. All right. Now, to add a special effect on this character Oh, I just simply select the text block. But before this, I have toe on, group it toe under these, I just go toe object and click on Andrew. And now I see, like this house to explore and rightly condemn it and select were outlines. Now I just right click on this text look and select on group, and for these now we can individually eat it. Any character, off piece, text block house now toe clothes, the's circle. I just simply select these. It's too and holding shaved. I just draw a sarka like these, So fill this little dar, circa with the white one. Now, if you want to march these two objects than simply goto window and select Pathfinder. And then, after selecting thes two objects, simply click on this little unit icon. All right, now I select these popping Onda who says it like these and what did it? A little bit more and said, Teacher, And now I right click on these and under nge League on Bring to Formed And then again I just goto window Select Pathfinder and after selecting Thies to object. I just simply lately on minus front on it is just look like this. Pretty cool. So our reasoning is no complete. Now you just export this descent would grasp on a megaphone and use it anywhere you want. So if you want to export, this isn't transparent Bag down, then actually process spirits in ball from this lepen Simply select your bag, lonelier and trouble off these visibility and then simply go to file export and select say , for Web Now I said it fit on the screen and here you can see the preview Our design would transport and back down. Now from the drop down menu, I choose file format pain 24 and here you can see our descent and height. Now, to export this, simply click on safe, systematic use my destination for that death stop and he don't say and her it is. Our T shirt design would dress by in background using these little quakes and techniques. Hopefully it will able to quit thousands of different slogan based to shops. Thank you so much for watching 26. Introduction - Convert Any Text To Design: Hello, my dear, is trends in decision off this course I'm going to show you. How do you don pouring text based design into this amazing, colorful design accented, huh? See you in the next lecture. 27. Create Different Shapes: little at first agreed in new equipment and draw a different type of ships, too great. A new document simply hit our new and then that with and height this time a type with 10,000 Biggs is and said, Height 10,000 exists. All right now, I simply I simply heat on quit. All right, Now let's great, different debt off chefs now from the left side, I just simply click and hold on this icon and select Mento and then simply draw a line. And then, from Mr O, I just simply said this language from one pixel to 10 pig cells. Now, to duplicate this line, simply select this line and then holding alter, drag it to the right or down just plays it. And if you want, I just simply said it here and then select the second line and increase the week off this line. This time I said it in kind of big zehs. All right, now, just simply see, like these two lives, click on this ban tool and then click on this point of this line and click the point off the second line. All right, now, simply double click on this blend toe and change is pissing from its McCullough to a specified steps. And now I n about this preview and change these flu from 1 to 30. Now I just increase the pillow off. These said it in 50 and heat on. Okay. Now, to create a Web ship, I just simply select this pen tool and draw a line like this and said with off this line 30 on, select this pencil again and then draw a and in the lane on this time I said this land with in 15 pig cells. All right, now I see, like these lying and go toe effect distort and transform and select d Jack. Check this preview and increase the bail you off thes size and Genji's Belew from Choir Street Smart. All right, now heat on. Okay. And remember that you said the sides in and one pig's ears and re just bar segment in them . All right, on de select this line goto effect be stirred and prance from choose chick Jack and points . I changed a value from corner to this month and save size in 91 pig cells. Andrea just are sick, man. I said it in L. A. Them now from the left side, I select this blend to again and click on this point off this line. Carb, Actually. Now I select these toe carb lines and then still a goblin, too. And select our point off the scar and select on this point. All right, now, I double click on these plan tool and change the fellow from a small color toe, especially steps and change W from three to party. There. See the preview? I just changed these Balu and said it in 20 fight. Now this one seems to me Perfect. Now I hit on okay, Now lives great and on the type off ship. This time a click and hold on. This icon earned Sylar. He lives tool and then I just simply holding shaved. I just brought a sarka like these. Now I just move it here andare select these little again. Now I'll June these document a little bit more and then draw a little, circa in media. Now I select the speak circle on gente is with from 30 to 10 pig cells. Now I simply select is to circle and selectees lento and select this point and this point and about click undies and chance STIs spacing and said it in a specific steps. And Jake this preview and James W. From 1 to 30 layers increased his fellow their style. 60 maybe 45 is good. All right, now a heat on. Okay, now I do more this document and feet it in. This is green, and then there's great and on the type off ship. This time I select pain tool. Now I just simply for a line like these and then holding Alter, I just copy this line and change this with from 10 to tactic, Big says. Also chanced is fast line with from 10 to 30 pigs now in media. I just draw a out of the lane and said this would in just five big cells. All right Now select this farce particle line and go to effect distort and France from Jig Zack and said it in its mouth and increase the size and said this religious part, Sigmund Bellow in 25. All right now I hit on. Okay, let's select these particle lying goto effect his turkey and France problem. Dig. Jack said Hello. Same like the previous one and choose the meal line and in the same way, Goto Jack and said point in its mouth and hit on. Okay, Now select these Cree lies. Click on this plan toe and simply to like thes points and then double click on it and changes Pollux from It's More color Toe, especially Steps and Jane Sties Hello from 3 to 30 lurks said this in 60 our ships already in our next lecture will you would create a new document and put some text and use the keep mask. 28. Use Of Clipping Mask To Add Pattern In Text: in our previous lecture, Hoosiers created are different type off sheds now to Easter designing T shirt clears Quit another lying to commend to do this it on file new. And this time I said, with 4500 pig's ear and the high 5400 big ears and now I finally heat on. Quit now from the Lebanese. I just simply quit a new layer. And from the left side I select this text tool and then simply tied Don your arms to wisdom . But before that, I just increase this take size from 72 to 150 now I tied down on select the selection tool and holding shift. I just made these bigger now from the left side. I just simply select, is tapped again and then simply die you at using the selection tool. I just made these bigger a little bit more and said this Easter in italic on. After that, I select this textile again, and this time my dad owns and change. This is dead in regular now I holding shift. I just simply make this bigger a little bit more now I Jane, this is dead and said it inboard and using the selection tool. I just said it. Yeah, and increased the size a little bit more also, I just said the stakes, Doc in bold. All right, now I select these takes tool on this time I died in tow and said he still in regular and finally using these that to either seem to type wisdom on make these bold and holding shift and grinding on this corner. I just make the speaker a little bit more. All right, Now, just simply left, click it and quit outlines. Now, using the selection tool, selectees takes back down and then goto object, compound, pot and select make. And then from our fresh air, simply what we eat. And then they sit here and after that, simply goto object a ranch and bring these to explore to front. Now select these both pattern and taste on. Right. Click on these and select make clipping mask. And there it is. We just quit our fast word with better. Now let's put it another pattern off this white bones to do this at first, I just simply select this wide and goto object from this compound part I select make. And now I just simply copy this better and then simply basted here. And after that, I just simply goto object orange and send it to back. And then I just select thes pattern and dext and right click on it and select make clipping mask are some all right in the same way? I just select what wisdom goto object. And from these component parts I select make This time I just select this better and copies and Mr Tear And after that I just goto object average and send it to back. Now I see like this one and write legal need and make clipping mask. Actually, you can quit different types of shivs using Adib illustrator possibilities are endless And for these using this technique you will able to quit your takes based is and more interesting. I recommend you to play around with these and try to quit different type off ships in our next lecture, we will try to make this present colorful and attractive. Thank you so much for watching 29. Add Color & Shapes To Give The Finishing Touch: by the students in this video, I'm going to show you How do you turn these design more colorful and interesting. So without any further delay, let's get started. At first, I just simply June my art boat a little bit. And then from the left, Sexy, like the selection tool on holding older, I just simply dragged down to create a duplicate tens block. Look, we just instantly at a super cool effect in this text block in the same way holding older, I just toe klik it thes text lock your and this there I don't change these white owns and into and for these wisdom textbook holding all the I just empty duplicate it now. This time I had two different lines under this. We don't want to do this. Simply click and hold on this icon and celebrating your tool. Then just simply draw erecting girl and then holding All done. I just copy this and because the with off this line all right now, to add color in these text blocks simply, however, your mouth on this text and then double click it on double. Click it again to see this grid lines and to make this colorful simply select destro and change. It is true color. Or before this, you just simply select these crooks Selection tool. And she looked this line and change color from black to red and select the first land off the shape and change. These is Roca from black to imagine tha all right now I just double click on these blankets . Best to hide this better. Now let's do the same thing for the back part. Off this work done, I just never get to the selection tool and just double click on it and leak it. Yeah, and select these group selection tools. And this time I changed. He's is true color from black to blue and select this line and change color from black orange. All right, now, I just simply double click on these to hide the pattern. This time, I never get to the selection tool and select the fun part off this text. Block your and then go to the wedding planner. And from these drop down menu, I see layer goldust and change the angle from 0 to 90 degree. Now I just double click on this wire or arms and then click it, select these group selection tool, and then click on this for circle and after that from swatches. Select this bistro and change is true color from black to green and now select a cycle path and then changed its true colors from black to they start Do. Now I see him, he Moby tear and then simply double click on this blanket space to hide this better. Now this time I select is into text block, and from the searches I select fill color and change color from black to magenta. Now I have a click on this text, which don't and double click it and choose thes group selection tools and select this part off this pattern and then change. It's true color from that too read and they said, transparency from 100 to 90. Now I just simply doubly on these blank space to hide the pattern, and they're never get to the selection tool and double click on this under text, which don't and select this group. Selection tools like this path and changed color from back to orange, all right, and under these lines we make it black and then simply double click on these blankets pairs to hide this better. And now I finally draw these two lines with different colors to do this. At first I never get to the selection tool. Select this line and Sediqqi is quit and panel and never get to the instruct to feel. And I will click on this brilliant slider and double click on it and change color from white, do no and changed his greedy in color from black to magenta and estimates select the second line and are probably gon eat and change color from blue to orange and change Majin together on said it in black. And yes, we are done. So in this way you can easily turn your any plane takes to an awesome T shirt design. Thank you so much for watching. 30. Getting Started With Canva: in the section off these to spin course, you'll learn how to do the show descent with on Land Free Graphics Descent Tool, which is called Camp. Now I give you the brief over the off campus. For that, you can understand how these tool works. At first we goto the www dot camba dot com. It is a cloud based graphics. DiSanto. We see the home base here. We can sign up in Canberra. Tro phrasebook argued with us are email address. I already have a can background. I just simply log in after putting. My even address and password are just simply click on logging Once a logging its immediately Take me to the main camera dashboard. Here you see our profile Econ sitting on that my personal information by clicking on account sitting. We see our imminent breast, passer and language. We can change our linguist by clicking on it, and we can add our very cart. We can set up our company name address. Also, we can add a team member in this account and in the personal profiles section we can eat it . Our profile picture name, user name, website, CD and country okay in our all designed section. We see all of our professed is in I just a lot of these portion because I'm working with some private project. That's why I love this out. But in thesis space, you can see all of who previous designs on in shadowy to step. If you are someone else, share any project than you can see, these product isn't in this place. And new Fisher is quit the team. If we click this we see we can invite Jane team members for free and your brand section we can change. Our cameras were basically by clicking on this we can change these text change color. Actually, we can customize thes Campbell s work using these. I just use the default on. We also add logo. If we upgrade this account and in a personal account, we can add two folders and if we and if we d let a design then we can ableto see are dilated descends in this crash folder. We also cannot Bert, this can back on to get more women future off camera on in London Reason they have some tutorials on their offset, which are really, really nice. You can check this out and in get design Inspiration section, you'll see other designs of the artist on in Grady. Then in the topside off, the source said, we see a bunch of different template. We see either Dimension hair presentation. Dimension is 1024 by 768. Post our Facebook boss to blah graphic. Therefore, guard emitter extra by leaking on use custom dimension. We can quit our custom size, tempted by typing on hiding to it. We can see like the pixel, millimeter and inches right here. Okay, now I click on more. If it leaked these, we see a bunch of different templates are never. These are the popular reason. Tax, social media, post document, doggy and e books, marketing materials, social media, an email headers event and advertisement. One thing I have to mention that Camba is not only for T shirt design, you can easily quit different type off graphics in Canberra using the's Templars. The best thing is can be easy cloud based tool on its regularly updated thes template. For example, if we see the Facebook cover, diamond shone 828 by 315. Suppose Facebook average their cover size. Camba. Also operating the R card template Medical. Now I click on Associated media. If I keep these can take me into these descendants work? No. We talk about these Rezendes board in our next lecture. Thanks for watching. 31. Understanding Canva Design Dashboard: now we are injured is an dashboard. Let me go ahead and show you some basic tools and feature off camera. Then we will. Easter creating are amazing teacher design With camp. When we're in the desert dashboard, we see a couple of different layout. On the left side we see a member and on the top we see out of the job off man ever In the final section we see our project dimension. We can change these damage on if we averaged this come from personal to business account. We can save our project also we can make a copy by clicking on peace. Also, we see undo and redo up. Sean, if you make any mistake, then you can undo that using these battle on Dhere If you use that on everything. Have you see a name is called Social Media. Untitled is M. This is basically our project. Later we can change our Passaic total right here we can share our project by clicking on the share button. Also, we can download our public file in many different format. We can make our project privacy toe public. If we said this as a public than other members inside the can back and see what you were working on. This is basically our work is best. We can quit a new piece like these also weakened abilities. Now, for example, we quit a copy off piece design. To do this, simply click on copy these immense. Now I delete this again we can do mean and do mount are widely spaced. Also, we can see the presentation preview by clicking on these icon. Now, on the left side, we see some can valley out. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. If we take thes INF icon, we see his layout title are this name. And if we want to use thes layout and export this unit $1 we see this air. But for now I used the free one by simply clicking on this. This one is free. No need any amount of money to export. This emits There are a bunch of differently out available in Canada in the search option off This camera is very, very powerful, Sarge. Cherokee work you want. You see the graphics tools and images in this result, suppose it die. Bart and press enter after that. Here you see a bunch of different by related images and graphic tools. Right here, Right Fuser Free and Feezer Page. I simply used the Senate's I can resist every mess by bragging on thes I said each writer. Now, if you want to change any off these text, then select you prefer, takes, look and remove it and dive anything you want. I just under this change, okay, if I click the hole in it, if we clicthat over the limits, we see a few different options. We can use filter by using the's letters. Right? Some pretty fine filters are available in Gambia, just like Instagram and other 40 applications. Now, if I click on advanced option, we see a bunch of different options. We can control our brightness contrast situation Team to blur explosives on pageant. Suppose I like thes effect Onda Queer Five Project and went to use thes filter fact in our every five other project to do this, What I'm gonna do, we just simply copied this filter court when he quit Other project just simply business court on our other project. By doing this, we get the same field and if a another every projects, right? If we double click on this, we see we can move our bag arguments and we see it it here also, we can flip thes holy generally and particularly also we can add spacing by dragging on these Also, we can control our bagged on transparency using the's later We can change errands, make a copy at a link, and finally we can kill it. Piece on the element death we see bunch of different features in the free photos we get dance off thousands off free photos. We can use any minutes we want by simply clicking on any particular events. Okay, I just do that. All of these now on the Greek death we see, many waited bricks are at level in the section now. I just added a new page. Couples, they want peace. Fun opposite one. This one what I'm gonna do. So I just simply like any portion off this greed and then select any image you want like this. Not only that, Suppose we want toe add solid color in thes portion. What? I'm gonna go. We just simply click on these and click any color you want. Berry cool, huh? Now I click on friends. There are different between quit and frame is friends are scalable, but grades are not. Suppose I choose this one. I can scale up and down these when using friend. Now I add a sample photo on this. We can use multiple different type off friends. Writer. Okay, now click on ship. Now I greet another page to show you how to use shape with the bunch of different shapes are available. Suppose you want to use these. We can scale these. We can discuss our shape also, we can change our shape color. Now I add another shape. And sir Teacher and Jane discolor from black to win. This is basically that use our shape. Now click on lines the line section. We can use different type off life whose are available in Canberra on in illustration tap. We see a bunch of different desperation elements and level Gamba. Some of them are completely free. Suppose we want to eat it. Piece one. We can change the color individual color right here. Very cool. In the icon step we see some popular icons are available in Camba. We can easily use any of this icon by dragging on these and in the same way we can change the color by clicking on these color item and the next one East chart charge. Fisher is very helpful when he quit. Infographic are when we want to represent some analytics data in graphics using these graphics tools right on in back. And but we see beautiful. I left Camba. I love mammographies. On in Ballantyne section we see some lovable Ballantyne cheesing. Now I d let all of these on in the deck staff. We see a bunch of different type off text and typographic writer. By taking on these, we can change our text color, not only text color. Also, we can change our funding style Foreign size, color bold. Italy changed our text diamond By clicking on these, we can make it uppercase or lark. It's also weaken and bullet point in our text On in the background section I just great a new page in our background section we can at our background suppose I like these design, but not this color. I just simply click on this image and xjs the collar writer. Very cool. Not only that, we also up to the only mint in Canberra by clicking on these upward pattern on. This is basically the can about Isn't dashboard all about? In our next lecture, we will Easter creating our T shirt in camera. Thank you so much for watching. 32. Ugly T-shirt Design With Canva: in the section off this course, we will create this exact same to share design. Are you Miss? Who did Isn't inside in Canberra by simply adding few text color and elements. This type of our lead isn't are going to sell really, really well in print on demand sites like March by Amazon and T speak. See you in the next lecture. 33. Design Process: So I just looked in in camera to see the all available temperatures in Canberra simply heat on more. On here, you can see a bunch of different templates. Unfortunately, there is no too short, decent template inside in Camba. So that's why we need to create our own damage on if you want to sell T shirt designs in tea sipping, then recommended size is three thousands like 3000 speak cells. This is actually the minimum requirement. You can always upload higher dimension designs indeed. Spitting. I always like to sit and hide 4500 pixels by 5400 pig cells. Build is the recommended size for much by Amazon, and you can also upload these high dimensions design Indies being and also other available Pinto demon sides. Now I just simply select use custom diamond shots on this time I said Who it for? 500 pigs Us and said Height, 5400 gigs us after putting Haydn, who it simply hit on design and make sure that you choose pigs us. And now I heat on design. But this time canvases below must be less than or equal to 5000 week, says this is actually the limitation off Gamba. That's what I said. Height. Five cousins exists and said with 4000 and 100 pigs, as we really says this letter. So don't worry about that now. I hit on design. Now, Gamba automatically take me into the reason guys board this day, will you add a couple of days in this art boat toe text? Simply goto the text ever and Harry C. Sama Example headings and a couple of days Damn place. Now let's say this time we add the speaker heading Andi, I just simply removed this and this time I tied ugly and select his death. And from these drop burn Manu I choose these aren't unformed and said these size cool in 240 pigs s all right now he don't enter now I just simply move it in media now to change these text color CMP select your test and click on this calorie con And this time I choose thes red color this dummy add another dext I just look on this ad heading and this time I tied official and selectees takes doc And after selecting these days from this drop down menu I choose thes fund Alphas Love one aun said Thies phone size in 85 pigs ills and he don't enter now I just simply place it right here. Now I add and that takes look And this time I dyed my on from these drop criminal ice tools for understand this brother formed Ah now this time I said Thies phone says in 85 pigs is on using these truths color section I select b is little pass icon on using these Kala Picca. I just simply said this is a color and here you can see the preview All right. And once it is done, I just simply place it right here. Accident. This time I add another deaths toe At this distance I copy this world my and then move it right here and die Sorter, You can die anywhere you want and from these drug terminal I Truth is fast one this funder Stan and their size in 85 on true scholar black as now a busy too right here and then I just copied the is my wired again on move it here and it still might die for and said form size in 65 pig cells and just drag it onto move it right here and the color in black. And now I add our final text block. This time I copied is for Take Doc on a movie. Greater on now. I died Christmas on Select this test and from these drop down menu this new eyes Jos this fund which name is Brek Shea Shashi. All right, now it is graduate like these. Andi said car in green and now I place it right here on the form size in 72 pigs. Now I select everything from this art board and move it and said it right here. And this time we will add a couple of elements to make this designed more interesting. Now, to add elements, I just simply go to the elements step. And here you can see a couple of options. Now expand these lines on how you can see a bunch of different lives, and all of these are absolutely free. If you want to add one of these lines than simply click on if you prefer headline on her, it is now I just simply Lee says it on a place it right here. All right. No, I add out of the line on recess it on a less it right here. Medicines. Right now, I just in places like these two lines and he on copy to copy these two lines. And now I just simply move it and place it right here. Excellent. Now I see, like, thes line and resize it and place it right here and copy this line again on a place it right? Yeah. On for these days I choose thes airline on using the scrotal. I just simply click and rooted this line on. I just simply stated here on grease is it? And after that, I just simply copy this line and place it right here on Finally, I just seem places like this line and place it right here on recess. It like these. Now if you want to change any of this land color that choose you preferred line and click on this color icon and then select any of who preferred color and that's it. We just complete our agl a teacher desire in our next lecture. Oh Ula, how to remove this white background how to recess it and how to export. Thank you so much for watching 34. Remove Background And Export It: So in this video you learn how to remove this white background and how to resize it and export it. Now to remove this white background. At first, we need to download this design from Camba toe download. This one simply hit on download. And this there are jewels filed that Benji and hit on download. So are designing is just downloading word for a moment. So our darling is now complete. Now I just simply open this up and simply cut it and based it. Index, Stop. All right, Now, to remove these wide background, I just simply open these game softer. And now I just simply goto file open. And from Dexter I choose thes design ugly, dark Benji and heat on open now to remove these white background simply goto there transparency and select color toe Alfa game automatically removed the white background from artisan because I choose color white here Now I heat on okay on her It is our desire would transparent background toe export These I just simply go to file select export as and this termite I find name ugly tool T shirt design and he don't export And make sure that you can't take this a background color and heat on export. So are exporting is down complete. And here it is are designed transparent background. Now, if you want to recite these design, then simply open it will be four to shop and then he'd on open and from dead Stop. I choose our ugly T shirt design dot pains you file and to export these with you preferred size simply go to file export and select say for web Andi hair You can see the video now under present. I threw Spain G 24 on under Emphasized her You can see our famous food and height if we want to export these descent with you Prefer if size than simply for you preferred width and height Hair this to my type 4500 pigtails on I'm Lindy's aun said Height 5400 gigs as all right and our heat on sake and to his destination for the text up on type my file name are dilated shirt design final and he don't say so are exporting is now complete. And here you can see our Tischer designed with our prefer damage shots. So this is how you can Easily. It isn't different type off T shirts are hold. It is an in camera, hopefully using these techniques and use the new creativity. You will able to create mass. More amazing designs like this one. Thank you so much for watching. 35. How To Create Groups In Teespring: Welcome to this new section off these trees. Being too should business scores. So in this displaying launcher camp in section at first you learn how to create one or multiple groups in T spin. What is this Spring group? Actually, you might ask. It is basically a kind of like email list. You can create different groups. For example, maybe we have T shirts with get We have T shirts with coffee, some funny T shirts and so on. So by creating different type off groups, we can easily group different customers. And were you able to messes them in order to sell more T shirts and other products based on their interest to create groups in testing, simply click on your email list and select messages. How to create a new group. Simply click on these groups. Step on Glee Ready group. And they estimate that made group name used to my dad. Guess it could be anything. It could be tee shot. It could be marks. It could be hoodie. Actually, it could be anything now to create these girls group. I just completely insane. So we just seconds Will Equity group, which name is gas to create another. I just seem busy liquid to group again, and this time I type may group name like climbing. Now I created another group, estimates said My this group named Funny Staff. Now I created another. This time I said these group name animal lovers on He didn't say. Actually, in this way you can is required different type off groups. Here you can see our group size. Actually, in this column, you can see how much people we have in my groups here. You can also see the total number of send messages. There is also a limit off that bath from a single campaign can only be messes three times per week. So if you want to send messages to any particular group to promote your new products based on their interests, then simply send them a mess is to offer the new products. It is like a email marketing. Our group is empty. That's why these mass adoption is now December. So that's pretty much it for this lecture from ah next lecture. You learn how to update our new designs on T Spring and launched a new campaign 36. Upload Your Design Teespring Campaign (Step By Step): island in this section you should have created are purchased. 30 should design in this lecture and next you lecture school will go about the process and at Parex toe tasting and how to create an upload design right on the T Spring website. In order to sell products on the T spring platform, you need to create T spin campaign. So let's begin to launch your fastball campaign. Simply go to tease being dot com on from the very top, right? Select Easter designing and first thing is going to be to Cilic. You can pass the spin off arse multiple products that you can add your disease to. You can add your designed to canvas prints. Socks beached our iPhone case. Both star in their pillow flag, leggings, Easter gar doored backs, marks and obviously April the shards basically on these courses all about paleo T shirt business Cootie Spain. That's why I just simply have it over the mouse on April and select Is that with these Now here you can see these being automatically take us into the product designer page, and now we are in is the one who just great here we can do all the presents and it's our descend Before launching the product campaigns. Now you can upload your design that you have all indicated. You can also easily create new resents right here using text and our tools in tasting. We will design a quality shot using these totals. After a few let's just letter. This time we will up put our own design at work. This is our design would just butt in background. Now toe after this one, I just seem please see like this are kept and Cilla after your own and click on this battle click hard to upload now. I never get to that debt stop. And this is our slogan based isn't with just one and background. I just seem please, he like this one and he'd open. Now wait for the moment. Thespian is just operating our design. Our T shirt design on Fisher boats are in white. That's why we can't see anything. That's why I just simply select these black color T shirt and her eighties. Now, if you want to reset this, then simply leak on these bottom right corner and click and drag to the top to make our design much smaller. If you want to make this bigger, simply click and drag it down to make this bigger. All right. Now, if you want to move these days than simply click on this movie icon and move it anywhere you want the step I just simply place a chair. If you want to wrote it, you design. Then click on these wrote it Icon on holding on this icon Click and drag down If you want to wrote at this time, I just simply place it your all right and under Pistol and descente are you can see basically is by default selected. If you want to change your pistol and isn't then simply select this drop down menu and here you can see a bunch of different is intact. If you want to change these design, simply select long slept And here you can see the preview right here Huadian sorters, different vistas who is and so it arcs are available this time I just truth the basic teas on our basic. If I choose cream empty here, you can see baskets also changed. This is the minimum production cost off. Next level t this name I choose hands. Douglas D. Which production costs is right now $10.22. Once you are satisfied with everything, including your production costs, than simply click on sale, Lease on the bottom right. And now we are insanity. Step off, upload launching products in T is being seeing the next lecture. 37. Add Products | Calculate Estimate Profits, Choose Color, Add Style: In the second step, we can view our profit estimate er, and also we can select the price off our product. According to profit estimate. Er, if you sold 50 T shirts for $21.99 each than you, profit will be 58 age other. If you said this profit estimate er in 20 then for two into T shirts for $21.99 each, you estimated profit will be $235. Now, if you want to change your price of you Tischer than simply put you preferred place right here, 21 $9 seems to me a little hair. That's where I'm going to bring it down and said it around 19.9. Angela on how you can see in profit estimate. Er, if we said 20 T shirts, then our estimated profit will be 1 $95. You can also add up to five different colors you wish to select for you T shirt toe. Add different colors in your T shirt. Simply lately, Const. Little plus icon and choose you preferred color. Awesome. Under these here, you can see we can also add other different is test. He's being Alyssa's 14 More capital option toe this design. This time I select Hootie, and so a test and under Who is true, the 1st 1 heavy blend hoodie and click on these little plus icon toe. Add this system on here. You can see the preview for these hoodie. I just simply increase my desensitize on. Place it right here and the stem. I add five different colors for these hoodie to add another is still, I just simply click on Alistair and the staff. I select Longs lefties and from the second abdomen. I just choose the Fast one and click on this little plus icon, and here you can see our long slab to shut Design Preview to add different colors in this long slab is still in the same way. Click on this little past cycle on select You preferred colors. If you want to change you long self to shut price, then simply put you preferred price writer. If you say long sleeve T shirt in $25.9 million than for parcel, your estimated profit will be 12. Find $52 for these hoodies, we said Price 38.9 in dollar. So for parcel in holy your estimated profit will be 19 point Hardin dolla. If you want to change these who depressed in the same way simply put you preferred press right here. If you want to delay it any of this istan simply click on this little delayed battle to remove the extra. And if you want to donor, some are all of who profit to charity than check this little box. This time I just skip it. So once you have decided on your price and all the products you wish to sell simply go down to the bottom and click on the next. And now and now we're in. Finally step off. Launch a T spin campaign. See you in the next lecture. 38. Add Title, Features, Description And Launch Your Teespring Campaign: now in Finalist, if only to add our track titles description. Aunt had to select category and few other things entitled On description. We will put our main keywords campaigns. Titles should be 14. Characters are less on description is recommended to be around 300 works. Make sure your board title and description are well written with the relevant keywords and provide content that it's really went to you. Design. Our decision is calculated. That's why, entitled Idea simply type the cat owns the House D and in the description makes him. Sometime I put a couple of common lines and use the template. Let me show you these. These are a couple of lines that you can add a new deception. Leek in the Green Battle Dan Cilic Cute size l order Jabal already Call 855 a tree tree 774 number Monday to Friday, nine AM to five PM This number is dayspring support number. Also, you can add the's couple of tree lines in new description. Safer secure. Check out with credit card are paper limited illusion and have a level unit. When you put these lines being description, it really makes customer confident when they come to buy on. This is my exact description template that I met. I use this template description in my almost every tee campaigns. You can copy my template description toe Philip, your description box on Don't forget distant is the only way to insure your own success. It is actually okay to follow guidelines at the very beginning. But to fully mastery and become the teacher, it will need to test and make your own matters description and see which ones do well for you. The stent. Using my temper description, I just simply copy and pasted. You can also add image and also insert playing in this description. So if you want to add Easter fun link in this description, you can easily do this. We will learn about Easter phoned after few lectures. Letter. Now we need to select proper category because it has buyers to find our campaign strong. These drop terminal here you can see a few different categories. This time I choose a parallel and from south category I choose any Maleva on the next one is camping length after the end of each campaign's US orders, typically alive 10 to 15 days, you can select your campaign. Always available, are running for four days, five days, seven days and so on. These damn it, Jules. Always mnla and in the u. R. L. Now you can choose the you are a lawful campaign for this case. These, well, seems to me perfect. And if you want to show that backside off your T shirt than Jake Deception, if you don't want to show the backside off your T shirt by default, then uncertainties and advanced options here you can see if you want to say it. Cast on Facebook conversion picture. You can do this, and from message groups, I choose gets and animal lovers now to add Facebook on Russian pig cells, simply open up you browser on this day massage for Facebook business manager. Now I click on the first landing, which you are ill is business dot facebook dot com. This is my almost brand new Facebook business manager account. If you don't have any account equity at account at first to where these I just simply select at at account on Lake on this great Alec on battery on on this time I dyed my attic on name. He's being sexist. Advertising on behalf. All is my name. Marcia Sharga. Damn Join Currency wants Everything is ok. Simply click on great at account. I just is Keep this is step. And yes, we just successfully quit our account. Now I just reload this page on here. You can see I want attic counties. Being sex is now. I just opened this up and now this termite goto ad managers all tools and see erect pigs Now to create a pixel, simply click on, create a pixel batter. This time I dyed my pick. The name is being sexist Pigs ill and lead on grit. And yes, we done on now to get eggs a lady I just simply select image instructions to a developer. Onder it is And this is our pixel I d. Now I just simply copy it on best it right here And that's pretty much it. This is how you can easily add facility in UT spin campaign. You can also found it would be a facility right here for adding facility. From now we can Easter our customers into these bucket. If many people find our T shirt anywhere like our Facebook at peace. Being at Google at social media are whatever in any place for a simple David is going to economic to shut. Then he is going to end it in our bucket for our case, which is tasting success. Pig's ear. All right, so we just said it up. Maybe he does like this T shirt and click our product before. After that, if he browse, for example, Facebook, he's going to see our at our ad with this T shirt or hoodie or whatever. So he's going to retarget it by us. We're going to, like, follow him to buy our T shock. And this is how. And this is why we need to use Facebook picture, Okay. And of course, if you don't want to use Facebook conversion picture there, no need to fill up this box with pixel 80. This is optional. Now, finally, to launch this product, I just imp lately on launch. But before that I just take this. I'm not robot. And of course I am not now, right. Click on lunch. No, wait for the moment. Now it is being asking which following things best to escape you. Maybe it is marketer. I just like this one and heat continue. And yes, we are done on charities. And yes, we just actually launch our fast you spin campaign. And here you can see our two shared off course. You can jump these. This is the fun part off our T shirt and this is the back part. You can see our productive Egyptian available products on here. You can see the available colors for this hoodie Long slept to share our long slap T shirt decide available colors on these are the available colors off this basic t Here you can see he's being also shows the car known timer under the bite battle to add a sense of urgency under shipping in for yet we can see all the rocks are painted and shipped once the time expert products typically eloped to customers be doing 9 to 12 business days after the time experts. So this is how interested process We could easily launch our spring campaign. Thank you so much for watching 39. Launch A NEW Campaign From Sketch - Just in 2 Minutes!!!: in our previous little we have launched our very fast is being campaign. You will get your all off you campaigns in this process. Step. All right, On in these really you learn how we can easily design attractive T shirt on launch rt spin campaign just in two minutes. So we thought, any farther deal alerts is target to Easter designing. I just simply select Mr Descending from the very top. Right now he's be automatically take us into the design launcher page. Now we need to pick our campus. This time. I see like this EPA now he's being automatically take us into these designer page. This time you'll is in our T shirt with this text and our tool toe artist in the East Asian . In this bus, I just simply God got is cute. And from these drop down menu, I see like these Russian Front now simply dragging on this corner, I just simply increase our text size and said it right here to add outlined in this text. I just say in places like this, drop down menu and select in outline, and this time I said Thies, Teen outline color one brown and now I just simply never get to the art kept. And to browse artwork, I just simply select browse artwork. And in the Sarge outdoor box, I just Sarge, forget. And here you can see a bunch of different get related and related artwork this time for this particular example, I just simply select this get at work on her. It is I just simply place it right here, right above our text. And at 18 outlay and choose offline color. Well, im brown. But with this artwork, these text instead doesn't seems to be perfect. So changed a select your text luck and from these drugs. And we know I just see him. Please, Jews, this lobster formed and if you want toe add design in the back seat off you Tischer off course, you can do this, But this time we don't add any decent in the back part off a T shirt. Now to go into the next step, I just simply select Sell this on here. You can see if we sold 50 desires. Our estimated profit will be 58 refuge Allah. Now, to add another re still for these design, simply select Alice Day from these dropped on me? No, I just simply select long slept ease and click on this little plastic are. And for these longs Lefty, I said Price at 24 99 and to add another is still, I just simply Klay Liston. And from the drop down menu, I choose hoodies on Quickens Little Plastic on and for Hootie's I Just Seem Place Said Price, $29.99. Now to add ability off colors in these distant see in places like this color plus icon and select U P Fred Colors Now to go into the next system, I simply hitter next. Andi in these Finalist if we need to set our campaign Taita on in camp in title This time I just simply Dad got its beauty. And to fill out this description box, I just simply a copy paste description from my description. Temp latte. You're simply copy and paste it. This time. I just feel like this line from description and at bald effect on it. I just do the same for the's T spitting supper number. Now we need to juice category. This time I see left Apple really and from south category I choose and even lover and camping length. This time I select always available, and our product you are ill is thespian dot com slash Gaddis. Cute God is guilty. Excellent. It looks perfect. Now, if you want to show that backs it off you t shirt than check this otherwise and chickpeas and from at conception from messages group I see like cats and animal love hearth. Now to set our Facebook conversion pigs and I just simply go to Facebook business manager and from attic cones for our case, it is Steve's being sex is I just simply open this up and click on this airs manager and from our tools, I chose big sales and copy my picture I D and bestest writer and finally to launch these t shirt. I just checked this. I'm not rowboat and he didn't launch. Now wait for a moment Onda authorities, who just as it's really launch our second campaign, it takes less than five minutes. So this is out. You can easily and quickly launch ut spin campaign. Thank you so much for watching 40. Create A Teespring Campaign Promotion: In our previous lecture, we have launched two different campaigns in tasting. In this video, we learn how to quit promo code and how to use it for different products. Now to create different promotions and from a course you need to go into permission stack from the left. Sexy, implicitly promotions are from the very top, your email and from these drop down menu select promotions. Now he's being automatically take us into the promotions page in promotions. Here, you can see we can create two different type off promotions. One is discount. It reflects a flare discount on our product price, and the 2nd 1 is free shipping, who, which is essentially gives free shipping to customers now. One thing. Keep that in mind. These free shipping is only available to customers in USA. So if your customers are not in that USA, then this will not be a good Democrat for them. Just keep that in mind. Now let's treated this come from ago toe. Do this from type I see like discount and in Ramadi this to my dad lives it just one, and the next one is amount, so I'm going to go ahead and give my customers if I don't discount. That's why in this box I just simply put $55 One thing Just keep that in mind you discount should never be more than your manufacturing costs. That means, for example, my to shut cost is $25 manufacturing costs is about $11. Then I need to make sure that my discount amount is no more than $14. Because if there is the case, then I'm essentially selling the T shirt at a loss and he spring doesn't want that. So just keep that in mind on the next one is expression. If you don't want toe expert Utama got there No need to choose any expression debt. The steps are still attach Iran and that means after these doctrines are from a good will expert. All right now to great new promotional idea Simply hit on at discount on here You can see my promotion eastward us. This is now active and it will expire on time. You want march on discount? Amount is $5 promo code is just one. All right now let's see how we can easily use thes provided for discount in our product. After our camp billing, we need to put this part in the water. The stuff I just simply copy it. Andi, open my product step. This time, I just simply open this up and to add our discount coupon code in this product from the U. R l I just simply remove the extra portion from while protecting Andi simply based it right here. But our promo I d is just one. I just simply copies. And instead of thes Ramadi, I just best art a mighty which is just one. All right now to app, ladies, discount for a mighty I just press enter on her. It is on here. You can see it stays. Congratulations. It would be listening $5 off off your purchase this count reflect at jack out X check this I just simply pressed by sighs system I choose Excel. No, let's proceed to check out and in our heart of somebody here you can see discount is five. Jenna. So this is how we can easily great this Concord and were able to apply in our any future practice. Now there's quitting free shipping type promo to Grady's from promotion step that I choose free shipping. And to my did this to my type. Okay, just two and amount. $3.9 which is the shipping cost and expected this tumultuous neighbor. That means thes promo code will never expert. If you want to know, Detective, you provided, then you can do this. You have to do this manually. All right. Now, to add these new free shipping promotion, I just simply place at discount now. Toe app, ladies Free shipping Ramadi In our campaign, I just simply open up my Perak step on open thes camping on this time in you other, I guess simply after our camping you are ill. I just simply pissed these and for free shipping are promoted the East test too. I just simply that this do. And now to check this, I just press enter on here. You can see it. Say's Congress Really? Shells It would be receiving free shipping within the U. S. Are new pastures. To judge this, I just simply prayers. By now and size, I just randomly choose l on. Let's proceed to check out on here. You can see our shipping is now free and of course, if you want addictive, you pro mighty simply. Don't you start us off to make it live again simply, don't you? From Whitey stirred us are on. If you want to delete you whom I d permanently. Then click on this little cross icon and leak. Okay, This day I just gather these. So this is how we can is the liquid different Ramadi for our t spin campaign promotion. And if you want toe Annable up cells, then simply never get to the upside. Step up cells basically encourage customers to purchase additional items in the same order toe time. These on simply cilla control confident axle for all campaigns. Mullah type. This time I choose automatic this count I fix below and discount Ammon system. I said $5 time. This is to the arm and to turn these up tells I just simply hit said different upset sittings. And yes, you just actually animal are up cells. And of course, if you want to change your absolute settings, you can definitely do this. Simply select Jen's defaults on in absence settings. If you don't want to offer any discount than simply select cereal discount and save default Absar settings. And this is basically it. So this is a Wiccan is required. Different Ramadi for our campaign promotion and can Annable up sells hope this will It would be helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching. 41. Build An Attractive Teespring Storefront | Header, Banner, About Page & Products: these letter is very interesting, because in this lecture, we're going to create our own Mr Phone Toe. This there are multiple products in one single page to quickly Easter foreign. Stay in place. Select your holidays. And from these drop in Minot Blake, Mr Forms. Now he's being automatically take us into the Mr Phone speech now to create a Easter phone . Simply select get its start. And now, Di Pude, Mr Name this time I died is to name gas Wild. All right, now heat on great Easter. And here you can see the preview off Easter for now, to customize these on the left side and you can see a bunch of different options using the's head, our banner products about and settings we can easily customize our Easter fart. Now let's is that with header from header We can easily change our Easter for name on down the right We can see the Life Review All right. This time I put name gas wild on Easter identity. You can use Easter tattle also, you can Apple Dell ago This time I select after the level and from dead stop I choose this cat lover and this one seems to make perfect. Now, if you want to change your wrist or team color, you can easily do these. Simply click on the skull. I can't. By default. You select white on using these Kala Picca. You can easily see it. You prefer Tim color Black thing Color seems to a perfect accident bending to products. I just simply can't this option on. And now a click on save. All right. And the next one is better. Now, if you want to add Bellary met. You can easily do these. The step I choose Thesis cat image. And here you can see the video ideal. Bena Size is 1600 by 200 Pig zehs the state I just simply at this one. And click on safe on the next one. East Parex. One good point. I want to mention to quit Easter front. You need minimum two products. Okay. To make sure that before grating is their front, you have at least to relax credit now at products in our Easter phone. I just simply select at products and had we can see six different products are available. Just check all of these Expects Antley gone down um, league done a game. And now here you can see our products are being listed on our sister phoned in our Easter formed. These Bannon image doesn't seems to me perfect. There's why I simply remove it, all right. And the next one is about and how you can see we can add east or descriptions. We've said you are well, and at our social media, you are else Philip. These boxes with Europe headed in for and the final one is settings, and this is our Easter front u R l And of course, I Annable cross selling. And if we want totality wrister than you can found, this option in your Easter phone settings is I just simply said it now to see the live debut offer Easter fund, simply select goatee store on her. It is so in this way we can easily create our own Easter phone toe display multiple products in one single page, actually creating Easter Front increase pink. It's really, really easy. It is very straightforward on Bailey, beneficial because it allows customers to go ahead and take a look. Our brand and buy different products hope this media will be helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching and I will catch you guys in the next one 42. Promote Products In Social Media (Quick Tips): in this intersection. I'm going to talk about the absolute freeways to promote T shirt campaigns. But before that, I want to give you a quite a few tips for promoting T shirts in social media, and the 1st 1 is create visually good looking post. Actually, this is very important. I'm not talking about Facebook. I'm not talking about Twitter. And also I'm not talking about Instagram. It is really does apply all social media platforms so grating and good looking post is really crucial people in social media like good looking. These will post. So just be critic when you are going to pull something in social media and my second tips is, keep it short and our agency in mind. Keep it short means when your post their content in social media, try to keep your content short and interesting for permitting T shirts in ill post, you can say, like limited time off our free shipping on Lee for today. This kind of his steps and the next one is respond to messages almost right. Response direct messages to people and try to replay them in comment because people are you following, sometimes maybe they want to know something from you. So it will be great if you replay them. The are direct message or in comment. 4th 1 is find your most anguish friends and offer them a deal. They can deny this is really, really important. If you confound you initiated audience than they will like your post shadowed post and oil comment in your post. So if you want to sell something to them, they can't deny it. That on the final thing is to contest and give us stuff like that by doing contest and give us you can is liquid our furnace in social media platforms on Finally, I want to say one thing. Actually, distractive applies to not only dish of business. It does apply to all online businesses. So that's it for this lecture. Hope you found Bellow in thes lecture. Thank you so much for watching 43. Promoting With Instagram: So in this re promotion section off this lecture I'm going to talk about promoting on Instagram. Instagram is a mobile deck stop on Internet based for two sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately. Topi Epic followers Instagram is actually all about bizarrely stuffs. Just give that in mind. So promoting on instead of my faster is always include a link to UT Spin campaign, our Easter for only on Your instagram profile bio. Look at my profile. This is my personal profile, and in my profile bio, I just put my you remember, if I link that because using my INSTAGRAM profile, I am promoting my bulimic or says Now there's check out other few profiles like dump T shirts. Have you can see they put that I said, Well, if I open this up, look at these. They are setting their T shirts in the same way seven. Lee in kids out. Also promoting their T shirts through instagram by simply putting their or city well in bio maxims right to promote T shirts on instead of my 70 is include reliving has tax in every post, so That means if you pull something always tried to pull to live in has stick in your post like this one and check out this example. This is a catalytic holy, and in this post the airport, different type off. New spirited has tax like T shirts. These get lovers Cool tee shot. Get chart Captain shirt cat. Gloat extra If you want to generate you. Initiative has sticks than for this. My most rebel force. That is all hype in hashtag dot com. Now let's say if you want to generate hash tax, for example, cared then simply put your make. You are here. I just simply type get to generate Has Tex simply click? Generate on here. You can see these said automatically generate tarty calculated has tax. Just copy, eat and test it in your calculated instagram post. And for promoting Instagram. My final T is asked people to comment on your post or share it. It is a great way to increase engagement in your instagram post, So to direct traffic on instagram to get more cells, all you need is big new Surette followings. To get initiated followers, you have to pull something interesting in regular basis and, of course, the initial it it and have to add related hashtag in your every post hope this really will be helpful for you for promoting T shirts on Instagram. Thank you so much for watching. 44. Promoting With Twitter: So in this free promotion section off this lecture, I'm going to talk about to tear promotion to that is online news and social networking service, on which exerts posed and intellect with messages, which is known as to its for two day promotion. I want to show you a few things. Fasting is always make sure that you always include a link. Authorities been camping our Easter phone link inured to it, and the 2nd 1 is to about your campaign once a day, many people to it on their own for 26 times in a day. So make sure that you do it about your campaign at least once a day. Todd one is include religion hashtag in you to it Always include urine insulated, hashtag forgetting hashtag SMI, mostly right or said, is all hype in hashtag dot com. I talk about these or said before in our previous lecture. If you want to generate hashtag with your more lip, then you can use thes hashtags and relapse. You do it. You may also taxis being if they do to you that you will get more bills on her campaign, and if you want, you can also attack other relevant accounts in you to it on the next one is asked people to reduce your post on my final point is the most important who it is. Always include image in your Twitter post. Always just give that in mind Now into John. I just simply Sarge 40 scream and exhausted out here, you can see a bunch of different do that post All these are two should relate it. Yeah, you might found pretty successful to It's basically who are promoting their T shirts into ITER. So if you want to promote you tease, been camping in Twitter into it simply pulled short one or two lines, tactics being or some other hand profiles. And after that boat beauty is being camp feeling. Then finally put a couple of militant has tax actually promoting peace. Being camping in Twitter is really, really simple and very much powerful. I hope this video will be helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching and I get you guys to the next one 45. Promoting With YouTube: Now let's talk a little bit about you. To Italy is the number one be Duke, that from it is a great platform to promote and sell products, sell T shirts and other apple products in this example. In this is screen here, you can see these two popular channels are dirty. Is being extra phone link on the upper right side off their channel. In Utah, you have to be a little bit more creative that instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms because it is really, really powerful. You can get a dance off free traffic by posting interesting and informative billions on it . You in it took. You can promote UT spin campaign, and also you can promote other physical and physical parameters as well. In you do you can upload videos related to you nish. Maybe it is all about get are catty staffs on In description put, UT has been compelling on make sure that you don't have any copyright. Actually, YouTube is the place that you need to be a little bit more creative. You can show your face in front of the camera, and if you don't want, then it's okay if you need is get our coffee dilated or something like that, then create interesting real likes, like video and upload um, on each other. If you are operating burials quality videos in regular bases than you must able to generate mix related audience under the YouTube general. And these will bring a lot of free traffic to UT Spin campaign Andi. In the long run, you will be able to manage more cells. 46. Create A Facebook Page: Hello, my dearest friends. Welcome to this new section in this new section you learn how to use Facebook for further marketing and sell our products to Facebook ads at first Loulan how to play it for his book place for our products so that we can Eastern running airs and campaigns. So let's go ahead and do this right now. I only long in in Facebook now from the top right over here. I just completely considered icon. And to create a new page, I just simply select great page. And here you can see about two different options for rt's being camping promotions. This time I choose brand our product. And now from Tuesday category. From this drop down, I choose clothing. Now we have to put our faith who pays? Name this to my child. That said this to my dad. Gas Wild. I know this is not the best name in the World bar just for thes example purpose. I used this one. So once you have a category and pays name selected that you can go ahead and press Getty. Start now let's give it a second while it lords now, Facebook tells us toe operate profile, picture toe up for this one. I just simply select after the profile picture and from dead stop, I choose the example Profile picture all right. And after their phrasebook tells us toe up to the cover photo, I just simply up to the sample cat cover photo Now to create easy name for these page, simply select Quit page is an name. This time, I said, use a name like guess while official and heat on Great is a name and yes, just actually get user name for our page. Now, if you want to add is differently in your page, then you can actually do this publicity by simply quit a button for that toe. Our days simply hit on Alabbar Don. Now let's expand these shop with You are making a donor, Sean, and this time I still act Shop number Don on a legal next on these den, I choose peaceful, settling and in or settling now from peace being I just simply never get to the Easter phone step and click on Beauty store on. These is basically our Easter fund. Now I just simply copy our Easter for you URL and paste it right here that he don't say on he don't finish awesome. All right, so now, to complete these base set up, simply navigate toe the about page on. Feel all of these things. It's pretty straightforward. So that's it for this letter from are falling lectures hula have to target certain audience run campaigns and so on seeing the next lecture. 47. Facebook Custom Audience Targeting: in our previous. Later, we have learned how to create with book page and in this little pool cover how we can select custom audience in Facebook to get customers in a varnish. Actually, Facebook targeting is a very complex and broad toppy, and my goal is to teach you the basic fundamentals and concert, how to properly target people and bring them to our products. And now we are in our Facebook page now to be in targeting from the very top right click on this little icon and select create ads. And now we are in Facebook's ad manager page. Now, to begin targeting, click on this little hamburger, a con and from all does select audience insights. Now it there's us to select audience to restart. This time I select everyone on Facebook, and now we are in audience insights, and this is basically our Facebook targeting tool. These targeting tool is divided into two sexual on the right side. We have some basic information about the people on Facebook, for example, here you can see 1 50 to 200 million monthly active people on Facebook from united the stairs, and over here here you can see some of that demographic age and gender. 54% people are, oh men and 46% are male. Over there, we can see some other information about the life is day judicial. She, instead as educational level, job title and so on from Facebook pays like step. Have you can see that what kinds of pages thes people like, and the location where they're coming from their activity, household and purchase. So I must say it is a very powerful medics to target people actually to use thes target into most of our work will be done on the left side, right here. Different filters are available right here. Using these filters, we can easily select our targeted audience so you can play with different type off filters by simply putting initiated locations, demographic and by their interest. Now, let's say if you want to add on at the location like these United States, then simply tap you preferred country. Our city are any region. If I die, Canada here, you can see in the starters, are If you want to add, simply click on that. And if you want to remove simply having about the mouse and click on this cross icon. Also, you can choose gender, age and by putting different interests you can is the target Facebook custom audience most of the time, most probably the most important filter is thes interest, because over here, we're going to go ahead and pull certain cures. Answer stamps Writer for our specific phrasebook targeting based on their interest. Now let's see how that are getting works. For example, let's say I am selling passion care T shirts. So when it comes to targeting, always try to Easter targeting with a very top level and general approach. That means I am selling passion cacti shirts and I'm going to go ahead and type caps. Okay, in interest. I just simply put cats. And here you can see 32 to 35 Media on Monte. People acted under the country off united steps. That means thes amount of people like the keyword cars and 71% R O men and 29% are men. So once you have these basic idea over here, we can move forward to are more concentrator who just Facebook Page likes these steps shows us that people like the time cares. And these are some categories start to like toe. We can see we have some different categories. Have you can see it is not really busy focused on cat. It is more often a genetic things. That's what we picked a very broad target market that I mean, if I put, gets, he had a gate 30 and 35 millions of people. That is way too brought. If I target thes amount of people, then chances are my details on the campaigns are going to be absolutely zero and razors in no sell off my T shirt. So we need to narrow this down. And because of that, we need to figure out how we can Father being this down and Tiger something in a specific when it comes to cats. Now, to do this as simply go back over here, and instead of searching for a very broad topic like cash, we're going to go ahead and search for Saban ish like like partial cat. I think it is a good place to start now We can see Facebook tells us that from 30 to 35 million people now, we bought it down to 200 to 250,000 people. That is a considerable drop in the number of people. Now we're really is starting to focus on a specific niche. To make our target more specific. You can target thes thing. We can see that Facebook is telling us these people like the star Stan partial get and also like the falling categories off pages on different things. On Facebook, for example, we have partial in kittens for sale. You love you get be it hill near Glock, gas and cadence and so on. Now, if you scroll down here, you can see page like section. This section is very important under our start stump are shan't get here. You can see these are the top 10 pages people like now to make you target more specific, you can simply at any of these business in your interns box. You can see all of these changes in this new audience section for our case, I think passion get the Saban ish. It's perfect for us. Monthly active user is 200 to 250 thousands. When it comes to fast target market than my opinion is, you should target about one thousands to a maximum one million people. More than one million. I think it is way too brought in demographic. Stare for passion. Get here. You can see interested. 87% people are omen on departing percent are met. If you want to take it on the oh man then from gender Select Omer. And here you can see the number of person. Geez, by their edge, you can also target a specific ages people for targeting now from gender. If I select all, then here you can see for passion get most of the people like the specific topic in the group off 25 to 54 years old. So maybe you go after just these people if you want to really concentrate your search But when you are fastest in your campaign, you should really just make it a top level thing and figure out based on your camping results. Who to tie that? All right, so that's it for these, will you? I know that a lot of more in depth bill, you that you can go ahead and look at and encourage you to do that because it is very important. Is killed toe having marketing to target your specific niche people. So what? This video will be helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching. And I will get us to the next one. 48. Setup Facebook Pixel: In our previous lecture, we have learned how we can use targeting techniques to further enhance our niche and Tiger Taconic people for our products. Now in this Lecter, you learn how to set up a Facebook exile to track Marias convention from on campaigns. Facebook pixel is a very powerful tool that let us see things like how many people are being our content, how many people are operating, thereby nobody on how many people are purchasing from our T shirts and so on. So it is extremely important that we said this up to our Facebook campaigns so that we can effectively Meza who are separating and what campaigns are converting. Solar is go ahead and do this right now. So we are back on our Facebook page right now to set up Facebook. Picture in U R l simply goto business dot facebook dot com On this is my Facebook business account. We already have created a Facebook ad account which name is displaying sex is I just simply open this up and from these being sexist at manager, I just simply click on this little hamburger icon and from all toes under measure and report. I just simply select pigs us. We already have appeared at this facility in our launch. It has been camp in section off this course. If you missed there somehow, then please go ahead and check this. If you don't have any facility than you may see a little button to create a pig's l. Simply click that green cleared in your pig Xalatan, and follow the instructions to create new picture. Hopefully you can. Is liquid a pig's l less than one minute. It's their simple. Now I just simply copy this facility and go to that is being account now on the products. If you want to set up eggs L for your individual campaigns, then simply choose in your full campaign and select settings. And if I scroll down under tracking here, you can see we can act is ready for thes camping. I just simply bested. Are pixellated right here? Setting saved on deaf it. So in this way you can easily add Facebook facility offer entity spin campaign mixes right now, if you want to go ahead and set of the pigs and one time for our little future to spin campus, then you can easily do this, Simply goto the marketing tap and in Facebook pixel box. Simply put your facility right here. All right. I just simply best these pigs lady at heat on AB debt. And because of that, these pigs, it will work for our existing campaigns that we have created and all of our future t spin campaigns. Awesome. Right? So that's pretty much it for how we set up our pigs and on Ty's been campaign wanting. Now I want to show you before we finish these video. Now, I show you how we can customize our columns to see a different Eastern off pig's ear. So let's see what I am talking about now, from the top left over here, I just simply contest it'll hamburger icon and from all tools under quit and manage. I just simply goto s manager. And now we are in campaign step writer in campaign step here we were able to say different campaign is terroristic like reach impression costs by result. And so on now, from Collins, drop down. I just simply select castor mice, columns, andare, conversions. And now I never get do that or upset here. You can see this is a section for Facebook pig's ear so we can go ahead and check which boxes that we want to see when we're seeing our media's campaigns. Result. This time I jack orb sex as to wish list to see how many people are pressing the by now, what on offer campaign. So that's pretty cool. Now I take this or upset part reception to see how many people have confirmed who bought a T shirt and shows us which campaigns are running well on the last thing I check or said content views. And these shows us that harmony people simply lent our content page and take a look off our T shirt. So once he will have this column selected, then they will essentially keep you a good idea off. How many people have you are content? How many people? Prayers to buy nobody on. And then how many people purchase our T shirt? So once everything is done, simply hit on a play and now on the right fit over here here, you can see we just actually added our tree preferred columns. So once we do get the campaign, we can see how our campaigns are performing right here. Hopefully, you learn something new from thes set up a pig's ear section. In our next lecture, you learn how we can create an actor. Active promotional elements with free online tools. Thank you so much for watching. 49. Create High Converting Ads Image for Facebook: welcome to this new lecture. In this letter, I'm going to show you how to quit an attractive, likable Facebook. An image boot at factory or you are off at victory is have really doubly dart at factory Darko. These cities especially present for to quit better airs for our T spin campaigns. So before begin, make sure that in taste being you just locked in with your account. All right, now, to get it started with at Factory, I just simply is cool down a little bit on Glick on access at factory Now bottom on here You can see now we are in at victory Dark course slash t's being page to load our He's been camping in a factory. I just simply listened. This time we will create at for thes de spin campaign For these I just simply open this up and guppy Allah camping. You are ill and based it, writer toe Lord, These camping in ad victory, I just simply hit on load. Our document size is 1200 by 6 28 exists for Facebook ads. It's pretty cool now. If I goto shar step, then here Were you able to see our T shirts to them. I internally, speed is little. We've slow there. So I add Victory animal to load these images. That's why blindly, I just simply see, like the 1st 1 and authorities. Now, if I see like these, that on the right here you can see a bunch of different options. We can easily customize our T shirt, but using these lighters this time I just heard about the mounts on this corner and click and drag it down to make this bigger. Now I move it right here on day, however, the mountains in the middle portion off this box and click and drag to the right to load it it a little bit. All right now, from the right toe animal shelter for these Tischer, I just simply turn on this shadow of Sean. That's pretty cool. Now I just simply increase the opacity of the shadow and blood. Are the shadow a little bit more? Also, you can change opposite X and upset. Why are free shadow All right now, to add background this time, I just simply in here we get to the background tap on how you can see a bunch of different backgrounds are available, you can use any off them. This time. I just simply never get to the Grant stack. And these background seems to a little bit more interesting this time. I add these background to add this one. I just simply click on this image, and here it is. Our background is successfully at it, all right. And of course, if you want to after your own background, you can do this by using these. Upper option. Also, that it's your different or less are available. Awesome. Right now, this time I add border in our Facebook asked Madge. So do these. I just impunity get to the border. And there you can see patch of different borders are available this time I see, like these black border, I just completely condition. And here you can see our border East Seconds Willie Addict. Right now, if you want to add price inner an image than simply never get to the tech. Step on how you can see a bunch of different interesting tax are available. Let's say this time we will feels the stack to use this one. Simply click on this now. I just simply said you right? Yeah. If you want to escalate up or down that using this Connor and dragged down or the top, you can simply still eat or are also you can use this using these isc a slider. Also, you can wrote it. If you want this time for these tech, I just simply turn on the shot option. All right. Now, if you want to change these price, let's for our campaign. Our T shirt price is $29.19 to say this one. I just stay in places like our tech price deck on from fixed. I just simply tied our price, which is to into one point lining and take Scala. I just simply changed text color from black to white and to add is struck in text. I simply turn on Texas stroke and in Christa is to quit a little bit more on also, to make these text the spice take more interesting. I just simply turn on takes corruption. Awesome. Now, to add veg in a while and image, I just simply never get toe better. Step on here. We can see a bunch of different pages are available. The's day. Jules, he stopped quality batch to add this one. I just simplicity like these on her. It is now I just Scully down and booty too, right here. And of course, you can customize the special on the very right side off these letters. Now finally, do complete ease at image. These time I act by no button to add the's. I just simply navigate to the bottom. Step on here. You can see a bunch of different by now, or I'm no. Battles are available and these dem I select these better last chance get yours now I just simply click on this pattern on Garrity's, and these time I just make this pattern a little bit bigger on a lazy to write you. But these weren't on this time. Doesn't seems to be perfect to delete this one. I just simply select select this pattern and click on this little village. But on utilities now from the battles, let's say these damn it used the's backer. I just simply click on this button on a lazy to right here, and this one seems to make perfect. Now, if you want to add additional text in your element than simply click on this text and died in If you prefect text this time, I just delete this one. And of course, you can also create a different debt off custom shirts if you want. And also, you can also upload custom images for me. This one seems to make perfect toe down this one idea. Simply heat on, create at on here. You can see our adamantly successfully jungle it on Garrity's awesome. So I think these video will help you a lot to create engaging Facebook s images. You know, our next lecture. Oh, you really start promoting our T spin campaign in Facebook. Thank you so much for watching. See you in the next lecture. 50. Start Promoting Teespring Campaign In Facebook: In our previous lectures, we have learned how to create Facebook page, how to sell a pig's ER and how to quit attractive at image with at Factory. And in this lecture, you learn how to Easter time. Wouldn T shirts on Facebook. True, Facebook airs. Excited, huh? So we thought any for the dealer. Let's start it now. We had in our Facebook page Now to create a Facebook ad, I just simply click on this little icon from the village. Upright and select create else. Now I click on my account and from these drop criminal, I chose my business account. Yeah, you can see a periods marketing objectives for a specific nears. For example, if you want to increase your brand Airness, then you can do this. Over here, you reach traffic engagement, believe meals so on and so on. Highland, when it comes to say, lt's been products, then, for our primary goal is to focus on conversion section. These conversion section. There's because when we sell these products Auntie Spring, we need to figure out to whom T shirts are converting best for us, how to people being our content and how we can further enhance our camping to begin from the conversion Sexual. I just simply select these conversions objected. And now at first, this thing, we need to put our campaign name. This time I died. Gas wild. Just one. Yeah. You can put any of you preferred camping name. All right now is implicitly accept of account. Now we need to put our basic accounting for, like, account, country currency and time. John, if you want to change these, you can easily do this by simply using these drop down menu. All right, Andi, advanced options. Here. You can see our attic on name. Who justice being Saxes So wants everything is okay to drive into the next step. Simply he don't continue Now. We need to put our act set Name. I just simply type curse while just one like our campaign name right here. Now we are in conversation section from here. We need to see, like what kind of conversion we want to track in our exit video. I talked about how we contract different things like contra abuse. How many people click by Noma tone, How many people patches the actual product and so on so you can go ahead and select quite kind of conversion. So you want to try in these Doublemint? Oh, here you can see different conversation that we can go ahead and select. Here. You can see our view content at to chat conversation at to chart conversation to figure out how many people are putting our T shirts into the chart. How many people are checking out, how many people are participating and so on? One thing just keep that in mind when you do it. Set up a conversion. If you see this red dot right here than this essentially means that Facebook currently cannot create an amazing campaign for this specific conversation because it doesn't have enough data about your specific conversation. That means for Facebook Excel to work properly. You really need to give it some time to collect some information about your existing campaign and figure out what is exactly working and what is not working. And this case is our very first campaign. That's what we don't really have much information in terms of things like check out marchers at the basket and so on there. So now we are going to go ahead and select your content. And this is my commander, Sean. When you are creating a new campaign because of you, content tells you how many people click on your campaign, how many people beauty, spin, camping page and feel of the important things. All right. In our next step, we need to select our target audience. If you remember from our targeting video, we can go ahead and put in our target market what we selected for these with you. We are not going to spend too much time on these because we have talked about this in Facebook. Custom audience targeting lecture. Just research and figure out your target audience using Facebook audience incest stool and put them in right here from Look a Sean, this tomato juice United is death. It's ranch 18 to 65 gender all and languages. I just simply select English on our hair in detail jacket ing. You can select pages and different interest. This guest I search for passion Cat on see, like this one on the right said, Now here you can see how many people we can reach. We can see right now we can reach 1100 to 7000 people. It is actually based on our budget and from different locations and settings, and the next one is placement for a newbie. Iowa's recommend to choose automatic Placement If you want to place your ad insulting position than you can select it placement and jewels. And if your prefect position you can sit your ad in fits right column in solution videos and so on. This time I select automatic placement on the next one is budget, and she do right here. We have to set our daily evaluate our lifetime budget. I recommended you to Eastern with minimum $10 belly badge yet just to test how the targeting is going. So if you figure out your specific target that you selected on, if it is actually contracting very well, then you can go ahead and escalate. And if it is not converting with that, you can go ahead and east of it immediately and then move on after selecting the budget. When he toe said, our studio is the dirt and and it this time I'll choose my recording time if you want 2018 and I said and that Todd April 18 2003 days to test it on now. Optimization for delivery, Select confessions and no need to change any of these things not to drive into the next system as just simply hit on. Continue now, in this is Stitch. We need to select our Facebook page to re present our business from this drop down menu. Here, you can see my available pages. This time I select cars. Walt Page Bar some cases if you don't see your memorable phrase it which in this list that I think you might forget to add your Facebook page in your business account. To add Facebook page in your business account, simply goto business dot facebook dot com and from at Beach, simply such for your page by putting your Facebook page. You are our pays name and add your page all right after adding your 52 page in identity in our next. Instead, we need to select our at format. Here you can see a patch of different formulas are available. Single image, single video slideshow and collection. Single image heirs are converting really well. I always like to choose single image at format. That's why this time I just simplicity like this one and now for our single image. Yet we need to upload image our Facebook at image. To add these, I just simply click on after images and from Downloads folder. I simply select our Facebook else image that we have. Get it in my previous lecture. If I click on deck stop news fit, then here you can see the after you off it now in our poll said, Well, we have to put our tasting campaign link to add this. I just simply lock in India Spring and from Broad Axe. I simply opened these campaign. Andi got be the camp in you utter and based it right here. Now here you can see Helen and decks are automatically added. According off Artie's being campaign Now to create eye catching headline, you may use call to action work like Grab he's getting now check out these terms on for these particular campaign in headline. I just simply said Great. These limited edition Kat apparel as my Hedley on indexed are humans. Their decision in description. Always try to make it short and concise. Don't write any unnecessary things right here in description cry to highlight some of these dams like limited edition high quality extra for this particular Facebook ad. I just simply put this simple text. Are you a person who lapped cars? Check out this high quality shots. That is perfect for cat lovers. All right, now we have to Jews call to action matter from these drug Domino. I just simply select shop now out on one thing. I want to point out that when you do create your campaign picture, make sure that most of these is actually picture, not text, alright? And yes, we are almost done. Now. I just simply scroll down and heat on. Confirm Now here. You can see right here. We have to put our payment information. Just put your card information right here and he'd continue. Then Facebook will your at campaign and then hopefully they will approve it on. After that, it will rely. That's pretty much it off the serial. We help you a lot to promote U T shirt campaigns. True Facebook ads. Thank you so much for watching 51. Finding Vectors To Do Your T-shirt Designing FAST: if you are looking for better, is because you are not ready to create your own. Then hopefully this lecture with will help you a lot, because in this lecture I show you how you get high quality Victor's toe. Do your to shut this and fast. My fast recommended who have said is picks up eight or calm. It's the great upset for finding victors, and all of the sacrifice are absolutely free to Assad's for Victor in these drop gunman. Oh, click on Victor graphics and hit on Such are Sarge Victor By easing your QR. Now I hit on Sarge and you receive a bunch of different back defies, and all of these are absolutely free. Let's select this one. Look. These victor file has CC zero creative common license, and it is absolutely free for commercial use and no activation required. And under these here we see different type off related back or designs as ever awesome right on. My second recommended books said, is big city dot com and had received feature free paper art. Fish are free pick the right bones victor patterns and some premium victor designs. Also, you can start different type or sacrifice using these such books. Also, you can browse the newest victor file. Also, you can browse the victor filed by category, and the cool feature in this said is You can eat it, you're electrifies. Before downloading, simply log in with their upside and you need to rectify. You can add text shape. Also, you can crop your picture file at Transparency exit right and finally simply it on download . That means using their free did, or you can easily a little better file. And after that you will able to download these super cool right and my tired recommended lifts it. These days Enya's dot com And here we see a bunch of different categories baker back for suppressed to share designs. Vectors are also available. Let's elect to share desires and her received. A bunch of different cool T shirt designs are available, but these are not free. You have to pay a couple of bucks to buy these designs. Lots of floors of designs are everyone. After downloading in off the inspector design, you can easily it your rectifies using Olive illustrate our and my fourth and last recommended, Boyle said, is bakery stuck dot com and in their home base, heresies trending victor designs to access. They are free. Levity simply hit on free victors. And all of these Baker files are absolutely free. I commonly do Toby for using any of this picture design. Check their license terms. Hopefully, this Web sex will help you a lot to finding vectors to descend u t shirt fast. Thank you so much for watching. 52. Get Thousands Of Royalty Free Fonts: Sometimes we need to use different type off farms in our project are off site, but it is really difficult task to find free cool forms. In this video, I show you my list off. Reassess where you get thousands off point for free. My list of fast oil said, is 101 reforms dot com. This is a great or say toe find quality formed for free. He received the organized category in alphabetical Iwas on the heavy lift said we see two different option new forms and tough forms. By clicking on tough forms we can see the most popular forms in this website Also using the sad books you can, Sarge, any form you want Lots off lost off All forms are available in these websites And this is the front name animal I scraped and made by Mellick It? Yeah, and these Fontes download it. Oh har! 252 3000 times Downloading process is pretty simple. Simply click on download Batam and then Easter downloading and opened this And after this you see G fight. Just extract this one and double click on these and he don't Easton done ah list off second does. It is my most regret the foreign dot com. It's also in another result, full of, say, while you get 1000 off thousands off three forms. He had to see a bunch of different categories. Beat map. Dick Don't fighting Little basic Let's select comic fund the Amazing his Bederman Front Thedeez. Lots of comic forms are available. There's Jews Western category. Awesome. Receive a bunch of different Western categories. Fund. All these forms are absolutely free. You can use any of this one in new project. Are were set or anything. Darling puts the same simply hit on download. Click is that download once it is done. Heresy G five. Just extract this one and in still eat on LBC. Done. Also these clips that has a sausage balls using peace. Such books you can, Sarge, any of you be fact foreign quickly. My least off virus that is formed. Squirrel dot com. This is another were said to get unlimited free farms. He had received a bunch of different categories. Let's Jews most popular, formed. This is the least off most popular formed in this. Worse it to download any of this simply hit on download. What? Yes, on here it is in the same way. Just that's what these. And after that double click on these and jewels installed, that's it. This is my list off free of sex. How you get thousands off farm for free to use any of them. You don't need to take any permission to use. Super cool. Right? Thank you so much for watching. 53. Get Thousands Of Royalty Free Icons: In this lecture, we see where we get unlimited royalty free icons to use our project project means you can use thes icons in your oil set. Our T shirt design are anywhere you want. No need to take any permission to use them. Well, I have, Trio says. There that I would recommended you and Fast One is find icons dot com f i n d I c o and as dot com, this is my personal favorite or set for finding icons supposed system. We need people related icons to find the step off icon simply in such books by people and people, and then press enter. We get all people related. Icons available in thesis have said not only these 46 pages. Look at this. All our people related icons, right? You can download any off them in different size, and you can use them in your project. For example, I died computer and breast center. Suppose I used this icon in our infographics. I just simply click on this and these icon resolution is 128 by 128 and a different size is available. If I take on other side step. We see different resolutions icon, and this one is 512 and 512. If we want to download this icon, simply click on these You can download. I conversion who it is. I cough I also you can download in dot PNG format, which is image file. I just click on download PNG. Our icon is our icon is download successfully received the preview and my second film. It all cities and less icons. Www dot e n d l e double s I C o and s dot com in their home bit. We see some Icahn's. I just click on pace to also not only these icons. You can search them by using their such box. And my car favorite, Will said, is called icon monster dot com. I c o N m o N str dot com Here you see lots off black and white. Icahn's This is gaming. I gone Amazon gift card icon, paper like on beat going icon, for example, in Sarge books, if we die WiFi and then press enter from your keyword, we get different WiFi. I can't available. You can simply choose any of them and click on this. And then, if we want to download impious deformity, click on PSD if we want to download in PNG format Being this image file, simply click on this Benji and after that, click on I get to the license and click on. Download this icon automatically download and Eastern in your PC, and these are my tree for. But with said that you can game here and download you topic related icons and use them in your project and all I royalty free icons. Thank you so much for watching. 54. Conclusion + BONUS: Thank you so much for taking this class on Escutia. If you really like this one than the it positively hell review means a lot to me and check out my other courses on the Scotia. If you are not a premium member on institution, but want to take one of my goals, then just send me a message. I will give you a free access off. My remember far free so far now black and white.