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TeePublic Masterclass - Design and Sell Amazing Art with Print on Demand!

teacher avatar Teagan Johnson, Young Entrepreneur & Productivity Guru

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction - Welcome to my Course!

    • 2. Finding Successful Niches

    • 3. Creating your TeePublic Brand and Store

    • 4. Creating your Design with Canva and GIMP

    • 5. Uploading Designs onto TeePublic

    • 6. Marketing Designs with Your Brand

    • 7. Thanks for Watching! + Project

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About This Class

Hello everyone! In this class I will be teaching you how to get started with a print-on-demand (POD) service called TeePublic. Print on demand is ideal for designers because they handle the shipping and production of the item, which leaves us to just worry about creating great designs that people will love!!

TeePublic is a great print on demand website because it often puts sales on their website, which attracts many new customers. It is also a very straightforward uploading process for the sellers.

We will go through every step of the process of creating and selling designs, including:

  • Finding Successful Niches
  • Creating your Teepublic Brand and your Store
  • Creating Designs with Canva and GIMP
  • Uploading Designs
  • Marketing your Designs with your Brand

A project is supplied at the end of the course which you can access in the "Projects & Resources" tab. 

The only materials required for this is a computer. Prior experience is not required for this course!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Teagan Johnson

Young Entrepreneur & Productivity Guru


I have always had an obsession with becoming the best possible version of myself in every aspect: from my schooling, to my family, and social life. My goal with the videos I upload onto here are simple. Teach you guys something new in a short time frame, and help you guys improve in some way. I hope to fulfill this with you! 

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1. Introduction - Welcome to my Course!: Hello everyone. My name is Meghan. I am very excited to teach you how to upload onto T public a print on demand service. I've been designing and T Publix website for a couple of years now and I'm excited to share all the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years with you. If you don't know what Print on Demand is, it is when you create a design for a website in this example, t public, then you put the design on many different products such as clothing, mugs, posters, stickers, and many marks. Normally, when someone buys an item, you'd have to print the design in person, produce, shipping label, pack and tapes the box, and physically go to the post office to ship that out. But with this amazing business model, the company does all of that for you, which leaves you to just uploading the design. Don't worry, you don't even need to be computer savvy to be able to make some amazing designs to upload online. I use very user-friendly tools in this video that anyone can use, even someone that has never designed anything on a computer. The reason why I think the public is a great place to upload designs is because firstly, they run sales regularly. This brings a ton of extra traffic to their website, especially around the holidays. This means extra sales that you could be getting on your designs. Secondly, they're uploading tool is the easiest I've ever seen on any print on demand website. You are able to go from the designing process all the way to the uploading process in a very smooth manner. Public ships to 67 different countries, making it a website that has a very wide variety of different countries searching far and ordering products daily. In these upcoming course sections, I will teach you how to make your own brand, create, upload, and market each design. I'll also give you some tips and tricks they'll make selling on this platform even more enjoyable. Since I want each and every one of you to get something out of this course. I created each section. With that in mind. I strongly encourage you to follow along to each video while working on your own personal design. At the end of the course, LB, supplying a project that you guys are invited to participate in to showcase the skills that you learned. Let's get started. 2. Finding Successful Niches: Before you can start churning out designs like there's no tomorrow, you should first think of a strategic plan on the kinds of designs you want to make. Initial partially be inspired by the kinds of designs on the TI public website already. As you can see, there aren't many illustrations or basic t-shirts. There are a lot of graphic tees with text and some are text with the clever saying. So your ideas should be based around these kinds of designs, since that is what is selling best on t public for most print on-demand stores, I like to stick with one niche as that allows you to use all your mental effort on something that you know about, especially if it's a hobby of yours. So this could be anything from aviation to hiking to drying the sky's the limit on what you could design for the world to see. But the thing is, some designs a DMAIC might be amazing, but they will not always receive the recognition that they deserve. This is because of the supply and demand chain. If there is a low supply of a particular niche and t public and also a low demand. You may never get sales. If there is a high supply of a particular niche and a very high demand, such as Christmas sweaters are on December time, then your design may get drowned and all of the thousands of designs that show up within that search. So the most optimal way to create designs on t public is to strive to have a low supply and high demand niche. To find out if your idea is a low supply niche, you can go on to t public and search your idea. The most pages that they will show us 50 down here. So anything under that means that it is not too saturated and you're off to a good start. I find that having from 25 to 30 pages is a sweet spot. So if you have multiple niche ideas, it would be best to weed them out right away by seeing how saturated that Nietzsche's on t public. Now that we know that the supply chain is in a good position, now it is time to see what the demand is looking like. Since you are unable to see how many times other buyers purchased another design on t public, we must go to external spots to find out what the demand is like. My go-to place is Google Trends. This shows how often people are searching for this kind of niche. And it is a dead giveaway if people would buy the shirts. So let's head over to Google Trends and checkout the subject. As you can see, there aren't any harsh drop-offs are moments where it hits 0, which is really good to see. Actually, you can see that at sometimes it hits the maximum for interest, which is great. This is something that I would pursue as a niche. Also, if you're having trouble finding a niche in the first place to test out, you could search around on t public for other kinds of shirts and see if any of those designs or something that you would like to take inspiration from for a niche. You could even go to other print-on-demand websites such as Red bubble to see if they have similar graphic designs that catch your eye. When you find a niche that works for you, it is time to start making designs. In our next section. 3. Creating your TeePublic Brand and Store: Now that you have some ideas on what products to make, it is time to think of a company name that reflects that. Since I picked a location-based niche, I would think of something within that niche though it perfectly represent that. In my case, I picked endless Midwest novelties. This is because it is a name that will be able to stick. And if a user wanted to go back to your store to purchase other things, it would be more memorable than this random username with strands of numbers, such as the one on the screen. Now let's go to t public and create your storefront. Press Create a cone at the top and put in your name, email address, country, and a password. Right after you do that, confirm your email and go to the Account tab onto your name, put in your payment information below where it says payments. That is the minimum you need to do to sign up. But we want to do much more than just the minimum. So hover over your account, press Upload a design, then you are able to put in your brand that you thought of. After pressing, take me to the uploader, refresh the page, and go over to your account section again, you should be able to access your storefront. If you click on that tab, you can see how bear profile looks as of right now. We want it to look professional and presentable. So I will go to canva.com and make both a profile picture and also a cover photo. For the profile picture, the dimensions must be 324, 324 or larger. So let's just do that. Over here. You can use a template to make a professional-looking profile picture. Pick one that you like, typing your brand name, and download it. All right, now we can go back and we will do the same thing for the cover photo. This time it'll be one hundred, three hundred pixels. Once again, go to the templates and look for something that will nicely match the profile picture. If either of them have a bottom text, think of a cool slogan to put under there, like putting smiles on faces, sense 2021. After those are both downloaded, put those into the storefront with the pencil icons. And now we will make a bio. So go to the Account tab once again and type something nice into there. This is what I came up with. If you'd like, you can put a new location, a custom URL, and some social media pages. All right, here. Once you have that all set up, it is finally time to start making some designs. 4. Creating your Design with Canva and GIMP: Since you already have a niche picked out, it should be a bit easier to think of the kinds of designs you want to make. Firstly, think of some ideas yourself in once again, make sure that they align with republics kind of designs that are popular. If you're having trouble thinking of clever design ideas, take inspiration from other storefronts or even look at social media such as Pinterest. If you haven't interests you share with a friend, you could converse with them on some ideas as well. So let me search for something and take some aspects or ideas from it to use in my design. Alright, I'll take inspiration from this design. So let me go back to this Canvas website and create some dimensions. For t public, the ideal dimensions for every product to fit nicely as 5000 by 5000. So put those dimensions into this custom tab here and press Create new design. Now this is where your creativity can shine. Firstly, we need to change the background to a different color than what the texts will be, which is white. And you'll see why in a second. Then next, I put down some text, if that will be part of your design. Think of texts that will nicely fed the kinda nice day. You have to have a wider range of text on here from formal, rustic, even fun. Then adjusted to make it aesthetically pleasing. If you'd like. You could also change the color, make it bold, underlined or italicized right here. Since most shirts that cell are black, I'll be keeping my text white for this design. Then add some elements as well. You can find images that are already loaded onto Canvas that you can use which are royalty free. Or you can load up external images from Google, which you can use right here. Just make sure that they are all copyright-free. You can do that by going on to Google images and filtering the search by usage rights and then commercial and other licenses right here. An external website that I also use for free images is Pixabay. All of their stuff is on copyrighted and you can use them as you please. After you have the image adjusted to your liking, take another look around at Canva for any other features that they have which you may be able to implement into your image. I like how this as right now, and as you can see, it is quite basic. This is why I believe that anyone can do this, since it is an appealing design, yet it's not impossible to create. When you're satisfied, you can download it at the top right. You can only make images transparent in Canvas if you have a paid version. So we will download an application from Google which allows us to remove the background of the photo. Search up on Google GIMP and press the first result. Download whichever file your computer is, either Windows or Mac. Once downloaded, open it up and press File, Open, find the image and open it. Once it has loaded, look for a magic wand on the sidebar over here. If it isn't showing, you might have to look through these tools at the top, looking for something that says fuzzy select under the selection tools. Once you press that button, you can press on the background of the image and you can tell that it was selected. Then press Control X to delete it if you're on Windows or press Command X if you're on Mac, the background was removed. Now you can overwrite this image by pressing file and overwrite. Once you are finished with their design, it is now time to upload it onto T public. 5. Uploading Designs onto TeePublic: It is finally time to uphold the design. So hard to your public profile. Go to upload a design and search for the file with this button right here. A good thing about t public is that if you already have a larger batch of designs made, you could even upload them one after another with this tool here. Now it is time to get thinking. You need to put some keywords that match what the shirt is saying, along with some extra tags that will allow you to connect with the customer better. So in this case, I will put the title of the shirt and then I'll put Upper Peninsula nano six YouTuber. Since those are extra tags that will represent this niche. You could look at other people's tendrils and description from TEA public for inspiration for this as well. For the main tag, you're going to want to put the biggest tag that represents this design. So I will put this for the description. This is another opportunity to discreetly put more tags into your uploaded design. But this time, put it into a sentence that makes sense, but sneak those tags into there. Once again, this is what I came up with. For the supporting tags. I like to put as many in here as possible from the top of my head. And if you run out of ideas, you can find it take tool online. I like using this one the most and type in your niche. As you can see, there are many tags that pop-up. So put the relevant ones in here. If you're a design contains mature content and then press yes. Now scroll down and we are finally able to customize the photo on items. So firstly, set the background to black for all of them and then adjust them all to be in a good position on the shirt. The most ideal spots to have designs on shirts are up higher towards the chest as so. If you scroll down, you can see all of the other items we must customize. So for the rest of these, just resize them to a nice dimension and have them all centered in the middle. And for the mugs, make it small enough so the texts can appear all on one side. Once you have double-check that all of the designs look good. You can read the terms and conditions. Press the check mark and press publish. You finished your first design. Congratulations. When you have completed this section, it is time to move onto the next one where we will do marketing. So it gets even more recognition. 6. Marketing Designs with Your Brand: Marketing your designs can give you an extra boost to your brand if you are able to do it effectively. I do mine with social media and I simply post a photo of a new design, give it a caption, supply hashtags and a location for it to be most effective. You should do it on many different social media sites, including Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. This is the process I would do to create a social media to market my most recent design, I'll use Instagram for my example. Firstly, create an account. Then use the same profile photo on that account as your storefront. And if the social media has a cover photo area like Twitter, you should use that to then screenshot or a photo of the shirt or any other products to use in a post. To make the post use the photo along with hashtags are irrelevant location and a link for where they can buy the product. It would also be a great idea to put the same link into your profile bio. For even more people to discover your social media profile, you should comment on other pages that are similar. I would not do this too often as you can get banned. And it is also very unprofessional to spam. This is what my comment looks like. It is professional and to the point. And I would recommend doing this maybe a couple of times each week. When you finish marketing your design, it is finally time to wrap things up with the project. 7. Thanks for Watching! + Project: My goal with this course was to make steps clear enough so that you can follow along with your own personal project at home. So for the project, I want you to upload your design and talk about your journey and creating it. I'm very excited to see what you all came up with. Thanks for watching my Skillshare course. Although success is not guaranteed, if you persevere and continue to work hard at creating high-quality and consistent designs. I have faith that you all should be able to have some success on t public. I hope you'll have a good day.