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Teacher Tips: Easy Tips and Tricks For Using iMovie to Edit Your Skillshare Class

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Easy Tips and Tricks For Using iMovie to Edit Your Skillshare Class

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About This Class

Skillshare Top Teacher Tabitha Park will teach you how to use iMovie to edit your Skillshare class.

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1. Easy Tips and Tricks For Using iMovie to Edit Your Skillshare Class: Hi, I'm Tabitha. I teach photography classes here on skill share, and in this instructional video, I'm gonna show you my video editing process. Using I movie by movie is a free program that comes preloaded on Mac computers. It's powerful but simple, so it's not overwhelming, Especially for first time video editors. I record all my footage using my DSLR, and then I record separate audio tracks using a zoom H one recorder attached to a lapel mic clipped underneath my shirts. I do this because the audio from a separate recorder is better than the audio that my camera can take. After I'm done filming all the sections for my class, I import my media into my movie and began breaking it down into classes. So let's take a look at I. Maybe when you first launch I'm movie, you will have nothing here. After you start to do a lot of classes like I do, you'll start to fill up your project section to create a new project we want to hit, create new go to movie. This will give us a fresh space to work with, So to get our files into here, we can either hit import media or weaken Dragon Drop our items there. So I've got my video, my audio and my music right on my desktop. I'm just going to drag my video here. If the dragon drop doesn't work, it's likely because you're highlighted into the movie library. So if I tried to click and drag something there, it doesn't let me. So make sure you're highlighted into the my movie section and then drag your files in there that way. So to start out, I have my video and my audio. Remember, I recorded them separately, so I dragged my video down. Here it comes with its own audio. You can see these little blue squiggles that's showing you that I have audio that's attached to that video file, and I can show you how to remove it. So before that, we want to drag our audio down into our timeline right underneath our video. I can move it around and adjust it so that it lines up. I need to see a little closer, though, to make sure I could get it lined up properly. So I'm gonna go over here to the little zoom and I'm zoom in I know that in this audio track, the last take was the best take. And so I'm just going to start at the back and then come forward. I can see this big blank spot followed by some mountains. I'm guessing this is where I took a pause. So this is a good spot to start. I'm gonna click on my video and put my little line right at the beginning of my clip. I'm gonna click on it and then right click, split clip. This will cut it. So I have two pieces. Now, I'm gonna split my audio in a very similar spot, so I'm gonna put my little tracker thing right here. Right? Click split. So I've cut up these in about the same spot. I'm gonna highlight the early track that I know. I'm gonna cut out, and I'm gonna hit the delete key. Okay? This has deleted it and shifted my movie over. So I need to screw rule to the beginning and then adjust my audio so that it lines up. If I were to use it right now, it would sound echoey. So I'm gonna align my play head at the beginning and press space bar to play high That super messy I want to line it up So I click on my audio and I drag it to the beginning so that it lines up. I want my mountains to look the same So I'm gonna played again Hi, I I can't hear an echo, So I know I've lined up properly I can hear my audio from my camera, which is really screechy. So I'm gonna right click on my movie Make sure it's highlighted Right click detach audio. This will rip the blue audio off of it and throw it down here. I don't like this audience. I'm gonna click on it and delete it. Now, I just have the audio from my audio recorder high and it sounds much better. So every class I dio, I start out with the transition. So we're gonna go up here into the transition section. This will pull up all the different effects that you can use. Teoh go between files or to start out your video so I usually use fade toe white. I'm gonna click on it and drag it to the beginning of my video. It's one second long so I want to see how that looks. I'm gonna click at the beginning and press space bar high so I don't like when I'm talking and you can't see my face So I'm gonna highlight over the very edge and I'm gonna click and drag it to make it just a little longer All right? I like Let's try that. So now I should be able to see my face right? When I start talking second click and play Hi. I'm perfect. Now I want to add some tax where my name is. So I'm gonna highlight over into the video about where I would say Tabatha and I'm gonna click Then I'm gonna go up two titles Click on that thes air All the different text effects that you can add If you click on one and then drag over it you can see a preview of what that'll do. So this one's pretty wild. I'm gonna go with a little bit of a tamer one. This one's called soft Edge I'm gonna click and drag This goes on top of my video and it says it's four seconds long. It has title already highlighted, so I'm just gonna type my name Perfect. And then I'm gonna change the font. So I highlight it opened up my fault menu, and I can choose from any of these spots preloaded in here. Or I could go to the bottom where it says show fonts and will bring up a dialog box. I know that I have a fun on my computer that I want to use. So I'm gonna scroll to that one click on it and then close the dialog box so you can see I've got my fault right here. I'm gonna highlight it one more time and change the size Gonna change it toe 1 90 this little white box will let you change the color I'm gonna leave it white and then I'm gonna hit the check Park to check box to accept. So now I can see what it looks like. Hi, I'm I teach photography classes. Perfect. So now I want to add a photo. I'm gonna pick a spot in my timeline and then go back to my media so I can see what I have to choose from right now. I don't currently have a photo in here, so I'm open up finder, go into my pictures and drag and drop a photo into my project. So there is my photo again. If that's not working, it could be because you're highlighted into the movie section, which would be empty if you've never done a class before. So here into my movie Project Media. I've got my photo. I can click and drag it right into my project. You can see that it wants to go underneath my text, which is fine. Text usually ends up on top. So I'm gonna have that there. If I highlight over and kind of scroll, you can see that my picture is zooming. If I haven't clicked and go up into the crop settings up here. I have Ken Burns highlighted. This comes automatically highlighted. Basically, you've got a crop box and then a smaller crop box, and it will zoom between the two. This is just an effect that it throws onto photos automatically. If you don't like it, you can turn it off by hitting fit, which will show the entire picture, including the black boxes on the sides or crop to fill, which will crop it down. Teoh, a nine by 16 video size. Once you're happy with your crop, you can hit the check box and then your photos there without the Ken Burns effect. So next I want to add some music. I like to go to the very beginning and put my play head there and then I'm gonna pull in my music. This is just my music file down here on my desktop. It's ah, song that I made in GarageBand on my iPad. It is an audio file. So it's green, just like my other one. I'm gonna click and drag it into my project. I wanted to go underneath my audio, but I can't see that. So I'm gonna put it just there, temporarily scroll down and then put it underneath my zoom audio. So I want to align to the very beginning of the play head so that it will play right when my transition starts. If you'll notice my music looks a lot different from my audio. I've got these tall peaks of yellow with little bits of red on top. Let me just show you what that means. If I click and play, that means my music is super loud. So to adjust the volume. I hover over this middle line in my audio click on it. Right now, it shows it's at 100%. If I drag it down to 10% it should be a lot tamer. So let's listen to that. Hi, I'm perfect. I love that. Okay, so I've got my music. I have my audio. I have my video. I've got text and a photo. Next, I want to show you. If you feel like you're video looks a little dreary, you can click on it and edit the actual color of the video. So I want to go up here to this little Bob Ross palette. Open that up, and then adjust these sliders. So this is my contrast. Later, the very center one will bring things darker or lighter. The's middle guys with the half moon is contrast. So if I pull it up, it'll kind of stretch it out. So it makes the contrast either more contrast, ID or more grey. I usually add a bit of contrast. And then I feel like it's a little dark still. So I'm gonna bring my black circle up, and then I want to make it more saturated. This is my saturation slider, and then this is a temperature slider. So I'm gonna make it just a little more saturated. And let's say I thought this was a little warm. If I did, I could pull this down and make it cooler or even warmer. Usually leave it right in the middle because my temperature is pretty right on most of the time. Once I'm happy with my edits. I click that little paint palette again, and that leaves it there. So I've got that video edited a little bit, and now I want to finish it off. So I know at the very end of this clip again, I'm gonna zoom out of here so I can see everything that I'm working with. I know at the very end of my clip, I need to add a transition so I can adjust it and see this is where I end and then I get up so I don't want that in the back of my back of my clip. So I highlight over where the audio ends. And then I clipped this and I right click and clip this and I right click and clip this So I've clipped my video, my audio, my music I'm gonna click on my video and hit Delete It will delete all three things And then I want to add a transition at the very end to finish it off Perfect. So once I'm happy with how that looks I want Teoh export it. I am going to hit this little project tab. It'll prompt me to name my movie, so I'm gonna name it. I'm movie Example and then I'm gonna hit. Okay, this throws it into my projects right here. I can hit. I can click on it and then hit this little share button up in the right hand corner. This will let me share it to YouTube or Facebook or just export as a file. I always do this for skill share. I click file and then I name it what I wanted to be for my class. So let's say introduction. And then I changed the description to say intro for skill shared class. I leave my movie tag their video and audio format 10. 80 p resolution. I leave the quality of high and then I change the compression to better quality. I hit next, and it will prompt me to save it somewhere. So I'm going to save it in my skill share folder hit Save, and that will put it there. I've got a little progress circle right here. As it's saving, it will start to fill up the whole circle, and then it will give me a little notification in the corner to show me that my project is complete. Let's say I record my introduction and my outro in the same clip, so I do them back to back into the same audiophile. I've got them all already lined up. My audio, my video are lined up. What I can do is keep them both on the same take and then duplicate my project. So now I have two of the same. I could go into my 1st 1 and delete the Outro, and I could go into my 2nd 1 and delete the intro. That way I don't have to do the work of lining up my audio with my video again because it's already in the same clip. It's already lined up, so that's just a little quick trick that I like to use to speed up my process. So, yeah, this is just kind of my basic tips and tricks for my movie. Hopefully, you found something helpful here. And you can improve the look of your skill share classes using some of these tips. Thanks so much for watching.