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Teacher Tips: Building a Successful Skillshare Channel

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Building a Successful Skillshare Channel

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About This Class

Learn best practices on building a successful Skillshare Channel by top teachers, Evgeniya + Dominic Righini-Brand.

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Whether you are thinking about teaching on Skillshare, just getting started, or a seasoned pro, you've come to the right place! We’re thrilled to work with thousands of teachers from around the world who are bringing their creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm to the Skillshare community through teaching. 

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1. Building a Successful Skillshare Channel: Hey, guys, I'm Giuliana and I'm Dominic. We are a creative couple specializing in graphic design illustration and photography. We started Dejan on skill share in May develop 16 and so far, in a little less than two years we have published 24 classes, growing our secure share channel toe all 17,000 fours, then region or 50 father's Romans and double across all classes. Building a Scotia channel is a really exciting and rewarding process, but there are some things that you need to get right because skill share is not just about recording something, I'm putting it out there. The success of your skill share classes on channel is all about what you teach, how you teach it and how you interact and engage your fuel students and this video we're going to show a few our top tips and insights into building a successful teaching channel. Our 1st 2 is the teach something that you truly passionate about and create exciting and relevant classes that you would love to take yourself. Every class we teach is based around projects, approaches or techniques which were really excited about on. We always concentrate from working on things which we feel most passionate about at any given time. So even though we have a long list of what we want to share for our classes, the decision about what to teach next is not based on a master plan for any rational thinking, but rather on a spark of excitement, which makes the class production process faster and more enjoyable. Having fun? I'm working on a class, but the enthusiasm level is at maximum also helps us to carry the excitement, fruit and in fact the students with a desire to experiment with the skills we teach both through the class, content itself on through the promo posts we share on social media. So think about what skills you have to give the community and teach something which you're passionate about. The second tip is to find union sh and teach something that you're knowledgeable about and have your own unique personal take home. Your classes should genuinely represent who you are, what you do and should help you achieve overall goals and objectives off your teacher, which ideally should go beyond just having a source of income. If you take this boxes and create variable content for your students. There is a high chance that they will return for your other classes, and that's what channel building is all about. Your English is the area in which you operate, but it doesn't need to be very narrow or limited to one specific skill. For example, we see our mission as teachers to force the creativity and experimentation and help our students expand their skill set. Push the founders or graphic design and illustration and the create awesome stuff more efficiently. So classes cover subjects which complement each other but teach very different techniques, which spawned a range of disciplines, including graphic design illustration about in design friend Macon and photography. That's what Virginia do ourselves in our creative practice, and I see huge benefits in ahead and eat ever set off complementary skills when it comes to working on the client or personal project. If you two decide to teach carriage of different subjects in your classes, think how all your classes work together and what type of students you want to attract in for all your classes to complement each other so that your child works as I want to hear it whole. And it feels so the same crab. On the other hand, if you're an expert in a specific and the more narrow filled, you can take a different approach. Increased class is about the same subject area, but from different angles and for different skill levels. This way, each of your classes will teach something unique, but together they will help your students develop and lost a specific skill set. This approach is a good starting point for building in years following. But to make it work effectively, you need to make sure that your classes are sufficiently different from each other so that your students remain engaged. No something you from which class, then come back for more so insured. Think about where you're crazy. You're process for. Make sure that each of your classes, teachers something which will be over. Will you tell your students from your other causes and raise your teacher? You're on your own skill set Arthur Tip is to build a credible image by showing your expertise for authentic content and competent delivery. Creating original content and showing your own expertise and perspective on what you teach will help you come across as a credible teacher, and we'll help you differentiate yourself from other teachers in the same field. If you're teaching a class on a popular subject, which has already been covered many times before, ask yourself why and how your class is different from the previous classes. Answering these questions when you're planning your classes will allow you to make your classes different, create value for your students and give them an incentive to take your class even if they've taken a similar class before. So, regardless of whether you want to teach classes within one subject area or across a number of different disciplines, stay true to yourself and bring your passion, personality and unique angle to what and how you teach and give your students a little more than just a skill. Give them a unique reason to take your classes by being original. Fourth team is to experiment with across topics, take risks and teach what your heart tells you to the steep medicine controversial to some teachers hope cautious about producing not very popular classes. But when we create our courses, we don't really think about how much we can learn from each specific costs, but consider how it fits with our other classes. How it adds value toward general and all of our students can gain from it. And knowing that some classes might don't have a mass appeal doesn't stop us from producing them, because we believe that this class is still worth an effort as they make our channel more drivers and exciting in the long run. So when you're developing original content, don't be afraid to take risks. Asking your followers or they want to be told, is a good way to find out what they're interested in, what might make a pulpit local subject and to get some initial ideas for the causes. But how about teaching something they haven't thought about in the way they don't know exists? It's like the pasta horses from the famous cooled My Hand Re Ford, you naughty predicts the same as exciting. Classes come from listening to your gut, being open to new ideas, being experimental and imaginative. So consider the bigger picture. Stick to what you are good at and don't judge the success of your classes by short term revenue they generate. Maybe this special class that you had in mind for a while, but was hesitant to teach is what who make your channel stand up. Our next step is to be magnanimous and remember that you're a part of the community. You don't need to teach everything under the sun yourself. If your followers are asking about the technique you know has been beautifully told by someone else, why not tell them to go and watch a gloss over fellow teacher and instead spend your precious time making the class about something which hasn't been thought here? It's not a competition. So try to complement and to diversify the cattle off the courses in your film by teaching something from a new perspective, a huge part of being a successful teachers about providing your students with a positive and consistent experience. So our next typists that develop your teaching style and spend time planning the structure contents on delivery of your classes and not to cut corners. Been producing editing your classes. It'll takes time, and it gets better with experience. Experiment of different production approaches to see what feels natural to you on what allows you to deliver your classes in the most clear and sustained manner. You might be good, but for structure and bullet points. Or you might need to have a full script written down first, depending on how good you are presenting on what sort of classes you teach picker technique , which works best. And if you need to do free or five takes before you explain or show something the best way possible, do it. It's better to record everything right first, so you do not need to worry about missing content when you start editing your videos and sound when planning our passes, we very carefully plan and script everything, making sure our explanations and demonstrations are clear and concise. We also try to anticipate potential questions on work. The answers to these questions into our videos so concise, clear and to the point classes are our hallmark in away on our students appreciate it and always know what to expect from other classes. When planning and producing and editing your classes, be mindful of the students time long winded, not very clear explanations. Going off topic and having awkward pauses or arms can be irritating, and no one likes to waste time. So keep your students engaged with your content and make every second count also connected to develop in your teaching style. Our next step is to listen to your students, feel back and act upon it, for example, have been asked to flow down in their use for some of my earlier classes. So I have put a lot of effort into learning to speak a little bit sore. And alarm opposes between the sentences, either. Well, so according what you're in the sound eighties and stage. So if you know that you either speak too fast mambo and speak to slowly working it. If your students provide constructive feedback about any other aspect of your classes, for instance, structure production quality examples you show or anything else which you can improve, don't get frustrated and take it as an opportunity to make. Your plus is even better. Our next tip is to publish new classes on a regular basis, but not to overload your students of new content and give them enough time to engage with each of the classes before you publish the next one. Regularly publishing new classes is the best way to attract students to your new and old classes. How often you choose to publish new classes is up to you but remember that it is about quality, not quantity. It is better to publish one well plans and well produced class every 12 or even three months. Then, to publish half baked classes every week, it is very important to be mindful of your students and give them timeto Watch your classes on work for the class projects. Don't overwhelm your students of new content, so they feel they cannot keep up. If you're coming to skill, share from another platform on, have a catalog of classes. Don't feel that you need to dump all of your classes at once. Instead published classes one a time, and give the students time to engage with each of your classes. So every time you publish a new class, students from the previous class can be in a position to watch it, so teach regularly. But consider your students experience and don't drown them with classes. Our tip them, and then is to engage in a direct with the students on and off the skill shop Have her being human and engaged is one of the most important things you can dio have the students. I'm Elikann to try out your other classes in our community channel, so their friends teaching is all about being actively engaged with your students. So once you have published your plus, be sure to respond to students questions. Right? Hit back for their project and from time to time, most in the community boards for classes and send our discussions their followers. Notify them about your classes. A class update. You can also engage with the students or skill share by interacting with them. Why social media? You can do it anywhere you want, depending on the subject's ET. For example, show you process and finish work if you do something creative, or keep a professional law or manage a community page. If you're dealing with a less usual subject, for example, business. We share our experiments. They instagram in dribble regular post updates on our Facebook page and share some of the best teachers projects of mediatory classes on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. So there's a few students and lives and see you as a person, not a robot. The last tip is the promoting of skill share classes and channel. By giving your potential students and incentive, take your glasses without students. There is no teacher, so promoting a skill share classes and your child overall is really important for every stage, regardless for their publishing. Your first well, you can costs the most important things to keep in mind when promoting your plus and channel. Our don't sell the class so the upper judges will open up for your students. Share the structure of the class and let potential students know in detail. Or they will learn and what they will be able to do with the skills from your class. Promote your classes. Why appropriate channels where your potential students spend their time and utilize the discussion Feature on skill share to send newsletters. Toe all your followers, promote your older classes from or the hotel was serious off connected classes. Promote your classes by sherry, a student's work and success stories as mentioned before. It's crucial to stay junior and show helping human interest and excitement and not be overly sells. E but promote in your classes the transparent and said clear expectations for potential students to summarize. Teach what you know and love their part of the community. Create a positive learning environment for your students and promote your classes and channel to share the value and opportunities created by being a sculpture student. All these other principles which got us to where we are today. Everyone sorry is different, but they hold it. Our tips will help you to build your own successful skill Shack Channel. Thanks for watching and good luck.