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Super Memory Essentials: Level 1 - Develop A Perfect Memory (A System To Recall Absolutely Anything)

teacher avatar Alan Jarvis, Everything Is Easy, Once You Know How

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      0 - SuperLearner 1 Promo


    • 2.

      1 - Hello! And Welcome To The Course!


    • 3.

      1 - What You Tell Yourself Is Important


    • 4.

      1 - Your Revision Template Guide


    • 5.

      2 - All 4 Of The 3 Keys To A Perfect Memory


    • 6.

      2 - Key 1: Association


    • 7.

      2 - The Sciency Bit: How We Store Information Naturally


    • 8.

      2 - Last Week, I Saw Freddie Mercury In The Garden


    • 9.

      2 - The Story Method


    • 10.

      2 - Location, Location, Location


    • 11.

      2 - It Was Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)


    • 12.

      2 - The 10 Commandments


    • 13.

      2 - The Memory Palace...And Collective Nouns


    • 14.

      2 - The Unusual Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of – Phobias


    • 15.

      3 - I Never Forget A Face...


    • 16.

      3 - Sir Names


    • 17.

      3 - Meet My Friends (Or, The Rogue's Gallery!)


    • 18.

      3 - There's Something (Else) About You


    • 19.

      4 - Introduction To The Numbers Section


    • 20.

      4 - The Number Rhyme Method


    • 21.

      4 - The Number Shape Method


    • 22.

      4 - The Major System


    • 23.

      4 - Let The Internet Do All The Hard Work!


    • 24.

      4 - Memorising Dates With The Major System


    • 25.

      4 - The D.O.M.I.N.I.C. System


    • 26.

      4 - Talking Telephone Numbers


    • 27.

      4 - Easy As Pi(e)


    • 28.

      5 - The Titans


    • 29.

      5 - The Titans: Deepen Your Knowledge


    • 30.

      5 - The Olympians


    • 31.

      5 - The Olympians: Deepen Your Knowledge


    • 32.

      5 - The Romans


    • 33.

      5 - The Romans: Deepen Your Knowledge


    • 34.

      6 - The American State Capitals


    • 35.

      6 - European Capitals


    • 36.

      7 - Introduction To The Languages Section


    • 37.

      7 - French Vocabulary


    • 38.

      7 - Italian Vocabulary


    • 39.

      7 - Spanish Vocabulary


    • 40.

      7 - German Vocabulary


    • 41.

      8 - Congratulations And Final Test


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About This Class


This is the course I wish I had 30 years ago...


You're probably reading this because you want to see if it's possible to hone your memory skills to the point that you never forget an important piece of information again. A name. A face. A birthday. An anniversary. The atomic number of Plutonium...

Actually, you know it can be done, because some lucky people can do it. You may even know some of them...The question is, how do they do it, and can you learn to do it too?

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I had to sit a total of 13 professional exams. I bluffed my way through most of them...I say bluffed, but I was actually pretty good at my job, so I knew the answers intuitively...but there was one exam that was a problem. A BIG problem: Contract law. You see, the thing is with a contract law exam, there's no bluffing your way through it. You may understand the basics, but you can't guess the names of the parties, or when the law was passed...and to pass the exam, you had to be able to cite case law. Lots and lots of case law. There's no way around it.

I failed the exam (spectacularly)...twice. It seemed the harder I studied (and we're talking a lot of hours here) the worse my memory became. I learned one new thing, and forgot two old things. I asked my law professor how he knew so many cases, and he said he'd been a practising solicitor for 30 years, and it comes with experience...but I hadn't got experience, or 30 years!

I was in trouble, so I did the thing that most young men do when faced with such a monumental issue in life...I sat on the couch, and put the television on

It was a Saturday night, I remember it clearly. There was a show called Monkhouse's Memory Masters, hosted by Bob was a game show, where regular members of the public were "trained" to develop perfect memories. And these guys were recalling hundreds and hundreds of facts...impressive. But more impressive to me was that they learned how to do this in a matter of hours! yes, HOURS!

I gleaned what I could from the clips in the show, and then spent every penny I had in the local book store buying and devouring every book in print on how to develop these super-human feats of recall. I thought it must be something new and revolutionary...but it turns out these systems have been around since the Greeks! So why wasn't everyone doing this?

It's now 30 years on, and I still have the same question.

The truth is, ANYONE can learn these systems, and train their memory to become almost perfect. Not just for an exam you're taking next week, but store the information forever...

And that is precisely what you will learn in this course. In just a few hours, you will be able to memorise anything...perfectly. To get you started, in the course you will master:

  • How to encode information, so it can be recalled instantly...ALWAYS!
  • How to memorize foreign languages!
  • How to memorize the US state capitals
  • How to memorize the European capitals
  • How to memorize ancient Greek and Roman Mythology
  • How to memorize names and faces
  • How to memorize numbers and dates
  • How to memorize the planets (in order)
  • How to memorize wedding anniversaries & birthdays
  • How to memorize the 10 Commandments
  • How to memorize collective nouns
  • How to memorize the names of phobias

...does that sound like a good use of a few hours of your life?

If so, taking THIS course could be the best decision you ever made. It literally could change your life. It did mine.

See you in the course...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alan Jarvis

Everything Is Easy, Once You Know How


Hi, my name is Alan!

I have almost thirty years of experience in teaching various subjects and have held senior management positions at several blue chip and Times Top 100 companies. I now specialise in consultancy, interim work and teaching.

My love for Excel began soon after the program was released. Back then, we really only used it for typing tables in our production planning department. If you can believe it, I was taught to then calculate with a calculator and TYPE the answers into'd be surprised how many people I meet who still do this!

There were two turning points for me in my journey. The first was a chance conversation with one of our accountants when I was complaining how slow it was to keep having to flip between worksheets to see different ... See full profile

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1. 0 - SuperLearner 1 Promo: Hi. My name's Alan on on the creator of this course, Super in essentials. Level one. Develop a perfect memory. So why should you learn from May? In my early twenties, I sat a series of 13 professional exams, most of which I passed using what I already knew. But they had a problem. My contract law exam, which I failed twice. No matter how hard I stood it, I seem to have a natural limitation to how much information I could stall. Then I discovered that there were little known systems, a select few people used to memorize vast amounts for information very quickly. With perfect recall. I read every book imprint I took. What worked, discarded what didn't until I, too, had mastered the art of memory. So back to that lower example, I studied for two nights and walked into the exam for the third time. With 260 t cases, I could fully site. I passed. That was almost 30 years ago. Now I can memorize anything with perfect recall, and now I can share with you everything I've learned. So what's inside the course? Well, everything you'll need our teach you how to encode information so that it can be recalled instantly. Always, and you can use this system to memorize absolutely anything. In fact, just for fun. This even a bunch of things that we will use in the course as you land, such as how to memorize foreign languages. The U S state and European capitals, ancient Greek and Roman mythology, names and faces, numbers and dates, the planets in order. Wedding anniversaries and birthdays, the 10 Commandments, the names of collective knowns and the names of phobias, which should be enough to get you started. So who is this course for anyone who wants to learn or study anything? Anyone who wants a near photographic memory, anyone taken exams and wants to pass some of these and anyone who wants to put the joy back into learning. So what are you gonna need to get started when you need three things? A little time, a willingness toe? Have fun on a willingness to try something new. Nothing else is needed, as I will give you all the tools you need. Take a look at the course description, and I look forward to welcoming you to the course. I'll see you in there 2. 1 - Hello! And Welcome To The Course!: Hello on Dwell Comm to the course. I am so happy to have you here. We have searched a lot in store. It's difficult to know where to begin, so I guess we'll start at the beginning. I am Alan and I used to have a normal memory. That is, I could learn stuff, but only at a certain pace. If I tried to cram too much, I just forget what I had already learned. No, great. When you have a tough exam to take that you've already failed twice. It's crazy knowing what I know now that what I learned on what you two will learn over the next few hours isn't taught in infant school. If it waas, we would be a world of super high achievers. Anyway, I have a lot of stuff in store for you, and it's going to be easier than you ever thought possible. We're even gonna have fun along the way. What I will give you in this course of secrets to developing a perfect memory. If you want to give it a fancy name, we call them no Monix After the Greek goddess of memory nem assign Now, by the end of this course, you will have memorized your 1st 10 words in four different foreign languages. Three US state capitals, European capitals, the major gods of Greek and Roman mythology. Names and faces. Hang on. We're not done yet. Numbers and dates the planets in orders in in order, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, the 10 Commandments. A bunch of collective now owns the names of phobias. All of this without breaking a sweat. Difficult to believe, right? I thought so, too. But before we start, we need to establish your baseline where you are now. And to do that, I need you to take two tests. One is a list, and one is a sequence of numbers. Now, I'll give you about a minute for each list, and I want you to concentrate on remembering as many of them as you can. Score yourself a point for each one. And if you get them all in order, score a bonus 10 points for each round. And keep a note of your scores as this is where you started. Okay. Test one. Okay. Now write them down somewhere and then go back a little in the lecture. Mark yourself. Remember one point for every correct answer on a bonus. 10 points if you got them all in order when you don't come back and we'll do the number test. Okay? Right. That score damage somewhere for safe keeping. Now, let's do the number test. I will show you a 10 digit number for about a minute, and they want you to memorize as much of it as you can. Ready Hagos again. Write them down somewhere and then go back a little in this lecture on dmarc yourself. Remember one point for every correct answer and a bonus 10 points. If you got them all in order. When you're done right, then your score and keep it somewhere safe. There will be a test at the end, Okay. How did you do? 100% plus both bonuses. If so, you don't need this course. If not, prepare to be amazed of what you can do. By the end of this course again, I'm really happy to have you here and I'll see you in the next lecture. 3. 1 - What You Tell Yourself Is Important: Okay, guys, um, welcome back. What you tell yourself is important, and the chances are that you will have use this phrase before when you're trying to recall something I can't remember. But that's just not true. If you google the phrase, how much can we remember? The number one hit is from the excellent team Scientific American Scientific american dot com. Check them out. It say's. You might only have a few gigabytes of storage space similar to the space in an iPod or a USB flash drive. Yet new wrongs combined, so that each one helps with many memories at a time, exponentially increasing the brain's memory storage capacity to something closer to around 2.5 petabytes or a 1,000,000 gigabytes. That's quite a lot, isn't it? How many gigabytes do you think you would need to pass your next exam or recall your mother's birthday or your pin number the American state capitals, the capitals of every country in the world, for that matter, or a forum vocabulary? Have you ever had this kind of thing happened to you? You're out with your friends and you're talking about something. Movies, Let's say, and someone say's who played the Liquid Metal Terminator in Terminator two. You can immediately picture his face. You may recall that he also replaced Fox Moulder in the last few seasons of The X Files, and he was in that other show more recently, Scorpion. He has the gravelly voice, the PS ing blue eyes. Now you may have a dozen different reference points, but what is his name now? All of those thoughts conclusively demonstrate that you know who you're talking about. It's in there somewhere. If you could just get to his name. So the night moves on and there was later you're lying in bed, just about to drop off to sleep. When you wake up with Start Eureka, it's Robert Patrick now. This is because once we set our minds to the task of retrieving a piece of information, if it's not immediately available to us, it does not stop looking. Your mind naturally seeks resolution. It wants to succeed instead of giving up our mind, takes the process out of our active consciousness and continues working on the problem unconsciously on when it is located. That particular piece of information, it gives our conscious mind prod and say Hey, I found that thing You were looking for its Robert Patrick. So the problem we face is not no capacity to store information. That is, for all intents and purposes, almost limitless. But in their ability to recall it when needed. In this course, I will teach you how to encode the things you want to remember, so you can instantly recall them on demand. So from this point forward, I want you to change your language to something more accurate. If you find yourself about to utter the words I can't remember, swap it out immediately. For at the moment, I can't recall your memories. Fine. And together, we're going to install a super learner recall mechanism on. We're gonna have fun along the way. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 4. 1 - Your Revision Template Guide: Okay, guys on Welcome back. You'll see an awful lot of downloads from this this course, but I wanted to give you this as well. And this is what I used to build your downloads. Now, what we have here is a simple Excel spreadsheet template, and this one's particularly geared, or this one's set up to be 100 lines long. So if you have something that you need to memorize, you can put it into your study plan On the off screen I have all the capitals of the United States was. I'm just gonna copy. I'm gonna click in here on the right, click and juice pay special, and they're all my American state capital. So I'm just going to type up here state. And I'm just going type over here can be towel. No, because I only need 50 lines. I'm just going to delete everything else that's below it. So I'm just going to drag down, right? Click and hit. Delete. This isn't a neck soul course, though. I do have some amazing excelled courses. Do check them out. And I'm just gonna put a thick border around that. So they go. That looks all pretty. So you have you state your capital. Let's just line those up on here. You have your comments. This is where you can write details about your No Monix. Now, if you need to, you can change the template name here. But if you put it up in here, American State Cappie Towels. When we flip over to the revision plan, you'll notice that it has pulled the title over with it. And it has also pulled all the values that we had in the first sheet, so you don't need to type them out again. Now again, this is set up for 100 lines, but I'm just going to delete everything. Bill low there. So it's going to right. Click and delete from Andi for pretty in the sake on the part of thick box around that again. OK, so here is your revision plan in the Yellow Cell, insert today's date and sell seasick, so today's 31st of the eighth and you can see that your optimum revision plan has already been calculated for you. So today immediate assumes you've learnt it. Do your revision. Take the test. If you don't want to see the ounces here you can always right click on choose Hide. So we have one day, three days, seven days after that. 14 days after that, among three months. Six months. You will never forget anything if you follow this revision plan. So just to show you how this works, If we went Teoh to where we Alabama and put mult grant OPEC and spelled Montgomery and his enter, we get a green on 2% because we got one of our 50 answers. Right? But if we went to Alaska and typed Texas and hit enter, you can see that that goes red. Now, obviously, for the more that you get right, you get more greens, get them. All right, You get 100%. I suggest that once you've done your first revision plan, let me just delete those on unhygienic. There we go. Once you've done your immediate revision plan, just hide that and hide that on. Then carry on with this, and if you need to print it out, you can print it out easily. On that is your revision template. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 5. 2 - All 4 Of The 3 Keys To A Perfect Memory: no way a 14 of the three keys to a perfect memory. Okay, guys, unwelcome back. Developing a perfect memory is not a matter of trying harder. In fact, trying harder is the last thing we should be doing. It's counterproductive if what we're doing isn't working. Doing more of the same isn't gonna make it any better. Einstein had the clever quote about that now trying harder and not progressing just leads to frustration. And being frustrated is not the best state to be in. If you want to learn, something will get into what the best state is in here to get into it instantly a little later. Instead, it's a matter of trying something different. In the last lecture, we learned that our capacity for memories almost limitless. What we need is a better way to recall information. And the key to that lies in how we go about storing the information in the first place. There's some things and naturally memorable to everyone and some things and naturally memorable tow us as individuals. Let's take a look at a very simple example. Your bank has just issued you a new A T M card in a few days later, your pin comes through the post. Now you can change it. But the one they've given you is 007 Is there anything you can think of immediately that would lead you to remember that number? Quite possibly the most people would instantly associate double. 07 With James Bond on you need to do now is remember, toe tag an extra zero at the front and you've got it. And you've probably got it for life now. Why? If you open the envelope and your number is 32 32? Well, that may be more difficult for a lot of people, but probably not. If you live at number 32 then it's just a case of knowing your house number, which you already do, and then typing it in twice. Now, Back in the eighties, a friend of mine asked me to get some money out of the A T. M for him. He gave me his card, he told me, his pen very trusting. It was over 30 years ago, but I still know what that number waas 3618 e even told me how he remembered it on when he told me that it was impossible for me to forget. So just by looking at that number is that anything you notice that would make it memorable to you. If it doesn't jump out at you immediately, try space and the numbers out differently. How about three on six and 18? It's simple when you see it. Three multiplied by six equals 18. As it turns out, my body lived at number three, so I had the first digit instantly. He was also one of six Children on. The rest was just math. Now, if you look for a connection, you can sometimes find one, even if it's a tenuous one. If you can't find one, you can make one. So you may be wondering by now what the secrets of developing a perfect memory is. Well, here it is. Association, location, imagination. It's even easier to memorize them. Using the acronym Ali Mohammed Ali was the greatest, and your memory will be great when you apply them, and there is 1/4 practice. But that would give us Al IP, which, although it's funnier, is not quite so memorable. Oh, maybe will remember it because it's funny anyway, in the next lecture will take a look at the first key to a perfect memory association. I'll see you in the next lecture. 6. 2 - Key 1: Association: Okay, guys. And welcome back Key Number one Association, as I mentioned in the last lecture, something's and naturally memorable to either everyone or to us personally. And the wonderful thing about the way we think is it's not linear and mines bones off on all kinds of tangents. It will make connections, associations. We just can't help ourselves with some things. Almost everyone's mind will make the same instant connections, and somewhere in there will be connections that only we could make us individuals. Now double 07 is a great example on here in the digits double 07 Almost everyone will think of James Bond. Maybe even hear the theme to Dr Know, perhaps Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Sir Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton or George Lazenby. And from here, we can let our minds run free. Maybe we make the short leap to bond baddies. Blow felt he was my favorite, played in the first instance by Donald Pleasants. He had that white Katty was always stroking. He loved that cat. My auntie Olga had a white cat just like that. Auntie Olga used to make the best muffins I've ever eaten. There's a great cafe in town. That's so amazing. Muffins to I stopped off their toe. Have one. When I got off the train the last time I came from visiting London I was in London because had that meeting with Khloe Khloe I haven't seen for a while. I wonder how she's doing. I'll give her a call tonight to check in. See what I mean? I got from three digits toe wondering how my friend Chloe was doing that. Took a while to say It happened in a few seconds in my head. And that is the very process we're going to tap into now, though, hopefully with not as many stages. So let's start off with a couple of easy ones. I'm gonna give you two things to remember, and I want you to form an association between the two. Ready Pamela Anderson, red swimsuit. Okay, that was an easy one. Try this gorilla piano. Okay, so that's a little more tricky. Unless you already happen to know a piano playing gorilla. But what if you were to close your eyes for a second on picture a gorilla playing the piano ? Go on, close your eyes for just a few seconds and imagine that crazy scene. So now if I said gorilla, could you get to piano? You probably could. And the trick here is not to try too hard. If you can make an instant association, go with it. If something popped into your head immediately, this time the chances are it will the next time to it doesn't matter if it would make sense to me, your postman or your cousin Bob. It only has to work for you. Okay, let's try a couple more pineapple Michael Jordan again, The next pair, Magic wand bread and our last pair Venus Cornflakes. Okay, lets go back over those and see how you did. So the first pair were pineapple. Andi Michael Jordan. Did you manage to make an association between those two completely unrelated things? Maybe you imagined eating a pineapple, and then MJ took it from you and started shooting hoops with it. Or maybe imagine cutting open a pineapple and inside instead of the fruit was a tiny Michael Jordan trying to escape. Whatever you came up with is perfectly fine. So how about the next pair? Magic wand? Andi bread. Perhaps you might imagine needing bread with the wand Or maybe getting bread out of an oven with the paddle that had a magic wand as a handle. Or perhaps you even used a magic one to magic up some delicious freshly baked bread. Okay, on the final pair. Venous Andi cornflakes. Okay, Now, here. Venus could have bean the planet. Or perhaps she thought of the statue. Venus de Millo. Well, that famous Renee songs painting the Birth of Venus by BOTTICELLI or the tennis player Venus Williams. Or if you're a woman, there's a razor for women called Venus. How did you tell your image? Four. Venus to cornflakes. Whatever you came up with is just perfect for you. It doesn't matter if the link you made makes no sense to anyone else as long as it works for you. So that's association the A of Ali. But did you notice one else we did there? We also included the I imagination. We took two completely unrelated items on. By applying a little imagination, we managed to forge a link where the wasn't one. So thinking of the first automatically lead us to think of the second Now, just for a minute or so. I want you to pause the lecture and let those three scenes that you just made play out in your mind in all their glory on when you're ready, come back, hit play, and we'll wrap this one up. Okay? And well, come back, right. You are already well on your way to becoming a memory machine, but forewarned is forearmed, as they say. So now we're going to do our first test and also you after that. 7. 2 - The Sciency Bit: How We Store Information Naturally: Okay, guys, I'm welcome back of the science. CeBIT hell, we store information naturally. Now, computer store data in a sequential fashion. When you hit save button, you'll be storing a specific piece of data, a letter photo and MP three, a movie with a specific name in a specific location. You probably have some kind of filing system where all your music is stored in the same place on all your photos in another. Now, this is very convenient. But to get back to that photo to recall it, you're going to need to navigate the precise path to where you stored it. If you look somewhere else, it won't be there. If you go to your music folder, there will be no clues saying, Hey, were you looking for that photo? Try looking in the photos folder. Luckily for us, our brains don't work that way. When we remember something that is store something for later retrieval, we write that information to our brain using multiple reference points across the different senses simultaneously. Not only that, but each of the various reference points are inextricably linked to each other. Neurologically essentially, they become hardwired. This is regardless of where physically in the brain they are stored. Further, any existing reference points are also linked. Associate ID to the new information, which creates an intricate and unique tapestry of our experiences. Better yet, for us, in our quest for a perfect memory, we can utilize that interconnectedness toe access that photo even if we're looking in the wrong place. Unlike a computer, if I think back to my childhood Adan Auntie Olga, I can't get ready to my head neck. She actually wasn't my auntie, but anyone significantly older than me was an aunt or an uncle back then. So Auntie Olga had that white cat like blow felts. She baked great muffins. She also used to smoke cigarettes in her conservatory. At the back of her house, she had a record player that you could slide records into vertically. If I close my eyes, I could go back in time to that conservatory. Smell the cigarette smoke, taste the muffin, stroke the cat. I can even walk around a house. A complete wealth of sensory information comes flooding backers. If I were there right now, now it could access that memory using any of those reference points or triggers. I may pass someone smoking a cigarette, smell the smoke and make the jump. I could see a white cat. I may even see some all records stood up vertically on. That could be enough to drift away right back to my childhood. Now, of course, to us all this information is just context. But our brains, it's not. Our brains do not intuitively know which elements of something we need to retrieve later, so it captures a bunch of different data points simultaneously, as we learn. So you'll recall the description, their inherent storage capacity from Scientific American I mentioned a little earlier. It said New Ron's combined so that each one helps with many memories at a time, exponentially increasing the brain's memory storage capacity to something closer to around 2.5. Petabytes now just isn't aside. As I mentioned this quote you again or you read the words on the screen. Can you recall anything else from the first time you heard or read it? Where were you? How you sitting? What was the weather like? Was it warm? Was it cool? We're hungry. Could you smell something cooking? Could you hear kids playing outside in the street. The chances are that you will recall something beyond the quote itself, though, as an example, smelling your casserole cooking in the oven is not relevant to the quote. That piece of data was stored right along with it. Well, that's this inaction. Now, the scientific term for this process of writing multiple data points and interconnectedness is called into leaving. And we're gonna exploit this to its full potential to make our memory stronger. More on that later. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 8. 2 - Last Week, I Saw Freddie Mercury In The Garden: Okay, guys on Welcome back last week. Isil, Freddie Mercury in the garden. So how did you do on the test? Don't worry if you didn't get them all right, the first time around, there's no pressure here on we've only just started. Of course, if you did a sit, well done. You Now, in the last lecture we learned about association on by applying our imagination a little, we could make a connection between two things that ordinarily just wouldn't go together. Though it may not be obvious at the moment what you actually achieve. There was so much more than that. You just created three mini movies. Movies Tell a story in just a minute. I'm going to tell you a story. But first, I want to give you some made up statistics. The planets I once read that one in 10 people think they know how many planets there are in our solar system. One in 100. No. They know how many planets there are. One in 1000. Kaname them on. Only one in 10,000 can name them in order. Now, those numbers are far too need to be inaccurate statistic, but scale wise they're probably not that far off. So which are you? Do you think you know how many planets there are? Do you know You know how many planets there are? Can you name them all? Can you name them all in order? Well, if you know one in 10,000 already, you are about to bay. So I said I was gonna tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably? Just kill it. So for the next minute also, I want you to get comfortable, take a few deep breaths and let them out. Slowly. Relax. Close your eyes and live the events of this story with me as it unfolds. See what I see here When I hear and feel what I feel. Okay, ready? Then I'll begin. Last week I was looking out of a window into a nearby garden, just minding my own business when I thought I saw someone famous. This could be exciting. I could tell my friends I look closer and I could clearly see the moustache and the teeth. Imagine my shock when I realized it Waas. In fact, none other than the amazing Freddie Mercury lead singer of the legendary rock band queen. He was much smaller than I imagined. Tiny in fact, maybe only 18 inches, 45 centimeters in height. It looked like he was trying to get that silver liquid metal back into a thermometer, but it kept slipping through his fingers. He was going everywhere, even had some in his moustache. Campell Freddie, I shout it not stuffs poisonous. And as he started to look up towards May, he was distracted by a loud banging noise coming from a wooden gate at the far end of the garden. So we brushed himself down, and he made his way to the gate and opened it standing. There was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, a true goddess of love, Venus, if there ever was one she had with her an ancient Greek statue of an equally beautiful woman. But the arms were missing. That looks familiar, I thought. But what an old scene. Together. They bought the statue into the center of the garden and tried to stand it up, but it kept tipping over one way. Then the other, as the plant it stood on, was broken. They both scratched their heads for a while, had a bit of a discussion on then they clearly had an idea. They lay the statue down carefully, got on their hands and knees and started scraping away at the earth with their bare hands. They were clearly going to make a hole to stand is up in now faster and faster. They dug earth was flying everywhere all over their faces, their clothes, the statue. Some even went over the fence into the neighbouring garden. I bet that was making a mess. The neighbor would not be happy. Then they suddenly stopped. It looked like they had found something unexpected. I couldn't see what itwas from where I waas but it looked like candy Little bars in black rappers with red writing What's strange? Who bury candy had to be sure So I opened the window and shared it. Hey, what have you found down there? It looks like candy, They shouted back in unison. It is! We found a stash of Mars past. There are hundreds off the muju. They were making such a racket. So much so that the man from the neighboring garden Yes, that garden burst through the fence. He was a giant of a man at least 500 feet tall, stretching up as far as the sky. Now I thought he would be mad, what with all the noise and the mess. But it was really cheerful and friendly. I might even go so far as to say he was jovial, which I thought was quite surprising in the circumstances, you could say he had a sunny disposition. Perhaps that's why you had the initials s U N in big, shimmering gold letters printed across the front of his T shirt. What a basanti that waas. OK, open your eyes. Now I'm sure about a minute into that story, you realize exactly what it waas. That story gives you the precise order of all the planets from the sun outwards. If we wish through the story, we can count them off. So who was the first person that we met? It was Freddie Mercury and Mercury is our first planet. He was even playing with that silver liquid from a thermometer, which, of course, is also mercury. Just to reinforce the point, he was also tiny, as mercury is the smallest planet. Next he meant that beautiful woman who was banging on the gate. That goddess Venus on Venus is our second planet. Now she was carrying the Venus de Milos, just to be sure from there. Can you recall what happened next? Well, they got on their hands and knees and started digging a hole, and Earth was going everywhere. So our third planet is earth on. What was it they found when they started digging? That's right. A huge stash of delicious Mars bars on Mars is our fourth planet. And after that, what happened? Well, they're making such a racket in their celebrations that they made that giant jovial man from next. All burst through the fence. Jove, Bean, the other name for Jupiter, the God of the sky on the biggest giant planets. So Planet five is Jupiter. Finally, can you recall what the big, shimmering gold initials were on his T shirt? S u N they stand for satin, Uranus and Neptune also giants on their 6th 7th and eighth planets. Okay, so take a minute. Also, to pause the lecture on run through that story again in your head. Really? Of all the detail, the sights, the sounds, the emotions and when you already hit play okay? welcome back. So how many planets are there? Can, you know, Name them in order Which planet is the biggest? Which is the smallest Which planet comes before Neptune? So that's a pretty well known story for memorizing the planet. But can you see how willing to each item or plan it to the next in sequence other than being planets and diet is there is no connection between Mercury and Venus. But by spinning a story around them or a mini movie, just like he did in the last lecture, we forge the link we were unlikely to forget on. Then we got from Venus to earth, from Earth to Mars, master Jupiter on finally satin, Uranus and Neptune. So congratulations. You are now one of the few people who can confidently name all the planets. Now, in case you're shouting at the screen, what about Pluto's? Well, Pluto's is now officially a dwarf planet, according to NASA. But if you did want to know where it sets, it's right at the end. So there's another perhaps simpler way of remembering the order Mum visits every Monday, just stays until noon. Now, the first letter of each word gives you the first letter of each of the planets. It's quick, but personally, I prefer this story as there are two planets that became with the letter M. Okay. Next, we're gonna put that storytelling ability into action. I'll see you in the next lecture. 9. 2 - The Story Method: Okay, guys. And welcome back the story method we learned in the last lecture held by forming a connection. An association between items we want to remember. We have a really neat way of committing seemingly unconnected things together. Not only did we go from Item 1 to 2, Mercury to Venus, but then 2 to 3. Venus to Earth, 3 to 4, earth to Mars. And so one until we got an entire memorable scene that we can instantly play back in our heads forwards backwards and in any order. Cool, Right. Well, this time it's your 10. Now, what I'd like it to do it's not compulsory is to post your story to the Q and a section of the cause. So we can all see how creative you bean Nothing rude or offensive. Please. As I say, it's entirely optional. Okay, as start point, I want you to imagine a wedding scene of some sort. Maybe here Mendelssohn's wedding march playing in the background, I'm going to give them to you want us? It's home with five or six seconds in between each. If you need a little longer, just hit pause until you've made that connection and then come back. Remember, your first thought is often the best. Ready. Hagos paper. Cotton, Lead them limn. Would I n wolf Bruns. Pottery Tin. Okay, let's see how you did. Close your eyes. Can you see that welling seen here? The music. Okay, good. Then what was the first item? It was paper and then a second item. Cotton. I said leather number. Full linen number five would sinks. I n seven was wolf eight with bronze. Nine pottery on 10 was 10. Okay. Did you get them all? If you did well done. That is amazing. If not, that's fine too. As we still have more techniques to come, they can you guess what? That sequence Waas. It's the 1st 10 wedding anniversaries. Now I must point out that this is the US version. The UK version is slightly different, but both through available to download from this lecture along with all the subsequent anniversaries if you fancy the challenge. So here's my story for recall in them. I imagine I am outside a church in the wedding march is being played and that sets the scene for me And the entire church is made of papier mache A, which is paper, and that's unusual. Now the bride and groom appear at the church door. Notice the order, their bride and groom. The bride is duct cotton from EastEnders and that gives me cotton. On her groom is a big cartoon cow, which gives me leather. They walked down the past to a pile of wedding presents, which they then proceed to open, and everyone is bought than the same thing. Bed linen, linen So everything doesn't make a mess. A little help is dragging each one away as they open it. That's Woody Woodpecker would. But what's he doing with them? Well, because they're all creased from the pathogen is ironing them so that crisp and neat and that gives me iron as he completes, Each one is stacking them on the backs of sheep, and that gives me wolf. Eventually, there's a herd of sheep balancing piles of betting on their backs, and they all end off in the same direction. But they keep bumping into things. I looked to see why, and I can see that sun is glinting off something in the distance, and it's blinding them. The poor things I get close to the object, and I can see it's a huge bronze statue of Cupid Bruns. Now they are so in love and Cuba. This firing is Arrow Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze E. Who were recreating that scene from Ghost, the one where he sits behind her at the potter's wheel. Pottery. Now the trouble is, the wheel is making such a squeaking noise is going to ruin the entire day. Luckily, help is on hand, and the Tin Man from the Wizard of us 10 comes to the rescue and oils the wheel, and everyone lived happily ever after. And don't all the best stories having that way? Okay, Before we move on, let's take another short test and I'll see you after that. 10. 2 - Location, Location, Location: Okay, guys on Welcome back. Location on DSO become to our second key location. And the chances are if I asked you what you had for breakfast yesterday, you would instantly be transported back to your kitchen at home. As you recall. What? It was you eight. Similarly, if I asked you about lunch, you may find yourself in the canteen at work and dinner. Well, maybe he tried that new Thai place in the high street. Now the sequence is naturally preserved by the location. If you can't instantly recall the meal, you could think yourself back to the location. And from there, get to what it was that you ate. Remember the context we learned about in the signs? A lecture? If we wanted to memorize the order of the American presidents, it would be helpful to have a pre defined route where we could go to drop George Washington . That position one. John Adams at position to Thomas Jefferson at three. And so one or the key points to a speech you have to give No, no, no. Please. Location. A great way to preserve sequence is also useful for grouping things. We wish to remember it just makes sense. You probably keep all your knives, forks and spoons in the same drawer, right? If we wanted to memorize all of the American state capitals, wouldn't it be useful if we had that information all in one place? That way, if someone asks What's the capital of Illinois? You can instantly go to your mental American state capital place on Retrieve the answer. Springfield. Now looking for us, we probably already have a bunch of Germany's stored in our memory. Even if we hadn't thought of used them for this purpose before, we certainly can. Now, each of those journeys those roots will have distinct and discrete points that you could latch onto and use telling something that you want to remember. You will have a root toe work you could mentally walk around your school, that holiday resort that you love so much it doesn't even have to be Really. You could have a route through video game, providing you know it well enough. Using their amazing power of association. We're going to link items we want to memorize to specific locations along our journey and together started. I want you to map out a route with 10 stops, 10 distinct and separate white points that you were going to use to memorize 10 random items just for fun. What I want you to do here is take a few minutes to map out a route with 10 locations or distinct way points to make this easy. Let's start where you start the day waking up in your bedroom so your bedroom is positioned one. Perhaps the first thing you do after you wake is go to the loo, said the bathroom. Maybe location to. After that, you probably wash your hands so position three could be the sink on. May be, then you go downstairs on the stairway. Could be positioned for the bottom of the stairs. The hallway could be position five, maybe then go into the living room and put the breakfast news on. And that's number six, then into the kitchen to put the cat one. Number seven and so on. It doesn't matter if you run out of rooms, you can always go outside, so take the next couple of minutes. Pause the lecture, a map, your journey of 10 distinct points when you already hit play and let's get this done. Okay. Got them. Remember to tie each item to the location. Ready There. Let's begin. Item number one Giraffe ice swimming pool. The non is football custard guitar. Clint Eastwood, handbag Chimney. Okay, there your 10 items. Now let's run through those in order. So what was the first item which is probably stored in your bedroom? Can you return that? It was giraffe. And immediately after the giraffe, we had ice. And then from ice from position to we went to position three. And there we had swimming pool. And after swimming pool, we had bananas. After bananas, we had football. After football, we had custard. And after custody, we had guitar. And who did we have after guitar? Clint Eastwood. And after Clint Hand Bank and I finalize him. Waas chimney. Okay, so that's the same less than I asked you to remember at the very start of the course. How did you do this time? Was your school better? Did you get all 10? If you did, that's amazing. Well done. But if not, don't worry. Because next, we're gonna look at that third key to a perfect memory imagination on when she complete that, you'll be getting 10 8 to 10 every time. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 11. 2 - It Was Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me): Okay, guys, welcome back. It was just my imagination running away with me while our minds are drawn to the unusual. Even when we did the baseline test at the very beginning of the course, I bet you got Clint Eastwood. Why? Because Clint was the odd man out. Clinton's unusual in the context of the other items that I gave you more unique than the other unique items. If you know what I mean more memorable, something stand out automatically on that makes them difficult to forget, as was the case reclaimed eastward. But cast your mind back to the science. A lecture, that part where I said that our minds capture multiple reference points as we learn something well, what we're going to do now is maximize that to our benefit. Can you think of anything else that would make something memorable? Well, knowledge, something that we are already familiar with novelty is another one uniqueness. How unusual is it? Emotion. Does it stimulate your emotions? Does it make you laugh? Exaggeration makes something unusually big or small or any other exaggeration guaranteed to make it memorable senses. We use these automatically sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and if you can incorporate that when you're remembering something, you'll have multiple trigger points. And sex. Sex is a great aid to memory. Enough set. You can even remember that using the pneumonic Mies with an extra S at the end. Now the best thing about our imagination is that it's completely private. We can apply any amount of imagination we like to what we want to remember. We can link to something we already know, making novel, emotional, exaggerated call in all our senses or make it sexy. In fact, the more of those things we can pour into it, the more reference points or triggers will have and the more memorable it will be. It's worth noting that your trigger doesn't need to be precise, just as long as it gets you back to the thing you're trying to recall. When I recall the Spanish word for waitress, I immediately picture a waitress with a camera around the neck. The actual word is camera, but camera gets me most of the way, and then it's just a short step to get to camera. In the next lecture, we're going to combine everything we've already learned, and we will use that to memorize the 10 Commandments forwards backwards and in any order. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 12. 2 - The 10 Commandments: Okay, guys, um, welcome back in this exercise, we're going to memorize the 10 Commandments, and you're gonna need a route with 10 waypoints. Given that we will be memorized in the 10 Commandments, she may want to consider setting this scene at some suitable location, maybe a church. You can either have your individual locations inside or outside, or moving from one to the other, as long as you are familiar with the route. Now, be sure that each of the 10 points are distinct and separate from each other on. Remember your knees. Call in everything at your imaginative disposal to make each scene unforgettable. Now, remember, you don't have to get it word for word. Just something that you can latch onto to get back to what it is. The rest we can fill in as we go. Now, if you need to pause the lecture now, plan your route. And when you're ready, hit, Play on. Let's do this. I'll give you about 10 seconds between each. But if you need a little longer, just hit. Pause. Ready? Okay. Number one, though shalt have no other gods before me, though. Shalt not worship false idols, though shall not take the name of the Lord in vain. Remember the Sabbath? Only your father and mother. Those shall not kill, though shall not commit. Adultery, though. Shall not steal, though shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Those shell nook of it. Okay, got them. Okay, let's do a quick review. What was the first, though, shall have no the gods before me. I think of my first location is just having one person in it with a big red rope. Power in entrance as no one else is allowed in. Okay. And number two, though, shall not worship false idols here. I just think of Billy Idol. Maybe you thought of someone you know who is idle, which is phonetically the same thing. Okay. Said, though shall not take the name of the Lord in vain. I think of Carly Simon singing your so vain. Perhaps you used a weathervane. Whatever you did is perfectly fine. Number four. Remember the Sabbath here? I think of Ozzy Osborne, lead singer of Black Sabbath, who was born just up the road from me in Birmingham. Okay, we're halfway point now. Number five on your father and mother. I just have my mom and dad here, nice and simple. Number six, though, shall not kill here. I use Max from the eighties TV detective show heart to heart wherever there was a case to be solved. Maksoud against this being avoid up number seven, though shall not commit adultery. You don't need to know how I remember that one. Number eight, though, shall not steal. Here. I have a cartoon thief complete with a striped jumper in a swank bank. And we're almost there. Number nine. Now those shelnut bear false witness against your neighbor. Or like in any other words for me. I use the whole cast of the TV show Silent Witness which gets me back to the witness and bearing false witness on the last one. Those shelnut covet yearn to possess something belonging to another. My buddy has a really nice motorbike, which I like a lot, but it spends more time in the carriage than on the road. Okay, so how did you do? If there were any in there that you struggled with? Go back and take a look at the association you formed. Could you add anything to it using your wild imagination that would make it more memorable . Sometimes just coming back to it a little later can be enough to give you a new flash of inspiration. Okay, time for another test, and I'll see you after that. 13. 2 - The Memory Palace...And Collective Nouns: Okay, guys. And welcome back the memory palace and collections I mentioned in the lecture on location that locations a great for preserving the sequence of things as we just did with the 10 Commandments. But I also said that location could be useful for grouping things together. And that's what we're going to do now. One of the first things I ever memorized just for fun with the American State capitals. No, I've never bean to America, which would be the logical choice of store in this kind of information. But what I do know really well is cheers. I never missed an episode of that American sitcom that ran from the 19 eighties to the nineties. I know every detail of the bar where Norm sits, where cliffs. It's sums office, the pool room. When the Indian statue is. I had no need to recall them in order, but it seemed like a natural place to solve them, as that was the most American thing I was familiar with at that time, a good place for my collection. When I started to memorize foreign vocabulary, I store all of my French, weighs in and around my school. I hadn't been to France, but I did learn French in school, so that's where they live. When I did Italian, I stole them in and around Florence. I visited there many times. They have lots of places that I can hook things onto. Spanish vocabulary is stored in and around Barcelona. Another place I know really well. To recall anything I've memorized, I just close my eyes and instantly visit any of the places in my memory palace. Now we've already started filling yours. You've lent the planet's andan order, I might add. We've memorized the first time wedding anniversaries on. We've even mastered the 10 Commandments. Imagine if you entered a pope quiz and all the questions were on those subjects you would win. So let's add to your memory palace again Right now. I mentioned collections at South of this lecture. So let's memorize a bunch of collective now owns. Choose a place that's right, view where you can instantly go back to to retrieve them. We're going to do 10 of my favorites here, but there is a huge list is a damn illegible resource from this lecture. If you really want to test yourself, I'm gonna give you about five or six seconds between each one. Ready? Hagos Bears sleuth. So a group of bass is called a sleuth of bands. Buoys a blush of boys, girls, a giggle of girls, head jogs and porcupines, a critical lizards, a lounge. Owls, a parliament of owls, wizards. An argument of Wizards. Rhine Nursery, a crash of rhinoceros skunks, a stench of skunks, tigers, an ambush of tigers. Okay, did you get them all? I'll just recap them now so that you can see how you did. Okay, so the 1st 1 was bass, and it's a sleuth of bears. Next we had boys, and that was a blush of boys. Next we had girls, and it's a giggle of girls on next, we had hedgehogs and porky pines. Both had the same collective now, and that is a prigel of hair junks or porcupines. Next we have lizards, and that was a lounge of lizards. Next came owls, and there was a parliament of owls. After that, we had wizards, and it's an argument of wizards. Then came rhinoceros or rhinos, and that's a crash of rhinos. Next came skunks, and there are a stench of skunks and finally we did tigers on. There is an ambush of tigers. Okay, just for completeness. Here's my associations. For those bears, I imagine a bunch of grizzly bears with magnifying glasses, just like the famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes. And for Boys. I imagine a group of boys all blushing as the girls walked by. So we have a blush of boys girls. I imagine the girls giggling at the boys as their blushing hedgehogs and porcupines. I imagine a bunch of hedgehogs with little cocktail Indian skewered on their spiky spines. This gives me pickle, which rhymes with prickles, which is a natural collective known for her jugs and bulky pines. Okay, lizards on this one won't apply to everyone, but it's simple. For May I just hear the crowded have sung weather with you on the lyrics? Or do I lie like a lounge room lizard on? Until I actually looked up? What the collective name for listens Waas. I didn't know that it wasa lounge, so they go do I lie like a lounge room lizard. Els. I imagine a mini parliament, and all the politicians are owls for wizards. I have Harry Potter and Merlin in an argument casting spells to each other for rhinos. I imagine a rhino crashing into the side of a car in a safari park, which almost happened to me years ago. At the skunks, I imagine a fell smell coming from a line of skunks, all sitting on a bench, which rhymes with stench. And we have a stench, skunks and tigers here. I imagine a group of tigers dressed as red Indian warriors waiting to ambush the Cowboys coming through the past. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 14. 2 - The Unusual Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of – Phobias: guys, I'm welcome back. The unusual is nothing to be afraid off phobias. So we've seen that by forming an association in our minds, Using our knees on storing that information in their memory palace is pretty damn powerful right now. I mentioned earlier about picturing a camera around the neck of a waitress to trigger the Spanish word for rate waitress camera. Now, that's simply enough because the camera on a waitress are easy pictures for us to imagine. But what if what you want to remember isn't something you can instantly visualize? Well, we just break it down until it is in this lecture, we're gonna memorize a bunch of names of certain phobias which mostly have their roots in Greek. The easy part is the suffix. All phobias end with well, phobia. We just need a way to convert those tricky first parts. So if we took the word milana phobia, which is the word for the fear of the color black, Yes, that's a real thing. The phobia part is a given, but what do we do about the melon? Oh, is there anything you can think of that could get you back to that? Perhaps she would think of a melon. But instead of being yellow, it's black for the beautiful Italian city of Milan on all Italian cities, Beautiful except everything is painted black there, or Gillette a phobia, the fear of being laughed at. What does the stem gelato remind you of? Perhaps gelato that lovely Italian ice cream? This is how I remember this one. Have a friend is a stand up comedian and he's rather portly and he does love gourmet ice cream. OK, it's over to you again. Pick a place in your memory palace to store 10 phobias. Ready? Okay, let's do this. A Mecca phobia, A fear of being scratched. Astra phobia A fear of thunder and lightning. Claustrophobia enclosed spaces and the fear have having no escape. Cool ra phobia affair of clowns Frida phobia A fear of becoming too cold. Jill ETA phobia a fear of being laughed at glass. A phobia, a fear of public speaking millennia phobia, fear of the color, Black spectra phobia, fair of mirrors, xenophobia, A fear of strangers, foreigners or aliens. Okay, got them. Let's have always through and see how you did again in no particular order. So I'm going to give them to in the order that I just gave them to you. Here are those 10. Now I'm gonna mix it up a little bit, Hex. I'm going to give you the name of the phobia in some instances, and in some instances I'll tell you the fear and you have to get back to the phobia. So here we go. A Mecca phobia. That's the fear of being scratched and thunder and lightning. What's the fear of thunder and lightning? Astra phobia. Claustrophobia is the fear off enclosed spaces with no escape. Now, what's the fear of clams called cool Ra phobia. Okay, Andi frig A phobia is the fear off becoming too cold on the fare of being laughed at J A lot of phobia. Okay, Andi glass. A phobia is the fear off speaking in public and fear of the color Black is milana phobia on the fear of mirrors, spectra phobia. And finally, xenophobia is the fear off strangers or foreigners or aliens. Okay, here's how I remember them. A Mecca phobia for scratched. I think of the scene towards the end of Enter the Dragon where Bruce Lee has those scratches on his chest. But instead of fighting hard his fighting my friend Amy and she's delivering the scratches with kung fu chops. So I get a me and chop, which is how it's spelled a Mecca phobia. Okay for Astra phobia here, I imagine a terrible thunderstorm, but instead of lightning, Vox's All Astra's are raining from the sky cause in a thunderous noise and sparks when they hit the ground for claustrophobia. This one is quite well known, but I imagine Santa Clause, which gives me the clause trapped in a tiny covered claustrophobia on Kalra phobia. I imagine a bunch of clowns, all wearing sunglasses cool on rowing, cool row phobia, Kalra phobia, fear of clowns, freak A phobia. Quite simple. This one ages. Have a refrigerator with the door open, making everything cold. Joetta phobia. I already told you about this on this is my friend, the gelato munching stand up comedian. Glass. A phobia is this fear of public speaking, and this is a speaker at a podium. But he can't read these cue cards as the whole room is polished to a high gloss, blinding him so glass o phobia is a fear of public speaking maleta phobia again. As I said before, I just have huge black melons. Spectra phobia, I imagine. Someone wherein spectacles. But instead of glass, they have mirrors for lenses. Just like cool hand Luke on xenophobia. I imagine an alien from the Ridley Scott movies sitting like Buddha. Very Zen. Okay, so that's 10 phobias committed to memory. But again, you can find a huge list is a downloadable resource from this lecture. If you fancy a challenge, we'll do one more quiz, and then I'll show you one of the biggest memory problems ever faces. Okay, I'll see you soon. 15. 3 - I Never Forget A Face...: Okay, guys. And welcome back. I never forget a face, but in your case, I'll make an exception. I'm just kidding. Well, we've all bean there. You're out shopping or in a restaurant, and all of a sudden someone walks up to you and say hi. Fancy seeing you here. You see the face. You know that you've met before. But for the life of you, you can't recall where or when and their name. Forget it. So you respond in the way with socially conditioned to do. I'm great. How are you? Unless the conversation continues, you rack your brain. When do I know this person from? If you could just get to that, you may be able to get to their name. You hope that something they say in the conversation will trigger the memory. And it will all come flooding back. But no. And now you're in a bind. You're a few minutes into the conversation, and now it's too late to say sorry. I know we've met, but who are you again? If you would just come clean at the start and said remind me of your name. Everything would have been so much easier. But Wouldn't it be even better if you have a system for never forgetting a face? Or, more importantly, a name again? But if you think about it, we actually have a pretty good natural ability to remember. Faces were designed that way. When most people struggle is putting a name to a face on People can be terribly offended if you can't recall their name when you meet someone for the first time. The general advice is to immediately use their name back to them in conversation, in the hope that repetition will make it stick. Now, sometimes this is useful in the short term, but next week or next month, next year not so much. I want set a meeting with the supplier on the guy. I won't name him. Actually suffix almost every sentence with my name. Great to meet you, Alan. Yes, I'd love a coffee. Alan, Thank you for seeing me, Alan. There is a point where it becomes weird on we just don't do that with people we generally know do way. So why do we do it with people we've just met? It's unnatural. So how do we do it? Well, looking for us we do have any NACE ability to recognize faces, so we're already halfway there. All we need to do now is apply a little association, a location on a dose of imagination and permanently link the name to the face on while we're at it. For the ultimate flattery. A few of the details about them, too. No names tend to come in pairs, with the exception of people like Beyonce and Madonna, Sting and Prince. So we have two things to recall. A thirst name on the last name, so let's take them in order. By far the simplest way to recall someone's name is to associate it with something We already know the K off knees knowledge. If I want to give you a bunch of names, you may find that you already know someone with the same name. Let's try it. Emma David, Sally Luca, Tracy Joe. Now, obviously, depending on where in the world you are, you may personally know Farm or Lucas than you do Emma's. You get the picture. What about these names Elvis share Clint, Alanis, Keifer, Charlie's all these and much more unusual, but I would be willing to bet that you could probably picture someone with those names some at least, if not all. Now. I happened upon this method quite by accident when I was in my teens that then I had trouble with Poles and Johns. I don't know why, but whenever I met someone named Paul or John, it was 50 50 on whether I would call them by their right name, even after I had known them for months. The only exception was my cousin Paul. So that's where I started. Whenever I met someone named Paul, I would instantly transport him in my mind to my cousin Paul's house and have him right there in the room talking to him. This works so well. I embarked on a campaign of all the John's and Paul's I already knew and surreptitiously solicited their names from other people. If needs me and deposited all my polls at my cousins, have I even dropped all my Paul is in there for good measure. That's a pretty crowded place now, now this off my Paul problem, but not my jump problem. I didn't know anyone named John well enough to be all the other Jong's Star Trek style to be with them, then he don't on me that the only John I was really quite familiar with was the American term for toilet or bathroom for those in the US So all my johns were immediately and irrevocably tele ported to the toilet. Not terribly ceremonious, but effective. Now, like most people, I have quite a few people. I know friends, family work, but is and this gave me a veritable treasure trove of hooks I could use whenever I met someone new. I just zoom them to the A place that I associate ID with my name alike. But what if I didn't already personally know someone with that name? Well, I just go to the movies or the charts. I looked for an immediate namesake in someone famous and tie them together that way. Then we get to the more unusual derivative names. Paulette, for example, also lives at my cousin's halves, but instead of interactive with all my other polls and Paul Er's she's separate from them loading a washing machine. Now this reminds me of Lawn Direct, and I can successfully reconstruct her name. From there, I get the stem Paul issues in my Paul Place but doing the washing gives me the at ending. In fact, all my ex do the washing wherever they happen to bay. Similarly, all my ekes drink champagne. Dominique's Vera leaks Anja leaks all set the finest champagne very elegantly from beautiful crystal flutes. Ik just sounds posh to me. All my l's are ringing bells and I bet you can guess why, Isabel Mirror, Bell Brielle. All my Ellis have umbrellas. Stella. Gabriella! Antonella. If I come across the name I've never heard before I look for sound alikes or break it down fanatically. Brielle at, for example, gives me cheese. Brie on umbrella. Enzo makes me think of Ferrari. Leif gets me to Leaf. See one associations you can create out of the following names. Ladies first. Jessica, Sarah, Emily, Rebecca, Emma on the boys Joshua Daniel, Matthew, James Thomas Do you already know someone with any of those names or buy a plane? Your imagination? Could you make an association hook that could get you back to them in a little while? I will share with you. Some of the self is that my friends have sent me so that you can practice on them. But next we're gonna have a look at surnames. I'll see you in the next lecture. 16. 3 - Sir Names: Okay, guys. And welcome back surnames. Now memorizing someone second name is not always necessary. If your friends introduce you to someone new when you're out, they probably won't say, Hey, I'd like you to meet Nathaniel. Talk win. Admin is the third. More likely you'll get. This is Nathaniel. Now, this is really useful, particularly in social situations. Generally, the English productions can come fast and furious, so take advantage of the brevity and transport them off to an appropriate place will create a hook you can use with your imagination. Now, in a business environment or more formal occasions, you will often be given a first onda, a last name and sometimes just the latter. In these situations, we often get a little more time with the people we've just met, perhaps in a meeting or a conference. We've already covered first names, but for surnames, we will need to get a little more creative. Chances are that you will know more Michelle's than you do people with the surname of Berryman. Of course, if you do happen to know someone named Berry Mint all the better, just transport your Michelle to your Michelle place and have your Behrman there with her. Now you may think that this could get confusing, but trust me, it won't providing you know your Mr or Mrs Behrman well enough. I once met a Paul Presley he swapping guitar tips with Elvis at my cousins Have on. I never mistakenly think Elvis is Paul. So if you don't already know someone with the same surname again, look for some instance, association that you can make. Does their names sound like something else? Or can you break it down frenetically into a mini Seen All you need is a trigger to get back to their name. Let's take Bowman is an example. Can you think of anything you can associate with that name? Me, I think of the TV Baker, Mary Berry. But when she speaks, she has a really deep man's voice. Now she would be at Michelle's desk, a lady I used to work with, taking cooking lessons from Mary Berry. She's very surprised at how manly Mary's voice is, and she's struggling. No toe laugh. OK, but what about Blankman? I have batmen for abatement. Hi, Laura. That's a friend of mine. Salt. I think of self McDowell now from McDonnell. I have a Big Mac skewered undoubtable ing. What about Sang era? I have a singing hero. We'll put all this together in the next lecture where I'll show you. A serious of self is of a bunch of my beautiful and handsome friends. But for now, let's have a practice at forming some associations on the second names and linking them to the first names. I'll give you the first name first and the second name Second with a few seconds between each pair. Okay, poll, Right. Nicole Emerson Rubin. Michael's Aisha could pool Luca Argento. Violet Heathcote. Okay, let's see how you did. I'm gonna give you those six again in a different order. Sometimes the first name, sometimes the last. And you fill in the blanks. Ready? What was the first name off our Gento Luca on poles? Second name. We had poll, right? And what about the lady named Heathcote? That was Violet Heathcote and Reuben was Ruben Michaels on What about Miss Emerson's first name? Nicole Emerson. On what was Isha's last name Cap All I shake a poor. Okay. How did you do next? I like you to meet some of my friends. I'll see you in the next lecture 17. 3 - Meet My Friends (Or, The Rogue's Gallery!): Okay, guys. And welcome back. Meet some of my friends or the rogue's gallery. Now, when you're Lincoln and name two face, be sure to use something permanent about the person. When I say permanence, I mean their personal features. Remember, Close could change or frequently will ask her their style of dress. Even something like hair color could change all. Be less frequently whenever possible. Go for the things that won't change. If they happen to look like Tom Cruise, use that. Chances are that if they instantly remind you of Tom Cruise the first time you meet, they probably will the next time, too. If they have extraordinarily large years used that. Just remember to never tell them that that's the first thing you noticed about them. Okay, we're going to begin with the picture off this lovely lady. Now, remember, concentrate on the permanent features this young's laid. His name is Emma Scrivens, and I'll give you a few seconds just to tie that name to the face. Okay. And next we have this gentleman, my friend John Ropa. Okay, Governor. And there we have the lovely Daniel Jones. And there we have one of my best friends Jed I, Joe Lung and now one of the coolest people I know. This is my friend Roland Campbell. And now another one of my good friends. This is the lovely class Saleh win. And now another cool dude, Clint Washington. And now a strikingly handsome fellow with the same haircut is me. This is Richard Leggett on this lovely lady is my sister off sorts. And she is Holly cart right on Another great friend of mine. This is Ashley. Stanford on this lovely lady here is another great friend of mine. And this is Emma Thorpe's. And finally, this Dodger looking character is my great friend Johnny to phone. Okay, let's run through those again backwards. I'll put the picture on the screen and you name the Perth's and boast their first and last names. So who's this guy? This is Johnny to phone on. This lovely lady is Emma phobes on this gentleman is Ashley Stanford on this lovely young lady Holly card. Right on the one with the same hair. Critters me, Richard Leggett's Mr Cool himself, Clint Washington on this young lady class Selwyn on the King of cool Rolling Campbell Andi , this man is Jed. I Joe Lung on this adorable young lady is my good friend Daniel Jones. On this rather distinguished looking gentleman is my good friend John Robot. And finally, this lovely young lady, the inimitable Emma Scrivens. Okay, how did you do? If you got all of them? That's amazing. Well done. If not, don't worry. There's plenty of opportunity to practice. If there were any of those that you struggled with, just go back over the lecture and think about the connections you made. If they're not sticking, you can apply your knees to make them more memorable. As with all things, practice makes perfect on. The more you apply these techniques, the faster and stronger your associations and your memory will be. If your job brings you into contact with lots of new people, that's a great chance to give your new skills a test run. Maybe meet a lot of people socially. If you don't, maybe this is a chance for you to kill two birds with one stone. Make new friends on develop your superpower memory. Okay, in the next lecture will take a look at how to tag on extra information about the people that we've just met. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture 18. 3 - There's Something (Else) About You: Okay, guys. And welcome back. There's something else about you, okay? People just love it when you remember their name. It shows that you cared enough in the first place. But what if you could also recall something else about them? Well, that's incredibly flattering. You've already seen the Rogue's gallery that sorry. I meant to say the self is of some of my lovely friends and each of kindly offered in interest in fact about themselves, not all of which were fit for public consumption. All you need to do to take this additional tidbit of information to them is pick out a keyword and drop it right in there with their scene with them Ready. Hager's Emma Scrivens, the lovely Emma has 18 1st cousins. 18 she says. They didn't have TV where she lives. Back then, John Roper John used to sing in a church choir. Now I've known John for 20 years, and even I didn't know that about him. Rolling Campbell represented the U. K on the British taekwondo squad. He's both cool Onda man not to argue with Clint Washington. A true romantic met his wife. That's 17 and six weeks later they were married on. They've just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and still going strong. Danielle Jones has never broken a bone in her body or anyone else's, for that matter. Ashley Stanford owns every single Terry Pratchett book. I guess you could call him a friend. Claire Selwyn has never missed an episode of N. C. I s Richard Leggett is a musician in his spare time, and I never knew that. And finally, Emma Forbes once met Ewan McGregor while he was filming a long way around and she was backpacking. He stopped for a chat and said that what she was doing was cool. Okay, so there you have it. I'll see you in the next lecture. 19. 4 - Introduction To The Numbers Section: Okay, guys. Um, welcome back. Introduction to the number section. Okay, so now we get to the really interesting stuff. I want to be clear with your front. You will need to invest a little time. Now if you're going to get the most out of this section, the techniques are simply enough. But you will need to do the work now and then you will have it for life, but we're going to start over gently. So there are several reasons that being able to memorize the number could be very useful. Maybe you want to memorize your pin, your national insurance number. Someone's birthday. Your anniversary? Well, the phone number of that really special guy or gal you just met as we learned earlier in the course, some numbers are instantly memorable. Either to everyone switches double 07 or two. Specifically, perhaps I have some bad for our birthday. For the rest, we're gonna need a system. As I said, we'll start out simply by learning a couple of methods, memorizing single digit numbers. You may have come across these before, perhaps even in junior school, but they are incredibly useful, and I still use them today. then we'll progress to memorize in longer numbers, incredibly long numbers. If the mood takes you on, I'll show you two systems. The first is developed by a gentleman named Stanley slaves mink on one side in the 17th century. Boy that stood the test of time called the major system. And then the newer system developed by a fellow Brit named Dominic O Brien a little more recently called the Dominic System. Okay, so that's the introduction. Let's crack on. 20. 4 - The Number Rhyme Method: Okay, guys. And welcome back the number rime method. Both of the single digits systems we will look at have been around for a long time, and you probably may even remember that from childhood. But just because some method works nicely for Children does not mean that it can't work equally as well for adults. In fact, whenever I begin a study of a new subjects and I have started a lot of stuff my go to places the Children sections in Waterstones, which is kind of the UK equivalent of Barnes and Noble adults tend to complicate things farm or than they should. It's a curious thing. I think the kids love land and they eat it up. It's fun that is right up until the point where adults teach them just out. Difficult learning is, and then the joy goes out of it. But I digress, so the number rime system is very, very simple. You pick a word that rhymes with a number and substitute that simple. It goes something like this. Zero hero one bun to shoe three tree full Dole sighs. Hive six sticks seven heaven eight gate Knowing wine 10 den So it's childish, as I said, but let's give it a try. Picture each of these scenes for about 10 seconds. How many under par is a birdie? Engulf one? Imagine playing golf, but you use a bung for a ball and you hit a bird. Just picture that for about 10 seconds. Okay. How many humans went into Noah's Ark? Eight. No. Imagine there is a gate eight and everyone on the Ark has to pass through it. Just picture that scene for a few seconds. Okay? Five is the atomic number of boron. Now imagine a boring person sitting on a beehive. Five. In tennis, how high is the net in feet three. Imagine a tennis net tied between two trees. Three on Finally, the opposite sides of a die Always add up to seven. Imagine rolling to die at the craps table and praying to heaven for a win. Okay, we'll do a quick test now and I'll see you after that. 21. 4 - The Number Shape Method: Okay, guys, um, welcome back. The number Shape method. Now, how did you do in the quest? I bet you aced it. If no, we have another simple system for single digit numbers coming up now. Now the shapes that suggests here of the ones I use. If you have a better idea, please just use that. Ready. Higos zero Football womb flagpole to swan. Three handcuffs, Full sail. Boat five hook six elephants Trunk, seven boomerang, eight snowmen. Nine. Balloon on a string. Okay, got them. Now let's put them to the test right now. Picture each of these scenes for about 10 seconds. How many moons does miles have to imagine the swan eating a Mars bar? How many long, stale belts did the boxer Henry Cooper win three. Imagine Henry Cooper boxing in handcuffs. How maney Gospels are there in the New Testament. Four. Imagine a gospel choir on a sailboat. How many stars on the flag of Australia? Six. Imagine elephants singing at the Sydney all. Perhaps because they're stars. How many humans have set foot on the moon in the last decade? Zero. Imagine the moon as a football. Okay. It's worth noting that neither of the two systems we've looked at so far is better than the other. I personally used both into change, Oblique. If I had to go to the police station at 3 p.m. The handcuffs from the number shape system would be a much more appropriate pneumonic than a tree. See what I mean? So if you have a favorite or you find one significantly easier to work with them, the other go with that. But have the other in reserve. Okay, One more quick quiz and then we're into the serious but fun stuff. I'll see you after that. 22. 4 - The Major System: Okay, guys on. Welcome back. The major system. Okay, now we come to the good stuff. I will show you the two most effective systems from memorizing long numbers. One is perfect for memorizing numbers on the fly. If you're out and about and the other is perfect. If you have a little more time to build your pneumonic scene will do that one first. The major system was developed by Stanley Slice Mink on Wednesday. I'm in the 17th century, so he's been around for a while. The major system is based on quite a simple premise. If you can convert numbers to letters and then convert those letters toe words, they're easier to recall. A toll drew simple. Now each of the numbers from zero through nine have a specific letter or, more accurately, a frenetic sound associated with them. And after that, you just used the veils or the letters W, h, y or X to fill in the blanks. You'll be glad to know that there is a built in way to memorize which numbers correspond to which letters and sounds which, if you read through it a couple of times, you can memorize in about 10 minutes. And trust me, it's 10 minutes well spent. Now you can get this table is downloadable resource in this lecture. But the full table looks like this so you can see down the side. We have the number zero through nine, and each of them has a constant sound. So zero is s Zedd or a soft C. So examples would be sue zoo an ace notice that we're filling in with vowels on the way to remember that is that zero starts with said and so on and so forth all the way down till we get to nine, which is P or B, which could be the words ape or be on DPI and nine. Both have a loop and a tail. Let's take a couple of simple worked examples. Let's say we wanted to remember that satin has 62 confirmed moons would take the letter sound for six the letter sound for two and see if we could make a word. But six equals J C H S H or soft G and two equals n. So we could say h six and no for two. That would give us Shin. But by dropping a vowel or two in there, we could create the word. Shine Valley is a word that we could easily use in a demonic seem to remember that satin has 62 moons not shine on it can see how that works. So let's look at another Imagine. You need to memorize the atomic number of plutonium 94 that would give us nine, which would be a B or A P and four, which is our now. That would give us quite a few options. We could a bear pair beer. Pia, Let's go with BIA, you can probably make a picture of plutonium, right? Me. I would use the Disney dog Pluto's, and you may associate plutonium with atomic bonds. So is there any scene that you could imagine using your knees that would involve a Disney dog, an atomic bomb on beer? That's probably another great combination, but I bet you wouldn't forget it. So that's all well and good. But what if you need to remember a three digit number? Well, you could continue with a major system and come up with the word that has all three letter sounds, but personally, I find that that can get a little too demanding for my small brain if I need to do it on the fly, but we'll come to that later. But there is an easy solution. Just tag on the last digit, using either the number shape or the number rime system. I'll show you what I mean pending on where in the world you are. This may not apply, so take it as an illustration In the UK, the emergency phone number is 999 In the States, it's 911 But in almost 90 other countries around the world, including most of the European Union, the emergency phone number is 112 So you're on holiday in the beautiful Dominican Republic . Actually, 911 works there, but we'll ignore that for a minute. Is in the major system. We would have D or T twice and an end so we could reach, tighten or audition, but neither extremely useful for memorizing which number to call in an emergency. Right? So But if we took 11 and applied the major system, we could get to the word dead. And if we turned on a swan, the number shame for two, we could probably come up with the seen much more easily. But what about four digit numbers and beyond? Well, we just keep going. Let's say we wanted to remember that the address for the White House for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue we could break that down into 16 and double zero 16 could give us D. J. And that's quite easy to picture. And 00 could give a sissy. Remember, it's fanatic, not based on how the world spelt or suis or Seuss or even S O. S. Could you imagine a deejay signal in S. O. S on the White House lawn? Quite possibly. Now I must admit that this was the very first system I learned for memorizing numbers. So it remains with me firmly. But when it came to use it, I sometimes find it quite difficult to come up with words or released meaningful ways they could utilise on the fly. That said, that was the latest on the world has moved on a little since then. No, we have the Internet. If you do struggle, there is an excellent website, probably more than one that you can use. Just type in the number and hey, presto out Pop your words. So this is immensely helpful. If you have a little time to sit down and play with it, you will need to memorize the table, which you could do in five minutes, to be honest, but the website takes all the heavy lifting out. If you don't need to memorize on the spot, there's a link in the download brawl. Show it to you in the next lecture. I'll see you that. 23. 4 - Let The Internet Do All The Hard Work!: Okay, guys. And welcome back. Let the Internet dual the hard work. Okay, now, this is my preferred website, which is perfect if you have a little time to come up with good images for your pneumonic scenes. It is a C t p colon slash last major die assist system dot info slash e and slash. Now there's a link to this in the download, so you don't need to struggle to write that down now. So let's take a look at it now, and I'll give you a quick risk through the basic things. I'll show you something really useful. So this is the website. So in here we could we could have a number. We can type in a number, just say 25 hit show words and all the words that fit within the major system. 25 to bean N five bean L will be displayed along the top here. So if you're struggling to instantly come up with the word for 25 using N on D l. These are all the words that actually fit, so that's fairly self explanatory. So you could you could use that or let's certain let's Rodman sake say we we want to type a word in. If we talked Michael, we could see that Michael translates to 365 so you can convert words two numbers so you can do it the other way around. So have a play around or that it's It's fairly intuitive, but here's my favorite, but this bit the numerical sequence toe words. So let's think of a big historical thing. Okay? DNA mapping was was invented in 1984 by Alec Jeffries, just up the road from me in the University of Leicester. So if we said 1984 in here, the numerical sequence toe wears it was said, split length of 21 that's gonna do is give us all the words for 19 and all the words for 84 . So they go. We can split it any way we could split it. 111 Let's just show you that show words. So then you could perhaps come up with sentence that would lead you back to the creation of DNA mapping. Let's go for two and see if we can find anything anything useful in there. So let's have a look. What have we got down here. We've got dubbed We got tab. We must have. We must have done dab. Must be any that then let's have a look dubbed the latest Dub Dub. OK, so dab they do a swab when you have when you have a DNA test, so DAB is good. Is rain filling 84? That could be they go viewer Dub viewer. That's a fairly good pneumonic to memorize that day and a map in was created in 1984. They go dub viewer. Let's think of another thing. Titanic. Titanic sank in 1912 didn't it? If he said 1912 and hit show words, what have we got? We got deep on the Titanic sank so that might be a good word to have their someone else do we have Down here we have deep onda We have deep down detect where we sit down deep down so they go 1912 translates in the major system to deep down on I'm sure you can find a way to memorize that that the Titanic sank in 1912 by using the words deep down. Anyway, this has another particularly useful purpose and we're gonna come to that in the next, like jet. OK, I'll see you then. 24. 4 - Memorising Dates With The Major System: Okay, guys. And welcome back memorizing dates with the major system now. Usually you don't have to memorize birthdays and anniversaries on the spot, so this is a really useful tool for that. Let's take a look. Okay, so here we are, back in the major system database. So let's have a play around this numerical sequence for words at my best friend from childhood, in fact, that some let's yeah, let's let's have a go with the numbers My best friend from your childhood, Lloyd. His birthday's on 27th of January. So I put in a one. Which words would we get using the major system where we can see here that we've got a boat load to choose from? Ideally, what I'm looking for is a name. They go Shar day, a very famous British blue singer. Shar day I love so I could use Shar day for all of my January birthdays and anniversaries, and he was on the 27th so one else if we got on here. Nike. Now, my friend Lloyd is a really keen runner. So if I have my friend Lloyd and I have Shar Day, a Nike in the scene I will never forget the His birthday is on January chard. A Nike the 27th. So let's have a look Who else could get? Let's set me mom. My mom was born on the 22nd off December So December. What can we get for December? We have Donna. I don't know anybody named Donna. We have tiny we have tiny on my mom's Only little s o Let's set. Let's stick with Tiny for December. This is just for my mom to say There are lots of names in here, So if you can pick a name that's insulin instantly memorable for you, that would be a perfect key to a month. So 22nd what do we have? Uh nah, me time. Minnelli on my nanny was indeed nanny to where? To my nieces and nephew. So Tiny Nanny gives me December 22nd and that's my mom's birthday. In a few hours of playing with this, you could memorize the birthdays and anniversaries of all of your friends and family. Just get a list and away you go and you will never forget one again. So next will take a look at the other super powerful system for memorizing numbers. The Dominic system. I'll see you in the next lecture 25. 4 - The D.O.M.I.N.I.C. System: Okay, guys. And welcome back. The Dominic System and the Dominic system was developed by a fellow Brit, Dominic O Brien, on, like, the major system and also relies on converting numbers to something more memorable. But this time, ultimately, people. Now, in my view, this was a stroke of genius by Mr O Brien as people and much easier to remember, we have no trouble at all making a picture of a person. As with the major system, each number is converted to a letter that the Dominic system has a much simpler logical released, I think so. Those letters then become the initials of someone memorable. And that's how you get to the person. Dominic O Brien also went one step further. Each person will have a unique action or prop associated with them, making it easy to stack multiple pairs of numbers, making memorize longer numbers much simpler. So I'll show you what I mean in a second. But first here is the number toe letter key. And as you can see, it's very simple. A B C D e a numbers one through 56 is s because it's a strong s word. Seven and eight G and H. Just like in alphabet nine is a strong n word and zero is Oh, so they go. It's that simple to memorize a B C D e s g h n onda. So if you know your alphabet, then you're already 80% of the way there. See, I told you it was easy. The one thing to nose here is that if you can make an instant association between a number on a person, go with that over the system. So 07 may well mean you need to find someone with the initials O and G, But you probably think of James Bond first. So use that now. Similarly, people of a certain age will possibly remember the movie 10 with Dudley Moore and Bo Derek . So for 10 I would go with Dudley Moore Qusai instantly associating with the movie I still keep Bo. Derek is 24 though I have an entirely separate action for Bo Derek. Now, all of the numbers in the Dominic system are double digit numbers. So 66 would give us S s on. There are a few famous people with those initials with Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone Steven Spielberg. I'm gonna go with Sharon Stone. So you may recall me saying that each person has a unique action or prop associated with them. Will My unique action for Sharon Stone is that famous crossing the legs, Seen from Basic Instinct. Stay with me here. So the Battle of Hastings was in 10. 66 to remember that using the Dominic system, I have an image that reminds me of the Battle of Hastings, D. C. I, Hastings from line of duty in battle. And in that scene I have Dudley Mawr 10 crossing his legs provocatively. The action for the lovely Sharon Stone. So Dude, crossing his legs is 10 and 66 therefore I can get back to 10 66 see how easy that is. So if I need to remember 66 10 I would have Sharon Stone playing the piano as Dudley Moore was a virtuoso pianist, and that's the action I have for him. I warn you that this system requires you to do the work up front. You will need to map all 100 pairs of digits from 00 to 99 with corresponding unique action or props now this could take a while to do, but the investment is worth it. As once it's done, it's always with you. As always, there is a downloadable resource with suggestions for famous people you can use with this course. But as I mentioned earlier, if you have an instant link between the number on a person, use that first in the download. That will also be a link to a website that will give you a bunch of other suggestions for people. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 26. 4 - Talking Telephone Numbers: Okay, guys. And welcome back talking telephone numbers. Now we're going to expand on the Dominic system and I'll show you how can you can utilize it to memorize even longer numbers by stacking. We're going to take a phone number of a very well known organization on one. I hope you never have occasion to call Interpol into pulse phone number. ISS plus 33 47 24 47. Double +00 Let's put that into a table civilly. Looks like. Okay, this is what it is. No, the memorizing and 11 digit number may seem daunting at first blush, by stacking that is, combining one person's action with another persons person. We actually only need three stages toe our journey. 33 equal Sisi, who could be Charlie Chaplin, Charlie's Action or Prop is swinging his walking cane, but today he's not going to be doing that. Otherwise, we'd have 33 33. 47 equals DG equals Danny Glover on I Use that famous scene from Lethal Weapon two, where he faces off with Joss. Ackland just claims diplomatic immunity, and Danny stretches his neck and say's has just been revoked. So when Charlie Chaplin, 33 stretches his neck and say's It's just been revoked. 47. We have the person 33 on the action of 47 1 scene four digits. Next, we have 24 47 24 equals B D equals Bob Dylan, and he's normally playing a harmonica on a brace. But today, his stretching his neck and saying, You guessed it has just been revoked. That scene to know we have eight digits in the bag. Finally, we have Ozzie Osborne with a football or a hero, depending on where the use the number, shape or number. Rime system. So that gives us seen one. Charlie Chaplin, 33. Danny Glover's Action 47. Seen to Bob Dylan, 24. Danny Glover's Action 47. Seen three. Ozzie Osborne 00 playing with a football zero. So 33 47 24 47 000 is into pulse phone number. I'll see you in the next lecture 27. 4 - Easy As Pi(e): Okay, guys. And welcome back. Easy as pie. Now pies that infinite number that goes on and on and ob to infinity. It's often used to test to see how good your memory is. No, most people can goes far as 3.14 but we're going to go to 12 decimal places. So here's what that looks like. Three point 141592653589 Are you ready? Okay, as we have three pairs of two digits, will need three scenes in your journey. You may want a handcuff three yourself to a pie at this start of it. So seen 1 14 a. D. Allen Davis of Jonathan Creek Fame. 15. A E. Albert Einstein writing on a blackboard So Alan Davis, writing on a blackboard, gives us 1415 Next scene, too. 92 equals and be Norman Bates of Psycho Fame and 65 Sam Elliott wearing a cowboy Stetson So Norman Bates, wearing a cowboy Stetson, gives us 9 to 65 Seen 3 35 c. E. Clint Eastwood on 89 h. En Horatio Nelson Looking through a telescope So Clint Eastwood, looking through a telescope is 35 89. So putting all that together, we have Allen Davis writing on a blackboard, Norman Bates wearing a Stetson and Clint Eastwood looking through a telescope. 141592653589 And that's the 1st 12 digits off pie. Okay, you can, of course, use the major system if you find that easier. But either way, you need never be put off by memorizing lung numbers again. It's as easy as pie. I'll see you in the next lecture. 28. 5 - The Titans: guys, I'm welcome back. Greek mythology, the Titans. Now I'm always impressed by people who know a little bit about ancient mythology. To me, just speaks of a first class education, even just knowing who is the god of what is plenty enough to get you started. So if you don't know your mask from Uranus and choose that, say you pronounce that, then this is the section for you as we soar in the faces section. Once you have one thing firmly anchored in your memory, you can utilize that tow hook other pieces of related information onto if you need to, deep in your knowledge. To that end, there are a few bonus deep in your knowledge lectures just to add a few extra extra interest in facts. If that's not your thing, feel free to skip them. Okay, so in this section, we will cover. The Big 12. Date is of ancient mythology, starting with the Greeks, the Titans and the Olympians, and finishing with the Romans as a point of mythological history. The Greek golds were around before the Romans, so when things get confusing, no, in the Greek and the Roman gods for war, we'll know, and that's because we gonna store them in completely different places in your memory palace . You wouldn't confuse your own kitchen with your aunt. Mabel's garden would shift course now. So for the Greeks, you will need to roots one for the Titans on one. For the rock stars of Greek mythology, the Olympians you need to separate routes is you wouldn't want the Titans and the Olympians mixing with each other. There's enough of that going on as you'll soon see Sophia First Route. The one for the Titans featured the Titanic somewhere at the beginning. That way you'll always remember that these are the Titans as these. The Greeks pick a place that you would instantly associate with Greece if you visit to the country and conform a familiar route with 12 stops. Fantastic. If you know someone who's Greek, could you use a route around their house? Or do you have a favorite Greek restaurant? Whatever you choose is fine, as long as you have 12 distinct points along your journey. If you haven't do that now, when you're ready, come back and let's get started. Now remember, if I'm going too fast, you can always pause the lecture. Okay. Cronus, King of the Titans and God of Time now incorporate Compass into this image. Ria, Queen of the Titans. A mother of the gods and goddess of female fertility Hyperion, God of light, thier goddess of site KIIS, god of intellect and intelligence. And again incorporate Compass into this image. Phoebe, Goddess of prophecy. Oh, she Arness, Gun of the seas and rivers Testes, goddess of fresh water and nursing, creates God of heavenly constellations. And again, at a compass into this image. My appetite s God of craftsmanship. Immortality on again at a compass to this image. Nem, assign the goddess of memory, Semi's goddess of divine law, Order and justice. Okay, got them. Let's do a quick review. Who is the King of the Titans and God of Time? Cronus on the queen of the Titans, Mother of the gods and goddess of female fertility. Ria on what was Hyperion? The God off the God of light On the gun s of site CIA and KIIS was the god off in selecting intelligence on the goddess of prophecy was Phoebe. Oh, she illness was the god off seas and rivers on the goddess of fresh water and nursing testes. God of heavenly constellations creates and I apparatus was the goal of craftsmanship. Immortality. Nem assigned was the goddess of memory on the goddess of divine law, order and justice. Waas Themis Okay, How did you do? If he struggled with any, perhaps she could still some of Mina Monix. Here's how I remember them. Cronus, being the king is wearing a crown. You also looks at his watch a lot as he's the god of time. Rhea. I think of Rhianna dressed as the queen and she has a huge bumper. She's pregnant, both mother and fertility. Hyperion. I have a torch light powered by Hyperion Batteries, FIA. I have fear from the TV show Arrow looking through a pair of binoculars. Site KIIS. I have Einstein intellect with a set of keys. Phoebe Phoebe from the TV show Friends dressed as a fortune teller prophecy. Oh, she Alanis Ocean reminds me of the ocean, and he's the God of the seas. Testis. I have a nurse nursing with huge teeth. Tether to a tap running water creates. I have my friend Chris line on top of a Prius, looking at the stars constellations I appetites. I have a yapping pet with half moon glasses chiseling a tombstone. Both craftsmanship on mortality Never sign. This is where we hit the term demonic from meaning memory technique and Sam Iss. I imagine people throwing things at scales law, but they miss premise a gay were help. Whatever happened to the Titans? All of the Titan Children had the same parents. Uranus or Uranus, The devotee and Gaia Mother Earth. Now, the times came to be gods. As Cronus hatched a plot to depose his father. He and his three brothers or three of his brother sneakily hidden at the four corners of the earth doesn't remind you of a compass. Now, when Uranus Dan came down to visit Mother Earth ambushed him on Cronus castrated his father , thereby seizing power and becoming king himself. Can you guess who the other three brothers were? Four corners of the Earth compass. It was Cronus Key s creates and I appetites all the images with compass. OK, but Mother Earth one Cronus that the same thing had happened to him that his Children would deposing if he wasn't careful. He thought that he had a way around that. But we'll come to that in the next lecture. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 29. 5 - The Titans: Deepen Your Knowledge: Okay, guys. And welcome back, the titans. Deepen your knowledge. This is a really short section, but it's designed to add an interest in fact, toe what you just learned. It's completely optional. But if you find yourself craving even mawr, you can find a bunch of interesting facts about these gods in the downloadable resource is ready. Hagos. Cronus, this is a long one. But bear with me. He overthrew his parents, who warned him that his kids would do the same to him. So he ate almost all of his Children as they were born. There were more also there. Okay. So Zeus didn't get eaten. Ria his wife swap Zeus out at birth with the rock wrapped in blankets. And Kronos. Eight that. So just pick out a few images and make a picture of that. Okay. Really? A moon of satin is named after her. Hyperion had three Children who were the gods of the dawn. The sun and the moon. CIA. Her name means Goddess kiis. His name means questioning or queer e Phoebe. A moon of Saturn is named after her. Oh, she honest had 3000 sons and 3000 daughters. Busy man Texas. A moon of satin is named after her creates his wife was hysteria the goddess of fall in stars. You'll remember. He's the god of constellations. I apparatus a moon of satin is also named after him. Never signed. She was the mother of the nine muses. Zeus was the father. Feminists, she instructed mortals in the laws of justice and morality. Okay, then let's do a quick review. Which God ate all of his Children except one Cronus. What was the interest? In fact, about Rhea? One of Saturn's moons is named after her on what was the interest in fact, about a high period. His three Children with the goddess of dawn, the sun and the moon. And what does Thea's name mean? Her name is Goddess on what? This key s his name mean questioning or queer? E The interest, in fact, about Phoebe. A moon of Saturn is named after her and who had 3000 suns on 3000 daughters? Oh, she on this and tetanus A moon of Saturn is named after her on whose wife was hysteria? The goddess of falling stars creates God of constellations on the interesting fact about Iapetus a moon of Saturn is named after him. I'm almost there. Who was the mother of the nine? Muses Never sign on the last one who instructed mortals in the laws of justice and morality . Feminists on There you go. OK, guys, Well done. I'll see you in the next lecture. 30. 5 - The Olympians: Okay, guys. And welcome back the Olympians. Okay, so we come to the rock stars of Greek mythology, the Olympians again. We'll look at the big 12 so you'll need another Greek root with 12 stops. Make sure you have something in there that will tell you that these are the Olympians. May I use the Olympic rings? But whatever you use is fine. If it works for you, remember, Pause election if I'm going too fast. Ready, then let's go. Zeus, King of the gods and God of the sky. Hearer Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage. Poseidon, God of the Seas de meter, goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature and generally anything to do with growing Athena, goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Apollo, God of light, Our timis goddess of Hunting Aires, God of war. Aphrodite e goddess of love. He feast this God of fire. Hermes! God of communication. Diane Isis, God of wine and celebration. Want a guy? Okay, Have you got those? Let's do a quick review. Who wants King of the Gods and God of the Sky? Zeus and Queen of the Gods and goddess of Marriage hero and the God of the seas. Poseidon, on the goddess of fertility. Agriculture. Generally anything to do with growing. De Mita, goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Well, that was Athena on the God of Light, Apollo on the goddess of hunting. That was our timis on the God of war. Well, that's Airy's. On the goddess of love is Aphrodite E and the God of Fire. That's he feast this on the God of communication. Waas, Hermes and finally, Diane Isis. What was he either got off wine and celebration. How did you do? Remember if he struggled with any? Just go back and check your scene and use your knees for the sake of completeness. Here's how I remember them being Zeus, king of the gods and God of the sky. I have a zoo in the sky for here at the Queen of the Gods and goddess of marriage. I have a giant ear getting married. Poseidon, God of the Seas. I have the movie The Poseidon Adventure, The original with Ernest Borgnine de Meter, goddess of fertility. I have Demi Moore eating tractors, agriculture. Athena, goddess of wisdom. I have a card. I have the card shop Athena filled with owls. Wisdom on for Apollo, the God of Light. I have Apollo Creed from Rocky shining a torch. And Artemis is the goddess of hunting. I have Art Garfunkel hunting and areas the god of war. I have the hair re bikers at war with each other. There are a couple of chefs on UK TV. Aphrodite, a goddess civil. If I have a Corinne Bailey Rae because she is an Afro and I love her, he feast this God of fire. I have a feast. Ice cream are melting in a fire. And Hermes Govert Communication. I have a Hermes delivery van covered in satellite dishes on radio antenna communicator Diane Isis at the God of Wine and celebration. Absolutely. Dion party. And and I think that's the end. Okay, guys. Well done. Next, we have a purely optional lecture. The Olympians, deep in your knowledge. Okay. I'll see you in the next lecture. 31. 5 - The Olympians: Deepen Your Knowledge: Okay, guys. And welcome back the Olympians deep in your knowledge, right? Another bonus lecture if you want to tag on an interest, in fact or two to your Olympian knowledge. Zeus. A bit of a womanizer. He had many lovers. Juice hearer. Both wife Andi, sister of Zeus on a very jealous lady. Because of all this philandering Poseidon, another bad tempered man seems to go with God's of the seas. De Mita, normally pictured carrying a torch which he used to search for her daughter. Persephone E. Athena didn't have a mother. She sprang from Zeus is head. Apollo was the twin brother of Artemus, and he killed the Cyclops. Artem is obviously the twin sister of Apollo on the temple of Artemis. Is is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Airy's was the father of the Amazons. Aphrodite. Easy was allegedly the model for the Venus de Millo. Hey, feast us. Built the palaces that all the gods lived in. Hermes is normally depicted wearing a winged hat and winged feet. And finally, Diane Isis had a staff that turned rock toe water from water. Tow wine. What a guy. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 32. 5 - The Romans: Okay, guys on. Welcome back, the Romans. So you now have the Greek gods and goddesses down. Time to move on to the Romans. Now again, Your need a 12 point roots. And is these are the Romans. You wanna have something Rome ish at this start? Maybe a gladiator for the Coliseum. Remember, Paul's will actually find going too fast. Let's go. Jupiter, King of the gods and God of the sky. Do you know Queen of the Gods and goddess of Marriage? Neptune, God of the Seas. Siri's goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Me never goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Apollo, God of the sun. Diana, goddess of hunting Mars, God of war. Venus, goddess of love Vulcan, God of Fire Mercury, God of shopkeepers and commerce. Bacchus, God of wine and celebration. Okay, got those. Now let's do a quick review. King of the gods and God of the Sky. Who is that? Jupiter and Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage. That was Juno, God of the seas that was Neptune, goddess of the harvest on agriculture, Sary's and goddess of wisdom and knowledge. That was Minova, God of the sun. That was Apollo and the goddess of hunting. That was Diana on the God of War. Naz on the goddess of love, Venus and the God of Fire Vulcan on the god of shopkeepers and commerce Mercuri and finally , Backus. What was Bacchus, the God off? He was the god of wine and celebration. Okay, How did you do? Remember if you struggled with them and just go back and check your scene for the sake of completeness here. So I remember them. Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest king of the planets. Juno. Juno was T Carrera's character name in true lies. The rest. You don't need to know. Neptune. There's a fishing chip shot where I I know, called Neptune on the seas washing out of it sarees. I have cereal. That simple Minerva have a very clever Minnie Mouse reading books. Apollo, I have Apollo Creed again. Four. Diana, I have Princess Diana with a bow and arrow, which gives me hunting Mars. I have a battle with both sides Threw in Mars bars at each other. Venus, I have the BOTTICELLI painting the birth of Venus Vulcan. I have Mr Spark from Star Trek with his ears on fire. Got a fire. Mercury. I have Freddie Mercury running a market store on Bacchus. I have a very drunk B A Baracus. Mr T. Okay, guys. Well done. Next, we'll have a purely optional lecture. The Romans, deep in your knowledge, I'll see you in the next lecture. 33. 5 - The Romans: Deepen Your Knowledge: Okay, guys on Welcome back, the Romans, Deep in your knowledge, right? It's time to add an interest, in fact, or two to your already impressive classical education. You can use the 12 point route you just use. Just find a way to tank what you're about to learn to. The scenes you just created. Remember, Paused, electrifying, going too fast. Ready? Then let's do this. Jupiter also overthrew his father and eighties babies. Sound familiar? Juno. She was the protector of Roman women, particularly married ones. Neptune also renounce being a bad tempered man. It must be a god of the sea thing. Saris As Goddess of the Harvest, Siri's is the origin of the word cereal. Minerva, born of Jupiter's head. Does that sound familiar? Apollo drove a chariot pulled by fiery horses. Diana. She could talk to the animals, just like Dr Doolittle Mars. Mars was the father of Rome, Eolas and remiss Venus, born of the foam of the sea, as in the paint in the birth of Venus Vulcan Vulcanology is a study of volcanoes you'll remember. Vulcan is the God of fire. Mercury is the origin of the word merchant. You remember mercury is the god of commerce and shop keeping. And finally, Bacchus, his mother, similarly was mortal. Okay, guys, and well done. I think that just about wraps up this section on mythology. Be sure to impress your friends with your amazing knowledge of the Titans, the Olympians and now the Romans. Okay, I'll see you in the next section. 34. 6 - The American State Capitals: Okay, guys. And welcome back the American State capitals Now. I mentioned earlier that I keep all my American state capitals in the bar from cheers. So unless you have an overwhelming desire to memorize these in a specific order, there's no need to use a journey. You may want to read the group them all together in one locations. I did, or you could just link off the name and have them anywhere. It's entirely up to you. I'm mindful that there are 50 to memorize here, so I don't want to give you a lecture that is two hours long, so we'll just concentrate on the 1st 10 A full list is available as a downloadable resource so you can pick up the other 40 at your leisure. Now again, we're going to use our knees and create a link from one thing to another. Simple, possibly the easiest to commit to memories. The state of Mississippi. Whose capital is Jackson? Okay, we're going to do 11 and not 10. Now. I'm sure you can come up with an image for the Mississippi, perhaps the river or one of those old steamboats. Personally, I use the river and Jackson. Who else? Other than the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson? I just have Michael Jackson moonwalking across the Mississippi. This is all so cheesy stuff when you know how. Right? Okay, so here the 1st 10 in alphabetical order. Alabama, Montgomery, Alaska. Do you know Arizona? Phoenix, Arkansas, Little Rock, California Sacramento, Colorado, Denver, Connecticut's Hartford, Delaware. Dover, Florida Tallahassee, Georgia Atlanta Okay, got them for completeness. Here's how I remember them. Alabama Montgomery. I have my friend Monty playing a banjo on his knee, like in the song Alaska Juneau. I have an Alaskan malamute, a really big dog pulling my old friend June around the bar. That's the Chairs bar, Remember, they're for Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona. This may not work for you, but I'm a huge and I mean huge fan of Elvis Presley. And in the song Little Egypt, he sings. She had a picture of a cowboy tattooed on a spine, said Phoenix, Arizona, 1949. Arkansas Little Rock. I have an Ark. Noah's style filled with little rocks. California, Sacramento. I have a surfboard, which I associate with California, but each surfer also has a sack of potatoes on their with them Sakho. Taito gets me to Sacramento, Colorado, Denver. This is for the older people. I have Mork from Mork and Mindy, which was set in Boulder, Colorado, talking to John Denver, now Connecticut Hartford. I have Jonathan Hart, Robert Wagner from Heart Art and Harrison Ford. That's where I get my heart. Ford playing Connect. Four. Delaware Dover. I have Tupperware plastic containers big in the UK in the seventies and eighties, dropping off the white cliffs of Dover. There are small version being in the chairs bar and all Florida Tallahassee. I have Mickey MEPs, Disneyland Florida Sing in Tallahassee, Lassie, another old Freddy Cannon Rock and Roll classic. And finally, Georgia Atlanta. I have the late, great Rachel's. He sang Georgia wearing a hat with dear antlerless hat. Antler gets me to Atlanta. Okay, so you see how easy that Waas they will take a look at some of the European capitals. I'll see you in the next lecture 35. 6 - European Capitals: Okay, guys, And welcome back the European capitals. There's a whole wide world of countries and capitals you can practice on, but for now we'll stick with Europe again. There are quite a few, so we'll just do 10. But this time in reverse alphabetical order. Now, at the end of the lecture, I'll tell you how to remember them. But these are just pneumonic AIDS, and no offense is meant to the citizens of those countries. Okay, it's just how I remember them. As always, you can find a complete list is a downloadable resource, but let's get you started right away. Vatican City Vatican City United Kingdom, London Ukraine Kiev, Turkey Ankara, Switzerland Bern, Sweden Stock home be at Spain. Madrid, Slovenia Lubljana, Slovakia Bratislava and finally Serbia. Belgrade. Okay, have you got them all? If so, feel free to move on to the quiz. But if you struggled with any, here's how I remember them. Vatican CITY Vatican City I imagine entering the Vatican to find a slightly smaller Vatican inside. I entered that Vatican, and there's an even smaller Vatican inside that one. You get the picture now. United Kingdom London. Okay, I'm British, so I don't need a demonic for this. Ukraine Kiev I have phrase a crane from the TV show Fraser Eating Chicken. Kiev's turkey Ankara I have a Christmas turkey anchored to a table. Switzerland! Bern I have a very posh bank, which I associate with Switzerland on fire, and anyone who goes near it gets burned. Sweden Stockholm Have Eureka Johnson from Sweden in the stocks home. SPAIN Madrid I have Spanish Armada off the coast of France, but Sir Francis straight gets mad when he sees them coming and rids them away. Madrid, Slovenia Lubljana. I have a slow van Slovenia, driven by my friend Anna. It's a yellow three wheeler, like the one in only fools and horses and Del Boy Trotter is saying, That's lovely. Anna Lubljana, Slovakia Bratislava. I have a slow vacuum being operated by one of the brats in a balaclava. Okay, and finally Serbia Belgrade. I have a servant ringing a bell on being graded on. Doing so right. There's a fully sheikhoun download if you want to do all of them. But until then, I'll see you in the next lecture 36. 7 - Introduction To The Languages Section: Okay, guys. And welcome back introduction to the language section. So learning a foreign language is tough, right? It can take a lifetime to master. Now, if we're talking about having complete command of all the intricacies and new insists of a foreign tongue, that may be true. But by that school, I can't even speak English yet. But I seem to get by on that, I think, is one of the reasons that many adults have put off trying to learn a second language. Now I say second deliberately because once you've got number two under your belt, number three isn't so daunting. A number four easiest still years ago had a debate with the lady had been study in Spanish for five years. She said that in order to be understood, you must understand grammatical structure on be able to use it. And she spent most of her time learning that before she began memorized in any words. Now I agree the grammar is important to speak well, but it kind of takes the fun out of it. Who wants to study for a year before they actually learn to say anything? They want to Well, those with more patients than me. That should probably be more patients than I. Now I think you can get off to a flying start by acquiring a bunch of useful words off front. At least you will have the basics of communication. It may not be pretty, but you'll be understood now. I live near Birmingham in the UK, and a lot of tourists from all over the world visit to shop in the bullring. Now, if someone approach me said Toilet, where I would understand and direct them, I wouldn't say, Hey, buddy, you know, that was a poorly form sentence, donu. So in this section, we're gonna learn about 10 words in multiple languages. Now, you may be thinking that that will get confused him, but we will store them in completely different places. So for each language picker place, you associate with that language and store your pictures there. Let's begin with French. I'll see you in the next lecture 37. 7 - French Vocabulary: Okay, guys. And welcome back French. Okay, so French is of romance language. That doesn't mean it's romantic, though it does sound beautiful. Mark Pootie, Siri at my little mess. Even that sounds great in French. It means it's derived from the language spoken by the Romans. Now that's a very interesting thing to know. And I'll tell you why. Quite a few European languages are considered romance languages. And that's interesting because once you learn one, you'll find that you accidentally acquired quite a bit of another, even if it means a slight change in pronunciation. Now you'll see that as we go through, what's even more useful, at least for English speakers is that an awful lot of English is derived from the romance languages, too, which can make somewheres easy to remember naturally. Okay, so let's do this knife cu toe folk for shit. Spoon cool. Yeah, plate us yet bowl. No cook cuss glass There. Bottle boo tay Source. Spin casserole, Kettle bull you are did you mange to create some weird on wonderful scenes out of those as always, if you struggled with any, review your scene and see if there's anything you can make stronger using your knees knees . Here's and I remember them before Knife puto I have putting off your toe with a knife is little graphic, but it works. Fork for shed. I have four sheds made of folks. Spoon could. Yeah, getting a cool ear. Cool year out of a freezer with a spoon. A little strange, but it works. Plate us yet throwing. Place it assets, but you haven't hit one yet. Us yet. Bowl bowl. I have a bowl filled with little Eiffel Towers Now, because the word is very similar. I just associate something French with the word French being Eiffel Towers to me. Okay, Cup task. I have a cup with tassels on the handle on glass. There, I have very expensive and delicate crystal glass buckle Beutel. Yet I have a bottle standing in a boot packed with high boo tay. Source. Been casserole cooking a casserole in a soul spin. And finally, kettle bull, you are saying to a cattle boil You are boil, you are bull. You are okay. Next, we'll take a look at another romance language Italian. We're going to do exactly the same words. Just be sure that you store them in a completely different location. Something Italian. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 38. 7 - Italian Vocabulary: Okay, guys. And welcome back again. Italian. Okay, so we've got a few French words. Let's get straight into this with Italian. Remember, make sure you choose a location that will instantly remind you of Italy. Okay, Hagos knife could tell No folk for Quetta. Spoon cookie ale plate Pierre toe bold Cartola cope. That's a glass Beaky era buckle. Bhatia Source. Men Casserole Ola Cattle Bob Auditory Okay. Did you manage to create some weird and wonderful scenes out of those? As always, if you struggled with any, review your scene and see if there's anything you can make stronger using your knees. OK, here's how I remember them. Knife Otello calling. Tell us with a knife cold Tell cool. Tell no folk. Forget a fork being used by Etta James for Quetta for Quetta Spoon Cookie Ale. The Seven Dwarfs using spoons to eat cookies. Heigh ho cookie Io Cook Yale Spoon Plate Piatt I have peering at a toe on a plate. Pierre Teau P Atal. Okay, Bull Chuck Tola Listening to the charts in a bowl ola chance in a bowl Ola Chart Allah Chuck Taylor Coop catsup on old tatty cup cat That's a glass be hairy. I have a glass full of biscuits. Biggie and hair Biggie Air Bkl Bottle Bhatia sitting on your body with a bottle. So spin casserole cooking a casserole in a pattern. And finally, kettle Molitoris, a kettle boiling. Tory's well done. Next, we're going to take a look at yet another romance language. Spanish. We're going to do exactly the same ways again. And just to be sure that you stole them in a completely different location. Something Spanish E. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 39. 7 - Spanish Vocabulary: Okay, guys. And welcome back Spanish vocabulary. Okay, so you've got a few French words and Italian words. Let's get straight into this with Spanish. Remember, Make sure you choose a location that will instantly remind you off Spain. Okay. Hey, goes knife Curcio Folk telling door spoon. Cruchaga plate, Plateau bowl. Quinn, Go cook Tessa Glass Vassal Vogtle. But tell yah Source. Spin casserole. Kettle. Tell her. Okay. Did you manage to create some weird and wonderful scenes out Those as always, If you struggled with any review your scene and see if there's anything you can make stronger using your knees. Here's how I remember them. Knife. Correggio. A depressed, low Anton culture. I use Anton Kercher. Quite a lot. Fork 10 A door. I have throwing fox at tempo notes. Tenors on a door. 10. Adore spoon. Cucchiara. I have Anton Kercher again playing spoons in a rah rah skirt. I have Roscoe. It's quite a lot to plate. Plateau. I have a plat on a round plate which gives me plat platter Bowl Cuenca. I have Koo Stark sitting in a bowl winking coup wink Kolinko cup Kasse. I have a cup with tassels on the handle again. Glass Vasa I have a glass filled with Vasso Lean Bottle Bhatia. I have Ella Fitzgerald, which is how it's spelled with a bottle. But tell you source. Been casserole a again. Cooking casseroles in a pen. I'm finally kettle tele, a stuttering Terry Jones in a row. Rask ERT boiling a kettle. I told your are Raska is featured heavily. Okay, so that's three romance languages French, Italian on Spanish. Next will switch it up a gear and learn German. Now again, you're going to do exactly the same words. But just be sure that you stole them in a completely different place. Something Germany E Okay, I'll see you in the next like champ. 40. 7 - German Vocabulary: Okay, guys. And welcome back, German. Okay, so you've made a start with three? Yes. Three foreign languages. Did you notice how some of the words are? Very similar Tasks seems to be common for cup. We just slight differences in spelling and pronunciation. So now we come to a Germanic language German. Remember to stall these in a German themed place knife, messa folk gobble, spoon Look. Fell plate teller. Bold Schuessel Cup cuss glass Glass bottle Flasher Source. Spin cook tops Kettle Castle. Okay, So Germanic words send a little different from words in the romance languages, but you can still turn them into pictures. Here's how I remember them. Knife Messa Making a mess with a knife Folk gobble Gobbling your food with a fork Spoon Lawful, loving Elvis So much you spoon with him. Plate teller. A bank teller Juggling plates Bowl Schuessel. Excellent bowls. Cheap price. A short sell Schuessel Coop Tacit a cup with tassels on the handle that's comin through all four of the languages we've looked at glass glass, typically a German word that's also in English are used. Boris Becker drinking from a glass bottle Flasher. I have a Flasher with the bottle Injuries, Mac. Preserving his dignity. Source Been cock top. I have a cockerel on top off a source. Been blocked off. Kettle Castle. A kettle whistling. Okay, that's the start of four foreign languages. I bet you didn't think it have that India belt this time last week. Of course, you can enter this by getting a bilingual dictionary and creating even more crazy scenes. Okay, I'll see you in the next lecture. 41. 8 - Congratulations And Final Test: Okay, guys. Um, for the final time, welcome back on. Congratulations. Okay. And well done. You've almost completed the course. Now, do you remember at the start of the course when you took the 1st 2 tests? Of course you do. Well, now we're going to take the final tests again. I'm going to give you two lists, one with items, one with numbers on. I'll leave each of them on the screen for about one minute. And your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to memorize those lists in order when the list goes off screen, pause the lecture and write down your answers, then hit play, and I'll show you the list again. There. Mark your answers. Scoring one point for each item on a bonus. 10 points for each item. If you got them in order. Ready? Here's test one. - Okay . Got them. Pause the lecture. No. And write down your answers. And when you're ready, hit play, and I'll show you the answers again. Well done. Okay. Ready for test two, Hagos. Okay. Got them. Pause the lecture now, and write down your answers. And when you're ready, hit play and I'll show you the answers again. Okay. And well done again. How did you do Compared those scores to the first time you took those tests? How far have you come? Remember, this course is always available to you so you can watch it as many times as you want That the process of creating images and scenes is possibly new to you. The more you practice, the more naturally it happens. And the more you do it, the more powerful your natural memory becomes. If you enjoyed the course, please consider leaving an honest review to share your experience with other students. If you didn't, please tell me now remember, I'm here to support you in any way I can. So feel free to drop me any questions in the Q and A. Or you can contact me at my website. Alan G. Jarvis stock Come