Super Easy Watercolors #5 - Rainbow Dragonfly with Lotus Flower [FREE Line Art Template] | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

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Super Easy Watercolors #5 - Rainbow Dragonfly with Lotus Flower [FREE Line Art Template]

teacher avatar Watercolour Witch Eliza, I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      List of Materials


    • 3.

      Your Class Project


    • 4.

      Tracing the Lines


    • 5.

      Inking the Lines


    • 6.

      Painting the Blue Triangle


    • 7.

      Painting the Leaves


    • 8.

      Painting the Three Little Moons


    • 9.

      Painting the Flowers


    • 10.

      Painting the Moon


    • 11.

      Painting the Golden Triangle


    • 12.

      Painting the Color Drops


    • 13.

      Final Touches


    • 14.

      The Next Steps to Improve Your Skills


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About This Class

Metallic watercolor giveaway:

 Art newsletter:

List of my Skillshare classes:


Do you want to learn how to paint this colorful dragonfly , but you don’t have much experience with watercolors?


Hi, I’m Eliza, the Watercolour Witch.

I'm an illustrator and a watercolor art teacher.

I've taught more than 20 000 students around the globe on how to watercolor with ease.

I make art tutorial videos so that you can forget stressing out when it comes to creating your own paintings.

My goal for you is to upgrade your painting skills while having fun. So, in this class not only you will be learning how to paint thisdragonfly with the colorful watercolor splashes, but I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks resources that are designed to support, encourage, and enhance your experience with watercolor.



I created this class for all levels of experience. So if you are a newbie watercolorist, don’t worry, if you take this class  you will have tons of fun with it, moreover I’m here to help if you have any questions.


In the class I’m going to talk about:

- How to paint the dragonfly  from a-z in an understandable way ( even if you don’t have any background in animal painting)

- How to create colorful watercolor paint drops and splashes easily

-How to paint the lotus flower and leaves

-Moreover you can practice basic drawing and inking techniques with me



While in other classes you need to sketch the project yourself, in this beginner-friendly class I included a downloadable line art template, which takes away the stress of having to produce a sketch before the painting.

Though for those who love challenges I created a bonus lesson where I show you how to draw the line art of this painting.


There is nothing to risk, here all you need to do is enjoy the painting process!

So it’s time to take action!

Grab your brushes and start painting now!

See you in the class!

MUsic I used in the Tracing the lines lesson is Coi Koi by Anonimus downloaded from

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Watercolour Witch Eliza

I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

Level: Beginner

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1. Class Introduction: Do you want to learn how to paint this color for dragon fly? But you don't have much experience with watercolors. Hi, I'm Alyssa, the voter Cholera, which I'm an illustrator and the voter color our teacher. I've told more than 20,000 students all around the globe on how to voter color of it. He's I make our tutorial video so that you can forget stressing out when it comes to creating your own paintings. My goal for you is to upgrade your painting skills where you are having fun. So in this class, not only you will be learning how to paint this struggle flight with the color for voter color splashes and the lotus flowers and the moons. But I be sharing my secret tips and tricks so that you can improve your voter coloring scares even more faster. I created this class for all levers off experience. So if you are a newbie watercolorist, don't worry. If you take this Class C were have tones off farm greeted. Moreover, I'm here to personally happier If you have any questions in the class, I'm going to talk about how to paint the dragon fly from zero to hero in an understandable and easy way, even if you don't have any background in animal painting at all. Also, I will talk about how to create color for voter color pain drops and splashes easily how to paint the lotus flowers and the leaves. Moreover, you can practise basic drawing and thinking techniques with me, vile. In other classes, you need to sketch the project yourself in this beginner friendly class. I included downloadable Aynak template, which takes away the stress off having to produce a sketch before the painting, though for those who loves challenges, I created the bonus lesson, but I show you how to draw the line out off this painting, so there's nothing to reset here or you need to do is enjoyed the painting process, so it's time to take action. Rep your brushes and see you in the class. 2. List of Materials: doors. For this painting, you would need the line ERT printed out the voter color paper. It must be taken at least 300 grams Voter chlor pains. Voter color brushes these around student quality brushes, a jar of water for painting black pens. They must be voter proof for the Leinart Gordon J. A. Pan, but alternatively, you can use Gordon water core oars or even Gordon accurately pains as well. 3. Your Class Project: your class project for this class. Your class project is to paint this dragon fly painting after me. So first off for print out the Leinart, prepare your materials and cut out one or two hours from your daily shadow. If you would get stuck in the painting process, please feel free to ask me in the community area. When you finish your project, don't forget toe uploaded to the class projects so that everyone can see it. And if you wish, I can support you with some advices. 4. Tracing the Lines: Tracing the lines. First pulled the line at facing towards the water color paper. Tape them together. So the papers one slide, when you trace with your panacea, go to a bright sand even though, and put the papers on the glass with the watercolor paper facing toward us. Can you see the lines shining through the voter colored paper? Now, all you need to do is to trace the line that fit the pencil per visitor altering pencil. 5. Inking the Lines: thinking the lines for the thinking process. I use voter proof black pans Here I used Pigna Microns Zakaria plans, but other brands can were perfectly fine So feel free to use that ever black pan you have at your whole there is only one crude area though your plan needs to be waterproof because you don't want your ink to smudge when it gets that that you are painting with the voter Colores, please feel free to rotate your paper It helps you to find the more comfortable hand positions Or so you're inclines. We look nicer if you breathe deeply and you stay relaxed during the thinking process Trust me, it really works. You can grow prettier lines where you brief korma Lee especially Then you draw the line why you are exhaling So breathe deeply in here and then you x hair then exactly when you should draw your lines try it out yourself and share your inking experiences with me 6. Painting the Blue Triangle: painting the triangle. I start off with a mixture off various dark blues from some Petersburg white Knight pains you can use which of a brand you want to use. It doesn't really matter. The only thing is that you want it to be a dark blue color. I put this tie blue color evenly, and I'm really careful to not touching the drug on fly itself. So it's useful if you have a teen brush, because it's easier toe paint with the team brash on sexual small areas. So I paint this blues evil early on the whole area. Don't forget to paint this blue on the sides off the things on the upper part. Off the blue, I add a bit off dark greenish brew. It's called some Petersburg fight nights, Turkey's Blue. But if you don't have this pain or you need to do is to mix up dark blue with dark greens and that's it. Or I have arrived. The Hughes off the blue when I paint this blue area on Lee because I think it looks more interesting visually, if I use more blues than only one color because for where you paint around the tiny details . But if you make a mistake, you know you use your paper tower and you can try it up on the instant paint a bit of blue on the sides off the thing. And then I move on to the upper part with this dark, greenish blue. Here I also at various blues, and if you want, you can put a lighter green on the very top off it. For even better, you can put only just a hint off yellow paint on the upper part that you are finished. Let it completely dry. 7. Painting the Leaves: painting the leaves I use Lukas is my green color, but any other yellow green color were do the work. I also use a darker green color from San Petersburg fight nights. But again, any other color were do the for peace to via BR main colors. I start off with the my green I color order leaves on the bottom in both sides off the painting. With this green color, I use a little Spain because I've on these leaves, Toby vibrant green. Then I move on to the stems and to the veins on the lotus flowers. I carefully let some white space is on the upper part off the leaves. I paint alof the stems. Then I move on to pay in the shadows with the darker green. I paint some lines on the bottom leaves, and I paint a bit off dark green on the shadowy side off the stems. I applied this dark green on the veins off the leaves. Then I use Sun Petersburg, Hansa yellow for the highlights. I put this yellow here and there, mainly on the upper part, off the leaves and the stems. I use a concentrated amount off yellow pains because I like this vibrant yellow feel of the leaves. I put some yellow highlights on the bottom leaves s well, I repeat the very same process on the other side of the painting with the leaves and the stems that I'm finished, I let it completely dropped. 8. Painting the Three Little Moons: painting the freely term moons. I start painting the little moons with a bright yellow color. Here I used son Petersburg right nights. Once a yellow color, I pain the whole area with this bright, vivid color. Then I continue little orange color. Ah, you son Petersburg White Knights Orange lake color. The yellow pains are steer bad, so I paint this orange on the outer bottom edges off the moon's that you were finished, let it completely dry. 9. Painting the Flowers: painting the flowers. First, I use a purple a color for the flowers. This is Sunil ears. Cobalt, violet color. I used a lot off water with a little bit off pains so that I can achieve this pastorally soft purple color. I covered the area roughly. I repeat it on the other side. All right, this was our base color. Now let's continue with the more pig planted one. It's the same purple violet color I used before, but here I use less water and more pains. I put the color on the bottom off the patters s. You can see the surface is still that so. That's why it can spread and flow so nicely. If it's not enough that you can moisturize it with adding a bit more voter onto the flower betters. So I paint the bats with the same color. I paint some streaks on it. Then I repeat the same thing on the other flower. Here, you can see the difference on this flower. The base color has already dry, so the paint can't flow as freely as I want. Oh, so what did I do? I put some more voter on my brush and see. I smudged the color with the water. All right, that's it. So I continue with another color. It's more like a bluish violet. Actually, it's some Petersburg right nights violet color. I put it on the bottom of the patters, and also I put a little bit off it on the flower bats. I smudge it a bit with a clean brush so that it can, blending more with the purpose. I had a bit more violence on the bottom so that if you will be very dark, that's where the shadows will be. And then I can't in you with an orange color. It's San Petersburg, right night orange lee color. I put it on the top off the patters. Use this orange, likely because I don't want toe over from the flowers with orange. I just want a little bit off hint, often orange on the top, off the patters. All right, that's it all. I blending the orange with the purpose, and when I'm finished, I let the patters completely dry. 10. Painting the Moon: painting the big moon. I start with yellow mixed with green. This color is more quiet. Comfort to the free Later moans above. I paint the whole area with this color. I want this more Toby. Very bright, very vibrant. So I apply very much color or my painting. This green is just a simple green color. I use my green from Lucas and De Colo is some Petersburg white knight pains Hansa Yellow color. I applied these colors on the whole surface. Off the moon. I spread the colors evil early on the whole area off the moon. Okay, now it's really vibrant. So let's put on a bit more green on the edges. I put this green on the corners off the move again. I'm using my green from Lucas. But any other greens, bright greens or yellow greens can do the work as well. There you are. Finished. Let it completely try 11. Painting the Golden Triangle: painting the Gordon. Try anger for the step. You will have various options you can paint with acrylic paints, or you can grow it with a golden J open where you can use voter colors. I used of this matter Likulia of water color, and this is Tibetan gold color. I like to use this watercolor because it has a very shiny effect, and I would, oh, really command you to try this. You can feel out the triangle with any color off your choice. 12. Painting the Color Drops: painting the color drops. For this, you will need a lot off water and the very highly concentrated amount off paint. So let's try it out on a practice shit. I put a lot off water and a lot off paint on my paper. Can you see the color drop now? I'm working with this big brush and I tear the paper. And then, with my big brush, I lead the drop until the end. That will be the online you see. I'm tilting the paper and leading the drop. Then back I created back. Can you see? That's how it works. So you we need a lot off water and a lot off big men's to make sure it works. Now I adding this other color, I leading it downwards with my brush. That's it'll. So basically gravitation via do the work and you can have the gravitation with your brush. Now let's get started with diarrhea project. You need the paper tower handy because if the color steel out, you can mope them up with the paper tower easily. I start with us. Turkey's blue color. It's the combination off blue and green. It's from San Petersburg, right nights brand, but you can mix it up with green and through. So as you can see, there is a lot off water and there's a lot off pigment, and I'm already tilting down my paper and I'm leading my brush up until the bottom part. Then I am continue with the lighter green color. I put it next to the turkeys, and I give a bit more voter than I started leading down with my brush. Okay, that's it, then I do this on the other side. I add a bit more voter than I'm tilting and leading it downwards. Now let's see it from the side view here. I'm using green and yellow together to make this migraine color. Can you see how I'm getting down? And I'm leading with my brush? You very need a lot off water and the lot off pigments. Otherwise it won't work. Then I do it on the other side. If you take a closer new Cuba, see that the longest line is the center ran the turkeys boo or the other bands are starting toe short on up, and then idea think upwards to flow the color on the other direction as well. I continue with some Petersburg right nights. Hansa Yellow color. This is a bright yellow. I really like it. It will pop out off the picture in the finish. So I had the bit more voter and I'm leading in that words. Then Sant Petersburg Orange Lee Color. Do you think it down? And that's how it looks like now, continuing with the purple A color. It's the same Asai used in the flowers. I'm getting my paper upward so that the colors can flow everywhere. Eva Lee. Then I finish off. It'll I blue color. It's shrink a scuba turkey's color. You see, it's this blue is the short test run. I make some final corrections, but that's how it will look like again. Let's take a look how the lines are shortening towards the end off the sides. Then I'm finished. I will let it completely dry. 13. Final Touches: final touches here. I used this pearly metallic watercolor from coal Liro and I paint the Dragonflies wing with it. I leave some areas empties just like this. Right? And some area I paint this color. Can you see how shiny it is? So I move on to the color drops. I put some gold, um, pains. He ran there in little groups. Free four or five dots placed randomly on all over the color drop area. So in the end, this is how you're painting. We look like 14. The Next Steps to Improve Your Skills: So now that you finish this class, you might thinking how you can improve your voter cross scares even more so Here are some skill share classes. I would like to recommend you if you are really serious about watercolor painting, but before that I would like to give you a gift. I'm giving away lots off water colored tips and tricks articles, downloadable coloring pages and many more insider painting info in my newsletter. So feel free to subscribe. If you want to quickly improve, your scarce link is in the crust description. And now let's see my scare share cross recommendations. In this class, you can learn how to paint easy voter color. Krista's In this class, you can learn how to paint this vici port trait in this cross. I'm going to show you how to you salt to create this dreaming galaxy like watercolor painting. This class is for you. If you like botanica painting, because in discuss, you will learn how to paint this sage is any in this crust. You are going to learn how to paint galaxy patters on hairs. It's a very easy technique to learn. Okay, guys, that's it, though, saving my next US bye bye