Super Easy Watercolors - #2 Let's Paint a Spooky House [FREE Line Art Template] | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

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Super Easy Watercolors - #2 Let's Paint a Spooky House [FREE Line Art Template]

teacher avatar Watercolour Witch Eliza, I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      Before You Start


    • 3.

      Preparations: Tools


    • 4.

      Preparations: Drawing the Line Art


    • 5.

      Preparations: Tracing the Line Art


    • 6.

      Preparations: Inking the Line Art


    • 7.

      Preparations: Applying the Masking Tape


    • 8.

      Painting: Background


    • 9.

      Painting: Window Lights


    • 10.

      Painting: Roof


    • 11.

      Painting: Silhouette of the House


    • 12.

      Painting: Moon


    • 13.

      Painting: Smoke


    • 14.

      Painting: Bats and Ghosts


    • 15.

      Painting: Highlights


    • 16.

      Your Class Project


    • 17.

      Can I Give You a Gift?


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About This Class

Do you want to learn how to paint a haunted house easily, but you don’t have much experience with watercolors?

If you take this class I’ll teach you how to paint this fun haunted house within an hour.

In the class I’m going to talk about:

  • How to trace the line art to the watercolor paper
  • How to sketch a successful underdrawing
  • What it takes to make it look like an old building
  • How to apply the colors to the painting


While in other classes you need to sketch the project yourself, in this beginner-friendly class I included a downloadable line art template, so you can spare yourself from the dissappointment of a messed up line drawing.

There is nothing to risk, here all you need to do is enjoy the painting process!

So it’s time to take action!

Grab your brushes and start painting now!

See you in the class!

P.s If you want to learn how to paint easy watercolor crystals, I’d recommend you to take my other beginner-friendly class HERE.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Watercolour Witch Eliza

I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

Level: Beginner

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1. Class Introduction: Do you want to learn how to paint a haunted house easily, But you don't have much experience with water colors. Hi, I'm Elysa, the voter color, which and I now have served more than 4000 watercolor students all around the globe. I am focusing on easy to paint watercolor projects. So if you take this class, I will teach you how to paint this fun haunted house. Within an hour, we are going to talk about how to sketch a success for under drawing and how to paint the colors and the black shades in order to create a cool Hoving illustration. Vile. In other classes, you need to sketch the project yourself. In this beginner friendly class, I included a downloadable liner template so you don't need to struggle drawing the lines on your own. So there is nothing to risk. Grab your brushes and your voter color palette and start painting. Now see you in the class 2. Before You Start: Before you start watching this class, please be sure to follow my instructions. This class contains two parts in part one. We learn about how to prepare for the painting off this piece. Why Cartu is the actual painting process. If you are an advanced watercolorist or you are already familiar with my painting process, you can skip part one. But if you are a beginner, be sure to watch the preparations before you start painting in the preparation videos, I will teach you how to trace the liner toe, the voter color paper. And if you feel like you want to draw your own haunted house, I will help you and show you how I created my sketch. Moreover, I will teach you how to successfully Inc your sketch as well. All right, so let's start with the tools you will need 3. Preparations: Tools : two hours for this painting, you would need a large and the small watercolor brush. Watercolor pains. Okay. And the jar of it Water deep to fix the painting to the drawing board or to your Tabor black voter proof pans. Okay. Provide j happen. Pan steel and rubber. And the line our template printed out. 4. Preparations: Drawing the Line Art: First of all, I drew a one centimeter border frame, beat my ruler. I made some press catches. I were combined the ideas into the final drawing, so my drawing would be this size. I start with the rough lines off the heel, then be the main house. I drew a try. Anger each year be the roof. I am working with the road drink plan, but the shark pleaded age. Mencia could be good toe. I drew the Hightower. It's true, has two parts. First Drew Anak. We literally trapezoid and then another along gaity trapezoid on it. Stop finally drove this U shape and joined its anger points with some lines. Toe the top off the ben, the sides off the roof a beat. Then throw the site Terrorists sees. It's an old age building. You can use crack, erred bent lines instead, off straight lines, I throw another rules and another side terrorists with fans and stairs. The end off the stairs needs into the abbey's. Some cypress trees grow on the steep cliffs just to make the Seymour mysterious. I add the bush to the other side to keep the composition balanced. Now I have the rough sketch. So I continue with the details. I drew the chimney and the moon from the chimney. A swirling smoke goes after the sky. You can draw the smoke with throwing swirling lines. You can imagine them like the letter s and the rivers Letter s or the letter Seas and rivers letter sees. - Then I drove around the window and the roof. I drove a back honey and some being those on the bottom. Pedro large mean those and the side balcony on the tower. I decided to add the smaller tower to the composition. It will look similar, like the big tower. I add some swirling lines through the smoke and it's finished. Let's start thinking. 5. Preparations: Tracing the Line Art: tracing the lines. First, put the Leinart facing towards the voter color paper. They them together so the papers won't slide where you trace with your pants. Here goto a bright, sunny window and put the papers on the glass. With the voter polar paper facing towards us, can you see the lines shining through the voter color paper? Now all you need to do is to trace the Leinart feet capacity for victory drink pants here. 6. Preparations: Inking the Line Art: inking the lines. Here I used a big mama crone size five fan, other brands. Camper Perfectly fine. So feel free to use whatever black man you have, there is only one create area, though your plan needs to be waterproof because you don't want curing to smudge when it get that, I think, or the outlines off the house, the heel and the stairs for this painting, I only inking the outlines for one reason. I we used at water coolers that they're probably cover my past the lines. So a dark waterproof in your state visible even uncovered the dark pains. I throw strikes on the roof because it makes the roof visually more interesting. I also outlined the smoke. Please feel free to rotate your paper. It has you to find more comfortable hand positions to grow, or so you're inclines. We look nicer if you breathe deeply and you stay relaxed during the thinking process. Trust me, it's not just some new way. Jubal, actually, Asian masters used this technique. You can draw prettier lines by you, brief calmly, especially when you draw the line while you exhale. So breathe deeply, inhale, and when you accept exactly, that's when you should throw your lines, try it out yourself and share your experiences with me. 7. Preparations: Applying the Masking Tape: using the masking tape, I fix the paper to the drawing board. Be to take. I do this to prevent the paper become baby because off the voter, since I use heavy take 300 grams watercolor paper, I don't fear that I would need to moist on the paper before the taping. It will be fine like this, but if you use a tener paper, you should soak your paper in water for a minute and tape that most int paper on the board stretched out. Think, or the four sides off the paper carefully, and Vohra, it's ready for painting. 8. Painting: Background : painting the background. First start with the dark violet paint above the stairs and the hell ah use and Petersburg White Knights violet color. You can switch to a bigger brush if that's more comfortable for you. Don't be afraid to paint over the trees. The bottom should be the dire cast. Next, continue with the purple color. I use an AL years covered blue. Use a team brash to cover the smaller areas, and the bigger brush for the larger areas blends the violet and the purple Well. Put a bit more dark violet at the edges off the painting and continue adding more Perper pains here and there. Now, as you get closer to the moon, switch to an orange paint. I used Sant Petersburg by nights. Orange lake color. Blend the orange into the purple. Add the beat more purple and blended well. Paint around the moon with the orange. Create an approximately 12 centimeter halo around the moon. Blend the orange valve in the purpose. Now I add more dire purple at the edges off the painting. Let's continue with the other side attacked with the dark violet on the bottom, painted around the height off the terrorists. But at the edge off the painting spread the violet until you reach the height off the tower . I darkening the edges off the painting on purples. The moonlit sky would stand out more vita, dark frame around it. Continue with the purple blended into the violet. I add a bit more violent. Toe darkened the frame, and finally, I feel out of the white areas with purple and with a bit off orange to make the background more colorful when you are finished, led the background completely dry. 9. Painting: Window Lights: painting the window lights First I paint of in those with a bright yellow Here are you Sant Petersburg, right nights Hansa yellow color Then I can t new with an orange paint. I got the orange in the corners off the windows You don't need to paint to precisely are you son Petersburg White Knights Orange Lake Color. When you are finished, let it dry completely. 10. Painting: Roof : painting the rules. I makes black paint with a lot off water to get the slight, great color. Use some Petersburg right nights ivory black paint. I paint other rules with this like gray color, and I let it dry. Ride the roofs, tried. I painted other parts of the painting. I continue with a docker great color. I paint some stripes on the roofs with a small brash that's a door. When you are finished, let it dry. 11. Painting: Silhouette of the House: painting the silhouette. I use a dive black color for painting the house. Here I used son Petersburg right nights ivory, black. I paint around the windows, but I leave the roofs empty. I use a small team brash because it's easier to work with a small brush around all these tiny details I paint the towers to. - I decided to put another layer off back on the voice to make the house even more black. I can t new video here I did a clean brush in voter and moist on the area off the here. While it's still that I paint on it with black. Can you see how the black big grants spread on the paper? It's called wet on wet technique when you paint a vet pigment on a vet surface, I moved the black colors downwards with my brush. I fear the whole area with this dark color. If you feel it's too dark, you can lift up some pigments by dubbing a paper tissue in the pigment. I add more black to the house where divorce made the hell and a bit more black at the side, off the heel and the stairs. - I paint the bush s well. - I check if my brush is dry enough by drawing some lines on that paper, and now I draw some vertical eyes. This will be the tree trunks and the crown off the cypress trees with some quick lines. Be sure to leave some empty space inside. The leaves value are finished. Let it completely dry. 12. Painting: Moon : painting the moon. I use a yellow as a base color for the moon. Here are you Sant Petersburg, right Night Hansa Yellow color. I also use around water for brash. I covered the movie the yellow until I got even bright yellow and by the muni steer. Bet I add orange at the edge of the moon I use and Petersburg right nights orange lee color . But if you want to use other brands, it's perfectly fine to do so. Blend the orange and the yellow and then you were finished. Let the moon dry completely. 13. Painting: Smoke : painting the smoke. I use a light purple, a color for shading the smoke A you sent earlier Scuba violet and Sant Petersburg Right nights violet color. I paint the pigments on the inclines. We Clyde brushstrokes. Make sure to leave enough space blank and don't paint the whole smoke purple. I would say the percentage off the purple on vital ratio is 70 to 30%. You are finished. Let it dry. 14. Painting: Bats and Ghosts: painting the backs and the ghosts. First, let's see how to draw. A bad silhouette drew an M letter like the logo off that fast food chain. I long gate the middle off the M and draw another M in between and another m on the other side. Let's throw it again. I m a long gait M and another m. So our bets were swirl and fly this direction. I draw the bets with the black micron Sacharow size one pan. I've arrived the sizes off the bets that's can overlap with the tower, the moon or the smoke. When I finished throwing the bats, I feel out them with black voter color. Be sure to use the darkest black colors you have for the bets. But when I finished the bats, I can t new Vdovin does. I drew a little spider and the candle in the windows and the little ghost you can grow. For example, Spider webs, Candace or crack on the Vin Douglas and so on toe. Achieve the haunted house. Look, be creative 15. Painting: Highlights : drawing the highlights use of I Japan for the highlights. I drove with outlines off the house. - I drove the upper part off the star steps and I feel out the Ghost Street right. I advise toe the upper part off the bush and I dro highlights on the center threes. When I'm finished, I gently removed the tape from the painting. Here we are, it's finished. 16. Your Class Project: your class project for this class. Your class project is to paint this haunted house artwork after me. So first of four, print out the line at prepare your materials and cut out 1 1.5 are from your daily shadow to paint. If you would get stuck in the painting process. Fear. Frito asked me in the community area where you finished your project. Don't forget toe. Upload it to the class projects so that everyone can see and I can supper to wits. Our advice is if you need it. 17. Can I Give You a Gift?: comrades for finishing the class. Please don't forget to write the review. I'm honestly interested in your insides and want to do my best to make my classes the most useful and injury above for you. And what's next if you are interested in painting, creased ours. I have a beginner level class where you can learn the easiest mattered off, how to paint pretty crystals. Moreover, I have a gift for you. If you subscribe to My Arc newsletter, I will send you the Donald Link off many off my liner templates for free. But to my scare shirt profile toe, get your gift's.