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Super Easy Watercolors #0- The Beginner's Guide to Affordable Tools and Materials

teacher avatar Watercolour Witch Eliza, I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction to Class


    • 2.

      Tool List - Part 1


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      Tool List - Part 2


    • 4.

      Class Project & Final Conclusion


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About This Class

10+1 Watercolor Tools You Will Need As A Beginner – Find Out Which Tools Are Already Available At Your Home

Finding the right tools as a watercolor beginner can be overwhelming and confusing – especially when you don’t have a guide as to what you actually need to get started. You can easily end up buying fancy but absolutely unnecessary tools which can cost you much. So watch my class and save a fortune. :)

Back then when I was a beginner I didn’t have access to internet resources like product reviews and recommendations, so I had to try out everything on my own. I made bad decisions which was expensive and I ended up with art stuffs that I have never used after purchasing them.

On my journey to become a watercolorist I had learned one thing for sure, fancy tools won’t make anyone a better watercolorist, practice does. So in this class you are going to learn about the essential watercolor tools and materials. And the best part is – most of the tools are already available at your home. 

p.s. Win watercolor supplies - read more about my giveaway HERE.

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Watercolour Witch Eliza

I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to Class: Hi, I'm a lizard voter call or bridge, and in this video, I'm going to talk about the essential voter colored towards for beginners, finding the right voter color tours can be over bombing and confusing, especially if you don't have a guide as to what you really need and what you don't you can easily under buying fancy but unnecessary things, which were cost you a lot. So watch my widow and save a fortune. Back then, when I was a beginner, I didn't have any access to the Internet, so I couldn't read product reviews, recommendations or any half articles, so I had to try out everything on my own. I made bad decisions, virtual expensive, and I ended up with a lot off art stuffs that I didn't even use after purchasing them like this are Bolt Order, which I never used its harbor for voter color painting. Oh, my journey to becoming voter chorused. I had learned wanting for sure fancy art stuffs won't make you any better practice. Thus, so here is my least about the essential voter colored to us. You can save a fortune by watching it on. Actually, most of the tools I mentioned you can already find at your home, so let's get started 2. Tool List - Part 1 : watercolor paper. Do not make the mistake off trying to save money by using a cardboard paper or a copy paper as this could ruin your painting. Use voter color paper made for voter color painting. It's that simple. What's a good quality? Watercolour paper? It's as it free, and it weights at least 115 grams a Stiner voter color papers tend to backer and of orb. What press or court press. Watercolor paper. If you are a beginner, I would requirement hot press over court press, since hot pressed paper is not as rough surfaced as court press papers. So personally, I think you will have an easier time painting on what press paper. On the other hand, court press papers have a rougher surface, which creates beautiful texture on the painting. I usually prefer using court press paper, since that's what I usedto. So I advise you to try both out to decide what breasts or court press is your preferred paper Voter color brushes. You don't need to buy brushes with natural hair because that's expensive, but neither should you use cheap brushes, which are not made for watercolor painting use. Instead, synthetic watercolor brushes which can mimic the properties off natural hair brushes or so you don't need a lot off brushes. Three or four brushes are enough to start a small size free a medium size six or seven on the big one. Size 12 is more than enough watercolor pains. Watercolor pains come in different forms, including cubes, pans and liquid watercolors. It doesn't really matter which type you choose. I prefer pans because it's convenient for my travel ings. Talking about quality. There's also kids, watercolor pains, student great pains and artists great pains. You don't need to spend a lot off money when you start learning watercolors, however, it's important to use pains with rich pigmentation. So I such is that you started six colors off artists. Great pains, so you don't waste your money on student quality watercolors. So with six colors you would need in your starter kit, the cool yellow, a warm yellow, a warm red, the cool red, a cool do and of arm blue 3. Tool List - Part 2: voter color palette. A mixing pollock is needed for color, mixing as they alot you to blend and test colors easily. The North plastic plate were do the work perfectly. Sometimes I just mix my colors using the leftover paper, a jar of water or even better, to jars off water. This one is a no brainer. I mean, how, as do you plan to mix watercolor paints with no voter? Try not to complicate things, though Ajar you won't use anymore will do. Deliver free. Five seater is enough. I usually use two jars were for cleaning the brush and the other for clean voter had dryer . This technique can save you so much time. Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying off a layer. Theo. That way, you campaign the next layer without messing up your painting spray battle. You can use an empty spray battle for activating the pains. Inter pans before you start painting, though it's not necessary if you use liquid or to voter close or so you can create lose voter color backgrounds with the half off a spray batter. Peter Tower, a paper Taber should always be VT reach. So if you accidentally spear some paint or water, you can quickly move up the mistake from your paper. It also haps in drying your brushes in between. Use masking tape you were need the tape to secure your paper toe aboard so it won't backer . As you paint. I use regular masking tape you can buy at any hardware store. However, I saw other artists using washi tapes for this reason. So basically, use whatever you have at your home and used or too fresh, perfect four splattering techniques. I especially love using toe brushes for creating story effects on galaxy skies and an extra tool I run. Not many know about this technique, but if your voter call a paper backward up, you can gently I run out the backers flip your painting, facing towards the ironing board, put a paper or a travel on it and gently I run it 23 times until it's flattened out 4. Class Project & Final Conclusion: your class project and some other tapes. Congress. You are finished. The class now where you need to do is to check and call, like those attempts you would need for watercolor painting that are already available in your home beeper towers. I don't spray better. These are everyday items, which are available in many households. Now. Create a least off those tours that you don't have in your home. If you haven't ever tried painting with watercolors, there is a chance that you don't have any proper artist quality voter color products at your home. So where to find quality of watercolor to is my goto websites are Amazon and eBay. But before you order a bunch off new stuffs, it would be great if you would ask around your family, friends or your neighbor. If anyone have voter called to with, they don't use anymore. So ask around and see if someone can help you out with some quality water colors. I have another advice, though not now, because when I'm filming this video, it's the Koran, a Vydra's current eso now stay at home, please. But when divert respect to normal, I would such issue to visit your local art supply store. In the stores, you can buy single voter color sheets, so as a start you can choose various types off watercolor sheets off paper so that you can try out which type of watercolor paper you like. Is it hot breasts you prefer or court breast? You were. See my personal suggestion. My recently favorite watercolor papers are Fabbri, Yannos Watercolor Studio Paper and Strat Moore's watercolor journal. I used the Strat More watercolor journal for my Travers. And when the painting doesn't require too much water, why, I preferred the fab Briana watercolor paper when I'm using vet on that or a painting with very much water for the paints. Most of the time, I use unaffordable but good quality pain. Brand. It's court. Some Petersburg White Knights voter color. It's Russian brand, which has a great variety off colors, another effort above water cooler peon brandy's Corretta gansa tambien voter colores. When you buy a brush, be sure it's made for watercolor painting. My recently favorite paintbrush is rough IRS soft aqua brush. It's a synthetic brush, which imitates squarer. Her bisher toe always cleans your brush after painting with it, and don't use your watercolor brushes for painting with other solutions, like acrylics or toys. All right, all of these brands I mentioned a just my own personal suggestions. I'm not affiliated. Toe anyone off them? You can check them out online. So now finally, let's talk about your class project. Your class project is to create a checklist off your tours, which you have already used for your voter color paintings. Or so you convention in the list. The tours you don't yet have. But you think they would be essential for your voter color success. Please don't forget to upload your class project in the project. And resource is Manu. Thank you for watching the class. And please don't forget to leave a review on the class. Or if you have any questions, message me in the discussion tip. I'm happy to help you