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Sunlight using watercolor

teacher avatar Ekaterina Azeeva, watercolor artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: pencil drawing

    • 3. Step 2: main color filling

    • 4. Step 3: the road

    • 5. Step 4: trees from the left

    • 6. Step 5: trees from the right

    • 7. Step 6: small details

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About This Class

My name is Katya. And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 5 years. During this time, I've made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can paint and I want you to believe in this too!

This lesson is perfect for watercolor lovers of intermediate level.

If you start drawing, then you will learn the "wet on wet" technique and how to make picture harmonious in color.

If you already paint with watercolor, you can deepen your knowledge of color combinations and watercolor techniques.

In addition, I will tell you:
- how to make gradient fill;
- about painting with semi-dry brush;
- how to paint sunlight;
- how to paint small details quickly;
- how to make the whole picture harmonious in color.

In the end of the lesson, you will get a new watercolor painting and the skills that you will need in the further study of watercolor.

You can find reference photo and my paintings in the attached files.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ekaterina Azeeva

watercolor artist


Hello! My name is Katya.

And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 7 years. During this time, I made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can paint and I want you to believe in this too!



I lived in Saint-Petersburg and now I am based in Berlin.


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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. My name is kinda and I have been painting with water column for almost five years. More off my paintings and short video tutorials you can find on my Instagram Bridge. This is my nickname. I will be really glad to see a Commons likes and subscriptions. And today I want to tell you about drawing sunlight. At first glance, it may seem complicated, but it isn't. Is the whole secret life in the court to use off callus. And now I will tell you about it. This lesson, Julian. How to draw sunlight. How to make picture Harmonious in column How to draw trees. How to make small details easily way In the end of this class, you will get you outta color picture. Let's get started. 2. Step 1: pencil drawing: I start from a pencil drawing a trusted or the horizon line. Then I draw the road. It is important to show a perspective off this road. This is done by bending and expanding off the road to the lower edge off the picture. Also, I draw the main threes to draw the three I used to vertical lions. Now I depict the slope behind, which is a three stent. I raise unnecessary lines so that they don't distract me in the future. The way I do the same with the right side way. In the last step, I drove the sun have to be. 3. Step 2: main color filling: At first I prepare pains to make it. I drink a drop of clean water in the mosque rebels that I will use. I will draw with kobylt, yellow, orange, brown and green shades way I have to be now. I wear the whole sheet with clean water. I like to make the first color feeling using wet on wet technique, the sticking their gentle transitions off Carlos. Move the brush several times over the sheet to evenly spread the water. I turned to what a collar To do these. I make the orange on the palate. I add a little yellow to make orange kala brighter. Now I drove with this color under the sun. We should save white paper in the area off the sun. Also add orange in those areas where see glare off threes, roads or grass. Now, with the clean brush, I begin to draw Streit race off the sun. It is important to clean the brush using a napkin after each brush stroke. Thus, we remove the remains off the water Qala that brush could absorb from the best you can see. Do you now? I deep the color off the race, edging a red column so that these strokes don't look too bright. I blow them with the clean with brush. I also add a red orange color in the form off a semi circle in the area. Off threes you leave to find the paper is still where they begin to draw grass. To do these, I take the green collar and mix it with brown, so I get a warmer trade off green that better combined with a warm, sunny column. I used the strokes to paint over the entire area with grass. I slightly changed the shade of green by aiding orange. Also, now we can begin to form a feeling off grass. To do this. I take the brush in the distant from the base, and with the tip off the brush, I make an inclined hitching. Now I will draw the shadows. To do these, I add more brown and deepen the collar in the age and near the trees. I do the same with the left side. It first. I make strokes off different colors, and when they dire area with grass and make hitching in the form off blades of grass with the green column, it gives volume. I paint over the background with their men's off green pain, more with the closer, the grasses to the sun, the more orange I used. 4. Step 3: the road: Now I draw the road to make the whole picture. Luke Carmona, Sinkala Get gray from a mixture off kobylt and orange notice. Reuse orange everywhere. The darkest and the most situated gray color is located at the age off their old toward the Harrison. The great color becomes transparent and completely tones in the orange. This effect can be achieved by blowing the gray color with wet, clean brush. Thus, we make a great aunt Few. I did the collar along the age off the road, and once again I had a couple of strokes off orange to emphasize the glow in the sun. - I dry everything with a hair dryer. 5. Step 4: trees from the left: Now we begin to draw threes. It is important to note how the color off threes change with distance from the sun, the father, the three from the sun, the more green it becomes. I start throwing threes to the left off the sun. Just I take the orange paint and draw the top off the three. Now I take a clean with brush and below this color down so that it's son level. The color off the three becomes pale as soon as it relocates below, the sun College again begins to be situated, and as the ground it completely turns into a dark brown column. I slightly darkened the top of the three with the brown green column With branches. The logic is exactly the same if the branches are at the level of the sun than they should be. Pale orange the floors is the branches from the level off the sun, the more green they become. So at the level of the sun, I drop pale orange branches and as the top of the brain chest own green brown by the whole three is made in faded shades. Since it is close to the sun, I turn to the next three. A draw the top with brown green collar more situated in the prairie. History because this three is further from the sun way, soon as I droned near the level of the sun, then they immediately begin toe at more orange ed brown collar below the sun and draw a drunk way have to be. They feel that the threes from the son the last son received. Now I use brown Red Collison's a reasonable bribe glow. Here I curated brush strokes off green orange color between the trees to create a feeling off a dense forest. From the best you see. Now I make the green and brown callous to draw the deep, dark green threes on the left way. I also Ed Brown and deepen the collar is the bottom off the threes. I, from the edge off the front, bump with grass due to the effect that I deep in the collar at the back so that the border isn't so noticeable. I blow it with the clean web brush. I add that green color to the shadow. Also, I used hatching to form Bless off grass 6. Step 5: trees from the right: I talked with the threes on the right. I begin to paint with a pale green orange color. As soon as I get near the son, I make the collar as transparent as possible, since some light doesn't the low us to see a three trunk here. Therefore, I drove orange branches to the right off the three do the bottom. I use more situated column, show host, red brown collar and then dark green collar. Next, I drove the remain in threes using green. - Now I draw threes. In the foreground, I mixed dark brown and green, a draw to strike lines and one inclined in the corner. This threes seem almost black. Toe us. In contrast to the bright sunlight. I drove branches and leaves using random strokes. To do these, I take the brush far from the base and draw sharp strokes with the tip of the brush. - I had that green between the trees from the best way you can see and using the remains off paint I drove laid off grass way 7. Step 6: small details: Now I take gosh and a stiff brush. I mix orange with wash. Now I spray college in those places where see some light on the grass so weak I like the dust and flies near the grass. - Also , I add a spray off violet brown paint along the age off the road. - Thank you for watching my lesson. I really every trade that address me as a teach him. Don't forget toe. Follow my still share count every month, making you want to color lesson and feel free to send your paintings to me or ask any questions if something wasn't clear to you, I hope see assume by