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Street sketching, part 4 - Perspective grid for two-point perspective

teacher avatar Evgeniy Stasenko, Postcards from Barcelona

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Grid, helping with perspective drawing

    • 3. Using perspective grid in sketch

    • 4. Finalizing sketch with perspective grid

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About This Class

If you know already what is the line of the horizon, what is vanishing or melting point and which lines are known as orthogonals or convergence lines, you can dive little deeper into the practice of perspective drawing.

I invite you to discover one more of my tricks: using the perspective grid. The perspective grid makes the work with a two-point perspective much easier and I'll explain how it works and how to apply it in practice step-by-step.

In video 'Two-point perspective scheme in landscape' both melting points were outside of our picture, far away from a sketchbook page. But we found the orthogonals for our building without melting points. That was actually our first use of a perspective grid. It was a simple grid for a very simple building. But we can use the same principle to build up a perspective for complex form.

In the first video, I'll explain how exactly perspective grid works in the process of landscape sketching.

In the two next videos, I'll show you the process of landscape sketching based on a two-point perspective scheme with the help of the perspective grid.

This class helps you to apply basic knowledge about linear perspective and to master the skill of using the perspective grid method in landscape sketching.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Evgeniy Stasenko

Postcards from Barcelona


Hello, I'm Evgeniy.

I am an artist from Moscow but recently I moved to Barcelona. I graduated from Moscow Padagogical University, Fine Arts & Graphic Department and have practiced both fine arts and teaching ever since, simultaneously more than 20 years.

As teacher I have always aimed at creating an integral system, a consistent range of methods that would allow me to effectively teach drawing and painting to any person regardless of skills. These methods come as the result of experience; they are tested in practice and proven to give fast results. As well, I have a vast experience in creating specific short-term courses, not to mention fine art workshops, etc.

 In Barcelona I organise sketching workshops for tourists. We are sketching the architecture landmark... See full profile

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1. Introduction: My name is Julian is the circle. I am an artist and find our seizures from Moscow. Now living in Barcelona. T-shirt. I'm always looking for some shortcuts in teaching. And now I am glad to present your approach to perspective drawing. Perspective grid system. This system makes bicycle to build up over the drawing. Melting points are outside of our sketchbook. I invite you to discover perspective grid system, which makes perspective drone surprisingly easy. 2. Grid, helping with perspective drawing: way, everybody. There's discover some more tricks in protected room in video. Two point perspective. Skim in landscape, both melting points very outside of our picture. Far away from sketchbook Page. But we found our terminals for our building, the found melting points. But waas, actually our first use off a perspective. Greed. It was simple, great for a very simple building, but we can use the same principle toe build up perspective for complex for Let's take a Look How it might be Done, I need to mention. But the respective great scheme works for books like Objects give the same melting point. It means all of them are placed in chessboards order, like the Hamas blocks on the boring regular street over front sides. Are you allergic to each other? Let's consider working with perspective. Great. Using these picture us an example to get agreed for our house. First, we made the Horizon line market the fight off the corner line and found the angles off to roof lines when we added two vertical sidelines and divided them into four ego birth, each joining Boyens off division we've got or two girls sticking from her raise in line 18 down on a surgical Wayne, the found baselines over building. Now you will change the picture, adding some extra Geo's Let's cut out parts off other floor. It's vertical lying for nouveau. Now I'll try toe adjust new roof line. It has to be somewhere in the bottom part. Off floor, I divide floor, hide in tow. Health went into force. Let's see. No, it doesn't fit. That's straight. 18 Perfect. So you see, to get a correct direction over a job in a line, we divide each vertical line into equal parts until you are satisfied. The best approach here is to divide in tow. Health quarters, AIDS. It is very easiest way in some doubtful cases or when we need precise measuring, they can use a strip of paper, which we bent into equal parts. It works always and is always at hand, video off a strip off paper and mark on it. I need it live, and then you fold it. Now it is divided into 12 and when the help they can fold in tow. Worse and eight In the process of sketching for life, we are not always counting parts. If we understand what definite vine fits over perspective. Great system. We can proceed your father precise measure. You mark the left side off New Hole and delete all what is got out. Now we will be adding some smaller building site. The front baseline is the same as for our, because top light will be on the liver over health floor and it's just saved legs. Toe sidelines off vehicles working year down the smaller 1,000,000,000 in the same manner, we can add some more parts to our house. Vertical lines are vertical horizontal lines. You adjust toe perspective. Greet over because radium it looks nice and neat. Now you can try to throw a couple of small sketches. The invokes is using the perspective great. It makes theory less abstract and more usable. In the next video, I'm going to give an example off landscapes Kitchen based on the using of the perspective. Greed. See you soon. Bye bye way 3. Using perspective grid in sketch: way I'm going to show you how to use a respect. Agreed in a sketch from life in Case Off took one perspective. Skim recently. The very drilling Sure Santa on an inverse viola we have to yours. They didn't draw such a complex building. We have two point perspective before, but the help off a perspective system. We made perfect sketches, so I'll show you over versus step by step Santa and the church is built from a number of parts which are grouped around the bell tower and built. Our is the highest part off over complex 1,000,000,000. So I choose the corner line over Bell tower for corner line. Off my perspective. Greet. Let's start first the drove baseline, the raising the line and the cordon line the market the height off corner lane. I do not include the top parts for built over there now because on the top there angles off . Roof lines are about invisible, and they do not join Corden line. I mark head on with a little off Rick Pandora bark height of recorded line from Horizon Line up to the total I divide into four parts. Then I drove to a vertical lines close toe borders off my page. We are not parts of the church way are birds over perspective grease. Now it's time to find out the angles off to roof lines, our main or troubles. We need street por favor for our measuring the event, the strip and movement fingers. We change the angle between two ends off our streets, the just three pages toe cursing over corn in line and the roof line when it fits the just president bent birth. The put Ben's trip to the sketch and mark for Ondo. You repeat the same action for the second roof line, the just three pages toe crushing over Colin Line and Roof Line, and pulled the band trip to sketch to mark the undue. When Maine or terminals are ready, the divide segments offside lines between corrosion, the orthogonal and horizon line into four birth speech, just like Jordan and Lane joining remarks. They get our respective great now when our perspective it is a radiant V can drove building itself. We begin to drove from corny line from Bell tower later on, adding more distant parts over church. First, I drove a narrow side of a built our his first are feeding integrates perfectly. Height is 2/4 off corner line. When I had a right side with over top part is exactly 1/4 as its fate alone record away to build over. I had a little part from Were left us, it was told. In the process of sketching from life, they are not always counting bars. If we understand what different line fits our respective system, we can proceed. Default, precise. Measuring these off left part is very quarter toe this room on the right part it is 2/4 in height. The left goal is 1/4 indeed from the corner line, The roof over the corner we see about insulin center of roof is 1/4 toe. Right now we can draw left Bert over church. Do you find a vertical line off its wool? And then the are criminal line off its roof. Lower central part I started drove from the roof. I found out the angle over causes part and then out of it for birth. It has to be symmetrical. I heard outs in one over lines. Now I make counting toe proof it's direction by dividing the corner line and the sideline off my great in tow crew parts. It seems more or less quart to finalize work on main geometrical shapes. I cut light. Shading on the surface is looking to the right. It makes a William more visible, so demonstrated have to work with respect. Agreed in case of complex form, the church is built from a number off parts which are dropped around the bell tower. The work it part by part starting from a belt are very. Our corn away is later on. I didn't more distant parts over bilion. How it was mentioned. The perspective very skin works for books like Object Give the same melting points. It means all the sights off these objects are burning toe each other. The rest of work on the sketch. Three of Santa on the church over details, trees, patterns. I'll show in the next video hope this video was interesting and useful. See you soon my way 4. Finalizing sketch with perspective grid: way. I am glad you are with me. Let's finalize this case with Santa on the church. In the previous video, he made the work on main geometrical shapes, using the perspective great and under slight shading to make the room more visible. Now they are going toe arrest off work on this cage, all the details. Trees and entrance. They continue by adding the took part of a bell tower with a very middle roof. I drove a central axis mark height and at sides of the roof, suggesting it or don't house toe perspective. Green and I throw sidelines. Then I had said things off the roof starting from or criminals and engine by current form off beings. Now I proved wise off the roof on the right part of the church before to start work with all the details, I raised the lines off perspective. Great from the sky part of the landscape. I drove windows on the bell tower, two tiny windows on the lower part. I drew my lines one day America report. So one great part over church, I drove windows on the lower central parts. A big, narrow window on the left will Now it's time to grow distant parts over church. I drove him by seen lines using my highs. I don't measure anything. It's secondary part of my sketch, so I don't want it to jump forward. It has to be humble and the most for buildings. When were the ground I drove by? Wear black lines very thin. They are more like symbol or buildings. I don't care about their exact shape. Now I start to droop trees, trees. I drove my car into clouds on mystics. I tried to keep general shape but not go into real details by depict them more in a symbolic mother. I raised space inside three grounds to make them less transparent. Trading on the trees. I make my doctor when shading on the church. Trees are really dark and they are even closer to us When the church the bottom part of three grounds, I go darker because it is shallow side. All the windows and doors overcharge. I shake toe, give them depth to make them think intervals. Shading is later on, shaking on the trees when I do stronger lines on the parts of a building. The ark was her to us. I drove stronger baseline and at details offense in Caracas on the bottom. Now I had a reporter on the rolls, by very thin lines by chaotic zigzag lines. I was stronger edges over three grounds. I marvel pattern on the roof edges by various lines. And finally I drove a human figure to give a scale to my one escape. I do it darker van shadows on the trees, more contraction, making it look closer to us proportions over standing human figure. Are these bit off shoulders Six times in the fight over figure length off France is equal to the length or Rolex. Now our landscape, it read him. I'm looking forward to create more videos on the topic. Off landscapes. Caijing. Hope you enjoyed these funds. See you soon. My by way.