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Spanish Language for Beginners (Easy and Fast Learning)

teacher avatar SPANISH Language Class

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Greetings and Farewell in Spanish

    • 3. Days of the Week in Spanish

    • 4. Months in Spanish

    • 5. Numbers in Spanish

    • 6. How to Talk about Yourself in Spanish

    • 7. Spanish for Travelers

    • 8. Useful Vocabulary in Spanish

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About This Class

The Spanish crash course is designed for students who are absolute beginners and who want to learn a few basics of the language in a very short span of time. The lessons cover essential Spanish including how to converse in an airport, taxi, hotel, and a restaurant. The lessons also offer the most commonly used topics such as, greetings, farewells, days of the week, months, introducing yourself, and many more. 

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1. Introduction : Welcome to the Spanish course. We're going to start with a small introduction for us to the course. You will learn a variety off. new topics in a very short span of time. All right. The first few topics you will learn is greetings. Fairwells. How to ask somebody. What is your name? You will learn. Months are days of the week. except for except try. And you will really enjoy this class. Now most off you must have chosen to come here because you love Spanish. You love the Spanish culture. Spanish is spoken in at least 20 countries of the world, including Spain itself, in Europe and in Latin America, excluding Brazil. Do you even know why Spanish is spoken in so many countries? That is because when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 40 92 and he went back to Spain telling the Queen and King off Spain about this new continent, they were very happy. But he found out that this continent is not civilized at all. That's why they sent many missionaries to Latin America so that they could spread their Christianity. Religion on day could spread their language in this continent, and this is how the Spanish came into being in this continent these days. Therefore, many countries speak Spanish. Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia. All his country speak Spanish wine because they were ruled by this managed missionaries at that time in the 15th 16th century X sectoral. Spanish is the easiest language in Europe, and it is a very beautiful language. Also, it is such a fun language to learn because it has a very easy grammar rule to follow. As soon as you will learn this language, it will sound so musical to you that you will not even feel like leaving this language at all. You will say no. I want to learn this language. I want to keep learning This language unearthing the Spanish language is famous for is it's beautiful culture. Christmas is celebrated in Spain and it is not just celebrated for one day. It does actually celebrated for 10 days at least. Christmas celebrations aren't started on the 24th December itself, following with the grand dinner. Andi with partying all night, you will feel so happy again. I'm telling you, learning the Spanish language another thing that is very famous in Spain is the state off is the community off on the Luzia where you find so many beautiful oranges on the Lucy A is a community in Spain which is very famous for its oranges. Spain is also famous for its food. For example, gazpacho Spain is the land off gazpacho is which is the court tomato soup. It is the land off Hialeah, which is its national food. Not only Spanish is the easiest language in Europe, but it is actually the easiest language in the world. To learn it is more easy than English, so why not learn this language? Also, it is important to learn foreign language these days because it is important to be a bilingual. You are paid more. If you are an engineer in the United States, they will ask you that. Do you know a foreign language? And you can happily say Yes. I know Spanish Spanish has also spoken in the United States of America. It is the second most spoken language in New Jersey. You will find when you go to the malls you will find announcements taking place only in Spanish and then English in their products. The Spanish language is written For example, if you buy a bottle of milk, Spanish is written in that bottle. That's how famous the Spanish language is. So happily learn the language in the scores. Pay attention, learn the language, learned the beauty off this language. 2. Greetings and Farewell in Spanish : Hello, everybody. We're going to start the class with greetings and farewells in Spanish. Let's look at the translation off this. The translation off this is Los Salute. Does it ESP, Adidas and El Espanol with Los Solidos meaning the greetings And this Adidas meaning farewells. Andi in meaning in an El espanol meaning Spanish. Let's see what this lesson has to offer us. First, we start off some definitions in Spanish. How will you greet a person when you meet them on the road or in the school? The first word is hello and in Spanish we see Ola. The edge is silent. That's where we do not pronounce this word as Hola. But Ola, the second word is Buenos Dias, which means good morning notice that the I India's does not have a Daut like we do in English on top of thigh. Instead, we have a little line, which means we have to stress on this I. So we have to say the US instead off Dia's. If there was no line on top off the I, we would pay, pronouncing it as the US Let's look at the third word Now. The third word is Buena start is which means good afternoon or good evening in Spanish. Notice that I am not pronouncing the letter t in Spanish as stuff. Nor am I pronouncing the letter D has go in Spanish. These two letters are pronounced as the end the respectively. That's why I'm saying buenos our this and not star this. You have to be very careful with this Another thing. The word Gwen ASUs pronounced as Buenos. Many people have the tendency off pronouncing this word as grayness which is not right in Spanish. You have to pronounce each and every letter clearly with an open mouth, you need to say buenos part of this and north something like Gwyn us. Don't this so always remember to open your mouth nice and round next word wellness nor chest which means good night Notice that C H is pronounced as Joe. Many people have the tendency or pronouncing C h s girl in Spanish Girl is pronounced in Italian but not in Spanish. In Spanish, C H is pronounced as Joe. Next word graph ius gaseous means thank you. The letters c high together are pronounced as C grassy s or gaseous. Both are correct see high together can be pronounced as see also at sea. Also, if you're in Latin America, you can pronounce it as see if you're in Spain, you can pronounce it as C next word. No say it means I do not know again there is an accent on top off the so we have to stress . We have to say say instead, off say, because if you remember, I had just told you that whenever there is an accent on top of the vowel, you have to stress on that very letter. One thing you need to remember is that this line is known as deal They in Spanish, which means accent. They only come on top off accents Now, you know, look at how to talk with the person when you meet them for the first time. This can range from anything to us. What is your name in Spanish? We say What is your name as almost alien mus Notice that again There is a line on top off the old So we do not say Coomber but home because I had just told earlier that whenever there is a line on top of the world, we have to stress on the travel. So we have to sick call Moon. If there was a line on the second hole, then we would have said something like Go home. And if there was more lying, then we would have said or mo. But there is a nine. So we sick calm. Almost 10 llamas double l is pronounced as Leah. Okay. Or you. If you're in Latin America, you can say you're If you're in Spain, you can salia. And if you're in Argentina, you can also pronounce it as azure. So you can say comb Okay. Yeah, Hamas. You can say Cuomo pay Jima's or you can say commodity Yamase which both are correct. Notice in Spanish. We have two types of question marks. One is in the end and one is in the beginning. The beginning one is upside down. Why is that so? Well, there is no hard fast rule we included because it's just a rule in the language. The someone asks you call material. Must you tell the mainly on Maria you can add any name you want. It means my name is Maria. Then you can see you can ask them a question like, Where are you from? They don't they heiress. Which means where are you from? The means from off Don't demons where and areas means you are. So it's actually like saying from where you are, you can say your soy, the America I am from America your means I sorry means I am. And they already Norman's from an America, you know, Miss America. Another word for America is Los Estados Needles, which means the United States. You don't have to always right. Your you can also just say soy because so in itself also means I am Arcata the Dicus. I want to tell you that Q u E in Spanish is not pronounced as quick, but it similarly qu I will not be pronounced as we but e Okay, so here basically were not pronouncing the letter you we are thinking it's just ke Ys region. For example. I get it the dicus and claiming what do you do? You can say something like yours. Soy is still be on pit, which means I am a student. You can say your soy professore, which means I am a teacher. You can say your soy profess or of which also means I am a teacher but female because of the word professor is ending in and eat. If you say Professore, it will mean a meal teacher. You can also say you also a doctor which means I am a male doctor. You can say your soy doc Tora which means I am a female doctor. One throws a new Steenis. How old are you? You can say something like your thing. Look, these spaniels I am 10 years old now. Obviously you want to see off someone. How will you see off somebody? How will you say bye to them? There are many ways to say this. For example, you can say something like me boy. Which means I am going back. You're having a conversation with somebody and you're tired and you will say I'm going back . You will say May Boy, Many people have the tendency or saying the word m e as me like we do in English. But we do not say this in Spanish. We saved me because in Spanish the literally e is pronounced as a And I told you earlier that all these balls in Spanish are pronounced the wavy Pronounce it in the alphabet. So we say May, boy. And the old way is always pronounced as oy necesito e It means I need to go. You can even say your necesito eat, which means I need to go. Okay, If you say necesito also, it means I need they both here. It means I should go So basically NECESITO means I need and ah, able means I should. And as you can see from these sentences, you means to go anger. Okay, eat. I have to go. Thank okay. Basically means I have to. And if you you can even write your here you think OK year which will also mean I have to go . Hasta luego means by now the U E letters will be pronounced as a way and G will be pronounced as go. Many people have the tendency of promising it as Joe. But it is wrong. G always pronounced us gorgeous like we do in English and again edge is silent here also. And Tia, as I had said earlier, will be pronounced as the hasta manana. We'll see you tomorrow A so you can see Austin means Ah see you. Okay, on the loo ago. Means later or then And Austin manana will me see you and Magnon amiss tomorrow. Manana also has the meaning off. Morning. Notice that on top of the end, there is a curly nine. This curly nine means, uh, you have to pronounce this letter as near Magnon. Oh, so you can or say manana, but manana passed on money in a poor LeMond. Yemma this miss you tomorrow morning or see you tomorrow in the morning. Por la manana means in the morning at the OSS means goodbye again. You can see that there is an accent on top off the oh, so you have to stress on this word again. We will not pronounce the D as the but we will pronounce it as in the hasta pronto Wilman. See you soon. And then we have Incanto in cantata, which means nice to meet you. Other person will say macho Gusteau, which means the pleasure is mine. The last two will obviously, uh, come into play when you are ending the conversation. If you're a boy, you will say encantada, which means nice to meet you. If you're a girl, you will sit in cantata. Nice to meet you Macho, whose talk can be said with by anyone Whether you are a boy or a female, you will say macho Gusteau, notice that g you will be pronounced as group. And again I want to remind you that D will be pronounced as the and D will be pronounced as the okay. Please do Revise all these vocabulary Worse. They will be very handy for you. This is it for this. Listen. 3. Days of the Week in Spanish: Let's have a look at the days off the week in Spanish. This is translated as lost their the lesson. Mama lost the US, meaning the Days and Samana, meaning the week. No very simple vocabulary. You need to learn pronouncing, Let's look at it and luminess means Monday L Martha's means Tuesday l Miracle is means Wednesday. L Quivers means thirsty. L VE Airness Friday and Sabah Dough Saturday L. Domingo Sunday I would like to draw your attention to the word Thursday in Spanish notice that I have pronounced the letter J as cup instead of Joe. That is because Jay has the pronunciation off who we have. A very nice and strong car. L Whoever's another thing I want to tell you that you notice that the days of the week and Spanish do not begin with the uppercase letter. Like, for example, Blueness is written with a lower case. Martha's is written with a lower case M that is a room. Another thing you need to know that the days off the week carry with themselves the EL, which means those who is actually saying the Monday the Tuesday Obviously, we're Bill not pronounce. We will large say these words as the Monday when we're translating them, we will simply say Monday, but in Spanish, it is actually understood as the Monday the Wednesday except Tre. Now let's learn how to make sentences with the days off the week, uh, force awful. Let's look at the key words here. Ah, Vienna. This was a means It comes after. Okay, this boy stain means after and when you write this post a you can write, you can attach with it any word you want. Where is Vienna? It's by yourself means it comes. Okay. The second key were you need to remember is Vienna on Thursday, which means it comes before on Thursday. It means before, whereas this questing means after, let's look at the first sentence an enormous Vienna. This plus they Domingo. Very simple of the keywords with you, you can easily translate it, you can say. For example, Monday comes after Sunday. You know that a luminous means Monday, you know, Vienna disposed. Timmons comes after and you know the Domingo means Sunday. Second sentence L. Marta's win indisposed a luminous do stay guns after Monday L miracle is vin, and this was them off this Wednesday comes after two state and Sabato Vienna disposed. The were Saturday comes after Friday. Okay, here. The only thing you need to remember is the vocabulary off the days of the week, and you need to remember that when you're writing after and Spanish, you cannot forget to write. They you have to write this place that you cannot just right. L. Martha's again and this was luminous. It will be grandma to be wrong. Let's look at the second lot of sentences Number one and whoever is Vienna on this. Their weirdness Thursday comes before Friday and Unis Vienna on this day March Monday comes before Tuesday's. So I just want to draw your attention to Entous that on this day is the opposite off this Wednesday because on Thursday means before, and this was the means after number three and near coolers Vienna on Thursday. Whoever's Wednesday comes before Thursday, and Sabako Vienna aunt is the Domingo. Saturday comes before Sunday. So here you have to remember the important keywords and the days off the weak, and you need to know the difference between this boy's day and on Thursday you start writing your own sentences also and learned these ones ALS Now you can also write Ah, about a birthday, for example Uh, you can even use the days off the week to talk about When is your birthday? Let's look at the key words here completely in news means birthday Hess means is me means my l means on an awesome Though Wandell means win tour means your padre means father mother him in the mother and the aim is off. Let's look at the first sentence. The first sentence here is Cuando is to humbly an use. When is your birthday okay is you know Cuando means when s means is to means your income pianos, Miss birthday. So when we translated it, you will come with the answer. When is your birthday? You will simply reply We completely unused s luminous. My birthday is on Monday And you, Ito, you do in Spanish will be written as why coma and two with an accent under you of that small line. I was talking to you about that tour which has a small line on top off the U means you. And if you do not put any lying on that, you it will mean your number three me completely in Euros s El Sabado. My birthday is on Saturday Notice that I'm saying El Sabado and saboteur Will can also mean on Saturday because on the right hand side, under the keywords, you will notice that l means on number four. One day I still complete Anya's the two battery. When is the birthday off? Your father. L compli unused Amy Povera sl Miracle is the birthday off. My father is on Wednesday, however translating. I'm just following like yours and the days of the week Number 61 Faisal completion. Use the to moderate when it's the birthday off your mother l completely unused a mi madre sl Whoever's the birthday off My mother is on Thursday. But what I would like you to do is you please make your own questions regarding the birthday awful person and then answer that very question using the days of the week. This is it for this. Listen, 4. Months in Spanish: Let's have a look at the Spanish months. The translation off months is lost, Mrs. Which means the months. Let's look at the vocabulary words first, repeat after me a needle January, Febrero, February, Marzel March. You can also pronounce the word Mom also as Maher soap because the that is also pronounced as so it is pronounced as so also and so also so we can say Marceau or Marceau. Aubrey April My you, me cornu June. As I said, J is pronounced as cup Coolio, which means July Argo store, which means August septembre, which means September octobre, which means October Noviembre, which means November, and the Sea. Embry, which miss December. Please remember that all the Spanish months are rich in with a lower case letter and not within uppercase letter, because this is a rule in the Spanish like now let's learn how to make sentences with months or, as soon as Carlos Mrs mean sentences with the money, with all the Sooners meaning sentences, corns with and lost Mrs Meaning the month. If you want to say something like my birthday is in January, for example, you will say me kupelian use s and in Iraq. You know that me means my companions means birthday s means is any means in an an erroneous January. So it will mean my birthday is in. Generally you can even say febrero, which means me Companias s m febrero. My birthday is in January so humbly unused s and Julio so means his her It means your for politeness also So his birthday is in July. Her birthday's in July and your birthday is in July. Me companias s l d c or Chode Mou, My birthday is on 18th off me. Remember that I had explained to you earlier that El is also translated as on me completely in use No s and Febrero. My birthday is north in February. If you want only give something. For example, If you say my birthday is not on such month, you will write the north straight after the companias me companias No, that's you cannot say me companias as snow in English. We right there No, after the is But in Spanish. We write it before the is Mu companias no s and Nero. My birthday is north in January again, we're doing the same thing we're writing. No after her birthday. It's like saying in English my birthday north is in January. But in spend in Ah, Spanish we have to say me completely in use. No isn't in a row. Instead of saying Nico pianos s known and so many people will have the tendency off saying no after this. But it is not good wonder is to communion. When is your birthday me completely in use sl also them Arsal. My birthday is on 11th off March me companias sl the Assisi at the doctor brand My birthday's on 17 off October. Please remember to write down your own sentences like these and, uh, this will help you to revise everything you have studied so far. This is it for this list. 5. Numbers in Spanish: we're going to study numbers right now which you will really enjoy. The translation off numbers in Spanish is lost. New mirrors. Let's go ahead with this lesson. We're going to practice the pronunciation. You can repeat after me. One is, you know, notice that you is not being pronounced as you were not saying, you know, But you know Number two is pronounced as those three that is four oclock through five Cinco or Cinco cinco If you're in Spain Cinco If you're in Latin America six. Safe seven c Etiquette. Eat or chew nine. Know of it, then this 11 All say if you're in Latin America on, say, if you are in Spain Number 12 though. Say if you're in Spain, those say if you're in Latin America 13 3 C 14 Cath Orsa 15 Kinsey 16 The f Eat Saiz 17 dse See it it? 18 DSE or choe 19. The thing with for 20 venting 21 venti. You know, 22 went Does 23. 20 Dress 24. Venti Quattro 25 20 Cinco 26 20. Safe 27. 20 c a t 28 20 or choke 29. Venting Whoever 30 Trenta 31 20. You know, I want to go back to these numbers and I want to concentrate on the country 1 to 10 1 to 10 . You have to memorize by heart. You have no choice. You have to say to yourself, Okay. Number one is Oh, no. Number two his doors. Except then number 11 to 19. Also, you have to learn very carefully. You have to remember that 20 is pronounced as venti. Now let's concentrate on the numbers from 29 from 21 to 29. No, you already know the number 20 is pronounced as venting. You know that one is, you know, So when we say 21 we have to 70 and we'll know simple. However, when we say venti, you know, instead of saying 21 over, then e after the tea You were right. And I like I have written for 21. I have returned 20 own over than I. Let's look a 22 now for 22 I say. Then did those okay? I have taken my event. They were just 20 and I have taken right doors, which is two, and have joined them together. And however you need to remember that I am not writing e with 20 does I'm writing an I instead Saying goes for 23 which is 20 trays 24 which is when the quad Trek sector. You just need to remember that with numbers from 21 to 29 you have to write 20 and the other number from 1 to 9 together. And in between there should be the I No went 40 comes How will you write? 31 32. You already know that 30 is strengthened. How to write 31. You have to say it. Trenta e. You know, you have to say 30 and one. Then they does 30 and two in English. Obviously we don't say 30 in one, but in Spanish we have to say it like this. We write it like this. But when we are reading it in English, the Spanish word When we translated, we will obviously translated as 31. So what am I doing here? I'm taking my number. Trenta. I'm writing the why which means on in Spanish. And then I write my one. We just boom. Same goes for Trent I does. I write rent. I was just told me. I write my wife, which is on and then I write to with just those. Okay, This I will do for 31 39. You can do this by yourself in your notebook. Let's see how it prolongs the worst 4200 gwahd anthem, which is 40 41 will be caught and taken. All I'm doing is I'm taking Quaranta. I'm writing E which is hand. I just want to remind you that this letter of why means on. But it's pronunciation is eat. Why didn't they? You know Miss 41 or entity does will be 40. To warrant a dress will be 43. 50 is think Quinta 60 is se sente. 70 is Potente e t is gente 90 is no vente and 100 is seen. Now we're going to learn how to make sentences with numbers, Gomaa said, Or assumes Carlos minerals or I'll see honest means sentences and corn means with Let's read these sentences I want true is toe the antis and le classic. I means there are or there is okay and has told the antis with means students and not last thing means in the class there are four students in the class ideas, personas and low class it. There are 10 people in the class. Okay, again, H a y is pronounced as either h is silent. I want to remind you that the third letter is pronounced as the or third So we can say the s all sword. The SL's personas means people and means in There are 10 people in the class. I rent a personas and I'll park it. There are 30 people in the park barking mean spark and l is masculine dough Park is a masculine words So I say l park it. There are 30 people in the park. Number four I see in a studio on tests and love will never see that there are hundreds students in the university As to the antis again, it means students and means in and Liza feminine though Oh, you never see that ends in the a d b a. The ending is a feminine ending in Spanish. So I will say now only were see that instead off Allouni we'll see that Isis Santa is Toby on test endless quella. There are 60 students in the school esque Willem in school. I want to tell you to practice these sentences. And, uh, you can also come up with more sentences. Have a look at some online dictionaries. Ah, in your, um ah, meantime, you can look at the Internet for some Oh, keywords. Now, here are the key words. What? I was explaining you on the right time side are all these keywords given I have used these keywords Oh, in my sentences. So let's look at these key words. I again it means there are and there is and many people have the tendency Oh, pronouncing this word as hate. But it does not hate it is I s still the anti means student as to the anti can be a meals student Also it can be a female student Also is Toby on test means students they're zonas needs people Persona means one person But again you sport again I want to tell you that you you Ian Spanish is pronounced sk and not way. And it is a masculine word. Park gate any means in class Amy's class It's a feminine work as quail a means of school. Okay, see you in Spanish will be pronounced as wit. Okay, You never see that means university. Many people have a tendency or pronouncing this word as university that but it does not. It is only were see that because of the Spanish alphabet. The letter you is pronounced as you. Now I would like to also draw your attention to one which is masculine. Oh, you know, which is feminine people basically on ism masculine or it is used with all masculine owns. For example, park is a master allows, I will say own Park it, uh, you never see that is a feminine noun. Una you never see that. Okay. L is a mask, Lindo. Okay, um and I can say, for example, a park. It, uh which means the park. Okay. Park is a master nose out of the park. It I can say la escuela are square lies ending in an aids feminine word. So I will use the feminine the lot, Esqueda actually, in Spanish, we the loans have genders. They end in old and in exacta. That's why we have masculine and feminine art. Ona ella our articles. So this is it for now. You can, ah, practice reading these sentences. You can also write them on their own. You could also refer to alling Spanish dictionaries, which are like Spanish dichter dot com, and you can come up with some vocabulary from that online are dictionary and then you can practice writing your own sentences from their worlds. This is it for this lesson. Please keep practicing. 6. How to Talk about Yourself in Spanish: welcome. We're going to learn to talk about yourself in Spanish in this lesson. First, let's see how to translate the sentence into Spanish. It means go a block. They si mismo or these in Isma and in Espanol. No, Obviously, before we learn how to talk about ourselves, we first must know a list off adjectives. It is very important. So let's practice the pronunciation first and then let's learn their meanings. The first word is Guapo, which means handsome gulapa, which means beautiful. You need to know that in Spanish we have genders for adjectives. If we're talking about a meal, the adjectival and then oh, and free talking about a female, we will talk. We will use the objective ending in e So therefore Guapo is for a boy. Whereas guava is for a girl, it is different than in English, where we do not have genders. For the words second word Bonito bonito. Handsome, beautiful. Five years The visa Naughty Davi Eso is for a boy savvy esa for a girl again, it is different compared to English, where we have just one word naughty for both meals and females. Fourth word intelli can't be intelligent worth that end in e will be used for both meals and females. That means we do not end the word in intelligent off for a girl. Nor do we end the word with intelligent thought For a boy. The words ending in e for adjectives will remain common for both males and females. Next word, Gagliardo Italiana Quiet. The double l will be pronounced as Leah or you on shadow on Giada, Honest on esto only. Stop honest Sophia Bleidt. Sociable. See, I will be pronounced as C or C since Otto. Since Satya Sensible, sensibly sensitive I'll L uh toe Delgado Delgada 10 Gordo Gorda fat seem article sympathetic er kind this bond sub lee responsible avocado or Taba Qadoura hardworking works and Spanish that end in O. R or masculine. In order to change them into feminine, we simply add an eight. Now we're ready to tell what is our name, where we're from and ex sectoral. First we tell in our introduction or name. We say Millie Amo, which means my name is number two. We say where we are from For that we have to say you're so it there. And then we write the name off the place. I can say, for example, you also eat the Italy. Oh, I am from Italy. You're sorry? Means I am. They means from or off number three we right where we live, your v evil in I live in its value. I live in Italy. Your means I ve vill means I live. Even if you don't write you and you simply write weevil, it will mean I live number four. You can write your parents name and describe them in seven adjectives. Me, Padre, se llama, which means my father's name. This Mi madre Sayama. My mother's name is then where you see L s. It means he it's Elia is when she is here. You can write seven adjectives that you learned previously. For example, you can see a less intelligent that he is intelligent sexual number five. Describe yourself in seven adjectives. Your Slowey, I am. And here you can write the seven adjectives from the list you just learned. For example, you can say your Slowey shabiha Dora, which means I am hardworking and you can read six more adjectives here. Number six, right? Your pets knee. Neema Scott A Sayama. My pets Name is an eager write his name Number seven. Describe your pit. You can describe your pet by saying me Moscow tha is my pet is Gorda for example? My pet is fact number eight, right? What do you do? Your story is to the anti. For example, I am a student. You can also say your story, profess or I am a teacher. Number nine, right? Her age your tangled ds annuals. I am 10 years old. You have the numbers list so you can use other numbers to tell your age also for for for professions you can use any other profession you want number 10 You write your birthday. Me companias as a luminous My birthday is on Monday Me completely in use a Sylvia's he say's the Julio. My birthday is on 16th off July. No, obviously you will be given a list of a calvary Words for professions. You can include other professions also. Okay, in this list. So again I will repeat. Oh, the self introduction is a very easy lesson. You just take out a pen and a notebook and try writing as much as you can. All right. And again it is very easy to learn. So I will just give you an example. For example, I can say something like Malia Mo Rina, Get my name Is Rena your soy simpatico? Honest? The troubadour? A. That means I am kind, honest, hard working. And I can use other four adjectives to describe myself. Then I can say me Moscow. Tha s Ah, simpatico. My pet is kind. Um and other thing. You also a doctor, Laura. I am Dr your Soy cientificos. I am a scientist. So again, as I said, I have said to you earlier the Spanish is a very easy language to learn. I'm sure that by looking at all these sentences, you will feel that it is definitely an easy language to learn. I don't think whatever I have talked to so far would be very difficult to learn. Now you will be definitely given. Ah, list of a capital were So make sure you add something additional. Also to this, it's not like you have to add what I just gave you. You can write something more imaginative. Also hope you like the list. This is it for this list 7. Spanish for Travelers: Hello, everybody. Right now we're going to learn Spanish. For travelers, this is a very special listen for those who are planning to travel to spatter speaking countries like Spain and other Spanish speaking countries in Latin America. In this lesson, you will be learning how to speak if you are in an airport. If you are in a hotel and if you are in a restaurant or catching a taxi so something you will enjoy, you will learn what kind of vegetables there are in Spain. You will learn pronunciation, and you will be happy because you will learn how to say new sentences. These are very simple sentences because, as you know of the Spanish language is easy to learn, so you will not find that many off difficulties when you are speaking in Spanish. So let's go ahead how to converse at the airport. Another thing I would like to tell you that this will be beneficial for you because this, especially this conversation at the airport, will teach you small things. For example, what time the airplane airplane will take off for time, it will, and from which ah, gate number, you have to go to accept Tre. So that's start and please practice the pronunciation with me the 1st 1 and well Oh, this bigger Della porta our numero the a c horchow. This means the flight takes off from gate number 18. El Vuelo means the flight, and this bigger they means takes off Della Puerta from the gate numeral DSC or chore number 18. So, for example, when you, um, are in the, uh, airport and you want to ask somebody Okay, so what time it takes off them? This is what answer you will get. Obviously you want some help from the airport authorities? You will ask them where they are. Udar most it. Can you help me here where they means can you? And are you daughter? May means help. Me and Allstate means you formal. You can even put to here, which means au informal. So you can also say Puerto, are you Dr Mate too? Um no se, don't they Estalella Puerto? No, Middle The a, C or Chou. I do not know where is gate number? The Essex so Or gate number 18 worth a no medal means gauge number. Worth also means door and no se means I do not know. And don't They means where and a start means is and LA you really know means the a k order this bigger and well. Oh, at what time does the flight take off? Baki Aura means at what time. And you already know that El Vuelo means our flight. Notice that the word takeoff in Spanish which means this big is coming before the word flights was like saying At what time takes off the flight? Basically, here are some more phrases Ah, when somebody asks you at what time it takes off then they will say El Vuelo this bigger Ah lost those Talat, are they? The flight takes off at 2 p.m. You can even say El Vuelo This bigger Allah Stress Della party which means the flight takes off at three pm You can even say they Lonmin Yana, which means a m. You can even say they learn logic, which means PM But for night our key order A Theresa El Vuelo. At what time does the flight learned now? Ah, we know that our K or a means at what time a Theresa is the opposite off this bigger which means land. So you're actually saying at what time does the flight El Vuelo? A Theresa. Alas, Quatro de la Manana. The flight lands at 4 a.m. Now I los cuatro means at four and they LaMunyon amines am. You can even say b m over here. Which will mean they'll Atar they and you could even say Ah pm which can also mean the lodger. But that Dylan what you will be in the night get it paid. It was still this means what do you want to order K with an accent on the eat means what and Kerry means you want and predator means to order, you know said we know lose you formal It's for used for politeness instead of writing Instead you can even right toe. But if you want to write toe then you need to put an s after the word Here you have to be careful with this. This is something Ah, that the air hostess will ask you And you can answer something like solamente will not Assad a day which means only a cup off d. You can even say Sola me and they will not Assad the Agua which means only a cup of water. You can even say cafe, which means coffee. You can even say chocolaty very which you can say salam in their own chocolaty. Except now. Ah, let's go ahead. Want us? Maleta skin? It was stead. Of course. When you go to the airport, the airport authorities will ask you when you want to put your stuff on the conveyor belt. This in Spanish is how many suitcases do you have? So as you can see, suitcases means my Letta's. And of course, you can write to instead of instead. But remember that when you want to put to than after Tina, you need to put a s. Just all you have to remember is after each walk. Just keep putting in s if you want to use to. And Quantas means Ah, how many and so forth get Order s off course. If someone else UK or eyes, that is what time it is. And you can say something like so loss or true, which means it is it all right and ah, off course. Ah Solis Or true, you can even say solo siete A which means that the several soul assays, which means it is six. So loss in new every, which means it is nine. And how about if you want to say it is 8 15 so you can go like so unless or tro e quarter, which means it is eat and 1/4. How about if you want to say it is you're 30? Then you will go like Solis or Choe E Media or 10 30. It's unless ds e media 11 30 so lost on, say, emedia acceptable. Now let's go. Ah, little bit more forward. We will learn how to catch a taxi. So you're in Spain and you want to go somewhere? Um, What kind of conversation will you have with that person? No, El pasa herro means a male passenger. If it's a female passenger, you will say something like la pasa Hera, which means the female passenger so you can go like boilers. The assault when it's not chase off. When I started this and go, you can go like tengo que et al centro poor for which means I have to go to the central. Please. We have also learned this earlier thing. Okay, It means I have to go 45 or means please. Okay. So l tax system, which means the taxi driver here latoc system will mean the female or taxi driver, so l tax sister can go like claro que parted El Centro off course toe Which part off the center? Okay, Uh, another word for sure can also be poor Sue puesto or Valley V a l e. Which means Okay, in pass a hero the passenger I lie squarely international k Start in like I using Gwenda esta cerca del park it eso she the mean the He tells the taxi driver where he wants to go toe. He says to the international school that is on the street 50 It is near the park. Okay, swell International is international school. And ah que Stein, like our years in Quinta is status on the street. 50 Collier Lock Ali Over here is the street and a Strasser come use it is near. Okay. And, um basically, Dell Parker is off the park. Since we can't write, um, they l we join a day l and it becomes they'll. It's a rule in the Spanish language and the opposite off it is near. Will be as Calico's lejos means far. So you can even use this word when you were speaking. Ah, for example, seeing a style lejos the parquet, which means it is far from the park. The taxi driver then says, least over Ramos, which means I am ready. Let's go. You need to remember that if you are a female, then you will say Elista. And then Varmus means let's school. Ramos also means we go now Let's say you were in the taxi then what happens? What kind of conversation will you have them? When the taxi driver arrives, he will say lies quella a stocky This means the school is here. Ah, the opposite off here will be there Which in Spanish will be pronounced as Ali. A double l I with an accent on the I. You can even say Aaliyah, which means over there edible Ellie accent on the El pasa hero will then see who just gaseous quanta volley. Thank you very much. How much does it cost? Another way to ask. A cost of something will be one toe quester. How much does it cost? Okay, Uh, another way for Muchas gracias is woochi Seamus gaseous. Which means thank you very much more. G. Seamus is the superlative off. The word would just then l tax system will save Allah. This was okay. 10 euros. Um, okay, value means OK, then the pass a hero will say a kilo tne. Okay, this cycle of wiltel basically okay. This accord of Wilders A fixed expression, it means keep the change and a kilo. T enemies. Here you go. Or here you have it. Okay, Because, as you know, means here and low means it a masculine it and TNN means you have. So here you have it. This is this literal translation, then l tax sister will say gracias. Which will Thank you. Okay, So this is the conversation you should learn for how to, ah, travel in a taxi. And you can definitely add more sentences if you want. Oh, in this now, how to converse in the hotel's reception. This is a very easy conversation. Also, you can first say Bono's the s career is a Verona Whittlesey on para este Sabato. So Bono's the as you can even write gonna start this here. Do not write something like Buenos Notches because that is like ending a conversation. So good morning. I wanted to reserve a room for the Saturday get here. Means I wanted it. Is something used for politeness? If you want to be polite, um, you can even say something like, um Chiaro qu i er which means I want. But that will not sound too polite. It will look very rude by saying I want to reserve a room for the Saturday so don't you something like that. Okay. On reserve are you know, Mr Reserve gonna beat Ascione means a room. Onda para Este Sabato means for the Saturday you There's another distance. Spanish, which is s stock. You can't say Ah esta Sabato because I bought those are mastering work and esta is a feminine This we have two types of this Este and Esther. This is then we have to. This is no but a Qantas personas. Obviously the receptionist will ask you for how many people will keep our eyes for but on those Purcell knows for two or just for two people. Condos, commas with two birds, he on value completo and a complete bathroom or en suite bathroom. Notice that since ban use a masculine work. The word complete will also be masculine. We can try it completely. The person says volley the receptionist, including Muslim decide, you know. Okay, this can be translated as do you want breakfast or do you want to breakfast included? Or shall we include the breakfast? No. Brosius solamente El Ojo Mentor Solo el Aloha me into which means no, thanks. Just the room. Or it can also means just accommodation. They acquire the off course or okay, a partier. Dallas does it. Andros Orbital's your police sta Your room will be ready from 12 0 clock apart. They means from. And a partier day means from and lost those same is 12 o'clock. Tendra means you will have. And because you saw a bit, Ascione means your room and these things ready. And of course, you have some problems at times in your hotel you could say something like Bono's the s medical study on up about that day or in a Copa the cafe Callie and I would like a cup of hearty or a hot coffee instead of medical study. A. You can also put something like area, which means Ah, um, I wanted or Chiaro, which means I want. And instead of state Copa, you can also say past 30. Is that it? Uh, if you want ah, authority, you can say something like, um, for example, cold coffee can be something like one Look a fair free or ah, if you want ice T, you can say something like one day Mellado. Oh, loose. No, it's toughens. You know, the light is not working, and stuff was. Your Nando is working and noise toughens. You know there's not working, and La Luz means the light. No, I broccoli internal quarto de Bannu. There is no hot water in the bathroom of woman's water and quartered the barn. You mean spot through. Okay, so obviously you can create your own conversations, and you have to learn this conversation very well if you're planning to travel to a Spanish speaking country and make sure you add more off your lines also, now there are some more problems that, according the hotel, it can go like hell. I reckon loose. You know, Ari or no Estefan's Alando. The air conditioner is not working, so basically all you have to do is you already know how to say no. Estefan's Orlando the new Instead of the air conditioner, you can add any word you want. For example, you want to say the heating is not working. For example, So you can say a lot. Halifax Ian No, Estefan Sunanda Like Halifax. Ian means the heating. You want to say Ah, for example, you have a microwave in your kitchen. Off the hotel. You can say Lemi crow on bus noise Star funds Yolanda Last micro on this is the, um ah, the oven or the microwave. Me Quarter? No, a Libyan. My room does nor smell good. Okay, now, well, a in Spanish means smell and being means good. All right. No, you have in section your room you can say I in sectors and me cuarto you already know that I means there are so you can go like I and in sectors means insects in my and Nick War talk room because I won't say any Abbott as you. And if there are other problems you want to say there are mosquitoes. You can see mosquitoes in cuarto. If there are arms in your room, you can say I or meet us in me quarto and so far. Okay. So as I had said earlier also please at your own lines. Learning of vocabulary very, very well. Okay. Ah, And you will be very, very comfortable. This end off course. You have a vocabulary here that you will get in the end. You will use that vocabulary. Ah, to frame your sentences properly. No, let's move ahead. Ah, let's go to how to converse in a restaurant. Let's look at some vocabulary for vegetables first, let's learn their pronunciation. No, in Spanish lass were duras means the vegetables. Another word for their duras is lost. The hit list? No, you should repeat after me. Lechuga means they're letters now. The reason reporting live here is because, as you know, let you was ending than it. Lechuga the letters l Tamati that to me to know. You must be saying this word is not ending in all. Still, we think it is a Muslim non reporting a masculine article. Elvia putting the mask. Linda, that is because we just have to learn it. Okay, sometimes even when the word is not ending in or it will still be considered masculine. Why does that happen? Nobody knows You have to learn it by yourself. Last I boehlje the onion l peppino the cucumber Lock our data. The potato Labatt outta the sweet potato. Okay. Ah San audio. Ah, the carrot. You will not say Lozano area then in Spanish is pronounced as sir or so like it will start earlier Lack only floor the collie flower and be me in tow The bell paper The Red Bill paper Love Ben and Hannah the angel and broccoli their broccoli and jump in your the mushroom Another word for mushroom in Spanish is latte Ceta Last safer s e t a laughter Labasa the pumpkin l'm ice the maze lost Decent is the peace A kallab, a scene, the zucchini Something that you get in Europe alone. Let's go. For example, You can go like you want to go to a restaurant. You sit in a restaurant and the waiter waist dress Ask you something like this. Killing gustaria baby. What would you like to drink? Okay, um they can also ask you something like a Lego study. Ah, Momir O'Meara means to eat. Okay. Ah, you can go like, um k i N l Manu. Which means what is there in the menu. Okay, um you can even go like I'll go especially. Which means is there anything special? Algo means anything especially means special Off course it will ask them. You would like a starter's first. What would you like? You can go like. Ok, I did. Premier Plateau Premier Plateau is force plate Basically the literal translation for ah Premier plateau is first placed or first dish. Plateau also means a dish. So this actually means obviously you country translated as what is therefore fourth day? Sure what is there for the force plate? You will go like what is there for the starches? All right. Ah then obviously you can go like something like Ah, um there is always a Charles for drinking soup. You know, You say I want to take some soup so you can say like megastar Ariela sopa I would like soup . Okay. You already know how to say I would like So I would like his medical study. A soap bar means the soup and for example, you want the soup off Means you can go like me Gustaria la sopa de my eyes. I would like a soup off miss. You want to soup off carrot? A medical study? Uh um lasso parties on Aurier. You want a soup of tomato? You can go like Maiga's telescope at the tomato. You want a soup off for a mushroom? Make Ah gustaria. Ah, la sopa the champion. Yun Okay. You want a soup off? Um Ah. Kali floor. May Busta A megastar. Ariela sopa. They're called the floor. All right. No, you can even tell them for starters at times. And Spain can have ah wine at times also. Oh, so you can say Parral a baby. The mega study. I won't be nothingto for drinks. I would like a red wine. We know Tinto is a red wine. Vino Tinto is something that is Ah ah that comes under the culture of Spain a lot. Okay. Ah, they have a lot of red wine in Spain. So this is something you should know Very well. So when someone asks you Caleb gustaria baby there you can tell them, um barrel a baby. The Mingo study. Yeah, What the nothingto or you can say Miko study a baby. Well, we know Tinto, which means I would like to drink a red White? No, you can go like OK, I disagree on the plateau. Obviously you can ask the waiter something like What is there for the main course? A segunda platinum in second plate. It also means the main course and they can say something like pariahs. Iguodala Plot Thought the name was and bow your asado. L r ose kernel pescado la Costa. This means for the main course. We have BBQ chicken rice with fish and lobster. Gone means with and Ella Rose means rice and pescado means fish languages. Time is lobster. They can even tell you names of vegetables I had shown you earlier. Que i de upholstery. What is there for dessert? Okay, upholstery means dessert. You can say something like para El Post Ray. The name was El Front. The waiter will say for the desert we have putting. This is just an example. Obviously they can give you more answers. They can say it. Animals on a torta, which means we have a cake. Then it must own a torta. The chocolaty which means we have a cake off chocolate. They can also say we have ah, ice cream which means a lotto Okay, So do you ever look at this? Do try to, ah, learn this properly before traveling to a Spanish country. And, ah, are some more sentences toe this dialogue also. All right, this is it for this. Listen. 8. Useful Vocabulary in Spanish: we're going to learn useful Spanish Will Cavalry right now that you will find very, very fun to learn. First, let's look at its translation. Here is a list all Spanish vocabulary off professions with his translation into English. Let's look at the first word. The first word is Professore her office order, which means teacher or professor? No, in Spanish. We have genders forwards. For example, the meal teacher would be pronounced as professor, whereas the female teacher would be pronounced as professor. Tha we simply add an E. It is different compared to English, where we just have one word teacher for both meal and female. We don't have a word. For example, teach rule or teacher are for a girl. But in Spanish we have that. The second word is Ah Bogado Abu Ghada, which means a lawyer. Off course Abogado will be for a mere lawyer, whereas Abou Ghada will be for a female lawyer. The 3rd 1 Seed O Connell see Johanna Surgeon. The James Spanish is pronounced as car instead. Off Joe, that's way we pronounce this word as Siddle Connell and Siegle Khanna the next word. Hardy Nido Hardin Ada is a gardener CNN difficult CNT FICA scientist The letters C I together are pronounced as C or C C. If you're in Latin America, fee. If you're in Spain, que didnt The manager g e is pronounced as hey and not J words and Spanish That ended e will remain the same for both male and female numbs. They will not change into Herenton or Herenton if its head and it will also be for the girl bancario bank data, which means banker q u E is pronounced as gay instead, off way. That's why it's pronunciation is bancario doctor Doctor Aura that is a simple one. It means Doctor Dr Dean Spanish will be pronounced as the instead off dough Dr Factories actor actress The Zed is pronounced as for instead off So the D is pronounced as the another word for actress can also be back Toto from Dante Singer. Now you can see that the word is ending in a and T E when the word ends in A and T, it is also used for girls Freezer strawberry syriza, cherry C. He is also pronounced as safe Sandia Watermelon. You will notice that there is a accent on the I the tiny line instead of the regular dot on top of thigh. That means we have to stress on this letter. So we need to say Sandia and not Sandia because it has an accent on top of the I. It means watermelon. The next word is glad to know, which means banana. This word also has an accent on the that means I have to stress on this letter and say Plata no, instead, off Latin, If there was no accent on the, I would have said platinum. But because off the accent, I'm going to say platinum the next word months. Sana, Apple. This will also be pronounced as Manzano, not an car orange. Notice that I have pronounced J as cook instead. Off Joe, I can say a few sentences. I can say me gusta Fraser. It means I like Strawberry made Busta Montana. I like up Spanish vocabulary for more fruits and colors except tre, all of us grapes. Rocco Role Cummings Red Blanco Blanca means White, Amarillo, Amarillo, Yemen's yellow. I would like to draw your attention to the two l's there, pronounced as Delia, or year, so you can pronounce this word as Amory, Leo or a Marie. You both are correct. Negro nigra. It means black. So if you're talking about a masculine owns color red, you will say, Rojo, if you're talking about ah female object, which whose color is ready, will use Roca a lot Ice cream gal yet Us. Biscuits or cookies? Our office. Conley teacher Rice pudding it It actually means rice with milk. A rose means rice. Going means with legend means milk on KK pancake. I already told you that Q. U E is pronounced as gate. Ah, still orthe Ortho means cake. Oh, other coconut cookie Bunuel owes fritters. Vino wine ledge, a milk vino Blanco white wine, syriza beer. I can say something like, for example, your Cuomo. I eat pancake A I eat pancake. Your co mogul Liotta's I Eat cookies. Your coma means I eat more vocabulary. Narron. Cada orange juice Who go sumo means juice so more than on her orange juice or juice off orange. So moments juice. Damon's off. Not uncommon is orange Lima nada lemonade, agua water and they a lado eyes T los Estados Unidos, United States off America Italia, Italy, Bolivia, Bolivia. Bolander Hollande like India India Espana Staying last Billy Penis The Philippines, Uruguay, Uruguay No, I can say a series of sentences with these words. For example, I can say your Babel who go your Babel means I drink your Babel. Who go I drink juice Your Babel. Lolly manana. I drink lemonade made. Busta Lamanna I like lemonade. I told you earlier that May gustan means I like your Babel Elta el lado. I drink iced tea. I can also say something like your vivo in Italia. I live in Italy, your Viv or means I live v i v o your v evil in Yolanda. I live in Holland. Your soy They Espana. I am from Spain. Your soy means I am The spelling is s why you're sweet. The Espana, your soy, they Philippine us which means I am from Philippines. You will have learned a lot of vocabulary and from all these vocabulary words, you can easily create sentences. You have learned three new expressions also such as me gustan, which means I like your Cuomo, which means I eat and your Babel, which means I drink. Join these three expressions with this new vocabulary you have learned and create sentences by yourself in your notebook. Let me create some more sentences with you. You'll be able Agua. I drink water. This is it for this. Listen, I hope you enjoyed it. Please keep practicing your Spanish.