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Sound Design - Create Power FX for Music Production

teacher avatar Mikael Baggström, Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction to Power Hits

    • 2. How to create Power Hits

    • 3. Live Demo 1 - Power Impacts

    • 4. Live Demo 2 - Power Notes

    • 5. Live Demo 3 - Power Chords

    • 6. Power Hits - Your Project

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About This Class

Power FX & Hits

This is my term for huge sounds with a long sustain, which can be percussive or pitched sound. Power hits are used on exact transition point for accent, and as a way to draw attention to the new section or part.

Power hits are not only used for transitions though. They can also effectively be used as big accents on let's say every 4 bar for example.

Examples of power hits in percussive type sounds are the classic cymbal well as explosions and impact type sounds that rumble. The main point is that the sound should sustain, like a big bell sound ringing out.

Examples of power hits that are pitched, are sustained power chords....braaahms....and long distorted notes...

You will now learn from practical live examples and demonstrations: how to create your own Power Hits in various styles. So let's amp up the power of your music, right now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mikael Baggström

Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer


Hey Friends and Creative People!

My name is Mike, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. I Share my Story, Journey, Experience and Knowledge, to Inspire and Empower Creative People like you. =)


I believe that learning should be fun. I love to bring my personality into my teaching style. I also try to make my courses dynamic, to be more interesting to you. =)

Friendly regards,
Mike from Sweden
Compose | Artist | Educator

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1. Introduction to Power Hits: power hits. This is my term for huge sounds with a long sustained, which can be percussive or pitched sounds. Power hits are used on exact transition points for accent on as a way to drew attention to the new section or part of your song. Power hits are not only used for transitions, though they can also be effectively used as big accents. Or, let's say, every four bore, for example, examples off power hits in percussive type sounds. All the classic Cymbal crash, as well as explosions and impact type sounds that rumble. The main point is that the sound should sustain like a big bell sound, ringing out examples of power hits that are pitched or sustained power cords, Brams and wrong distorted notes. You will now learn from tips and tricks guidelines, practical live examples and demonstrations. How you can create your own power hits in various styles. So let's amp up the power of your music right now. 2. How to create Power Hits: So how do you create a power? It well, the main aspect of a power. It is in the very name. It should be powerful. And there are many ways you can add power and density to a sound here, all the main ways. I use one. The hearing. The easiest way to make big, bold and powerful power it's is to layer many sounds. For example, 10 different drums being hit at the same time will sound more powerful than one drum. I like layering sounds that have different coolers and tone to begin with, like a string stab with a breast stab or an electric guitar power cord with a low breast octave double. So here I have layered four different samples, all with a different tone. Range and character, like the 1st 1 is a boom type sound. The next one is a short impact, a hi hat Cymbal type of sound on another impact. But I also reduced the start off to make it hit faster like this. So together they sound like this to compression and distortion, using heavy compression and also adding harmonic saturation and distortion. Plug ins will give your power. It's Mawr density and bite. I would even consider these essential effects for creating power hits off any type. For example, here I have a brand type power hit, which sounds like this pretty cool, right? But let's make it even more awesome. Using heavy compression and saturation as insert effects on this sound like this three powerful sustain, make sure that the power hit has a long sustained off the sound, either by holding the notes on the instruments used to create the power it or, if you make it, power it from a percussive sound, you should make sure that it has residents sustain after the hit, like the ring from a Cymbal crash. For high end power, it's or the aftershocks rumble. For deep impact, it's. You can also use Francie and designers to increase the sustained power. Now here are some power tips for you. One. Use octave doubling and or perfect fifth Harmony's to increase the harmonic richness and depth off your power. It's to use the stereo field to your advantage When layering the sounds that make up your power. It make the overall power it wide and focused. Three. Use heavy compression distortion wave shapers etcetera to push the average loudness level up. Super high loudness is essential when creating power. It's in the next videos. I will show you practical examples and demonstrations off specific flavors off power hit effects. So let's continue right now. 3. Live Demo 1 - Power Impacts: so impact type power. It's how do you create them? Well, what I usually do is I load up a simple player like battery, for example, and then I find a various sounds that complement each other in the layers. So, for example, this boom sounds impact sound. The higher crash top sound another low impact, and then you can shape them further with a fix and envelopes here inside battery. But the point is that you want to go into the media editor and play each note as a stack. These are four layers that together create Well, let's compare first. Those were the individual. But together they sound like this. And as you can hear simply by layering, you get a much more powerful sound. And that is, in fact, the main purpose of power. It's a truly powerful and impactful final sound, so let's not end there. What I like to do is add effects on the sound that makes it even more big and huge. So here are some of the effects I usually add on power. It sounds a transient master or Francine designer to shape if I born Mawr attack, less attack, more sustained less sustain, and I chose to add more attack, which means the punish your sound. So before we the transit designer here, there is a more powerful attack in the sound. The next one is a C saturation, which is distortion. I'm using this one from soft tube and I want to keep the low end intact, apply some distortion without on weed. Here it gets more crunchy and powerful that way. Then I like to add some more in the extreme sub beefs frequencies and I have a sub kick simulator. There are many different parties you can use for this, but simply it's a base enhancers of without. But now, if I add it, listen to this super deep some base. And finally I like to add a stereo. Widener plug in like this ozone imager. I added 50% to the stereo image without and with. And that is how I create a super powerful and impactful power it on percussive sounds like this. So if I turn off all these effects now, it will sound like this which, after you listen to the effective sound, this sounds pretty weak now, with all effects on a super powerful sound. And finally, if you want to save some CPU and RAM power, you can actually export these as an audio file by bouncing it here into your project. And that will mean that you get an audio file of the complete powerful Impact sound. And you can, actually, if you won't even delete these original track or turn it off to save some computer resource is now you have the final sound as an audio way file here. So basically, Power Impacts is about layering percussive hits and then add effects on them to make them even bigger and more powerful. Now let's continue in the next video. 4. Live Demo 2 - Power Notes: next up is power notes. So what is power Note? Well, it's basically a super powerful sound that is only one note, or perhaps to nose in an octave report. So the one of the most common ones is the brand sound used lots in trailers and cinematic epic music, which can sound like this. So how did I create this powerful sound? Well, as with all power, it's is mainly about layering. So if I go into contact here, you can see that I have layered ah string basis here from one library with strings with brass ensemble low on these other library with a horns and assemble patch here and let's see a breast designer enforcer, another library. So four different libraries playing the same note if we go into the sequence, or I shall see that I also used an octave here, so it's a little one on the high one together on all four instruments. Then again, I like using heavy compression and saturation to really make the sound more dense and crunchy. So without after I add a compressor and a saturation unit again, I like using this softie one and keeping the lows so I still have the clean sub base. It will sound like this on this incredibly powerful power notes sound called the Brem has been used lots in epic music, trailer music, cinematic music and so on. Now, the next type of power note that is more common than the Bram, which is mainly used in epic music and trader music, is simply a long, distorted note on, for example, a synthesizer. So here I have recorded one single note as a sustained, which sounds like this. So this is simply a synth patch in ominous fear that I'm using as a starting point to create the power note. Because again, it's all about making a super powerful sound. So your best friend is heavy compression and distortion, and I'm going to add a wave shaper effect. Ah, specifically a bit crusher, which makes it much more crunchy and saturated like this. On. On top of that, I'm going to use a stomp box that is an overdrive distortion unit, and together they sound like this. So that can also be a great power, no to use in the beginning, off a new powerful section or even in the build up if you are making a super epic sounding track, so that's power notes for you. Now let's continue in the next video. 5. Live Demo 3 - Power Chords: now the final power hit Sound I personal use often is the classic guitar power cord, which basically is a power cord played on electric it or with heavy distortion on it. So, in case you can play the guitar and own one yourself, I recommend actually playing and recording it into your DW as audio. But I'm using a library called Shredded Here, which has a double tracked stereo version here than I simply record one single power cord note on the low E string and added, Get all rigged with the metal distortion type sound on it and together it sounds like this , uh, on. By the way, if I remove these guitar rig effect, this is actually clean electric guitar sound, which means that you can easily switch up out the guitar AMP and add distortion pedals. And so want to shape your sound like changing into this one, for example, or this one until you have a power chord sound that you're happy with now. A power chord doesn't have to be a classic electric guitar. You can actually create a power cord on a synthesizer or basically any type of instrument that can play chords you simply add the root note, a perfect fifth above it and the octave off the root note. And that formula is one going up 77 oats and five Seminoles from that 17 12. So here I actually have a synth sound in all nous fear, which actually grows in intensity. So this could be used as a transition before the transition point, the way he used the reverse or Bush type sound effect, for example. So take a listen to this. And as with all power type sounds, I like to add saturation, which means distortion. I'm using the soft tube saturation knob. Keep low, bring it up to the middle or so and listen Now I'm sure you can hear how great this could be for a transition sound effect in your music. All right, so that's how you can create power cords to be used as transition type sound of X in your music. Now let's continue in the next video 6. Power Hits - Your Project: Now it's time for your project. Use the knowledge tapes and practical examples you have learned from to create your own power, hits, power impacts, power notes and power chords. Focus on making these sounds powerful, sustaining sounds with authority, good luck and have found creating sounds off power.