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Skillshare Marketing : How I Get My First 25 Students in One Afternoon

teacher avatar Dawid Tuminski

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Skillshare marketing How I Get My First 25 Students Promo Video

    • 2. 1How To Find Your First 25 Students On Facebook

    • 3. 2Join groups that are related to your class sepcific topic

    • 4. 3How To Make Your Class Market Yourself

    • 5. 4Skillshare's internal marketing tools

    • 6. 5Use the discussion boards

    • 7. 6How about making your premium course for free

    • 8. 7Find students and grow your brand at the same time

    • 9. 8Summary

    • 10. 9Class Project

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About This Class

I followed the instructions in this class and I reached my first 30 students in 24 hours. Thank you!!!

This is an excellent class on how to get the first 25 students into your class. There really are some excellent tips here and I recommend all instructors to check this class out!

Not getting the first 25 students to sign up in your class will kill it.

And you don’t want that, do you?

If your class doesn’t get into that magic trending section fast, it will quickly wither.

So here are my time-tested methods of getting those first 25 students fast.

If you want to know:

  • How to find your first 25 students on Facebook and how to do it fast (it’s more than just pasting a link)
  • How to use Skillshare’s, little known, internal tools to get even more students
  • How to use tools outside Skillshare to give your classes more exposure

Enroll in this class.

Because this class is all about helping you get those first 25 students, so you can call your class a success.

If you take a look at my classes you will see that a lot of them have more than 100 students, some of them have even more than 500 and even 600 students!

But also some of them don’t even have 50 students.

I guess this is what you get when you are performing tests on live organisms: I’ve tested different scenarios that gave different results.

And I guess it cost me some dollars, but I learnt a lot and in this class I will reveal to you exactly what I do, to make my classes a success.

Oh, and one more thing.

You don’t need a huge mailing list to be successful on the platform.

Heck, you don’t need a list at all!

I don't have one and it is not stopping me from getting those first 25 students.

So enroll in the class and discover the methods I use to get those first 25 students in one afternoon (and sometimes even in one hour).

And if I can do it, you can do it too!

I’ll see you inside!


PS If you like the class, please submit your review and class project.  It will help other students, just like you interested in topic I teach, in finding my classes. Thanks!

Meet Your Teacher

Designer, coder and educational entrepreneur.
Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator whose courses were listed in the Udemy's TOP 10 best reviewed courses.

Creating online courses on design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, logo design, web design, graphic design freelancing, online teaching and digital marketing .

Teaching +30k students in 160 countries worldwide.

Loves the freedom of creating courses and prides in his teaching method, which is straight to the point and with a smile.

His motto: Boring instructors are worse than boring topics!

His students value his courses for their conciseness, professionalism and actionable tips and techniques they can apply in their day-to-day design tasks and online education businesses.

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1. Skillshare marketing How I Get My First 25 Students Promo Video: Hi there. My name is David Dubinsky, and before we jump into making your class a really hit here on skills shirt, let me just thank you for choosing this class. I mean, I know that there's a lot off glasses out there, so that's why I am so grateful that you chose this one. Now you probably know that not getting those 1st 25 students to sign, not for your class. Well, it will probably kill it. And you don't want that, do you? If your class doesn't get into that magic trend in section, it will quickly with her. So here are my time tested methods off getting those 1st 25 students fast. If you want to know how to find your 1st 25 students on Facebook and how to do it fast and trust me, it's more than just based in the link. If you want to know how to use skill, iShares little known internal tools to get even more students and how to use tools outside scale a shirt to give your classes more exposure in rolling this class because this class is all about helping you get those 1st 25 students so you can call your class a success. If you take a look at my classes, you'll see that a lot of them have more than 100 students. Some of them have even more than five and even 600 students. But also some of them don't even have 50 students. I guess this is what you get when you're performing tests on life organisms after us, two different scenarios that gave different results, and I guess it cost me some dollars. But I learned a lot, and in this glass I will reveal to you exactly what I do to make my glasses a success on one more thing. You don't need a huge mailing list to be successful on the platform. You don't need a list at all. That's the beauty of the methods are use. So in rolling the class and discover those matters that I used to get my 1st 25 students fast in one afternoon and sometimes even in just one hour, and if I can do it, you can do it. Do so I'll see you inside 2. 1How To Find Your First 25 Students On Facebook: now the easiest way to get the 1st 25 students used to use those skills related Facebook groups. I remember how I was struggling with getting those 1st 25 students, and I was looking for places on Facebook where I could pose the feelings to my classes. And I was so frustrated that I couldn't find a community created just for that purpose. I was also surprised that there was no group where skeletal teachers could post links to their classes there. Waas and still is a bunch of you Timmy related groups, but there were no skills her related groups. So I started one. I created the first sculpture of Facebook group intended to share the coupons to skill share skills for teachers clash classes. Now the group is called Skills for free courses. And if you're not remember yet, you're most welcome to join. Now all you need here is to simply based your link inside the right post tap. So I'm simply going to paste my link. And of course, all you would do is you would type in your your your text. Maybe your title of your class, something like maybe get my latest course or latest class here, exclamation point off course. And all you really would need to do is to say is to hit post because let me just show you there's absolutely no waiting time. You don't need to wait for anyone to approve your course or your class, although I would ask you to provide only feelings here and not to spam the group not to pace to any affiliate links inside eso. All you really need to do is to paste your link. Of course, right writes a few words about your class, and then you're done. You're your class will be visible to right now more than 800. Let me just scroll down to that post more than 808 100 users and the group is still growing by around 10 to 15 people every day. So the first, the first play that I would encourage you to go, is the Facebook group called Skills for Free Courses. Let me just maybe delete this post, you know, after I created this Skill Shirt Sculpture coupons group, there's been a real proliferation off skills were related to Facebook groups, So all you really need to do is to go to the search bar, hearing Facebook and just typing skill share and hit this magnifying or search. Who's magnified. And I guess it's a magnifying glasses well, or a surge glass on simply going to click on it. And in here I'm gonna choose groups. And as you can see, there's a lot, a lot, a lot of different, different skill. Scher related related groups. So I guess my group start kind of kind of an avalanche gear, which is which is fantastic because right now all the guys have lots and lots of places where you can post your postal coupons. For instance, you have have, like three different two different classes and that you just published and you can paste one well. You can promote one in one group of the 2nd 1 in another group and the 3rd 1 in another group, because most of those groups will allow you to promote one of your course one of your classes once a week. So the key takeaways from this video are that you should join skills related groups, and I think that you should start with the skills for Free courses group and we need to remember that the sculpture related groups should be your first choice when you want to get your 1st 25 students. But there is one problem with those groups, one that not many people seem to want to notice or they're not just saying that they see it , but I think that we will talk about it in the next video. 3. 2Join groups that are related to your class sepcific topic: now, as you can see right here, I am a member of a lot of these skills related Facebook groups, and so are other instructors. Other people s O. Chances are that you're going to even though you are based in your links in like 10 or 15 sculpture related groups. You are showing your your links your classes to the same people. So there's come like infinite number off people who probably will sign up for your class. I mean, of course, you need to consider like the time factor when you are posting your links on Facebook, which groups particularly you are you are focusing on. But you need to remember that there's there's infinite number of people who will at the same time, see your see your your classes. So my remedy to this is to join groups that are related to your specific topic or topics in my case, and my classes are still mainly about design. That is why I'm a member off design groups. As you can see here, I'm have been a member off quite a lot of groups, but I'm also a member off graphic design groups, and of course, you always need to take a look at rules that that you need to abide when you are a member of a certain group. But in most cases, like in gay case of this group and maybe this group, this group, people in those groups will love that. You are promoting or posting a posting premium premium things for free, so you shouldn't have any any issues with those with those groups. There's, of course, a chance that you won't find a group in your specific topic. And if that's the case, it is your chance to start your own group. In this video, I won't be talking about how to start a Facebook group. It's pretty easy, and you'll find lots of resource is on this subject. My point is that if you start your own group on a topic you are creating your classes about , it was slowly build an audience off people who are interested in our subject, and they will become your students as well. For instance, there is some graphic design groups, but there was no group on just Adobe illustrator tutorial videos, which is mine main subject, and that is why I just started to group let me just crawl back him. But as you can see, I got this this group right here and it already has let me just jacket already has almost 100 members, and this is a good that I started recently. But it's still I'm still growing and there are people joining this group, and it's specifically in my my my topic. So I can be sure that people who are in and who asked to join the group and they want to want to learn about about this topic. And, of course, it's a way off. Promoting my classes body also allow people other people, too, to post their their links. Teoh there tutorial adobe illustrator tutorial videos. So it's more like like a community rather than just a place to place your place, your coupons. And this is a way of building a community that you will be a part of, and people in it will slowly trust you and will want to see and what you what you got to offer now? What's great about being a boss adamant of a group or even murderer Moderator, is that you can pin your been your post at the top of the group. So if I have a new if I have a new like this one, if I have a new like class that I want to promote, all I can do here is I can simply click on this arrow right here, and I can simply pin post. And right now, everyone who visits this group is going toe always see my post as the first post in the group. So chances are that most of the people who visit the group at least will see my post, which is of course, great for me. And it will be great for you if you start your own groups on your specific topics. If there are no groups created on your specific topic now, you can also paste your links in you Demi related groups. But I gotta admit that not all off them are that okay with them. But there's a lot of them, and most of them allow that. And also there's a specific group that I also created, which is called Free You Damian Skill Shirt courses, which was my answer to all those see Demi groups that didn't allow skill shirt skill shirt , coupons at the time. And the funny thing is that after after a while, many menu Demi groups have already allowed, based in a skill she links. And in those groups, and also some of the groups even changed their names to incorporate the word skill shirt in their names, of course, are I would always advise you to take a look at the rules off those specific groups if they if they are okay with them. With you based on your your skills, your links, but well right now. And most of the groups will really be be okay. Be okay with that. So the key takeaways here are that you should join groups on your specific subject. And if there is no such group, just create one. And also you can post your skills, your classes in UDA, me coupon groups and online learning groups. Some of them are specific as to allow in the skeletal links, and some don't even mention it at all. You know, I think we got the Facebook groups covered pretty well. But there is one more trick you can use when posting your classes in the groups. But we will talk about it in the next video 4. 3How To Make Your Class Market Yourself: no one posting links to your classes. You can use this one little trip to get to people, even mawr interested in your class. Instead of just posting the link, you can upload a video most, preferably a well made promo video of your class. And Facebook will automatically play that video when someone scrolls the group's timeline and your post will definitely stand out from the crowd. No, it's totally fine to post your problem video in the sculpture of free courses group. All you need to do is tow upload a video. So let me just do that to right now is I'm gonna goto add photo video. I'm gonna click, upload photos, video and I'm going to find that particular video that I'm looking for. So I guess I will upload the promo video off the of the lecture that I had the of the class that I'm recording right now. I'm gonna go to finish lectures and I'm gonna click open, just like so. Of course we would have to say something about this video so I would maybe typing the title of the of the video, how I get my 25 students and of course, you would have to paste the link. Just students, of course, would have to pay paste the link to that to the class. And really, all you need to do is to click post and wait for Facebook. Teoh upload on that particular video. And as you can see, we got this message from Facebook Say that our video is now being processed. We will send well, they will send us a notification when it's ready. So what we could do is we could close it or go to added video. And in here we can type in the title of the video, the description of the video. Remember, to post the link to your video. And as you can see, we already got a no notification that our video is relative you. So I'm gonna go to back. I'm gonna go back to the group and let me just maybe refresh the page. And as you can see, we already have this this video being uploaded and as you can see, is being It's been played back automatically, just like so. So this is how you can stand out from the crowd when your post in your links And this is how you can give your classes more exposure and show your will potential students what your classes about. So instead of just based in a link and instead of just based in a like a photo or something like that, you can upload a video and remember to uploaded directly from them from this panel right here in a Facebook, as this will give your video small, more, more exposure. Okay, let me just lead this post. I'm gonna delete it, just like so. And you can use this math that if you if you have your own Facebook Facebook page or if you have a Facebook, every user as a Facebook timeline. So I'm going to go to my Facebook page, and I'm not going to be an uploading will video in here. But there is something that I would like you that I would like you to take a look at. You can see that I've uploaded many, many off my my promo videos to too many of my classes. And the thing that you do here is so once you have what you upload, your class is to share it, and I would advise you to share it with you with the groups with those specific specific subject groups that you remember that you remember off. I mean, if you if your classes are on cooking and you are a member of cooking of cooking groups in Facebook are advised to share your video from your Facebook page in those groups because take a look at him. What? What results you can get when you aren't. When you are doing it like that, you can see that this post has reached more than 1000 people right here. And it got more than 300 views. And this post which more than 1000 people and it has it got 169 views. This one reached almost 8000 people. This one reached more than 2000 people and it got to 600 views. So the way here is to simply upload a upload your promo video just away as we as we did toe without sculpture of free courses, Facebook group. So all you need to do just upload the video and then it's simply click on share right here is click. Sure, and you can share it on a page that you manage on your own timeline, and you can share it in a group. Unfortunately, you have to type in the names off the group the names of the group separately, so you have to simply the same. Simply choose one group at a time and then simply click. Simply click post and your your video will be shared inside that group. And what's great about this method is that Facebook algorithms considerate as a more, well, generally, Facebook doesn't want you to go off Facebook, so you just if you just paste a link and then share it, or if you paste a link to YouTube and then share it, you won't get these many views. You won't reach the this many people, so it's better to simply upload a photo to your facebooker page or a group and then share it from your Facebook page with those groups. So the key takeaways here are to upload promo videos of your courses toe to the skills for free Free courses group, and you can try the same technique with other groups. But it's a good idea to either China groups rules or ask their Adams if something like that is okay. And you can also post your promo videos on your own Facebook pages or timelines and then share them with the groups related to your niche. So there you This is how you can leverage Facebook groups to get your 1st 25 students in the next part of the class will talk about using skills shires, internal toast to market your class. 5. 4Skillshare's internal marketing tools: if you haven't enrolled in skills, your official courses that help teachers to build their classes and their audience well, you're not using one of the most important tools to market your class internally on skills shirt. If your classes complete, you can promote it in the official sculpture market in the class. It's a free class where your project is to share your class with the community, and that's pretty cool, huh? Now the class is called class marketing. Build your following on skills shirt and it's totally free. All you need to do here is toe upload your project. So we would go to your project section. You could read the project description, of course. And as you can see, I've already uploaded my project right here. So what I did is I've provided the the cover image. Of course I created the title I've basted in the description off my class. And of course I've created have created at the free links s so people can enroll in my class. And as you can see on older other projects that other teachers have created, you can see there's a lot, a lot off a lot of different different classes right here, right, right here. Being promoted internally by and by skill usher skills for teachers. What you also could do is you could go to the community, Tam, and you can see that you have this discussion board right here. And you can also see that there's a lot, a lot of discussions, a lot off posts that are simply people promoting their classes. Yeah, and people are actually also commenting on other people's boats and paste in their links inside. Inside, here, another official skill Ishtar skill Share a class on how to use skills, skills Sharp is called the Learned to teach an amazing class and in here, just like just like with the previous class, we got a project section right here and you can read this assignment on and then the delivery bols and the resources. But basically, what you do here as a project, you simply outline what you want to do with your with your new class. And after it is done, you can you can add it to the project and you can add your your link to your class. And if we go to the old projects, you can see that there's again a lot, a lot of different projects with people who simply first created like an outline of their class. And then they updated it that just maybe see this, that this project real quick. And after they created the class, they are usually providing the link to that to the finished class, so so other people can simply enrol in the class. And also you can see that we also have this community board right here. And as you can see, there's a lot of people with a lot of posts that link to to those people to those people classes. And as you can see, it has more than 13,000 students. So if you just if you promote your classes in here, you'll give them your give them quite a lot of exposure. So again, if you want, if you want to use this is killing her class to promote your own classes. Just go to the your projects, action and simply fill in. Fill in all the required information, like the project title Andi. Some information about your upcoming class, of course, upload the image, and once your class it's done, you can add it, your your project and based on the link to your class. And of course, you can also use the community board. And if you want Teoh, give your class and more exposure. So the key takeaways here are that you can use the official skills, your class marketing course to share your class, and you can use that. Learn to teach an amazing class class to share your class as well. So in the next video, we'll talk about another in teller internal skill shirt tool that works best if you have more than one class, so I'll see you in the next video. 6. 5Use the discussion boards: now, as you all may already know, when you post a new class or any other teacher posts in your class, you'll get an email from skills. You're saying that this person that this teacher is teaching a new class, and that's great, but those emails are pretty generic. So if you want Teoh, give some more personality to those emails. Here's what you can do. Let me just grab and one of my courses and I mean really not trying to self promote or anything like that here. I just want you to see C one technique that I used to promote my classes. If you have, like, a series of related classes like I do have with this freelance in Siris, so I'm just going to click on us. You can see that we when we go down to this community, Teoh Well, when we go down to the community that you can see that I welcome welcome students to the class, and I also say that this is the fifth part of the freelance in a tizzy. Serious. And if you want to continue the project, take a look at the sixth part of how to design a professional flyer. And of course, so here's a link to that class and our A. And as soon as I post this discussion in my in my community community board that students will get a notification that I have posted a new discussion. Also, when you go to your own profile, you can see this little tab right here that says discussions and this that actually allows you to reach all your all your all your students. So if you wanna reach all your followers and if you have thousands of them, it's great to reach all your followers. But if you have only 25 that's also great to reach you all your followers, you can simply you use this discussions tab right here so you can simply type in your your your discussion, your your title or any well, anything you want. You want a massive church to your students and simply posted. Of course, you could also check this email old students, and this will send a message to to the student that you have posted a new discussion. And now the way to use your discussion board is to promote other instructors class in exchange for the same service. I asked skills for about it, and it's totally fine. So if you partner up with another instructor who maybe has a class that in a way complements yours, you can help each other out by cross promoting your classes. So all you would do is you would kind of like typing. Hi, guys. It's great that you like this glass. And if you want Teoh, get some some more knowledge on a specific subject or something that complements this subject. You can check out my friends class right here, and he has more details on this specific part of the class or more specific part off the course and in exchange that will teach your partner. And you would do the same for you. So he would write in his or her own a discussion board that they can that hiss of followers or her followers and can view your class as as an exchange. Just remember to choose your partners carefully. I mean, you don't want to give your name to. Of course, you know that is simply poor. So the key takeaways here are that if you're classes of part of a Siri's you can use that discussion board to let your students know about your class, and you can also partner up with another instructor to cross promote your classes. 7. 6How about making your premium course for free: as you know you can make, of course, is free or premium here on the skills, and you can switch your class from premium to free and vice versa. And you would do that in the class info section here in the class type premium and free so you can consider making your class free. But just for the 1st 24 hours. This will allow you to lure of those users in who are looking mostly for free classes when they visit. Skill a shirt. And they are not a member of the Facebook groups where you post your links, but they are skills. Your users. You know. There's also a lot less competition when it comes to free courses, so it's easier to give your class bigger exposure. Also, when you are promoting your class on Facebook. So I'm gonna go to Facebook and I'm gonna try to find the group again. Let's say I'm going to go to two, took to this group. So in human you are promoting your class. You could instead of just Onley 25 coupons left or only 25 sports left or anything like that, you can mix things up a bit simply by saying something like Onley 1919 or nine hours if you want on Lee, 19 hours left to get in for free. And, of course, you provide a link here, and you would provide a course image of photo or a video as we as we already know. But the trick here is to kind of like create the sense of urgency eso your your students and they can I can see that to your course is free on Lee Ford. This specific amount of time and using this method will allow me to enroll even more students than just those those 25. And and it's actually great for your trending score. You also won't have to keep making new coupons if someone tells you that your course isn't free because you simply ran out of coupons. It's also a great way to share your your class in those topic specific groups. I mean, when someone comes to this group like maybe after two days and sees that you're that you're course was offered here for free and he see hey sees your your message saying that there's still 25 coupons and then he clicks And then he said, See that that it's not for free. He might get may get angry or discouraged. But when he when he sees a timeframe associated to the to that post, he may see all, man, it was Well, he may think, or she think, Oh, man, this was This was free, but it was like two days ago. So are you OK? So I understand it now, so you will create this kind of urgency, but you won't frustrate anyone or make anyone angry or disappointed. So the key takeaways here are is said, that you can consider making your course free for the 1st 24 hours, but I wouldn't recommend keeping it free for longer. I mean, well, unless you are really struggling with getting those 1st 25 students so sculptures internal marketing tools can be really helpful if you're looking for more exposure and some extra enrollments. And if you're looking not on Lee to to give you a classicism or exposure, but also you want to grow your teaching brand, you can use some external marketing, and we'll talk about that in the next video 8. 7Find students and grow your brand at the same time: I want to show with you to mawr sources off students. Let's pull it like that now. These sources are also great for growing your brand as an expert in a certain field. Now, if you have a linked in profile, you should take advantage off the linked in groups. They work pretty much the same as the Facebook groups, although obviously they have last members. But it's not surprised Senses. Well, nothing has more users than Facebook. Now, what you do here is the you join a group, and once you're inside, you can add posts just like you would in a Facebook group. So, as an example, I'm going to go to one of the groups. I'm gonna goto interests groups. And in here I'm gonna find a group. Maybe this on Adobe Illustrator Group. I'm gonna go to my to my skill shirt class and I'm gonna grab a link to my class. Well, this one is a free class. I'm just gonna grab this class referral link. I'm going to copy it. I'm gonna go to the group again. I'm gonna enter a conversation title. Of course, we would base the link right here, so I'm just gonna pay said just like so. And as you can see, it will retrieve the information of from my from my skills your class. So I don't really have to based in, like, any image or anything like that. But I guess we could add some more explanation too Well, at some more description to our post. So I'm gonna go to my my class once more. I'm going to go to class info and I'm going to Maybe I'm gonna Maybe Maybe I'm gonna just copy this text to right here like so. And I'm going to click the text and maybe I'm going to repeat the link at the end of them at the end of the of this text like that. And I'm simply going to post just like so. And there we go. Mike, my post has been, has been, has been clear, has been posted, has been added to the group. And really, Lincoln is a is a great is a great way off building your own brand as a teacher or or as a subject matter expert and you conjoined groups. And add your links to your to your classes to close inside inside these groups. Another platform where you can add your your your classes or links actually to your classes is cold Quora. And it's a It's a place for people to ask questions at to get professional answers, and it's really growing, and it's really growing quick. So what you do here is said that you you can ask a question or simply search this. Ah, well, this platform. So I'm simply going to type and maybe skill shirt just like so. And I'm gonna click this topic and you can see you got this feed here where you get many, many posts that relate Teoh to skill shirt. So, as you can see, here is my answer to the question. How can I promote my skills? Sure, of course. So I'm simply going to click on it. So you concede you can see that this person had a question. How you can, how he can promote his sculpture course. So I gave my answer right here. You can see all these Aled, These will pieces of a device that I gave to to this person So he hit. He can maker. He's his class promoted batter. That was great about it is that when I go to view to other answers to this question, I'm going to see all the answers to do to this specific question. And what we can do here is we can simply click on these three little dots right here and we can add it. Our answer, and when we can do here is we can simply paste a link to our class saying that, of course, if you have, well, somewhere doubts, Or if you wanna get some more knowledge on the topic, you can check out my class, or you can check out my free course right here. And here is the link. Of course. Remember not to be pushy about it. Remember, toe always provide value and always right, like really thorough answers and and well thought answers. But after you do that, you can naturally, and Cora allows it to just find. You can simply add your link here in the bottom and say that to you have some more answers on this specific subject, and that the person who asked the question can see those answers in a class that you created on skill share. So the key takeaways here are that apart from the obvious sources like Twitter or YouTube, you can give your classes more exposure using places like Lincoln or more specifically, linked in groups where you can add boasts about your classes with the free links to them. And you can start answering quarrel questions, subjects you're an expert in, and you can paste your link to your own class after given a thorough answer, of course. So these are the last commonly known waste I'm using to give my classes mawr exposure and to enroll more students. In the next video, we will wrap things up and summarize what we've learned in the class. 9. 8Summary: in this glass I shared with you my methods of getting the 1st 25 students in one afternoon . So let's briefly take a final glance at them now. First, we talked about using the skill share related Facebook groups where you can post your links . Then we talked about using Facebook groups that relate to your specific niche, but also learned that we can post the links to skill share classes in you damn e coupon groups. We also learned how to make our post stand out a bit by uploading a promo video instead of just based in a link. Now. Then we moved on to discover in the skill shirts internal marketing tools. So we looked at the classes where you can share your older classes, and we also learned how to use the discussion boards to get extra students. We also talked about making your class free for the 1st 24 hours to get even more than just 25 students. And lastly, we talked about the less commonly known places on the Web, where he congrats your brand and give your classes more exposure. As so we looked at the Lincoln groups and we also looked at the platform called Cora. These are all the tools and methods I use when I'm promoting my classes and note that you may get different results with different tools. So I encourage you to do your own tests. For instance, you can create different free enrollment killings for different sources, like different things for Facebook. Different for Skeletor. Internal marketing for Twitter YouTube, Lincoln Quora, etcetera. So thank you for joining me in this class. I really hope that you'll learn some valuable tips. And don't forget toe upload your class project, which would be to share your class. And if you like the this class, give it a thumbs up and I will see you in the next class. My name is David Tyminski. 10. 9Class Project: for the class project. Here's what I would like you to do simply go to the to the class and too, that your project section you can read the project description if you want. And what I would like it to do is to simply type in the project title and that the project title would be the title off your class. So in my case, it's going to be how to create a beautiful presentation of for free, no design skills needed. As this is the title of one of my latest classes, I'm going to just upload an image. I'm going to find that class I think here is, and I think this is This is the image. Simply click, submit and in here just write a few words about your class. No design skills needed because this is important with this class. No design skills needed just like so and of course, provide a free link right here for all the people who want us who want to sign in to this class and then just click create and then you're done. So the class project here is you promoting your own your own class. And, of course, the goal here would be would be you getting your 1st 25 students even quicker