Simple and Fun Alcohol Ink Flower Painting You Have to Try! | Kellie Chasse | Skillshare

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Simple and Fun Alcohol Ink Flower Painting You Have to Try!

teacher avatar Kellie Chasse, Sharing Art with 100,000 students & counting!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Skillshare Intro Alcohol Ink Flowers


    • 2.

      About Me


    • 3.

      Alcohol Ink Flower Materials


    • 4.

      Choosing your Flowers


    • 5.

      Second flower layer


    • 6.

      Mixing alcohol ink paints for more layers


    • 7.

      Adding some doodles


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About This Class

One of the most simple pieces of art you can create next to a string painting! 

Create a beautiful Flower painting using Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Alcohol Ink is an amazing art medium that is just now beginning to be noticed! In this course you will learn how to create this super cute and simple painting using only a few materials.

This is a beginner art course for those of you that want to develop your skills with Alcohol Ink.We will cover in this course:  Materials needed to create a gorgeous flower painting fast and super easy! 

Simple Living Maine Artist & Instructor

Learn how this super cute flower painting using the most simple and easy method.

I am super excited to share with you all this new course.  It's a really fun and easy project that creates such a cheerful and bold image...and each one will be unique to you. 

Please don't forget to post your projects below, I can't wait to see them! 


  • How to use Pinata Alcohol Inks in a fun and unique design way.
  • Use an gel pen along with a sharpie to create little design details.

Happy Painting!


Meet Your Teacher

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Kellie Chasse

Sharing Art with 100,000 students & counting!






"Watercolor Exploration - Painting Colorful Birch Trees"

Loose easy enough for beginners / Practice experimenting with colors!

Here's the Link:

Sharing my new favorite watercolor Brushes for Beginners! 


Thanks for dropping in on my Skillshare profile!

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1. Skillshare Intro Alcohol Ink Flowers: can't ready to create this beautiful Alcohol Inc flower. Anyone can do this. Hi, everyone. Kelly, your compelling chassis. Fine art. I'm gonna show you something today that I am actually totally embarrassed how quick and easy this is todo. So this is probably the easiest thing next to string painting. Remember, trying string painting I've done that. One is Well, I have a YouTube video for that. You want to check that one out? But this ISS, it's crazy. It's crazy, easy. And it's absolutely beautiful. Anything or not an artist. And you don't think you have a crafty bone in your body or you don't have a trusting figure . You can do this. I promise. Stick around and I'll show you all the details. 2. About Me: Hi, everyone. My name is Kelly Chassis, and I am a full time artist and online instructor. I have been teaching online for about two years, but I've been teaching art mile problem for about 10 years. Since 2000 and seven, I've taught thousands of folks all across the country. I am a full time artist at the Portland airport in Maine. Here on day. I saw a lot of my work there. I do art shows or twice a week, and I've met people from all over the world which inspired me to be able to teach online because I was teaching everyone here in Maine and folks wanted to come to take classes, and I was not able to get them in during the time frame for their vacation. So I began teaching online because of that. So I get to meet wonderful people all over the world, and today I'd like to show you how to create this beautiful alcohol ink on you po paper flower painting. It's so easy. I'm embarrassed. So let's get started, and I will show you all the materials you'll need for this class 3. Alcohol Ink Flower Materials: so welcome to our skill share course Alcohol Inc Flowers. This is such an easy painting, and I'm going to share with you all the materials that will need for this. Now, I do have a Amazon shop and you can find it from either the links that I give you down below or also from my YouTube channel by clicking here and purchase project products featured in video. So all of those air listed in there for you and I do get a small amount when you do purchase them through me, but just is a place for it to be really easy for you to find everything you'll need. So for starters, will you? Only for this course is obviously some flowers, any type of flower that you want to. My husband had gotten me these beautiful flowers and they're on their way out. And this is how I came up with this plan to use them. I didn't know at the time what it was going to dio, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. So you'll need some flowers. You will need some alcohol inks. I'm just using two colors here in the pinata jacquard brand inks. I'll also be using you po paper for this. Now you can use translucent you pill paper. You can use 74. Wait, you po paper you could also use if you wanted to use mineral paper. Photo paper may not work quite the same. You po paper I find is my favorite. Ah, You also need some 91% alcohol to use to lighten the inks and to spread them out. Paper towels are important to clean up as well as I would. I would recommend using gloves if you are one that's gonna get your hands dirty and also potentially a vapor mask if you are sensitive toe alcohol or any of these products to make sure you check the safety precautions on anything that you're gonna be using as an artist. And the last two things I did want to mention you will need a gel pen. This happens to be a gold one. They have him in white, they have him in silver. Um, and there are links to that. As I said in the Amazon shop earlier, you also need some type of paint palette or a just a ceramic player. Great you can wipe them off and reuse them, but I don't know if I would reuse it. Teoh, eat off. So, Rob, Lana dollar shop or something and you can result. Or you can also use a tile to put that on. So are you ready? Let's get started. 4. Choosing your Flowers: So let's begin painting. And so I have my ceramic plate here first and the first flower them going to use that short kind of flower. This is called but really any flowers going to work for you. So pick and choose when every like your design will come out completely different and unique to your flowers and your color choices. So speaking of color choices, I will be using the pinata brand inks by Jacquard. And I'm using the Sapphire blue as well as the orange here and, um adding a little bit of alcohol to this. Now, this is the 91% alcohol this is going to thin. Those inks out now is depending on how much pigment you want. You want it very light and airy. You are. You're gonna want to use a little bit more alcohol. If you want a deeper pigment colors, you're gonna use a little bit more of just the alcohol inks themselves and less of this Ah , alcohol. And I'm using this almost like a blending solution. So it's gonna thin those inks out. And I was pleasantly surprised with this color hair that this turned out to be in this beautiful teal shade once a mixed them in. Um too. That's how I got that color. Now all you're gonna do now is just have your you put paper laying flat and depending on the size of the pain that you want to do, you're just gonna put that down and just start stamping it. Do that now, people looking at this finish painting thing. My goodness, you know, she's painted all of these things separately. How long did it take her? We are talking seconds, folks. It's absurd. So I have let that biro quick. And now I am going to add some embellished details here using this gold pen. Now the pen is made by signal. It is a gel pan, and you will find that sometimes it will get stuck with little roller on the end of this. And the alcohol inks depending on health. Thank you. Have them can cause that to stop or get stuck. So just make sure you have a little piece of paper next to you if you need to get the ball rolling, so to speak again. It was outlining the shapes hair of my flower, and this is really The fun part is we really just get to doodle and just follow the lines or follow outside lines if you want to. And I just shape these around on my first started here. And then you could add your own little doodles to this afterward. Whatever. Whatever shapes whatever designs that you so choose, you could do dots. You can do circles, you could do lines and you'll see as I progress in my painting, I decided to add a little bit more to this. So you're just gonna want to follow these around and have fun. I'm going to speed this part of for you so that you can just watch my process. Andi, we'll add some music to that and let you go. - Thing is, he is. I try to design this by doing the little dots in the middle of this one and outlining the others to create more of a pattern effect 5. Second flower layer: Now I've decided I let that dry and that was beautiful, as is when you really wouldn't have to do the mortar this if you don't want to. But I decided to try a couple different other flowers. And I thought, Why not try a few other colors as well? So I have my plate as is. This is all dry. The alcoholics have dried up in there, and I'm going to reactivate that. I use a little bitch of the chili pepper red for this one, and I'm mixing it right in here. I hate to waste ink, so I'll just use what I have. I've been running a little bit more of that 91% alcohol to the plate as well. Also a flower right there. So we're gonna try this flower here. Now, your flowers are gonna be different because each pedal is going to be different. Some we're gonna absorb a little bit more than others. This one actually took the inks a little bit better. And depending on how much pressure that you push down on these inks is going to change it as well. So I'm just doing a very light pressure here. said. Rolling this around and that was pretty good. We'll do a few more here now. The ANC's We're going to start to evaporate on your flower as well as you're gonna be using some of the ups. You may have to dip it again if you find that you don't have enough on the power on the pedals. It's been pushing this down on this one. I'm taking this and see if I get a little bit more on here by pushing those pedals from the underneath. And that one is probably one of my favorites like that. Now again, this looks just a little bit of random. It doesn't look organize. I'm layering these on top of one another, so the more you layer these, you can see her in the center. It reactivates the eggs underneath, so just be careful with that. But this gives it a little bit of depth, I think, by adding it on top 6. Mixing alcohol ink paints for more layers: we're gonna try this other little flower here, gonna add a little bit of the forest green to this dipping those And And these are very delicate little flowers here, so I'm not sure how these air gonna work. When I first attempted it again, I'm just giving a very light touch. I get the little bit of an illusion of the flower here and trying to keep us contain all in one area. Now I have a large piece of U boat paper. Here's depending on the size that you're going to use for your projects. You may want to consider having more or less depending on the size of your flower. I want to try that again by just pushing the underneath of that pedal down. See if I could get a little bit more definition and I do with that one. So you can see how fast and easy this is to do. This project is adjust. It looks like you've been working on these things for hours and hours. You really haven't. It's just so quick and so easy. And you can take this as far as you want. Um, so we'll let this dry and then I'm gonna add a little bit more of the embellishments around here. A little bit of doodles, and we're gonna try some black Sharpie on this coming up next. 7. Adding some doodles: So we're gonna wrap this up using a little black Sharpie here, Teoh, outline these other flowers that we've drawn in. Now I am starting out with just a few little ones here, just like we did with the gold gel pen just shaping in around these areas. Now, this is like I said before. This is part of the fun. You can take this as much as you want. You can add as much or or add a little as you like to these and I am going to outline most of this one. I find that I really like the blacker is really popping this out. I'm just following in the shape of those flowers. 8. Outro : So let's finish up our final details. I have decided that is, this is a, you know, work in progress. You're going to have to decide when you want to stop or with if you want to keep hung going . And I did like the black outlines of this so much that I decided I was going to keep going . So I am now making a little bit larger drawings around, said available small, intricate ones that I have in the smaller pieces here with the blue ones. I want to make this a little bit larger, almost the shape of that flower that we had used. So I'm just really quickly and you see how fast do that. I don't think a whole lot while I'm doing these things. I'm just really outlining what I see, Um, very quickly. And I think this helps give it that raw look very natural on loose. Look to it rather than being very tight painting. And this makes for a great warm up. If you are just beginning with alcohol inks or really any medium and you want to warm up painting, this could be, um, a great way to do that and it really gets those creative juices going and really helps you just open up, loosen up and nothing quite as much of why we're doing it. It's more of the process of it and not the final outcome. And remember to you can use other things other than sharpies. If you have micro pens, those work wonderful doing this as well. Ah, and they have many colors you can choose from. So, you know, your sky is the limit with this. So here is the finished piece. Um, I think this was so much fun. I really hope you enjoyed it. I would love to see you guys post your project. So if you guys have an INSTAGRAM page or Facebook page and you want to try this on your own , make sure that you tag me in that video or in your photograph, and I may use that to share your art on my YouTube channel. So I would love to see it. Um, and if you try something other than Alcohol Inc, feel free to tag me on that as well, because I'm interested in seeing what the other mediums my duty of alcoholic or watercolor . We want to try any of those and just put it in the comments what you're using so that our viewers can take a look at it and see what you're using if you're trying something different. So I really hope you guys enjoy that. Make sure to click that like button and feel free to share this video. If you think this would help some of your friends, our family members that love to craft and are always looking for a fun, easy, quick way to work even with kids, I would probably recommend using acrylic paints or something rather than alcohol. Think they're flammable. But, yes, kids would love to do this, too. So thanks for hanging with me today and I hope to see you in the next class. Have a great week.