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Simple and Cute Cat Drawing

teacher avatar Atama Studio, Watercolor Painting

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Inking Exercise


    • 4.

      Preparing The Color


    • 5.

      Grooming Cat Inking


    • 6.

      Grooming Cat Coloring


    • 7.

      Napping Cat Inking


    • 8.

      Napping Cat Coloring


    • 9.

      Stretching Cat Inking


    • 10.

      Stretching Cat Coloring


    • 11.

      Cat in A Tall Hat Sketching


    • 12.

      Cat in A Tall Hat Coloring


    • 13.

      Pumpkin Cat Sketching


    • 14.

      Pumpkin Cat Coloring


    • 15.

      Creative Inking Practice


    • 16.

      Creative Coloring Practice


    • 17.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Learn how to draw these cute cats using ink and watercolor

This course is designed as a guide for you to create cute cartoon cat. It's beginner friendly and very suitable for everyone who want to improve their watercolor drawing skills.

So lets join this course now!

Meet Your Teacher

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Atama Studio

Watercolor Painting


Atama Studio is an independent illustration studio dedicates to help people communicate their brands and stories through illustration design.

We have worked since 2006 for different projects in book story, content magazine, comic’s cover and children book like Fable Aesop, Suara Sunyi Satwa, Legends of the Legends, Vandaria Saga: Ratu Seribu Tahun, Harta Vaeran and Zeitnot.

Atama has grown to a stable full time illustration studio that works with prominent clients on major entertainment, publisher and promotional projects such as; Blue Art, Ehipassiko Foundation, Elex Media Komputindo, Gamezine, Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Shogun Life, Winter Blush Frozen Yoghurt and Zigma Game Magazine.

And now, we decided to share our knowledge about watercolor paint and pr... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello. We are welcome toe course people and could get drawing that's are considered the most popular animal in the Internet, cute and agile with all the quarter and energetic experience. Today we will show you how to grow simple and easy to write up our name. The material is for everyone. Whether you are a big dinner or not, it's fun, so let some work. 2. Tools : before we start, we need to prepare our tools. Basic tools that we need Our pencil and eraser. What color paper size? A. Five. A waterproof black ink press pattern. Ron breast size nine and one Water jars ever tall. What color repair tools beforehand and rent step. So it's easier for you to work with. When all the preparation is done, Let's get ready to work. 3. Inking Exercise : thinking exercises. Let's have some exercise without here. I used a tumbles off depend. It has a wide range off thickness because off it's visible. He's getting like outgrowing looks stana me, especially for growing, for if we mess it well solved, let's practice with it. First. Draw two boxes, size six by six centimeter rectangles in a piece of what? A car paper like this 44 spots Your stroll with moderate Fraser. Then, by using the pressure, make a reveal it until the box is for okay and Ford Second box stopped with a lighter. Fraser Brexit in the middle and live these will broad strokes. That and the star was thicker in the middle and hands with Mutter didn't like this is a practice routine to make a dynamic range off throats. 4. Preparing The Color: preferring the color. We'll use a lot off drawn and grace color tones for the cats. For for that, we need yellow. Arrange yellow Per Braun. Do black and white pains make great by missing small dots off black with pain? That ground is the chief by missing brown with a big off Prussian blue, instead off blank with a single block off effort. Bain. Any heads off the pallet Yellow OK range brown dark brown makes makes. Let's start adding a little bit off water here for a broad based scholar. Mitchell Oh, and Yellow Car chief Driver Base like This way can paint the pattern on top off the base color. Rule is you have to let the base completely dry before you at the pattern on top. For a house, better will bleed you stuck up from to make the marking on the top off the base color - strives . Try mixing broad with a little bit off rage. Do you way mixed brawn and Russian blue? Make that problem and make dots on the base for way way. - Leslie Self Gray makes with Waltzer and try on the paper, too. - Way , way Need the great color much tiller than the other color like this make do Greece watch. - I think the pain is trying. Let's try and make some stripes, too. Wear down, sweating and practicing for a cat school. Later, we will have another color for minor parts like simple big round. 5. Grooming Cat Inking: for the first cap will draw these proving kept the smooth girls line is the key. Let's stop this gets by drawing two circles, one for the head, one of the bigger for the bottom part of the body. - Then go to lines to connect them. Throw guide for the face. And also don't forget the dog is years. Jodi eyes. And also it's month way like to draw the cap is grooming its back. So we draw the tongue and also those till. Okay, Scott Step is done and not think the pen when thinking we will not fully eat all the lines . We left very pressure and off. Throw some profit for along the process, but it's what's this video? Carefully before and while in key in followed steps. Don't hesitate toe post the video when you fill it so fast. - Okay , and here's the thinking result 6. Grooming Cat Coloring: don't forget to arrest off the sketch before calorie arrested, clean and throw away that does now repaired water color. Very yellow ocher mix with a little bit yellow. Also wrong with Oren's in a letter. Wealth that's the color on a tasting paper. Result should be like this. Okay, let's color base using yellow mix. Try to live some part near the outline. One highlight way after we've done with base. While the pain is still Health Trying Way will draw three cute spots on the cat's back. Let's wait for a moment, so the base is health try. Okay, no, begin some things way . Smooth age using them for us. Don't forget color. It's time with thin orange color. What they look at is dry. Then we will add simple background prepare like green card consistency. Should be 10. Does it first on the tasting paper? Some say it over here. Using small for us, we will draw fist bones here and there, using the leftover brown color. I just throw them freely, but if you're not sure you can sketch them first. You Leslie Joe, Small spot using gets base color left over. - Our first cute kept growing is fierce 7. Napping Cat Inking: Wilder on being kept this time again. Let's start with two circle one smaller for the head and one big for the body. - Okay , from the end off its body on the side, Grow tail. Have the deep fear for extra acuteness and 30 years years. Here are a little bit flopping express. The cat is relaxed, you know that lines for the face and wrote to use shapes or its close eyes. And though the mouth had the base off the circle, we like at the court a load of cats, a Cabinet sketch it first and the sketch is done. Now move to the thinking step, just like before. Very strong and Rhoda for a longer thinking process. What's the video? Carefully? - Okay , in the course, - and now the thinking is done. 8. Napping Cat Coloring: - 40 step. We like it to have spots here and there, but we don't have to color its base for way. We'll leave it white, so let's prepare the pain for that. Spots brown mixed with rage. - First , get spots here it's left hand and two on its back way in a new well, prepare some bright color. Here we like former blue and yellow. Thats all the color of the paper way. Draw some spots in the background and family will start from the lightest color first, which is yellow and blue and purple. Do you way way. After all, the colors are bright way use with Flynn brass toe at some unique touch to the playground and also bring contrast for the cats white paper for so lightly under previously dry spot to create this watery effect way, way bigger on dry and our second camp is 9. Stretching Cat Inking: Now we will draw a Q tip can on stretching post. We'll start the sketch a bit lower here on the lower health, off the paper by a circle and a tear drop ship like this. - Okay , then at this land approximately have the center off the ship for the High Lake. Jodi Scarf and received gets bottom. Okay, now we need to worship its pulse. And also let's throw to tell in big C ship. Now the bodies done, and we can add some details on the kids face first. Let's start crossed line under faith, and it's years. The ears should point back. Wards trophy shape for eyes, so make it more expressive and forget it. Jordan nose and mouth and the sketchy stuff. - Remember to not fully in on lines. We like to ferry pressure and also throw some fluffy for along the process. This what's this video Carefully before and while and all of the steps? Don't hesitate to post the video when you feel it too fast 10. Stretching Cat Coloring: here is the thinking result for the color. I would like a great every chip but 10 calorie orange. If you like mixed white and a little bit black in the water way , then we will color all the cats body but living. It's post nose and tip off to tell white. - Wait a little bit. Arrange for plus painted well. The base is still wet after the basis try, Let's start a cat striped used the same color as the base, but more thick in consistency. Dull tree strives on its back and treat more on its hands for the big round. Let's get some small flowers like this. Then prepare some yellow paid. You see a small cross color the flower way on, Also at some small. Or it starts here and there. - Way you pay Theo way, - way and our cat is that 11. Cat in A Tall Hat Sketching: Hello and is near. It's the time of the year to do silly costumes and go around the neighborhood doing trick or treat. In studio. Our resident black pen is enjoying the festive season with her doll. With this time, we'll be adding special ornaments to bring more joy to your drawing. But don't worry, the cost is still beginner friendly, will get you through it step-by-step instruction using a simple shape. Maximum goodness. Additional tools for this time is an orange color marker to draw the stars. You use Altos. We will use watercolor paper, like waterproof marker. Color, purple, button blue, yellow, orange, vermillion, brown, yellow, green. Now, without further ado, let's draw Mr. paper vertically. We stopped with making a trapezoid with GFP lines at the bottom center of the paper. Then at the triangle as an ear on the left upper side, the lifeline curve and draw a line for the inner ear. After that, Let's make them which have sought to draw another triangle. Bigger this time. Blonde and tilted right. Draw two parallel curves at the bottom. The brain go and S-like curves on the right side. Connect to top up with the triangle hat. Photo left side. That's how awful. And again, bottleneck. The top side with the triangle. At the small triangle on the brim as a worn out here. My x at details on the headship. A slight S curve on both sides. Then with the face shape at a big ribbon ball under the head. Suddenly drawing a rectangle on the center. Then add both on both sides. This is the ribbon with adding tails on the bottom sides. To the face. Plates, the vertical guidelines on the center of the head, then the horizontal guideline under one-third bottom part. An upside down triangle on the center of the cross. As a nurse, at the mth element chips, ice above the horizontal line. Use the guidelines to make the eyes a symmetrical as possible. Elements ethically inside as deniers. I just adjust some lines before adding the last elements. It actually whiskers on its final thoughts. Circles around the home. We will make style elements around a little box protruding as to convey to sculpt. The sketch is done. 12. Cat in A Tall Hat Coloring: You know, if I forgot a black marker and start to trace carefully. Salt form the opposite of your work in hand to minimize accidentally touching the wedding. Dress, the sketch, to stay as close as possible with the sketch line. Again, balls and rotate the paper for more fluid lines, strokes, eyes, and stripes under even disrupts button will make this drawing rich. A more dynamic feel. Like the whiskers in uneven, regularly lines. Less is in an app details on the little skulls at hollow eyes and tiny lines for the t and the rest of the skull, which is ready to color. These are completely dry before erasing the pencil sketch. After erasing the sketch, the drawing is ready for the next process. First round, we're going to color it using purple and white and blue to a tiff. This dark purple hue. Make it adequate enough to fill space. The colors you retained transparency, so don't mix too much pain. Sulphide little by little. After you find a hue light, stop filling the face. Use the brush tip to fill the tight space like the ears tapes, and around lines. Walk fast but still careful to maneuver around the eyes and nose. Breaths with enough pain and don't let it dry. Brush before the pen runs out. I was on it filling the area. So the pen ages one-half the chance to dry out. Your them to dry or use a hairdryer or Fan Fest and process. Next is the mix, Prussian blue and brown. Tiff, this cool gray hat. Living to highlight spaces on the right side. Just like before. A, to fill tight spaces and line edges. Good. I'm completely before color the next object. Next is going to shed the inner ear and nose. Tried to color on a scrap of paper. But I think my finger contaminated with another color. So I've wiped my palette clean. After making a new mixture. Again, I try it on the scraps of paper. The color should be transparent like this. No. Fill the inner ears. Just the nose area is so small that a lot of brush with too much pay. 40, I should use red, yellow, green. I carefully, before we move on to the last color, blessed would be a bright orange mix, yellow and orange colored headband and dirty been. I'm not sure the mixer is not too thin, but still maintaining the transparency. Follow the highlight on the head had been I just feel very neatly. I don't completely object is done. The last step is using an orange marker. Adding scattered stars between the tiny scales. There, you have a favorite festive Halloween. You can play with the color tensile test, color, an app for veterans, or decorate the head more to your liking. Be free and wild with your creation. We would like to see your Grayson. So feel free to upload them. Looking forward to seeing a version of this Halloween candy, you enjoyed this video. And let's pose the art in a gallery. Show run on the next video. 13. Pumpkin Cat Sketching: Autumn is the season of pumpkin and ******. Together with Halloween and cat, let's combine all of my favorites into one picture. Here, we're going to capture the cuteness of the Spooky if Caesar. Additional tools for this time is an orange color marker to draw the stops. Useful tools, we will use watercolor, paper, black waterproof marker, watercolors. Orange, yellow ocher, brown, yellow green, green, red, and blue. Purple. Discourse is still beginner friendly, will get you through step-by-step instruction using a simple shape to achieve maximum. Let's start the fun. Let's the paper horizontally. A rectangle, a bit of space on the upper side, or the edit later. During the pumpkin by drawing on its side at another curve, on the bottom corner thing, but sees on the upper center at a curve. And don't ask that that had two triangles on each side. Also have lines for the inner ears at another curve. And the space between the ears as the hat brim. And another triangle above the brain. Here, I erased the unnecessary lines before adding or even unhappy. Now, move on to the cat face. A vertical line that defines the face on the center. At a small triangle as the North, near the bottom side. As the ice Atlanta elements ship. Then add the glands to the right side. Then with the cap. Let's add detail to the pumpkin. At thrift that the fight the pumpkin into five. Then add some more leaves behind the cat hat. On the top and bottom part of its rape. Make the line slightly curved. After Bolden in some lines. I'm fixing up the right part of the pumpkin. I fill that part is a bit too flat. Up to circles, STIs, light green. We'll then add some dimension to it. Just like this. Erase any unnecessary lines. Next, the foliage on both sides. The simple way to draw the leaves is by going through conflict species. Vary the size and position. Then at some spiraling findings. The sketch is done. Then grab your favorite waterproof marker and start to hear, I start from the top. Like on the ice tool. Since I'm right handed, subduing the pumpkin from the far left foot, accidentally touching the Firstly in part. Try to stay as close as possible to the original sketch. Take your time and tries to sketch. It can stop our bread lines anytime. And rotate the paper for more fluid line strokes. Lesley, let him the eyes and the mean green. It looks like I made a small mistake here, but black on the wrong space. But with a little effort, the mistake is no more. To balance it, I shoot at some strokes on the left i2, and the aging process is finished. Let's move on to coloring. 14. Pumpkin Cat Coloring: Before coloring, erased all the pencil sketch after the dryer. The first object to color is the pumpkin. They're going to use yellow and orange to make those bright orange tones. The special color is quite big, so they load an adequate quantity of paints. Sought to color for the other set of your work in hand. Fast but still careful to maneuver around tight spaces. There's abreast with enough pain and don't let it dry. You can make an interesting color variation, but always mixing different ratios of yellow and orange. Rust before the paint runs out. L don't like feeling the areas, so the paint edges one-half the chance to dry out. Good. Using the pumpkin, leave them to dry or use a hairdryer or Fan Fest and up the process before moving on into the next object. Our next object is the which you've seen Prussian blue to achieve the cool gray tone is pretty small. So be careful and use the brush tip. Left a basilar of uncolored. The highlight bit. The same process for the brain. Leave them to dry or use a hairdryer or fun though firstname, the process. Next is that it makes purple and a bit of Prussian blue for this purplish gray. And just like the head, use the brush tip. Fully filled ahead. Dry before coloring the next object. Next is those tiny parts left yellow for the Hadley been followed the highlights on inner ears and nose use thermally and dilute it thinly. Two distinct torts. Last part, yellow, green color the ice. Now, let's get into deletes. Mix yellow ocher, yellow, green to this bright olive tone. Along the way. I'm mixed green colored leaves. Buddha, same for the other leaves. And appending session is over. Or it's marker to add some finishing touch. Here, I drove a crescent moon on the upper right side. Then some stars with various sizes. But you can put another Halloween related pattern, such as bats are tiny scarf. Or you can write some readings to just be well and creative. Who would like to see your creations. So feel free to upload them looking for what the scene of variation of this pumpkin. Hope you enjoyed this video. What's the app in the gallery? And see you around on the next video. 15. Creative Inking Practice: Creative thinking, practice. Hello again. Here in this video, we will mostly focus on the eating process. We will introduce to you the different way too, your inking skill. Without those strep throat practices, it is important to make the practice session a fun activity. So we enjoy it more rather than mere practice. This time, we'll use this big pole and a bit of false calligraphy to practice mastering the brush pen. Like a box on the center of the paper. This will be the guide for the big pop. The pole is like the blood tango with a curve peaks. Go to Paul inside the box for further told beans. Draw ovals. Funded most left and right. Then go to in-between, told me in GF line diagonally from the upper left area to the bottom right area. Is land sars as a guideline for the cat footprints later. Then advent of ovals, later turn into a tiny gap hats. For the fourth skill, you're a fee. The fight, the space under pole into three parts. Right? But capitals see what some weight on the upper part. Gradually thinner curve down what? 48? Put some weight on, be done, work through it. And same. The basic SIP sketch is done. Now let us proceed the domain even. Start from the big bold print. Vary the pressure along the entire process. Lift gently, a thin fine line. Press to put some weight. Continue to vary the pressure in the big pot. For the Godhead. Since it is tightly tied to make line S, t and S possible. Use minimum ratio. At another triangle, 40 years. The rest of your four eyes and nose too. Done with the capped heads. Let's make the footprints subform the lower right area. Go and all fall. We had four dots above it. Place it on either side of the guideline, alternating right and left. Or the next footprints slightly in front of each other. Ow Leslie, Let's do deriving. Put some pressure on the thick line. Realist oppressor, the war. Then field effect and space with black. Continue to letter a. Lead pressure first, then put some pressure 40 downwards through. The same also with the letter T. And we're crossing the stem. And the inking process is done. 16. Creative Coloring Practice : Practice erased all the pencil marks before proceeding the coloring process. For the color, a pink shirt, tone, thumbnail Edit thermally and for the color of them thoroughly. Don't forget to dip the brush and before all the color runs out. Done with the poll, Let's color the cats. I always start from the bright colors on this side, south from the yellow ocher. Adding some dots and some of them are completely colored, them is okay too. Move into the next color, brown. So earlier, put some dots, some stripes or solid third wells. Whatever suits your fancy. I want to put stripes on the yellow ocher colored blocks earlier, make sure that the paint is dry. So it lost much. Use. A fail I pressure the mixin lines as the space, nice, tidy. As a finishing touch to grab your pen, grasp at tiny scars on the cats. Again. Good. Almost no pressure to produce the thin lines near you finish this right? The scopes of this fact, this helps you against killed who handled a brush pen. See you again in another video. Of course. 17. Final Thoughts: final thoughts. Let's run up what we've been learning so far. Main point for kids, animal growing is simplicity. Brought a cat from a simple ship like circle and shit later with plentiful of it to create the cat's body parts. Another attention to how you being various pressures, gift. Different result. So try not really all the lines, and that's some shut lines. As for a long way, the coloring process prepared beforehand all the color you need. Always test the color on separate paper. I think the paper, too, he said. Wet, or is it dry before you paint these two situations with a few different soft when you pain on it, that's the final touch. You can add a kid. Thoughts like small flowers if you want to learn more about how to draw and paint flowers in what color you can take are, of course, that's all. Still kept trail. You enjoy the class, keep practicing and stay curious. Tears