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Silversmithing for Beginners - Floral Domed Heart Pendant

teacher avatar Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - introduction


    • 2.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - equipment


    • 3.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - soldering equipment


    • 4.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - materials


    • 5.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - sawing


    • 6.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - filing


    • 7.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - decorating


    • 8.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - shaping


    • 9.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - preparing for soldering


    • 10.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - soldering


    • 11.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - polishing


    • 12.

      Floral Domed Heart Pendant - final thoughts


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About This Class

Practice your sawing and soldering skills, add in some texturing and shaping techniques, and create a simple but beautiful heart pendant!


I'll take you through all the steps from choosing your materials to soldering the two sides of the heart together, showing you the same hints and tips that I teach my students in my workshop.

The equipment needed for the project is explained in the videos and also listed on a downloadable document. I have kept the equipment needed to a minimum, and all the equipment listed can be used for a variety of other jewellery making projects. Other downloadable class documents are a template for the heart and a booklet with hints and tips to help you with your sawing.

This class is part of a series teaching you all the basic but essential silversmithing skills that you need to create beautiful jewellery. My aim is to get you confident with sawing, filing, texturing and shaping your silver, and to add in some beginner stone-setting techniques too.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joanne Tinley

Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer


I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, and have been passing these wonderful (and addctive!) skills on through my classes for nearly 20 years. I am self-taught and like many people I started with wire and beads. Learning how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making! There is something so magical about watching solder flow through a seam, joining two pieces of metal together smoothly.

My studio is in Southampton, on the South Coast of the UK. I design and make jewellery for galleries across the UK, teach regular and popular jewellery design workshops, and also offer private tuition. My jewellery design projects have been published in both UK and US magazines and books.

Visit my Etsy shop, Jewellers Bench Shop, for jewellery ma... See full profile

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1. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - introduction: Hello. My name's Jenny. I'm a jury design and chief South Coast UK and welcome to my studio. Welcome to the floor. Don't Heart pendant class, which is part of my service mething for beginners Serious. This class will help you to work on your soaring silvery skills that you hopefully started to learn. So while the parts it I will also add in some shaping textural techniques together, these will allow you to create a hollow for three dependent. That makes a perfectly sweet gift. I chosen asymmetrical chances. My design. They could be the off giving to surrounds, especially when you're starting to learn. It could be a lot more obvious with symmetrical heart. If you go even a little bit off the line, the template for the heartless I've uses a rail wouldn't put it down. My pendants is about 2.5 centimeters long, but you could make you a bigger if you like Teoh. The materials you need on the techniques of using will be exactly the same. No matter what side aren't you make something else you can adapt is what you use to text your heart where you could actually even just leave it playing. I've used a lovely floor texture stamp to put in over all over flower pattern on my heart to be equal, Use texting instead. So if you're ready, let's get started by going through the equipment on the materials you need. 2. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - equipment: the's the hand tools that you're going to need to make the heart pendant. You'll need a Sharpie to draw around the heart template that you can download from the project section The Cross, and there would be cutting out two hearts, using the jewellers, sore and resting a work on the bench. Paige on Duthie April Below will catch any of the dust. Remember, nothing really goes waste so you can brush the dust into a scrap pot and save it for later . The needle files are to meet in the edges off the hearts and to smooth them out to make sure that the two hearts are closely matching each other as possible. Will there be text rain the hearts with a decorative punch? This one's of a flower one, and I'll be hitting that with the old hammer and resting silver on the still bench block on top of the cushion to keep the noise down of it. The going block on the wooden punch are there to shape the heart to make them slightly domed or cups, and then I'll be showing you a trick with the masking tape on Duthie Emery paper to help prepare the soldering. They're also going to need some soldering equipment, and I show you that in the next video 3. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - soldering equipment: thing is the soldier equipment that I use for all of my smaller projects, such as earrings and sore pendants, everything sitting on a couple of slate tiles, a heatproof surface to help protect my desk on my work sits on a couple of soldering bricks , soldering blocks, while some heating it up. One of these soldering bricks is made of a softer material than the others. Because it's softer, it's picked up some dips and some cracks in it. It's being used over the years, and these could be very useful for supporting work that isn't completely flat. The charcoal block is there because I melt small piece of scrap on top of that on. Do they form nice of my balls as I am used to decorate my projects when I need to pick up my work or to support it whilst I'm soldering? I used reverse action tweezers that you can see here and have also got a pair on a stand through 1/3 hand, and it's there when I need 12 on extra hands to help me out. The blue handled stick is a soldier pick on and that I used to push soldier move it about to make sure it it's exactly what I wanted to be. Soldier usually comes in strips or sticks. Andi, I've got three different melting temperatures here that I using combination for different projects. The soldier gets cut into small pieces or Palin's you ting. The red handles snips as I keep those little pieces in the labeled boxes that you can see do. Make sure that you label your boxes because once a soldier is cut up, you won't be hard to tell which is which. Melting temperature. My curl over the ends off the sticks of solder so that I can tell which melting temperature they are, the more cold over they are, they're higher. The mountain temperature, bright yellow liquid is a flux. Solder won't actually flow out through the joining unless you use a flux with it. Andi the paintbrushes. What? I used to apply the flux to the joints in my work, so he was also available in a paste form, its ground up soldier that's already mixed with a flux, so you don't need a separate flux. In fact, if you were toe adds the yellow Fluxus, I showed you it would stop this soldier pace from working properly. It's most commonly available in syringes with small tips that she can see here. You can also buy it in tubs and pots, just like with the traditional sticks or strips of soldier, so the pace is available in three different melting temperatures. Easy, medium and hard. I've just got easy and medium here. The easy is the one that's 268 degrees sent rate for amounting temperature. The medium is 732. Recent weight. As you can tell, the easy solder paste, is a favorite newer than the medium soldier paste. When you have a new syringe, it's best to pull back on the plunger after you finished using it. Otherwise, the soldier pace is going to continue to snake out of the tip a little bit, and you don't want to waste it because this is actually the most expensive way of buying soldier. I like to use the solder paste on projects like chains on door, so hollow beads sometimes might use it on sucking rings if I'm in a bit of a hurry, because one of the advantages sort of place is that the soldier usually stays exactly where you want it to be. Unlike the sort of Italians that can jump off as you start to heat the metal up, small projects like hearings only need a small blowtorch, and I've got two different makes of those here. Both of them are easy to refill with the gas that comes in aerosol cans since the same type of gas butane gas that you use to reform cigarette lighter. At the back of the picture, you can see a so cooker that Scots a very mild acid solution. Good safety pickle in it. When you heat silver up, the surface becomes not darker and dirtier looking that some of the capo in the study silver reacting with the heat and auction flame to forward cause copper oxides on the safety pickle cleans that copper oxides up. Before you put your work in the safety pickle, it needs to be cooled down or quenched in a pot of water. Andi, you need to put your work in and out of the safety pickle with brass or plastic tweezers, not the stainless steel ones that I showed you before and thus, but definitely not least our have safety glasses. You've only got one pair of eyes look after 4. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - materials: the's with any materials that you're going to need to make the heart pendant a piece off. No 0.7 millimeter or maybe your 0.8 millimeters, about 20 gauge. So it's certainly silver sheet. That's big enough to cut out two of heart templates under change to how your first dependent form. This is an 18 inch of saying silver trace chain. But if you wanted to, you retain the heart from a length of ribbon or length of cord, and that will be a nice way of having a touch of color to design as well. 5. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - sawing: way around the template with the Sharpie. A curfew time, some piece of sheet, as you can see For now, I'm just going to cut out two hearts. Remember, when you're cutting out a sheet metal that you will be supporting your work on the bench. Paid as much as possible a little bit difficult for me to support it flat on here because it's so long. So it's so safe. Is a state going up on the bench? Block the camp that's holding it into place. But if you are smaller piece, try and hold it flat on the wood as much as possible. Makes it easier to cut out is also a little bit quieter. Remember as well to get the sword Great to do the work for you. Try not to put too much pressure on it. Just guide it up and down on it. Should cut through for you right then let's get these two hearts cut out back. Okay, Okay. Just going to mark the heart shape back on here where it's being backed off a little bit and then because it from the other side just to finish trimming it off. - Wait a bit trickier, cutting the last little bit softer, 50 bits. But there we go to so in out hearts. Next job is to tidy them up with the filing. 6. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - filing: take a protective coating off the hearts because that will make it a little bit easier to file the edges. You might want to leave the coating on there. The thing plastic coating on there was always possible to protect the surface of the hearts from scratches in the files. But at some point you are going to have to remove it because as you file, it starts to get frayed at the edges, and that could be quite difficult to tell. Whether it's the edge is the silver that still need anything up or whether it's the bits of plastic seeing instead about three different shape needle files. So going to use ongoing use them according to the shape of the metal without filing they direct file have mentioned before in classes is safety backed. There are no teeth on the back of it. On that shape makes it ideal for getting in between tight spaces like this so that you can file to meeting it up, so without causing any damage to the other side to the this case, the other side of heart. Remember that files are you working in one direction going away from you? Turn that around Do the other section of the heart with this file. The flat file I'm going to use for all of the convex shapes. So the combat ages because you know, like that on and the straight section that's here on and and go across, like now go tend to go across like that if there are any stubborn areas and even protection work. But most of time he shaped like this. It's got sweeping curves. I turn to sweet crowned it right. So my father, that helps to get the best curve, the smoothest curve. I think this one again. This is section that's bit of a bump. So they work across that one. What I'm looking to do is to smooth out those ages, remove any marks left by the saw blade. So it does feel a lot smoother, but also to work out a months to make the shape nice and smooth. Use your fingers as much as your eyes. I could feel that there's a little bit of a bump there. I still need to work on. Oh, that looks and feels a lot better. And you do this safe now. Okay? Also just going to round off this tick just a little bit because you don't really want to get hurt by your piece of jewelry for that to scratch. You just sweeping over with that file, Chen Guangcheng back. You're saying all right, that's looking a lot better. Not more defined shape. Then the heart says I haven't found a tour yet. The last year needs to the files for this one. Is there some birds at the edges that my fingers catching on? They've bean left a little bit of being pieces of silver that is being pushed over the edge as I've been firing. So I'm just kind of hold file at 45 degree angle sweep across to get rid of those Fellini outline shape and from sites. It is the two hearts I'm going to file this one as well now to needing it up on what I'm going to do in the process of meeting its outpost of finding it. So I'm going to hold the to together so that I can check to see whether there are any areas , any to work on, because I want them to be that close is possible to be the same shape, so I can see that there's an area here on the hearts of the bottom. It's a big is sticking out some age work on that on an area that was, well, it's otherwise That looks good. So but it's taking time now to need in the shape up, getting too much and after that will be giving them a nice texture. 7. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - decorating: I finished firing around the edges of the heart's, holding them up against each other every now and again to double check that they are the best fit to each other, as I can possibly make Andi. I've also used every paper to really make. The H is as nice as smooth as possible. The next job is to give the hearts a pattern or texture, but I'm going to use the full flower punch that you can see here. It's got six little petals on a doctor in the middle. Andi, I really like the texture is it gives us on my favorite punches a couple of tips for you before we get started. For every new punch, or if you haven't used a punch for a while, it's best practice on copper First, each punch has got a slightly different feel to it. I find it might need to be held in a different way, where you might need to put a different amount of pressure on it, but it's best to practice on copper. First, try and keep the punch as upright as possible when you have a rich, so you get a nice even impression. Andi also only hit it once. If you tucked, happen and hitched a couple of times in between the taps, the punch is very, very likely to bounce just a little bit, and you end up with not one clear impression but one impression with a shadow on. That's not really to look you're going for. You want to make sure that thesis, Ylva or copper that you're hitting with the punch is supported underneath by still blocks. He has a nice, clear impression by the last thing to remember is that you need to use an old heavy hammer heavy. So does give a nice, good firm heavy tapped to it and get a good impression, but an old hammer, one that you're not going to use directly onto silver in the future because the head of the hammer will get damaged. You can see how the head of this hammer find moving. Part of the light has picked up some damage here. Andi, if I would have used this directly onto the silver, the marks on the head of the hammer would get put onto the silver on, and you don't when you want that just going to move one of the heart stashed away. Otherwise, it's going to bounce all over the place as I start hammering. I like Teoh get this pattern toe overlap slightly. I just like that. The pattern. That's that Gifts Can you see here it just about. If I put a bit more shadow on it, you can see the person that's starting to give with the flowers overlapping slightly. Some of the flowers. I'm overlapping off the edges so that the whole surface is going to be covered with quite a random flower pattern. - Okay , I'm happy with that. I need to text to the second hearts now, but I need to make sure that I have a at the other side of it whose eat hearts are going to go back to back. And I want the outside of dependent to be textured. So I need to make yours. I'm doing the right side and we go to the mirror image, right? Two hearts takes shit. The next job is to shape thumb 8. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - shaping: Theo shape the hearts. I'm going to put them once a time upside down in the largest fish and domain block. I'm using a wooden punch to hit them with. Because if I used the metal punch on the metal doping block, then that which smooths and hammer out the textures I just taking the time to put in. I'm still hitting the wooden punch with the old hammer, the same hammer that I need to hit flower punch with. I make sure that is nice and centrally in the bottom. Huh? Happier. That was just a slight curve to it. If I put the flat one back might be hard to tell the difference between the two, the same to the 2nd 1 Make sure it's upside down because I won't be to be puffed out, which and too little hearts nicely shaped. If you wanted to, you could almost stopped at this stage and just really hole at the top of each heart. Maybe in the 1st 1 there, the faster side of it there on hang it off a jump ring on a chain on that would make a lovely pendant, but we're gonna go couple SAGES further 9. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - preparing for soldering: No way I'm going to stand inside edges off the two halfs of the heart pendant now so that there is a wider joint surface area between two. You mean that there sit together? Ah, lot better. And so she joined will be a lot stronger because of some vigil will be bigger. So I put a piece of 240 grit Emery paper courses Chris Emery paper that I usually use on a steel block. So it's got a really nice firm, hard surface behind it so that it's the most efficient way of using it. But I'm just going to do 1/2 the time I'm going to make it. It'll be easy of myself by getting a piece of masking tape for with the mosque in type into a T. So going to this is the sticky side. Most stuff like so, but I still work with the city side exposed. I'm going to stick that well, Not so now. What's your handle? It makes life a lot easier and spares real fingernails. But though I do end up filing a sanding my fingernails, lots is part of my job. I point making your fancy America. So I'm going to do just go around around around after a while, just turned the pendant around, some holding it in a different way. Is this again? Well, then again, turn it around a little bit again. The reason for turning it around every now and again is that without realizing it, you're actually putting uneven pressure on the heart or indeed, anything that you're firing off sounding in this way. So turning it round every now and again just helps to eliminate that uneven pressure on and you see some brighter areas catching the lights. I move this about the the on there They look different to the rest of the room of the heart because those areas have actually been sanded ever so slightly flat. So I want to continue that to make those areas a little bit bigger and then move on to the second half. And then it's those three areas on each heart that they're going to sit together on solder together to make a nice storm joints. So I carry on. Do they spend a little bit more? I'm going to speak the film up a little bit this time. You don't have to watch it quite so scary. - I was comparing two hearts. This is the 1st 1 that I did. The flatter areas aren't quite as large on this 2nd 1 So I'm gonna keep on Sunday with the 2nd 1 is a bit longer, but you're fitting together rather nicely by the way, you see some textbooks recommending that you sound in a figure of eight, and that's another way of making sure that the sending their doing it's a level as possible . It doesn't matter which you do. Whether you do my version or the figure of eight, they're both get the same result. Do whichever one works best for you, and it's the most comfortable for you that pretty even, and they're holding together nicely. I think those are ready to soldier. 10. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - soldering: is there time to put to half of the pendant together? I'm going to soldier them on top of thesis oft er, old soldering book that I have because as it picked up some some dip, sing it, I can put one of the heart's upside down in that dip. Put the other one on top of it ons that will hold it steady as I solder. I'm going to be using easy solder paste. I'm just going to put a little bit just inside those sounded flat areas on one of the hearts. Andi. I've taken the nozzle off the soldier syringe, so it's a little bit easier to get enough soldier out. Not quite so much pressure needed to push the plunger right? Just going to squeeze a little bitch. Oops, but much. She knows she's a little bit more than I need. There we go tidies up the script, that syringe scraping which off inside each. He's doing okay, that's enough to that's upside down in one of the dips. That's no solder paste on there. The solder paste always looks a little bit bigger, but bit bulkier than the soldier Palin's, because it's such things in there to turn it into a paste and it's already got flux makes them with it. And to put the second heart on top, Brooks might be easier to lift them both up together. Right? So, yes, that's easier. Think carefully. Put them down on top. Sold brick That was much easier. I'm going to heat up around the heart. First of all, put C heat and neck Freddie slowly because if there's one thing that sold the pace doesn't like is having too much each blast is that it too quickly. It tends to ball up on crisp up if that happens, so you want to put the heating very gently. So I'm going to go round the heart a couple of times and then start going back and forth across the top. Make sure so I heat the bottom as well, both hearts, who got to be heated evenly. The member is a bit of smoke on, and it will flame. It's perfectly normal when you're dealing with solder paste. It would be a good color on what I'd like to see is a little bits of solder appearing at the outside of each joint goat special that one or three joined. So he nice. The proof, as always, how I picked them both up together. Okay, that lovely. So that now needs to be quenched. At least we put into the pickle pot to clean it up. 11. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - polishing: my heart pendant is all nice and clean out being cleaned up in the pickle. No more copper oxides on it. But it's also got rid of any excess flux that was left over on there as well. It's now just needs polishing. I'm going to push mine in the tumbler that you could see behind it here, but what you might need to do before then, though, it's worth checking to see whether the chip of the heart just needs smoothing out a little bit. So it is not too sharp, but my feels Okay, so I'm gonna punch in the tumble. We'll see about some other projects in there as well on set it going, the house being tumbling in the Polish air for about 20 minutes. So I'm going to see what we've got, huh? Heart pendants There. It's gotcha. He bubbles inside it. A few bits of shot inside. It is. Wells's amazing where they get to, but everything's out now. So what's going to give that a quick rinks and some water to get set bubbles off, gives a dry financial the Shane and then I'll have a beautiful new pendant 12. Floral Domed Heart Pendant - final thoughts: give independent a bit of a rents and dried it off nicely. I need to get some tissue paper to dry off the inside. Poke inside. The heart is dry it off properly. I didn't take too long on. I've just threaded a chain through one part of the top of the heart. So it hangs that it's like angle me. Please do that. If you want you to. Instead of a chain, you could use a piece of ribbon or a piece of cord because the opening to threat, which have you want through it, is actually quite big. Remember, even also, adapt the design by using a different message. Texture it perhaps a text string Heller. Or maybe even just leaving it plain. And you can change the size of its as well and different shaped heart. Thank you for taking the class Be great if we could leave reviews. So what seasons? See what you thought of it. Thank you for watching