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Show & Go | Poster Design #2 | Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Stage 1 - Maxon Cinema 4D - Shape Building

    • 3. Stage 2 - Adobe Illustrator - Lines & Strokes

    • 4. Stage 3 - Adobe Photoshop - Design 1

    • 5. Stage 3 - Adobe Photoshop - Design 2

    • 6. Stage 3 - Adobe Photoshop - Design 3

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Show & Go | Poster Design #2 | Zing

Showing how I use Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop to create a series of posters. Each unique, yet work together as a brand.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing you designs.

Follow my latest designs on Instagram.



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1. Introduction: and the guys is stalled in Quinton from Studio J. Q. I'll bring you another poster that people have been requested. The difference interesting about this one I just want to talk about is using different software to build up the layers on, Bring in the place designed together in your own unique way. So what we're gonna be doing in this video is created abstract shape within cinema, full do, um, using the landscape shape. Then we're gonna design some of the shapes here. Could be an illustrated in design, spends twins. I would go incorporate those into first shop and then play with some effects of info to shop, not making it too gimmicky, but bring it all together. Then you can have high contrast with the colors and the blocks with the monitor background and then moves from the player out with colors on top of that, Then you can kind of make them into a Siri's that work together. So, yeah, best get doing 2. Stage 1 - Maxon Cinema 4D - Shape Building: right. This is where all the fun begins. Sitting more faulty is a great platforms. Great, Really unique. Um, abstract art on being enjoyed it recently you might see on my instagram be hands dribble set up trying to make abstract saves and getting people asking may how, um techniques and stuff And I'll be very honestly, I I am still learning myself, but I'm picking up quite correctly. So what? I'm gonna what I have picked up I want to obviously share of you guys to make them into your own art will make them into into posters. So for the background design that we use in for to shop, which is this kind of mopey landscape effect, go and see the landscape shaped here and then bring this in. So comes into the standard size quite flat. As you can see her, there's not most to her, um, what we want to do so out of at a bit Lancia at a bit of high tech stuff. So going through these these options here I played a sea level just to make it a bit more was too much. A bit more Okay on then what? You can do. You can use this one to stretch up, so obviously you can see they look like mountains straight away. Um, all right, so I don't like to get to fight with them, but we obviously want to create a bit of dimensions. You see here the shape should create. It already looks really cool. Um, we'll bring that into into the post of hit, uh, just just different consoles. And because is when it goes into the black and white Morneau, the shapes really stand out. So that's what we want to create here. Eso just can play with these rough for us. Bring in them up, as you can see There, that's quite nice. Uh, play it. Just playing my shakes. Do you think it's ready? The good thing is, each time you create is is gonna be unique. So this one I do here will not be the same as what I've created. And that's that's the best. The best. That's the beautiful thing about that. What you create here is actually unique. Save you put up the scales, there's make it really nice and sharp. Some really nice angles and that to that. Okay, so I'm quite like unlike in that already, actually, um, because we got on kind of a three size for the poster for you going three Teoh, Make sure resolutions high enough just going up since on the up here, uh, transit prints. What? A three go 300 dp I And it gives you their size there, So other moment? Because we got this. You want to make the background a lot bigger to come over the sides of the poster? Well, im gonna make this a lot bigger. So should you hold shift on here on the scale shuts. Oh, bring a lot of it. Should bring that all up should he says It's just that brings it all up. Makes a lot bigger on you can play the Angel's. You wanted that. Actually, it's quite cool. Come in like that. Um, I've learned a lot from Grace. Kraut, Grace, Dark gorilla. Broken. Said So do check these guys out. They gave out a few, uh, textures and stuff like that. So I'll just be looking at these of how weaken? Bring this into it. And you can see instantly how texture really made plays a part with shadows and stuff like that. Um, this is it. Ready court. You see, every cop some of this off now could look really court on the on the paste up, maybe. Try this one destroying may display in advance. So happy. See, they're getting these no shapes now that could work. Ready? Well, too. I'm gonna go full a dark color because we want the vibrancy off the the gravy on there said John Power. So we just want this stuff in the background attached to basically So you see, now there That's really dark. Really? The world would quickly is just at a physical sky. And what you'll see now is how this guy the sun bounces off the image so you can see now. But it started to get really abstract looking really called with the different consoles and stuff. And if you play well, place that into the background. You'll see you see, those details can't even stand alone. Anything itself. What I will change gets our test group at Salon said I think, yeah, just gonna turn things down a bit. Well, I might actually do is while mentis if it progresses to So So then. So I objects on that. You can see it's trying. Just bring in that. Oh, that That's pretty cool. That so you all I'm gonna get that. I just met the part of the bigger No, actually, So you can see what you can do here. You complain of all the different elements. It depends what you want to do in the out for the outcome of the of the poster. It's praying in the trickle consult. I mean, it's just turning up. So that's lucky. I want something to stand out, but not too much. But well, things are actually no, we're on this bit sort of others cool. That's cool. So you want to get that? So just have a quick preview of that. You can see how this is gonna look really good in the backgrounds, especially the vibrant block on top. But this is just about making layers with different elements in. So that's gonna be a lot dark with the bright colors coming through, but is making all these are such ships around. And you can obviously spin it round to any angry what you can create a comrade. So So it always goes back to the same spot on a bit more of a free flow that maybe like Clinton, like, um, different ways. And then what I might do Because there's got this cut off here. I'm gonna make a plane. Let's make the elements 20. I want to. It's 12 So you know how things come out That is pretty cool, huh? Comes in and out there in terms off. So coming out on the seal, Walter, I want to make it a bit bigger because I want the whole background to be dark. So what the hell before continue for thousands? My thoughts just cause we're playing with the big numbers at the pace stuff or not to be the same. Now we're gonna use this black hair. We're gonna use that for the plane as well. So when you preview, Rhett should be playing with the lighter off the physical sky. But you still got the blackness around her that use the background. You see, heading for their shudders. There's a working ready watch. It is just is just trying to know that that's the most fun about being creative. You never know what you're gonna go even like that. Still to this state, so I'm still learning. But that's the fun thing about you can add a line you can't if it likes through. Uh, but should Then lot's of the scene and the bigger one Still learn this myself on on the right, But go, You can Then zoom out, see where the light comes from Spin it around See how much love we will on on the subjects on then. Previous haven't quick preview to see where you have of it. So let's have a quick one there. See what was looking like C Max, Look, the best thing for cinema four day, but it does the job for the moment. Yeah, I'm looking. That's what video. I'm just gonna get up to the rendez stage. I'm gonna out, puts it a three sides of 300 and then I'll see you in the nets. But just 3. Stage 2 - Adobe Illustrator - Lines & Strokes: on lost the Pharrell's save in rendering out in cinema, you can see her look at a detail illness that can really get really good We're gonna do the second part, which is in illustrates that severity doing using different platforms here to create a final, final image that you've been kind of a journey yourself. That's chronicle. So I did the off these strokes because I think they work well. I did a neighborly onto the Grady. It just adds test. Just that's a bit different. You've got different stars. I'm not going over the top working together really well. Eso we got were working on the Contra spot ground. Now we're gonna work on these streets. You've these air, the standard streaks that come in with in a straight up. Obviously, you can down there different ones. It's just it's just playing, seeing how they work together. What I want to do is just create a kind of layer, a lot of different of different brushes. But this just seemed which will What's together? That's what we're gonna did. We're just gonna play with these slept the mall room. We're gonna play these here, Um, so I'm gonna make this talk a bit bigger. Ex con interested our boat to play around with 5000 point. Oh, so all right, there are lots of rooms playing now. I just want to create different, different straits because we don't know how I was gonna work it until we get in the background image on this block, we don't really know how it's going to get together. So displaying around with these different strengths play with the thicknesses while pump up straight. Quite nice, actually, if you mix it up and you have different store room lines of the moment. But there have been different texts around. You can even dio we could get for circles, maybe nothing, actually. Quite nice. It's because we've got these shapes the shop saves. It might be nice to have some of abstract with heaven of having these shapes that thin. Then proceed the camera can't. We can't tell until it comes. Temper, this is just set. In other words, it's got lost. Also completed. This rendering you two fought cinema. Full deflection. We're gonna play around on using play around individual needs in the Burnaby. What? Walk on for this so you can put on the pressure on. Um, there's lots of different things you could on sense of style, of the brush. All right, so what, we're gonna Teoh could a funeral. These just tried to layer. They forget to send you on, then we'll start bringing this into for to shop. 4. Stage 3 - Adobe Photoshop - Design 1 : right. So the next stage is where we stop putting everything together. So we're gonna We've had the cinema 40 image rendered looking really good. So we got the background element done. We've got the strikes that we're gonna put it to see how they're gonna work together. And then we got the feds shock file, which we're gonna use. So we've got this great. And I just got this great and block audience in that I love my I love my grade agents. So we're gonna bring this in to bring us and color out. You see the backgrounds, but my older piece of landscape. So what refreshment it is Bring in our cinema. 40 landscape, once you know, is coming. See, it's coming at 16.9% absented. So if you put this up to hundreds, the quality is stood immense. Um, What? We're gonna do it a lot smaller, um, maybe say 50%. So that's in the backgrounds. That can really feel. So they placed that in. If you just get so 100% let's say, uh, still really nice and shop. Okay. So get rid of the overall now. Um, no, no, not for kind of, but not forever to make a decision of mono taking out some of this brown. But what I want to do first, put it to the bottom. Um, what I got from what made from in designs bring interest that the design on the on the site the furniture set speed. Uh, you'll find all these in the source for afterwards so you can play about clear than yourself. I was gonna give me a mention from the design years, but you can see straightaway. How are these shapes in the background of working? Well, with this, this Grady in block, we just got a normal pass to the moment. But if you play a round of it, you can maybe see. How do you see that? Just with the screen. How these Connors coming three. Um, with the shapes look pretty cool. Uh, you can play around that. You can boost up there. That's really powerful one. Just just on a play. I actually really like this screen once. I'm gonna go that one for now. What? I like this work. You're indecisive. That's for what, but returned that down a bit. There. That's too much. I think we get the screen one on Jupiter It, sir. Um, I get what would say. Well, he's the scream one, but I just want to pump it up a bit. Gradients the colors, so and just probably using this slider that cummings it is to change the colors to make them. You can make them into a Brandon pocket product. Sorry, but what we're going to do, we're gonna get for the this kind of kind of from that you can also get Tiu. I'm playing. The lightness gets colorized, and then I just play with one of the colors that you want to pay. But we're not gonna do that. We're going to We're going, Teoh. Something like that has got the spectrum of colors coming through. Now get back to you, Illustrator on We've got these streaks of your claim of earlier. So you do just slept the more and then you go up, Teoh. Okay, Let's Ah, now sit out. One strike. So now we've got that rather than it being a straight from here. But you should always actually duplicate it and do it with not the original. So I just copied out on do that. So I've still got that. And now that's the bill copied. This is the part we're gonna bring into illustrates up and sue for the shop. So you slept all that clear back its first shop. Our place is a small jets going to see now having another list. But again, as we did with the one before, if you done that, the first place design class, um, the whites on the contracts went well, Say you can see how you got the colors coming through and also the white that stands out. You can claim a different sizes because there is a small jets and vector, you know, he's quantity. So you always have consent quality and number mixing and Veta with three D to the elements . I understand spend that around a bit. Can't like up being us just again. So that's that one, too. See how it hurts was quote while get about similar straits up the blast? You wouldn't try mr these homes because they're a bit brought about, Sana said whether if you told them to a outline stroke Yeah, okay. They start steak like faint. So when we put them white, actually another enters the premium is a color. See how that works? So just tell that would not for now. But Dio always get to name its files lines. One can slow objets bring the end any size you want. I was looking for a nice is watch Colin lines too. Conaty, remember what? So with this pink again I wanna go Teoh, the letter said to see how they work with with the others things around the so perform out with screen you get a color. But this were about building up layers but not make that see visit so that that's what works really well on the Great Temple, it loses itself on the image. I don't know that pink work and yet that's too much. Take off this one there. So that was pretty cool. Players coming through. What? I also Teoh when I play or anything I just duplicate anyway, So you've always got the original. So they're only mistakes. You can give up to it. But I also like to use the rubber a razor. Sorry, uh, play about with whatever process you've got installed, you got also make that rough story is that you can agitate um, make this a bit big up and then so you can just take off elements of that because it's quite big. Take age. Everyone do that. It gets a history, I think, like, for I think I prefer the lights. That's quite nice. Move life in that, uh, change in my mind's eye. Oh, that's pretty. Course you've got the consuls there on that with these guys. I'm gonna get that in there, save this up here. And then if you consider the this is like the part of the main image presentation image, then it says into their That's pretty nice. Actually, we're not gonna do too much of that. We're gonna do some other ones. So I was going to be about two in design where my bad little shapes, uh, good backs that ground again. So we know where. What sort of force in the player worth I understand TV's once did. They will turn its back on C one day. Look, that's a couple L Lockett. We're going to some of those circles again a little bit smaller to protect you because your kitchen okay. Is that a cross slept the more on Jesus Align sort group. Most of us get the lines off and then just pull these time. What's really good with this apartment is measuring for you saying that, Mr, is that it's away from the other. Well said to that suits but episode we're gonna bring Bring these shapes into this. So again, Spring is a vet, sir, as big as you want has been watching Call the So again, I just love how the white jumps out on the dark image on top of the pink. It's just the worst. Really? Well, they don't think we need to hear is the chip came up and pump up these corners of birth? Sorry, saturation, I went because it's on the screen. So, uh, really play around with these lads? Girl, These options usually Connor Byrne. Ready pun cause the Carteron see there maybe too much returned on the positive. What's working? Really? Well, you know, zing, zing, zing on. Bring a few multi shapes of just started of interest. Nothing you continue as well is where we want to. On top. What if you wanted below? Can we made the right? Sits on the grand for that When I went designed like this. I look under elements. Focal works. You don't want to close that to the text here, but that might be quite nice of you. Line up with the dots, and then they will have to shape there because that so that works there. Look a bit smaller. I don't know quite well that uses the same. So that so first is I'm gonna do it. And then I'm gonna play around with some other dude dignity to to other designs, making it a bit more in throughout. Suggest mint safe out there. Cornice design one pinky zinc was Well, you can also have the background. Take cuttings from the ottoman That about, like, pigs. Really notice we're gonna go That Okay, that's designed one. Done, and then we're going to design to next. 5. Stage 3 - Adobe Photoshop - Design 2: Hey, we gave that. We're gonna do this seconds. This 1st 1 was a pink, A pink design. On this next one, we're gonna do a yellowy green design. Um, so the first thing I want to just move this this one waiting move these around to see how it waas must have been different with this one. Ongoing Teoh play with the contrast. Nothing. So you don't trust my favorite This one? A bit lying, sir. You see how? See how that works. And it was very nice. We're gonna change the come on this time. A bill we'll bring me. That's cool on. Then what we're gonna do with this one? Because another time it's doing pretty. Just say this is designed to but that Roy Oh, hard work. So we get back to that, and then we'll want to do keep duplicate again. So you're never gonna muck. My couple will play with Andi. We're going to piss distorting or or 12. Well, I know, I know. People laugh it. These the original Afraid to shop lens for sexual Just really well in that no. Um but I think it was done right in a small way. connect racial a lot. I'll tell you what, we're gonna really hit it into reverse cigs Agon zigzagging Once we call that six Aikens ing six seconds in, she goes Zinke pink 600. Think. Sure. Um, we're gonna do a bit of this little before because this is really mess Things that this is ready pull things like that. This is what we had on the original. Not seen on Instagram. Just 20 cooks. It plays with colors inside. But then you could give any any direction you want because you've got these greens here works really well. Say impressive, Kato that you see there is added different dimensions already can bring it to the side. You can have it coming up because we've got the because we grow our tests. I don't know what size I would just get that. God, I should look that on. So I need to We're just gonna get our techs on the place that an imprint on this one placed in. There we are. We're gonna dio, not it. All right, so now we clear this week all this green so you can't get over the white unless you put color on that it's got a nice It's different. It's different in salt. We can duplicate that again. Remember, you still got screen on. So you think really wanna half the pay phone screen, but just play around seeing how they work together? If they weren't together? Should the man trying No, no good. But so I do like how we got there, the orange here on the background color because this one's a bit more flow flu like we should gay with. We're gonna get these ones so again placed in. You can also do actually expand the parents that does the same thing. Let's try one Akopian pay Staver small trucks recognise for this kind of it. Get lost. So you want to try A. I'm really brought together the words No, that's not working Candy. It's adjustments, he saturation. Let's say is play with colors on top. Sorry about that. You two years working quite well. You could contrast that. What does have a reduction talk coming through in on some goods? Tell you what I'm gonna get about so likes with because we're trying to build Braunwald Whereabouts built a brand or star poster that why I wanted them to be original. But also difference The result of different I mean, be original, but workers a set. So we care for Pinky. Think, Think you think that. And now this one we're gonna get for our cannula. Every dream gonna get about two. Yeah, that's decent. Different shapes for these. Maybe some pause can making it. Roundem, You will see. Copy that. You does that work. Do you want the white shirts in each other? So let's get to move those, maybe play with the same. No need to be bagel. What? You can do that if they are going able again, duplicate it. If you thinks one of Liza on, then what would say? Really? We can just run out Mass Troy's, but and then take out So it doesn't affect it. Doesn't affect all text type. Grace isn't very good. I want one. She trade more dogs this time. My cabin smaller still what? Well, there. But it looked it in the other place toe. Maybe just take a few of these out Ross stores. Take a few of these. All makes up about always good today. And then just see how it all balances together. because I'm claiming why Over here it's a little contracts. And if you move it around this way, Mr Should get lost and not look is good. Um, something isn't right. That's pretty cool. Something isn't right with these colors. Some of the get back forever tweak. I don't want to similar to the other one. It's quite nice. Right? So I'm gonna say that. I think that's coming together quite well. I see afterwards how they work together. Oh, trying to say time for saves. Maybe I need a faster look. Um, so it's working really well, if you can see number one, which is that powerful pick in the two games for the green. Yeah, they say So. We go for a lot of these pastel colors in the background, so working quite well together. Okay, Save that. And then we're going to design three, and I'll let you, uh, let you get on with your designs. Just 6. Stage 3 - Adobe Photoshop - Design 3: Here we go, then. Design three. So we got for a pinky version for design one. We've gone for greening versions. I two Where are we going to get for blue or a purple design? Three. Um So I just get rid of the the stuff you're working on before? Not in a way. The main elements. Which is the background Aunt. The Texan talk. So that's munis around again. Let's get this one a bit more Ends a bit more, but more room to play with just to mix them up. Good things because they're obviously got the same design in the background. They look similar. But when you look at them together, you will see each one is original. But hold, say the same minimums. So let's make that darker. We cannot bring back this. We're gonna change is coming This one. So gone for green and purple. I want more A pink sari, More purple. This one What? Nice purple. Too much There Just planet. Clear Answer Your puppet. Someone else had never happened. Men always forfeit. Fasten around. I say we got that. I'm gonna take the um sure they're different fellas. Time. No, that's Cape outside of the Big Five. But see what was going up make this a bit bigger. But see back, you can start in the play, always drawing lesson. I want to get rid of this green about. This is a good thing about heaven. Touch pen. Conservative play. Let's make this one. Were any obstructs, So I turned to get rid of that green. Now bring in the purple, finishing up deeply. That was say, Well, it's like an earthquake. I think some of that purple done in there, still trying to get rid of the green. There we will get rid of degree, but this I know they miss away from the size that they want to hit the well. It's a bit keep it's shape. Come on, that was really struggling. I think that's pretty because maybe a bit bigger up. That's presently. Wow, So you see what I mean with that green, actually, eventually one with this vibrant colors on top against the dark background, then that's great. If you were to ask me what it was, what's a sure, but it's part of the family part of the shape each of the unit can original all right. Then let's just players get with this screen. Let's see well, off the similes. Work on the background. Grand suit. Blue. Now what's it like? Normally? So that's really different. But still what's ready? Well, where is it? There you go. Cool. We definitely in a bit of wines. It's going to go. It is some of that with the green line. We could look full is how it works of either that text there. Well, the text of the top just There's always a reason why it's place. Somebody is always a reason. Um, we're gonna get some of our straight so they don't go to longs. 960. Our tutorial. So then make the voice again. Place the men. They won't she So it looks like about these lines. Actually, you know, I'm not. Savings ones are always gonna be these ones that nothing this because there's a lot going on here in abstract way. We're just know we're gonna keep the, uh, straight lines. How much is was that? Okay, Well, not that's pretty cool on a few dogs, and then I think, you know, done for this. So when you look at them is a Siri's. The vocal elements that shot the same yet the original. So say that I take 462 hours to save about 10 seconds. So you got that. You got the abstract part part coming through there. Also. They're showing standing out on talk, and then we got that. They're so can we can clear the backgrounds you will not get. You want quite a line color to work with the other two. It's silly. Look again. See purple? Yeah, and then the pink. You know what's together? Quite well. So, yeah, that's that place to that. 7. Conclusion: yet. So just to conclude today's post design, we went for the the pinky version Pinky Zinc, which we, which sort of jumps out more than we got the second World, which is a bit more play for We have textures on the shape. And then the 3rd 1 was a bit more cycle Bennett wacky in your face. But as you can see from here or further work together, But they've all got the same elements from from cinema forties backgrounds to the grading is the main objects the second layer, the third layer with strikes in their own way. In the four flare with the dots, they all come together. I hate you like this class labor that girl for tune. I know it did. So I need to call it down a bit. But I hope you enjoyed it. Please. Local Well, on Sherman work we can on instagram Tag me if you don't design, send it through into the comment on On your feet back on. I'll be put in the source files on today, if not tomorrow. So you can diving into urine designs. Thanks again for watching on. Do you see what we're gonna do next