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Show & Go | Poster Design #1 | Using Indesign & Photoshop

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Poster Design – Set Up & Composition

    • 3. Poster Design – Type & Patterns

    • 4. Presentation

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About This Class

My first class, showing how I use Indesign and Photoshop to create the Show & Go Poster Collection.
Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing you designs.

Follow my latest designs on Instagram.



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Love What You Do


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1. Introduction: Hello, everybody. My name Johnson. Quinton. And I am the founder off studio Jake. It you may have seen me on B huts. Um, with my post to Siri's, uh, been on that few years. Various project Brandon projects free lands you call. See cats beyond drivel. Might see my stuff on June 20 place quite often to keep oneself active. Um, on also on instagram where I post daily off penetrations. Um, this video is going to basically show your insulin of how how it works. Trade seven C um, the burns my work And what I get a lot from people is that they're surprised I do a lot of in design. I've worked on inside miss my career, Um, find it the least. No. The easiest program for me to use a za quick workflow, but then bringing in other programs is violence since a cinema fourty to create artwork in a straight sir on the issues that more. But, um, I find in designed to do a lot for me, it's under shapes. They are that's all thing, and then finish lto present the work together just going back. In case you haven't seen any of my work. Um, I was lucky enough. Defeated by the hands last year for my necessaries. You got quite a lot off appreciation. A lot high six officers, post and daily. It was a challenge, but very fun. Challenge. Um and it went down pretty well. Just certain. Different styles, different ideas, colors, mainly people is common on my my color usage. A detention gate for the big radiance and the bright colors. Um, as I just think more, that's that's kind of my star thing. Um, so, yeah, this year I've called it showing Go. I've been put them into different months. Eso is easier for people to scored on a look at the problem. Last year's people have to scold out like 300 pinches, um, to view my works. Has it been easier to view now, uh, full this class today? Actually, it's gonna be a little fun. Born is my 1st 1 so that's sort of a bit of fun. Experiment. See, what you come up with The idea is to correct this. This was my artwork form similar for dear created some balls and I've quoted the very beginning policies. What is my first video Um and I've obviously gone from my point color palettes off my when Pinkham orange. I love seeing myself trade market or little dots, shapes and patterns. Um, so, yeah, let's dive in. 2. Poster Design – Set Up & Composition: right then. So we are working in design. That's my favorite. As I mentioned, um, I use a presentation, uhm mark up in front of shots. So I gave by their dimensions to get my presentation. To keep a presentation is consistent if and when I print the posters, I our work up to the size. I want them to be sort of a 34 Um, eventually, I'll be Portmore my wreck bubble here. Um, which then you can do it for you if you want to do it respectfully. It is best to all look up afterwards, but for consistency while you gave by their size which is here 12 47 54 So majorities posted Honestly. Touche. Vision online to show my skill set. What for? When you dio print them. Obviously you need to change everything. Sample. Okay. Um it won't obviously be its vibrance. As you see here, it just takes out, Takes out the vibrancy If you wanted to gain for violent see colors, you talk to smoke color, which costs more to do, but it is worth it. Um, but just bear that in mind when you can't pick colors When you go for your lose. That's something we got very muddy. So, greens godmother. Um but then just bear that in mind. But for now, for experimentation, just obviously pretty color C one and have some fun say, on this. Ongoing with a grid of 24. 20 Zarr, 24 rows. 20 columns. Um, just say, uh, this take off the gutters. This just works for my louts. Um, so in 24 months, 12 this just gives components for how it designed how it puts the defendants together. When I started pictures while I looked on the inspiration I've got under what graphics I want, um, color inspiration comes from the imagery itself on the elements. What I do for a start, I put them on the side, say, disabled off the pace. Ter, go buy imagery patterns type title. I'm looking said the colors come from the image. So security, something similar to this. It doesn't have to be exactly like this, but, um because just just to bring that the imagery to life claim of layers how it fits together composition. I try not make things too busy, but I liked obviously make it interesting to so avoid the important the image. Ah, is a 72 DPR at the moment. Just Teoh work with dimensions form the photo shop here. Obviously, when you get to print, you tell that 300 minimum might say, um, that comes form your output sentence from cinema 40 or George A. Pat Imagery s just just to play with the grid. I want to have just have fun. Basically, I keep going until I'm happy. But sometimes it took a while Last year was a child is complaining capable self 72 minutes to do it But this one just something a bit more fun Trying to learn different stars on the way make making the imagery bigger. Seeing how it fits I do like sharp shapes How they cut out I don't do also like we will offer them a j making, making people work out What? What the hell? That is what could be or walk turn into it again. Just always using the grits. Um, I find this a good way off. Beilenson up the imagery on the whole the whole composition. Really, May I ask? That's a good thing to do is turn the clients look the guy it's they don't leave about. Um, yeah, it's good just to have a play just to see. See what works for me now Because there's such a difference in size there. I don't think that actually works. I'm gonna take that's out and then remiss organs one up and just see how how it works. I just make the eyes think, make the eyes thing. Ah, starting to bring in a few shapes Now I think what will you when you go post designer things good toe have obviously vehicle point of imagery. But the main accent color so usually use is over contrast on the image or or compliments were safe. For example, for now, on this, I pick it. But the Owens might workload Allow that the pink stands out more. Or you could even have base A because you've got pink in there and islands and they set them up to be split. At the moment. You could have Yeah, the ongoing is just send it complements the right side of the island on the left side of the pig. You could you could they relax them to concurrence of facts They have played and multiply. So you see how it goes three. Now that now that line coming through, that's quite interested. However, I do quite like cow. The winds from the image works with checks here, but it is just good to play. So I thought about going inside. Software going inside the Ellen Show actually use that, Um, turn that back to normal so I could help my bit of white three again when you're playing around. Just remember after you put the placement in image where you want them, it's good to go back to keeping it on the grids, just just for consistency. I think it's good practice as well. You always notice it's dead on here. I've got the option in guides. Teoh snap to guide Selves is easier to place. It just snapped up. Okay, means that one might be a bit too much. I always use a so I've pasted inside. Oh, in emits a getting image, but that I use a and then paste inside. And then you can do anything with that. You can also dio with circles a copy toasts. That's so and then just you know, you could even prove that now have been playing with her. I could maybe balance on So you can use these also pits or to fit it. Always use that one. These Children, the use fit frame you can fit the famous shame on a man of you Press a girl you re set up here. Just remember, never get over 100% on up here just to say about 150. You're getting issues of pixel ization. So is that there's a 72 d p. I 100 office. You got perfect perfect resolution also comes down to what you're designing the shapes, but you never get over 100%. It's a normal claiming that I also made a version off this image. But blood out in fancy show just trying for end different, different layers. I do like to add different. Fasten that the best thing is you don't really always know what was gonna come out. You just know when it's right because it that makes you smile. But you just know it's what it is, not what you want. You all keep playing until it is. See for me that's not right now, but he gets it just never lay every lay these images se I think, you know, up here it's got a bit to shop once a different side of us three sides Sweets, um, everything up here is going to to solve straight and narrow needs absolute late or something else again, using the whites to compliment from the text of Texas and the Texas or something is it's attempting to have on their to show what it is. It doesn't necessary to come into play. They always wanted to come into play, but because there's white hand What? That I think the word thoughts complement its special on the the vibrant colors again on moving around on the ground just to say where it comes. People ask about these dogs, so it's a shame what is traits one does just with circle in their bring that down. You can even do it while they grant you can even do random, but what you've copied them copy and paste about the whole and then with this one just to stripping so that perfects together and then across same again, stay with us and then oh yeah, since your thoughts and I do like to make it a bit more fun. It's about Bring that these ones up. Have you thought about that? Next, we'll get onto text ons using some of the patterns to complement the shapes to. 3. Poster Design – Type & Patterns: so the next stage is bringing a bit tight. Type up. Uh, my name's could be quite round of honest. It just works the idea behind the night while something he's around him. Run the name generator, but mainly it comes from the visual money is, in the very beginning. System. My first figure. Be kind. Um well, are these in my house? That's occur. So that's what's one of my favorite phones. But it works well for my purse, and I just keep it consistent. Really, I I do like to change our variety, but when you do a service, I think there is some sort consistency need to keep, um so I do go with my Helvetica the size converted depending on the composition. Uh, what's going on? But I like to keep it the same. So just just looking for cause there's a lot right here on news on white on the on the island. I need to look for color to put the for the type. Once you can read a, put it that obviously you know it's enough almost there, I'm sure let's look a bit like a mirror, but I think it stands out better on the orange, um, of the moment. I think that's getting in the way. No, no, I think it's this blur blur things, not working other moment. These shapes. We're kind of the same direction, so it's good just to mix it just to see how. Please, you can have the pain coming from the I call it lunch or last just sturbin that and then the orange under Newport Soup over the under the time. Sorry just to give it a bit of the parents think opening that tiny, but I d like to bring on a strengthened just just to help just a heart break things up. You have too much image. Yeah, kind of good. But let's do design that when you Nazi zoom in or look closer. There has been a thought behind it. While you put that that Paul Thio added interest so again on using the grid these bars again with the same. This saves off reason behind the docks here to balance against the white. So when you look out, but from afar sorry, you got a lot of color. I think you need to pray that color at the time on also do not using two D shapes. We're free d imagery. I think this is just a nice mix today. It can be hard to put what you said to ring rules that you're in a funerary impartially in client. I kind of do whatever you want to do. What makes you happy again? These dots Maybe breaking up down here Just saying I got in my car. That's kind of near its near off the husband around the tax. This maybe cover up those two connections. And now you've got these You shot lines, but is a bit more interesting than we would with a kind of work with words again. Does that work? Uh, it works. The app is not on the grid. Sometimes you can get a waiver. But I said I would stand with so we can see now how the building liars building composition this never would thoughts can lost. Simply put it on. I'm trying a trying to get the year that there's something going on paper. Also, there's another layer on top, but things may even another door tannic. I like Teoh. I think that's quite sharp. That's to shop, said click on that box, but she pays to join emergency black era on that, and then you get to the grade in feather on hold, shift. Get down, as you can see now, just gives you that feather that you can do obviously too afraid to shop. I like to do in hair because it's kind of life. You're doing it now, so you condone a thought. You can even dio on the big one with the cutter and Denise, and neither again, you're getting the color coming through and fading up. For me, that's too much. You need a hard thing. Maybe later in the on top could also look up. That's we've got this one here. What was that one that was with Sorry about that sort of stuff? Flood. That's fact. No. One using that great and feather we conceal this would look in screens to spring, plumps it up a bit to show again, thread too much. Assume it was transparency and against a bit complicated. Much is right, I said. Just just a stroller narrow through and through. It was starting to build up the trawlers. Something needs to come over here. There's no most caring lots and maybe make a bit bigger, although it just just around what changed the shape. You don't want too much. It's human white space. What do you quite like? How you don't know where to look first? That's what I love about it. Money people. Did you cut? Question Very good. The vesting, actually the best view. Public it. It's when someone says, What is that? Do you like that? I would like to explain What's their Many taped it with this. That's because I'm thinking, um, good. I like my little wearers. There's something about a Red Cross. There's something about the necks. It gives a vehicle point again, shouting out with the ones hit. Maybe there's too many too many of these workers. Now it's and it's over. It is good to break things up again. How I made the dots earlier. This is how I make little dashes going on the grids. Great. I'm just looking for areas to put them on, to make interested, but again, looking for the layer to put on the color so they stand out. There is a lot going on there now, I think, mainly because to money talks of so ungrateful. Some of you to see the disciple take out some of them again. They could be quite random. It you want them to be. Nobody there will not be in your face. Let's or Great River onto the grid. So now it's a bit lighter, but still, we're still adding effects, but it's a bit like that's opponents. That's why I'm gonna go with for now. I called hard. You can keep playing around. Um, I like that. Just another twit tonight. If you are, we put this into print, you'll be artwork at the right size. I'm just gonna gable twenties. And for now, 50 50 pixels bleed, usually with print I k five mil bleeds. This is in places, but just just a quick I did you how you would all look. You'd always need to bleed for the colored still awaits the edge. Um, is that simple? But it's very important to so then you think no design never know horrible. Why, Mom, you can ask this. I'm gonna go with, um, backstage opponents finish. I want to show you how I put the presentation together. 4. Presentation: happy with our final design in together into for too shocked to do the presentation. Uh, make it sing and dance. Um, corto Just export our exports out as a GPS just to keep the quality content is a J pick, but I think it breaks up the breaks up the ah, the tax and some that some of the shapes desker pit, but blurred like it. So I'm just saying the sociology, Pete, if it's put into into the template, So saving the out Well, I think that the little should I don't number two. You can do all pages. Obviously, in here I work on to one. Was the original idea something going to arrange? Number two export out. I think it's probably don't Is this just the presentation? Uh, so no become its first shot. This is the template. Lovely shudder, But the presentation the girl in the colors of singing We'll come back to this in a minute . What? What will work best? So you click on the smart lor file place linked on from the PS. Sometimes they could baby files friends and how much equal in the design on just simple that and because I've done the the correct size in in design. This will come in the perfect fit, full the pace stuff. So just press ends up. Let's bring in to leave that one from before. So I know it's a on the links. That's just bring us like that. Something that's the one from before, put it in imagery. That's a lesson for you. Never use the same for all day. Did you tell ABC they is that true? But that some of you go and you got that problem? You just say confuses you Not sure this time in the morning. So it's taking out the other ones This design we got with looking good, perfect science press site This has been saver into Oh, template Lashes 100. Improper. Say the same 100% We get in the perfect perfect symmetry. Say there's a lot of our own road like being cut off. Or what do you like to do issues, right? Sorry. Pit because you can do you know instantly that works because you go back to it. So originally going back to orange because it was it was working. I still think it is. She worked in the good. But then there's too much white on head that you need a vibrant color. How much it shows the wine. Okay, it stands out. But how much of a role in it stands out if you use some of the colors and there's always good toe like it was always good to use. What you got that complicate things too much. So now what? I'm gonna go with the orange. This work that I do like how this is going slightly red hair which complements the red, the darker won't say in here. Well, I could leave it like that. Be lays it. I don't wanna leave. Ah, once I want to bring some the elements that I've made in the poster toe happed just to bring out to give it a bit of mood. So what I do is a quick fix here. His copy, The shapes that I mean in design, stately toe use Bring in E p ss. You can just place it simple. Put it in the background layer, which is behind the post up. That's the place there that this is in the background. One on no work to see how hot fits so you got talks there, So I want the talks to doctors. They're coming off a different size. But actually, okay, because you can do what you want. And it's good to break things up tonight. Breaking in the dark orange, we're gonna bring in the trademark cross, which I think that's cheap on. Then some of these, Sometimes they're chipping in the chests, but some of it what time did you bring in the text? I make it. Make it big behind. Say, copy that are pasted, create outlines everything. Create outlines. What cuts off the bottom part of the test? So pretty outlines that turns into kind of a GPS. And then you say it. So I would look behind that there. It could even look like, Well that. But then you don't want to compete with its sights of that. I do. Sometimes what happened in the background? Destroyed by sexually? No, I was. That gives you an idea what it's saying. Obviously you can't see it all, but then you've got the total. I think that was quite well. You don't wanna want out too much. Maybe some of those thoughts began to name some of these files as well, because I'm doing on the floor in here, um, scriptures to go of it. But then you are. I want to talk. Read comes in for a lot. That was quite watch. You can also duplicate this backgrounds. Yeah, so it's underneath that you can end up for that pig, Miss. You call that Gen. He's in the last Knick radiant can blend in, says different options up here in the near because they work in the same way is that I don't like to keep it to straight. I just think there's too much vertical stuff going on that so you can use these ones so it comes up well behind the pace stuff. But that's too much pink or comes out from under there. Just replace you. Do you think it? What's the best? Well, she's gonna get about to this. Bring it in here So you got the plate reflecting itself are interesting. It's that, and then it blend in, in which this makes it look good. So don't forget the magic safe, but nor do then it saves a J. Peck on, then put it into dribble stories. 806 100 on then Instagram Eternity Challenge cares. Um, just keep it consistent. Um, yeah. So I hope you like this video on. I haven't gone on too much. Um, just obviously get out of your own office. Follow my word. Like it if you do like it, Like it a large to comment and appreciate my work. So I'm very grateful for that. Especially people in cigar on every day soon. See my progress along the claim. Comments like that. Appreciations. This is good today, people. What's my work? And Oh, sure, I can help inspire people to design stuff it most stall, but obviously making their own Making your own style up as well. Um, but just is about having fun. And when When a quote could see you haven't fun, they want their brands tohave your enthusiasm, your your color, that the effort you put into motion he put in They can see that in your work, and that's what excites them. So even though some things aren't always paid, if you make things up for yourself and you enjoy doing that, that will also get your work that way. Um, that's That's how I've done things I like, Make that self initiated products Because it just gets excitement. How she learned the styles. Get sure Goetzel proof out there on, then. Obviously, it's house clients attract social workers. They can see you on Joyner. And they want your well, determination, enjoyment and focus on their breath. Let us, um, lots of bigger. And do you check out my my sites and in the link Ana, do let me know what you would like to see more off. Um, the deuce, The deuce that days. Why? Maybe you got tips from a I've always learned myself, but it good to see what you come up with. And if you do push the oil instagram dribble, give me a time and then I'll get feedback on it. Violence. See you on the next one.