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Sewing a Boxy Top - FREE multisize sewing pattern included

teacher avatar Laura Casey, Sewing blogger & pattern designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Boxy Top - Intro


    • 2.

      Boxy Top - Printing the pattern & buying fabric


    • 3.

      Boxy Top - Laying out the pattern & cutting your fabric


    • 4.

      Boxy Top - Attaching the sleeves to the back


    • 5.

      Boxy Top - Sewing up the front and sides


    • 6.

      Boxy Top - Finishing the vents


    • 7.

      Boxy Top - Finishing the neckline


    • 8.

      Boxy Top - Roundup


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About This Class

This class takes you through every step of making this cute Boxy Top. The tutorial come with a FREE multi-size sewing pattern that you can download from the internet. See clear step-by-step instructions for every step. This simple top that can be made in SO MANY different fabrics that it will soon become your wardrobe staple!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laura Casey

Sewing blogger & pattern designer


My name is Laura and I run a busy and creative website called Sew Different.

You can find it here:

I have my own indendent range of simple, contemporary sewing patterns for women which are available on my website. It's all about sewing the clothes you love. What I have always wanted is to recreate the clothes I buy from my favourite shops. And you will see on my blog that the things I make are inspired by things I have seen on the high street, or just gazed longingly at in Vogue. I often digress into other projects like fabric dying, sewing for the home and things for kids.

Sew Different has recently started to run sewing retreats and to host sewing socials such as our Frocktails event. 

I am sponsored by Bernina and... See full profile

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1. Boxy Top - Intro: Hi. My name's floor from so different and I'm to show you today how to make this easy. Boxy top soil comes with a free the download from my website. You're not sure how to download music from the Internet? That really isn't a problem. Talking through that process of my other videos you just talked about You know what you're doing? What, you don't imagine I'm talking to every step of the way for making this neck allies. Then please, out of it. No, this is a really gorgeous sweet talk way. Have a look at it. Loose, fitting, shaped, kind of boxy shaped little inside here. Just wait. You wanna make into a long journey? Talk? You could do that. Just just so half new fabric. All you need is really caught on. Let's get started. 2. Boxy Top - Printing the pattern & buying fabric: you can download and print pattern from the so different website. You can find it at www dot so different dot co dot UK slash boxy top. If you're a tall unsure about downloading on assembling a pattern from the Internet, please do have a look at my very first tutorial for skill share, which waas making a raw edge jacket. It tells you everything you need to know on there. Once you've downloaded your pattern, you'll need to stick it together and cut out the size that you're going to make. You'll see that the pattern is color graded by size. I'm doing a UK size 12 so that's the Navy blue line. This pattern actually suits loads of different fabrics. The amount that you need to buy is dependent on the width of your role. So I've listed the quantities here for you. Now here I've used 100% con, which works really well. However, you could also use a silky fabric like this goes or a poly cotton, even something that will cling to your body a bit more and give the impression of being more fitted. If you're quite new to saying that, I would stick to a cotton or linen finish with these habits are much easier to work with. Shiny or slippery fabrics like silk uncertain could just be a bit harder to handle. 3. Boxy Top - Laying out the pattern & cutting your fabric: start by laying your fabric out flat. Then, for the two edges in like this, you'll see that that will then give you two folded edges on which to lay your pattern. We're going to cut out two of each pattern piece you see from the double line at the edge that this edge needs to go onto folded fabric. So using these folded edges were going to cut two of the front back piece on two of the sleep pieces. The pattern pieces fit on the various fabric. Let's like this, paying your pattern pieces in place and cut around them. There is 1.5 centimeters of C Milan's already included on the pan, so there's no need to after the extra. At this point, you will need to mark on your front and back pieces dot, which appears on your pattern. This is just a marker where your event is going to start and finish. You'll need it for later. 4. Boxy Top - Attaching the sleeves to the back: Now that we've cut out all our pattern pieces, we're going to make a couple of changes to differentiate between the front and the back of the top. If you look on the paper pattern on the front and back panel, you'll see that there's on alternative neckline for the front. What we're going to do is cut out this neckline onto one of the pieces to create your front panel. You can see that I'm marking the lower front net line onto this piece here with tailor's chalk so that I can see where to cut. We just cut this low in that Klein on one of the pieces. The other one remains the same as it Waas and is the back panel. I'm thing. Go to mark each panel with an F for front and be for back so that we don't get them mixed up. We're also going to make some changes to the sleeves because actually, on a regular on top of sleeve creates parts of the neckline. So open that your sleeve and lay on your pattern piece. You'll see on the paper pattern that there's an alternate neckline that couldn't go lower and we're just going to cut this low proportional to one side of that sleeve, make sure that for the seconds leave, you flip the pattern over. Otherwise you will end up with two identical pieces. Where is what you actually want are two mirror images. This difference around the neck line now creates the front on the back of the sleeve, so we're going to start assembling our top by joining the back panel toe one of the slaves . You'll see that one of the diagonals on your sleeve is longer than the other now that you've cut it, and this is the one that fits onto the back panel. If you look on the paper pattern, you'll see that you're aligning the turquoise on the green dot on each pattern piece. Just pin it in place and then do the same for the other side. The seam allowance on this pattern is 1.5 centimeters. That's 5/8 of an inch. You'll find the markers on the base of your same machine so that you can keep directly in line so that you get lovely straight. Seems when you sone both lead to the back. You should end up with shaped like this 5. Boxy Top - Sewing up the front and sides: next, we're going to attach our rec lance leaves to the front panel, pin them to the open edges of the sleeve and so together, when you have done your top is actually going to start taking shape. You can fold it into the right T shirt shaped by finding, and you'll see that the sides and the sleeves will align sometimes, particularly if you're using a floppy your silky fabric, you'll see that there could be some discrepancy. Some fabrics are harder to control than others, so you might find that the shapes don't match exactly so the key paths to a line of the diagonal seams of the rattle and sleeves under the arm. Pin your top together up the sides and along the bottom of the sleeves. Remember, you are only going to so down as far as the dot on the side. Once you've done this, what you need to do is open out your seems on press. This might not sound important, but you'll see in the next stage that unless you open out your seems, you end up with some really unattractive pulling under the arms I'm selling here along the underside of the arm to the corner and down to the march dot When you want to turn a corner like this, make sure that the needle of your machine is down. You might have to do this manually, like I do. Then lift the foot up and swivel your fabric around. Let's get you a really nice continuous line of stitching. Don't forget that you are only sewing down the side as far as the dot that you have marched onto your fabric. 6. Boxy Top - Finishing the vents: to get a really great finish on your events, you need to start off by just clipping the corners of where your friends are going to pay. This will help reduce the bulk of fabric. We're going to use the C Milan's to make a small, double folded hen around the bottom of the top. Start sowing your scene, and then when you reach a corner, we're going to use the same technique is before which just to leave needle down in the fabric to give you a really neat on continuous line of stitching around the corner. I'm just going to show you this as a close up so that you can see exactly what I'm doing now. When you get to the top of the event, we're going to deal with this in exactly the same way. Keep your role. Heavens in place and it keeps looking really good on the inside. Here's a close up of the finishing of event. You can see how I keep the hens rolled as I move around the scene, and there is the lovely finish that you get the end. You'll need to finish off the edges of your sleeves with a small roll him. I have to say I don't bother to pin things like this, but if you're a beginner, that it can often help. 7. Boxy Top - Finishing the neckline: to finish the neckline, you're going to need bias binding. Now you can either buy ready made by us minding or you can make your own. I always make my own. I just love the way that the inside matches the outside and for more details of how to make your own, you can have a look here. Start by pinning the bias binding with right sides together to the neckline of your top. Then so your bias binding to your neckline, keeping a really smooth line because this is going to show right at the front of your top. When you've got all the way around your neck line, you can just join the two ends of your bias, binding together like this, and then snip off the ends. Before you do anything else, you need to snip the inside of your neckline. Usual sisters to click right up to your line of stitching, being really careful not to slip through the actual line of stitching. This is going to allow your neckline to sit really flat. Then fold your taped to the inside of your top and press it in place. Then we get a top stitch. The net line like this. Toehold bias binding in place. Keep your state shrink small on. Follow the neckline round just a few millimeters from the edge. It's worth taking a bit of time to make this really nice, because this is right in people's eye line. When you're wearing it, just one little point in your final iron you may find under the arms and really unsightly pulling. They're pulling top inside out and snit into those corners just the same way as you did around the neckline. It just frees up the fabric, allows easier movement. Then, when you turn it back the right way, impress properly. People sit beautifully flat, and so that's the end. Congratulations, Well turned is no everyone who could make their own place. 8. Boxy Top - Roundup: So have you enjoy making this talk? I had a lot of fun doing it. I love the way you make in so many different colors and patterns were over and over again. It is honestly the basis for entire wardrobe. I have enjoyed it to Eilat, forcing you for my next tutorial.