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Sew Like a Maker: Start with a Pillow Cover.

teacher avatar Ginger Hendrix, Author of TIME TO MAKE

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Sew Like a Maker

    • 3. The Project

    • 4. Low Stakes Fabric

    • 5. Just a Couple of Tools

    • 6. Sort of Measure & Then Cut

    • 7. You Can Thread Your Machine, I Swear

    • 8. Basic Seams

    • 9. From the Inside Out

    • 10. Flip & Shove

    • 11. Tinkering

    • 12. Final Words from Fay

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About This Class

Sewing: it's not just for Jr. High Girls and Home Ec Teachers anymore. Even MALE PEOPLE can do it. You can learn to sew like a DIY Ninja--with speed, just enough accuracy to get the job done, and with pins and patterns only when you feel like it. The sewing machine that is shoved in the back of your closet is an unbelievably handy tool that you can master well enough to tackle all sorts of projects.

Class led by Ginger Hendrix, author of Time to Make: Throw Yourself at Your Creative Life. Don't Wait and writer at Wienerdog Tricks. Featuring appearances by our good friend, Fay from Fargo.


Meet Your Teacher

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Ginger Hendrix

Author of TIME TO MAKE


Ginger Hendrix makes stacks of things from rescued fabric in her garage studio and recently released the book Time to Make: Throw Yourself at Your Creative Life. Don't Wait.

She writes the blog Wienerdog Tricks and has been known to teach sewing and writing.

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1. Trailer: Mom is trying to do a video. Please exit the area. Yeah, thanks. Thanks. Pray for me, America. People would appreciate meeting you and seeing the great history that you've given us, kind of laying the groundwork for many, many generations of people, mostly women who can sew What's your skills, really, for every to meet you like a pro When you approach the machine, Do so with respect as it's a steel piece of machinery plugged into the wall and could blow up in your face at any time. E guess that's one perspective. Some of the seven different one now some of this. You know what is so like a maker and we look over their face. We don't use patterns or pins or worry about doing a perfect job. And you don't have to you You probably have, um, some sewing machine somewhere. Maybe one time you have pants. What else did you make me dio? I think a lot of people have tried to so once or they've tried to so like annually. But I have a sinking feeling that sewing machines were still kind of, uh, marginalized. Two women who carry quilted persons um and really. It's this fantastic D I Y ninja tool where? Look around your house and notice how many things were made out of fabric. You can learn the basics of a sewing machine. You don't have to be interested in quilting. Um, you don't have a like calico or the color mauve. You could learn the basics of a sewing machine and become the handiest person, you know, And I'm thinking I might help you tackle that. My name's Ginger to meet you. I think a nifty entry project is to fix the ugly pillows linger under house. I sorry for offending. So when you screw up, and by that I just mean you so something. That is not what you want. You just pick it out. Just threatened fabric. It's not concrete, right? You don't have to hire a crew to fix it. You just You just used one of these. So have this and these. So now turn this thing inside out, and I'm gonna have look how likely that is itself afraid and everything. No one's gonna know 2. Sew Like a Maker: I got to be fun to interview a home EC teacher that I have a lot of respect for you. Maybe saw her. Ah, Home EC movie. I had a so like a pro. Very popular, really considered the seminal work for home economics. Education. I just started. Be cool for you to meet her. It is very nice disease France. Great. Teoh, it's great to see you. Thanks for, you know, being here with, um basic tutorial on how to make something as a beginner. So we're had a so like a maker. Did you hear? Must be the barometric I felt. It s so it was my duty to come forth and let you know that. Well, dear, I think you here's all I mean is I mean, the men. I think you might be a little whack, dear. I think you might be a little whacked. Use a sewing machine like a tool. It doesn't have to be just used to make perfectly patterned dresses. Yeah, not that That's not that. That would be a bad thing to do. I appreciate you inviting me dear to come and share my classic instructional video. Have a sell like a pro, and I think it's such a gift to be able to share with today's young people it rotate like a pro when you approach the machine. Do so with respect, as it's a steel piece of machinery plugged into the wall and could blow up in your face at any time turning up when you turn it on, for instance, Don't ever put your finger your finger underneath. Let's turn down here. You could really out. You could. You could quite hiring yourself to ensure that your scissors air large and shark. Be careful. Uh, not Teoh. Take the scissor into poke in your eye, which could result in a terrible wound. You would be scarred for life. Okay, discard of any use of a seam ripper. There's really frankly, you're no reason to have something that will take the errors away. You won't need to make an error. We ask if that you never that you not waste fine polyester materials such as this is a finite resource that's pulled from Dan dinosaurs in the oil there in and formed into lovely , colorful patterns and used for important things, such as but rompers and rompers and the pit pin, afford robbers. And really, if you're going to waste such a precious resource, you should Well, we ask that you not participate. Okay? So if I If I ladies out, I'm sure you're able to, uh, you know, resort Thio, Thio and surely resulted. You didn't. I'm going to do this at a later time. Okay, We hear it. The Institute for the Remediation of those Interested in fabric arts, but who've been institutionalized recommend that really beyond sharp scissors and available polyester fabrics that you make sure that you own quiet a few pins. This, for instance, is an insufficient number. And whoever left this sewing pin cushion, we'll receive Ah, consequence of inappropriate manner. You'll need more, I guess that's one perspective. Some of us have a different one, though. Some of this you know what is so like a maker and we look over their face. We don't use patterns or pins or worry about doing a perfect job. You don't have to 3. The Project: You probably have, um, some sewing machine somewhere. Maybe one time you have pants. What else did you maybe Dio? I think a lot of people have tried to so once or they've tried to so like annually. But I have a sinking feeling that sewing machines were still kind of, uh, marginalized two women who carry quilted persons. Um, and really, it's this fantastic D i Y ninja tool where Look around your house and notice how many things were made out of fabric. You can learn the basics of a sewing machine. You don't have to be interested in quilting. Um, you don't have a like calico or the color mauve. You could learn the basics of a sewing machine and become the handiest person, you know. And I'm thinking I might help you tackle that. My name's Ginger to meet you. I think a nifty entry project is to fix the ugly pillows linger under house. I sorry for offending, um, easy to run out and buy new pillows, but they're like 18. 35 75. Depends on where you shop a piece, you know, thrift store, or find a pillow that you have that you think is now terribly unattractive. What were you thinking when you bought it and learn how to make a basic cover? There's a pillow I got in a thrift store. Washington Hot. Don't freak out. And we can cover with better fabric because hello. Welcome to someone to grandma's house. A lovely place to be. Just not where I live. Okay? One of the cool things about this project is that you don't You don't even have to use pins if they freak you out and you don't have to have a pattern, we basically make our own pattern. In fact, we skipped the part about pattern making. 4. Low Stakes Fabric: I choose to so entirely for what I call rescued fabric, and that's because I like to keep the stakes low. I think when you go and you buy really expensive fabric for a project you're unsure of, it can be super intimidating. So it's fantastic to mix kind of low stakes and high stakes projects. Um, what started for me is all low sticks material because I literally I don't even find fabric in a thrift store. I literally went in like, got weird old stained stained napkins and stuff like that and then started putting them together in aprons. And then all of a sudden, I noticed here they still felt work here, too. So the stakes kind of went up. And then as I started to fall in love with old fabric, some of that cryptic fabric is now high stakes fabric for me. So it really isn't a matter of where I get my fabric As much as I like to play with, Ah, big pantry full of stuff that I can feel free to, uh, mess up on. So I don't think of making a mistake is wasting material. I think of it is as making something basically for making some kind of cover. What you want is a fabric that's kind of heavier weight. But honestly, you could do with a sheet. It would work fine. And for this project don't go by the $35,000 fabric find. In fact, my recommendation is look around your house because there's a pretty good chance you have something that you love. It's made out of fabric. You're not using it. This could be a T shirt. I'm not lying. Um, shoot a shirt from J. Crew. A short from J crew that got a tiny hole because it was made out of that tissue thin cotton that you love. But then you've reached up for something high. Um, look for something. You already have to try this for the first time. If for some reason you have a closet full of tablecloths maybe like 15 that don't fit the size table you have, Or what else might you have? You kind of get in the picture. Old pants. That's weird. Um, anything made out of fabric could be cut up. I've made my point. So go get some fabric that you have for this project if you have nothing. And you, um if you're honestly listening, you're saying I'm sorry, ma'am. Uh, I'm not the person that has £35 of weird, hoarded old lady fabric in my closet. Then go to the store. But don't spend $8 million is my point. And go to a store where they're gonna be nice to you. This is really important. Go to some little store, some little store where they offer classes where you might meet somebody who will answer a question for you. Okay, I'm going to use I don't really know my traces right now. We're gonna be between this weird zebra sheet that my daughter used to wrap a book. Don't tell her. Don't tell her. Sorry, Lou. Okay. We could use the zebra sheet for a project. Oh, the book for my knees or something. A little heavier weight might be nice. So I have This might work. It seems that it already, but yeah, I'm going to do this. So too complicated. Please. I have great. Oh, my gosh. I got the specialist fabric for my friends at the sewing lounge in Saint Paul. Maybe I'll make a pillow cover out of it. Oh, what a good idea. I see. Oh, this is exciting. I'm going to use this pretty fabric that I got from the sewing lounge in ST Paul. But it's because I had it in, Um, I already know how to do this. Nothing personal. You go get something that if you screw it up, you're not gonna cry. Here is the other reason why I can use more expensive fabric that I maybe I want you to use for me all projects or low stakes. If I'm doing for myself there, love steak. So if I accidentally cut this fabric incorrectly, I'm not afraid of us. Oven extra seem. So I'll just find another piece and fix it and make it big. And it will not bother me. I have trained myself, grasshopper to the all president lipsticks. But for you don't get something expensive or really sentimental. To do this project, you get my point. So I'm gonna use this nifty stuff from my friend Maggie. Okay. Blah, blah, blah. Let me show you how to use machine 5. Just a Couple of Tools: So I got my fabric. I got my ugly pillow. The only other things I really need besides the sewing machine, our two really crucial tools scissors and a seam ripper scissors. They don't have to be this big. I just like I just have grotesquely huge scissors that people gave me scissors. Just get the sharpest. Doesn't matter what they look like. The sharpest scissors you confined in your house for this project. Just just get sharp scissors, OK, ok, because you're only gonna make everything that we're doing is got just street corners. It doesn't matter. Sharp scissors in a seam ripper. And honestly, push pause on this video. Get in your car and drive in your stone sewing store and get your get a seam ripper. Here's another one of my It's still pretty. Are you intimidated? Oh, she has a fancy seem ripper. Oh, a seam ripper. The holy Grail of solar sewing tools. This is the tool. This is your best tool ever. It's the one where you're like it's not a mistake. It's just something that I didn't intend to do. So when you screw up, and by that I just mean you so something that is not what you want. Just pick it out. Just threatened fabric. It's not concrete, right? You don't have to hire a crew to fix it. You just You just used one of these. So have this and these tools. 6. Sort of Measure & Then Cut: So I'm gonna start by taking my pillow. I'm gonna lay it down on top of the fabric and kind of squish it so the edges come out to the sides and I'm gonna measure about an inch. Now. I'm not a big fan of the, um What do you call it, Ruler? An inch is about the length from my knuckle to the tip of my thumb. So I'm gonna kind of I'm an inch. Is it because the truth about a pillow covers it doesn't have to be perfect, right? You're not, like making address or anything like that about an inch and really what the inch does on the edges That gives you space for the fatness of the pillow. So lay it down, kind of eyeball it, squish it so you can see where it runs along the edge and figure out what's about an inch. So you're gonna have one side of the pillow. That's just a perfect square. And I'm gonna cut that. I'm not pinning anything. I don't have to have calculus degree or even that have really done all that well in algebra . But I did. Okay, so this is a piece of fabric that I'm kind of eyeballing it. It's about one inch around the edges. And if I go down here, I need to take a little off the bottom. Go like that. And this is my first piece of fabric for Philip. So far. This doesn't hurt. You could do it all you needed with citizen fabric. Okay, Look there. Yeah, depending on I haven't even decided yet. I don't even know what Seidel use yet. One piece of ever. Now the other two pieces of fabric, we're going to be 1/2 each plus a little. So I'm gonna now use how many is this piece of fabric to figure out how big the next piece should be. Now I happen to be doing a square pillow, but this would work as well for a rectangle pillow. Take it long ways. Take your square fold in half and laid down and then take up the top half of that and folded in half again. And if you lay it over, you'll see about 1/2 and 1/2. So you have about 75% of your whip. I just said a percentage, but don't pass out 7. You Can Thread Your Machine, I Swear: How am I gonna show you how to use a machine when I don't understand machine? It's called the Internet. Also, there's some basic things about away machine works that might help you if I kind of watched through it. Hey, let's wind bobbin helps to have you clip the threat on the end like I just did that you have a better chance of getting that thing. There's a little hole. You hold up your bobbin, I don't know. You'll see that there's holes in it. You put the thread through the inside of the whole and then out. Then you popped that guy on Whatever is the bobbin winder we're here, and the threat generally goes from where it's been mounted over through some kind of slow downer. Pretty straightforward. Pull that up. So the threads mounted. Here it goes over to here and then on to the bobbin winder. And then I pull out the side of your machine and press on the gas. You will wind bobbin. There, there, there, there, feel the wind. Wait, here's some more. That top right off there, and that's how we do that really easy. Most machines will have something right here. That will stop this. I took my machine part. I put it back together. I couldn't find that. So Okay, You want your bobbin where to go? High five years, overachiever. Now we're gonna throw the machine and I'll show you how I how I threaten mine. Mine goes around something here, down and around, and then it's like this little hookey guy here. So I'm gonna go food like that on him, gonna come down. And then there's another catch down here, right before put it through the needle. So and then we got straight through the needle, but right through there, you know, in the old timing singer machines, you actually threat to the left good old manual on your machines going to tell you that I can't find your manual, go online, search the name of your machine and the number, but I would say search and then add dot pdf so that you end up getting some kind of file that you could actually use. Get the threat hanging to the left and then pop that down into the bombing case, which just means the hole where the bomb goes and then you'll see If you have the thread there that there's some little catch that it wants to go through, that's to kind of slow it down and to keep the speed consistent. Get that in there and then the threat is through the needle. You turn the crank so that the needle goes down and what will happen is the new will pull up. Keep pulling on this one. A little loop up, the guy from below. It's like a magic. You look there. Oh, there's the Chinese a loop. Then you stick like a little here. This will work six of them in there to pull that out and you've got that's ready machine. You're good to go. Pull those to the back. That's a real life threat. It sewing machine. People thought you couldn't do it. Every machine works differently. You already heard me say that it doesn't work one time. Do it again. You can do it. You can do it in usually a couple of knobs. If you have a basic machine, one of them is gonna be to tell you how wide to make the stitch. The two or 2.5, you know, it's kind of a normal typical stitch wit. And then if you have a bunch of crazy options for stitches, you know, when you start out, just get the one. That's a plain old straight stitch. And honestly, you just don't I'm sorry, but if you're gonna so like D I. Y projects, generally speaking, you don't need a sewing machine that's gonna, like embroider your name with a button. So, really, if you go shopping for a machine, just get something basic that does a couple of stitches. Really? Well, that's what I think sometimes. Executive Handy, but I don't know, really. Applicator. Make sure it's on the up and down when that's beauty for me. But that's the thing I wanted to tell you. 2 2.5 It's kind of a typical stitch. Let it go. Okay. Did you get a threat? It did. I hope you didn't cry. I'm so sorry for Greg. You got it threatened. It's all cut. You're ready to So 8. Basic Seams: once you cut your fabric and you have a basic knowledge of how you're going to use your machine, um, or you've spent three days with your manual, depending on the kind of person you were, we're gonna sell a couple basic. Seems they're gonna be the oh, the 1st 1 to So where the two pieces it will be on the back of the pill. The thing about sewing seams, the thing about sewing fabrics, you could make anything if you start to look at things that are around and sort of imagined them inside out. It's kind of weird, but we're gonna build this thing inside out, and they're gonna flip it around. It's gonna be amazing. So our 1st 2 lines to so are two straight lines really easy, and you can pin it. You feel like it. I don't. But you can take the two pieces, they're gonna be on the back, and I'm going to fold over to make a pretty edge. I think I decided that I want to do burns on the front and blue on the back. I'm gonna do something fancy with this fabric remedy. I can't decide which side I like better. I'm gonna put my big square aside. I'm gonna take the two that are ultimately be next to each other folded. I think I'm gonna do orange on the front blue on the back. Yeah. So if I want if this is the side that I want to end up with, I'm going to just turn. I'm gonna just turn it down a little bit. I'm gonna pin this. I'm gonna so across here so that when I'm done problem Problem? So, look, I'll do a little pinning, but you know what? Honestly, pens freak you out. Sometimes I fold this and I sticking out of the foot of the machine. But I'm trying to do a good job to teach you here. Doing my best. I'm gonna pin this. I just fold it. Some people iron this down, I don't have an eternity. I'm gonna pin it, you know? Honestly, some people will say it has to be 58 It has to be 3/8 of an inch. No, it doesn't, actually. Doesn't. You're not a factory. You're not making something that has to match anything else. Just fold it over the amount that you feel like don't fold it over this much folded over less than an inch. I've tend to full things over about 1/2 an inch, but I just know that's the space from the tip of my thumb toe like the bottom of my thumbnail. I'm not using a ruler, someone in that guy and then I'm gonna go over to my other flat piece. So remember, this is extra. I've got the big square piece that's the size of the pillow set aside. Then I have the two pieces that are gonna cover the back of the pillow. And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna sneak the pillow, and that's why we don't have to have any zippers. But if I want my other side to be have a nice finished seem, I'm gonna fold it over and pin it. And then I'm gonna so straight down this line, I'm gonna do the other thing, the same thing with the other piece of fabric. Let me do that really fast. I'll do Oh, that would be fancy. What if I wanted it to be? No, don't Don't lose your mind. Blue and I want the blue side to show here assuming it now to see about threat everywhere. Super normal. You're not doing it wrong. Threat just gets everywhere. Someone up in this guy ago. Just like an extra step that I don't dio. I'm just trying to help you. Probably less frustrating. Keepinit Pin it across your just gonna fold it over and pop up in through there, then So my first dish there's a lever on the best. There's a lover on the back of the machine that if you prop it up, this little guy which we call the foot, lifts up. We've got to do that. So call the find the lover. And if you don't check your manual for the foot of your machine up, make sure that threat is away from you and I'm gonna put my fabric here underneath the foot of the machine. And that's hilarious. Here, I'm gonna sell. Was going slowly press down on the foot of the slowly press down on the pedal and this guy is gonna go along. It was so exciting there. Don't get your finger, Scott. That's about idea. Keep your fingers away. Pulled the pins out as you go. A great line that's going a little too fast. If it's if your machine starts to sound like it's a tricycle going downhill really fast, don't do that. Just go nice and slow. So in a straight line. Now, let me tell you something. If you look then at what you've sowed the trick to figuring out what's wrong with your, uh, with the tension in the machine, which is really like, How's it working through all those catches in the loop that it goes for the up and down and all that if you look at the top of what you sowed, if it's too loose or something's funky, that problem can be fixed underneath in the bobbin, so it's flipped. If you look at the back of what you sowed, that problem can be fixed up top here. So the first thing to do if you look here and you're, uh, and your stitches funky not how you want it. The first thing to do is to stop in re thread your machine. If it's fine, keep going. So I'm just gonna kind of fold this over as I think pins or more annoying than not, to be honest with you, because I haven't a kind of fix it Also go anyway. I don't know. I think skip pins just folded over on the foot itself kind of holds it down. This is the upside of choosing. We owe line. No big deal. If your machine is giving you such a hard time that you can't easily so the it can't not you that can't easily so just a basic blind of fabric than it probably needs to be serviced . Sorry. $75. Then I'm gonna do the same thing with the other one. This time I'm gonna live on the edge of not use pins because they put me weapons. If you like using him, leave yours in. I'm not going to. So now when I'm done showing you you're gonna go do this. Oh, my gosh. So I'm gonna fill this over and remember, I'm pulling away. From what? From Decide that I want. So the orange side is up because I want the blue side to be what shows later. We're always making things that we're gonna find sometimes I stopped check. I'm still looking good. Still looking good. If I looked back here and it was a little too loose. There's a little tension button on my machine. I could make it a little if it's too loose. I'm gonna put the number higher. If it's if it's too tight, I'm gonna put it lower way. No, I've got the two back flaps for my pillow cover. 9. From the Inside Out: So now, Not really. I'm going to use pens. But, you know, the lovely thing about this is again, if you mess up is ripping out for sometimes things that we think of is messing up isn't really messing up. It's just not maybe perfectly perfect. That's gonna happen. Nobody's gonna look at the inside of your pillow. So now we're gonna construct this thing inside out. So if I want if this is the side that I want to be on the outside, it's gonna be on the inside of what I'm making. So I'm gonna lay it out and then I'm gonna take again. This is a site. So I'm doing something fancy here. I'm doing orange on one side of blue on the other fancy. I'm gonna lay these down with my finished edge hiding inside of the project. So some people would say, Look, I get weird frayed something something on here. I'm gonna This thing needs to be shaved. That's weird. Someone laid this down. Oh, my gosh. Used white thread instead of blue. I know I'm that way, but if you wanted to have matching thread, you could have guess I should have mentioned that earlier. All right, But remember, you're not doing a high stage project. We're just doing a little practice. Somebody put that there? Oh, no, it's kind of wavy. It doesn't matter. So I'm gonna lay one down here, and then I'm gonna get the other one with that finished abdominal. Lay it on top. Yeah, look at there. And what's interesting is not even all this. So if I If I've if I take the two flat pieces on holding back, this is what I'm gonna have in the end. This is all the good stuff and I'm making I'm making the seams here, and then no one's going to see them. So if I look at the edge of my fabric, it's and it's a little wonky or afraid, or it's gonna be on the inside of the pillow. If you have a friend who's gonna take your pillow cover and take it off and check the inside, they're not a real friend. Real friends don't let other friends check the instant or mine. Okay, so I'm gonna lay one and then the other you get the idea and then open this. It doesn't matter where a pin No, I just wanted to stay together, independent, like it Put it on the corners. What if the fabric doesn't match perfectly? It doesn't matter. Because when you sew it all together, no one's gonna know. That's so cute. I'm just gonna pin these so they stay together. Let us take a pin. I like this time with the go ahead, because I'm like you put it all around. You could pin probably a home EC teacher at I don't know what you've done here, but I'm sure that someone should put you in a home for yes. And I'd like with I offer my services to any of you before people who have been tilled there is going to be. But I think that there listening to this because they're freaked out from their past people , dear, no. Ah ah. I think you might be taking a class like this start offered to those in rooms like a raid in the wind on a story because there's either hither Cesar to the city, uh and then did Okay, okay, way locate. No, I've got weapons project, and I'm gonna just literally so around the corners. No big deal. Some in it. Hold on the foot of my machine. Up again. Pop it Under here. How close do I have to? So, you know, I like to use the edge of the foot. The little silver thing that literally looks like a foot. That's what they call it a foot. Everyone I like to put that along the edge of the fabric. That gives you some kind of close to 1/4 of an inch. But again, it's own matter to May. It's just gotta be in and cover everything. So here we go. Waiting, doing when I get here, all the way down one side. Then when I get here, I do something fancy the needles in. I'm gonna flip the foot up and turn it to the right. And I'm gonna do this all the way around one of the upsides to put been there, two plus that I could leave him in it, so check to just make sure no, those aren't lined up perfectly just so that my stitches in enough warrants to go, You're gonna see you. Look, I got a pen. I gotta take out there. And then here's a fancy thing. You do when you get to the end of a stick. Now, you know, sometimes what happens if it's not perfectly lined up is you might see the little pucker at the end. Don't panic. I'm gonna show barely you get to the end. And then there's some kind of rewind function on your machine minds. This little lever that I push and then you can put your foot down on the pedal. It'll make it go backwards. I gotta go backwards and forwards over the end. It's like creating and not basically. And if I click this, check this out, take my fist up. It's gonna look cute. It really is your project. You can totally we should do for a next project. Something harder. Okay, lets see. Pins her out now the magical moments going to arrive and they were going to shove the pillow in it. 10. Flip & Shove: So now turn this thing inside out, and I'm gonna have Look how ugly that is itself afraid and everything. No one's gonna know. I'm gonna have where to go. My kind of poke the edges out here. I'm gonna flip it inside out, and we're gonna shove the polling. Look at there. The soak. You isso que So it's a It's a cute I kind of use my fingertips. Get those? Some people will put a chopstick in there like that, not a pencil, cause it pops through to get your just nice and done nicely. This is really fresh fabric. Trumpster. Get the back of a pen. That'll work. Put that up there in that corner will make that, um, corner look straighter. And that does make a difference in how nice it looks. You see, I'm gonna do that. All my corners. Do you like No, I have this on the bed. I showed my fill in. Oh, it's a transformation. It's gonna be so cute. I'm looking for a fellow. Now. I made these envelopes that kind of I made these really flap over a lot because if you don't do that, it'll create this weird pooch where it's like like seeing some guys T shirts too short. It's not pretty. Look, I'm just gonna kind of Ringel this around Just come to look into look into oh, this is gonna be so, kids. No, my inch gave me plenty. The reason I did that ISS that Oh, my gosh, I'm gonna go throw this on my bed right now because it's a throw pillow. It's so cute, I could die. That was great. It's really cute. Oh, my gosh. But do you see what I'm kind of just have to kind of mess with it? Smooth it, tug it around. Now, if you did yours and it's not and the cover itself isn't tight enough to suit your fancy, then the next time, um, do 1/2 inch around the edge for your next one. It's more annoying to end up with the pillow cover that is too tight than it is to loose. If you get it too loose and you really don't like it, you want it to be tighter. Take it off the pillow, flip it around so again inside your square, like a little bit 1/4 inch, and that will make it tighter. It's another fix. I'm sorry. What's curious? Pillow two sided. No zippers, no zippers, no calculus degree. My other pillows hiding here. No one knows. No, No, because I've got nice flaps. If you've got scant material, if you have not quite enough material, you can make thes flap smaller, But just pay it really attention. If you've got a really fat pillow, it's gonna make a pooch. Unsightly pooch. There you go. No, you go to one. 11. Tinkering: - okay , I think it's gonna be better. Notice how ugly it is on the inside. And also, I totally popped a hole into it when I was seem rip in it. But then I just made that. I folded it over. More was on the inside, so I could I could kind of afford that. Some of what it takes is starting with something that you have enough buffer to make mistakes with. When I look at my great grandmother's quilt tops, let's or hurt. She was working with really, really preciously scant materials and her a little seam Allowances were like an 8 10 inch. So because there was so little she couldn't afford to make any mistakes. We want to set this up in a way where we could afford to make him so I didn't and nobody will know unless they turned my pillow cover inside out. Which hello, I need better friends. Let's see this looks. What if it's too tight? Rip somewhere? Seems that I guess this puppy in here Oh, I mean the envelope kind of deep better. Mm. Better. Yeah, it's way better. Really. It's way better, cause it's tighter white professional. Ted us. Really? Sometimes you're just not done yet. You didn't screw up. You just aren't in yet, Ted. Up. I think of my faith. I will see you at another time. I'd like to close with a poem if I could. The don of mountains gleaming in the orange sunlight. 12. Final Words from Fay: I really believe it's so the best thing anyone could do to prepare for such a complicated and David, it would be to read the singer sewing guide in its entirety. I particularly love, Appreciate the section called Zigzag Selling. It's a It's a page turner A swells. Tips on mending in the on the page on butterfly applicators also live well, dear. I'm gonna go for now, I fear some, uh, nausea may may come upon me if I remain within your within distance or a short range of your tutelage kooky by now.