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Set-Up an Affiliate Marketing Campaign for Your Brand

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Before getting started + Assignment


    • 3.

      Identifying Your Brand Differentiator


    • 4.

      Having An Irresistible Offer


    • 5.

      Why Building Buzz makes all the difference


    • 6.

      Find Affiliate Marketers to pitch to


    • 7.

      Create Your Affiliate Campaign


    • 8.

      Increasing Your Success Rate


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About This Class

How would you like to Have a consistent flow of customers buying from you each month Build a network of Affiliates who are helping you sell your product Create a system which allows you to bring in Affiliates day in and out Incrementally grow your business through Affiliate Marketing My goal in this class is to teach you how to: Set-up a seamless Affiliate Marketing Campaign Get Affiliates excited to work with you Create irresistible Affiliate Marketing offers  Track results while growing your Affiliate Network If you are a freelancer looking to promote your services, a company selling physical products, software or experiences; this class is for you. Affiliate Marketing can help you bring more traffic to your website, grow your customer base and gain more brand visibility. Learn how you can have a tribe of Affiliates promote your product and incrementally grow your business from there. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Introduction: How would you like to have a consistent flow of customers who purchased from you day and announce, How would you like to have a network of individuals who recommend your product and help you sell your product? Well, the full It can easily be achieved through the Power affiliates marketing. What is affiliate marketing? It's simply a contract that you couldn't place between yourself, the Brent and whether it's an influencer, a blogger or an affiliate marketer in which they will be recommending your product in exchange for percentage. So whatever cells they bring in, they will be getting a small percentage, which you agree upon. Now a lot of time brands make the pure mistake of spanning influencers and coming off as pushy. So in this class, Michael is not just to share the processing need to put in place in order to set up an affiliate marketing campaign, but also watching you have an irresistible offer so affiliate marketers will feel excited to be promoting your products. Affiliate marketing is a great way to grow your business because essentially you're working with a tribe of individuals who already haven't audience, and they're bringing in new customers day in and out, so it's a great way took for your business. So Michael, in this class is to provide you guys with obviously all the tools you need to put in place in order to set of. This affiliate marketing campaign also will review as to what makes an irresistible offer, along with all the documentation you need to send to these affiliate marketers in order for them to consider the offer and, most importantly, feel excited. Working review. I hope to see you guys inside if you don't know who I am. While my name is Luna Vega, I'm a fashion e commerce in Sultan's co founder of E Commerce Academy, Youtuber and podcaster. I have quite if she still share class, which I encourage you to check out as well. I've worked with an array of brands from Fortune 500 to fashion start up and help them with their e commerce affiliate marketing. Is Stephanie attacked? Is that a use of my clients? So I'm looking for it to share my knowledge of you guys. All right. I hope to see you guys inside by 2. Before getting started + Assignment: hi, guys. So welcome to this class how to set up an affiliate marketing campaign for your brand. So what is affiliate marketing? You might be familiar with it or not. And for those of you aren't essentially. It's a marketing method in which you collaborate with influencer bloggers, individuals, whomever already has access to a mailing list or has a audience, and essentially they will recommend your product and encourage their audience. Choose. Buy your product. So based on how many cells they're bringing your way, you will provide them with a specific percentage. So there are a lot of websites out there that do affiliate e commerce and what that is is essentially curating a list of different products that they find throughout the Web. A lot of time they do it strictly with Amazon, and this is an opportunity for you as well, to partner up with these types of e commerce shops in order to bring more traffic your way . So there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to affiliate. It's undeniable. Now, a mistake that most brands make is that they reach out to influencers, Renda, M'lee. They're not creating an irresistible offer so not making these individuals excited to work with them a lot of time. It's because the brand, they're not really understanding what the brand is all about. And there not having a good vision as too hot it would work and how they would be able to promote it to their specific audience. So it's really important to convey Excitement will go over the following in this course. But the biggest mistake, essentially, is that brands don't know how to convey insect excitement. They don't know how to create an irresistible offer, and most importantly, they do not have a system in place, so they end up reaching out to different individual. It feels very spammy, and what happens is that your black labeling your brand and individuals get sort of a sour taste in their mouth, not wanting to deal with you. So we're going to talk about all the different specifics and all the systems you need to put in place in order to fix the following before we get started. Let's talk about the homework for this class. I'm going to be asking you to set up an affiliate, learning Paige and share it in the commenting section. Now, if you do the following, I'm gonna have a little contest. And, um, I will go ahead and review it for you and provide you with feedback. So if you actually upload your page eights in your best interest to do the following so I can go ahead and review it and provide you with specific feedback. So let's just start and going through the benefits of doing affiliate marketing, right? So if you have, if you do, affiliate marketing essentially is gonna help you get a consistent flow of customers who are going to buy from you each month because you're tapping into mailing list of other individuals. And these individuals are no, not just like influencers essentially influence. There's a lot of time what they're doing, such to sending traffic your way. But with affiliate marketers, they're really pushing for individuals to purchase your product because they're recommending your product. So it's also a great way for you to sort of build an affiliate network, and these individuals are going to help your sell your products, so it's a great way to grow your brand, and essentially what you're doing is creating a system which is going to bring you affiliates day in and out in order to exponentially grow your brand as the year progress. This is a very effective way to grow your business. So Duggal of this class is to show you how you can have a tribe of individuals who are gonna promote your product, how you can bring more traffic to your website, how you can do revenue sharing form of advertising. So essentially share your revenue with these affiliates in order to grow your network. And anyone with a melon list essentially is going to help you sell your product and allow you to grow your business. So essentially the goal here is to ensure that you have a system that you can easily follow so you can share those lengths share the affiliate landing page, which you're going to create with these individuals. So in this class, we're going to learn how to get affiliates excited to work with you. So how to create an irresistible offer? We're also going to set up a seamless campaign, so I'm gonna walk you through how to do the following and finally, how you contract your results so you can grow your network. So let's get this party started 3. Identifying Your Brand Differentiator: Let's for stock as to how you can identify your Brent differentiator. So you really need to understand how your brand is different from all the other Bruns out there who are in your specific knish. This is going to be the foundation of a successful affiliate marketing campaign, which is why it's so important. And to be quite honest, it's really the foundation of any marketing efforts you have. So this chapter is actually extremely important. So what is your brand differentiator? How are you different from the competition? So a big problem is that a lot of brands, a lot of times position there Brenes incorrectly. And so what happens is that they're spending a lot of time investing in attracting the wrong customers. The don't have a full understanding of what makes them different from other brands out there. And so what happens is that a lot of the customers find the brand or the products completely irrelevant, and they forget about you as soon as they've gone on your website and then they never come back. So what happens is that when you have a disjointed brand positioning and friend different shader, you have really poor return on your investment and you lose the money you invest in marketing. So it's very important that you have brand positioning that Israel event to your customer and to the affiliates that you're going to bring in, because this is what's gonna have a direct impact on your overall conversion rates. So let's talk about how you can differentiate your brand in multiple ways, so the first thing is looking at your overall product. Do you have a competitive price? Is it different in this sense as to the overall quality of it? Is the quality different from what's out there? Is the price more competitive than other brands? Do you sell your product with very specific taste used to use different types of images? Do you use different types of copy? Is your overall aesthetic design and overall branding unique from everyone else out there? You're better than anyone else in the market and in your niche. But how better? What is D a specific example that you can provide your customers and what will get them excited to purchase from you. So let's look at a specific example to help you get a better idea as to how to differentiate yourself from other Brent and an example that I've brought up in some of my other classes is we are wild. Thanks. So what I love about them is that essentially, they really understand who their customers are essentially because they are the customers. So these air to Women's based out of Portland. They used to work for Nike, and they used to love to shop in the boys section. Problem is that as a women, the close didn't really fit them properly. So they decided to create time boyish looks for women. So they really first of all have a great way to pick the interest of their audience. They know exactly how to speak to their audiences. You can see it from their bio description on their instagram feed, the home for badass women. This really speaks to their demographic and then, additionally, from that they have a never seen before component. So you really need to dig in and understand what makes you different from everyone else. This is a great example that you can use to sort of go back to the drawing board and understand how your brun is different from everything else in the market. So why am I spending so much time speaking to you about brand differentiator? Because, really, it's gonna be your secret weapon to make affiliates excited and working with you. You can go through all the step of sending of d affiliate and reaching out to these individuals. But if your brand positioning and your overall brand differentiator is completely out of work, you're not gonna have these individuals want to work with views. So this is actually the most important part of this course is really understand doing what your brand differentiator is, which is why I want you guys to do a little exercise. If you could write down the course three things that make your run different from your competition, Look at your competition and look at your brother. I mean, you might need the help of some of your customers and the most survey, or perhaps the help of your friends. Try to write down what really differentiates you in the market and then look at your brun cohesively and see whether or not these three things are translated throughout your website . Throughout your copy writing throughout your overall aesthetic, this is going to make all the difference, so make sure that you take the time to do the following. Alright, guys, I'll see in the next chapter. 4. Having An Irresistible Offer: Let's discuss how you can set up an irresistible offer, which affiliates will feel excited to participate in. The first thing you need to make sure is that you have a clear understanding as to what specifically you want to offer these individuals, and also, instead of having an array of product that you want to have them promote, I would suggest that you pick anywhere between 1 to 5 product to make their lives a lot easier and for them to be able to decide whether or not they're a good fit in helping you out. So first you need to package you're offering. So we talked about it earlier. Your overall Brent value proposition, your brand differentiator. You need to make sure that the following is well communicated when you're sending out D proposal, so they have a good understanding of what makes you different from everyone else out there . Then you need to obviously highlight the affiliate terms will talk about the following in the next light, but essentially it's really understanding what type of percentage you're going to give these individuals and most importantly, when they're going to be getting paid etcetera. But again we'll go over it in the next slide. You also need to make sure that you have all the prerequisite in places for these individuals because a lot of times people get excited about bringing in affiliate marketers , and then they don't have any prerequisite in place. So meaning having an understanding aha, beg you. Their audience is whether or not they have previous experience doing affiliates, whether or not they are the right fit for you. Do they have access to your potential? Customers are not. So instead of getting really excited and reaching out to everyone in sight, it's really important to actually do the homework of identifying who these individuals are , and we'll talk about it in the next chapter. Then you also need to make sure you have the payment terms included in there. Are they going? Are you going to be paying them every 15 days or every 30 days? A centered practices to pay affiliates every 30 days, so make sure that they know exactly when they're going to be getting paid are gonna be paying them through PayPal or other forms of payments. You need to make sure that all the following has highlighted for them and then make sure to include an A fake you so you can answer any questions they might have and also avoid the back and forth. Because if you're bringing in as many as 10 and affiliates, it's going to be really difficult for you to answer all their questions and deal with all the back and forth. So make sure that you haven't a fake you and place, and you can easily google the following a fake you plus affiliate marketing to get a sense of some of the frequent questions that affiliates usually ask. Here's your boiler plates of everything you're going to need in order to package your affiliate marketing offer. And finally, we also will need to include key studies or proof, and we'll talk a little bit more as to what to do if you don't have to following. But obviously, case studies are proof makes all the difference if you're doing wearable, even if you have images of individuals wearing your products, all the following obviously helps with Brent credibility, so let's go through the affiliate terms. First, you need to make sure that you have the incentive like we talked about the brand value proposition. The case studies the testimonials. This is how you're gonna incentivize these affiliates to work with you. And this is how so, How? You can generate trust. They're going to see that you've worked with influencers, perhaps, or you already have customers. So it's gonna make them feel more comfortable working with you because they know that your product is viable and there's opportunities for them to earn money. So something that you need to understand is that it's really important for you to attract these individuals by showing them the power of your product and the opportunities there is for them to generating revenue. This is very important to put yourself in their shoes right. The next thing that you need to make sure is that you give him an idea of this sort of creative assets. You're going to provide them whether it's look books. Obviously, the logo video, the more creative assets that you can provide them by just uploading them to a dropbox, for example, the easier it's going to be for them to be able to promote your product. So keep that in mind. Unlike influencers, where a lot of times you sending them out their product, and they want to customize it specifically for the for their audience affiliates. Yes, they might do the following, but a lot of time. They want to make their life a lot easier by having access to assets that they can easily leverage. Now the percentage. This is where things get a little tricky. So a lot of brands usually will aim towards just 20%. Now, when it comes affiliate, it can range anywhere between 20 to 80%. And how can the following be calculated? Well, it's fairly simple through understanding how relevant your brun is and also depending on how new your brand is. So let's be honest here. If you just started out and no one knows who you are, you're gonna have to give these affiliates a larger percentage. Why is that? Well, because, first of all, it's a better way to incentivize these individuals to come on board to help you with your marketing efforts. You don't have as much proof. So it's going to be much harder for you to get these individuals excited, especially if you're only offering them 20%. So, depending on how green your Brun is you might want to reconsider. How much your providing them a Sfar as affiliate. Now you might think to yourself. Well, wow, 80% is just too much. I can never afford the following. Well, it's a double edged sword because, yes, you might feel like it's a big percentage, but at the same rate, these individuals are bring you customers we're gonna purchase from you. So I mean, purchases very vital. And it's worth paying for. But then you, as a brand, have the opportunity to collect the data of that individual who just purchased from you, and then they might become a loyal customer of yours. So, yeah, you might have paid 80% up front, but then that customer might become a loyal customer. And you, my save in Facebook advertising, for instance. So it's something to keep in line, you know, Obviously it really depends on the type of Ophelia you're bringing in. If you bring in a strong affiliate who has access to a big list and you know for a fact that their list it, it's filled with potential customers then and your green, then you might want to consider anything about 50%. Now, if you're an established brand who's worked with a lot of different influencers, you have plenty of case studies. Then obviously, you might want to consider something lower. So again you know a lot of brands going with affiliates with 20% or I've even seen 15% which, let's be honest, if you're not an established Brent, that's completely ridiculous, because everyone's in it to win, right, so you need to make sure that the offer is irresistible. Part of it, obviously, is positioning your brand. But then the other part is having an offer which will make these individuals excited because they know there's opportunities for them to generate revenue. Nonpayment, rollout We talked about it a little bit and lost slide anything between 15 to 30 days, so make sure to understand what makes sense for you based on how many affiliates you have. Like I said, standard practices 30 days and then make sure that you identify the method of payment people is pretty centered as well. Individuals usually like to get paid by PayPal. It's with some. It's what's easiest right now. So do you have all the specifics and you have the boilerplate now to create your affiliate package, but you might be missing case studies. So if you don't have case studies, essentially, what you're going to do is build buzz. That's going to be vital for you to start doing that before you even start with your affiliate. We're gonna talk about the following in the next chapter, so make sure to stay tuned. But if you don't have any case studies not to worry. I'm gonna walk you through exactly how to do the following in the next chapter. Why case studies so important? Well, because it's a way for you to generate trust. And it's a way to create proof about to invalidate your product overall. So see you in the next chapter, guys. 5. Why Building Buzz makes all the difference: So let's talk about building buzz and you might be telling yourself, Luna, why do I need to go through building Buzz? All I want to do is set up an affiliate marketing campaign. Well, the reason is because if you want your affiliate marketing campaign to these successful, it's extremely important for you to generate trust. So we talked about the following the last chapter of the importance of case studies and also brand positioning Sochi studies number positioning really come and in hand, and it's going to be the boilerplate, the foundation of the success of your affiliate marketing campaign. Now there's different ways of building buzz. The 1st 1 will be, and we'll talk about This is to essentially giving bloggers and influencers special access to your product, setting up a influencer marketing campaign around your launch, and you can use a tool like pitch box to reach up to these individuals. But essentially the reason you want to do that so there's two ways you can do the following right, and it can be a step by step approach. The first way you can do the following is by essentially, if you don't have any case studies, and you wanna have more case studies or more testimonials is to set up strictly an influencer marketing campaign where you're sent out your product to these individuals and you tell them that you're gonna be using their key studies and you figure out how much you want to pay them etcetera in order to have Marquis studies. So somebody who does doesn't Brown, who does is really successfully is skinny coffee. They partner up with quite a few influencers in order for them to talk about their product and start generating. Bren Trust, so wise, is going to help you for two reasons. The 1st 1 is because, well, not only it's going to provide you with more exposure where these influencers are going to talk about your brunt to their audience, and it's going to bring in your traffic so it's going to be a win win situation. Then you're going tohave. Assets from these bloggers were going to send you these pictures, which you can leverage to use on your website and also to use in your affiliate marketing campaign in order to have a stamp of approval if you will and show the viability of your products, so I mean, think about it. Let's say that I'm an affiliate marketer and I have two brands in front of me. One who has plenty of this testimonial has worked with influencers in the past, and one that's pretty green and doesn't have a lot to show. Which brand do you think I'm going to pick? I'm going to pick the brunt, who has more experience and worked with influencing marketers. Now how can you sell the following if you're thinking to yourself what I don't have to budgets do influencer Marketing campaign? Well, if you're greener done, you might want to have a higher percentage, right? So the only reason I might consider Brand who's a little greener is because they're providing me anywhere 50 to 80% versus the one who has more social proof, if you will, and has worked with influencer marketing in the past, they might offer me less than 50% but the reason I'm I still picked the company who worked with influencers is because I know for fact, if influencers air talking about the following and there's buzz that's been generated around that, Bren, I'm going to get more success working with that specific brand. So it's really something for you to consider now. Another thing you might want to do if you let's. They already have case studies and, if you already have proved, is to create a contest or create some form of story behind the affiliate marketing campaign that you're setting up, so something you might want to do is essentially pitch your story. TOPE logs and use outlet. Create a contest around your Philly campaign, for instance, letting the news outlet know that you have a new program dot you started and you're only allowing 20 affiliate marketers. You really excited about the prospect, etcetera in order for took I mean again to build buzz and to build and to create excitement around this affiliate campaign. So there's really two ways of doing it and really depends us to where your business is. But the idea here is to make people excited to want to work with you. So another Brian who does this really well is ah, frank body. So frank body does a lot of influence or marketing. He might have seen a known instagram. Essentially, they have a coffee body scrub and they've been really proactive. I mean, I can tell you hundreds and hundreds of influencers are constantly tagging door products, so obviously they have quite big viability. And when you do affiliate marketing, they usually run little contest or a monks influencers in order to make them excited about the prospect of being an affiliate. And why does that work for them all? Because there are brand that has. It's a sexy Bren. It's an irresistible brand. It's a brand people want to work with. It's a brand that people want to be associated with. So this is why again, you need to look at your brand positioning. You also need to build buzz in orderto have best return on your investment. So if you're interested in pitching a story, there's a great tool you can use, which is called Just Reach Out that I owe encourage you to check it out, and then a great blogged. That kind of helps as far as how to pitch your story. Okay, so it might seem like this chapter is a little bit off subject, but I assure you it's not in the next chapter. We're going to talk about how you can reach out to affiliates. You already have your boilerplate as to how to set up your overall package. You know that you need to set up in lending page. So we're going to talk about how to reach out to these influencers, the type of emails you want to be sending, etcetera. But this part building buzz is going to make a huge difference as to how successful your affiliate marketing campaign is going to be. Alright, guys. So let's jump into the next up. 6. Find Affiliate Marketers to pitch to : So let's look about how you can research different influencers and overall affiliate marketers who might be interested in collaborating with you in order to do ffolliott marketing. So the first thing is you need to make sure you're identifying the right match and you're just not spending individuals who have a lot of followers. And this is a mistake that's often made. You really need to look at these individuals. Niche, um, and make sure that it's they're targeting the right audience and the audience that similar to yours. I mean, essentially, the goal here is to reach to potential customers, and if they have access your potential customer than there are right fit. So who's your audience? Does it? Does their audience qualify as a potential customer? Also something very important. Do they have experience doing affiliate because doing affiliate it sounds a lot easier than what it is that any essentially, if it's not as successful. If you don't have a big list. If you don't have a blawg, the individuals go to our successful e commerce store. These are individuals who know how to pique the interest of their audience, Deezer individuals who know how to sell. So it's really important that before you even consider them that they have experience doing affiliates and, um also that they're open to doing affiliates. So when you're reaching out to influencers, you might think it's a good idea for you to suggest influence affiliate marketing. Sorry, but essentially a lot of influencers out there are not open to doing affiliates, and three will blacklist you if you even suggest it. So you have to be really careful. And if you're looking specifically for influencers, make sure that these individuals have done affiliates in the past. Very important. I mean, you might want to start with just looking at affiliate marketers looking at any shops and, um seeing whether or not they might be interested in working with you. Also, you need to make sure that they have a big melon looks, that they have a really audience. And, um, that's really gonna affect the overall return on investment and how successful of affiliate marketers they're going to be with you. So make sure that you know, when you're looking for all these individuals die, you go through this check, listen to make sure that they're the right match So how you gonna researches? Individual? Where there's different ways, the 1st 1 is hashtag so having a good understanding of all the different hash dogs that best describe your nish, you can use a tool which is called hash tag if I hash tag if I and essentially with this tool, you're gonna be able to get a bundle of hashtag so that you can use in order to find influencers, whether it's you through using Twitter or through instagram. So this is your step one. Something else you might want to use is a blawg directory. Like Blawg loving, Blood Loving is a great directory for pluggers, whether lifestyle bloggers fashion etcetera so you might want toe leverage to following in order to find potential candidates, Facebook groups is while there's a lot of affiliate marketer Facebook groups, so you might want to join those groups and get a sense of the type of discussions that are happening. And also look at the individual daughter in these groups to understand whether or not these individuals be it right match. So you might want to post your offer on some of these Facebook groups, and then finally, you might want to think us to doing advertising, so I know it might sound a little counterproductive. But this through Facebook, as you can really target your audience, and therefore you might want to do an odd where you put together D overall offer as to how much you're willing to offer to these affiliates asked them to apply, and then you can go ahead and call them. So does might be time effective for you, especially depending on how serious you are about your affiliate marketing campaigns. So this could be something as like an image telling individual that you're providing 30% and there's opportunity to grow their business or opportunities for them to generate revenue from home. However, you want to spin it and do advertising. So these are different ways to research and, most importantly, Lee capture for these affiliates. So what you want to do is essentially create a list of these individuals and start emailing them another tool that you can use. And I've mentioned this before. It's called Pitch Box, so pitch box is a tool that essentially helps you find influencers. But you might want to also use it for affiliate through using different niche keywords will help you identify individuals. And so you can use that as well to help with your search. Now, I wouldn't just use that tool. I would also make sure that I'm also researching manually. You wanna have a list of anywhere between 100 to 500 individual now, it really depends on how aggressive you are and how many affiliates you want to bring in your way. But make sure that you have a pretty big list and and now there's different ways of emailing individuals. I mean, again, it really depends. But, um, try to email at least 20 affiliates on a daily basis and, um, get a sense as to what your results rate is now. Well, let's talk about the perfect email now. This is your first email you want to send. But you will want to send follow up emails because most individuals thes days are so bombarded with emails that it takes him a while to reply back to you. So in your first email, you want to make sure that you are clear with the subject line and be transparent about your intentions from the beginning. So, collaboration proposal from the name of your brand, etcetera. You want to introduce you? Introduce yourself, explain why you're reaching out to them and tell them you're looking for affiliates. Collaborations. Um, describe why you picked them specifically. What picked your interests about working with them while you think they would be a good fit , and then convey what you think their audience might be interested in your product and how you foresee the partnership to work in the long run. Then I would simply include linked to the affiliate landing page, which you'll be putting together essentially in the affiliate letting Page You will have all the information that we talked about in the second chapter. So you affiliate landing page will have all the information we talked about in the second chapter. And essentially, you also want to further describe your brand, your overall product, your goals and why you want their help. So suggest that they reply back to you if they're interested in the offer, so you'll want to send this email out three times. I mean, obviously you'll have to change it around just to explain to them that you've already emailed them etcetera and send it on a weekly basis, so send it through every other every week. Just send them an email if you don't hear from them, and you can automate a lot of the following either through pitch box or crew. Mel Champ really depends on what you're most comfortable is. So following will be your best bet as far as getting replies and also as getting individuals who are interested in working over you and, most importantly, the perfect match, because it's important for you to reach out to individuals who are going to give your results. I mean, you can on board hundreds of affiliates, but if none of their audience is relevant for you, then you're going to get zero results. Right Results is really your metric here to understand whether or not your campaign is successful. And I mean, at the end of the day, you want to bring in cells and you want to bring individuals who are potential customers. So keep that in mind. Are you guys? So in the next chapter, we're going to talk about how you can make your campaign successful, and we're also going to go through how to create your learning. Paige 7. Create Your Affiliate Campaign: So let's discuss how you can create your campaign and all the different assets you'll need to send to affiliate marketers, along with reviewing what you'll need to include within your affiliate learning page. So I created an campaign checklist for you guys so you can have an idea as to what you should be sending these individuals now. It really depends on your Bren and what you've set up, so take it with a grain of salt. So essentially you want to send affiliates or influencers your affiliate codes or affiliate links, and the next light will go over tools that you can use in order. Set that up promotion codes. So the reason you might want to think about sending promotion codes, because if you're m boarding these affiliates, it's a great way to get their audience excited. If you're providing a special discount to them, it's a great way to get a surge of traffic coming in from Day one, so you might want to consider the following, and we'll talk a little bit more about the following in the next chapter. Hashtag is to use if they plan on promoting your brun through instagram, you definitely want to make sure that you have Ah, hashtag the specific hashtag for your brand that is so then you can sort of start tracking the overall shatter weather aunt's on Twitter or even on Instagram To get a sense as to how successful these affiliates are promoting your product and how the following is. Um, we're all helping your brand and how much engagement you're getting a swell through these hashtag. So these are a couple things you might want to consider One thing you definitely obviously want to send as the affiliate code or the affiliate link. This is a must have the promotion code and hashtag to use really depends on you mean I highly recommend that you and suggest is, well that you send the following. Now you wanna have a folder with all your branding assets, whether it's videos that you have testimonials before and after Logo's obviously any sort of look books or obviously, images of your product as well. So make sure that all the following is neatly organized in a drop box, a branding asset folder that you will be sharing with all these different affiliates Now you might have decided to send the products out to these affiliates. It's on a case for case. Some affiliates will require the following, especially they have their own online store. Or, if they are influencers, they might want to do a YouTube video talking about your specific product in order to tell their audience about it. So, really, this is on a case by case. But make sure that you've thought about the following, and finally, most importantly, I recommend that you put some form of contract in place. Now the following can be done in different ways. You can either send it via email where essentially you're asking them to reply. Agreed. So essentially, this will be an agreement where you tell me exactly what the expectations are. You're going to be paying them every 30 days and or 15 days, depending on what your agreed upon. This is the percentage we agreed upon. This is the link, etcetera. So it's good for you to have a record of the following. So you are on the same page, and, um, there's no frictions moving forward. So this is your campaign checklist? Pretty straightforward. Now let's go through how you can track your affiliate link. A software that I've been using for my clients is called Top Affiliate Affiliate is really easy to set up. Essentially, you can create affiliate links very easily, and then it's going to track for you the purchases that you're getting. And it's gonna also enable you to pay these individuals directly through the platform because you'll have an understanding of home much these individuals are bringing. U. N. WordPress also has a plug in. If you do WordPress plug in plus affiliates, it will enable. If you have a WordPress site, you can go ahead and include the following for your affiliates. And there's also another one called Microsoft affiliate. I haven't personally used it, but you want you might want to play around with the following now another option. And this is for some of you guys were a little bit more tech savvy is to do Billy Urals, but then include Google trackers to make sure you're able to track all these affiliates and , um, understanding the after cart. So making sure that you have tracking as to how many individuals are actually purchasing from you. So hopefully it is my favorite really easy to set up. I encourage you to use the following If you're just starting out with affiliate marketing now, let's talk about what you need to have in place in order to set up your affiliate Lining page. First and foremost, it's important to have your brand value proposition, just one little sentence and clear images, which kind of portrays the overall mission. The overall brand positioning of your Brende. You need tohave terms of collaboration as well. Also explain campaign expectations, meaning that within the learning. Paige, you want these affiliates to understand what the prerequisites are in order for them to be considered. So whether you want them to have 10-K plus followers, etcetera obviously include the payment terms percentage. It's really depends to you because you might want to give different percentage. Two different affiliates. I've done the following, and I So just so you do the following, especially when you're starting out. So you might you definitely want include payment terms and have, um, if he cues. So if accused um, I encourage you to essentially do a quick Google search a fake you plus affiliates marketing in order to get a sense as to what other brands are putting out there. But what's vital for usedto have terms of collaboration, the expectations and Pieman terms, and then have your email so these individuals can contact you now. Percentage. Like I mentioned, I prefer to have different percentage based on different affiliates that I'm working with, because this way, it really enables me to track. I mean, first of all, huh? Some marketers have more experience than others, so I want to reward them better. And also in the next chapter, we'll talk about setting up the I P affiliates. So if you have V I P affiliates, it's important for them to get higher percentage and others so not fully displaying your percentage. Perhaps you can give a range in order to get people motivated to work review and depending on what their qualifications are, then you can decide what percentages right fit. So now you have everything you need in order to set up your affiliates marketing campaign. You know you have the tools one like we discussed Top affiliate. You have the campaign checklist, so you know exactly. So how are you going to send this campaign checklist? Well, essentially, you're going to send an email with all the following information for them, you're gonna make sure that the understand sort of what the next steps are, a lot of the following can be automated. You can set it up through Mel Chip, for instance, so you can have these affiliate go through funnel. That's a That's another way of doing it. So how would the following work? So essentially, if you've set up a leading page and these people are applying to be affiliates, you'll have to obviously manually decide whether or not you want to work with them. And if you've decided you want to work with them, then you can send them a specific contract explaining the type of percentage you're looking to bring them in on. And once it agreed, you can automate the other email going out. Obviously, you'll have to have the Personalize affiliate lank, as every affiliate is going toe, have a specific cling because this is how you're going to track how many cells to bring your way. But essentially, you can have a lot of these e mails already template ID so you can copy and paste them and send them out as needed or you can set it up like I mentioned on male chimp and send out automation. Alright, guys. So in the next chapter, we're going to review some of the last few little tricks that you can put in place in order to have a successful affiliate marketing campaign. 8. Increasing Your Success Rate: So let's discuss how you can increase your success rate Now. A lot of times brands are bringing in on boarding, Affiliates are not seeing any results, and I'm going to share with you what you can do in order to make sure that these affiliates are bringing a new traffic. Well, we've already reviewed it. Part of the challenge is making sure that you're bringing in affiliate start our experience and also individuals you have access to your potential customers. So this is a two key ingredient once you've on boarded these affiliates. But essentially it's important for you to have a connection with them. So these affiliates will be more successful if they feel a connection with your Brent and they understand the oral mission statement of your brand. You really want these individuals to become Bren ambassadors. If your wheel this is your golden more, they believe in your product, the better chances they have in bringing in more cells and obviously generating more revenue. So the first thing you want to make sure is that you build relationships with your affiliates by either through communicating with them on a regular basis, checking in with them, sending them emails or sitting up phone calls really depends on how intimate you are with these individuals and making sure that you have an understanding of how things were going in there. End now if they're reporting that they're having issues with, um, e, I mean essentially like getting a census to what their audience is saying is, well, rates. So this way you can tweak things around can perhaps suggest them to sell another product, etcetera, Um, so you need to make sure that you're consistent in checking in with them. So either you check in on them every 15 days or once a month, etcetera, and I recommend, especially when you're starting now. And you don't have too many affiliates onboard to check in with these individuals individually. Once you start having more than 30 then obviously you might want to automate the following . But it's important to make sure that these people feel special now. Also informed them of specific sales you might be having, especially for an affiliates having a hard time selling to their audience. Try to really understand what's going on there and how you can treat things around in order for their audience to feel more excited about purchasing from use, perhaps putting together a contest or like I mentioned having a specific cell for them. And it could be a cell that specific for their audience in order for these individuals to feel like it's something special and the also having a timer will help. So meaning enough for that they can only get within 30 days specifically for that audience . And, yeah, sure, make sure to overall, gather their feet bag. Get a sense as to what's working. What's not working. Picked her brain about products that you might want to push through them. Obviously, you need to make sure that you have a full understanding as to what's working and what's not working, etcetera. So building a relationship with your Philly, it's very important getting feedback from them in order for you to tweak things around. And then also, you might want to think about creating a V I. P. Incentive based network for affiliates. We're bringing in more cell, so this could be a good way to keep people motivated. If, for instance, you have affiliates for starting to bring more cells, you might want to up their percentage now, this is a great way to get people motivated. You might want to tell them while after you bring in 10 cells, Allah and have, like, a scale incentives. So essentially, if, after they brought in 10 to 50 cells, you might want to bump them up 10% more, etcetera. So something for you to consider when you're drafting your overall affiliate marketing campaign. The more incentive FIEs the campaign is, the more results you're going to get. Your overall offer for affiliate could be something like this 20% up. Everything hurry and soon used this code. So this could be a code specific for these affiliates in order to get their audience excited. This is a great way to build some excitement around your brand and get their customers Picture interest into going on your site and checking out what this is all about. Now you need to make sure that you provide value first and you sell after. What I mean by that is obviously these affiliates air helping you bring yourselves. But you need to make sure that you're spending the right amount of time listening to their feedback and really understanding what works and what doesn't work based on who their audience is, right? So what your specific action steps you need to decide on which product you want to sell through. Affiliates. You can already have that business intelligence through your personal sites. So perhaps there's a product that you know selling better than others. You might want to just start with that one. Instead of sending too many options to affiliates, they will feel overwhelmed. You need to enter. Your offer feels irresistible. So this is part of the first chapter. What we talked about, making sure that your brand positioning is right on and that people feel excited working for you. You need to also, perhaps I have case studies in there as well create the landing page. So make sure that your landing page has hall the pertinent information to get people to understand what are the opportunities when working with you and also how they're going to getting hard. They're going to get paid. What doesn't mean when they're working with you. Type of assets were going to be getting etcetera. Get feedback from affiliates and from influencers. So if you decide to tag this on women influence or campaign in order to generate MAWR exposure for your brun than make sure that you have all the feedback. The following won't hurt, so you can include that feedback within your landing page. Essentially could be an affiliate, saying I have increased my Hank my income by two folds. Now that I work with ex Brende just to give you insights, obviously the more testimonials you have, even on your landing page for affiliates, the better again. This really depends on how green you are. And overall, make sure to build buzz. You need to really continue building buzz throughout the process so individuals will want will be intrigued about your brand. And we'll also be hearing about the opportunities that you're offering others in order to feel de urged to apply for the affiliate program. And this is a great way to sort of build word of mouth as well. So there's different ways of doing this. Now you have sort of all the basic knowledge in order to put this together and start having a very successful affiliate marketing campaign. Alright, guys, well, you have everything you need in order to start your Philly campaign. I wish you lots of luck. Please. Please include, um Well, first of all, say hi. My website is Luna Vega .net. Leave a review on the class. I'd love to hear your feedback. Also, if there's any other cloths or any of their topics you'd like me to cover, make sure to include that and the message me directly. You can find me also on Facebook. I have a Facebook page. You can include your comments there. Most importantly. Please, please, please include your landing page within the common section so it can review it and finally leave our review. All right, guys. So these are all the different clients that I worked with in the past. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant, like, you know, and also co founder of Commerce Academy. Guys, I had a blast teaching you as usual, so make sure to come back to my other classes. I have a bunch of other classes on skill share by guys