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Selling on Etsy: How to Start a Successful Online Shop

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Demand

    • 3. Getting Started

    • 4. Finding Your Niche

    • 5. Beating The Algorithm

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About This Class

Etsy is an online marketplace that works as an intermediary between customers and artists, crafters of handmade items or collectors of vintage products.

Etsy is an amazing resource for anyone that would like is looking at an additional stream of income or would like to begin working independently based around your own skills.

There are over  2.5 million​ active sellers on the platform and the site had 45.7 million active buyers who had bought goods through the platform. 

In this class I would like to show you how to find the demand and where you could to develop your skills to  start to make a living from your creative pursuits harnessing the incredible power of Etsy and your talents.

Sign up for Etsy Here Get 40 free listings!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: Awesome. So Etsy is such an amazing opportunity for so many people and I really want you to consider if it's right for you. So I'm gonna give you the overview of the basics. What makes it so good, and exactly how you can tap into the ridiculous demand and money being made on Etsy for yourself. So we're going to start in a familiar spot. That is our digital marketing cannon. We know this well by now, but the repetition is the key here because I want to show you how all these platforms only serve to connect you with your customers, you and your brand message with your customers. So in this module, we're gonna be talking about the power of Etsy, which is very, very powerful platform. And if you have an incredible product that's suitable for Etsy, you will be able to connect with. And I'm going to show you exactly how many people, but millions and millions of people a month. Now, this is a good example of a very simple Etsy store. Here is an Indian lady who sells Indian artwork on Etsy. She creates it herself. Now that's one of the keys of Etsy. Most of the stuff has to be hand made, so you have to design a buy-sell for make by itself. It has to be a creation of yours. It's not a pump out, a factory load of some form of product on both, even though some people are pushing the rules and getting away with it for now. At C is more of a hand crafted hand like Artisan style creativity website. So make sure it's suitable for your brain needs if you're going after it. But I'm going to dig into the details soon. There are so many people on and say this is just a photo of a crowd because no matter who you're targeting, There's such a large volume of people who use Etsy and shop on Etsy because remember, Etsy is only used to actually buy things on. So if you could say, oh, there's a lot of people who use Twitter for example, but yes, most people adjust browsing Twitter and reading news and conversing with each other when we talk about Etsy, people on there just to buy. So it's a very, very incredible crowded tap into, now has a lot of different subgenres and Nietzsche's of Etsy that do really well. But the key, however, you have to remember is you need to niche down into your niche, which we've figured out what that is by this stage. And you need to make sure that you are appealing to your target audience, which we'll get into exactly how to do that very, very soon. But I wanted to show you a couple of examples of these very simple stores doing a lot of sales on Etsy. So you can see fabulously feminist art for social and eco justice, which is super cool up there on the top left, you can see that had 32,311 sales, which is real. Imagine packaging that many products. Everly grace You can see bridesmaids groups and then gives bachelor party, bachelor party shirts. Everyone he has a niche. And you can see whether it's weddings and bachelorette parties or social justice doing extremely well. And it's 200 thousand sales for Everly grace. La mini jewelry. Jewelry goes really, really well on Etsy. 40 thousand sales, make a gear custom. So this is leather goods, people making leather goods, almost 10 thousand sales and I've only been on Etsy since 2009. So there's a lot of different stores that doing exceedingly well on empty. I'm going to show you why. And then I'm gonna show you exactly how you can replicate this and model their success for your small business or store or product line because this is where your target audience is hanging them. And that's what we're going to jump into right now. 2. The Demand: Okay, so enough food around and let's jump straight into the hard statistics. Now if you remember what this is, this is the demand that already exists. Remember one of the keys from this entire course is you cannot manufacture demand. You need to tap into demand that already exists and Etsy had already exist and there's already so much demand on Etsy. And like I said, C is there for people who shop on, Similar to a couple of other things we're doing like the Kindle Store, the App Store, or the Amazon store, Udemy. All these platforms only used by people who are actually spending money. So they are very, very powerful platforms in order to sell products and services. Now you can see this is the Alexa overview. This is a company run by Amazon and they rank websites based on their traffic volume. You can see Etsy is the 30th most visited store in the United States. Just let that sink in for a 30th most visit store, I've most visited site or website in the United States out of every single website, and the 73rd most visited website in the world. Which is absolutely incredible because once again, people adjust that by now. How popular is this? How popular is that 30 most visited website in the USA? Well, you can see in August, 20-20, Etsy had over 350 million visits, 358,000,500 thousand visits. That's ridiculous. It's absolutely insane because these people, they had to shop once again, now we have to nail down I subbed nature of this. We have to figure out how can we get a piece of this pie. And the other thing with that, see what you will see as we continue is it's growing over time. You can see it's only getting bigger and bigger and more and more people are actually shopping on Etsy and then making more and more money and obviously sharing it with the people who are actually selling on Etsy. So now it's your turn to jump in there if you're not already up to saying these stats, that's what we're going to get you to do because you can see how that then the bottom you can see it's the active bias by year, how many active bias there actually were. And you can see in 2018, which you know, is a quite a while ago, very sharp growth curve was 40 million buys, 46.35 million bias. And you can see when they started back in 2012 and they had 9.3 million. So they have, what's that 5X in seven years. So just imagine how quickly they're gonna continue to grow over the next seven and how we need to get a piece of that action for you. So here is the percentage of Etsy sellers that run this shop from their home. Ninety-five percent ninety five percent of people run their Etsy shot from the herman. You don't need to leave the comfort of your house to actually tap into this potential. And here is the ETC, gross merchandise sales. So it how much money they've made in billions in gross sales. And you can see 2019 was $4.97 billion of sales. And you can see that more promising thing is the growth year after year after year. That is just free money for you to go and tap into that. Nobody's owning it the Moon, we just need to offer a great product or service and know how to market on the platform, which is what we're going to get into together. So here is ETC, gross merchandise sales, the color. So that is just the yearly breakdown broken down by the colder. And you can see they've crust as of $2018 billion every single quote, everything move three months are just imagine if you could get a tiny little slice of that pie, just 0.01%, you know, you're gonna set yourself up to be financially free. And that's what we're here to teach you how you're going to do it. We're gonna show you exactly how to model what the top people on Etsy at doing in order to bring this revenue in for themselves. 3. Getting Started: Awesome. So here we are on fc to Gettier, just come to ETS Very simple and navigate to an even simpler the sign up simp, simply click on the Sun enough here and then click on the register button to read stuff. You don't have an account. And you can set up your account as a Baia very, very quickly. And then you can get prompted to set up your store as a seller. Once you are registered, you just need to follow the prompts that don't need to walk you through that step-by-step. It's very, very intuitive and I make it very easy because they want you to sell on their website. Remember, they have 360 million people amount at a minimum, that's right now and it's growing month over month over month. Who are coming and who are shopping. And they want a really incredible array of things to actually sell these people. And they want you to be providing us. So the one thing I forgot to mention in the Han statistics is that the blanched demographic, it's almost 90% of people who shop on Etsy are women. And if you have a demographic who are women, and this is one of the best places to actually sell. I'm going to walk you through exactly the best tips from the highest selling products, the ones that have tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of reviews, what they're doing and how you can replicate that for yourself. And also just how to get favored in the ETC, algorithm. So there's an algorithm that determines what is on this hand picked items page. Why are these getting featured on the homepage? Why are these ones popular right now and how do you become popular right now? When I click on, for example, wedding and potty, why did these ones come up top when they sought by relevancy? These are the questions that we need to solve together. These are the ones that we need to understand. What is the ETC algorithm looking for? And how can we give it to the algorithm so that they can give us these top ranked positions. So you can see wetting jewelry. Click on here, and you can see we're still in the category realm. We're still not in the individual products. So we want to come down below the categories here at the top. And you can see the top ranking products for wedding jury here you can see how many reviews that got now, probably about 10% of people leave a review. So you can, time's up by ten and that's how many sales have actually got. So you can see 6,436 reviews are left on this rose caught necklace gets very simple, Nicholas to make. It is however, a very cheap price point here. You can select an option, we can just select a random option and the price will go up and down with the actual option we choose. And you can see it arrived between October two and October 13th. So the thing with ETC, and the thing that might be nice for you as well is there's not a real push for delivering within 24 hours or 48 hours or even a week. Sometimes when I order from NC, I seek and save 50 thousand sales up here from the seller. When I order from NC, sometimes it takes a month to get here because the salt from all around the world and this supposed to be handmade items, so people are supposed to be creating them for you. So this is how it sort of works. And you can come in here. And what I want you to do is have a look at what is already selling. We're going to come in and we're going to have a look at a few ourselves, but go through these categories. So we got jewelry and accessories and injuries, accessories, accessories, bags, presses, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, body jury. And inside those categories, once again, they categorize a even further down clothing and shoes that come and do this yourself as well and see what, see what's actually selling, See what the category is odd to see if this is right for you and if it is, then we're going to jump into some examples. So absolutely crushing it on Etsy. And I'm gonna show you how to do the same. So because the home and living, if you sell furniture, if you so rungs, if you sell any home decor piece, I think for pets, if you sounding baths, and if it sells bath bombs or some skincare, anything for wedding party. Etsy is really big for toys and entertainment is a really fun one. Odds and collectibles, which is probably less people will be doing this, but things like photography. If you sound photography, you can come in here and do it in here. And if you are, and this is what we're gonna jump into in just a second. We're going to find out what is already doing. Well, what's already selling, what's, what do people really happy with already? And how can we replicate that craft and supplies? And then vintage is the last one over here. So I'm going to jump into the next lecture with you and we're going to explore exactly what these algorithms out, why these getting suggested for me. And how did you get your products once they're up, suggested for your target audience and actually connect with those hundreds of millions of people who are browsing the star. 4. Finding Your Niche: Awesome. So grab a drink of water and sit back and we are going to go in a little bit of an Etsy 2A. What we need to do here and the biggest takeaway you can get from this entire training. And if you can really just learn this, you're going to take your business, you're gonna take your digital marketing skills to the next level. And no matter if you're doing it for yourself or you're doing it for a different business or brand that's paying you to do it. You cannot manufacture demand. You can try to manufactured demand. And in fact, there's massive companies have spent billions of dollars turning manufactured demand. But the easiest thing for you to do is just to listen to where the demand already exists. And as soon as you do this, as soon as you find out what demand already exists out there and start offering insane value with your own unique twist on it. You are going to do extremely well. So for example, I'm on Etsy, were on Etsy together. And on their homepage they are showing us 1-2-3, 4-5-6. So these six photos up here above the fold. So meaning when we're on, we don't have to scroll to see it. So like old school newspaper, you can see it with that unfolding the newspaper. And these are obviously based on our recent viewing history together. But these ones aren't, these ones are what they've decided to show everybody who goes to their website all 360 million of them a month. And why why would they show them the, this is the most valuable real estate. And whatever they choose to show here, they'd better be making money from. Because if they're not, they're wasting a lot of real estate. And I could show an ad here for for a few million dollars a month. But the amount of traffic they're getting, so they're not making a lot of money. They're wasting this space, wasting this attention. So we know, and we're going to show you a couple of other ways to know What is already selling really well. Now, I also know that you probably have a brand or business in mind at the moment, but I want you to be able to follow along with this and potentially expand your brand, expanding your horizons of what your business is and see maybe there might be a new angle, a new branch of your business that you can open just because you've come across a ridiculous demand and you can scale this to the ten to $20 thousand month very quickly and then support the other branch of your business as it gets off the ground. So I want to make sure that you're watching along. Now of course, face mass high demand where I'm from at the moment, we're going to the 20-20. Pandemic and face masks are compulsory. You must wear a face mask and the street. So therefore, everybody is buying face masks. Wall decor is obviously very popular because it's sitting right here. Gifts. People go to Etsy to buy gifts because they're unique and they personalize. And these gifts looks like one of the popular gifts, looks like a plant and a teacup with someone's face and name on it. Outdoor garden. So door mats are obviously very popular self-care. I don't know what this is, but it's some form of self-care, supplemental nutrient pool spray, I guess, and then craft kits. So And when I click on face mass, so we know that the demand for face maps, and we can cross-reference this. If we go to Google Trends, you can zoom out and you can see just an even more macro trend going on. And we can type in face, mask, face mass, we want face. And then we do it from 2004 to present. Now, you can clearly see, this is ridiculous. I face marks. We're sitting at about a four and, and this is a relative scale. People searching face mask on Google. And you can see it sits at about a four is where it's at. And then at times by 25. So they've got 25 times more searches up here and it's still sitting, you know, it's going down as, as people buy them and need by them less and less and less and less. But you can still see how ridiculous of a spike that is and that's in the United States. We can also go worldwide here and we can see exactly what's going on because it's easy worldwide. And you can see it's absolutely skyrocketed off. And that's why this is out there and that's why this is up on the, on the homepage. Now, What's next? Once you find a trend, may maybe this isn't trending By the time you're watching it, but there's something that is trending and we don't need to sell this training product, we just need to do this to Aneesh, I'm showing you in the biggest new ships first and then we can scale it down to your niche. Now, inside the macro cento, a face mask, there are individual things that are doing really well. Now let's have a look up here. Halloween face mass because it is September 30, so about a month away from Halloween. And people like you know what, that would be a great idea. We'll get Halloween face masks made so we can wear them on Halloween. That is obviously a sub trend within a trend. And what else is trending? Stay safe, you know, just a little positive message and a nice Hessian. I'm sure that's a very nice fabric to port over your mouth instead of just the clinical ones that people are wearing. That is ranking really high because it's sorted by relevance. We can also sort by top customer reviews so we can see which ones people liked the most. And you can see that these ones have been reviewed a lot and they're averaging a five-star, which is very impressive. We are going to go back to relevancy here because this is the way it's default search. This is what most people actually looking at. You can see Ben Dennis selling extremely well, very pretty nice bent down. It's because people don't want to wear one of these face masks on their face. They want a nice pretty bandana instead, here is a matching scratchy and face mask and make a lot of girls are going to love that. And then my girlfriend would absolutely loved them. And that is going to be selling off. So you need to be looking at these ideas and being like, well, this is really cool. I don't want to rip this off. I don't want to copy exactly what these people are doing, but I want to get ideas. So if I was in the protective gear world, I could come up with my own unique advantage bone unique style, and be able to actually sell these products. You can see this one's a very aggressive but vary. Very interesting looking face masks that someone's taken an angle for. And the cool thing is you don't have to make all these. You can just make one take photos and test to see if it takes off. And I'm going to get more into that soon. So let's get add a face mask. Because it is quite a temporary trend that ceiling finds something small, more long-term. So what I've done here is I've just clicked in this search bar. Now these are also really good real estate for Etsy. You know, when people go to search something, they're suggesting something, which means there, this, these are the popular things that are already selling. Now. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she is trending at the moment along the Amazon store with better Ginsberg is really, and all the bestsellers are basically books from her and books about her. If we type her in here, Bader Ginsburg, you can see she's skyrocketed at an all-time high because unfortunately has just passed away. But she's she's in high demand and people obviously looking for and we can click on that. They can see exactly what they're looking for within this trend. Just supportive clothing, supportive shoes. Stick is you can see the supportive cubs fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. Quotes for her. And you can see these people that just jumping on and then tore HIS VG oil painting there jumping on this trend in order because people are wanting this stuff. There's demand for this stuff already. And we can go back to the homepage of Etsy. Click this again. You see a bird mass, so we don't know what that is, but I'm guessing it's a face mask or the bird or mind or something like that. I'm not sure why people want that, but you know, that is in-demand. Let's once again get at a face masks. Motivation on Post-its people want, among us, is a currently popular game or app. And you can see this is what it looks like and people are making little homemade versions of the characters. And obviously you gotta watch out for infringing on copyright, but you wanna make sure that you are. You have the rights to sell the stuff, but you can sell stuff that is trending like this. And what you want to do is you want to find the long-term trends, not just the popular right now trend that is actually going to be sustainable for you. So if you, for example, where in one, where's the herman living? Bath and beauty. So few made skin care things come and see what's at the top of skincare. And I scroll down from the categories and you'll be able to see What's currently going really well, and what can you sell and how can you package it in order to make it take off with the algorithm? I'm going to show you three tips in the next lecture exactly how you can actually start to give this the best opportunity possible. But this is how you find those macro trends to be able to list within and then get the best opportunity possible. So go and have a browse, see what else is trending for you right now. And I'll meet you back here to start give you the specific tips that you need to take off. 5. Beating The Algorithm: Awesome. So you decided on your niche and you want to sell on Etsy, but you don't wanna be the person who's on the 930 to 250th page for your category and really making no money even now you can see even these ones are making good money and you want to make the most money possible. You want to sell the most products possible. You want to get your products out there in the world and people consuming him. So you're sort of excited about this, but most people miss one. I'm about to tell you three top, hottest tips to get your product selling and to really have the ETC algorithm favor you and your handmade products. Now, the first thing you need to do, you have to realize that everything that you put on Etsy will have the majority of its exposure as soon as you put it up. So there's this thing on Etsy where new listings and get a boost. Now Why didn't you listings get a boost? Because they want to make sure that they're making as many cells as possible and they'll put their highest converting real products in that top Real Estate. So what they're doing, they'll find that new listings. So you, when you scroll down, this is the very top page for winning a potty. So a very, very in-demand topic. And when you scroll down, you can see there's all these well-established products with lots of reviews here. But every now and then you'll see something with lesser values as phonon 37. But if we scroll down, we will get less and less as well. There's a couple more for a 100 and here's a 207. Coming down here. Should be 197. He has one right here. Very new product with not very much social proof on it. But what they're doing is they're testing these new listings for how well they convert 52 down here and 63 and enhance our houses ranking above something has 6 thousand is they are testing it. And if it converts higher out of the gate, then these other products that then they're gonna put it above it. So the key for what you need to be doing on Etsy. And I know this may be difficult, especially if you're an artist and very creatively focus, but you need to start thinking a little bit more like an entrepreneur if you want to make more money, at least on Etsy, is you need to start testing. So what you need to do is you need to run, say you've got a personalized cards company. So we're gonna click on this. You can see the paper bird cage is a card or paper company. Now, a very, very easy to create because you don't even have to make these. All you have to do is you just have to mark this up on the computer and say like we can print this if you want it to. His ulama hits a rainbow, there's a lion. Just cute little designs and cartoons. And you can see they have pages and pages of these products because they are testing every single one of these products even without having to have stuck. So if you're doing something more physical and you need stock, that's totally fine as well. But what I suggest that you do if you want more exposure is learn how to add a product to your series of products, to your items that you haven't NC. Every single week you can see this person has a 154 products. So if you can do that for three years, you'll have a 154 items there. And what happens is not only a, you're going to get the new exposure from posting, from persons, from putting up your new item. And as he's gonna favor that in their algorithm and show more people just to see how well it converts, you're going to start having ones that convert really well. And now the stuff that you can then focus on, so you're testing demand in real time now because their handmade or printed items that you don't need 10 thousand units of. So make sure you add a new product at least once a week on Etsy. And it doesn't take much though. You can have a look at this. Here. You can see it's just a mock-up that done this on a computer 202021 calendar. And then it shows you what's inside a here, a little bit of a description, and then select the size and finish. And you can see their reviews get pulled from all their other products is because Etsy, once you'd add more and more and more product, our largest selection of what you're actually selling. And you can start to see they cross promote your items between them. So the more items you actually have, the more sales your other items are gonna get because they getting more visitors, because they're finding it through your latest item. So treat this like you treat almost an Instagram account. Well, you can put a new post up. You're putting up a post in the form of a product every single week. And it forces you to innovate. It forces you to listen, and it forces you to actually play in a way that is pleases the ETC algorithm. So the second thing you need to do is you need to constantly improve your business so you don't want to not get started by having everything perfect. And it takes you a year to really get up and start selling. What you wanna do is you wanna put your first item up in the next two to three hours going, we'll spend two to three hours on it and put it up there and just see what happens. You can see how many people view it. You can see how many people buy it, make it your first sale. And that's going to motivate you. And this is really important because if you are a perfectionist, like a lot of people live in IM and you try and make the everything perfect before you stop, you actually never going to stop. And what you need to do is you need to start by just putting out something that you're not 100% proud of and just see how it goes and when it does well or when it doesn't do well, that's fine. Just give yourself the peace of mind. Being like it, nothing is perfect. Good is better than perfect. Remember that's m water. And you're putting the stuff out there and eventually something's going to click and sell. And you're going to be extremely happy that you didn't wait years to perfect your items and perfect your photos. You can, you can see this, this has seventeen thousand, seventeen thousand sales for this. And you can see there, once again tapped into a demand that's already there, The Grand Budapest Hotel, of course, from the movie and maybe I believe it was a book before that. And you can see there's a jump onto these trend and make these custom keys. And you can see they've got 17 thousand sales by jumping on the right trend. The photo isn't perfect. It's shadowy and weird, but they're absolutely crushing it because they were moving, you know, you wanna make sure your businesses moving to constantly improve as you are testing. Don't try and polish it up in a vacuum or in a dark room with no feedback, get out there, put yourself out there. Realize that everything's changeable and you're only going to learn if you get started. The third tip is once again, Etsy favors shops that have a large range of selection. So similar to the first tip, if you click on any of these things that are being displayed in the homepage, Etsy actually file a Word file, the digital 59 19 naught, that means cow dung illustration. So they, they send you the digital file back. They just saying this is what it looks like if you printed out yourself. So they're gonna do this for your, as a very cute doggie for your pet. And it's the actually favor people who have more than one item. You can see they have multiple items for sale. Items for sale. And you won't be able to find anyone who is being featured. You can see these ones are being featured here. Who doesn't have multiple items for sale because Etsy want to be able to a 180 items here as he wanted to be able to recommend other items for you for, for your customers so that they can make more money. So you must have a large selection of goods too actually cell and once again, you don't have to make them upfront. You can mock them up. You can show a design, you can make one of them, put it up, see how it goes tested, get the feedback Sami people have visited, posted to your Instagram. Use all the other strategies inside this course it in order to get traffic there and just test how these things are going. Influencer marketing is one that I recommend you check out. That's of course inside this course as well. And you'll be able to really split tests, see what works. And as soon as you come across one, that's like okay, there's the demand. You knew that there was demand that already existed. You added your own twist to it and people love it. And like this little spring Bodhi Nicholas, you can see 55,500 sales for the seller. Just because they've come across one thing that works really well. And as soon as you do, you are going to be extremely happy and you can double down on what's working and start to cut the stuff that's not working. So make sure you're posting new listings every week. Make sure you build out a large catalog and make sure you get started before everything is perfect. And you're going to start to see great results on NC, tap into that 360 million people who visited every single month and really get your creativity out there and start to get paid for it.