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Sell Print on Demand on Etsy with Printify - Complete Guide (2023)

teacher avatar Mihai C., Plan before acting.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating Your Store

    • 3. Understanding the Dashboard

    • 4. How to Add a Product with Printify, Professional Mockups & Understanding the Platform

    • 5. How to Find Winning Products with Ease

    • 6. A Practical Guide to SEO

    • 7. How to Avoid Copyrighting and Stay Safe

    • 8. Etsy Ads & Strategy

    • 9. Optimal Product Pricings

    • 10. Recap & Conclusion

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About This Class

>> Learn how to set up a successful Etsy store from scratch by selling Print on Demand! <<

Would you love to start working towards a great passive income source?

If your answer is YES, then this is the right platform for you!

No one will ever believe how easy it actually is to start making passive income on Etsy.

Print on Demand is being taught wrong and many people recommend print providers with HIGH production costs which will make it hard for you to start as the competition is high and you will also lose a lot of profit in the long run by paying too much for these production costs.

In this course I will show you how to use Printify, a print provider marketplace that will give you a considerable advantage as a beginner as you will pay less for production which will lead to better profit margins as well as a better competitive advantage as you can sell with lower prices compared to the competition that is using Printful.

So how much are you losing by doing this wrong? Selling a T-Shirt through Printful is $4 more expensive and hoodies are up to $8 more expensive compared to Printify.

Now let's add these numbers up - If you sell 5000 hoodies, you will lose up to $40000, if you sell 5000 shirts you will lose up to $20000. This is why research is important before starting any business!

This is an amazing opportunity for everyone to build a GREAT Passive Income Source. Why ?

  • This doesn't require a high budget to start

  • You can even make sales through organic traffic without paying for Ads (if your product is in high demand)

  • Built-in advertising platform that is EASY to use

  • Off-site Ads - Automatic Ads done by Etsy for you at a 12-15% fee

  • You can easily find winning products/designs

  • The easiest platform to learn E-Commerce on

  • Long term growth potential

My Journey on Etsy

I've been selling on Etsy since 2019 and I sold both Print on Demand and Digital Downloads and passed 6 figures in revenue in 2021. Etsy became one of my top income sources and I'm really thankful that I was able to find such a great platform with so much potential, but this took a lot of work and many failures along the way.

You have the chance of avoiding the mistakes that I made and CRUSH IT like a PRO!

This course has everything that you need in a SHORT & EFFICIENT format so you can achieve your goals on Etsy!

* Be sure to check all the resources attached to the course so you do not miss any info.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mihai C.

Plan before acting.


Hi ! :)


In 2017 I started to work as a Digital Marketing Consultant for Google Digital Hub where I taught over 300 entrepreneurs how to run their Ads for their business and build their online presence. As years have passed I started to love eCommerce and how the entire space works.

Currently, I'm an Entrepreneur & Freelancer in Digital Marketing & Web Development.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, in this course I will teach you how to sell print-on-demand on it. Either sending one and see for over three years now and I made over $150 thousand in sales. This course includes pretty much everything that you need to know in order to become successful on this platform. I recommend this business to pretty much everyone that wants to start an online store. Etsy is the easiest marketplace that you will ever find. It is way easier than Amazon and the potential is there as well. So how does this business model work? Well, it is quite simple. First we will open annex the store, and then we will connect our Etsy store to our brain provider's Platform. So these two platforms are synchronized. When someone will place an order on our Etsy store, order will be automatically sent to our brain provider's platform. We will submit the order there and then we'll print our actual design on the product and send it to our customer. That's how easy it actually is. And that's why I recommend this business model to everyone. You can pretty much do this from everywhere in the world. Now, something else, you will see that in this course, I do not recommend using principle. Instead, I recommend printing file and I will tell you why. Well, first, if you are going to sell t-shirts with principal, for example, you will lose $4 in profit. That's a lot in print on demand because you make money by selling volume. So imagine that you're making 5 thousand sales. Multiply that by $4, you're losing $20 thousand. That's why I recommend printing. The prices are way better in there. And prettify is a print Provider marketplace, meaning that we will have a lot of green providers to choose from in there. If there is a stock issue, for example, with printf for that actual product, you won't be able to pick it anymore. And that's why we've identified. We can just change our brain provider and we can keep selling that specific product that we're selling. So this is how this business model works, and that's why I recommend this business model to pretty much everyone that wants to start their e-commerce journey. See you in the course. 2. Creating Your Store: Hi, and welcome to the course. Now, before diving into it, keep in mind that you need a bank account for this. So if you do not have a bank account, you can use a service like TransferWise, revolute, Mona's, or any other in order to make an online bank account. But Etsy does not allow using virtual credit cards on the platform. So be sure that you will use a physical card in here when x you will ask us for our credit card or debit card. So now we can just go on You'll click on sign-in on the top right. Here, we will make an account. I'll just click on register. I will input my email address that I just made. Right now. I already put the password as well. And we will register. Forgot to add this one. You can use any type of email that you want. It doesn't matter. Alright, now, I can just go on the top-right. And I will click on sell, on Etsy. I will click on get started. Let's do this. You can just skip this. This is just for statistics for Etsy. So it doesn't matter that much for you. You can skip this as well. And we will click on Start your shop. Now in here, you will have to select your shops language, which should be English. Sharp country. In here, you will select United States because we are doing print on demand. And this means that the company that we are working with right now is in the US. So we will have to select the United States in here. So our customers know that we shipped from the United States to the United States. So they do not have to wait for their package. So I'll just go all the way to the bottom, select United States. And the currency will be US dollar. We selected US dollar in here because this will be displayed currency in our store. And this will be way easier for us to make adjustments to the price. Because for example, if I selected something else, euro or British pound, we will have to convert the actual price. So we know exactly what will be shown on Etsy in US dollars. So it's way easier to use US dollars. Right away. I'll just click on Save now. I will enter the shop name. You can enter whatever name you want for your store. But if you're thinking of a long-term brand or you have a niche, make sure that you choose a fitting name for you. So I will just enter a random name now, something like this. And it's already taken. I will just select a suggestion from Etsy. I'll click Save. And now we will have to add our first listing on Etsy. This is a procedure only for the first time when you open an account. So afterwards, once we add this demo products in our store, we will add the products only from the print provider, purine provider's Platform. So in our case, we will use only printed phi, which will be our production partner. I will show you that after this introduction video. So first we will create the store. So in here, we just have to input something random. It doesn't matter that much right now. I'll just select a random photo and we'll just pick a mockup that I already have on my desktop. We can adjust the thumbnail in here, but I will go through this afterwards. We will just feel the fetus right now. So we can go through this as quick as possible. I will just type this product. Who made it? I did. What is it a finished product. When did you make it made to order? Because we will do print on demand, but this will be filled automatically when we will add products from our print provider's platform. In here for category I will type shirts. I can just go all the way to the bottom and we'll type tests. So we don't care right now about anything in here. Something that's important is, let's production partners. We will adjust at this one right now. So redemption production partner name is printed file location. I'll just go on Google and type print if I headquarters United States. Alright, I don't care about this one. I care about this one. It's in San Francisco, United States. Bam. And in here about production partner, small service for small retailer. Okay. Something like this can work. Actually, I can tap a fulfillment company for small retailers is better this way. So in here about your partnership, where you're working with this partner, I don't have the technical ability. What is your role? I designed everything myself. Even if we don't, it doesn't matter. It can pick this one. What is this partner's role? They do everything for me because they will just print the design of the product. They will ship it and pretty much everything. We will click save in here now. And in here for tags. Right now, we will just type test. I won't go through this. We will go through SCO and everything later on. And for pricing, I will just type 1495. And I'll just fill the max in here, which is 999. Right in here. We will have to enter the shipping profile manually. So remember, this is only for the first time you're doing this right now. This will be imported automatically from 25 afterwards. So I'll just enter prices manually. I'll just search for California postal code or just search for a random code. Let's see, let's see, let's see. I'll just pick this one. So we have 90210 processing time. I'll just pick one free days. Just delete the other locations. United States arches, the USPS, which is United States Postal Service, fixed $5.2 dollars. He doesn't matter what your input right now. And we will click on Save. That's pretty much it. So we just added the first demo products that we had to. I will just click onto this later now we will want to add another one. And now here comes the important part. You will have to enter your details in here. So your name, your location, your bank account, and everything. So as I said, if you have a bank account, you can just enter that one. If you don't have one, you will have to create a bank account or an online bank account, which is easier. And you'll just select the country in here, inputs your bank account, and that's pretty much it. I'll just fill these fields and get back to you in a minute. After completing all that information, you will have to verify your identity. So you'll have to enter any of the following documents so you can select your ID, driver's license, passport or so on. Just select the identity card. That's the easiest option. You can just make a picture of it, choose the file and upload it. I will just do this and go back to now after I upload the DID, you will have to enroll into ETC. Payments. So how do we do this? We just click on this button in here that is in turn on Etsy payments. I'll just click on it. You're all set. I will just click on Visit my payment account. This error appears, it's something normal. Just go back. We will go on the top-right on shop manager in here. Confirm our e-mail address. I will just go into my e-mail in here. Already got the e-mail confirm account. The account is now confirmed. I'll go back into Etsy. We will refresh the page in here. And now we will have to input our credit or debit card. So don't forget, you must use a physical card, not a virtual card. You are not allowed to do that, you'll get banned from the platform. So use a physical card. I will just input my details in here and I will get back to you. Alright, so I just added my credit card in here. Now I will click on Save and Continue. Here, we will have to secure our account. You will have to select an option. I recommend using the last one. Authenticator app. I'll just click on Continue. And now you'll have to download the Google Authenticator app. It's a well-known app. So you don't download anything malicious or anything like that. You can just click on the link in here, for example. So you know what you're downloading. I'm using a phone with iOS, so I will just open it. And this is the app dilemmas download. I will just open my phone, download the app, and I will show you what you have to do. It's pretty easy. Once you get the app, you click on Continue. You open the app. So let me just search for it. Alright. You open the app. There is a plus button on the bottom. You press on it. You select scan QR code. You scan this code. And now you will see that Etsy was added in this list in the app. You have a code, a six digit code. So you'll have to enter that code. I will enter mine and get back to you. Now, after we completed everything, our store is pretty much ready, but we will have to do some modifications. So we will click on this button in here that says Edit shop. And first we will have to add a banner. We will select the big banner option because it looks better and we will have to create one. I recommend you to use Canva. Canva is a free tool and you can pretty much get everything in here, social media templates, everything. And I will just search for Etsy shop cover. And this is it. And here we have some templates, some are free, some are paid. I want to just click on this free filter in here. And I will select the first one. Here, I will input my store name, just double-click the text and make the modifications. And this one as well, I will say premium t-shirts for every taste. And then we'll click on the Share button and download. This is how easy it actually is. The same thing we will do for the logo because we need a logo as well. So our type logo in here. I want to filter only the free variance, and I will just pick the first one. Okay? And our type is t 2022 in here. Share download. And that was it. And now we will upload both of these in our store. Are just close it. So far is the banner, which is this. And now the logo. And you're good to go. Now something else, we need to change the description of our store. This one will appear on Google as well. We have a preview in here. So I'll just say the same thing. Premium t-shirts for every taste. Save in here you will have to change the location. I already entered California us. Make sure you choose your brain providers location, or just input any location in the US so that the customers know that you are shipping directly from the US to the US so they don't have to wait for that order. Now something else in here, we have sharp announcement. In here. You can just add the promotional offers. For example, I will just add ten per cent of summer sale. Is now active. Shop. Whatever your heart desires. Something like that. Even though he doesn't make he doesn't make much sense. I just have something random. Already in here. You have the option to add videos and photos of your working making t-shirts and so on. You don't have to do this. You can just upload some pictures from your print provider if you want. But it is not mandatory. So if I just go on Etsy, for example, are just sure what the others are doing. This type of fertilization, for example. And I will just go into the first story that I'm seeing in here, a bigger one. This one. I'll just go into it. It has over 150 thousand sales, so that's a lot. And if I scroll in here, you can see that this store has no picture and nothing because it doesn't make sense to add some you can if you want, but there's no point. You are doing print-on-demand. You don't have your own thing. You can add images from European provider can do that if you want, but it's not mandatory. At the end of the day, what cells is your actual designs that you have? If your designs are good, you will make good sales. That's it. You'll have the option of adding a story in here. So as you can see in this example, you can just add something simple that you started to sell t-shirts because you'll have for fashion and whatever, something like that. You can just type your own story is not that important, but you can do it if you want. Alright, is something else. You can add your social media pages in here. I recommend adding those so you can just make a Facebook and Instagram page and just post whatever you're doing in the store once in awhile. Even though this doesn't matter in the beginning, I recommend doing this actually when your store grows a bit. So you have like let's say five thousand, five thousand sales or so. You could just do this because you will eventually grow the story in. You can become a brand later on. So when that happens, you should post moral social media. You should just type a message in the announcement and let your customers know that you are active on social media, on Facebook so they can follow you and such. You can do that and they will follow you. Once in a while. Not all the customers will do that obviously, but a part of them will do that. And it is good to have a backup in some cases that your Etsy shop or you get suspended for copywriting. I'm just saying. So just just to be safe, it's better to do this. So you can have a part of the audience on your social media over time, just in a few years or something when you grow. And you can obviously then just make a website for your own and sell the same products on your website and transition in there, that would be better because Etsy has some fees that you'll have to pay like 1112 per cent. So that's an idea. So something that you have, that you can have in mind for the future. Alright, here in the shop members section, you will have to add yourself. So our just add mean here as an owner, customer service and designer, and I'll click Save something else. Or the shop policies will have to change those. I already made the changes in here. So disabled or returns and exchanges, because printf does not offer returns or exchanges unfortunately, but enabled cancellations within one hour of purchase. Why is that? Because some customers who changed their mind and that's normal, even we are doing that when we buy something, we might change your mind and want to cancel the order. We should give this give this option to our customers as well. So add this within one hour of purchase. If someone wants to change their mind, we can just refund that order and that's it. And it's okay. Alright. Let's see something else that you have to change in here. Let me go into the store again. Yeah, we have the FAQ. I will just type a template for you. Already have some questions and answers from my store. I will just type them in here so they can help you out. You don't have to think about those. Just click on the customer button in here. Here you will type the question and underneath you'll have the answers. So it is pretty easy. Just question-and-answer, click Save, and you can add another one and so on. Okay, So I live this one. Just check the description and copy those that I will just share to you. Or you can simply go to another store and find some FAQ if they have some distorted doesn't. So you can just go into another store and search for an FAQ if you want. Most likely they are easy to find. So let me just click on a random product. I'm sure that this one has one, maybe in the product description, let's see. No, it doesn't. So yeah, it's not mandatory to add it. To add it because people won't check this. Anyway, they will message you most likely. But if you want, you can add a description, an FAQ, excuse me. Just check the description and copy those that I will tell you. Alright. Something else that you will have to add in here that is important. Let me see in the settings options and offer a gift message disabled this one. By default, it is enabled, you'll have to disable it because our brain provider doesn't offer this option. And if a customer will leave a note after another because they can do that, they have a field where they can leave a note. If you have this enabled, just disable it so they won't be able to do this. This would have been a cool thing because they can just add a gift message and you can include that gift message in the actual order. But unfortunately printed phi doesn't offer this. So this is pretty much it when it comes to grading are sore. Afterwards, I will just go into the dashboard and I will explain the entire dashboard to see in the next video. 3. Understanding the Dashboard: In this video, I will explain the dashboard to you. So you'll just have to go on Click on the shop manager here on the top right. And this is a dashboard. So you have a stats overview in here for your store. The views for all your products, the visits, their specific products that you have, orders, revenue and so on. You can select the stats from here last seven days yesterday for today's assault. Here you have your summary for your listings, active listings 0, because I deleted that one that I made in the beginning, expired 0, sold out 0. So right now we have nothing Here in, under the recent activity, you will see the orders that will receive a favorite rating or an order. So that's what you will see in here. But you should also download their tea app for your phone, because in there you will see everything that we've seen here. So it's basically a dashboard, but it is simplified, but you'll be able to see the orders messages and so on. It is quite useful, so be sure to download the app as well. Now, in here we have the listing step. In the listing step, we will see our actual products and we will be able to make modifications to our products from here, including pricing description and everything. I will just show you afterwards. Once we connect printed to our store, I will add a product from printer phi n. It will be shown in our store, and I will make some modifications from here and you'll see exactly what you can do. You can make sections for your products. Already made two, because I tried to film this video before, but for some reason the software crashed and everything was lost. So what you can do is just click on Add section and you can add a section for shirts, section for hoodies, section for mugs, and just click Save. And then you'll be able to add these products, these products that you'll add to these sections. So it is very easy to manage from here. Here we have the Messages tab. This is quite self-explanatory. So basically this works like an email. You have the inbox sent and everything, spam, whatever. On the top right we have another reply feature. You can use it if you want. I never use this. Only. I think under one occasion, it was probably Christmas or something. And there were the same questions repeating over and over again. People were asking if they will get their order in time for Christmas Eve. They order now, it was like one week before Christmas. I just turn this on. And I wrote in here, if your question is about the order deadline when it comes to having your order before Christmas. If you order now, it is too late to have your order before Christmas. The deadline was x days ago. So you can do that. That will be useful in that case. But otherwise, I don't see why you should use this. Maybe you can think of a case, but usually it's not that necessary. Here. We will have the orders and shipping tab. This is quite easy. So when someone places an order, you'll have your order here in the new tab. And when you submit your imprint, define the platform and I will show you how that works. The order will be automatically sent to completed when it shifts out, so you don't have to make any changes in here. The only thing that you can do from here and you will do in some cases, is to just cancel the order and refund the product, refund the actual amount to the customer. So that's the only thing you will do in here. And you can also check the address and stuff just to see if everything fits. But usually it is important, like pretty much 100% of the time correctly to identify. Here we have the star seller tab and you can get the star seller badge. If you meet these requirements, you will get this in time. So in the beginning, you don't have the star seller Brad, you can achieve this in the beginning. But once you make all these targets, let's say that way, no message response rate, 95% average rating 4.8 on time she began tracking, you'll always have this. It will be automatically imported from print. If you don't have to do anything about this, minimum orders and minimum revenue sales. So it is pretty easy to achieve once you get familiar with the platform and everything, once you get sales, you will be able to achieve this easily. Just be sure to respond to the customers. This one is the most important, so do not avoid any messages even if they have some random message and it doesn't make sense, just respond. Because if you don't, this target will decrease in here. Now we have the stats tab. This one is self-explanatory as well, visits, orders, conversion rate, and revenue. Here you can see exactly where the traffic came from. This is from the ASC platform. So it's yap and other Etsy pages, etsy search, Etsy marketing and SEO. And here we have the traffic that we are actually bringing. Either it's direct traffic, social media or Etsy ads. And here we have off-site ads. So you can read it in here. Basically as you will advertise your products on different social media pages, including Google. And if you get a sale for this, you will have to pay a fee. It is 15 per cent. But if you pass $10 thousand per year in revenue, you will pay 12 per cent. And you will only pay for this when it generates a sale. So usually you pay like 2 $3 per sale generated through them. Just so you know how it works. Alright, and in here, you will have your listings. Right now we don't have any listing. And you'll be able to sort them by views, favorites, orders, and revenues. You have an idea which one gets the most interaction usually, or views or whatever. So that's about the stats. Then we have the finances tab. You'll give this your accountants most of the time. So this is how much you have to pay towards ETC, basically available for deposit to your account once you reach the threshold. Everything is in euros for me because I live in Europe, and that's how it's being said. You can also change the bank account by clicking on this update billing settings. Change your debit or credit card that you're paying with, and so on. Here, you can choose the summer, you can see the stats exactly. That's three months last six months old this year or last year and so on. Basically, this is a revenue and this is what you have to pay. The fees to Etsy, the marketing fees to STIs and off-site ads at the edge when you only when we start yet, obviously and the shipping fees. And here we have the summary of what happened exactly. So I added two products ago. As I said, my recording crashed and that's why we see this in here right now. You can click on finances and going to monthly tab monthly statements, excuse me. And in here, you will have an invoice generated the next month for the previous month. So once the previous month passes, you will have an invoice the next mouth afterwards and you can just download it. It includes everything that you spent on the platform. What else we have in here? They want settings where you can change the actual account and stuff. You should change the deposit schedule in here to daily. There's no reason not to, but you will have to meet the threshold in order to have the funds. So once you pass $20 or €20, in my case, this this amount will be sent to your bank account. If you don't meet the threshold, it will be sent at the end of the week. Anyway. Here we can change the currency for our store, but it should always be USE. There's no reason not to, because you can change the prices in the listings. And it is way easier to change the price if you don't have to make the conversion. And that's that we have been in an address. You don't have to change any of this. Alright. And afterwards, Let's see if I have anything in here, legal and tax information. You don't have to change anything in here. If you want to once you start a business, but you can run this as an individual. You don't have to run run it as a business. Depends where you live, depends on everything you have to ask your accountant before that. So here in the Marketing tab we have search analytics. I pretty much never use this. But you will see exactly for what search term, how many impressions are we getting for that search term? Your position for it visits, conversion rate, revenue, and the listings that appeared for this search term. You can use it just for statistics and that's pretty much it. Here we have the ETC. Ads. This is important because we will use this in order to advertise our products. And how does this work? Well, basically, you change the budget from here. And here by clicking on Manage advertised listings, you'll be able to select exactly what you want to advertise and what we don't want to advertise. So you can simply just turn them on or off. And that's pretty much it with this section. Then we have sales and discounts. In here. We can make coupon codes. So I already made those. Let's just the activate those. And I will show, I will show you how to enable them. So we'll click on Setup targeted offers. We will enable all of them. And 10% off or everything is with enough. So you can just say, thank you, Jamie, here is a coupon code. These will be automatically sent to your customers so you don't have to think about it. I already use this. So I'll just type like this. Come back ten. And Fe favorite ten. And now they are created and they will be sent automatically to the customers. Here are the previous ones that added. That's why this is basically a history of the coupons that I had previously active. So I can create a shop sale as well. For example, 10% off for my entire store. Because as you saw when I made a store in here, so I'll just open the store. I wrote this 10% of summer sale is now active, so I can just make a sale from here. I select percentage of ten per cent. The duration of the sale from x to y as the periods of this 48 hours or less, depending on the hour. The actual sale name. I can say summer turn-off, for example. Continue. And in here I will select the specific product that they want to apply this to, review and confirm. And that's it. I have no products right now. That's why it doesn't work. Sorry, just cancel it. Something else important, Let's see social media. This one doesn't matter that much. So you can basically just share your, your, your products and such. You can make posts from here directly and show them. Social media can do that if you want. That's cool, but you should mainly focus on your store. These are extra things that you can do, but the main, the most important thing is to make your store bigger. Just find winners and build your store up. Then you can do these things. The most important thing is to focus on sales first, then you can do whatever you want. Here we have custom web address. You can just have a domain for your story if you want. But I don't see the point of doing this. It is just better to have your own website later on. So you have your own website and domain and not domain attached to Etsy. I don't see the point of that. Here we have integrations and we have some integrations with different, different platforms. Let's say that way you can use those. I've never used those. The most important thing in here is Iraq, which will be our SEO tool. But you don't have to click on it. And here, I will just go on the platform directly and I will show to you how to do SEO and everything from this specific platform. And here we have some extra tips for bookkeeping and taxes. If you live in the US. I think that's the only reason to use any of those, but I do not live in the US and I cannot help you with this. But yeah, ask your accountant about this and they will tell you what to do. Alright, here we have community and help. In this tab, we basically have an option to conduct and see by clicking on this one side policies, Etsy help forums so you can just access the forums and so on. I never use that. Here we have the Settings tab. And basically what this is, we can just edit our store from the dashboard directly. Instead of going to the store and clicking on that edit button on the top left, like I did. So I will just open this tab is just to show you that it's pretty much the same thing. You also have an option in here to subscribe to a two plus if you want. It is worth it. If you're just beginning, this is worth it, I think, because it also gives you add credit. And at the same time, you have some free listings that you don't have to pay for. So it's basically included in the price. But I don't know. You lose a bit if you pay for it. And you also when some, it's not much of a benefit if you just read if you want. So I would just won't go for this and I will just focus on what matters most building the store and so on. So just so you know that it exists in here, there's no huge advantage using this. Alright, so we have the info and appearance tab. As you can see in here, we have the same thing. We can change the shop title, logo. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter pages to your store. Shop announcement message to buyers. I already made one. So you have an example in here. You should always set up a thank you message for your customers. And you can include a coupon code in here, like I did. So they have the chance of using this coupon code and B are returning buyer, for example, message to these toolbars. You shouldn't mess with this one as we are not selling digital items, are focusing on sending print-on-demand. Here we have the about your shop section, basically the shop members, the same thing that we did previously when I added myself in the store. The story, same thing. Options in here. I went through this a few minutes ago when I showed you that you need to disable the offer gift message options, you shouldn't change anything in here. There's no reason to change anything. Vacation mode, you can do this for example, if you're gone for a while and you cannot manage your stored at all, you can just go on vacation mode, send a message that you'll be back in XYZ period, auto reply message as well. You can say the same thing in here as well. So yeah, that's pretty much it. You don't have to mess with any of the other settings in here. It's not that important. Shipping settings here you will have the shipping profiles. Already have shipping profile important from printed five because added a product previously. But I will do this again to show it to you exactly how to do this. So I can just delete this one and we won't have any shipping profit right now. We also have another tab saying free shipping guarantee in here. Basically, if you enable this, you'll offer free shipping if someone orders products worth more than $45. But there's no reason to do this if we are doing print on-demand. And I'll explaining to you why. This basically encourages customers to buy more from our store, but they buy less and they want to buy one product, we will have to increase the price of that product to make up for the shipping if they ordered two or more products and they go above this threshold. So it is not worth it. You shouldn't go for this in print on-demand. Maybe if you sell something else and it is expensive, it is worth it. But in print-on-demand, you shouldn't. Just preferences. There are some things that are not worth changing or anything. Rates and upgrades do not bother with this at all. The upgrade is shipping is very expensive right now, probably due to due to COVID. And the changes are still the same. That means that it is very expensive. $2525, $2425 for express shipping. And that's a lot That's the cost of the entire order. If someone wants to order a t-shirt, for example. So do not go for this, There's no point. Alright. Something else, policy settings, the same thing, we go in the same place again. Production partners. Here we have printed phi that we added previously. Offsite ads. Here you will have an explanation about all sides and how they work. But it can opt out if you aren't from offsite ads, but you shouldn't because it won't go through more than $2.3 dollars per sale, which is pretty much the equivalent of selling with ATF. Well, it depends. But for example, if you think that it's not worth, it could just opt out and that's it. But you should just leave it the way it is. If it brings sales is good enough. You don't go on a loss with this one, you will still make a profit. Maybe you'll make less, obviously like $2 profit instead of four. And if you sell organically, but a sale, it's a sale. It's better to make it than to lose it. This is pretty much it when it comes to the dashboard. And in the next video, I will show you how to add a product with Brent DeFi and how to connect your storage printer phi. So see you in the next one. 4. How to Add a Product with Printify, Professional Mockups & Understanding the Platform: In this video, I will show you how to add our product. We've printed phi and how to connect to print if I, sorry, it's historic. So this is pretty easy. Just going to print if create an account, and once you create your account, you'll have to go in here. So we have some things, some important things. You have the option to upgrade to identify premium. You should upgrade to identify premium. As soon as you make an order. If you are stopped, starts to make orders, you should go for printing PHI premium. There's no way you shouldn't, because you get 20% off on every product. So once you start making like ten sales per month, you're already making your money back for what you paid. And once you make more, you will make even more money back. So it's worth to pay for premium. That's why I said that print if I is worth it way more than printf for, prices are way better. And in here, especially once you pray for, once you pay for premium. So $29 per month you get to save if you've paid for it by ear, but you shouldn't go for the yearly plan just because we just started. We just want to see how it goes first. So monthly fee and you will see how much you're saving. So here we have some examples. Regular price, 9.78, we need the predefined premium pricing have 7.5, so that's $2 less already. So it's really worth it. Alright? So something else you'd have to go into payments. You have the option to add a balanced Europe unified account with your PayPal account, or you can just add a debit or credit card. Both options are good. You can choose whatever you want. Here we have the taxes tab. Make sure to complete this once you make your business and everything. And now let's just proceed to connecting our store, so our account. So you'll click on here on the top right. Manage my stores. Click on this Connect button first, we'll click on Etsy. We'll just wait a bit. And yeah, it's already connected. Usually it will ask you to grant access. I already did this previously, as I said, because my video crashed. But basically you're just it will just throw you into your Etsy account and you'll have to click on grant access and that's pretty much it. And then it will say success, and that was it, pretty easy. Something else that is important. Afterwards, you can just click on this wheel in here that says Settings. Make sure that you change it with your store name. And under Preferences. We will scroll in here. And under order approval, we will select Manual. We don't want our orders to be automatically sent into production. Because in some cases people will change their mind. Maybe, I don't know, 20 hours later, 15 hours later. That's why I always recommend waiting at least 24 hours before you submit the order. Because people change their mind. So you don't want to pay from your own bucket when they will insist of getting the order canceled, else they will leave and one-star review or something like that. So you should not let this on automatic, just like manual, and you're good to go. Afterwards we click Save, and that was it. Now, let's just add a product or a store. And how easy this actually is. You'll have to hover your click. In here. We will select t-shirts. And in here we have multiple brands. So we have Bella Canvas, which is the most popular one, and this is what we will use. We have guilt done next level and a lot of other brands in here. As you can see, you can select many, many, many options. But the muscle shirt on Etsy, we've print-on-demand Isabella Canvas because this is the highest quality shirt in here, kill them, has better profits. But they'll like Canvas is softer. So I would pick quality over a little bit of more profit. You can choose whatever you want. But Bella campus is usually the way to go, so I will select my cameras in this case. Now, in here, we have multiple print providers. And as you can see, every bring provider has a different price compared to one another. Different shipping price, shipping time, and available colors for that specific t-shirt. My recommendations are to go into following few providers. So we have Swift pod, monster, digital, Dimona t. You can select, select the dream junction, and then you can select whatever you want. So these are my four top priorities. If Swift's doesn't have stock, doesn't have a product in stock, you'd go for Monster. If monster doesn't have that product in stock, you go for the monarchy and then you go for a dream junction. So that's pretty much it. Pretty simple. But instead of Jimmy junction, they actually have their prices right now. You can just go for drive, drive is cheaper and drive is good as well. So you have to go for drive way better. Swift muscle, the one r, dr. That's it. In this case in here, I will just select also digital. I'll click on start designing, and I will add a design from my computer. I will select this one. Now we'll just wait for it to load. And it was uploaded. Now in here, I will change the color because you won't see it on white. And our choose black and navy. And if I click on a design, I can simply make it smaller, adjusted. And that's it, pretty easy. Here, as you can see, it says a resolution. It is high resolution, 491 DPI. This is the recommended resolution by printing PHI. So this is what your design should be, around 5 thousand pixels. You can also, when you make it bigger, the resolution will decrease as you see. So that's why it is recommended to have your file at least 5 thousand pixels. On here on the top, we can check the actual sizes and colors if they are in stock or if they are missing. And the actual providers. So it is quite easy to check as well. I'll just click Save and I will go into changing these products title. So afterwards, I can just click on the title in here. And I will change this to whatever the teacher is saying. So we have mental health awareness t-shirt. These are the mockups that are included from printed phi. We won't use all of these. We will only use the front mockup and the other ones will get, we will delete the other ones and we will add the professional mockup from place it. I recommend doing this. If you know Photoshop or any other editing software, you can just download. So some templates from Etsy, for example. So I can just go on Etsy and type Mela Canvas mockup. This is it. So you can just download some mockups from here, purchase them. And you can just add your design on top of them and add it as a mockup. You can do that if you note to do any graphics at all. But the easier option would be to go for place it, which is this. You'll have to pay for a membership for it. But it is very easy to use. I can just type shirt, sorry, I can just type shirt mockup in here. As you can see, we have plenty of options. I can just pick one upload from your device and I will add a designer, make it a bit smaller in here. And the shirt color to black. And that was it. I'll click on Download in here. Just wait a bit. And then we will upload this to our store. So quite easy. And they are really professional. They look Well as well. You should always upload different mock-ups every single time. So do not upload the same mockup over and over again. Just make it more dynamic so your store looks different every time when you add a new product. I will just copy this one, put it in here. We will change this to Aristotle later on. Alright, so in here, the description is imported automatically from printed phi. Here we have the prices. And my price is recommendation is as follows. Do not price under 1499, do not price over $20. So you should go somewhere in-between 6099, something like that is safe to use. But if you're just beginning and you want to rush sales and sales quicker, go for 1499 and you will increase the price. We have time once. Once you will see that you're not making sales anymore due to the price increase, you will decrease the price again. So pretty simple, but make sure you pick a price in-between. Do not go over it or under it because you will lose money afterwards. So in here we will have to select, Show All variants and create new shipping profile because you will need a new shipping profile. But you shouldn't create a shipping profile every single time. Once you create one shipping profile, you'll be able to select it. From here. You will click on this one and the shipping profile will be shown just selected. We're making a t-shirt for the first time in our store from printer Phi, we need a shipping profile right now. Next time we won't check this one. We will just select it from the list. But when we add a different product like a hoodie, for example, we will need again a new shipping profile for a hoodie. And afterwards you add another one you want make a shipping profile and so on. Pretty easy. So in here you can just click Edit profit, change the price or edit price and change the price. Just make sure to check that the price is different for each size. So up to excel, the price is the same. Six cell-free excel at the prices are different, so it's more expensive. Alright, so let's just say that I'm changing the profit to $7. As you can see, the prices have changed now and the profit is seven. And here we can also change the price in Etsy as well. So it doesn't matter if you do it from here or from Etsy. If you do it from here, the prices will be automatically added like this into your store as well. That might make it easier for you, so you don't have to edit it in Etsy as well. Just stick with a price and give that price. Alright, and now we're just publish these products to our store. One is the suite of it and it will show into our store in a few seconds. We will also have to add the size chart. So we will get that one by going to the catalog again, t-shirts. And I will open this in a new tab. I will select the same T-shirt and we will scroll all the way to the bottom in here. So we have Gary instructions and size guide. You can make it professional and make a table on your own and type all these texts nicely. But what I'm usually doing is I'm grabbing this. I use the snipping tool that is built into Windows. And I will just make a screenshot from this. And I will save it, and I will just upload it for the product so it is now published. If I go into the listings, It is still uploading, so I'll just have to wait a few more seconds just to be sure that everything is fine. As you can see, the price is automatically imported. I'll just refresh it again. I might have to wait a bit more. Let's see. Yeah. We'll wait. No biggie. Maybe it is already uploaded now. Nope. Alright. It is usually quick. I don't know why it takes so long right now. I might have to publish it again, but if it doesn't load in like ten seconds, I will have to refresh it or something. Yeah, it works. Okay. So now I can just change section in here. Select shirts, apply these now in the shorts category. And if I open the store, you can see we have the short section and the t-shirt is here. Pretty easy. So now we'll just click on the wheel. Edit. And I will remove every single mock-up besides the front ones. And I will just select this one that we add it from place it. I'll put it in front as the first picture. And I will also select the size chart. Even though it looks like this in here, it will look way better afterwards. I'll just show I will just show it to adjust thumbnail. I'll make this one bigger so they can see the design. Alright, I will change the title and the tags and everything, and I will do SEO properly, but I will show it to you afterwards. Right now we're just adding a product just to show you how it works. So as you can see, everything was completed automatically. We don't have to change any of these t-shirts. Everything is fine. The only thing that is not changing here is the occasion and holiday. You should add these on your own. So if this shirt is, for example, for either a birthday, you will select birthday in here. If the shirt was for Mother's Day, you will select Mother's Day in here. It should be somewhere in here. Let me say I probably missed it. Mother's Day, right? So you will select an option that fits your design. If it doesn't, if none of these fit your design, just don't select anything. Because usually customers uses filters to find products and it is quite useful for you as well. And it's, it's good for SEO because they will find your products based on these criteria. And here you will have to select the automatic renewal option. And as you can see, it is explained in here. Every time you add a product on Etsy, you will have to pay this fee of $0.2. And whenever you make a sale, this he will be applied again because you'll have to realize the product. And for example, if you don't make any sale after four months, you will have to renew the listing again in order to appear on Etsy. So this is how it works. So we can have an idea. You should always select Automatic. You don't have to bother with this. So that description was imported automatically can also add some more in here if you want. You can type some details for processing times. And so these will be shown on Etsy anyway. So there's no point in adding more. But you can, if you want, you can add an FAQ in here. You can add some carry instructions in here, washing instructions, whatever. You can do, whatever you want, but you shouldn't bother that much of it. It doesn't matter. So it can just take the competition. I can just go to the same source again and you will see what they did. So I'm selecting this one. As you can see, the shipping time it's already mentioned in here. So there's no reason to do this actually, but some of them are doing it, including this one. So product, tell us what you want it, the message, message box and so on, production and shipping times. So they have some more information. You can do this if you want. But there's no, there's no, there's no point in doing it. There is just extra info, but it's your choice. It doesn't matter that much. The design is what matters. That's what make the sale production partner. You don't have to check this. Once we added the production partner, that's enough for 80, it's only for them. Here we have the tags I will show you afterwards. Prices automatically imported, shipping profile, automatically added. You can always edit the shipping profile in here if you want, but there's no point in changing the shipping shipping price. They were automatically added. Do not try to make some extra profit from shipping. That's not healthy. So just leave it the way it is. It's totally okay. Here under the Marketing tab, you should always live these two yes, when you add something new. So you have an idea of the potential of that specific product. But in this case in here I will click on maybe later as I do not want to advertise this right now, this is just as a demo. So you'll have to click Publish ones. You'll have this error. But once you click again, it will work. That's how the platform works apparently. So the product is now edited. So if I open it on Etsy, this is how it looks like. We have all these pictures including the size chart. And if I click on it, it looks pretty good, right? So it is not pixelated adult. So I'll just close this. I will go back into print f phi. And I want to explain something to you about the platform So you have an idea of how this works exactly. So let's imagine a case in here. Let's say that this product is out of stock. As you can see, we have a message here saying all in stock, if some stock is missing, you'll see a message here saying one out of x out of stock or something like that. So in that case, how do we proceed? So let's say that we have an order in our store. So I will clear our create one manually just so I can have an example. Already made one in here, but I told you that the recording was cut. So I will make a new one. I'll say black. Emphasize shipping. I'll just type some random information. So our input the same thing for number zeros. It doesn't matter. This will be added automatically from Etsy, will be imported everything in here. So you don't have to make this. I'm just making this manually. So to have a demonstration. So we'll choose Alabama. I want to just input address generator, Alabama, us. I'll just pick this just to be able to proceed. Postal code and Birmingham. It was free five to 44. Yeah. Alright. And now here we have the option to select the shipping. As I told you, express shipping is super expensive, so there's no point. Here is a summary for what you will pay. With premium, you'll pay 7.5. So whalers, So the total production cost would end up at 12.6 or something similar to that. So you're paying a maximum of $14. And if you use printf fall, you will pay way more than this instead of $12.12, 12.512, which is we have print five premium. You will pay like 1516. So it is fruitful or $4 more. So there's no way you should use printf for the quality is pretty much the same so you don't lose anything by using printf. You actually make more. I'll click save for later in here because I don't want to send this to production. And you're there will appear in the order of stab now. So it is on hold at the moment. But if I refresh, this is how it will appear and this is how an order will appear to you as well. Once you have an order on Etsy and it will be automatically sent to print the file. So once you click the Submit Order button, you're there will be sent to production and directly to your customer. So now I said that this order, we suppose that we have the following situation. Disorder is out of stock and we want to send disorder to that customer. How do we do this? So I can just click on this, replace. I can click on showing stock. So we have all the variants in stock from a specific provider. Or I can just go manually to another provider and I can just select and continue. I will select Swift for example. It should be in here. Yeah, here it is. The rating is pretty low right now. I don't know why it used to be good, but it happens. Oh, they have a production time issue. That's why monster is better usually. So I'll just select something else. Let's go with demeanor or not, I'll go with dry because it's just cheaper. Alright, now the design is already applied. It looks good. I just click Save. And that will save it as a draft. I don't want to publish this to my store because the product is already my store. The only thing I'm doing is that I'm changing the printer, provide them in here. And as you can see, this one has a stock issues, so this is how it looks like. So you can have an idea when something is out of stock. So let's say that I just swapped to another provider that has four stock right now. And I will just go into orders in here. Click on the order. And automatically this will change to another provider, but I have to edit it first. So I will just remove this, add and select again the product. Black. Again, calculate. This is how you just click on edit after we change the pink provider. And you will see that it is automatically important now, so everything is fine. This is from Dr. fulfillment and other providers that I selected and it will just click proceed to payment and you will submit the order. And that's it. As you can see, this one is a bit more expensive than the previous one. Yeah. Yes. And save. And that was it. So I changed it from provider. Now, you can do something else. You can add the same product. So I can just click on duplicate in here. And I can just change the pin provider and add it from another provider. So I'll just go back to Monster. And if we have an issue with the stock now, I'll just save it directly because it looks good. Save As Draft. And let me just rename this so I can differentiate it. So let's say Monster digital for this shirt. Save As Draft again. In this situation, if we had this product that is out-of-stock and you want it to replace the order with this one. I can simply just go into the order again, click on it and it. And now we have the other variant. I can just select that black size and delete this one. So you can do that as well. We can add another variant. So you have to, but do not publish it in your story. You don't want to have a duplicate for that one. So yeah, you can do that as well. This is good, for example, when you are selling in a period when there are a lot of sales and stock issues, usually that's around the Q4. So during Christmas and Black Friday, so that when there are stock issues like this, you should always make a backup to your specific product that is making goods sales. For that specific product. Always make a duplicate. And select the pink provider that has stopped for it. So we can always do this or just click on Replace in here and change it to another provider. You have two good options. So that's pretty much it when it comes to adding a product from printer Phi. I'm sure this was quite simple. And Yup. See you in the next one. 5. How to Find Winning Products with Ease: Okay, so now let's focus on finding winning designs. This is very easy, and I'll show you exactly how to do it and the ways you can use to find winning designs. So let's say that I'm searching for a niche that is popular right now. I'm in September. So halloween is around the corner. I can just type Halloween shirt. And we will have plenty of results. Now, the factors are as follows. Look for the popular now Badge. I'll just open this listing. You can look for our bestseller badge. That's another factor. I don t think I'll find the best seller regimen here. I will only find popular now because it's Halloween and this is selling like crazy. But I will just try. Now I might have to search for something that's sold well, so I can just type Father's Day shirt, for example, just so you can see how it looks like. Bestseller. Another factor, so we have popular now, best-seller. Now another factor is look for this. Over 20 people have this in their cards. This is the maximum. It can go higher than 20. This means that this is selling very well right now. Now what you can do, another, another factor, let's say that the way to find the winner, once you found one, going to the store, look for more. So in here, look at this winner, winner, winner, winner. Pretty much everything that is in here is selling extremely well. So now we have an idea of how to find winners. That's how simple it is. Something else that you can do. You can look in their reviews. And if you see the same product, repeating quite often in the reviews, you know that that design is selling well. So I already saw like pre-designed as that were repeated. This one. This one. This one. So yeah, that's how I do it. It's pretty easy. Just go into the reviews. If you see the same products selling quite often, that's a winner. That's how you find one. So let's see how old the store is. Only one year old. And it's doing great 16 thousand sales. That is great. Why do you can do, once you find the winner, you can just go on Find a graphic designer in here. So you can type shirts, design. For example. You can find plenty of designers pay like $10 to $20 max for one design. So it goes to something, it's not super cheap but not super expensive either. And just tell them to make the same design, but make it a bit different. So it's not copyrighted. Use the same phrase, but just change that design language just a bit. So that's how you find winners. Very simple. Do not try to say copyrighted material. So there is copyrighted material in this store. This one is copyrighted, as you can see, we have Jason and so on. Do not focus on this cell designs that are clean. And in the next video, I will show you how to check for copyrights so we can stay safe from a copyrighted designs. So seeing the next one that's ever find winners, very simple, Judas, and you'll be good to go. 6. A Practical Guide to SEO: Now it's time to talk about SEO. So how do we do this? I will give you a very practical approach to SEO. So this is extremely easy. You should do this all the time and it will work every time. So we will use that tool that I told you. So that is your We go on the website, make an account. You don't have to pay for the membership. You can use a free membership. It is pretty easy. You go under Tools, Keyword Tool. And we will just optimize this listing. For example, we have our mental health awareness shirt. I will just select it and click on edit in here. Let's optimize this one. So we go on Iran. I will just type whatever the design says. So we have mental health awareness shirt. And in here we have some metrics. So these specific keywords have a very low search volume. So this is not a good choice for a design to sell. But the competition is very low, which has high potential. But if it would have had good traffic, we don't have good traffic, so kinda wasted. But if we delete the awareness keyword, you will see that this has traffic, so that was more specific with the awareness included. So now you can see that we have a lot of traffic, a lot of competition as well. So I can just add mental health shirt. We will go all the way to the bottom. I'll just let it load and just wait a bit. And what we can do here is the following thing. I will just sort this by daily views from high to low. And as you can see, now, I already have the best performing one from all of these results in here, only 100 results are shown. So I have 16.17 reviews. Usually, what is around 20 daily views has potential to be a good a good selling design. So let's just optimize the listing. How do we do this? I'll just drag this window in here to have them side-by-side. So I can just pick this one or this one. It doesn't matter if they're both the same. I will just pick the second one. So I'll just say mental health awareness t-shirt. I can simply just do this. I can copy the title so it doesn't even matter. But I will just delete what doesn't make sense. So I will just delete the last ones. Alright, mental health or mental health shirt. Be kind to you. This outlet, this one, because my design doesn't say this. It is always best to find the same design or similar design so you optimize around it again. In this case, the designs are different. We don't have the same thing, but we have the same keyword that matters. So we can easily get the keywords from them and optimizes listings, the listing based on what they have. Mental health shirts. Let's see what else they have. Mental health awareness. Alright, so I can just leave it like this. And in the tags, I can simply, simply add everything that they have. If something from this listing doesn't look good to me or doesn't make sense. I can just pick another one. So this one is for suicide prevention, mental health. I can just pick some keywords from here, but now I wont. Let me see if I can find something that fits more. Let me just do this. I can just go for mental health awareness. Mental health awareness. To be more precise, maybe I will find something that performs good. So I will go on the bottom again. Because I didn't like what they found. Sort for by the liters again, yeah. This one is whether the daily views are better as well. And everything that is in here, I like way more. We have the same phrase on the shirts so we can easily optimize around this. So I'll just copy these keywords. I'll throw them in the title. And I think that I can leave every single one of them. Instead of mental health matters, I can type awareness because that is the first phrase of my shirt. And I don t think I would change anything else. Maybe I can type mental health matters in here because I already have mental health matters in the beginning. And that's pretty much it when it comes to the title. I can do that. And then I can just go in the tags. And I will just copy every single tag because everything else, every single time that this guy has fits my specific listing easily. So Bella Canvas shirt shirt, anxiety Canvas anxiety shirt therapist. You got the idea. So I can just take every single one of them. Mental awareness, mental health matters, school psychologist, counselor, gift, a progression shirt, suicide prevention. I might have missed type some of them. I'm not sure. But this is the main idea. That's how I do it. So it is very easy to optimize the listing this way. I've always done this and it works. I've ranked products to the first page. But keep in mind when it comes to SEO, just doing this alone and not bringing any traffic to your listening. You'll never rank on the first page. It doesn't work like that. You need traffic. So traffic is the most important factor. Then you need favorites, you need orders, you need backlinks if possible. Backlinks means that your specific listing has been mentioned on other pages. That gives credibility, so that helps SEO. But the most important is fingers this have the keywords and tags in your listing. Like I did, bring traffic to our listing by running ads. And then you will test your product and see if it has potential or not. But I will show you how to find winners easily in the next video. But this is how you optimize. It is very easy to do SEO this way. So just go for the top-performing listing that has the most daily views for your specific keywords. That is in our InDesign, that are in the design. And afterwards, just copy the title from a specific competitor. Get the tags, and you're good to go. Because this specific competitor is already performing well with these keywords. So they are doing the job of bringing traffic to these keywords. You're, you're already doing what they're doing. So this will help you a lot. You already have the good keywords your design fits with the keywords. It's all good. Alright, something else that is important. After doing this, you are done with this. That's how simple it is. You're done. I'll just publish it again. You will have to add the keywords that are in the title, in the description as well. And this is important because this means keyword density. So the more times you are keywords are repeated in your product, it doesn't matter if it's title or description. That's why everyone does this. And then I mentioned 10 thousand keywords. I'm just looking at their fossa, but you get the idea. That's why everyone mentioned so many keywords in the title. This helps them out to bring traffic for as many keywords as possible that fits their actual niche. So now we will just added these keywords in the description as well. So I'll just click Edit. And at the end of the description, this is a feature that Etsy mentioned recently. So you have to mention the keywords that are using the title in the description as well. So I can just type it like this. That's how I do it. Extra tags and I just paste them. It's good enough. It works. It doesn't matter. It's all about repeating and repeating the keywords. But don't do this 100 times, just once, copy the title, paste it, you're good to go. So I'll just click publish. And that was it. This listing is optimized. Let's say that we had another product. So I'll just go into Iraq again. And I know a design that I have. So I'll just type for it. I just search for it. The keeper of the gender shirt or I can just type. Yeah, you probably gender is better. I can just add gender reveal, which is the actual niche. So you can see that the stats are higher. But this is a more specific design. That's why the stats are lower. And here we have the best performing keywords for this specific listing. But if I just go down all the way down again, sort the reviews. 24.6, good enough. I can easily copy this title again. Copied the tags goods ago. That's how easy it is. Do not overthink this. You can do the impossible if you want. You can pay the membership and look for keywords that have the lowest competition and the highest traffic. You can do that if you want, but it is not necessary. This is very efficient. What I'm showing you here, this works every single time. Just do it like this. It takes a minute to optimize the listing. And that's how you should do it, focused on finding winners, optimized them like this, and you're good to go. So that was it. When it comes to SEO, That's how it works. I will also type all of this in the conclusion at the end of the course. But now let's focus on finding winners. And I'll see you in the next video. 7. How to Avoid Copyrighting and Stay Safe: Now let's talk about copywriting. So we will use, so now let's talk about copywriting. We will use a tool that is quite popular. So it will go on TM, which means trademark hand. And in here we will input the phrase of the design to see exactly if it's copyrighted or not. So let's just search for some keywords from the designs that we found. So you have a designer here saying keep it real. I can just type this. And as you can see, the status, this is that it was registered but the expired. This means that you can use it, but there is a risk for this design to come live again. So once this, we'll say live in here, you are at a risk of getting a copyright strike if the owner finds that you are sending a design with this phrase, should you do it? Yes, but you will have to be cautious. But I wouldn't do this just to be safe. But if you are cautious and you check this frequently, you'll be good to go. Or you can just registered the trademark on your own if you want, you can pay for it's like $500 or something like that. So it's not super expensive. And if you click on this serial in here, you will see more details. So this is the official website, United States Patent and Trademark Office. And why do you can check in here under goods and services, you can see exactly for what this was registered and what doesn't allow. You cannot sell this phrase on clothing, namely shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets for men, women, children, babies. So it was not allowed, it wouldn't allow you to sell any merge with this wording on it, just so you know. But the status is now that you can but be cautious. Alright, let's search for something else that's seen here. Something more simple and not with so many words. Let's just go for some other design. I want to focus on the store. So I'll just go for this, Let's say top that. I guess it has some issue. Now. This is not registered. You're good to go. You can sell a design without saying on it something else. Let's see. Super daddy. Oh, let's try that. Nope, not registered. Good to go. I'll just type something that I know is lab right now. It was the data Lorien. This made a lot of sales. So this is live excuse me. You cannot sell this one. Goods and services. Same thing. So you're not allowed to sell this design on any of these products. That's how is it this tool is? You can just input the keywords. Click on Search, you see that the status is live, you cannot use that. That's how simple it is. That's how che for trademarks. So keep in mind, Do not sell copyrighted material. Never sell copyright material. You can make sales. You can make a good chunk of money, but you'll get banned from the platform and you'll never be able to sell again. You choose if that's worth it. I don't think it's worth it. So that's how it works. And seeing the next video and apply this principle. That's how easy it actually is. 8. Etsy Ads & Strategy: Now it's time to talk about Etsy ads and our strategy. I will just read it too because it is easier to understand it this way. It would be harder for you to understand it if I'll just go into ads, the ads and talk about it. So first I will read it to you, then you'll go into ATS and you will understand this easily. So once you have at least 50 products in place, I recommend the following steps. Going to add T ads and set your daily budget to $10 per day. Promote 50 products at a time for two weeks. If you want to promote more than 50 leads listings at once, you might consider increasing the daily budget by $10 per each 50 listings. So for 100 listings, we can go up to $20 per day just to be sure that the budget is not spread too thin across your listings. After two weeks disabled the ads for the listings. That made no sense at all. So a typo here because I forgot. Alright, as 50 more or less things together with those that made sales after one month, see which products have a positive ROI, which means return on investment. And keep them running. Removed those that are not profitable from ITS, and keep only those that are profitable. Repeat, pretty easy, I might say, but you will see this in practice and how it works. It's way easier once you start doing it. Now something else, pricing, which is important, start wave 49 plus shipping for t-shirts. In my opinion, seeking we will all price instead of offering free shipping is better because a lot of clients will sort the price from low to high. And in this case, yours will show higher. So you will have it higher in the search results. That's what I mean. While we free shipping, the price would have been 1999. You see where I'm going? Add designs for each popular occasion or holiday. So this way, you are sharper, make sales all the time. There will be fluctuations, of course, Q4 is the most profitable time of the year, but you can still do well throughout the year with this and designs. If you buy designs from random websites, make sure to check them on before uploading them. So you're not at risk for getting a copyright strike. So these are my recommendations in here, just in short. So this strategy, very simple. I just click Save, I will go into ETC again, shop manager and we will open it yet. Okay? So one, you must have at least 50 listings. Manage your budget, set it to $10 per day. Manage advertised listings, select all these 50 products at once. Let them run for two weeks. Whatever makes sales, you keep them running. You turn the other ones off. But you add 50 more listings afterwards. So you will have these leasing that made sales. You keep them running and you add 15, 50 more on top of that. Then for another two weeks you keep them running again. Then you will see which is in my cells. And if those listings that you kept running after those two weeks are profitable now, so the listings that ran for one month must be profitable. Now, we will have to check if the amount that you spent and the amount that you got back is more so if you make profit, this is what matters now. So only if they are profitable, you will let them run for more than one month. If they're not profitable, you will disable them and you keep repeating these steps in order for the listing to be profitable. Let's see. So if you spend $5 and you bring back a sale, you are even. So you're not making profit. So you need to make more than $20 in revenue for $5 spent. If you spend $5 and make two sales 40, then you're profitable. We $5, right? Because you make $5 per sale, pretty much 45. That's how much you make. So you must bring to sales for each $5 spent, something like that. Or if you spent seven, you can bring to sales, you're still in a profit by $3. You've got the idea. That's how you should calculate it every single time. So after one month, do the math, check the results in here and see if you're profitable for these listings are not. If you're not, keep adding more products and keep testing, That's the main idea of the strategy. You keep adding products. You see which ones have potential, and you let them run for up to one month. And then you will see they are actually profitable or not. If they are not disabled them, add more and keep repeating the strategy. That's how you should do it. And this pretty much how we should run. Pretty simple. Just be sure to check the text and read it again if you don't understand it. But I would say that this is pretty easy to understand. Seeing the next one. 9. Optimal Product Pricings: In this video, I'll talk about pricings. So mainly you will sell T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and sweatshirts. These are the most sold products in print on-demand. You can also sell mugs. That's okay. So the prices are as follows. For t-shirts, we will use Bella cameras, 3,001. Mainly you can use other sources as well if you want. You can use guilt on to make more profits. But this is the highest quality t-shirt that you will find in there. For prices, we have, you can start from 1499 up to 1999, plus shipping. The lower the price, the higher the chances for making a sale makes sense, right? Then we have tanktops. You will use better cameras, 3480 pricings. Your can start with 1799 up to 2199 and plus shipping. Again, the lower the price, the higher the chances for making a sale. For hoodies, we have the following prices. You can start from 2099 up to 4499 plus shipping. The lower the prices of hydrogens for making a sale. When it comes to hoodies, you can actually price even higher than this. Who? These are the type of product that you can price up to like $4,550 plus shipping if you have an amazing design that will sell. But you should start with these prices. So start with this 2099. And if the design is really good and you make a lot of sales for it, keep increasing the price in small increments. So you can then adjusted by $3 more a free dollar, more free dollars, more, up to the point where you're not making that many sales anymore. So when you see the decline in sales, that means that, that is a price issue afterwards. So that's a good strategy that you can use. And I wrote in here that you can also do free shipping, but make sure you include the shipping in the product price makes sense. For other products. Do pretty much the same thing at ten to $10 profit margin for everything that you're going to sell. But keep in mind that it will take ten to 20% in fees from your sale. If your country charges VAT, you pay up to 20 per cent. If you don't pay for VAT, you will pay like 11, 12% in EC50. So whalers always calculate the profit margin after taking the fees in consideration. Sales can be made with higher prices as well, but you must have an amazing design to make up for it. I recommend making money for volume instead of high prices, especially on Etsy where the competition is very high. If you are brilliant at designs, you can sell at higher prices I mentioned previously. So these are my tips. These are the prices. You should always start with the lowest price. This will make it easier for me when you're starting out. Also, you will be able to figure out faster which are your winners. So start with the lowest price and then keep increasing the price. If the design is going to end, makes a lot of sales. You can increase the price up to the higher cap. So you can sell with 1999, for example, instead of 4099, just keep increasing the price in small increments once you see that your stories making sales. So that was it with this point. Seeing the next one. 10. Recap & Conclusion: Congratulations for making it all the way to the end. Now I just wrote a short recap and conclusion for the course. So I covered the most important points in here. So do the SEO, as I showed you, use the keywords that are used in the top listings title for your product, and add their tags as well. If they perform good for those listings, they will for you. As long as you have the same similar design. Of course, not identical, but similar, as I said, when you edit each listing, don't forget to add the occasion and holiday if your product fits any of the categories. Include the tags again in the description as shown. Don't forget the size sharp at the end of every product you add adds a nice mockup for your product using place it or Photoshop. If you know what you're doing. At the shop FAQ section that I added in the description. Winning products are only those who have the best seller badge, the popular now badge. And the over 20 people have this in their cart message. Even if he doesn't have the bestseller badge, as long as the over 20 people texts is shown, that is a winner. If you only see the bestseller batch, for example, without the over 20 message, that might be a seasonal product that only cells in a specific period. Another winner indicator is if on Iran, the specific listing has over 20 daily views, everything above those views is a clear winner. Now preparing for Q4, change your shops announcement two weeks before Black Friday and started to sell for your entire shop. You can do something like 20 per cent off, but make sure to change your prices as well. So your profit margin is still the same. This discount is solve for the looks. Duplicate your most sold products in print to file and make sure that you have them available from multiple providers because there will be stock issues in this period. In your announcement message mentioned that everyone must place their order two weeks before Christmas if they want their orders to be delivered on time, USPS will be overloaded with orders during this period. It's best for your customers to place the order in advance. You will easily be able to see the deadlines for Christmas if you Google printed phi deadline, 2020 to 2023 and so on. So you can tell them exactly what is the last day for ordering things for Christmas. Some customers will message you and ask if they will have their order in time for Christmas. If they ordered two or three days before the deadline, it's best to be honest and tell them that the deadline is closing in and that you cannot guarantee 100 per cent that the order will make it in time, but you will do your best. Being honest goes along way. You do not want to lie to your customers just to get sales and then receive one-star reviews, you will have a bad reputation for it and these customers will never return to your store for any issues you encounter. If your order reach out to identify support, there'll be busy, but they will answer you and fixture issue if there's any. Now let's talk about copywriting. Do not risk your store by uploading copyrighted material. Etsy is a great chance for earning passive income. Don't lose it by getting band. If you get multiple copyright strikes, you will eventually receive a less running. And if you get another strike, you'll get banned. Final words, be consistent and don't give up after a few days. Do not by design bundles that have been bought by thousands of people from Creative, for example, you won't make sales that way. Always verify the design that you buy on TM hand to check if the phrase that is in the design, it's copyrighted or not. Be smart. Find winners, find the designer on fiber or modify the design by herself and come with your own variant. Just make it almost identical, but not 100% identical, just similar. Use my price guide and start with the easiest route would be to pick the lowest price range first. And my last message, Let's crisis skew for. I know that you can make this, if you follow all these guidelines. Just be patient. You won't make it instantly. If you understood everything that I said, you can achieve success pretty quick. In here, it is not very hard. Etsy is the easiest marketplace that you will ever find. So be consistent, respect everything that I said in here, and you're good to go. I wish you the best of luck.