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Scooops! Crochet Earrings for Beginners

teacher avatar Khara Plicanic, Photographer, Designer, Adobe Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      How to Hold Your Yarn


    • 5.

      Make a Magic Ring


    • 6.

      Chain Two (Ch2)


    • 7.

      Double Crochet (DC)


    • 8.

      Slip Stitch (Sl St)


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      Weave Ends & Invisible Finish


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      Congrats & Keep in Touch!


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About This Class

☀️ Prepare to have your day brightened! ☀️

These ice-cream inspired, crochet earrings are the perfect project for beginners. And this quick and easy course will have you wanting to make a pair for everyone you know! A PDF pattern is included along with a printable earring card so you can gift all your Scooops in style. (But if you'd rather keep them for yourself, I won't tell a soul!)

In this hands-on, step-by-step course, you'll learn how to:

  • hold your yarn
  • make a magic ring (MR)
  • chain stitch (ch)
  • make a double crochet (DC)
  • join rounds using a slip stitch (sl st)
  • weave in ends with an invisible finish
  • assemble the hardware
  • package your earrings with style

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Khara Plicanic

Photographer, Designer, Adobe Educator


A professional photographer and designer for more than 20 years, Khara’s a natural born teacher who’s been sharing inspiration & know-how with fellow creatives around the world for nearly two decades. Her fun and approachable teaching style has earned her rave reviews on global platforms including CreativeLive and AdobeMax and she's honored to be a regular presenter at CreativePro, Photoshop Virtual Summit, and DesignCuts Live. She's authored several books with Peachpit and Rockynook publishers, been a featured speaker at a local TEDx event, and does regular livestreams on PixelU and her YouTube channel.

When Khara's not making futile attempts at reclaiming hard drive space or searching the sofa cushio... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome!: my name's Sarah put in it and I'm going to show you how to Kirsch A your very own scoops here. Whether you are a crow Shea with or you've never touched a crochet hook in your life, I'm gonna walk you through the whole thing step by step. When you're finished, you're gonna have a gorgeous pair of earrings that you could wear to work or to play. And they make excellent gifts as well. On the last page of the pdf pattern that's included with this course, you will find a printable backer card so that you can make earrings for everyone you know and get them in. What I love most about these hearings is that they are super lightweight, so you can wear them all day and they will not be heavy. They won't be pulling on your ears. Maybe one each scope to be a different color. Maybe you want all skips to be the same. You could do an ombre scoop design. You could have color combinations that are like spring summer time. Or you could go for some neutrals. Oh, that's kind of like a neopolitan. You could make a Neopolitan. Oh, I cream sandwich. The possibilities are pretty much endless. And if three scoops feels like it's maybe too much for you mean you just do two scoops or one scoop? No, it's totally up to you. Honestly, they just make you happy. Who doesn't want a little more ice cream? In their day? I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream. I'm a nerd. I know. I'm minutes. Okay, So grab some yarn and a hook and ask yourself how many scoops do you want today? 2. Supplies: Of course, the first thing you're gonna need for this project is a crow. Shea Hook and I will be using a 3.5 millimeter crash a hook. Next, we're going to need some yard. This is a worsted weight, so that's the number four. And this is just cotton yarn. The stuff super inexpensive. This is the sugar and cream brand you can pick up at a craft store. You can order it online. WalMart has a version of this called peaches and cream, so I just like that It's cotton because I think it makes a really clean textured look. You can certainly use acrylic also, but or any other fiber, but just know that it might look different. Obviously, I like this because it produces a very tight, clean look. Next, you're gonna need to hear wires and 46 millimeter jump rings if you decide that you want more or less scoops on your earrings than you'll need more or less jump rings. But if you want to make the triple scoop hearings, then you'll need 46 millimeter jump rings and, of course, the two year wires. In order to manipulate those jump rings, and open that year. Wires. You're going to need some pliers. It doesn't really matter which kind as long as you can grab things with them. When we're finished, it's nice toe. Have a tapestry or yarn needle to weave in the ends, but don't let this make or break it for you. If you don't have one of these, you can accomplish the same thing. Using your kirsch a hook. This just makes it a little easier and, of course, you'll need a pair of scissors. 3. Overview: So for this project, if you want to make the triple scoop earrings, you're going to make a total of six scoops, two of each of three colors. But obviously you can shake this up however you want. Maybe you only want to scooped hearings or maybe just one that is up to you. So make your plan and join me in the next video, and I'm gonna show you how to hold your gun. 4. How to Hold Your Yarn: so if you already know how to crush a you can skip this video. But if you're new to crush A, it really helps to know how to hold your gun. So I am right handed. So if you're left handed, you're just going to do the exact opposite of everything that you see me dio. So because I'm right handed, I'll hold the hook in my right hand and the yarn is gonna be trailing over here on the left . So we'll get that over there on then, the working end of the yarn hair or the tail. I'm gonna take this in my hand and I'm gonna hold it in my right hand for a moment. And I'm going to use my to fingers here on my left hand. So my index finger in my middle finger and I like to swoop it under the yarn and then I rotate it on. I hold the yarn right here between my middle finger and my thumb on. Then I used the yarn that's looping over my left pointing finger, my index finger to control the tension. So when I need to make it tighter, I can just pull this finger up and that'll tighten the yarn here. And if I need to loosen it a little bit, I can move the finger in so that allows me to control the tension in a couple of places. I'm holding the urn here. I've got it looped over this finger, and I've also got it on the back side of my hand between these two fingers so all those three places are gonna work together to help me hold and control the arm. So once again, just holding the yarn like this with the hook in my right hand and I'm swooping those two fingers under and then I'm gonna flip it over and do like that, and it's worth noting You may prefer to hold your garden in a totally different right in a totally different way, and there's no right or wrong. The important thing is just that you can control it so different people hold it different ways. But this is what works for me. The more you practice and get some experience, you will discover what works for you. Join me in the next video and I'm gonna show you how to make the slip not called the magic ring that will use to start our hearings 5. Make a Magic Ring: we'll be getting creating art disk here by making what's called a magic ring. So these double crow shays the stitches that make up the scoop, we're going to be placing them into a special kind of a slip knot in the center here that when we're done, we'll be ableto pull it tight and that will close down this little circle here. So to do that, we need to make that magic ring that magical slip. Not so. We're gonna hold the yarn a cross, our fingers like this with the tail down at the bottom. We're gonna pinch that tail to hold on to it. We're gonna take our are working under the yarn, and we're gonna wrap it around these two fingers twice. First time we'll go around like this. And now the second time we're going across to make an X, and then we're gonna pinch the yard down here and hold it again. Okay, so we have an X in the front and parallel lines on the back. Now we're gonna pick up our hook, and we're gonna slide it underneath the bottom yarn. Reach across, grab the top yard right here, pull it underneath that first yarn. Then we'll do what I call a swoop. But you're really just gonna, like, twist your hook around and then we're gonna go underneath and grab this yarn hair on the inside one more time and now we're just gonna pull it through the loop on our hook. That's it. Now, if we take our hands out, we see that we have basically a little lasso here and the tail end of the yarn is probably twisted. You can untwist that if you want and work it out. So you've got the working yarn here We have a little tail on. We have this magical like Wonder woman lasso, so it should still have one loop that's on our hook. And now to show you how this works. If we take this tail end and we pull it, it's gonna shrink down the last. So But we don't want to do that yet because we want Teoh put some stitches in it first. So I'm gonna go ahead and open that back up and we are ready. Teoh, make the scoops 6. Chain Two (Ch2): Now that we have a magic ring, we are ready to begin our scoop. And as you see in the pattern, the next thing that we're going to do is to chain stitches. So Chain Stitch is the easiest stitch. You are going to love it. We are going to hold our lasso, just pinching the little slip not down here between our fingers. And if you're loop on your hook got a little stretched out, you can tighten it down by pulling on the working end of the yarn here. So that's the yarn that goes and connects to the ball. So we should have the tail hanging out here and our magical Wonder Woman lasso, which we're gonna pinch with our fingers here. So we need to do to chain stitches. A chain stitch simply means that you do what's called a yarn over, which means you swing your hook under the yarn, putting the yarn on top so we call that Ah, yarn over putting the yarn over your hook, grab this yarn with your hook and pull it through the loop that's on your hook and you see you've made a little loop right there and that loop is your first chain, so we need to change. So we're gonna do that again. So again, yarn over, Grab it, pull it through the loop that's on your hook. And now we've got two chains. So that is how we begin this right here. What we've done thes two chain stitches. They count as a double crow shape, so I'll explain what that means in the next video. But we've done two chainz ditches and we're going to call it a pretend double crushing. And in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to make 11 actual double crossed its. 7. Double Crochet (DC): we've got our chain to here, and the scoop calls for 12 double Cochet. And the instructions say that our chain two counts as the first double crushing. So even though this is not a double crush a stitch thes air to chain stitches, we are gonna count this as if it were a double crushing. So if we need a total of 12 double crush a stitches in our scoop around our scoop and this counts as one even though, technically it's not. We need to make 11 more actual double crushes. So here's how we make a double crow shake. We start with that very same yarn over and now we're gonna go down here to our last. So we want to make sure we're holding the lasso and the tail to the side like this together in a line. So we're gonna put our hook into the lasso, going underneath the lasso itself and the tail, and now we're going to do another yarn over and we're gonna pull that loop inside and up. So if we tighten things down here, we've got we've got a squarely tail. There we go. We've got three loops on our hook. So now we're ready to offload those, and we're going to do it in two steps. That's what makes the quote double crow shape. So we're going to yarn over, pull through two of those loops, and now we see we have two loops left. Now we're gonna yarn over again and pull through the remaining two. That is an actual double kirsch A. So if we look now at our work down here, we have two little I call him Stacks Towers. Okay. And we have the one here on my left. That's the actual double crush A that we just did. And this one here on the right, is a wannabe double crow shea. But it's really just to chain stitches, but we're gonna call it. We'll pretend that it's a double crush. A. So it counts as a double kirsch. A. So if we need 12 total and we've got quote to, we need 10 more. So let's keep going. We're going to do that same thing again. We're gonna yarn over, go into the last so and the tail. The reason we do that is so we don't have to weave the tale. And at the end. We're basically securing and locking in that tale by crushing right over it throat, we yearned over, we went into the last. So now we're gonna yarn over again, pull it through. So we've got those three loops on our hook. We're gonna off load in two batches, so yarn over, Pull through to yarn over. Pull through to do it again. Yarn over into the lasso yarn over. Pull up a loop, offload yarn over. Pull through to yarn over. Pull through to again, yarn over into the loop, yarn over. Pull up a loop into the last so I should say yarn over. Pull through to yarn over. Pull through to again, yarn over. Go into the lasso, yarn over and pull up a loop You aren't over. Pull through to, you know, over pull through to, so it's kind of like you do a yarn over, and then you basically like, dive into the pool to yarn over and pull up another loop, and then we offload yarn over. Pull through to you aren't over. Pull through to that. Helpful, I think is kind. Helpful Was there to get yarn over. Dive into the pool yarn over. Pull up a loop yarn over. Pull through to yarn over. Pull through to yarn over. Go diving. Grab a loop. Pull it up. Yarn over. Pull through to turnover. Pull through to yarn over. Dive into the pool. Yarn over. Pull up a loop yarn over. Pull through to turn over. Pull through to I completely wasn't counting. So here's how we find out where we are. I'm gonna loosen that loop that was on my hook so I can take it out for a second. I'm gonna count my stacks. So I have 123456789 Plus the chain makes 10 so we'll do two more yarn over. Dive into the pool yarn over. Pull up a loop. Offload yarn over. Pull through to here and over. Pull through to one more yarn over. Go diving. Grab a loop. Pull it up. You're in over. Pull through to guard over. Pull through to perfect. So we now have 11 actual double Crow Shays plus our little chain to guy. So that makes 12 stitches in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to close this off and pull it tight. 8. Slip Stitch (Sl St): once we have 12 stitches, we are ready to do a slip stitch to close our scoop. So we're gonna take our tail here that we've dutiful Lee Crow Shade over. So if you've done that and followed along that way than this little tale is in sconce too. Inside are stitches here. So that's next. We're gonna take our tail and just pull and you'll see as we do that don't pull like crazy . Hard cause can actually snapped this off, which, if that happens, don't panic. We're gonna cut it here in a minute. But you want to be able to pull it tight and you'll see that that just closes our circle into this little disk so it tightens down the last so that we have in the middle. So to join this with this over here, we're going to do what's called a slip stitch and because that little chain to want to be double Crow Shea from the beginning because we're counting that as a double crow. Shame we're going to slip stitch into the top of it. So if we look at our work here, we have all these lovely little loops I call them lips because they kind of look like fish lips or, I don't know, pink lips in this case. So we've got a upper lip in the bottom lip and we've got a pair of lips at the top of each stack, A nice pair of lips and you'll notice that the chain, too. The top lip of the chain to is kind of like pulled down. Some people might have done a Chain three here, but I think it ends up being bulky. So we have a nice pair of flat lips at the top of the first actual double crush A. And it's the next lips that are kind of like angled down. That's what we want to stitch into on. We don't have to go through both of on. We're going to just go through the I guess inside loop right here. So all we're gonna do is stick our hook underneath that little lip, and if you get the wrong one, it's OK. The main thing is that you just stick the hook in somewhere and then we're gonna yarn over and pull it through that lip that we stuck our hook into. But we're gonna keep on pulling it right through the loop that was on our hook. And that is called a slip stitch. So if I do it one more time, let me back out and just show you. So here iss how we finished. So we have the loop that's on our hook and we have our little I want to be double Cochet. That's really just a chain to over here. I'm just gonna stick my hook underneath one of those loops again. If you grabbed the wrong one, it's not really that big a video. And then I'm just gonna yarn over and pull it through that lip and keep going and pull it through the lip or the loop that's on your hook and that is it. Then you can take your hook and just kind of pull it, pull it out a ways you want to have enough yarn that you can like, threaded through a needle or work with it to weave it in. So however long this is, I don't know, five inches six whatever. I'm just pulling it out like that, and then I'm gonna grab my scissors and snippet like that. Then I can take my working yard and just pull it out. And now we have a disc. We've got the tail from the lasso coming out inside the center on the back. And then we have this and here and in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to do what's called an invisible finish. So we're gonna take this new tale from are joining up here, and I'm gonna show you what to do with it to just make it disappear, and we'll deal with this little guy on the back as well. 9. Weave Ends & Invisible Finish: after joining our ends together, we are ready to finish this puppy off. So let's start with the little tail that's coming out of the lasso on the back. I want to make sure we pull it nice and snug if it snaps its safe at this point because we have crow shade over the tail along with the lasso. When we were working inside that magic ring because we khorshied right over this. It's pretty secured in there so you could just snip it off if it freaks you out. If you wanted more secure than that, you can thread that tail on your needle and just we've it through the back here until you feel comfortable with it and then snip it off. But I just sent mine off. I feel okay with it. So now this tale we have to do a little more work and I'm gonna threat it on my yarn needle . The easiest way I found to do that is toe double over the end so that I'm not like splitting the end apart. I double it over, so just fold it over and then I can slide that whole thing through the needle What's great about these needles is they have a really large I Obviously, they're made to work with yard, but also, the tip is pretty dull. So you have to worry about poking yourself. If you don't have one of these, you can just use your hook Or if you have a smaller hook, that might be even easier to just basically pull the yarn through in the same in the same way that we are. So this is totally doable. But I have a are needle, so I'm going to use it. All right, so we see here, I'm holding the scoop with the front facing me. So the back is here where we cut off the tail, the front is facing me. And if I pull here to the left, we can see that it's like continuing this nice circle of lips, I guess, going around. So what we're gonna dio is we're going to basically create a fake stitch right here. So we're gonna skip this very next pair of loop of lips because that's where the fake the fake lips are going to go. So we're gonna skip that we're going to go underneath the next two lips k. So skip a pair of lips. We have the lips that have our tail coming out. Skip this pair of lips, go under from front to back the next pair of lips and just pull it down, then conceal what's happening here is pretty amazing. Sometimes it's hard to tell like where you're actually Arness. We're gonna loop this around, and now you can see Here's the lips that our tails coming out off and we're just going to go underneath the back lip or what you might call the top lip. So our tail is coming right out of this hole. So we went underneath. We skipped a pair of lips. We went under here, and now we're going to come back around and go just underneath this top lip, or it's called the back lip. And then we're gonna pull it through there. And when you do that and pull it, you know, sudden, you see, this is just so amazing to me every freaking time. So here's the stench we came out of. Here is the fiqh stitch that we just created. And here's the stitch that we went into to make the fake stitch. It's just amazing. So then we're gonna turn it over, and we don't want to just cut it off, because obviously this could just pull out. So now we're just gonna take this? This is where it's easier with a ah, yarn needle and you basically, I'm just gonna stick it through here. There's no like, official way to do this, but I'm just like weaving it around underneath some stitches. It's not showing through on the front, but I've just got it pulled through here and I'm just gonna pull and it's kind of snug, but I'm just gonna pull it through there. And, you know, I could cut it here if I wanted to. Or if you are the type of person that wants extra security, you could then pick some different loops and go back in the same direction to just really secure that, pull it through and then pull it snug snippet, and then it'll just kind of sucked back inside. And look at that. We have Ah, perfect, beautiful scoop. So here's the one we made together. So you're just gonna repeat this whole process to make as many scoops as you want for your evenings. So keep going and join me in the next video where I'm going to show you. How about to assemble everything? 10. Assembly: So here's a look at the finished hearing. So to assemble a triple scoop bickering like this, we're going to need to jump rings and the ear wire for each hearing. So four jump brings total and to here wears So we're gonna start at the bottom with the jump ring. And you want to make sure that when you are shopping for jump rings, that you get open rings so that there is actually a snip out of them so you can open them up. And here's where we're going to use our to pliers. And this is a little different than some people might think, because you might be tempted, like grab onto the jumping like this and like, pry it apart. But if you do that, you're not going to be able to put it back in a nice round shape. So instead of prying it apart, we're going Teoh grip the jump ring on either side of the little opening and I'm gonna just rotate like this so the jump ring could see like that. It's just, like, twisted open, and we're going to start with our bottom scoop. So I'm gonna pick this up and What I like to dio is we have that invisible finish somewhere around the edge and it is invisible. But sometimes there's just apart where it's kind of maybe wonky in one place. So I like to avoid if I can putting the finish through the jump ring. So if I can see the finish, I like to try and rotate it, so it's like on one of the sides or something. So then I'm gonna take my jump ring, and I'm going to slip it through the top loop of one of our stitches. You could go through both if you want to, but I like to just go through the top because it makes it a little extra more dangly. And I like that. So if you want to, you can go through through both stitches, but that keeps it a little less dangly. So maybe if you want that, but I'm gonna go just through the top loop like that. Then I'm gonna grab the middle scoop and I'm going to go again. Just being careful where I put that invisible join. And again, I'm going to go through the this time the bottom loop closest to the bottom scoop, and I'm going to just go right? The room that loop like that. And now I'll just repeat closing the jump ring the same way I opened it, twisting those ends back together. We're not prying them apart. We're twisting them forwards and back like that. Okay, so that is our 1st 1 Now we're going to repeat that process with the next jump ring. So I'm gonna again just open it with a twist. Now, here, this is where you kind of feel like, sorted out, and sometimes I end up redoing it. But you wanna be putting it in the back loop of obviously opposite the jumping you already have. So figure that out and then you're gonna grab your top scoop and slip it through the innermost loop there and again. Oops. Sometimes it gets a little hole tricky. These little buggers are slippery. Sometimes it's not uncommon. Teoh police for me. Here we go. Often times when I'm working on this, I'll send a jumping like flying. So if that happens to you, don't panic. It happens to all of us. That's why it's handy to have a lot of jump rings. Um to just make it easy. Now we're ready to put our ear wire on. If you look at your ear wire, you can see that this little loop down here, it should be open on one side on the back. So what, we're gonna dio if I'm gonna hold it like this, and I've broken so many of these, so you'll have to find a technique that works for you. But I'm gonna hold it like this and using my pliers, I'm gonna grab the end here, and it's the same thing is like with the jump ring is we don't pry it open, we just rotate, rotate the end out, and you don't have to go far, just far enough. And you want to think about you know which way is going to be the front. So this is my front. So I'm gonna do it this way, and I want to put it through again opposite the jump ring. So sometimes I do this and then I'm like, Oh, I really missed. So I like to hold it. Sometimes I miss I like to hold it up to kind of see if I like where I've put it And if I need to move it, you know I will. And sometimes I get it all the way in and then realize it's wrong. So position it where you feel like, is gonna be good, and then you just then you just twist it. Remember, it's more of a twist than a pry twist it back in, and this is the front brake here. So that is how you do it. We just made a pair of earrings joining in the next video, and I'm gonna show you how to make use of the free printable that you can use to gift your theories. 11. Packaging: So if you want to make these as gifts, here is how you can package it to be really cute. And I've included this printable that you can use as a backer for your earrings. So here's how you do that. You're gonna need to print it out on card stock. So it's gonna look like this. You can use any color card stock you want. I like the craft colored Kurds stock because it's kind of like the cone. Like if either scoops of ice cream. This was like the cone. But, you know, hey, whatever works for you. So when you pretty now is gonna look like this, so they'll be four on each card and then you're gonna cut this into fourths. So tha the easiest way, I guess if you don't have a paper trimmer, you just use a ruler. And on the back side, you can mark. So you're going to cut it in half this way and then again in half this way, so that would be across the short end. You would just wanna mark at four and 1/4 inches and then on the law, and you'd want to mark at 5.5. So for in 1/4 by 5.5 and you would just cut these out. I have a paper trimmer. So I have this little slip out ruler here that is near impossible to read. Like I don't know who designed this, but you can't see. I'm sure in the video, but there's and I could barely see here. There's m Boston numbers here, So I would put my paper in and I would read Try to read where it says four and 1/4 when I was a license. Then I can take these two pieces and turn it this way. And now I would set it for far 5.5 and slice it like that. Okay, so then we have our card on, then next. You just wanna put the little holes in it, and it kind of depends on how many scoops you made. So I take one of these. If you You know, if you only made two scoops, then you might want to put your hole's down a little bit lower to kind of just position it on the card. So for my three scoops, I put the holes pretty up high. It's OK if they cover up the message at the bottom a little bit, but, you know, make some practice ones and see what works for you and your scoops. And so to put the holes in it, you could just use an Exacto knife and you could just, like, cut a little slit. I did that for a number of years. You could also, you could also take a little pushpin. And if you've got, you know, a self healing Matt or something under your surface, you could poke ah, little hole in it. But I I picked this up the other day when I was at Michael's. I've been looking for one of these forever. It just makes a little tiny dot You see that right there? It just makes a little tiny dot and I've been looking for these and they were, like, ridiculous, expensive on Amazon. And then it Michaels the other day, I just happened to look up and see it, and it was like, six bucks or something. So I'm going to use this, so I'm just gonna slide it and, you know, with with practice, you sort of get a feel of like where you want the holes to go. So I kind of like them, like, sort of above the A or I mean below the and between the and the H may be close to the A, whatever something like that. And then also light over here, maybe in line with the d right here and do that. I mean, it doesn't have to be, you know, mathematically perfect. If you want it that way, feel free to market, and then you can do that on and then we'll just take take our hearings. I've already got him on a card. Take him off and show you That looks so good, I think on the purple, I mean, who wouldn't love having this? I mean, that is like the perfect spring time gift. And then, of course, my personal pet peeve is when earrings do not come with backs. So I like to put backs on them. But, you know, maybe you don't have access or can't find back there. Don't want to buy backs. You can always let your people put their own backs to. But personally, I like him to come with backs. Look at that, gorgeous. What a fantastic gift for any reason. And it is just gorgeous. So well done 12. Congrats & Keep in Touch!: congratulations. By now, you should have your very own finished pair of scoops earrings, and I would love love. Low to see what you made. Please share. Please. Post online. You can tag me at Cape Litan it and use the hashtag scoops with three owes. Thank you so much for watching and best of luck in whatever you crushing next.