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Sanitize Your Makeup Tools and Products

teacher avatar Mira Metzler, Mixed Media Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Intro


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      Why Sanitize Makeup?


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    • 4.

      Cleaning Makeup Tools


    • 5.

      Cleaning Makeup Products


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      Bonus Video: How to Fix Broken Powder


    • 7.

      Your Class Project


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      Final Thoughts & Advice


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About This Class

This class will show you a simple, efficient and inexpensive method of cleaning and disinfecting your makeup brushes and other makeup tools you use, as well as lots of advice on makeup maintenance and storage.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist



I love teaching women how to make themselves more naturally beautiful with strategically placed makeup to flatter and sculpt natural features.





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1. Class Intro: for you on. Yeah, Okay. Let's do this. No, girls, My name is Mohammed, and I don't make up artist. I usually work with people in real life, social makeup and lifestyle, but I also do together and stage makeup. Today. I want to talk to you about the dark side of makeup on Talked about. It's a quick and instructive and hopefully very fun to watch. And I hope you joined. I want to show you how I see my brushes and how I prepare my kid or kinds. What we're gonna heels in this class to clean our tools is this industrial solvent. It's called isopropyl alcohol. I have also prepared a fun class project for you to do. I want us to bring our brushes and then they picture off the tissue paper used to please or make up brushes on opera. It's the past project. This class is for anyone who uses Burgess to apply makeup on for anyone actually does make up for my girlfriends because you might share tools. Keep it safe. I just say so. Please, please, go on. Let's get to this next video. I doing this right 2. Why Sanitize Makeup?: welcome to place. I'm so glad you're here. But before I go ahead and show you how I clean my makeup brushes and make a product I would like to talk to you about Why is it so important to sanitize makeup, truth and problems in the first place? The most important thing that you need to know is that over time, makeup brushes, especially collect old makeup there bacteria and dead skin cells, and all this gets transferred from Make a product to make a brothers into your face. This is especially dangerous. You could have a sensitive skin. Our main concern is bacteria, because it is responsible for skin problems like cosmetic, acne and dermatitis. These are very easily avoided if you always have your brushes and your tools clean, you also need to know that bacteria lives in humid and moist environments, so your cream products, especially like concealer foundation lipstick. This is where the bacteria would live and not in your powders like eye shadow or brother. Another good reason to sanitize your make up towards and product is to avoid cross contamination. This would allow you to safely share makeup with somebody else. This is important, especially if you want to be a professional makeup artist. And also, it is important for you to know this. When you hire makeup artist in relation to make up, it is important to know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. They were both part off the standardize process. Cleaning is when you remove germs there and impurities from surfaces. Disinfecting is when you kill the germs on surfaces. This is very important because most of the time we are taught toe clean our brushes with water and soap, and that would get rid of the product. But that would not kill all the germs and bacteria that live in in this class. Our solvent of choice we're gonna use to clean our makeup tools and makeup brushes is isopropyl alcohol, with the concentration between 70 and 99%. Isopropyl alcohol in 99% is usually found in bottles, and you can find it online or in electronic stores or the person pharmacies, alcohol, prep pads or, usually alcohol, 70% also known as rubbing alcohol. The difference between them is the amount of water that they contain, but for our project, I don't is group. When you use this, just keep in mind. The following notes off warning Alcohol is scramble music with understanding, caution and respect. Alcohol is colorless, so labeled each boat early story into looks just like water. So keep away from the edge of Children. It has a strong order, so use it only in well ventilated areas. 3. Preparation: Now that we know what we're going to do, we need to bring our materials to our war space. You're welcome to do this process along with me. You can find a list of everything you need in the class project section. I just returned from a makeup job and I didn't clean my makeup kit yet, so he can do it together. I have here my makeup brushes and some other makeup tools that I use. I brought my solvent isopropyl alcohol, and I also have a small container and a spray bottle. Less, but no place. You need a generous amount off tissue paper. I am near a window and there is no claim source around me. I am now ready to start sanitizing my makeup tools. 4. Cleaning Makeup Tools: the most used tool to apply. Makeup is the brush, so we're going to start cleaning the brushes. But before we do so let's look at it. You can see it has a handle that can be wooden or plastic. It has a metallic part, which is the feral, and this is the part that actually holds the bristles. The bristles can be natural fiber like this one, or they can be synthetic fibers like this one. This is important because when you actually dip the brush into the soldier and you have to make sure it doesn't touch the pace off the pharaoh, because this this will actually attack the glue that holds the bristles together and you will destroy a brush. So let's see how it's properly done. You pick up the brush and you hold it fights middle, and then you dip it gently into the solvent, making sure that the solvent doesn't yet to the feral. And then you do a swiping motion back and forth just like this until there's no more color . You can see how this is now very wet, but don't worry, because the solvent will evaporate very soon. If you have a fluffy brush like this one. Make sure to put back in shape and then just live it aside so he can try. Let's take a synthetic fiber brush. Now we're gonna do the same. We're gonna pick it by the middle. We're gonna dip the tip off the bristles, and we're gonna swipe in a back and forth motion like this. Actually do do the movement from my wrist. As you can see, this is a very schooling exercise, by the way, what? You shouldn't do this place the brush perpendicular to the paper like this because this would ruin your bristles. You just have to let the Sullivan to the work for you. That's why we only swipe, okay, my brush clean. Now, if you look closely, you can see there's a little bit off product left. But that is not a problem. At some point. The bristles do keep color in them, depending on what product used, but because it's so wet, and I know it's full with solvent. I know it is safe to use If you need to clean the handle, just take a clean tissue paper and wipe it. It's enough moving on. We have an eye shadow brush again by the middle, dip back and forth, back and forth. Okay, Now I just put it back into its shape and let it dry again. This is something brush. Even if it's so short, you still have to be careful not to place it in solving all the way. Okay. Allowed the screen another one back and forth, back and forth. Our brushes are now clean and this is what was on them. Now it's safe to use. But before you actually use them, please let them dry. No, I don't know how to clean your brushes. Now that clean our brushes, we can focus on these other tools. I haven't Eyelash Quarter Caesars and Benson Sharp for this. I will use this Playmobil when I look at the Irish. Carter, I know that this is the part that touches the So this is what I want. It is in fact, I wanna spread and just wipe it clean tissue paper. Of course, you can do the same with everything metal, But this is the main part. This is This is what I want. This is what I want to play thing with the scissors. I opened them. Spray the tip and just wipe it with clean tissue paper The same just once. It's enough. I want to get some on the blade. And, of course, some in the whole or the pencil. Go. This is it. Now you know how to clean your makeup tools. 5. Cleaning Makeup Products: I have here some makeup products that I'm gonna use the same method to play. He's This is a father. I'm gonna hold it like this. And I'm gonna spray from about 30 centimeters away just once and now I'm just kind of let it dry. I'm another the same with the eye shadow. Just once. Let it dry. I have here a lipstick, not this lipstick. If I want to clean it, I wouldn't spread. But what I would do, I would take a tissue paper deep in a bit of solvent. I understand the complainer, but you and the live and then outside off to put it that is it. 6. Bonus Video: How to Fix Broken Powder: as opposed. I'm gonna show you how to fix a broken powder. This could be your brother, your blush or maybe your eye shadow. This little Ashado had an accident. I need to fix it. So we're gonna use isopropyl alcohol to do this? You know, I'm gonna show you how first you need together or broken powder and put it on top. Then add some myself cold. And we use this cotton bud pushing back alcohol with Jeffrey. And you were left just a brother. Now we have to let it rest for about half an hour. Okay, so it's been half an hour, and I'm gonna take the August issue and person don, you could use a spoon for this now, just settling the pottery, you have to clean your container Cleaning It is very easy. Just remove the excess to solve them. It doesn't have to look pretty, and it won't. But it is very functional. And you have your quarterback. You can see it. Want for out of the container 7. Your Class Project: Now that you know how to clean your makeup tools and your products, I want you to do this class project. There are two steps to it. First, step together, although maker products and tools take a picture and upload it to your class project. Step two is to use the method. I just show you to sanitize all your makeup and take a picture off the tissue paper that you used uploads to the class project. 8. Final Thoughts & Advice: Thanks for watching. I would look to hear from you. You can always leave me a comment in the discussion section. And I always respond If you have any questions or you need barter system, please don't hesitate to contact me at the end of this class. You have the possibility to leave a review, and I very much appreciate if you do so also, you would be asked if you recommend this class to others and if you do, please don't hesitate to president bottom. This helps me get my clad in front off other women who need this porter makeup routine.