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Sacrifice - Advanced Photoshop Manipulation

teacher avatar Andrei Oprinca, Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Sacrifice DEMO EN

    • 2. Sacrifice EN

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About This Class

In this intermediate/advanced Photoshop manipulation I'll use the same workflow as on my other tutorials to show you how to create this emotive artwork.

I used Photoshop CC to make it but you can use CS6, CS5 or CS4 but I recommend at least CS6.

In this tutorial I will show you:

  • How to easily blend images to create a new background
  • How to create hair
  • How to create a cinematic atmosphere using textures and depth of field


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrei Oprinca

Graphic designer


I'm Andrei. I'm a graphic designer with 10 years of Photoshop experience specialized in photo manipulation.

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1. Sacrifice DEMO EN: ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to any full shop tutorial Time for any photo manipulation. I'm Andre. And today I'm gonna show you how I made this photo manipulation in photo shop. It's in an intermediate between intermediate and advance, and I'm gonna use a few stock images for this. I'm gonna show you the image that I used. I will use for the shop cc for this, but you can use any for shops. Years version. If you don't have at least four shops, CS six, you will not be able to use the color lookups, for example, which are this one's And in photo shop, Sisi, I'm going to use a camera raw filter. I'm gonna show you how to use it even if you don't have for the shop cc and you'll find all the resources that you need for this. Manipulation on the resource is folder along with this PSD file. So you can see how I made this. This is the resource is folder. You find everything here plus the camera wrong ex MP file, with all the adjustments that I made and I also put in here the color look up presets that I used. These are the color lookups are custom made by myself and you'll find them here, and I'm gonna show you how to use them. So this is the end of the end result of this manipulation. This is the before camera wrong and after. So I'm gonna give you this preset and you can see all the layers that I have some effect. There should have had the arrows. How do you add filters? Also, I'm gonna share how vanishing how to make how toe paint the hair I painted manually. But maybe I'm gonna put some brushes in the resources folder with some real hair. I still have to make those those hair brushes, so maybe you will not find them in the pack, but I'm gonna try and use one of them here to see how it works. So this is the manipulation that I want to show you how to make, so I hope you will enjoy it and let's get started 2. Sacrifice EN: ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to any full shop tutorial Time for any photo manipulation. I'm Andre. And today I'm gonna show you how I made this photo manipulation in photo shop. It's in an intermediate between intermediate and advance, and I'm gonna use a few stock images for this. I'm gonna show you the image that I used. I will use for the shop cc for this, but you can use any for shops. Years version. If you don't have at least four shops, CS six, you will not be able to use the color lookups, for example, which are this one's And in photo shop, Sisi, I'm going to use a camera raw filter. I'm gonna show you how to use it even if you don't have for the shop cc and you'll find all the resources that you need for this. Manipulation on the resource is folder along with this PSD file. So you can see how I made this. This is the resource is folder. You find everything here plus the camera wrong ex MP file, with all the adjustments that I made and I also put in here the color look up presets that I used. These are the color lookups are custom made by myself and you'll find them here and I'm gonna show you how to use them. So this is the end of the end result of this manipulation. This is the before camera wrong and after. So I'm gonna give you this preset and you can see all the layers that I have some effect. There should have had the arrows. How do you add filters? Also, I'm gonna share how vanishing how to make how toe paint the hair I painted manually. But maybe I'm gonna put some brushes in the resources folder with some real hair. I still have to make those those hair brushes, so maybe you will not find them in the pack, but I'm gonna try and use one of them here to see how it works. So this is the manipulation that I want to show you how to make. So I hope you will enjoy it and let's get started. So, like, usually, we're gonna follow the same workflow, and we're gonna create the background first, and then we're gonna add the model, the wings, the arrows and the rest of the details. So that's press controlled, man. Oh, to open. Our resource is fuller. And as usually my hard drive is raise low. We're gonna start with this the image, and then we're gonna add this one both from unflashy dot com. Open these images, and this will be our campus. I'm gonna leave the same campus eyes as this stock image walk actually gonna cut the top. What do you guys that a little later that something the other image, which is this one that's carpet on faced it off here, and I'm gonna put it right over there. For now. I'm gonna great a little mosque for this and hold on for a second. I have to change the interface language, do English. I forgot to do it, so I'm gonna be right back. So create a later bus for this. The stop. Let's name meet sky on this one. Less name eats background and on the Skylar create a little mosque and get there greedy into makes you have a linear black white and zoom in a little Oh, actually, that's just create transition like that. And you can you can try doing, um I'm not kind of blending from here at the bottom like that and you can see how nicely it's it blends. Also, uh, you can if you watch the psd file, you will see that I made it a little different because I use another perspective and we're gonna change this after after we had the woman. If necessary, I'm gonna put this right over there on top. But as I said, we're gonna cropped the top part. So that's at the woman. And then we can make more adjustments. But the resource is folder and open our model image. This one over here. And I used the pan tal to crop to crop the image. But before I do that, I want to remove the color noise. As you can see here, we have a lot of noise, but I shall have lots of color noise. You can do this using the noise filter. Usually use the camera raw filter, but, uh, gonna jihadi of the noise reduce noise makes you have the strength to zero. We don't need to remove that while. Actually, if you remove some of the noise and make the image a little smaller, use this, but make sure you choose reduce color noise. This is important. And if you know, increase a little the strength of the luminant snores. You can do that as well and then click. OK now. And I said I used the pan tal to remove the background to select the woman in order to see the edges a little better, especially here. I added a levels adjustment and I will increase them, make the mid tones a little brighter. And I'm going to select the bag on later and get the rental with the peaky and start creating a path makes you have this option set to path and the settings that I have here. And I'm gonna start creating wallet. I'm gonna start reading the path from here. Click and drag on and draw the path along the edge. I'm gonna fast forward here because this is standard procedure and it's gonna take about five minutes or so. And when a fast forwards that I have to watch as I create this Beth here around the hair, we're gonna create gonna leave some space so that we have some room to blend this. I'm gonna create something like this. I'm gonna zoom him here at the chin area, and we're gonna more forward from here. Keep creating this bath. So once you're done with the path, right, click on it and choose make selection. This will turn this path interest election. And now we can delete this levels adjustment and create the little mosque on inverted with control. I Now I can move this two election one, apply the later mosque. I can move this to my other tab over here, and we're gonna have to make her smaller gonna convert her into smart objects because I don't know the final size I want for her. So I want to be able to scale it back up if I need to, Uh, like that. And now what? I don't like this bush over here. Whatever this thing is, I'm gonna drag this back on image lower. If it's lost to just press all the number, click on this will unlock it. And what? Put it right over there. And now I'm gonna drag the sky lower. Do we get something like this? The woman should be a little lower, too, about there, and I think I'm gonna police right over there. You see his grass part over here on a put her foot right on top of it like that. Then we're gonna mask it. But I'm gonna put her over there. And that way you can see this bright part of the sky is behind her head, which is okay, cause I want toe be able to see her head against the sky over there. Now, I can move this a little lower like that and probably remake the layer mosque with another ingredient. Okay, Now, if you wanna actually maybe something like that look a little better, Okay? Now I'm gonna have to crop the top part, use the crop tool that should have nothing here on the proportions and a little higher like that. Press enter and accept the change in crop image. And this is my composition here. Now, the first thing we're gonna do before making any kind of details is deal with hair because it's part that's gonna Well, this is the part of that. It was most difficult for me, Teoh may cause I had to delete the hair and then painted back. I'm gonna show you two ways of doing this. I'm gonna rename this letter to girl and I'm gonna quit the letter mosque for her. I'm gonna show the first method which is painting the hair manually. I'm gonna get a regular brush and just pained with 50% hardness, more or less and pain with black on this later. Mosque the girl. So you get rid of the hair and just being like that to get rid of the off the background like that just need the hair. Okay, just do something like this. The brush could be even harder, like maybe 70% of something like that. It's easier to blend this hard edge. Then it is using a soft brush. So we're done deleting the background from the hair. It's You could try the blend mode technique, which is which consists of making a copy of this layer, the leader there, mask of the girl and put her on multiply. But I tried it and it does not work very well so I could extract hair because it's on a solid color. Maybe I could extract the unit calculations or other advanced method, but I ended up painting it myself. So I'm gonna create a new layer underneath the girl. Onda about the sky, and I'm gonna name it here, and I'm gonna show you how to do it manually with the brush. And then I'm gonna try, um I'm gonna try using a brush. Eso We're going to see how that works because I didn't try yet. So it's gonna be a first try alive, trite. So that's select hair and get the brush tool and use a hard brush on really small. And here on the brush presets, I'm gonna activate shape dynamics, and I'm gonna choose Pam Pressure. Now, if you don't have a graphics tablet you have, you don't have to do this because they're not gonna do anything for you. The pan pressure. But I want to be able to control the transparency or the capacity of the brush and the diameter using the pressure that I put on the pants. So basically what you do is with the mouse, you can do it as well. Except for the Pam pressure. Just sample car from the hair and start painting like that. I want to use a small brush about two pixels, wanted to pixels and make the first seeker hairs just create some lines like that barely visible and create random here is difficult to create realistic, random hares if you're not used to being here. And that's why I'm gonna show you another method which may be a good work. Well, with this one together, not alone. Which is using a ah riel hair brush, which I made myself with some hair that my girlfriend gave me on. Just put it on a white paper in Do the photograph of it. So, um, it's really looking really horrible, actually. Well, really hard. I wouldn't delete this. Not good at all. I don't like it. I spend like, maybe 15 minutes or 20 minutes just trying to get the realistic hair here. It's not really that easy, but actually, if you're getting painter, you could do it. But in my case, I I'm struggling, creating realistic here. That's why I'm trying to create brushes for everything that I I'm not able to paint. So maybe this one looks a little better. Not the best here in the world that I'm gonna live it like that and tried that brush that I told you about its I actually created two of them, but I'm still in the process of making the whole pack. So I'm gonna likely and choose this hairbrush that I got here. This is one of one of them. It's pretty big. So I see concedes pretty big 5000 pixels of brush. Let's make it smaller. The shop runs really slow when I get this big brush here. Okay, so I quicken, make it smaller like that. Zoom in and see how we can use this. I'm gonna get the new layer, just in case so I don't want to mess with the hair that I already painted. I'm gonna paint someone here so I can see the hair, and then I'm gonna move it. Okay? Now, the only thing that I need from this brush is this part this those bits over there on the tips. Okay, so I'm gonna make the brush a little smaller. Bigger? Sorry. Like that. I'm gonna just click with the mouse because that's gonna paint at 100% capacity. And now I'm gonna wrote it. I'm gonna give you this brush because I think actually could work really well for this. Just put it there and you can see the hairs around there now what? I want to make this smaller. It's gonna make some of them disappear. So instead of deleting, I'm gonna is a little mosque. And just get rid of this and move this over there. You see that? Maybe it's actually with the hair that I painted. It looks nice. Now it is a brush. I'm just gonna remove some of it like that. Now, I'm gonna think again with another one, because I had to. Even though this one the round one actually looks really well, it's Let's use it again on a new layer. And I'm just gonna sample color from her hair and just click once said, I'm I'm gonna do with with the mouse, Okay? Now I can rotate it and moving around when the flip it horizontally and make it smaller. Okay, I'm gonna quit an inverted leader mosque and just being back in just on the areas that I need, I'm gonna being with white, okay? And that way you can create some more realistic here with that brush. It's still too rounded here, and it's not really looking that good. You can check the original can see. Looks slightly better on some places but I'm gonna give you this hairbrushes and with time you can. Just being part of the You don't need the whole brushes parts of that brush to get this flank hairs around there. Okay? This I'm gonna leave the hair How it is. I'm not going to spend more time on this. I just wanted to show you how you can do it. Let's move on and use this layer mask off the girl to blend her with the Bagram. Here. I'm gonna get the grass brushes, which are the brushes. I came with four shop since they changed this panel. I don't know why I cannot find this brush is so I had to get them from photo shops here. Six. It's this grass brush. I'm talking about this one over here and here. I just need to uncheck color dynamics and paint with black on this layer mosque on the girl , which I used to mask a hair. I can use it here. That's reset the brush and just being like that too. Build back that dress, okay? And that's it. Now we have to create the shadow over the girl. I'm gonna create the new layer underneath the hair layers. And I'm gonna name me to Tiana Girl Shadow. And I'm gonna use a soft brush for this soft brush, opacity and flow 30%. Both of them. And just paint there, that multiple passes and just see if I have the transfer option on its Not that pressure. Okay? Just paint to grade the shadow with black right over there. So and with the bigger brush medical, some soft shadow around just like that. Okay, No, I want to remove that shadow from this grass. And luckily, I have it on the layer mosque. If I control, click the little mosque. I can't the layer mask off the girl. That's the select control Click on the layer mask of the girl. And this will select this part as well. Now I have to go back to the girl, shadow there and have to invert the little mask So that Onley this partisan because right now I select everything except this areas over here, so I don't have the opposite shift. Command, I This will involve the selection or go to select invests from here and now you can see only this part is selected over here now, since I have a girl shadow selected If I press delete, it is going to remove the shadow from that part. And this gives more realism because it looks like the grass is in front of that shadow and creates more depth than without it actually can see how it looks like before and after. I think it looks a lot better now. Great. Now have the shadow the girl standing there on the ground. Let's add the wings. Maybe, actually, that's first. Let's group everything that belongs to the girl on its name. Meet Girl. Now I'm gonna put this wings inside the same group with a press controlled meant. Oh, first open by resource is fuller. And I used this image of here this PNG file, but you can use other once I gave you this one's as well. If you want to use them, I'm gonna use the same that I used on the original PSD file and paste it right here on top on this name this wing and have to rotate it first. I'm gonna leave the originally this size. I'm not gonna make it smaller, but you can change the size of it if you want to, I will put the week right over there. You can see overlapping her back a little bit because we're gonna delete this part anyway. And right over there and I'm gonna get the later mosque for it. And I'm gonna use a selection of the girl to get rid of this control. Click the layer thumbnail of the girl. And on this later mosque, I'm gonna fill it with black with selection hopes. Not entirely. That's painted, actually, because we just need this part of their 00 And yes, being like that, if you see ah, Gap here, one pixel gap. What you can do is just move it one pixel to the right and down. And that's it. OK, now I have to make some adjustments to this wing later. That's right. Click and choose, create convert to smart object, and I'm going to image adjustments and choose shadows. Highlights the images to Brian. Okay, so we have to make a darker and we have to give it a yellowish tint. But we're gonna do that with another adjustment. With shadows and highlights, we can darken it. The shadows. We don't need it. this is just at light on the shadows. Have to deal with the highlights section here. So if I increase this, you can see how the wing starts to become darker and you can adjust these effect using this tone and the radius. Okay, so we're gonna create something like that. Okay, You can use the settings if you want color and midterm, live it to zero. Even though you can try and change the contrast of it, I will leave it zero and click. OK, now, let's deal with the color. Since this is a smart object, if I press control command you, I will open the hue saturation, and it's gonna convert it into a smart filter. I would just colorize and use the Yellowstone like this, and I'm gonna saturated really just a little bit. Not much like that. Using this 29 from for here and lightness, I'm gonna drop it to minus five or that C minus tan is to darken it a little, and it loses a little bit of contrast. You can recover that using courage levels a levels control him and l and I'm not going to touch the highlights because I don't want to make them brighter. That's why use the shadows and highlights. I just want O make those midterms a little darker and also the blacks. Actually, how is just a touch and you can see the before and after. Actually, it's even too much contrast. I'm gonna live it there. I think that looks better. Okay, so we're done with the wing, while almost will have to Grissom shadow on this bottom part, the shadow that casts the woman of the back of the woman because obviously it's close to her back. So have to create some shadow both on the wing and on the woman's back. Create a new layer on the top of the wing and old click to convert it into a clipping mask on its name, it Shadow Wing. And with the brush, a small soft brush capacity. And I know maybe 20 and flow 20 as well, with black just playing some, Um, that's already gives a little bit, uh, spacing, just being some shadow there to darken it. This part over here with touches the back, all that should be almost black. And then just paint him shadow right over there like so before and after. Now on the woman's bag, we have to do the same created. Select the girl there, Click the new layer icon. This will create a new layer on top of it and old click between the layers to create the clipping mask. This will affect only the girl. Now it's actually the girl acts as a layer mask that what a clipping mask does. And let's name Deuce we shed. Oh, I don't know. Um, yeah, Wing shadow. Almost the same name as this one, but anyways, and do the same thing with 20% opacity and flow. And just just a touch just where the wing touches her back on. That's it. Yeah, before and after and we're done. The woman has her wings there, and now it's time to start adding details. What I did is I started adding some arrows like somebody was shooting arrows to her, and I created some of the animals on the air flying through the air and some of them already on the ground. And But you can add other stuff. Yeah, I went ahead. Maybe some bones or I don't know it's calls or something like that. on the ground, but I ended up keeping it minimal without any kind of things here before adding the generals, I want to add the tear tear of blood there. I'm not sure how I made that inside the resources for you'll find this image, which I created for a pack of watercolor effects. It's this one over here. I'm gonna call Pete and based it here on top of the shadow wing there and have to make it smaller against these really big. So let's press control from anti and make this a little smaller. We have to get rid of the white background and we do that with the Multiplied Lanman. Okay, so we don't have to mask anything there. That's why I used I created this on on a white bag and I have to make it even smaller and maybe wrote it did a bit Yeah, bigger So and place it right over there and with a new razor, you can't get rid of the oh, some part of it that just moved higher up. Now, in order to change the color, you can use the hue saturation Prescott drug menu and choose colorize. Even though it already has a color and just increase the saturation. A little Andi click. OK, actually increase the saturation too much. Let's do it again. Actually, with levels you can increase the contrast if you want. Create something like there's something really dark, like so and now with the hue saturation I can to saturated, it should look more or less like her lips. You don't want to create something like this. It's not realistic. Just create something like that, more or less like her lips, and I should move a little higher up. Great. Now have the tear there on the original. You'll see that I also had some blood over here on her legs, but it's not looking realistic, so I'm not gonna add it. That's, uh, create those arrows. Let's open our stuff. Fuller again. And I started with this one. It's in PNG for message. Gonna have to crop it from the background. I'm gonna minimize the girl group, Cus. I no longer need it, and I'm gonna face this on top. Now I'm gonna get a copy because I'm gonna use it for something else. So I need that copy because this one I'm gonna actually, you can crop it or not, but I have to change the angle just a bit. And I'm gonna put this right over here. I'm gonna, um, blur this cause I'm gonna create some more depth of field and I want to create this the the illusion that this isn't really close. The camera is gonna be out of focus. I'm gonna go to Filter Blur, and I'm gonna choose Gaussian Blur. You can also use the Blur Gallery and choose the field blur because it's a little more realistic. But it's slower. So for the situation may be I'm going to use the the Gaussian Blur from now on. But about 20 pixels, the filter, it is more realistic because change while treats the edges a lot better. A lot more realistically, like a lance blur. And this is how it looks like. And now that copied I created, which is kidding. I'm gonna use it to create the flying arrows, so I'm gonna make it smaller. We're gonna create different sizes and more or less the angle. You see this one over here more or less the same angle on the Irish are coming from somewhere here I guess. And we have to be consistent with the angle. So this is my first arrow. It's a little too big, but I'm gonna make it smaller, and I'm gonna create the copy with Control Man J. I'm gonna fast forward here. Just I'm gonna create a few copies with different sizes, and that's it. And just change the, uh, change the angle of them to each of them slightly when you create the copy. Okay. These are are my flying arrows. I'm not going to make more of them. Probably move this one here. Now. Have to create some motion blur on them. That's maybe move that one over there. Okay, that's great. Some motion blur so that it looks like they're moving first. Before we do that, I want to group them into a new Greek, and I'm gonna name this group flying arrows, and I will select each of them and apply some motion, some motion blur, go to filter, blur and choose in motion. Blur. I also tried the path blogger on the field, blurred, but on the fill in the Blur Gallery. Sorry, but it's not looking realistic, so I ended up using this one. We don't need a big amount of blurred, just a few pixels just to create the illusion that it's moving and try to match the angle to the angle of the arrow. Because otherwise he's gonna look something. Well, it's gonna look weird. And let's use six pixels and quick. Okay, I'm gonna show you how that other blood looks like. If you go to filter and choose Blur Gallery can choose Peppler, and basically, you just create a path. Um, from here to hear the same angle as your arrow press escaped. Except that he only 12 points and here can choose the blurred type rear stink flash. If you're into photography, you will know what this eyes for Can change a bit. Sad things here. I don't Look, I don't know why, but I don't know how that looks like. Um, if you check center blur, it's going to change a little bit. How? It looks like maybe yeah, maybe. With the center blurred, this looks a little better. And the speed I would lower it to about let's say 25 may be half of what it is right now. Yeah, maybe this one looks a little more realistic and click. OK, but you don't see that this takes a lot longer to apply. Okay, so this is how it looks like if you don't apply this a little quicker, you can select with the Vicky. You can put the mouse on top of the object you want to select, press and hold the control key and quick. And this will select the letter that belongs to that. If you apply that filter a little quicker, just use the rectangle marquee to select it. And that way, when you apply the filter, you will only apply to this box. So it's not gonna analyze the whole image, and it's gonna apply it quicker. And now we're just gonna go to filter and choose Blur Gallery, and it's gonna add the same amount. It's not applying the same passed. So I have to do manually and let's do it Fast bowler from here to here Escape center blur and the speed to 25. You last for this one 10 or 15 and press enter to accept change. Well, except that well, actually, this is the path that it uses by default. Okay, so let's press okay on, and you can see how quickly it applies it. Now, I'm gonna do the same for this one. So these are my flying errors now, remember that I put them inside a group, and the reason why I did that is because I wanna dark in them a little bit. We're gonna double click on the group, and I'm gonna add a color overlay to the whole group. If you cannot do this, if you can't apply effects, the group's What you have to do is select all the layers inside the group and convert them into smart object or restaurants. Them, I suggested, convert them into smart object and then go into the layer style of the smart object and created the great while the color overlay and well equipped on multiply. And you can use pretty much any color. Use a great color and that's it. And just increase the capacity until you get something like what I have here. Something a little darker done. They were originally, and let's move on and create the the errors that are on already on the ground that are sticking on the ground. So that's open stuffed full again You can use the same arrow if you want to, but I have another stock image which I'm gonna use. It's this one and I will. Here's a magic want tool. Quick, have tolerance. That's lower it about 10 and to the point sample continuous checked and just click there on the white space. Make sure that the selection is okay. All click the little mosque that will create that already inverted later Mosque and apply the mosque. Right. Click and choose. Apply later Mosque and we still have to change the edges a little bit, I guess, too, too soft on the edges. I'm gonna select a never like this that the three of them are the same. So which is one of them? It's a Skopje that close it and pasted right of here. Now let's take a closer look and see how the edges look like. Yeah, I see this white area here, so I wanna fix that. I'm gonna control click this letter to select the edges. And with any selection to lead us like here, you can enable the select and mask option or refined edge or whatever you have depending on your foot shall version and all you need to do Just shift the edge a little bit about minus 18 increase the fatter a little and then pumped up the contrast. And this will remove that ad she fight. Show you the original. You can see how it looks like. I don't know if you can see on the video, but it removes some of the edges. And that's important because when you blur, this is gonna make that white edge very visible. It's not looking nice. So with the selection active, I'm gonna create the later mosque and I'm gonna plight right away, like three inches apply later, emasculated. And now this will be the area that's gonna be well be here on the ground. This one I'm gonna make. It's just a little smaller, and then I'm gonna do the same that I did with the flying one. I'm gonna create copies of them off that one, and I'm gonna make the size different while different sizes and change the angle just a bit . So I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm going fast forward a bit here. Okay, so I'm gonna leave it like that. I'm not gonna add too many of them don't abuse of this. And I'm gonna group this letter these layers onto a new group which I'm gonna name ground arrows if you want. You can use the brush to mask the edges, but I don't think it's necessary. And what I'm gonna do is blurred. This one, this one which is the biggest one. I'm gonna blurred a bit. Not as much as this one, but a little bit. And with a filter, blur and choose gauzy blur. And let's see, about two pixels. It's enough two pixels and this one over here, I'm gonna blow it. One pixel, one big something like that. And the same with this one filter. I'm gonna apply the last filter and the same with this one. Filter girls Imler, if this will get a bit more depth of field on on on the image the last thing that I added here to create even more depth of field Um, I don't like the distribution of this arrows around here, so I'll probably have to change it just a little bit. Okay, um, I also added a Feder a feather here inside the resources for you'll find it. It's this one over here. White feather, Open it and you'll see that is not really well extracted from the background. But we don't care about that because we're gonna blurry anyway. So the carpet on and I'm gonna put it right here on top, off the ground Arrows control V to paste it. And with shift command, you you unsaturated image of the secretary's Oh, you get also good off our image. Later time. I don't know where this image adjustments from the saturate right over here. This is a command that I I used and I will just make it smaller just a little bit and I don't know, maybe wrote it like that and put it here and this one I will blur it a bit more than the maybe more or less like this air over here. Filter blur and Gaussian blur. Let's see about 25 pixels. That's so much it loses all the detail. We don't want that 14 pixels. Then create a copy of it on. I don't know more up here and make it just a little smaller. I don't have this father over there flying around and it's blurred so that we carried more that field. Okay, so we're done with the manipulation itself. While have to do now is create some adjustments and add some textures to create more of, ah, atmospheric Ambien here, Welsh medium in the bit that I used dust particles, you'll find Here's a few later. A few images that I took myself snapshots from a video and I will use this to create my effects opened. This can open Any of them can use all of them. Only one of them that's really up to you gonna paste this over here. And don't be afraid of making this really big to cover your canvas because we don't need quality here. We just need the particles and change the blend mode to screen. And you're done can see that texture on top there. And that's all we need. We don't need the anything else. Just those points there. They look great there. Okay, let's use this one as well. Don't safe visit here. This one. I'm gonna live it on horizontal making bigger right over there. And I'm gonna get the later mosques because I wanna fade the effect and I want to see the edge. There okay. And now I'm gonna change the land with the screen, and I'm done. I can create some motion using the motion blur filters like the thumbnail, the later and go to blur and choose motion Blur. And I could use a little bit of motion blur to Greece a movement and make it look like this . It's actually moving these particles. Okay, They're not re invisible. You can change that. You select the later press controlled meant l. You can increase the the visibility of the particles using the highlights and the mid tones . Just give out, create some balance there, and okay, I'm gonna live it like that. I'm not gonna add more particles cause I think it's enough. And now I want to create the last final light effect over here to make more of a cinematic look. His name is light don't. And again, a plea on screen and with a brush tool. It is a soft brush this capacity and flew 100%. When you use the screen blend mode, they want to create glows of live, use 100% capacity and if the effect is too strong, just used low, darker tones in this case, we just need White. So I'm gonna try with this one. First on, where is a bigger brush like this? It's too strong. Something a little darker. Still too strong, A little darker. So Okay, that's good. But on this in the middle, I wanna create something a little stronger. But just with a small brush like you're stronger. Yeah. OK, now here. I'm gonna do the same. You can also try the normal blend mode and just a sample from here, okay? And create something like that with the with the normal blend mode. But I don't know why I like the screen blend mode, but with the screen by money can have problems. Because if your sample from here and paint you can see that you also create the effect on the sky itself on with the normal bland motive. Just let from here and use this soft brush. It's the effect is not is not visible on the sky. OK, so actually, I'm gonna stick with that screen by not because I like it better. And on top, I just, uh, needed a slight effect. Every just a subtle effect of light spilling their okay. And here and here a little stronger on her neck right over there. And maybe some of that effect on the wing as well. But that's too strong. Make sure the hardness is 20 there. I'm probably one of them right over there. Oh, just focus. Some light over there over the wings and her face. Great. Now we're done with this. Now, let's make the final adjustments. I will use a curves adjustment first. You can use this curves to create while to correct the contrast if you need to. But in my case, I just use this to create an effect. I added a bit of blue on the shadows and some yellow on highlights. Not much, just the touch. And with the red, I added some red on the shadows and some greenish stone on the highlights. Well, actually highlights. I left, um, pretty much where they are just a touch of green. And I got this effect before and after. Anyways, most of the effect will be achieved with camera raw notably the final effect. They used the camera raw filter. If you have all shops cc, you will not be able to use the fielder, but I'm gonna show you an alternative. Wait. So what you have to do if you don't? If you go here to Fielder and if you don't see camera raw, what you have to do is save this image as a tiff file. So just go to file, save us and from hitches Tiff. All right, here and just say this. You know, I'm check layers that you don't need leaders and save it and then open that image back in photo shop and buy the fall. They should open it in camera raw. What I'm gonna do instead of what? The new later press chief All command E. This will merge everything on Tony learn and just like it taking a snapshot. And now I'm gonna convert this into a smart object because I want to be able to add it. My camera settings if I need to animated the filter and choose camera raw filter. Okay. Now inside of here, you can load the setting that I already have saved for you Just just loads headings and it's opened the stock fuller,