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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      What is SEO?


    • 3.

      User Experience


    • 4.

      What are robots?


    • 5.

      White has vs black hat


    • 6.

      Most popular search engines


    • 7.

      What are keywords? How to pick up the right keywords?


    • 8.

      BEST free Online Tools that will help you looking for keywords


    • 9.

      Create content for the keywords that people are looking for


    • 10.

      Longtail - why it is so effective


    • 11.

      WARNING: maximum number of keywords per site


    • 12.

      Title tag


    • 13.

      Description MetaTag - How to describe your webpage attractively?


    • 14.

      Keyword MetaTag


    • 15.

      Semantic tags and content of your website


    • 16.



    • 17.

      How to properly name pages and folders?


    • 18.

      Keyword Density Optimization


    • 19.

      Google WebMaster Tools


    • 20.



    • 21.

      XML sitemap


    • 22.

      Meta tags created especially for crawlers


    • 23.

      Is page validation important in SEO?


    • 24.

      Should you care about your PageRank?


    • 25.

      External links - why are they so important? What you should avoid?


    • 26.

      Directories - is it worth to add your website to directory?


    • 27.

      Link exchange systems


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About This Class

It's time to take your website from the depth of Internet.

Make your page visible to others by using proven SEO techniques.

Websites without users don't exist.

Gain more visitors using the SEO techniques presented in this course and gain:

  • more money from ads
  • more money from bought products
  • more fame/subscribers

My course about SEO is gonna help you take your website from the bottom to the top in the Google ranking.

You will learn:

  • What are Google robots (crawlers) and how they work
  • How to research keywords that matters
  • How to optimize the content of your website for SEO
  • How to properly link internal of your site
  • How to create HTML and XML sitemaps
  • How to use Google Webmaster Tools
  • OnPage SEO that will make your content great in Google eyes!

Optimize your page for free and and on your own

If you have any questions regarding the topics covered in this SEO course, please feel free to ask. I'm always happy to help those who want to learn!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arkadiusz Włodarczyk

Professional teacher


I am the author of 27 very popular video courses about programming, web-development and math in Poland. I've also created 7 video courses in English. Over 320,000 people enrolled in my courses. I put all my heart into creation of courses. I always try to explain everything the easiest possible way. I'm sure that my courses will help you in the programming and web development adventure :)

I believe that everyone has the ability to develop software if they are taught properly. Including you. I'm going to give you the context of each new concept I teach you. After my course you will finally understand everything that you code.

I've been developing websites for over 15 years and i've been programming for over 10 years. I have enormous experience in that matter and I want to sh... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello, my friends. Would you like to be in a high position in gurgle? And because of that and more money well, join my cause then because I would make your page visible to others by using proven Seo techniques. CEO is something going to scale search engine optimization, which means these are some kind of techniques for optimization. Your website for especially, we are going to focus on Google Search angina. So your website, without users, without any visitors, dozens exist. My car's about CEO is gonna help you take your website from the bottom to the top in the Google Ranking, you will learn, would our Google robots and how do they work? How toe research keywords that matters, how toe optimize the content, how to prepare a quid links within your sight, how to create HD male and X m l side Mom on Page Seo that we make your content great in the good guys. So because off that content e in my course, you will gain more visitors using seo techniques presented. So because of that, you will be able to, for example, and more money from the arts and more money from the both products or you would just get more fame. More subscribers, right? You might be asking yourself, Why should you choose Michael's? Because I have just enormous experience in teaching other people, and I do a different way. I always explain everything from scratch. I don't know on it anything. After these cars, you can optimize your page for free on your own. You don't need to pay somebody else to do it for you. If you have any questions, you can always ask me. Create the discussion and I will respond as fast as possible. You need to know just basics off HTML and you can start the scars. Thank you very much for watching the introduction. In the next election, you'll know exactly what is Seal. Have a good day. 2. What is SEO?: Hello, my friends Today I will tell you what is as they are. And I would tell you why would you even care to learn something Buddhist called S e O s E O stands for search engine optimization, which means that you want the optimize, which means you want to improve your website so that they will be as high as possible when somebody's search using something with this cult engine search engine like for example gurgle. OK, so the process off S E o will allow you to be very high in the Google, right? And it is very important, right? Why would it be important? Because if somebody visit your website, it can be a customer. It could be a soft scraper. It can be somebody who will read your for example block and then later he will for example , give it to somebody else, right? He can share your website so it is very important to have visitors on the website. It's well, it's very logical, right, because if you didn't have visitors and the were website, what will be the reason of even creating a website? Right. So it is very important for us to have as many visitors as we can for as men as possible. Logical keywords. Okay, what is a key world? Keywords, as the nice suggests, is a world that is a key to your website that is gonna open your website like any key. Right? So it is a word, something that has a meaning. So, for example, when it i c plus plus from bagging there two expert right, These are a few key words. So it is a phrase and they point to, for example, you them a website where I have the course about the c++ right. And now when somebody's here, he can read about my curse rude and then later, for example, bites. So because off that key words that leads to hear, I have probably now a potential customer, right? So it's very good, right? So that's why you want toe be as high as possible in good. So to sum up, the more keywords leads to your website, the better for you. Why? Because there is bigger chance off somebody becoming your customer or somebody that we click on. Add on your website or somebody will share your website and so on and so on, right so them or they're better. But it's not always like that because sometimes you can lose your time on improving your website for some keywords that will not bring you this people right, these people, right? Customers like subscribers, for example. My cars is for bagging is right. It's gonna allow people come from beginner to expert. But it's not for experts. So if somebody is looking for the book or something about C plus plus for experts, he will die something c++ for experts. Right? And as you can see, my website is no longer here. It is very, you know, logical that it's not here because it would be lose of timeto try toe position my website higher in the Google ranking, right, Because I wouldn't have in a customer here. And there is lots off examples like that. You also should know that people are not gonna creek other website in the 1st 4 Well, you can be the example. Please tell me when have you ever said something in the Google and you click the link that waas for example, last year or on the second page, right? I don't remember when I click something on the second page the most time. When you do not find something here in the 1st 4 positions, you just going out the world. You gonna probably change how you put your keywords here, right? You were gonna at something. You're gonna remote something. That's how you do it. And that's how most people dough. It's very rare that somebody create some about something else. The problem is that if you want to existing the Internet, you need to be here in the 1st 4 positions for the keywords that you're interested in and does the thing that I want to teach you in the skulls in my cars I will do everything I can to make it happen. Okay, To make your goal to be achieved, you need to keep in mind that you need to be patient, you to come down when you wanted to achieve the results in the S e o. You have to keep in mind that when you change something when you make improvements on your website that I will talk in future, your website will know instantly. Show up here in the first positions. Oh, so you are lying v you might be thinking now. No, I'm not lying. You But the problem is that right now there are over billions off websites on in the Google search engine eso. It means that if you update your website, it has to be also updated by girl girl, right? So it means that something would discover a rowboat. Okay, there was something good is called a robot. So this something will this automatically Ah, searching websites on our big web on the internet. Right? And it analyzed age websites on did. When it analyze it, it's gonna put them depending on how they analyze your website in the Google results. Okay, so for the people who are gonna search for it and that's how it goes And that's what we want to also know in the future lessons. We want to know how the hell all these robots work. What are they? Calgary's right. How do they are? Analyzed our websites What we should focus on Where should we put our keyboards on our website? What should exactly dio to make it happened. So we are very hike here. Okay, So keep in mind, Even if you change your website, you will not see the results instantly. But, hey, it's gonna help you. And it is going on. Help you, You know, over time, right? Every month you're gonna become higher and higher. Eve, you do everything what I said in these cars. Okay? So you need to patient. That's very, very important. Small changes every day, every day and someday provide after two weeks, maybe one more, maybe two months you gonna be higher. All Maybe after $6. You gonna be first, right? It really depends on how much work you gonna input into your website. Please keep in mind that you do not need to be a pro toe. Be high in Google for some phrases. I would teach you how to search for keywords that will allow you to position your website higher and in the same time bring you customers, subscribers and fame. Okay, So if you have any questions regarding cover topics so far, or you have on the questions later, remember that you can ask me and I will try to help you. Okay. On pleasing. Keep in mind. As I said, be patient and you will achieve your goal. 3. User Experience: Hello, my friends. The most important thing to make sure you're wrong High Inga Goal is to create a website that pays attention to something body skulls. User experience because this is the key to success. And why's that sell? Because if the users are satisfied by the results Google gives them, then more and more people will use Google's products even more often. So if you feel like something might improve the user experience than it had probably already been considered as one of the factors that helps rank high in Google, we will learn this factors in future lessons. But for example, follow now think about the speed of your website. Does your website load fast? If not, then people might leave your weapons very fast and they will be sitting dissatisfied, which leads to bed user experience, right? That's why you have to focus on making your website loading faster. Okay, I will show you in future lessons how to solve this problem. But right now I just want to make sure you understand the concept. Why? Because I knew the gurgle considered speed of website or soon would start to consider it before an S E experts knew about it, okay? And I knew it on Lee because I knew that Google will take into consideration anything that it's easy to measure. Okay, hard to fact and in the same time improves user experience. There are other things like that. For example, in my boyfriend, the website which improves is very experience for people who uses mobile devices. And that's why it is important to have a mobile version of your son. Okay, off course, we'll talk about how to speed our your wares, like how to make mobile invention and so on and so on. Right? But for now, just remember the user experience is the base off other factors you will soon learn in future lessons. This lesson will have you memorize thinks that I will tell in future license. Because if you give your brain a reason why something is important than the information like that, it's easier to remember. And there's always if you have any questions, feel free to ask 4. What are robots?: Hello, my friend. Today I am going to tell the world. Are Robles How do they think? And why are they so important in the S e o? Well, simply put, robots are just programs, programs that were created by Google and the programs travel to links. They go websites and then they look at the content of the website and depending on the continent, what they see there, how it looks the then they decide how to classify it. That website in the Google ranking. Okay, so robots are the key for us to become first in the Google ranking, right? We need to know how they think. If we do not know how they think then well, we won't achieve any good results in Google. Okay, so let's, for example, open this cat talk demos. This is the biggest well and is body one off the most official catalogue that is supported by Google. So it's good idea to at your site you However, they that's only good sites, so Well, we need to know how to create them properly. Are we off course? Did you how to do it? So they do not think that you are just bombing. Okay, well, when you look at the website here, when the a rowboat which sometimes the sculpt spider enters these website, they're called spiders because, you know, spiders work on the web. Well, it is the web page. So when the spider walks into this pate, it looks at the content. Okay, It's see all the possible tax and all possible links right here. We have got links everywhere. And when, for example, he finds a link like that. Firstly, he needs to see if he can go there because, well, sometimes you want to restrict restrict some content from the box because you do not want it to be index. It happens. Like for example, why would you want to index, for example, the times and condition of your website? Right. It would be just waste of space. So when? For example, we have got here art, right? Well, the robot understand this world, okay? They are intelligent. They understand ours business computers because, you know, the creators told them that well, computers are associated with, for example, words like up PC, like Internet software and other things like that. Right? So what we click on the computers. And when the robots enters the computer, he expects worse. Like, for example, the one that are here. And if you create your own website and you name your link computers and there are no keywords that are connected to computers, then dis troubled my think. Oh, these guys trying to scam me, right? So it is very important to create a content for each weapon. You can't have the empty page. And, ah, you know, supposed that your website will rank high in Google. That's just impossible even to create a great content. Okay, that's the first step. And that content must be similar to the key word that links to you. Okay, so for example, we could get you computers. As you can see, we have good fear. Thinks dedicated to computer. Like, for example, when Al Gore's when goto Alderete. As you can see, we have got sub categories on, they are connected to the algorithms And let's go, for example, to complex it. Okay. And as you can see now, we have got here what we have got here a few key words inside a link and here we have got a description off that thing about. Now, let's read these description. These air prep Limin a reversion off the catalogue off anti optimization problems. Heavy notice that this description is connected to dealing right, a companion off anti optimization problems. Right. So, as you can see, you have got here two times and the optimization problem MP optimization problems. There's a description that is really connected to the swing. And, you know, you're the spider that is on this website now, like this link even more for these keywords, right? For the anti optimization problems. Okay, So the thing that you should learn from it is that when you are creating articles on another webpage, not it doesn't need to be your weapon. And you link to your main weapons that you want toe position up into Google. Then you should create a content with the keywords that ah, that you are interested in, right? So, for example, cares you can seize MP optimization problems. If you wanted to position on bicycle, you should type something with the bicycle here and also here, Right? But of course, it doesn't mean that if you type it for example, 100 times, then you gonna position higher. No, no, no, no, no. If you, you know, overdo it, then you're gonna be a bent. Okay? So you're gonna lose everything. Well, you just not gonna show anymore in the Google because Google boats are not so stupid, right? The you need to know how frequently want to use this cures? I would trade you. How? How frequently should use keywords like that in future lessons. Right now, I just want you to know how robots thinks they look at the content. And if that content is friendly, if that country is really used could be useful for somebody, then Yeah, it zee. It's okay. What else means youthful for the spider? We'll look at the link you Isn't it friendly? Leading when you look at it? Computers, computer science, DiRita, complexity, territory. That's really great link, but some people have weddings. Like for example, index dot PHP are exclamation mark p equals for and ah and G equals 24 on and done. Bam, bam, bam, bam! This is not friendly. Okay, So Google both look at verse at every possible thing that could make your website more friends like for example, let go on this website. Let's check there Source. So contra plus you. I use the short guy and let's, for example, for headers. As you can see, he would have got the heather, a companion off anti optimization problems. Let's look here Or here is a headline, right? A headline that this bold it and it means for Gugu Head is very important that that's that's the thing that you know not only robots see as important, but also at the person that entered this website instantly See that had this is a competitive of MP optimization problem. OK, so this means that this thing is gonna be important and we should rank this website higher for this keyword. And of course, even for example, repeated it 500 times here without any other content. Then you would get back, OK, so don't over do it. But the important thing that I want to tell you is that the Google looks for things like headers. It looks for images. As you can see, there is no images. So this website is probably not so friendly. Uh, but maybe there are so many people linking to it that if you type, this is gonna be first in the way, right, Because the most important for Google is how many people links to you how they link to you . What is the content? But ah, around the links and what is your counter? Right? Okay, so let's repeat the thing that we have learned in this lesson we'll do spiders. Do they look for wings for the name of things, for the environment of thing. So if there is a text image that surrounds dealing and they have in their Calgary over 300 factors, I haven't said it, but there is over 300 factors taken into consideration how your website is gonna be indexed in Google ranking. We will learn in future lessons these factors they check if the website is friend. That right is very important front by friendly. I mean, if it has pictures, how they are co or even if you use headlines to separate your text which make it is easier to read, right? That's why when you have good headlines on your website, it's good when you have, for example, the title headline when you have got the sub headlines right for for for content, it makes your content more read able right? It's easier to read. And while the Google things Hey, okay, this this website is good because that guided created he knows how to write. So this company might be good for our users. Okay, so what matters the most? The most important thing in ASIO is how other talks. How did they link? Tow us? Okay. And what content we have as we have noticed, he was a catalogue. And that catalogue talks about this Ryan, these website here on it talks like that, I think, is a company of a vanity optimization problems. And here is some kind of description of it. Well, it would be better, but well, it's not possible to having catalog like that. Salman some so much text. If there was an article about the company of anti optimization problems big article of with over at least 500 words, and then inside of it, that good article about this exactly problem which will be unique, would be there would be inside a link like that. Then it would be even better. Okay, So robots are taking into consideration how people links to you. And that's why it's very important to learn how to get things. And that's what we off course gonna do in the future. Let's since and how to create a great content. So, for example, your compound a website, one building if there is not any useful or funny information on it. So if you do not have articles about the content that you have or you have good description off the content of your website, which is very short than its gonna be hard for you to position up, I've of course give you hints how to change because you know people tends to link to things that are just useful or funner. They were already in tow commercial website. That's why you must create content like that. Some, for example, you can carry the forum that they can talk with each other. And what's more, in order to ragged height, you need to know how to create the content. So when the robots cr content, it didn't make it around higher, right. And that's the things that we learn in our future lessons. Okay, that's only good lesson. Thank you very much. 5. White has vs black hat: Hello, my friends. Today we're going to talk about the differences between the black and white Hot s E O. Well, what is the black hat? Black hat. Suggest that somebody is going to do bad things. White hot suggested somebody's going to good things. So black hat are strategies that are bet for your side. Well, they are good for a second. But ive you are coat and you will be sooner or later cut. Then you will just get bond. So it means that you are gonna be dilated from the Google index. Okay, So never used the blackout issue. And I'm going to tell you a few examples. So, for example, keyword stuffing, which means that you put a lot off the same keywords. So a lot off the same words in your website and you just spam them Okay, everywhere, everywhere you can on, you know well might be useful for your side, but not for the user. And you might improve your ranking just for a moment. Those soon this sub cider, the whole website might get bond. Okay, so don't do it. I will tell you the amount off key words that should be and where you should put keywords in our their toe. Be there a person. Who? Where's the White House? Okay, you should also try to avoid things like invisible text because, you know, you can show we drinks coke and write. It means you can show the person different side and to the body can show the different site . Yes, it's possible, but it's very bad. And if you get killed with that, that's 100% that you gonna be bond. Okay, So do not wear the black hat, because you're gonna be banned. Okay? You shouldn't buy the legs. You could shouldn't exchange the links. You know, when you don't do it so often than maybe maybe nothing will bet happen. Right? But if you overdo it, that's that's not good. Okay, So we will focus on in this course, and I will show you the best. Why have strategies that will boost your rankings? Okay, you can read about it, as you can see. Well, the ah, the waist that you can youth. Why the where the white hat on which one you can avoid, for example, from these images. But we you know, this is just something that when you read these like, huh? Is this is this is this and do it for grad, right? So we'll focus on each white hat. Seo On what? It's good idea to just know that you should avoid things that, you know. It might seem like good for you, but they are better for users. So anything like Izzy Block comments Palmer, that's that's That's not good for people, right? They are not happy when they see coma comments. Pouncing blocks right is like not not good for everybody. So if everything if something is good for everybody, it means you are using the White Hart techniques. That's the thing you have to remember. If you just follow these one rule, then everything is going to be all right. Okay, so let's try to use the white hot techniques and I invite you to the next lessons 6. Most popular search engines: however, about it right now we are on the website GS. That start countered that come and these website provides us with the statistics of the users in the Internet. I chose from the options to show us how such engine markets share. Looks like in the USA you can change it animal time from this place to the region that you are interested in. But in a way it's almost always gonna look the same. Well, once the Google, we have over 95% of the market ones, even 99%. Right now it has good over 85% which is, as you can guess a lot. So when you look at this child, you might be wondering grief. The lesson shouldn't be called the only search engine that mothers and you would be right. Okay, So it means that if you do not exist in Google Index, you do not existing Internet almost at all. And that think is through as far as I know in every country that Google engine exists, okay? And this girl is called S e o from beginner to expert, but will it for was only on Google engine. Why because almost all engines like similar things. Okay, they just have smaller or larger problems with spawning websites. So the website that uses Blackheart techniques the BET takings, right? Why even bother looking at the other engines when you focus on Google that we would be totally fine because you are hitting over 85% of the market in the USA and in other countries, for example, in my countries over 98 person. So after taking this course, your website should be fine in every such engine, however, will focus our attention on Google. Thank you very much and there's always if you have any questions, feel free to ask. 7. What are keywords? How to pick up the right keywords?: Hello. Everything starts with the words type in the search books right here, these words that the users of the Internet typing the such books are called key words, and they are called key Worth because they are so crucial they are so important because they are the open off all the search results. When I click the enter, I have got search results. There are the key to getting to the results the searchers desire. So ranking for the right keywords is the most important factor you have toe. Always think about. So does it mean that you should run for all possible keywords? Definitely not. Why not? You think? Because if you are running a bicycle shop on, for example, you do not you do not sell bicycle parts. And he decided to rank high for bicycle parts. Like what is even the purpose of doing such think nobody will find the content that they were looking for on your website? In that case, the bicycle parts, they will be just dissatisfied. You're just selling bicycles. You do not sell bicycle parts, which means that you should always focus ranking for keywords that are relevant that are suitable to your website. Keywords should always much what is on your website. So if you are selling bicycles, you should look for keywords like bicycle shop and name off your town, for example. Okay, or the bicycle plus the model of your bicycle, right, because there are many more models of bicycle and rider or something. Uh, you're selling right. It will give you their best results because people we find the content that they were really looking for and what is interesting. Google can check if the user had instantly close your website. If it happens, it means for Google that your website wasn't proper for the user. On the other hand, if the user found the content that he was looking for and he spent on your website a few minutes, it means your content is guild and something is good. Believe me, Google will be glad to hear that, and you will be rewarded. So how to look for the right keywords for the key words that will lead to your website and we'll make the visitors help. Attention, please, because the thing I would say now it's very, very important. You must try to become your cast Owner, Visitor, Try to think word. Would he tiding girls search engine in order to find the content like you have on your website. Okay, Now let's exercise a bit together on imaginary example. Let him imagine you're dermatologists looking. So you are a doctor who cares for people's scheme. You have your own website about yourself and the services you offer. The first step to keyword research is to imagine you are right now a customer off your website. So imagine you are a person who has, for example, Hackner on his face. What you'll do typing search books right here. Would you type on the dermatologist? Or maybe more? Because, well, one dermatologist might be good in one thing and one other thing like, Well, you could look for the opinions of the mantle of the school, argued we, for example, I can write you would at acting probably here, right at the skin problem you have. Ah, you would also probably at the place you are in the right now, for example, loans on, right. Um, off course. You will add, for example, review because you would like to get the best dermatologists you can Maybe price How to treat acne or something like that, Right? Even or maybe before going to the dermatologist type. How to treat acne, right? Or maybe you're popular, Doctor, and the customer knows your first and last name. Wouldn't it be great to run for it? And well, that's why you should create the content that represents this key word. But in this lecture, we will focus on how to research these keywords Don't know. Or are we showing the future how to put it off the cured and websites I rank high in Google . Keep in mind that the first step is always research. Because if you rank for the wrong key words, you will not get the visitors you want. What are the other ways off researching key words. The first thing is ask your friends, your friend, my total surprise you. How differently he would look for the same website. Friends can be a good sells off key words that you would have never told about. Look at forums that are connected to your business. Look what keywords are people are using in their polls. What questions do they ask? Maybe you could answer one of the question on your website which could boost amount of visitors. Look at your competition websites. Look what they offer to others and try to give more at this the same amount of things compared a content and what they rank hiding Google. You can have the same content or even better, constant. Right? If somebody hired you as s yo expert to rank his website up, you should ask him about the details of his business. Ask him what people are looking for. Remember that you are new to his business and he was in it for a long time, so he might have laws of great ideas that you do not have. Yet there are also lots off mind tools and this does work like that. When you put a keyword in this tools, you will get propositions regarding the keyword and estimation off. How many people are using that keyword? We'll talk about this method in another lecture because it's a pretty long topic. So to sum up attention, please guys, because it's very important what I was saying. Now getting into your visitors shoes is the first step to keyword research. Remember, cast tumors are not searching for your website. They are searching for valuable information to solve day problems. So you should always think about problems they have and focus on solving day problems. No, the yours on your website. Okay. So always ask questions like Is the key word real 11 to your website accountant. Will searchers find the content they were looking for on your website? Will they be satisfied with the things they found? Will this keywords benefit myself? Will have a chance of getting subscriber or customer from the key word Ive you had answered toe everything? Yes. Then you can proceed to the next step which is changing your website. So it goes up in ranking for these keywords that you have told about but about that thing will talk in future. Okay, go on your website right now and they'll get it and try to find what exactly you have on your website that is interesting for other people and rather eat it down on paper. Or maybe think about what it's missing and try to make an article about this thing. I will show you how toe make of course articles to be best and to be so so day with rank high. But try do it on your own right now. Try to do things that can improve your website. Okay, Thank you very much. And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. 8. BEST free Online Tools that will help you looking for keywords: Hello, guys. Today I will show you the best free online tools that will help you research your keywords for the website. So this tells will give you ideas off for the keywords. Okay, that you could use to wrong a pyre. So the first told that this free hand it's very fast to use is just girl. When you start typing, give something. For example, bicycle. As you can see, you have got already a few ideas here. But that's not all. When you, for example, does something like bicycle part, as you can see when you go to the bottom. Oh, um model cycle bike parts, parts off motorbike, bicycle gearing, bike parts, names B p the F because you have got here searches related to bicycle part A cane when you type, for example uh, flowers, as you can see when you go to the bottom, you have good flowers delivered in United Kingdom. Okay, cheap flour. OK, so it's good idea to add a cheap keyword in on your website. Right? Flowers don't. Maybe that's not a good idea. Hamas. You have got flowers in, uh, J pick four months in the image format, right? Uh, next day delivery fraud. That's the good ones. It's good idea to offer next day delivery for flowers and then make information about the make A specials webs sub side on your sighs that we'll talk about how far you can deliver the next day, everything is going up in the next day. I'm sure it's gonna You're gonna achieve the flowers next day and you gonna repeated many times And why your, um, service better than others Where you have something? Okay. So, uh, yeah, this thing is very fast to use. The next thing iss keyword still that ill and on this website when you type the keywords here. So, for example, we go not tied Hackner and you need to choose the Google domain. You want to search through. We discovered gone, and we use the English. So when I tied when I click on the search, as you can see, we're gonna have lots of great ideas like Oculus cars, actor and then diet. That's a good one because you can make a website about a diet that's good for pregnant, right? Um I can a bacteria, but there's a cure where maybe you will not find the cure for every working about. Yeah, as you can see it with ideas here. And the problem about this website is that you don't don't have a search volume. So how many people are looking for it And how many competitors are there in to pay for it? He wants to see more on because right now, it ate the Lord's per mouths to get lots off. Good ideas. Well, you can use this one, but you need at least that's set volume data. So this one is useful, okay? And you will also get two times more keywords, but well, I think the most important thing is the such volume. But you can get it for free from the Google keyword research in engine maybe. Uh oh, sure. We are actually dealing future. Okay, answer the public. Um, this is the bus I think website that I've ever found. I hope they will not disappear from the Internet. We know we don't have to pay for them, but even if we have to pay for them, I would do it because they are really great. You ever get here a funny feels offer on old man who's looking Get to you. And I think you come on right here something. And I will tell you the questions that I have told about about the thing that you type your okay. You can choose the language here that's full circle because you do not need to use English only on let's type, for example, Bicycle on. Let's that. Let's get questions about bicycle. Let's see what's gonna happen. As you can see now we have got 197 ideas about questions. Are bicycle pedals reverse threaded? Great Are bicycle cars Plastic. How bicycle coaster brakes work. White bicycle. Why? Bicycle stays upright. There's so many ideas when the bicycles helmets expired. But this one is not good. But you know, there are many good wimp, some bed one. But hey, I think that it's hard to, you know, think about all this possible keywords on their on their own. Okay? I really loved this website. Come, Parise and bicycle versus car. Okay, the you can see there are some not not good one. Right, But for some keywords, some some things will be better than for others. So, for example, type here Acciona and as you can see now go to the data and these ones are good ones are darkness, cars. Panamint, you can answer these questions on the website of your dermatology is that's really cool. And you can say, Hey, maybe I'm not sure they are not Parliament. The the good thing that can help you with the scars is the cream like that or like that? But you have to get a prescription for that one more second in issues, if that's covered wars, right? Because I know that expert in that But how Magna forms, we really did think you can talk about it, how acting works, how darkness coast. Really? If you answer questions like that only a website you will have tones off visitors that are gonna come to you and look for that answer, right? And when they find it and they feel that you have them, they gonna you know, for example, share your website. Or maybe they will come toe visit us a dermatologist because they want to know more S O. This is this is very useful toe find. What things could people think about typing inside the such engine? And by looking at what feels offer is have thinking about. Okay, uh, next Gulf website is s o V a comb. And when you start typing or something So, for example darkness You can see, uh, whatever you type here, all this, um fields are automatically changing. Onda, according toward you type here Ondas you can see How does darkness spread? Can you re in cure? You can answer this question also, um, acne treatment, Agnes, Car removal, right. Maybe we can remove the scars in your office. Right? The next keyword research to the great is on the website s yearbook that come. And when you go here to this man and he would tell you would get to this website and you can type here keyword. And the cool thing about this thing is that you get the estimated amount off multi searches and you can sort it from the bottom, all from the up. And as you can see, the people type acne. But of course is not a good idea. Toe try to rank for these keyword high, because when somebody like acne, he's like, I don't know what I'm doing right now, eh? So let's get a custom things better to get a customer type, how to get rid of our CNA. But will. This thing is probably, you know, lots of times written in the good. So it's gonna be hard to rank up high for these, right? Sometimes better to, you know, get like everybody from this place and you'll get almost the same amount like here. Um, then try to get here because it's really hard to get here. There's lots of competition. Probably here. Okay, Um, so when you do it like that, Come on. Did you, for example, like the small bombs on face? So you are gonna Magan article on how to get rid off Agnes. So we try toe, um, you know, get high for this fries, how to get rid of acne in the same time. And you will focus in that article. Um, small bombs on face, right? You focus on spawned bombs on faith in this article, you will add, and you would get I think maybe you will not get high on disk. You were because these heart, but you will get on the small bombs on face like never reasoning. Right? So it's it's good idea to focus on things that are here. In my opinion, their mythologies are gonna treatments, right? How to get rid off partner and blockheads. You know, um, how are uniforms that? That there's a good radio. It's a good one. And ah, well, lots, lots of great ideas, right? And the cool thing is, here is that when you find something because of acne scars, it's very popular writer. When at scars here, you notice. Did you get everything that is connected to scars now, right, Acne, scar treatment, how to remove darkness, Cars? How to get rid off acne scars? Not naturally. So getting weight off acne scars. You see, people are writing things differently and you can home remedy for acne scars. You can, you know, use this FARC on and not to try makers of high on the discovery because it's almost impossible to get high for them. It's better to focus on this one again. Uh, that is the idea. And not when we are in the Google. We will go to type here. Google keyword planner Andi. When I click on this, as you can see now we can start using the keyboard tunnel That was created by Google. But the problem is that you have to have, um well, account created in Go, go. If you don't, you have to create it now, but not worried something Card. I'll click dollar veggie snacks. Um, and in a moment we'll have a cure Planner opened and he would have got the free options to search for for the keywords. I think this is the 1st 1 is the best one. The others are not so good. I prefer the 1st 1 And here you can tie for example. Um, on Dhere weaken tired. Your landing page that you want to check with t Andi your product category. So it's gonna give you better ideas regarding your keyboard. And here you can choose where you want to target what we do not want to target the Boland. But don't target the United States right now. So let's choose the United States. Are you gonna kingdom also right? Why not? And let's safe. And now we can get the ideas about the on a second C T. T is very often tiding Google. But there are also other words that you can you stick up bestie along organic tea, right? That there is lots off ideas and that the results of pages you on. But the cool think here is also that they show you for free average monthly surgeries. Okay, so it's also very cool. You can download this key words, analyze them on your own. But I like think you here a lot. It's called ad group ideas and as you can see Ah, here you have God grouped ideas on regarding the keywords, for example. Ah, premium tea. Okay, let's see what Primanti click here. Keywords are regarding this group. And when I click here has conceived preventive being black tea Primanti company her balti um premium cream tea lattes off. Um, as you can see connections between on a different keywords. So this how Google adwords planet works Well, you can off course pay here for, you know, for the advertisement. Or you can try toe rung up higher using the organic. I mean, such engine optimization Likely though like we are trying to achieve right now this thing you should this distorts that I've shot. You should use toe, get ideas about the website next, next since well, I would did you how toe. Make your website rank higher for Key West. You find here on Do you want to position yourself up? Thank you very much. 9. Create content for the keywords that people are looking for: Hello, everybody. They were going to Doug about Google trends. When something is on trend, it means it is fashionable. It means it is very popular. So we are right now on the website that is going to show us what is right now the most popular or what waas popular in the past. So we're on this website right now. As you can see, these are the most popular topics in the past 24 hours and it means that maybe it's a good idea if you're a journalist to write about these things. If you have good articles about news A this plage is great for you because you're gonna find him very popular things. And the cool thing is that you can change. You know the place. You want to see what is popular. So we hear from Australia, you can change. The are struggling to conceive what was popular in the past 24 hours. The most popular right. That's great. I really like this thing. You want to go to the United Kingdom, you will see what was the most popular in the United Kingdom and so handsome. So let's bought back to their united States like that on. Let's see what is right now popular in the JavaScript world. So let's check if the angular our library is popular. As you can see, angular are a library is the popular thing. But right now it is comparing itself toe okay. And Gloria is compared to itself so that it was the most popular in 2007. Everyone and Onley in the past. 12 more. Okay, let's go toe. Let's try changing the past five years since you can see this, uh, more and more popular right? Um but let's compare it to another library. Like, for example, of you. And as you can see view is mull Pope more popular. It is a competition for angular And why I am talking about anger. Our view. We are like a disease I see as your cars. Yes, but right now imagine that you are a person that want to create cars about anger or view. And you want to create a course on not video cards like Antonin. But you want to create a website about it, right? So which one would you choose? Woody, Would you choose the angular of you right now? I think both this is a decision. Might be good, because injuries more and more popular. And you ah, is very popular. There is one more react. Let's check. React. Howard's compared. Okay. So as you can see, you can check what is popular in the world. Ryan, you can check JavaScript country JavaScript. These massively more popular can check fightin. What? This is not connected to these things. But as you can see, you can check what is popular comparing to other things on. You can decide on that. What exactly you would like to talk about on your website? Okay. This is just an example. I am right now talking here about programming languages, but he could type here, for example, the type off bicycle, maybe gaming laptops on. You'll see which one or more more popular are that all up to you then? Cool thing is that you can check thesis keywords against against worldwide, um, against other kind of a single country you can check. It's from the you know, from the time they started checking things for 2000 for two Now you can check categories in how in each category this thing is popular so this is very cool, right? You can check how in an image start something was looked for. You can take ideas from this place on, and it's just up to you. How you gonna use these ideas? Okay. During the lesson. Thank you very much. 10. Longtail - why it is so effective: Hello. Hello. Welcome, everybody. Today we're going to talk about the long tail. ASIO long tell ASIO is a technique of targeting highly specific niche search terms that are called longtime key wears That usually causes off three words and are much easier to rank for. Okay, When we go to the image section of the Google with the laws of diagrams that are describing what is along a CEO, I will use this one. And I would tell you know how and why you should use long day ASIO technique. Well, the first thing you need to notice when you're looking at this diagram is that when you go up here, the cost and competition is rising. OK? It means that if you want to rank for for example, shoes, which is only one word phrase, it is not a good idea because it's going to cause you a lot off money. Or if you are, uh, well, miss optimizing the website on your own. Did we cause you lots of time, right, So this is not a good idea on Lee. You should rank for shoes or making maybe not that shoes, but I work for one word. phrase when you're running a component and your company name is one word case for camp on the name. Okay, it's a good idea. But for other things, it's not a good idea because well, tell me if somebody type shoes in the Google that is he looking for a specific shoes, The one that you have, for example, on your website, Maybe you're having on your website only running shoes. Or maybe you have got some shoes that are good for suits. Right? So it really depends on what you have in your weapon is not a good idea. Toe, um, have somebody who doesn't know what he's looking for because he is not going to convert. As you can see here, we have got an information low probability off conversion, their higher here, the closer to displace Well, so it's for one word phrase. There is very low probability off conversion, which means that this guy who used one word phrase is not gonna be customers subscriber or , you know, the visitor off your block that will come to your blawg often or something like that. It's not a good idea. Okay, it's good idea to use at least two free world phrases you can see shoot man streets. Okay, this guy knows that he's looking for shoes for men, right? So, Okay, that the probability of conversion is now increasing. And the cost and risk of not getting the customer is also, um what? The cause is decreasing. The risk is decreasing to right. So look at this one. Red Nike men's running shoes. Oh, this guy. No, Scotty's he's doing. He's looking for the red shoes and he's looking for the specific mark for the Nike shoes. And they must be running shoes and for and they must be for men. Oh, this guy knows what he's looking for. We must get him to our website. Okay, This is a good place to, you know, start from. And that's why I really like the website, the fiddles off her website. We're talking about in the last the lecture because when you type there some kind off work , you will get a big Fred phrase off. The consists off. Many wears in one place, right? So we are targeting this long tail of what this green think here is Go Long day. Because this is the place that you should focus on and what the school is that you have up to three times more chance that somebody will convert from here. And the truth is that it is 70% off. The traffic in the Internet is here. Okay, well, we could go here, here, and 70% of all search traffic is on the long tail. Okay, so it's not a good idea to focus on these things. It's good idea to focus here because you will get lots off more customers by targeting these keywords, okay? 11. WARNING: maximum number of keywords per site: Hello, my friend. Before we start improving the content of your website, you have to know one very important thing. You cannot be greedy when you are looking for the key words for your website. Why? Because Well, look at this. From the point of view off the visitors when they come to the website, they would like toe see exactly the thing they were looking for. So if you try toe rank for every possible keywords Onley one single website, it's not gonna be good for them. So it means that is this is not gonna be for your site as from the S e o perspective. Okay, so you have to remember that you can rank for maximum free, maybe four phrases per site, which means that when you have the main site index, stop HTML, you need to make the sup size. Okay. Here we have the net beings. You can use another editor. You can download it on the internet. That means download and you can download it. You can use the note, but you can use whatever you want. This is not just an s. Yo, cars were using this one. Okay, that's all. And now, as you can see, you have got your extractor index dot html. So thes side is about acne. So if you want to, you know, talk about acne more, uh, then you should create a new folder and usually, for example, call it how avoiding you know, something like that. And here you can create a new five. And for examples, say something like, seven ways to avoid, uh, I can a before meet eight or something like that, right? And here are going to talk about seven ways of how to avoid architect before me died. So every time you want to talk about something different, Okay, well, I know the darkness is about waste is probable in your own back inside, you are gonna talk about ways of avoiding actor before meeting. But there are so many topics that people could think when they are thinking about acne. When you go to the answer, the public and we type two arc near here and we go to the daytime. How actor. Here's how actor looks like our darkness covers the kind of candidate Arctic scars be removed. Right. So you could create When you're he, We can instantly see what catalogs we should create. We can create, for example, archness cars. And then we can create everything about the scars regarding the acne. A ride? How? Toe? Um, make them less visible. What are the not natural possibilities? Maybe some. Ah, maybe you can't do it naturally, so you have to tell about how to remove them. S. You see, every possible topic should have the sub side. You shouldn't try Teoh rank for more than free for free phrases per one side. Okay, so remember your main page. You should probably think about ranking for the main keywords plot or the name of your off off you. Well, your name and sub star name or, for example, the name of your company, plus forward your company's doing or something like that. But you shouldn't focus on the main cited to, uh, running for many keywords. That one's OK. The is very important to know that when you're improving your website, the content that why I'm talking about it now is so you do not improve your her content for everything. Get once. Okay. You should focus on improving each site. Um, by thinking what exactly? The person who is gonna visit this site was looking for. Okay, so he's coming to your side and he should instantly see the things that he was looking for . The dongle lesson. Thank you very much. 12. Title tag: Hello, everybody that they were going to talk about the most important tech in ranking up high in Google. And this track is called title. What is it so important? The title of your website? Because when somebody type something, Google is the first thing that is gonna be shown up here. So this thing must be attractive to the person who is gonna click on your website. OK? Eso It's also important from the Google perspective because when somebody looks here, he will look for the key West's that he was looking for. So yeah, the key words that you want to rank for in the Google must be presented. Okay, They must be they have toe exist Que So if you are making a website about actor acne must be here. And what is more, it is best if the ACN Award was at the first place. So the keyword should be to the left side side. The more to the left side of days. It's better for you. So you shouldn't do something like, um for example, you want to rank for Hackner like something something, something, something. And then act okay, Thesis key Where that is at the end is that has the least factor. Okay, so remember, the first key work is the most important one. And you shouldn't put put here too many key. Where's okay? You shouldn't do something. Like, for example, bicycle bicycles. Um well, let's say the for example called me a divisive couples. Well, what other types of bicycles? But you get the idea you shouldn't youth you, um comas. Okay. You shouldn't spam the key words here. Okay? It is not the place to sponsor keywords. This place should be attractive. Google will be e will not have a hard time in spotting that you're spamming keywords here. That you are not a good person. Okay, You are not good for other people. They're not making a website for other people. You are spamming keywords here he would be like No, no, no, you cannot, Spanky words. I don't like you and he will be ok. So remember about the title. It's very important. And you shouldn't Sparky keywords And you should have the key word that really presents the website. Okay, so what does it mean? If you use for example, acne on and then you for example say everything about curing acne. You have to say something about curing Artnet and about acting on your website. Otherwise could go Will think that you are trying to treat here. Okay, So you must have always the content that we present the title and not Maltese that I used to times keyword Agnes. And it gives us a big boost. But in the same time I'm not spamming keywords. Look, I am not just in Kamas one after another. This looks pretty legit. Don't that, doesn't it acne everything about curing gardening? What's more, we have got here curing world Que ACN. Okay, we This is this is also a cuchi world, right? Because somebody could type que Hackner how to cure acne. Right? And maybe he will somehow get to our website because of that. And what's more, this title is attractive now. Why? Because Well, when somebody is here and he sees something like that, everything about Agnes. Okay, so I will find everything about acne here and he would click on these links. So this is a big bonus. Okay, when you are doing something like that, look, you could type on the actor and this keyword would be probably Mm. Maybe more attractive to Google now, because when the less keywords used, the more factor you give toe. Other key words that were used the left, but who e It wouldn't be a crafty look when you type view them and you see something like you dammit. Online course courses Learn anything on your schedule. You can do it any time, right? This attractive keyboard. But maybe on your schedule is not a keyword that somebody would look for, but maybe anything is not looking for is a cure, but this is attractive. Okay, so these things must be good from 2% from two sides, right from the side of your customer and from the side off ranking up for high in Google. Okay, so what? You should avoid doing here also, you shouldn't use here more than seven words. Okay, seven words, and that's that's OK. Do not overdo it. Maybe eight. Try not to make it to make too many words because they do not be even visible here. So it's also there is no use in them, and you are making all the other keywords less important. Okay, so the next thing that you need to know is that the title must be unique. What does it mean? It means that ive you are selling for example, bicycles, bicycles in London or something. That bicycle shop in London or in Chicago? Whatever. What? This is a good title, right? Because we are trying to rank for bicycle shop and in London. So if somebody's in London, he will probably type something like that. But well, Eve, you type the same title for every sub side you have on your you know, website on your entire website. It will not be good. Remember that each site is unique and you should be precise. Okay, this is if you did something like that, it would not be, you know, interpreted very good by Google. You could type rather something, for example, like that. And, uh ah, brand off the component that the bicycle was productive by. Okay, maybe you could type the serial number and maybe the ah off cereal name. Because some some some brands use the names for each bicycle. The name is different, right? And maybe the type of the bicycle and maybe the size off the for example, tire right. Something like that. This a precise title and somebody who is looking for something like that and he types and united in Google. When he's precise, he will probably mostly the guy with bided bicycle. Okay, so remember, every title must be unique. Okay, You should also avoid naming your website. Like, for example, home page or, for example, my board. Okay, Because you have never types on flight that dingo, my blogger or I don't know, home plate. Well, I'm here. You haven't done something like that. So this is not a good idea. Toe use as a title. Something united. Okay, it's better to use an icky worded with re president that is representing your website. Okay, so that's all about title. Remember, this is the most important place because eight is the first thing that the person who is gonna click on your website looks at and you cannot, you know, do whatever you want, right? You can do stuff here and Google knows it. And because he knows about it, he will take, you know, lots of factor into that title when he's trying to position toe index your ah, your website in the big index off websites. Okay, that's only the lesson. Thank you very much. 13. Description MetaTag - How to describe your webpage attractively?: Hello, everybody. Today we're going to talk about the Met attack description. But before we go into this topic deeper, I would like to tell you what are meta tax? Well, and Matt Attack is an additional information for Web browsers or for the robots. That's gonna set your webpage. Okay, that that are gonna index your weapons. So when they go into your website, there will try to find First World car cities being set. As you can see, this UT f age, and then it will look for additional information. Like, for example, this one description, as the name suggests, is gonna give information about what is the content of your website? A short description of it, right. And what is funny is that Google it doesn't take into account the description in and when they are ranking your weapons. But please do not stop that. Ah, lecture. It is one off the most important tack in my opinion. And it's in my opinion, might help rag your Google rank your website higher, and I will tell you soon why? Well, the first thing is that when you type anything in Google, right, for example, by shop United kingdom's something like that you will not. Is that Ah, here. I type Bike, shop and bike shop is boarded. UK is bold id, right? So we tend to look at the things that are bold ID and we tend to click on the links that have something bold id like, for example, text like that, right? It helps to bring attention off people that are searching using Google, right? And the coughing is that when somebody clicks lots of time on your on your reading, it improves your ranking a bit. But well, it's always one factor that you should think about, right? So it's gonna help you a bit. So it's good idea to make the description desirable. So when somebody look at this, he's like, Whoa, I must colleague alert. Right? Okay, So let's go out here and notice that if we wanted to make that paid about Aachen about treating act about curing Wagner Well, for example, title lead like that. And then we could make this description nine dead. Do you have a knack plan and you don't know how to treat it on partner dash que that Ned, you will find out everything about acting treatment. As you can see, this think is pretty good, right? It's like an advertisement. And in the same time, I used here a few times a keyword like och name like treatment. Well, like your and these things can be bold ID What will be bold it when somebody looks for the website about on these website here you can preview how your side we look like. So, for example, in the off course, Google's search engine results right? So when we copy old things all these things on, we'll assume that we have a domain name that like that. And here we have a preview off how our result would look like somebody typed Will proper keywords that open our, um our website here we can use the option bold war words. And when we type, for example Hackner and for example words buck que and we refresh as you can see, it bolted magna. It bolted Arconic your and he bolted Doctor here. Right, so call. And here and here. And when you look at something like that, you instantly see that. Hey, this website is about the finger I was looking for about curing Hackner right. Maybe Google will even bold the curing because it can easily, either Team five, this we're securing is similar to cure. So as you can see, if you have a good description, it's gonna be attractive in somebody. We'll click on it more often on. Because of that, you will improve your ranking s so so so. Yeah, it's it's good idea to make a good description. And there is so one. There is a few things that you need to remember when you're creating description. Well, the first thing is that you shouldn't have more than 155 characters. Look, we cannot hear ex exclamation mark, but if you add free more, as you can see well, we just lost treatment as the key work. He worked. And, well, it doesn't look good, right? That freedom is not looking good. So this is the maximum Andi shouldn't try toe. You shouldn't exceeded this amount. Okay, The next thing you should remember about is the description is should be unique. The same goes to tie, to write. You shouldn't have the same description for each page because it doesn't look good. Google will think that you are spammy website. Okay, so it should be unique if you don't have time to create the description. Well, you don't need to do. Google will then use the where's that are present on your website. And we try to show something useful for the, um for the person who was looking for the website, like right. But most time it's it won't be as good as the one that you will create. Okay, sometimes you might want to delete description from here. The only situation when you want to do it, in my opinion, is when you have an enormous, big large article. Okay, you have got the lock off fries is and well, then Google might you know, Connick themselves out that way that it will make this this result in the Google search engine results more attractive. OK, but otherwise it's good idea to make a description for each page on your so remember, attractive description is the way to go. Do not spam keywords. Look, for example here do you have an actor? This is a key word and you don't know how to treat Agnes. I called. Yes, I could do something like that. It's grace to do something like that, right? We have another key word here that will be bold ID, but doesn't sound so good, right? When you do something you haven't And you don't know how to treat, Doctor, that that's just not right. It doesn't feel good. And there's something doesn't feel good. Do not do it, OK? Because it doesn't help the reader. And ah, what Google might feel that you are over doing it right? If too many times. Arkin, your description. One Teoh free four time. Oh, you are a bad boy. You know what I mean right now, right? You might get penalized for things like that. So you know, big total b a person who knows who what you are doing, remember, the most important factor in making your website run high angle is to make your user sappy . The dongle lesson. Thank you. 14. Keyword MetaTag: Hello. Today we're going to talk about meta tactic. This killed keywords. And as the name suggests in the countin off this met attack, we can specify keywords off bigger phrases off key words that we want toe rank for in the search engine results. Okay, so for example, acne, coma, acting, street man, comma curing or maybe curing Jagna. Right? Well, the truth is that this met attack is no longer being looked at by Google. So you do not need to worry about you can just delayed it. Why did I tell about this meta tag? I am losing your precious time because you need to know in future that when you find a website that tells you that you should put here something like every time on every webpage key wells, you are just losing your precious time. Okay? It's not worth your time. I think the only reason why you would want to use this math attack now is Teoh. Inform yourself off. What? You are going to rank for the side. You are working. So this is just information for you, right? Because you might have, for example, 50 website and it will be hard for you to remember what each sub side you want to rank for . Okay, so this is a good idea to specify 12 free phrases, that's all. Do not over do it because, well, if you overdo it, Okay, then this meta tag might not be good for you, because my penalizing making might look like Hey, so this guy once wants toe rank for these keywords, and he's staffing them. He's putting lots of them here. He must be using some kind off, but ways off ranking in Google. Right? So he must penalizing. Right? Okay. So do not lose their precious time on this. There's only a lesson. Thank you very much. 15. Semantic tags and content of your website: hello! Ever bothered today? We're going to talk about one of the most important factor that we make sure that you're gonna high ranking guru. And that is the accountant off your website. How to create a content of your website. So you're gonna high ranking Google. Well, what? I have just written and article about the meth attacks. As you can see, I have created the description keywords, as in the last lectures were creating for the Met attacks. And well, this thing is important. Like I said, I have used Matt attacks here and then I used the rubbles option because I would try to position on the robots. Also options maybe all met attacks. And it's against the options for robots. Right? And I am using the key words at the start and met. Attacks also start, but well, I want mostly to rank for this. Decided you want toe index Index Elsa keywords or not, the index again your page by using attacks. So I used many times the key words here and here, and well, they do know look like they are spam. So it's good. Okay, now let's go back to the company. Seem When you're creating content, you have to use the semantic tax, which are for example, edge one toe age six. This stands for Heather, one headers to and someone okay and thes things make some makes the text on your website bigger and it bolts it. Okay, So for example, when I first year, as you can see here is options for robots. Inmet attacks and I use it here. H one is one off the same anti tax and it gives at this Shona information. Semantic means that it has additional information. Not it's not only used to, you know, divide your website or changed the call or make something bold makes something bigger or something like that. It has the demeaning additional meaning for robots. And this being means that this is the header of the web site. And notice that when you are looking at the pages or, for example, newspaper, the headers are big right there. Very important, they take the attention of your eyes, right? So yes, the steak also attention off the rowboat. Okay. When he looks at the wow, it's important options for robbers met attacks. Okay, this article, it's gonna be about options for roubles. Inmet attacks. I'm gonna think that this is the thing that this guy is trying to rank for. Well, maybe he's trying to record, but he's talking about Think. Right. Okay. So options for roubles and met attacks. I use keywords here and the rules off. You know, creating the headers is the same as for the title. Okay, So you should try to have the key words that you want toe rank for do the left side. Okay, Is the word you should put them. Okay, So this is a header, and you can have more than he had another one had a two and a free was the difference. Well, Heather, one is the most important one, okay? And it's on the top and cut a freeze. Less import, but it's still cancel. Do not worry. And what's more, your website looks better for the Google because it's like you're thinking about the user off your website. Look, when you're looking at these websites, you can divide it into the sections you can see easily That here is the top. And now you know what's that article about? And then what are met? Attacks. Okay, So here I will learn what are met. Attacks what side you should exclude from the index. Also here are really learn about it. And then again, again, again. You're article was longer. You could divide your article intersection. That's really helpful, right? And when you help your users, it means for Google. You're a good guy, and and you should be taken up the ranking. Okay, The next thing is navigation. Navigation is the talk that comes from html five and it just suggests that he was the navigation of the website. In the comment, I did something that navigation and decided You have got a simple navigation home law for room in contact. Right? And it suggests you go. Hey, there are going to be links to my side. Okay, on it gives the Google idea how your side is constructed. You know that he darlings here is an article, as you can see, the reason article talk. And it's just Hey, here is an article you can read about this article here. Exactly. Here. Okay, So, so good knows that here is article and for example, comments are in other place, right? Because you know, we can have under the article comments to your article. And well, Google might have problem normally to see hate our discussions, the article or not because he doesn't know exactly their commons or not, Right? You could exactly tell him this is an article. Oh, and so here you have got a side. And that side is a tag that these usedto askew can see. For example, put things that are on site off your website. They are not so much connected to your website, so you do not want to rank for it. So for example, here you have got the email the user can put. So for example, he can log in here or he can, for example, sign up for the newsletter here. Or you could also put the a site attack for the comments section. Right. So So it's very, very, very, very, very useful Because you can exactly tell what is not so important on your site. The next thing is section. As I said, you hear about section, not things that we divided the article into the sections, right Section one, Section two and a Z can see I did something like that Here section and section to look. I can delay this right and nothing will change because I didn't use in a style in the CSS for these sections because sections are not supposed to be used for division off your website. Right form Changing the way, the behavior, how your website is working. So, um, section is only here Toe tile. Google's look, I have got one section to section off the article. This this is great for the user, right? Hey, can I know where this section starts? I am a good guy thinking, OK, so this is a semantic type and division is not the same anti target. I just put it here. So you see the difference, right? They've versus section. There is a division. It's used all minto. Change the behavior off some things inside your website, right? The next thing is header and footer. Heather is Andi might be like, Hey, Bob Hughes age. Want to it sees why again, Heather, Because Heather is something that can be bigger. Look, you can have more content inside. Together you could have Heather one. And then, for example, paragraph talking about this Heather one you can also have here Heather free something like stop title. Right? And, well, this is this is couple, right, because you can make a bigger header off your article and exactly tell the Google Here is the header off this article. The count on this here in this section One in this in the section toe, depending on what somebody tied. Bingo. You can show these thing in the description off your my website, Ortiz. Because you need to know that Google can change the did this description, right? He can, you know, be like, OK, this is useful. I can show it to to to to the person. But if somebody type something exactly from here, Right. Okay. So I should these paragraph there. Okay, that's that's a really useful information. And the next, um, I think you need to know is strong, which makes your text bolt. As you can see here you have a bold the text here, all saw and heroes so right. And it gives more importance to the words that were there rife example met attacks set. Okay. There is also something like emphasis and mark and bark is highlighting the emphasis aims changing the text to be shown as an italic. So it's like that, right? Andi? Emphasis is here, and it also gives a bigger importance to this world to these words. So it's a good idea to use Eat on the key words that you want to rank for. Try toe, not overdo it. Dry s so so so so Do not over do it by me. Stay because my video. But yeah, you can you can. You can easily use it to make sure what is important on your website going might take into to get into consideration. Most people say they do not. I think there is a very, very small factor in that. But yeah, there might be a small factor. So So why not? The next thing is abbreviation. As you can see, when we go here, here we have go. We can say exactly what s CEO means search engine optimization, and we'll go here, as you can see. How could something like that surge engine optimization and it's helping for the user. And if something is helping for the user and then you know you are you are a good guy, right? There s like Delia, when you're a good guy you're helping you use there. You're making your website looking good for the user. Gogol boiler. Wrong. You up. Okay. You should also know that your accountant should be unique. What does it mean? Well, if you are sending, for example, product in your shop and you take description from somebody else, for example from the producer, it means that you do not have unique content, and you might be not getting any benefits. Okay? Because, well, this is not unique text. It's not tax created by you. There are men and like that in the internet. So it's good idea, toe, unfortunately right. Hate for every product. Your own text. Yes, I know it's lots of work, but hey, this is gonna help you. You know, Tom turns off the this is this cannot be described how much it will have you unique text is very important. Accountant is important. And notice that your content must be consistent. What does it mean? Well, you cannot, you know, put metal like that. That that That that that that in one paragraph, But you should be like, Hey, here's meta tag. Here is one. Uh, here's second bomb. You you and then the end. So it must be, you know, inside your text, but not everywhere. And it must be, you know, mentioned that the phrase he wants to rank for in many places off your article, right? Not not Not at the start, on not in the middle, not only at the end of your article, but it would be great if it was at least once mentioned the start in the middle at the end . Okay, but of course is do not over do it because you overdo it. You might be hit by Google and rebound your or at least one off your subside with me. But so be careful. Do not overdo things cited explaining the keyboard. I apologize. I have forgotten to talk about footer When you go to the Baltimore that website have got the footer and inside the footer you just know put the information created the website when somebody created it. Some cooperate informations so things that are not so important. Right? But well, they are the foot of your website. You can also putting foot or other things like for example, aside attack that as I said, you've you can send somebody toe He made it for okay that told you. Listen Thank you 16. Images: Hello, everybody. I've all weather said it loads of times, but I will tell you it again because it's really important. If you want to run up hiding Google when you're creating content, you are creating it, having in mind the user that is gonna look at your weapons and you might be like, OK, but why are you talking about it now? Because we want to talk about images in this nectar as these one. Well, and think images makes your content look better. You know, when somebody looking on image, you can instantly see what you're meaning. For example, what are meta tax? Oh, these are these one. Okay, so So I know I don't do even read it. Okay, this is the that thing. What? Text without images is just boring. Okay. And Google knows it Well, knows that when you add images, your taxes better. That's why on every sub side, you have to have at least one image. Okay? At least one. It's a good idea to have even to for it depends on how long it is. Right, But have at least one okay, That's the first thing you need to have one as this one image. But the second thing is that how you call that image? Well, look here. I used some keywords. He was there. Metal tax phrase. Okay, so it's gonna I'm trying to position myself. Format attacked robots options. So it's gonna help me. And also for how does met attacks? Looks like somebody can type something like that. So why, no, I can use this place. It's very important that when you name your image vice that you do not do something like that or something like that. Okay, I know that we are lazy and most time when we do not have time, we will just call things like that. For example, Meta, That will be enough. But please, When you want to position yourself in Google High, you should have self descriptive names. Okay. Very like that. And world small after each word. So after how after does after meta and salon, you should at dash Okay, it's important those after each word you had something like that because it means that this is another word. When he did it like that, I would have a hard time to save. That's next. We're not okay. It would take some time for him to, uh, you know, you see something that so it's a good idea to attaches like that. And the next thing is the alternative message from the ultra out at three. Good. Here. Well, this thing you can you can also add here what is on your image. Okay, you can describe here what's on image and this think is gonna be showing somebody make a narrow, for example, like that are you know, there is some kind off problem of the Internet or somebody doesn't can't see the image, so he at least see a text. So you help people if they encounter some kind of problem, right? So, yeah, did you are a good guy? It means that is gonna have your surround. So you can use here some keywords. But of course, it's not like something that okay, don't Don't Don't do something right. And if you have, for example, four images trying to, you know, overdue, you do not put in every image matter backs, for example. Hey, Right to, you know, mix things up and then you have good an attribute. The disco title title is dissing when I over. My mouth's over. These you can see. We can see that description. How does Met attacks? Looks like Andi is this title. And I think that you should always put the same thing here as you put here. Why? Because you know, this alter native message from here can be is hidden from people right from normal people. Okay, We're not normal because you can look into the source. But most people do not know about the source code and they did not say it, but they can see the title right, because they can move the mouse over here and they can see. So it means that if you're not embarrassed by what is here right in the title and it's the same like in the alternative message, it means that you are sure about the discounter, right? About the thing that this indulge genetic message. And I think it gives a small bonus. Okay, The next thing is the with on high. I think that you should always put the wind and hydro veered off the image. I know that you might be like now, but it takes so much time to put we've and hide. Why would I want to do it for every image. Really? Yes. Because your website we load a bit faster if you put the width and height here. Okay? Web browsers, when they know that we've been hiding, do need to count it. They don't need to take it from special place. They just know exactly what we would hide that image has. And your website? He looked a bit faster. And what school is that when your wife said is loading faster, you make your user skeptic. And of course, if you make your user scrappy, it also is making you high wrong. Higher in Google, right? So it's important to do simply. Okay, So to sum up, think about how you name your five. You should put your keywords right. But remember to know we always use dashes for after each word. The next thing is other native message. It should describe the thing that is on your image. Okay. You should also put here key work, if you can. If you have more than two, for example, images don't not overdo it. Do not spam your keywords. Because, you know, it is easy to notice that you are doing something to full Google roubles. Right? Okay. Zones That lesson. Thank you. 17. How to properly name pages and folders?: Hello. Today I will tell you how to name your folders and fights in order to achieve Azman benefits as you can in ranking in Google. Well, the first thing is what you should avoid doing. Look here we have got the index that Agent HTML. And of course, the main side should be called lying dead. Right. But we have got to get in the article about Matt attacks a rebel adoptions. I'm sure that an article like that shouldn't be on the Web main website. Right, So we should call it somehow. But we shouldn't call it like that. We shouldn't call it like that. We shouldn't call you like that. Okay, avoid things like that. I know that we are like the most time when we put things on our desktop, for example, and threatening them like that just for a second. And that causes for a bit longer number, Molly. But we'll try to avoid things like that when you're naming five for your website because it's not helpful for anyone. Right when you sent. If I like that the euro out the link to add another person with something like that, it's unprofessional, right? And It's also not helpful for anyone that's very hard to type for somebody. No, no, no, no, no. So many No's try to name your Feist your folders as self descriptive as you can. Which means that usual, for example, called fire like that Met attacks, robots, options. And of course, it's pretty cocaine around now. But we can upgraded a bit ball. Look, we could, for example, create a new folder, and we could, for example, call it might attacks and then put this fire here and just call it probe its options. Why? Because now we categorized Met attacks right way have got more than one might attack that we can describe. We can talk about or about options. We can go about keywords about description so we could create here in new HTM If I for the article about keywords right, it's it is now looking better, right? We don't wait. No, no, no, no. The repeat things like that. My attacks keyword Obama, Rama Rama It's just too much. Okay. And now it's helpful for the robots and also help pull four your users. Right. Okay. On thinking toe. Also remember is that when you are creating names for five or folders is that you should use two separate words. Dash. Okay, The sign here. You shouldn't use underscore. You should use that. And also, you shouldn't connect them. Okay? Trying to connect your words like that. Robles options Because it's not helping you at all. Because you go might have problems spotting if, uh, you want wanted to separate these worlds or No. Okay, if it's one word, maybe isn't sure exactly right. Maybe he can guess, but note every time and it's gonna hurt you. So remember that every time you have more than one word each ward, it should be separated by the dash. Okay, robots, dash options. I do notice underscore. Because underscore is reserved for for the variables for the name of functions, for the for the for their programmers. Okay, if you don't know what I have just said, you don't need to know it because you're not gonna create uh huh website about the programming. Right. But well, if you are a programmer than you should, for example, call my SQL fetch array, Um, for example, that you could call your sub side like that because you gonna talk about the function my school featuring? Yes, that that's a good idea. Okay. But otherwise do not use underscores use of the dash. Two separate words. And remember that the rules for the ranking up are the same life for the title. When you are putting the where's the key words here? Okay, so you should remember that the key word to the left is the most important one that if you put your man and he words right like that, it's gonna make the other keywords last important. Okay, Lets no exercise a bid. Let's, for example, assumed that we have got a website about acne. We could create a folder, archetypes, uh, in a tie. And then we could create a new HTML five on, for example, Rose Atia and someone's home. Right? You can see the picture. Now, when you see something like that, I can see that it's it's looking better for you on for others. For example, when you have got a website about the bicycles, you could create, for example, a folder name mountain bikes and then inside the mountain bikes, you could create an html five that will, you know, talk about the specific mountain bike time. Good. For example, type the serial number. Then after the dash, we could create the specificity inserted the specific name off your mountain bake. I don't know how cold you see that the that. The problem. Every time when you want to Mike website about something, you should go and look how things should be called right and how to do it. Well, these is it's too type thing. Google, for example Mountain mountain bikes. And then, as you can see, for example, we have got the cross, right? Okay, so we could, for example Well, you're creating command from bay bike. We could do something like a cross dash on. That's for example. Go here. That the sport. What can we talk about? Empty be XY to be XY. Yeah, it's up to you would You should type it, But you should type you as you can see things that are gonna be helpful. And he resent our hero on these website. Look, as I said earlier to the left side, everything is more important. And the singles cook toe the Qatar looks So the folder Look, you have good English first in 2000 and eight. What? This more? What is more important to you, right? The English is not helping. And about it here, right, I would remove it it at all. Unfortunately, they don't know how to do it. Probably, but it's not helping them because it's not a keyword. 2018. OK, it might help you, but I think it should be at the end. Right on. Ah, well, the more folders you have got here also, you make it hard to rank high in Google. Okay? It's harder toe wrangling and you do something I did. You should also you should focus on having maybe to maximum free folders. Okay, for might be OK, but I don't think it is gonna happen in one. I would delete the English here from here and 2018. I think it should be at the end if you want Toe even pulled it here. Okay. The most important thing is the things that people are looking for. So I think people that are looking for probably 40 sparks are gonna type this thing here. And this thing here. Okay. And, well, maybe they will type the year because they want to have something new. Okay, then this might be important. I think I put it in the end. It really you should really think what is the most important when somebody is looking for. Okay, so cross MTB eggs. See, for example, on finish. Well, you could If you have lots off girls bags, you could create another for folder and for example, something that cross here. And then put this here. Andi removed across from here. Right. Okay. That's how it should be done. Okay, It's only lesson. Thank you very much. 18. Keyword Density Optimization: Hello, everybody. Today we're going to talk. How many times you should put the keyword you want to rank for on your webpage. So we're gonna talk about then city off key words. Okay, So in order to check that the city of keywords, you can type keyboard in city Checker ASIO and probably you're gonna find a Frito. Let's go and check for example, that secrecy ASIO central. So they think And, for example, webcams, which is visiting. They are Friedel's. You can just paste here the name off euro, the name of your website link and it just to couple it, pays it here and then click the submit button. As you can see, we have got now here at tac out that cloud informs or you by enlarging by making larger, uh, text the key words that are presented on your website the most often. Okay, so followings met attacks metal name robots. As you can see, these are keywords that we wanted to rank for this website. Right. You want to rank for options for robots and math attacks. There are also some things that are big that are not exactly connected to what we wanted to rank for, Like, for example, four rulings. But you shouldn't worry because, you know, it looks better if you have got other keywords on your website. Your website looks, you know, genuine. Okay? It doesn't look artificially. So it's good for you when you have got other keywords. Big too. Okay, The next thing is to look at the top keywords. As you can see, met attacks are the most important one. Okay, They they are presenting entitling description and in the header eso here. Right. Okay, that's great. And we also wanted to position for metal name robots. As you can see, they also exist. They do not exist. One after another entitled description, Heather. But they exist here. Okay, well, the tools like that are not perfect. They are not as good as the one that the Google uses. But, you know, it's just you can just have a first glance on how your website, you know, is interpreted a bill by computer, right? You can see the percentage off home and the times the keyboard is presented. If you over. If you haven't ever done it by mistake or something like that, right? As you can see the frequency for robots and math eyes pretty high. It's about 4% and it is in the title in the description. When you go below, you can see how many times phrases with two words are presented. Then you can check home in the times with free words on dso on Denzel Mm. Let's go to the another analyzer on when I click submit. As you can see, it works the same keyword clout, and here we can see how many find some off. The keywords were presented right? Ah, met Attacks robots options. Well, that's the most important for for us, and it's them. And as you can see, it's big page follow index name Robles Index links. They are not exactly the key words that were trying to rank for, but they are connected to it. So it makes your site general right, so you should have about 1 to 10% of density off the key words that you want to rank for. Of course, you know it's even possible to rank in Go go, even if you haven't used the Cheever Award ones. But you will need to have thousands of people linked to you using this keyword with the content of the keyboard? Ah, the most important thing it remember is that if you have got a very short text and you have got the key word density high, then it's not so bad, right? But you have You have got a very, very long text like I don't know, 5000 words. Then if you're cured, density for the world is tempers. And you did You overdid it. OK, It should be about for for I think two person, maybe even one person. Don't overdo it. If something looks artificially, go, go Will we think you are just trying to fake something and you will get bond Okay, fixed well your sub side with the fix, which means that only this side will be banned from the Google Index for jobs. The key word that you were trying to rank for, So you're gonna lose everything, so don't ever do it from 1 to 10%. It should be pretty OK, but it really depends on how long is your text and how artificially it looks for you, right when you are reading something and you feel like why this guy is repeating this keyword each time. This looks bad for me. Ah, then you overdid it right? But otherwise, why not on when you have got the keywords that appears in your content? Stop in the middle of your text at the end of your text and sometimes using the signal names or in the context of other keywords that are connected to the key word you want to pull position to rank for, Then everything is OK. That's only good lesson. Thank you very much. 19. Google WebMaster Tools: Hello, everybody. Today we're going to talk about Google Web master tools. This name suggests the distance were created for Web master by Google. Yes, that's very cool, because finally, we will be able to somehow contact with Google. Well, Google will contact. We've us to be precise. Uh, well, in these stools, we will be informed about how our webpage is indexed. Okay, How often world was index? What wasn't what problems were met when Google Robert was indexing your website and so on and so Okay. And that's not all. You will find there some statistics, for example. So it's also very useful. You can also contact with the robots using, for example, Roebuck's that takes the or you can add the side map off your website, er so lots of cool things. We'll talk about all these things in future. But in this lecture will focus how to, you know, create the Google with master to account. So in order to do it will click enter here. And as you can see here is the weapons like that. When you click on it, you will get here and you just need to click on the such counsel but you need to be locked in into the Google account. If you don't have good, can you need to sign up? You need to register. You need to create an account on Google. Okay. And then when you click here, you will be automatically locked in into the Google web master tools and then you need toe ed. Your website. You okay? I've already added he won off my website, these one from Poland. But you can add another one by clicking on this button at a property. And here you need to type the name of your website. So for example http, so we need toe particle here and then we need to add the name of your website name off my website that come, for example. So when you specify your name of your website, you you need toe. Be careful because you should think now how you want to focus on a CEO because you can add ah free W's here. Www. That or not, we're going to remember that. Unfortunately, these two things are different sites. Okay, so it's a good idea to focus only on one thing, because otherwise we would have ducked duplicate content. Okay, when you are, you know, linking to your paid, for example from other pages, you would like to focus on one unique name. We'll talk about it more in future also. But for now, just remember this and this is a different side. So I will stick, for example, toe the one without the and Www. Okay? And not when I think at. And now we need to verify that we are the owner off this site. Okay, Well, I'm not an owner of the site, so I'm not I'm not going to verify it, but I'm just showing you what you will need to do. As you can see, Google can guess probably from which hosting You have got this website so you can look into your go, Daddy, for example. Um, hosting and everything will work fine. Bob, there are also alternate methods, and I think the easiest method to verify is this one HTML. If I upload, you just need to download this HTML verification fight, save it and just uploaded toe your server okay to the main folder to the folder, which is called public HTML. You just put it there. You click that you are not under about, you could verify and your website will be added. OK, so it's pretty awesome, right? And after verifying, of course your website. You will not see these not verified message. Let's read this property and let's go into the side that is already very far. And as you can see here, we have got lots off information about your current status of your website. The most important thing is that you can see if everything is working properly. Okay, you can see that the science is working properly. The sever connectivity is working properly. The robots that take step was fetched properly will talk about robots, takes that in future lectures. As you can see, you can see if there were some heroes on your website. If there were on some websites found, um, you can see the if everything was properly index from the site. But we talk about side Mother, These created just for robot. We've already talked about html site map, right, and you can also create this side up. That is only for robots. And you can add them here. Okay. And it also improves the speed of indexing your website What's more, you have got some kind of such analytic you can see when you click on it. What keywords were used to all enter your weapon. So some simple statistics are also available here. We'll talk all about about this features in the future Lecture for now, go on and connect to the Google Web Master toast. It's really, really important to, you know, be always connected to the Google because if something is wrong, you will be firstly connected for true this place. Okay, And then you can act very fast and you will not lose your ranking in girl. So it's very, very important to create a Google account. Connick, your website and then do all these things that will do in the future. Lectures the donor lesson. Thank you very much. 20. robots.txt: Hello, everybody That they were going to talk about this Fire robots That t x t. It is a text file that this red by the robots and when they read it, they can see if they can index your page fully. Or maybe there is a place that you do not want them to go. And as you can see right now on my website, I use something here. Line that user agent these things says toe the robot that the robots that I'm talking about here right now are. And then this asked the risk sign this star here it meaning it means that you want to, you know, talk about all robots, not on Google. Robert. You want to talkto every Robert possible and allow me, is that you allow Did you tell them that they can index every page? This slash here means every possible picture. And well, if you do not include the rubbles that takes down your website, nothing happens. Your weapons will still be index. But you know when you do something like that, as you can see, the weapons that shows up is the page that is called 404 144 on. And this means that the website was not found right, And the boats that are looking at things like thinking like that. They need to process it, they need to load it and they sometimes takes transfer. It's always good idea toe include at least at text. If I like that on your website, Okay. But there is a time when you don't want to index something. When is something like that? For example, we have got the forum. And on this forum you have been an off topic for right where people just talk about them, says they introduced themselves. Do you want to end experience? Topics like that just six time rubbles will gather and you lose your appreciates transfer and the process of your processor on your Web server. Right? It's not a good idea to allow robots going there. And the good robots will listen to the robots that take states. Good idea to tell you that, because no, never rubbled We listen to it. Okay. There are spy miserable that will not listen to it. And you can, you know, fight with them with something would discuss h the access, but talk about eating future. But for now, every good robot will listen to something like that and you can change the behavior. Can this allow, for example, going to the place like that off topic Bhagavan tiki means in Polish chart. It's an off topic for right, but we want toe excluded this this forum ok from indexing how to do it. Well, let's change their robot that it takes that you can do it from Well, you can do it also from this place you can, you know, creek on your side. Go to the Kroll and then go to the robots. That ttxt tester, as you can see here, is the current situation. How the looks like you contest favorable, Congar. Oh, somewhere. So let's try if you can go there, okay, can go there and we can change it. We can, for example, write something like that. This allow and then at some things I did. And then when I click on this, it's still gonna work. Fine, because I haven't uploaded this fire. So in order to do it well, you can, for example, Creek the sub me bottom download the updated called and then I've loaded. But we can also open the text a detour. There's something that safe. And then send it to the Web server. Now you need to click the submit button again. And as Google to update this place you now control plus air. So I reload this webpage. No, come on. They did. And as you can see, we have gotten our current situation like that. And now when I do something like that, for example, I put this thing here right, and I could test. As you can see, this place is blocked for the Google boat, right? That's what we wanted to achieve, right? It also can't go toe any place that these lower. So, for example, like that, right? As you can see, it's blocked. Great. Let's check to be sure if something else is not blocks off, for example, like, Hey, what about debt? As you can see, it's allowed. OK, so if something is not this allowed, you can do it right? So you just say what things? What cannot be index, right? What? What what pages would catalogues with what folders can be indexed here. Okay. And you just put them one after another and Google bought won't be ableto index, and, well, they will not even go the right because And you will not lose your transfer. Right? But you need to remember one thing. Do not put here some content that needs security. Okay, so for example, admin panel folder or something like that, because it's you can see it's visible for everyone, right eye. You can get to displace without any problem. Anybody can be here like the right, and hackers also can get here. And he king then gets to the places that he shouldn't get so easy. So it's better to use something with this called HD password. Okay, You want to read about it? Putting to put this thing into the Google, and you can read about how to secure places like that, but this place shouldn't be used for something like that. Okay, this is very important. And the next thing is that you need to remember is that you have tow added there, slash you at the end, Okay, Because it means this is a folder, OK? Because if you do something like, for example, like that, it means that you disallow everything that stops from html. So if you have, for example, html five, then you disallow all these pages also, right. That wouldn't be good, right? You need to remember all always, um, at the slash at the end, Okay, Because it means that disallowed this folder and stop folders and things like that. But it doesn't mean But if you delete this slash it means also that you do not want to index, for example, off things like that, right? So it's very important to always refers it to add this leisure d in the finger. It is also important. Let's go here to the site settings. As you can see here you have good the crawl, right? So how What is the rate of crawling your website? And you can use the recommended settings, but you can also limit the Googles Maxine crawl right, and you can use thes think you when something like that should be used when you have good, enormous page and use conceding your statistics that both are slowing your weapons. But it's very where that's only lesson. Thank you very much. 21. XML sitemap: Hello, everybody. Today I we're going to talk about site map example. But before we go into this topic out like to tell you what is eggs? Well, exam Oh is very similar to html XML Mies extended markup language. Which means that you can extend this America language, which means that you can invent your own tax and you can really create an attack you want in XML. But if you want to create exemplify that is gonna be interpreted by robot my Google, you should use tax that are, you know, set by Google that Google invented that. Google said, you know, the stock will mean this. They start Willman days, okay? And so it's similar to HTML. But you can create your own set off tax like, for example, Google created for the site maps. Ah, and you can create your own taxi view. Wanted to create your own robot for analyzing what products you have got on your website. To be honest, this topic is enormous, but in our situation s yo, you just need to know that side Bob that eggs Emma is a fight where you put talks like that . You're look changed frequency priority. So you put in the lock which sends for location, the location of website. You want to index and then you set the change frequency. Which means what should be the frank frequency off crawling on your website and priority which you set from 0 to 1 on you say how important it website east on your webpage compared to Adam's. Okay, so this is just information that speeds up the process off indexing your webpages because Google we just go here and bomb. He will know all the links that are important on your website. And you'd give small hints about how it should interpret this website, how often it should visit them and how important they really are. Remember, do know the lie here. Do not set everywhere priority to one because it's not true, right? Do not sense change break frequency to always toe our really in every page because it's also not true. Try Toby for right because if you go, we'll see that you're like you're lying to him here. He will just no reason. Okay? These things can help you a lot, because if you are, for example, making a block that you update daily. You can set the frequency right toe Dany and Google. When he comes to your website and you notice that it really is updated daily, he will come more often and you will get your content faster into the Google Index. So it's really important to, you know, do no, no, no lie in the place like that. Okay, so these other are the values that that you can use in the change frequency duck and always was always our really means our really wasn't is self descriptive so that there is nothing to explain here. Try not to set anything to never because well, it means forgo that you he shouldn't count them. Never. Maybe he'd come someone that someone Ah, someday there. But you know, it's e A. When you have something said toe to something like Never go We think that your website is auld right is not being updated on. It's not a good idea. Let the Google boats it for himself. So example five. He's really a text file. You can edit like html if I riding the note or another text editor So I can just such like that. For example, Bob and I can add to you a new site and then change the frequency and the priority they think here. You can just copy from the source. If I do not even try to remember reading over the knee and try to analyze it. You do not need to understand what's going on here. That's just definition off. What the nice place of XML. You're going through this really not something that is important. Okay, just copy it, Andi, everything will work fine. And to be honest, I haven't done it manually. As you can see, I have generated in on this website because, you know, it takes a lot of time toe type every page on your website that you want to end. It's best to do something like that to go to the exam l dar side maps that come and then type here the your oil and then said the change frequency, Asai said do not lie in the strange frequency that which means that you should set it to non are, for example to monthly and then change it manually. Remember, you can sit here The last modification said it to non or you can use the several response I think nannies, beds because, Well, then, goo, we come to your website not often. And he will update you know, the content all in the index brats. Well, if you don't want toe, if you don't want Google toe, go on the decides that are not updated. You can use the exact time. But the problem about it is that every time you have date something, we need to update it in the example five, which takes time. So I think it's best city. None The priority study to automatically calculated priority and then remember to set the priority priority manually because well, automatically. Kelly, as always, is not a good idea. Vehicles that it was said it probably know that the way you think about your website, what is important but what is not right? Ah, so remember you said it from 0 to 1. Okay, One for the most important on then the upsides sub sites. I think that it should get 0.8 the things that are not important European or for or less OK , do we depends on what you think about your website. So just click start, then it would generate the side mob. You just click the Donald button after the side mob is created, and you put it into the main folder of your website to the root folder. And well, that's almost all because you should also add it into the Google Web master to so you choose your website. Then you go to the Google to the crawl settings and then go to the side mumps. And then you could cute at this side mop. You type your side month XML. You could accept me. Then you tested, and then Google will start in vaccine the site from the side. And the cool thing is that it will also inform you how many sight's off that Seidman was. Index. And it will also tell you if something was wrong. As you can see, I made a mistake there. I put wrong Ural and I get informed it's go right Google with mustard school because we are just humans and we tends to make mistakes and well, if you make a mistake, we will be informed pretty fast by Google that something was wrong. So to sum up, it's good idea to create XML side my because you can give hints to the robot about drinking frequency about priority off your side sites, and it also speak ABS Index in the process of indexing your pages, because it would be easier to get to every page from here rather than from your side right , because he doesn't do the Liesel, Tex and other things like that. So it's different from the HTM of sidemen, right? Because an HTML site map you can text around wings, you put the name forage link and html Cyber sees accessible for everyone but side maverick . Similar is access Onley by Gogol boats, and you can give additional hands about how to index how often index, your webpage and what is the priority of bite? That's only good lesson. 22. Meta tags created especially for crawlers: Hello, everybody. They were going to talk about Met Attack that was especially created for robots inside its content. You can set if the robot the describing your website should index decide, and it should follow the links that are on this side. And this first setting is set by default. So you can do something like that at this madam name. Robots and content index. Follow on your webpage, but you don't need to. It is the default behavior. Okay, So you don't need to do you unless you know somebody that they felt the behaviour would change. But I'm sure that this thing was so long used in the Internet were the setting by the default setting was set to index and followed. It should never change. Okay, but if you want to, you can. I did. You do not need however, if you want to, for example, say something like no index, which means I don't want toe index this page that the stock is on. But I want you the you the crawler, that robot to follow all the links when situation like that might happen, you can have, for example, a forum for women. Uh, Oh, offsite form, right? Something Some place where people talk about things that are not connected to your website . So it's probably a good idea to not index pages like that. But it's good idea to follow the links that are on the pages like that because, you know, well, you can have, for example, off on the four room in the upper left corner, the logo off your main site, and you can send the juice, the power that was gathered on that page to the main page. So it's a good idea, right? You don't want to index six pages, but you want to give the power away, right? Because otherwise the power will just bidder. And it will just, you know, never meet the light. You can also set here, follow to know follow. But don't do it because, well, if you can't vouch for the links that are on your webpage, how can Google, you know, believe that you have got a good content on your weapons, right? It's of course, it can happen when for for wiling off your on your page. Right. So, relation like that. Okay, it might happen, So why not? But It's not something that should happen toe everything on your page, right? So believe me, do not set no follow attribute here, Okay, it's better to set it. Always come follow off course. You can also index and no follow. But as I said earlier, it's not a good idea because Google will not think good of you. It's best to use no index and follow our index and follow, or just nothing, because index and follow means. Ah, it's a default behavior. Some people type here all which means also index and follow so well, it doesn't matter. You can did it if you do not want to use no index and follow. But it's good idea to know about existence of this thing because those off people might ask you about it. Or you might wonder what this meta tag is for. So for now, you know that you do not need to worry about it unless you want toe set a page on your website to know Index and follow that only Listen, thank you very much 23. Is page validation important in SEO?: Hello, everybody. Today we're going to talk if the validation so checking If everything is properly written on your website in html, Coat is crucial Toe CEO. In order to check if your code was written properly, you need to type HTML very data in the Google and then go to that website. Very dirty talk that w free that work. And you need to pay here the others because we right now have good this file. Locally, we gonna use this stuff validate by direct input. So it means that I can paste. I can copy the code from here and plays it here. So let's do it. In order to go to the source code, I need to use the shortcut council plus you and then I need will use the shortcut control plus a from all and counter policy from copy. And now I just pays it here. Control plans V and I just geek check. That's Wait a second isn't as you can see, we have got one warning. Warning is just a warning. So it's just a hint. It says this document appears to be written English. Consider adding language. English. Yes, it's a good idea to adhere language English because then both will instantly know that you have got a website in English, right? So he will not need to analyze the text inside who just instantly know had this side is in English is a good idea to do it. And it is just a warning. But you can have got also cute heroes. Some mistake that you made encoder A programmer that was creating your coat, right. And then you will have information about all these warnings, and then you will have toe fix them. Well, maybe you do not need. You don't need not have to do it. But it's good idea to do it because some errors like that, uh, can be bad, for example. Look, when they have got strong here, right? And we delayed this drunk from here. And now we have got here an open talk, and this open talk affects all the all the tags and all other things below. So if you have arrows like that, it's crucial to figs and liking. Ah, you might have some, you know, arrows like that. Even not on closed. Ah, you know, talk right. That there's not good heroes that these one can affect your ranking? I think so. It depends pants on what arrows you have been on website. I think it's better to have your cold arrow free because your side load faster. And the Google board, the crawler that we crawl your website will have easier time analyzing what you have got here. OK, that's on dead lesson. Thank you very much. 24. Should you care about your PageRank?: hello over about it. Today, we're going to talk about how domain authority paid authority can affect your position in the Google ranking. The first you think we need to talk about is why something like authority might affect your Google rankings. Well, imagine that you have got a company in I t field. So there you have good some programmers. And there is one programmer who has worked for this company for over 25 years. And surely this guy has good lot off experience. His authority is enormous in this company. So if he recommends somebody, if he says, you know, I think that this new guy is pretty good. It means that Hey, you're like, Oh, my God, This this guy recommended him. T must be good, right? That's how it war works. So if you damage that come would talk about you because his domain authority is very high. It will be great for you because, well, Google would instantly see Hey, dead guy who has bean so long with us that has, with so many links, talking about him is recommending this new site. Okay, so it's good idea to have links from sites like for example, you damn it And your ranking that's need to obey so high. I'm sure that you will not get as far as you don't mean that is not so far right. You would be probably far, far, far away from it. But it doesn't mean that you will not show up in the Google. Google is not like that. If you have got a unique content that is good and size like you'd, any or many, many sides will recommend you using links that has got keywords that are connected to the phrase that somebody is looking for. You will be in Google ranking anyway. So you know this ranking that we see here that authority is more important from the perspective when you want to achieve links, okay, when you want to get links from somebody from your perspective Okay, it's good idea to have Dominion authority because when you publish something crawl when he comes toe, the website that has good lots off authority means that the content is probable relegated, right? So he gives you probably bombs. But it's not as important as getting links from places like that. Okay. In 2000 and 13 there was something what was called pay drunk and it was created by Google. Well, nothing too doesn't touching this. After 2000 and 13 it was It's been deleted scenes. Then you can, you know, do something like page rank checker. And you can then go and check the pay drunk off your side. Another site. And this is a pay drunk from 2000 and 13 and it was created by gurgle. And well, it wasn't estimated it was Google pace trunk. Things like that. The tools that I'm showing you right now this things are estimated they are not one harder read persons accurate, so you cannot believe them 100%. But you know, they are estimating it from a long time. So probably you can believe it a bit, right. You can see easily if somebody has got a good site. Or maybe it's not where to even, you know, pulled the delinking the place like that because you can check easily ive the dumbing spamming as you can see when you Demi has this parts car free on 17. But it's only because some people my link, tow it that are bad people on and you will not never avoid something like that because some people will want you to fail, right? And they will link to you from Spammy places and you will not be able to do anything about it. But do not war because even in real life, look, if somebody who is bad person would recommend and know this person, you as a person wouldn't exactly know what to think about it, right, because it might be a good recommendation, but also eat by the bad recommendation. So it's very net no trouble, right? It will be too easy to, you know, remove your computer from the Google. You would just need to go to the some spammy websites and ah as them to put the link to your competitors. It would be just too easy, right? E, when you have got lots off other Goodling's from places like for example, you dammit or another didn't end. It has dominant authority At about 30 20 you gonna look good in Google's eyes, okay, to some obvious lesson, get as many things as you can from other places. But, you know, try toe, get these links from the places that are worth your time That has good high domain authority and many bags thing. So the person that is recommending you can be trusted, right? Because it means also that you can be trusted. I know that you might be frightened a bit right now because getting to a place like that my sing impossible for you and probably it is for most off the websites, right on the Internet. But as I said earlier to know the war, the most important thing is to have, as I said, that previous lectures You have great content, unique one you need to Brad come seem to have properly named folders, titles, h one semantic tax and things like that. And then if people we'll link to you, it means that you have got a big chance to dad up very fast and very hyping Google Ranking Index. So do not worry. You do not to be as popular r s the side eight. Thank you very much. That's willing to listen 25. External links - why are they so important? What you should avoid?: Hello, everybody. Today we're going to talk about external links. So we're going to talk about battling. So links that are coming back to us. So what to do To get as much power as you can from external length? Because, as you could, you know, put the power from one website to another in internal wings. You can also take the power from other sites that recommends you. Okay, Before we start this topic, I would like to talk about types off links because it's very important because all the older links should be diverse. They should vary. Okay, look, you can have magnetized of things you can have. You are l type. So you just put the domain name or the name off the sub site with the HTML. This are pretty natural within natural means that they look in the Google crueler eyes like they are not artifical ing created again. They are just natural because well, people make arrows. They do not make links that are accurate. Like met a taxi, passports, CPAs, past scores, jabhat tutorial bikes, treatment. Okay, some of them will, But most of the people will make links like, for example, euro you are l one or, for example, no SC Owings, What is No SC Owings? It's something like for example, for example or more. Okay, they will just put in the place like that to see more something like that. It's natural. Okay, on this is one off the type offering and you need to have these types. They do not give you as much power as the accurate links. Right? But you should have them. You have got a graphic type of thing, which means that you just put the graphic here and well, you will get the power from the for example keywords that are Iran from the text around the image. Okay, so it's also helpful and the one that I like the most is extended texting. So, for example, about met attacks for robots, more about see prospers Ran from the Java tutorial here. Great mountain bikes, acne treatment with expert. As you can see Dar many ah words here I couldn't about for more about Len from um great with expert. This is not needed right for from the S e o perspective, but well, the truth is, it's helping you because these links are gonna help you and they will not look artifical. They will look from the Google crawler I that they are natural. Okay? And you still gain lots of benefits from them. So I like extending text links the most. Okay, you can have title things. Like, for example, of the brand name with the name of your company. These are good ones. Also. Foreign footer. So you just put in the footer off every post, darling to your main site. This is also good, but you know you can't overdo. Ah, you can have. Like, for example, 90% off you accurate links, right? Accurate links. I think this this is giving you the most benefit. But if you have to money off them the cure, it links. You gonna get something with this called fix from Google, Which means that you are going to get finest penalized here being, um you know, not a good person, right? Because you shouldn't play with with that. You shouldn't create external links. These things should be created by other people that are linking to great accountant. Off course. You cannot do it, but you not go not do it on proper way And it's not something that you should focus on on Lee. OK? Because this is something that might get you called if you do not do it properly, right? So that's why I'm telling you know, be careful. You need to have the links that are coming back to you. Uh, they need to be diverse looking. So what else should we avoid? Well, we should avoid identical phrases inside link text. We should We have talked about it already and links from the same i p o. What does it mean? Well, if you have got a hosting on, do you have got the website there and imagine you have good, for example, for different websites there they are probably on the same i p, which means they have good, just different domain. But they're on the same server right of the same i p. And the problem is that ah, well, goo goo can easy check it and it will know that you are linking from your own pages. That's not good idea. The next being usually avoid it is to add your ah different pages to good with master tools , right? If they are linking to each other. And even if they are from different I p and they about hair in the same Google Webmaster tools, panelled head can also mean that you're thinking to yourself, Okay, avoided. You should avoid linking toe only one page and mostly it's main page, right. But you should link to other pages because it means that your content is good, right? If because of main page, there is most time no accountant, there are just thinks toe sub pages and you should link toe the sub site. I think you should mostly focus on linking to the sub site because other people will most time linked to your main page. Okay, So focused on linking toe your subside sometimes maybe to the main page. You should also avoid linking from not connected thematically website because it looks suspicious, right? It looks like you have just bold is think you paid for it. That's not good. Okay, I'm so you should link from websites that are connected automatically. Two years no diversity off key words inside the texting. We've already talked it about it. No diversity off type of your URLs, right? We're also talking about need and you should avoid sudden increase off park clings to your side that it's also Southern. Some stop and what does it mean? Well, you can, for example, by a service off thinking to euro side. And if they don't do it properly, you will loose lots off money and lots off power to your side because it's sudden. It looks like you have bolted right, and it also saw us it, and it's also suddenly stopped. It also means that it's not natural, right? These things that where you get links should increase graduate, which means it should increase little by little. Okay, you should also avoid having too many bag wings without no follow. Attribute. Why, that's a good, great question. Look, you have got to hear something like relational for with talk about it already because we killed you know, say that this I don't want toe move the power from that side from the robots option toe this guy site and you might be. But why I don't want power from other side. What is the problem? Well, because there are many size that have got on the webs on the website. Autumn, a tricky automatically set the the Nofal attribute toe every link that this coming outside and well, if you have only links like that, it means that you have probably about them. You have created them on your own, right. But if you have some of them like that, it means that you are natural, right? You are not looking artifical lately from toe the Google crawler eyes. The best way to get some no follow relation links is to get them, for example, from the forum footers right from the post. You can put their the name of your Web site with a link to your website. Most for us allows it, and well, you can get it easily because it would increase the amount of no follow parking. Of course, you do not want to have every pay every link to you like that because, well, you wouldn't get the power and that that will not be good for you. So how about a drink should be created? Let's sum up. They should have diverse text things. They should have diverse types, which means, as I said, area, for example, Ural graphic. They can be extended. I like the extended version the most on and there should be some error steady. You made Ryan like, for example, more to see here. But the most important thing is they should be diverse. They should lead to the main site, but also to the sub pages. And I think you should focus mostly on sub pages. They should be from a different I. P and boxing's should come from the automatically connected content and the surroundings. So the tax that is Iran, the link should also be connected. Toe the site to your site and they should be created little by little. Which means graduating, which means no sudden spike in amount of links. Okay, you should try to avoid. You should look natural. That's the most important thing. So in this lesson, we talk about Bart brings about how toe create them. But we don't know how toe gather them, right? How toe get these things. What is the best way to acquire links like that about this things we have talking future lectures that only a lesson. Thank you very much. 26. Directories - is it worth to add your website to directory?: Hello, everybody. Today we're going to talk about directories. What is that thing? But it is just a simple website that directs two other websites. And the problem about the side is that there are hundreds, thousands of links inside the side. I did so from the Google perspective. It looks a bit like artifical, right? It's no valuable from the S e o perspective, because well, when you see someone links, it means that we'll probably in. Nobody will look at them right now because the only when you last time went to the directory like that, probably never. Or maybe it was a long time ago and or its just read really right. So Director is outside that are visited only by Kroll is right there in an hour days, But it's good idea toe. At least it start at your side toe. A few of them do not lose your precious time in future. And because it's really not where if your time you can use your time to improve the accountant toe right article that you can guess both Sammler. We'll talk about the letter later. But adding to the director is your you are all your link is just lose off time most time. Not always, because there might be some valuable directories that has got enormous page at authority and domain authority. And they have good looks off external things going to the page. You can check it on this side or the other authority checker side And then maybe adding I leaned like that is valuable. But, you know, it takes time. You need to pay for it because you know, when you could hear, Then you can look here and you can add and pay for it money. Right. But you will use these money toe, even pay somebody to create an article right that will be more useful or improve your content. So from the S E o perspective nowadays, adding your business good places like that might be a bit useful, but I wouldn't focus on it. Okay, here's a good article about places that might be worth adding. Your link to other places are local directories. When you type stuff like Web site, directory, directory and then the name of your city, then you probably if there are director is in your city. See some local directories. These are not so bad, right? But still do not lose your precious time. Just if you're maybe one per month and the most important thing avoid. Please avoid anybody who tells you that he will at automatic automatically hundreds off thousands off links to your website to some directories. It's gonna calls to you more afterwards because you can get a fixed. So we're gonna gonna get penalized. Probably. Maybe? No. Maybe you will know, but because it really depends on how many things are going to you. But that's not a good idea, right? Because it's just artifical. We just lose your timeto contact this guide and tow. Pay him right. You could use your time, your resources somewhere. Lots of better. Remember, time is the most precious thing you have got in your life. This is the only reasons that you have got as much as in a person in the universe. So remember, value your there's only lesson. Thank you so much. 27. Link exchange systems: Hello, everybody do. They were going to talk about the link exchange systems. As you can see, Eve, you are going to use them. Then we'll imagine that this big finger is Google. And you are this Web master. You could we crash you, which means that he will ban you. Or maybe fix used the fix, which is the penalty four e the keywords that you were trying to rank up so well this link exchange system will link. Exchange is something that these just exchanging between you and friends and that's not gonna probably give you in a penalty. But it's also not gonna give you any special bonds because it can be easily seen right. But well, you could link to your friend and your friend could link to you from another website, not from the same right. And they could be on different eyepiece. Then something like that could help you, right? It will look natural. It will look like a genuine link. But well, the problem about systems is that they are big. They are hard. Teoh, you know, operates. They are hard to maintain because when there are many things in the system, eats like, for example, you have got on one page, for example, 10 external links going toe different pages and one of the link might be yours, right? And then, well, it doesn't look like it's natural, right? It's not something that is genuine for Google. He will look at this and he's like, Hey, why there are so many things next to each other and they point two different websites and even that websites are not connected Ah, automatically to each other, right? It's just weird from the goo perspective. And was mornings like that can disappear from Internet because exchange system lines working. It's also not good when you have good laws of links coming towards you and they suddenly disappeared. It's also weird, right? You also do not have and warranty that your link is gonna be on a good healthy with a good domain authority side. There was no good. I think in this moment benefits from link exchange system, so just avoid them These lessons Well, such long goes, you know, this is a block hot S e o technique and I should tell you about it because manner as CEO in companies might use it and you will not know it. And you might get hit by guilt because of it. So repeat after us. I'm happy. White s CEO user. We gonna create a great accountant. That's use our funds. Let's use money to buy. For example, articles instead of buying rings are using the link extreme. Right? That's something that listen, thank you very much.