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SELL YOUR ART IN 2023: The Successful Artist's Guide to Creative Goal Setting

teacher avatar Watercolour Witch Eliza, I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Create Creative Goals That Last


    • 2.

      Your Class project


    • 3.

      Effective Goals vs Daydreams


    • 4.

      S: Specific


    • 5.

      M: Measurable


    • 6.

      A: Achieveable


    • 7.

      R: Relevant


    • 8.

      T: Time Bound


    • 9.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

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Class Description:

Have you ever quit your New Years’ art resolutions and them blamed yourself for not sticking to your goals?

This class is for fellow artists who have a tendency to quit before they can achieve their goals.

I’m using watercolors since age 12, I made countless wows and New Year’s art resolutions about how to make myself a better painter, but guess what?

I always failed to keep myself to my new years art resolutions and I blamed myself because I thought I wasn’t persistent enough.

After long years of artist blosks and dead ends I realized the main reason why I couldn’t keep myself to my art goals is that I set myself the WRONG goals.

And if you have a tendecy to quit your art goals, there is a high chance that youu too failed to establish the right artistic goals which would skyrocket your painting skills instead of depleting your soul.

In this class I’m going to teach you how to establish crystal clear, fun and realistic art goals, so that Your new years resolution would live much longer than the end of January :)

Create SMART art goals with me, stich to them and in no time your painting kills will improve faster than you could have ever imagined!

See you in the class!

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Watercolour Witch Eliza

I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

Level: All Levels

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1. Create Creative Goals That Last: Okay. Have you ever create your New Year's resolutions and then blame yourself after rats for not sticking with your goals? Look, this class is not for you. If you are able to meticulously follow each and every goal you've set up in your life, this class is for those fellow artists at least once created their New Year's art improvement resolutions. I'm of water calories. Since age 12 I had many rows and goes about how to make myself a better artist. But guess what? I never was able to accomplish my goals because I always created I blame myself that I wasn't persistent enough. But after a while I realized that I choose the wrong bores. There is a high chance that you to set your goals in a wrong way, so I would like to teach you how to create our goals, which are achievable and crystal clear. But most importantly, I'm gonna teach you how to set Gore's, which you won't give up anti. You will achieve them. Your New Year's arc resolution can last more longer than the end of January. Create smart art goes with me, stick to them, and in no time you're painting skills will improve faster than you could have ever imagined . See you in the class 2. Your Class project : your class project for this class, you would only need a pen. And the paper well you need to do is writing down your goals. After each lesson where you finish this class, you will establish a clear, realistic goal which will help you stay focused on your way off achieving your dreams. But why do you need to write it down now? O Zion studies found out that you are much more likely to achieve your goals if you ride them now. So your place project is to upload your smart goaless in the Quest Project Gallery. Andhra. Visit them regularly. I would be happy to hear about your beans, even if it's just a tiny tiny one. So be sure to come and your achievements so that I can celebrate with you. So please grab your notebook and your pan and let's start establish your voter polar success 3. Effective Goals vs Daydreams: did you know that most painters fear to achieve their goals because they didn't set the right goals? Let's start with an example, for Jane is a voter colorist. She's very enthusiastic but doesn't have too much experience and how to start improving her skills since she's a beginner. So her New Year's resolution is, I want to become a better water colorist and vile. It seems to be a nice gold. It's actually pretty vague and broad. It's unfocused and Dick Lex clarity, because what does it mean for Jane? That she wants to become a better voter forest? That she went to improve her skills in order to be able to paint beautiful greeting cards for her family and her friends? Or maybe Jane want to improve her scares in order to become a virginal watercolor painting celebrity? See, Jane is not clear about her goals. Unfortunately, until you are not clear about your goals, your goals are actually just day dreams. But lucky J. In this lesson, we're going to work through Jane's example, and I'm going to show you how to transform your dreams into focused, rally, stick and achievable goes. And for thes we are going to use the smart ghost system. Smart. Is the EC rolling off specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. So now let's see how we could apply this into your ark life. 4. S: Specific: how to be specific in this phase, you really want to specify your balls as much as you can. So let's see James example. I want to be a better watercolorist. How can she make her gold more specific? For example, Jay knows she left cute pets, and she wants to be an expert in pat portrait painting. So for her, more specific goal would be I want to improve my voter color Pet portrayed painting scares See how easy it is. So to become more specific, you would need to answer these questions. But is my fashion? Why is it really important to me? What do I really want toe accomplish what resources the white or the have? Or do I need tohave toe? Achieve my dreams? What steps do I need to take in order to accomplish my goal? So now please take your time toe answer and be a specific as you could be. Be honest to yourself if you limit yourself Togo's, which don't set your heart on fire. There is a high chance were great civil. So let's see James Final resolution. I want to improve my faith painting scares because I laughed pats and I would like to raise funds for the local anima shatter with my paintings. I have the good quality watercolor painting set. However, I need to take a course on that painting. Is it fashion eight? Yes, it's are likely Jane would fed up it, practicing when she has such a goal to help her local Fenninger shatter with her paintings . Is it specific? Yes, she now knows she doesn't need to practice. For example, landscapes, poor people, poor traits because all she want to paint our pets and all the bets. So now please take your time and write down your honest answer for these questions. 5. M: Measurable: If you can't measure your course, Harvey, you know if you achieve your goals or not, measure abour goes, help you track your progress and keep you motivated through the process. So we know James Gold. I want to improve my voter color path. Portrayed scares. Now let's see how Jane can create a measurable goal out off this. Well, Jane can decide that line. For example, I want to become a better path portrait painter by a three year. It sounds measurable, isn't it? Actually, in art, it's not really a good thing to create this kind off that lines. Why? But first of all, when you set a skill goal, you are lacking the experience off knowing how much time does the learning curve fix for you? Gaining at scares is a personal thing. Sometimes you are faster than you told, but more often you learn slower than you initially told. So if Jane's that line is April, but her hard work and practice the only bear its fruits in August, it will inevitably cause disappointment in Jane as soon as she will reach her April deadline. All right, but then, how can gene nickel gold measure ever well. For example, she can set a daily or weekly measure every week. I paint three bad pork rates, at least. Why is it good? Well, because it's actually measurable by the amount and not by a deadline. You can bet if Jane is serious about her goal. Free painting pervy. Sooner or later, you're bringing great improvements in her art. Scares. For another example could be for Jane every day I practice fact poor traits for an hour. An hour in the day means free 165 hours a year. This fight a lot practice, actually. If I can share an insider art secret with you, Most beginners thinks great artists succeed in each and every artur they created. However, it's far from the truth. My personal experience is that I have only one good painting intense. The other nine are, well, horrible. But oh, let's rephrase it more positively. I need to paint nine bad paintings in order to paint a good one. So please don't feel discouraged where you practice paintings and they look ugly. It's a natural phenomenon, so just smile and keep on practicing. So now please write down your measurable goal. You may want toe ponder on these questions. How much or how many? How will you know that you reach your goal, so please take time and write down your answers. 6. A: Achieveable: your goals have to be realistic. You need to set your expectation not toe high, so that you won't get yourself appointed but not too low so that you won't lose your interest. It's foolish thing. Jane can become a hipper, realistic path painter in a blink off time where she can't even drove a proper stick figure . Now, however, James shouldn't treat her grand dream just because of this. In my personal experience, the best way to make gold achievable is to drop it into smaller, bite sized Gore's. So for James example, she could chop her path portrayed Goal Into these my stone No. One. I learned how to paint eyes, my stone numeral two. I learned how to paint noses, my still numeral free. I learnt how to paint for and so on and so forth. You understand it, so you need to measure how realistic your goal is based on your time based on your money and based on your energy, Really drain your energy was really nurture you because sometimes less is more. You don't need to over tax house yourself because you can't keep the truth in on the long grand. For example, for myself, I would set a goal. I would practice and a backboard. Graves four. The minute today, whenever they and I know it's not too much for me. But I know it's enough in the long ground toe improve lights. My skill significant. But your case must might be different than mine, so think about it and write down your answers. 7. R: Relevant : boring Gore's will make you quit faster. So now is the time to shape your goals into something that make you feel excited. Jane wants tohave the local animal shelter by raising fans with her poor trades. Janey, specialist about animals. And she knows the more skiers she have, the more money her poor traits really worth, which actually means she can donate more money. Toe the animal, shatter this quite a passionate goal. So Jane be likely to stay motivated. And how about you? How your life were got better than you achieve your goals. Please take some time and write down why it's important to you to achieve your goals. 8. T: Time Bound: as I mentioned earlier, I would avoid giving. Except that lines, however, there is still an option to put your goals in a time frame. So let's see how to do this with James example. I want to become a better path portrait painter, so I will practice as much as I can. Instead of thes Jane can say, I want to become a better pet portrait painter. So idea practice. But now every second day. So now you can ask yourself, What can you do today for your goal? When were your goal be complete for this? I would usually answer. My goal is completed when I'm content ID with my actual painting skills. There is no one us who can better mind when I reached my maximum other than myself. Moreover, I like to think off painting as a never ending process. You can always expand and deeper your voter core skills, and I think that's what makes art so mysterious and charming. But maybe you have some more complete on date. Maybe your goal is to finish a painting collection and open your first gallery exhibition. In this case, the date off the exhibition is the end date off your gore. So now take your time and xignite the time frame off your goal again. Ask yourself when we you know that your goal is completed and more importantly, what steps can you do today towards your goals? 9. Final Thoughts: Congrats. You are finished. Please don't forget to review this class on Upload your smart goal in the project Gallery. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the discussion section off this class. If you don't have any idea how to start improving your voter colors, please let me recommend you some beginner friendly classes. Thanks for watching. And please don't forget to follow me here on scare share.