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Retouche de Portrait Studio Commentée (Français)

teacher avatar Quentin Décaillet, Photographer & Retoucher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Correction de la texture


    • 2.

      Correction des sourcils & cils


    • 3.

      Dodge & Burn 1/2


    • 4.

      Dodge & Burn 2/2


    • 5.

      Correction des tons chair


    • 6.

      Renforcement du modelé du visage


    • 7.

      Traitement de couleur basique


    • 8.

      Séparation de Fréquence pour gagner du temps


    • 9.

      Fluidité non-destructive


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About This Class

Au travers de cette retouche commentée d'environ une heure, vous découvrirez mon flux de travail standard pour une retouche d'un portrait pris en studio. Au cours de chaque étape je vous donnerai des conseils vous permettant d'améliorer la qualité de vos retouches et mieux comprendre comment éditer vos images pour un rendu natural.

Cette retouche commentée s'adressent avant tout aux utilisateurs ayant déjà des bases de retouches et sachant utiliser les outils communs de Photoshop. Si vous ne savez pas ce qu'est le dodge and burn, la séparation de fréquence, ou les modes de fusion, jetez un oeil à mes tutoriels sur Youtube ( avant de suivre ces vidéos.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Quentin Décaillet

Photographer & Retoucher

Level: Advanced

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You could you could only shoot room but have a happy more sample What already makes a credit texture So I could only throw some Thibaut only format amounts of rather short your baby young may apricot Olympic Some support allows you to cool pair Lepic sell duty measure Best Laconia right up over one or two Statue relative I'm Melissa Center to shake Lisanti on booze. Wanted cartouche pack amounts to share a whole larger more, you know, over. Come on, say it reiterated except you know, Babylon let, uh, it's on to poor quantum that you don. While the show's keystone list picked minimum a cinema division over city to complete share longer videos. Zona The commune vehicles were to stay shiver. Kamla Jaan, played with Stomp on April, is a collector on Tokyo horsepower. I'm on the show special. It was expected, concerned only from occasional prep school commercial ties. Armored obscure spirit Humpty Do best sank with it. You need to show your past your monkey to collection. 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So unless it's like some more complicated, the Lafayette instrumentally do push some prisoners that level integrity collector Papua. In the past winter sports Resort seeker Some permit Liquid er 11 university. It was that extra momentum book I'm warned of. Homo poster. I want you in In just a premonition won't have a Piotrowski read the last three different Rabbi Capanna ST on fellow agenda See, Don't see passion Free concert had Christian takes Your keeper charges with what have a palace treats Don't equalize you shot you and beyond normal mostly from prime machine What have I mean you talk trip sfl cracks when cooler aged agenda so on formula hasn't been spelled for like John Pray duty corrector tokens A person trickles calico jails at a press gently passing vehicles come with your Shamkhani said extrasolar level Wrexham ash above her mom beyond the crucial annual Paris ST So it's insurance gets football Birkoff, travesty Like Elko just comes referred. I said, this is your wake. So much power in your own Ah yeah, yeah. They focus on psychology, yet not every path you say. I want to go for a maximum of exit. Do Calico twice helped the collection while Abbas because I'm coming to get you to go to class two directors Triscuit fail and a fair play for the first time pond like out There are the first. Some point we know the freshest of a mute. Remember for more so long to Dr Schafer. Miss it up for my liver. McChrystal vascular and van payment again. Digital Polarized Celia Destro Skin Almost found Agenda on Maker Movie about Simmons Underground Cavity. Pastoral Web Example. Allusion to my home. That's a Malaysian promotional you see protected if I have a huge in built, mostly true maxim. Eczema Kennedy over the affair Affected region. Belmont Obscurity Not sure look until this version. So they really deep dish Ricky. They pass. If you took the lake and most of my music victims duty Ramon deserves sometime upon were routed tempo ape. Really, um, spoke with someone commanding General Peter Young to put flat commandment Question Maximum was wanted extremely pretty. Manno Roscuro. Now, for your technique, pull a fair amount. Parrado don't cool. I pray of olive fruit. Profess to have a press image. Comes at Continental. Felt the production boost helmet that was There have been many. When you prove what exactly more 100 the moon. Imagine if you don't scare Did they take Mrs Only? Is your photo shoot manual presses. I don't recommend, say Azumi. If you see it, however you press is, the more they can pass it impossible. Prettier, I'm afraid. I don't know. Of a club restaurant on the mat tablet he selected Vendor Rise in the pleasures are touche . Doesn't matter if it's a real equity collector. Poor welfare was 17 through on foot. Your fast progress Young chose mineral powder. I am cheaper. Directed it in with him. Every room must like around pretty pixels. That's our rescue. Casey to Trask. Resembling on for some comes Asa Coon over Common Goddamn for that extremely pretty certain cooler cologne that no, like really German profit mambo it differently from 50 that almost on tiptoe grabs male aluminum's day. See, he was a troubled region burn through much by Melville House. Did you pray? Palace treats? Let's go mo ne. I'm Israel. A technique do correction comes off. A C must have you on surgical group homes, but don't country a book with then Levinson at your hand. We only sick because, you know, see lesser chose Prohibited on the what Jose. I was not, well, a priest, a Jew fro have daily shows, so on your right onto the other. Make irrational is your with your left room is over there on the local level. You were married artists in the show skee ball Happy in most of world on Is your advocates on promoting event Soft blue caprice coming Sounds pretty case you reckon local even though - way patted on golden dawn Prescott oil for the Jin Burn Selected schedule School Israel's as sicko Honka imposed many directly Windproof has So what were critical Jellicle gonna allow still my casual Fred keep us. Must they put in a certain zone? GCM spread Aleppo is the present only t know it It could you Did you call the way normal over it? Which swelling? Pull affair Vacant bands Master Afrikaans McVicar Loutish in problem Abnormal committee collector in crucial level So it's noble fabric detergent beyond description and must remove Isis your toe just from Virginia City A proud come don't They are gonna lie like home. He was saying problem do cooler from a promotional Trevelyan social Kasich find photo vampy May on go home and she said she panel intrusion Photo Hanqiong Judas Daily film critic Actor It's a year that in your ample are pretty founder Jimbo Name Correctional. The cooler Month Most of remix music Legality Papandreou looted Region Bernie Oca most high I have a strong, originally official like quicksand Cooler palace treats So she probably one problem. The texture of a home. A pallet on the Neckar Just regimen is difficult over a normal c I would like sexual is the new vocational pure evil Chairman said Call rejected The gentleman seizure of Maxim is a locality. Ah, don't scatology this delay of a critique collector on this a yawn Did have a year, Manuel. See, Francisco precipitated if I was your dream You hope home poor people hold Lee liquid Do correct Doctors have a place it male Bealefeld the set menu If we just remote prissy quantum federal chose a ponce as soon require light over some real life Come for you see large for pathogens on alert sipappas occur should commit more food. So just before our vocal coaches promote his family like I don't have I pour gather like it was, if possible Well, you know your medical Adrianne to prepare popular are Please don't add Pope yesterday and a quick, clearly delicate Suplee Monta full of ammo. It's really deliver apart. You concede your 11 year on year, Jeff I'm also carried you to sell is pushing breakers for Al Toronto capacity where lockers produced. If I say Fast River compressed undated Don't comes at the Frank Your home was on Trump University, where all the cool on a monstrous myth Holland Catic on the street is a little more e. There was no mention the Constitution, so preciously resource Alucard wanted to skill. Yes, well, I photo alongside component forms of are completely shivers. I was component Has Jacor Lamb, Adele. When the bedrest intent woman present our to share, it's a remember parasitical have a havoc and make your Islamic years s and say Macchia True Skis Westfall effort a little that'd actually a daemon. The amount of red McKee receivers can't thank you. Fitzgerald is actually naturally back until a Marco has been passive. Just have I pull no class covered heavy Eric and Make Years won't say it was sealed a Monday. Priskos wants any punishment by words on back won't have given to help of Wartusch. Palace Street in central important, comparable to scoop for Mike ER said over to share the make yet to see a scallop pies. Right photo The manual removal Amillia quality proceeded to make a crucifix. Vermont party to love Wartusch, Viscusi, Makhija, Pablo Because they have a book which was like a visual to ship. You hike O j while you are trying school, especially on it, right? - Look what 2. Correction des sourcils & cils: by strong on a national problem on school. Climate knows best. So a browser more Latin totally. SOC LITTLE CECILE Richards Central More Fed comes where you're the teacher who jucruz could spread abroad. So you are the entrepreneur Tony Lefortovo Askia. It's usually over this in a Allama Lupus. Workers on praise really met. Evacuated the organs have a Portland project. Some tip insult. High far becomes pretty, agree dejado strip gather formula takes Children spoil the a paracetamol seafood and really put a Baltimore Did you bury terrific battle to please imagine if West how much did a solo affair? 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If Ed Linda's facility battle presses the and how we still have a limit cures persecuted somebody emotionality with you. End up with Mike years. I did what I keep a whole lot hover. Your uncle mayor calculated the German model of his. Did you? No. Did I? You see, I watch palette. This are no prop. Also still Seaview Survey. But let second controls keep debt, makes them more complicated. Film. Sometimes graphics or don't have. I like as a more precipitous kicking, soupy dissonances Where Leon Thompson. Yep, I don't hold it on the cake like that Metaphor popular book with a purpose built. Best Republican Aleppo. The streets of ownership that you just get around to phone provide more, said formed a point in the trial. The conservatives. I never want my plant. It's a vet Extra, more complicated at work, actually scale on that trial looks even of a battery. I think someone set up home. You chose the right was a medical is no mystery. Small city of LAE of Well, you know what was circulated? Serial? Nobody. Magnon is he pretended we totally strongly they should exist politically. Tablets from his iPad. Will it a bit annoyed so they can pull. See this in a Are the food at valley more young point worker movement Pool is until petition was the song to promote beyond make you put beyond the panic control department The difference a little convey a legend to keep with the fact that training is the second wish was because he said Expedia quickly make use of it by six s are you know the home clearly so still far. Arjun. Arjun Mandatory evac the carry on while having the mascara Labutta on the notice. It put it on the source in this case who also met her sweat through the usual Mr Pastoralists Ocilla met Police are still home. Please cut off where local won't some promote fair The tray of acre offer? Well, I'm a little crazy. Peric do Cleo and the courts have us virtually so still among the products. Don't have him. And try a long time to make this city a permit to donate home. Naturellement photo differ. Passage whilst really so silicates on provisional affair medal A measure rated The cats have moved beyond the city. Ligitan Kids see lawlessness. Women mostly Clarkson only clash Sounds completely. Artist in Italy Social Scarcely shot. More luminosity. A really fast policy. Perfect symbol. Is it a close relation of a little still Jennifer Cannabis goes home for trip your flu. Would you create proximal Antero that it have a reduced rate about a controversial character? Clashes on mobility sometime only seal. So listen a man positive, Dr Edison, A missile I actually remember also, Professor. Something more hope. I see this tree was just equity for the name on restaurant. The pacers who the backend musk yaps live to locate it back here. It also implement the world. A nuvo often your inscription. That's right. So city measures about have extreme or pop on time to disarm distillate. So still, where some people don't come. Did you have on your beauty that rather photo for Marissa Stroker Portland has strong prudently Don't like 80 Also optionally proximal extremely important commission One pack for the trip Monasteries in food to pay adulteration Pray you see straight over character collection Conniff it tell her home but obscure CIA on primarily a shot you nearly silky some acquitted earlier This inequity tempo eventually morally different ma'am Cheaper put upon skidded Just really imagine local press it less interest Caulfield Difficult officer. They got forcefully. Do PK cycle Mosa savoir acre Emotional concepts exited Duplicates africom 3. Dodge & Burn 1/2: Livermore's on the Richter scale. Textural. Don't formulate abdomen. Futaba is meant to settle the associate. The minions of our rescue A on streets on vigilante months of work by, say, Dejan remarks and say I reckon a deja in Benji. Chevron's Don't put have a com m made only the family, the photo, but by us and beyond. Pop What I think it is Great effect. Don't Claire Legal Dejan beyond lamprey Luethi retouching tool kit. Poor lake looks Sacramone do club back. Seems that the Duke latter issued a video store you trip given won't come on, Lady Sean Carroll preferred hydrogen bomb. The removal of ideology Really character visual presence on the scene Every Isabella Because my mom, who's from Basil Beatrice cremating for important from the Daily Show is on. So I gather it is this usual supreme Don't pull his age is really simple agenda on a Calculon. No, I brought you. Don't transform Lee. Imagine Never dream Union City. We're talking about liquid obscure equity. Put bumper Xalatan also new for quacks it and separate Clark was killed. So to our restaurant evicted career The contrast given permit the some from boosted comprising more imaginative wampum. Newly problem could resort, you know, for my character gets if compartment don't are selling you, William used Abraham. They get you forfeit. They don't see you, for example, new Certain problems getting finally polemical when you only get if girl on live work onto some pretty stiff coming up. What hotel Josephus Illegality on the ST Bernard James all over a sudden onset Toddler missing gets from preference. Preschool teachers are superb. Lo possibilities Professor John Berman alone. LeBron social pressures it through in the process on throughout a possible DePante Poor M. Cruz. Solely kindred Harvey in the first half by two to mourn. Imagine Cancel Passo Que streaky and correct retouching to eat it Some pencil yeah lets you Montreux Kiemas Your march Beyond Schiele tosses seduce a practical form that GoPro set on pounds £1. Who uncle produce the panel periods there as you still refuse less on person for a Some people in his own Christian don't have a year Tokyo. More frequency uprooted, empty scourge. A back original considered motive. Step through more mass combo. Pretty good per se. Ansel Kuei Pitarakis should get, Hofer said, is a bit does have I am not noise departs. Charges like certainty measuring present have a decrease. NC Giordano cycle. Mexican free. Do what women therefore sunk. Meghan Cox If I'm on as usual on for show only, Matusow said. See, I told Collection on and don't count three arm issues. Jackson at Arms Pretty video becomes a live well with your hands. You won't has to personally get Tony Match Boulevard Tornado Exit Roland Algae Clergy Appropriately disabled Castle Negotiated White Book Tonelli Match School, Avignon Imagine what escape Saito committee over me. You don't see if we can travel like law school Offended Agenda on computer collection with the Paschal Fibra Crucify Sit down calculus. Sam Pooping in Pasco different over in Europe. Ignored calls for unfit, but the former two term governor like not yourself. Solar panels. Gallic productions really can't electrical on. Doesn't it logically air the high cost regime issue Motus, still a worker in the manual for obvious, really brutal he sort of lemon reconcile off of a rouleau develop such propensity. Die calculated Happy. More like OSI soffit alto Obstruct Ailment owns a piece that's trouble. DuPont sweats River again in our Percival Lowell. We load valuable with passes for two in a character set menu. Sweat moment is when this on the way and see if I might have a year. Previte song with them. Easy at the holiday traffic routes we sure hope in the galaxy. A on street resident. Look, Alec, you sort of persuaded. Have a on a deeper upper a psychosis musically fortune directly Restaurant Francaise. The further ship he was a fighter ship on, Mangal said. Giada, It's interesting. Important support for leisure kiss pastry sick, you quitted ideologies. The past young Belgians of Unclarity If you're under cloudy 30. I mean, I crossed the 40 electric love years after this. He was a very clever history. Some quests where octagonal knot clergy every cannot really out. She would refuse for measure school person 12 all over again. Have a much improved access times. When when I was a something that's on the fare home Bessonette, easy sweat you off cleverly s western also with a bit welcomes compressed because your political Jennifer the shop is that's a pretty much just pop. Pour the gin burn palliative. You quit in the trial on this young David. It'll tear. It would get important forgot Louisiana spiritually control Freddie Dejan bone. So if you share, I quite see your photo sharing Portray a pack A morsel of a complete Morley personal is your pipes on? Proponent of a complete moment to clip the cleaning Theodoric over the clash on handle Mulvey on over to total of a complex, more complete, more social visit Pass on a Marxist Where in the mountain clear she was together you know it was just a natural compressible posse Allah Virginia Locally, my local mosque. Your Kelly fellow restaurant. It's your to Barbara. How do you know how bad Don't Perfect strong es que hair coverage Episcopal simply Perciasepe jobless Mortal enemy A real place. Milomir. It has unveilings. Animated. Try what except markets will easier. She was always compete more. They pushed the truth. Manure from the prayer value in a trial off several pasha component require you don't sue lazier a local 1,000,000 from a carry me replace a almost really model suggestions. Cakes had more about anti component. See the component over to by dawn tomorrow to support liberty will start to Shumpert I completely to you over Dhoni on the spare, natural and honest a friend. Asian person. Kiss your photo over everywhere I see your dojo to shell it. Ready reserve procure. Cilia incident could take an opportunity. Young Keeper. What almost value is actually surface long. Liberty dresses The researcher What? Almost a surfacing entrepreneur. Peppermint Your hotel Mastracchio. People like gaskets kowtow swollen. Vala Bush. It talks about how important that in your is it right up. Example. Deputed Zone kissed Covanta in a lab loco. Kelowna. Just don't should lab bushland, Mac. So you don't you will prop it. More likely, say something. Approved a marriage, Bhaskar to monitor said. McCullough said some promotional moments put great success Key fella from the nineties as shown long, very complete, more paradise. It has been natural form A posse, Osama Morphin Institution, Durjan Bone Casket Forward to shape a hopper. Harvey's ask you a left sweat. June, Besides, excursions were pretty pretty sure where I love us over Mackey and pull it had Guess what, Chris? During physical activities, the performer come to tell a pop when I text you interested. Head is aumento. Did rested is a message is the one we don't some do unimaginable beauty, but due to Delhi failed. You'd love to show that I schedule more gather certain, put its on perfection. Ah, his son. Passion not continent. These women Sears was, um bop icepick or jail is on perfection Commision meme country diesel makers You continue overwhelming power to say on it on Zuma popular See Rises who made too long as I live out almost like to shit with his Britten's imperfection Convey little a Bush avant garde dump effects from Aleppo Um is risky for physical image has naturally yes, I'll talk him dear Almost a passage to ship People who said touche are hostile more at have a presuming misuse We're together on this Pampinea trial says his imperfection Kiva Fair Curly Imagine you may profit pursued over in pok Perfect natural manure person can book Yeah, absolutely more perfect song Pretty Bhutan's on pretty broke toward the latter is on why that sounds like a religion Makes it even more important said Have a you deserve a on street. See? Yeah, bruise on the common say at Harvey's women comments about having a complete Muslim me a policy toward on your own. I live on Conchos over a pretty with rematch Streusel Ecology. The zone to traffic problems started swearing film three. Don't move on Conker bashing and more If you can't Williams over to convert very large, it is a very old engine burn yakel couple in the cooler theatrical competition. Six. Proving Kokko issue on the agenda Mr to God level even the president's measuring get lifted , little emailed. You make it stop coliform decisional person. That's an extra more important. 4. Dodge & Burn 2/2: There's a lot more open in the general. Let's get defensive here on new character region by some promoted for also composed giving Calica Jr stand compost under Gary Humpty locality. The money up for Oscars also carry pompous example. Do Christmassy problem In this position? A guy says Swoop sopon sulfite Last time the scariest tie graduates occurs. Don't pray Puritan. They place on spread on the home gas responsible Federal bureaucracy. Year toe Hold for Sam Spruce. Certain type I implore for Sam Spruell Look hoodlum Ashwell where? All for some spoiler. But he also a permit to shoulder from ST John's. Today usually felt the tones on time. Sample the controlling control face. I promise about Simone. You can't Wings are among the home forces out on tracheotomies years on patrol A. J. What? Because it limits that protect excursions. Apparatus out intra sector Dejan bone precedent. The first up Was it something more this a year? The emergence and spread a performed on his own regular Maxwell really try market introduce . Will a primitive people manage my beyond of Chianti purpose market thing? Okay, I'm all the time from Cali as you're still the best step School of Beauty conferences only shows a skillet controlling save Obama Pakistan's rights issues. The home forces, certain pitchers excised had described measures because I'm Dunlap et to show risky a second or so. 5. Correction des tons chair: have you Skin texture are particularly character collection on killing based on sweet on the palate, lashes and brows Kiss on. Listen, Ellie. So still America money this in areas that you're really fruit their vegetative produce Really? They feel a bit further. Sepsis in this Is there no scholastic? Perfect. Seem honest. Mostly it's all Nepali. The Jenn Berman pull a question on the evil immune visited Yumiko Contrast. They want more home for sounds Sutton's when ultimate compressed a magnum opus. El Akula class tickets to the present portal. No class. Refer to my Gallic Look on your need. Probably two more young, every difference extreme Opa haven't such a Come on Click for hope Homeless Election Police photo Gallic Jocko Ciclavia had propelled the nouveau Gallic Duke Will Hopefully soon It will be powerful Is that they Don't Lep. It'd pilot during last just movies here at the White Shumway. Well also looked You told them You 2 to 4. They tell Donkey Kong Bianca structure can induce a calico Approve our family streets. How young? She can't say Cal come approval homogenization ability to like really poor Suppose I casino just to spree is the best armored division cooler surgery December as well. Passe homered. Living after Music Hall for seven people contrast. If he is re dude from You don't still in there, Andrew. You know if it's Europe's icon, the galaxy duplicates heretic. I like Montella Chromecast Ajunwa Street. A little extra Nailah clocked. Correspond. I assume the limits dates from unimagined Catholic for politically, with a little more yard Air. Elizabeth Liddy. Save Ramo are the Galilee quarterly marriage. I am a street normal. Mostly, you want crazily boomer the equivalent placebos. On the while do Biology of rocket crashes came to oppress Cooper. I don't like to book extra legality, personality. Carry and struggle. The enormity. Just equity isn't exactly to extremist activity. Surgeries worked like comparisons. True, increased solar. Garrick Dudas, who Dominion approve of Obama. Pelosi struck down the Calkins strollers under like a movie. Years says recommend, particularly from your right ear for some cheaper, like on the super little My looks lived in workers left the ground on the preindustrial out . Some permits a parish. I can't eat its young alone that really believes that the only portable theocracy do manual work. Some promote a do sell a House committee. Only Mark love far the residents where I can on Sweet Pea replicate a load of a Marc from Pretoria Debut year with the Macula family only. Do send transitional Kivas fair. The men you have more vocal coaches keypad, hobo it conserve work group or minimum. In fact, local concrete directly. Masculinity with your own place regarded to roll, I'm asking the basket. It's crazy that our justice often curiosity. Moron. Can't girl and Correspond Mosque, usually last Madrid's Supreme Shack on the the Mask affect Really fair to some blonde, you know? CJ film. Ask Strom, Understated. The Manuel is about to secretary from the most really part of the men. Your local. I'm glad put facades room per year or General Remembrance. Ocampo. Religion. There are in the past year saw a on three. I can't have taken a piss off national controversially, pacers just full of rockets correspond. It's really was unlikely. Kill. Surely Kendrick have a year in the premier's literally killed retro travel years. A little or a preschool is the high heels on trombones. I, from typical whose eso to caesium bump on the purpose a lot over voir risen so high Elmore states. From what we understand No Notice your home masculinity as the difference from Harlem Dari vehicle shows. The example is available for predators upon my prison for this activity. Calicchio cooler example is a They are just the L'Aquila Any masculinity? 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Tampa priests that doctors we all remember the usual has tampered very air liberally freshman purported. Usually just the manual together school camping trip with the booster university. You don't know who can pull it yourself, however you have a limited eliminates. Decomposing, sure poor, replicate girls. Surely Zona straightly felt so the president really managed to imagine it's a moon way on the felt. You controlling It's so messy. Clearly measures on key issues. Versions of this article about Mike stronger shows several years or more, More young beyond all fair. Could you remove Christ? Only ministered cooler, texture, soffit. They live ammo. I mean, you have a president that and on his own. While investor basically means states cash returns for the before, I was rather times pretty much don't. I was not only did you there a man ever prayed rianka have actually blues car stunts for the break If I fell was leisure. 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