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Quickly Create Instagram Carousels Using Canva

teacher avatar Shivam Pasricha, Digital Branding Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Carousel Dimension & Slides Calculation

    • 3. Deploying Rulers & Guidelines for Carousel

    • 4. Part 1 - Creating 1st Carousel Without Using Template

    • 5. Part 2 - Creating 1st Carousel Without Using Template

    • 6. Dividing Into Multiple Carousel Posts (Using App) + Another Example

    • 7. Creating 1st Carousel Using Template

    • 8. Creating 2nd Carousel Without Using Template

    • 9. Final Words

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About This Class

Hi everyone, welcome to the course. Here, we will learn how to create amazing interconnected carousel posts for your Instagram page using the free version of Canva.

First, I've explained some carousel size calculations which you need to calculate to put the basic foundation of the post. Followed by the video which teaches about the rulers and guidelines to use within the Canva platform.

Then, I've divided the post creation process into 2 types, first without using the template, and the second using the template.

Further, I've created 3 Instagram carousel posts live in the following videos by showing each and everything in detail. Also, there is one video that helps to divide the long length image into different parts which will be posted on your Instagram page as a carousel post.

I hope you'll like this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shivam Pasricha

Digital Branding Specialist


Hello, I'm Shivam.

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1. Introduction to the course: I'm pretty much sure that nowadays you must have seen Instagram carousels like this, like this, and like this. So these are three examples to three type of carousels, which I'm showing you and I'm displaying your hair. So you have already seen such kinds of creative, such kind of arousal which are interconnected so that whenever you swipe right to the next slide, you can see these are interconnected and the design is continuing to the next slide as well. So these kind of creatives and pretty much simple and easy to make. And you don't need to worry if you are not a graphic designer. If you're not, if you do not know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator, any such kind of online software. You just need to know simple steps and using the free account of Canvas, I'll show you in this course and this little few minutes of course that How to, how you can also make such kind of creatives. And easily within five to ten minutes, that will be the maximum demand if you will practice it daily on a daily basis, on regularly basis frequently, then you will become better and better and better day by day. So I'll show you in the next few minutes you will be, you will become master in this category, like how to create arousal posts for Instagram. And another thing I'll like, I've divided this course into two or three examples. Like i've, I've created these kind of creatives. So I will be displaying these three kilometers, how I made these three creatives from scratch. And obviously I'm recording this video after creating these three clear depth, which I will be showing you in this course. So I will show you how to create two ways. First, without using any template, you need to create it from scratch using the elements and all. And second type of the carousel post I made using the templates which are already available on Canvas. So and we'll also discuss how to, how to choose a colossal dimensions of the arousal on the basis of number of sides and many more things. You will see the ruler guide and whatever things are there available on the Canvas. You will see everything and discourse. And very small duration of this course, I'll show you many things. So what do you need to do is just watch the full course and you will learn in between also, you will learn many new things. I hope that you will learn new things and do follow this whole series of this course and continue using this and you will become master in next few minutes. So see you there in this course. 2. Carousel Dimension & Slides Calculation: Hello and welcome you to this part of the Canva Corps veteran, I will be telling you take how to choose the arousal size. I mean to say that how to choose the size of the dimensions of the image on the basis of number of slides which you are about to upload in a particular can LZ. So first we will see what is the Instagram post size. So the pore size of the Instagram is 0100, 800 by 600, 800 pixels. So basically we can say one is to one day issue. So v hat, such kind of like if you type Instagram. So we'll get this post 10, 800 by 800 pixels. But we do not get any such a thing with the name carousels night. So how, how we can do a browser like to, if we like to create five photos in this type of post, then it will not, it will not be interconnected. It will be, it might get mismatch. So what need, what we need to do? So let us understand this with the help of paint. So let me tell you first that, see, we have this size around for the Instagram posts. I'm right. See arousals have more than one image. So what we'll do, we will create 12, suppose five images, right, with the same size, 1, 0 and 0, 0, 1, 0 and 0. So it will look like this. So the person will be seeing this post as this one image. And then he swiped right? He or she is swipe, right. And it will he will come to the second post and this will continue. But it should be interconnected. Lake, lake for example, there is one arrow like like this, so it will continue to the second post, right? So this kind of interconnection is required. But how can we make sure that we will be going to make this kind of Instagram Carousels only by using this Instagram post size, this Instagram post image section. So what we need to do is we can do another thing. That is, what if we can make this size? One image of this says, and then we'll divide them. Lake. Let me show you. Then we'll divide them among five images. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, right? So we can do this easily and we do not need any Photoshop experience or any hands-on experience on Photoshop editor, on illustrator. We just need Canva to cleared such kind of creatives late. So let me first tell you how to calculate size on the basis of number of slides. So to calculate this, suppose we need to make carousels with five images. Suppose 12345 as one independent section. So what we will do is we will take, we will choose custom size over here. So width and height. Height should be 1080. Height is, suppose here is the arousal. As you can see, my cursor here is the arousal. So high should be 0100, 800 pixels. Length is, length should be 100. Suppose we are about to create five slides in this single arousal. So we do a multiply it with five, so it will be 54 000. So in width, we should input 54 000 rate, and we need to choose pixel over there, py px, and just click on Create new design. So this will be divided into five slides. So let me tell you for that about the rulers and all in the next video. 3. Deploying Rulers & Guidelines for Carousel: All right, so in this video we will going to learn like how to show the rulers and the guides. So on the left top side, you can see file. And after clicking on the file, you can see Show Rulers. Just we need to click on this so that we would be able to see Lula's right. And again, click on File and click on Show Guides. So after clicking on Show Guides, we can divide it lay week, we need to divide these, this whole image into five different posts, five different images, so as to put it into carousels with the same size. So we need to hover the cursor over here so that you can see this kind of arrow. And you need to just drag it and just put it on the first 1080 pixel. So this is just, you need to double, basically, this size is 0100, 800 by 600, 800 pixel. And again, the second image, divided nation we need to do just again, just drag a ruler from here and put it into the, on the double of this number by 1000, 800 datasets to 0 to 16 0. Thus we need to be very accurate for this, yeah, this one, right? So this is also 1000, 800 pixel. And same goes with these two rulers as well. We need to put it on, like it's 800, 1680 is at 24, so 300 or three to 400. We just need to multiply. Basically. Either you can add it 100 plus 10 at 0 plus 1080. So you can do this. This is a 30 to 40, right? Okay, So this is also 10 at 0 by 100. Again, the last step we need to go into this is 32, right? So 320, 4320. Okay, so we have divided this whole image into different five images, right? So that these will be our carousels for the upcoming colossal post. So let us proceed further in the next video, we will learn more about this. 4. Part 1 - Creating 1st Carousel Without Using Template: All right, so in this video, what we will do is we first choose the background and then we'll put some elements on this arousal. So as I told you earlier in the Instagram Carousels part of this course, we will be doing two or maximum three examples in which I'll show you how I create my creatives, how I cleared my Instagram carousels. So this is the first example of this. So this is how we need to divide, as I told you in the previous video. Now what we'll do is we'll, we do not follow these templates. We just follow these templates in the next example, maybe. Now we need to do it from scratch. Let us learn how to do it from scratch. So suppose we need to choose some background. Suppose the via background I need should be at own whitish, I guess this kind of background would work. Right. Okay. On maybe let us see some another one's word, this. Okay? This is totally your choice, how creative you are. It depends only on you. So according to my creativity as, as I like, let me be very frank with you guys. I'm not like proper graphic designer. I do not know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator. But yeah, I'm good with Canva. I've been using this obvious since last four to five years, I guess. And I've been I've been working like I had been working in many organizations. So I know something related to designing. But yeah, so, uh, let us choose this background and not this one. Let me liquid just suggest you another one. That simple white column that ground I need. Suppose they're just choose the right one. Write a simple and it's good or light. So let us go to the element after choosing the background. Background is already white. We haven't chosen anything. So we need to go to this elements section. And let us dig some lines maybe or maybe gradients suppose will search for the lines, right? So let us continue with these lakes, scroll these simple lines, and just came down. Let us come down. And we need to look for some good designs, for some good elements, line elements. So that this looks better. Okay? Okay. Let us take this one lake or what we can do is we can take three to five elements at a time and then we'll arrange it like we need to. Actually, I'm using this as I already told you, I'm using this free account. So we will be choosing these only three among the free ones, right? So let us choose this one as well. Okay, I'm sorry. Let us choose this one and keep it aside. And which one is looking good? Let me see for the lines. Maybe this one also. And oh, okay. Oh, okay. Or late. So maybe maybe some adults would work. Okay. So this fun, maybe let us choose it to black so that it would be reasonable for the DOAS. And we can go with the also, we can go with any of these. And let us suppose we need to choose different dots. We just need to be little bit creative in this thing. So that arousal would be, would look at least better than what others are doing. So you need to create the order. You need to use your creative mind. Okay? So I guess these are enough for the initial element thing. I guess these are good to go. Okay? So we have taken these different kinds of different elements. So what we'll do is we'll go back to elements and we'll pick one or two gradients. Maybe. Gradients look good. So what we'll do is we'll take these kind of gradients. Suppose this one and another is this one. Maybe I'll tell you how to use these. So now another thing I would like to tell you, dr, what we can do is suppose we are liking this design. So we need to click on these three dots. And you can see that it is created by a marketplace designers. So if you want to see such more time, just such a clear modes kind of elements which are made by marketplace designer. So you just need to click on this and you will see a lake. How this marketplace designers have made. I like what are the things? What are the other elements? Which marker this design I have made? So you can see using these auto maybe what I can show you, we can take this one. This is also looking good. Let us take this, but as we will remove it further, but let us take, for now, these ones. See these odd-odd created by marketplace designers. So we can follow a particular artist as well in this. Okay? So I can, I guess these are enough. So let us place this 1 first. Okay? This one is looking good over here maybe. And okay, so we just need to have some logo elements. Let us search for any logo if it is available. Suppose this post is being created by this company symbols rate. So this is the logo of the brand. Suppose V lead to bordered overhead on the right side of the bowl. So remember this is one single post date. So after putting this, we need to just jared Oh, what had not had let me just see. Okay. There Does be some more some videos to show some clear degree. D. Q. Okay. And this is looking or kill, but if you're just choose a color for this whole brand image, suppose we are choosing a particular gradient, that red color, red and black. So this filled, go somewhere black and some village in between. Maybe choose over here, the red one. Okay? So this is looking great, okay, descent. And suppose delete this one or maybe just extended to something bigger and use it like this. Maybe this would this would work. This would work, I guess. Okay. And let us put this one over here. Maybe we can put it over here. Let us put it aside for the meanwhile, you need to let us take this and let's put it on 90, 90 degrees straight. Okay? So now what we can do is we can just put it where here, for example. And we need to just drag it to make it a little bit smaller and just need to Puerto to wet hair. And let us put this arrow by the hair on light. So it does looking a little bit better. Let us delete this one. This is not often use. I'm dealing. I do not, I really do not like this one. Let us switch circle to backwards so that we can drag this one. Or this one looks fine or wet hair. And just delete this. And what we can do is we can just put it over here. Suppose. And we need to this on the top. This is looking a little better. So now we need to validate to the red and black sheet to give that I didn't black shared. So let us put this two zed, switch it to black and red. This is looking decent. Let us create a little smaller, okay. Again, this lead us for this. We'll just take this and created an alert. And this should be it should be declared and this should be black, I guess. Or maybe a black would also work. What do they say? Okay. So these are the placement of basically we need to as I've shown you, ve I've chosen the background, although it is right or what? Hey, where do you can choose any background? Or maybe you can upload any image in the background. And after that, you need to choose some elements which you feel that they are attractive. And we have also seen that if we need to see some kind of a, suppose a, some kind of adults. So what we will do is suppose we like this one and we need ago who was the clear does oppose head also, we get the, the brand of this type of graphic is Marketplace designers. So we need to click on the three dots and you need to click on this View more biomarker based designers. So this brand, so these other graphics, these are the elements which, which this brand has made aid. So these are some of the things which you need to know. And so our design is almost ready. So in the next video, we will touch up the final things and put that text in this whole arousal rate. So your discontinue video, another video. 5. Part 2 - Creating 1st Carousel Without Using Template: Now it's time to add some text. So let us choose the heading. What maybe we can put something port some lake where we can take something from here. This one looks good. So let us put this aside and this. Okay. Okay, let us put some heading, three steps to clear. Okay? So first, this, as you can see, this takes on the left-hand side. On the left, we need to remove this text, will need to click on this whole career team and we need to ungroup this. So now you can see you can select and drag it anywhere separately from this one. So what we need to do is we need to just click on this and click on the Delete button on our keyboard. So after deleting this, you will be left with distinct. So this is looking good. Three steps to create causally. Alright? So this is looking good. And what you can do is you can choose another text, maybe this one. Okay, and ungroup this. And just lake, we need to just drag it and extended. So what we'll do is we'll just put some text over here, like hashtag. Hashtag one, it should be whatever hurting you would like to make x, y, z, suppose. And just, I would like to change some font. So we need to select this hole and just click on over the hair. And suppose we'll take this one, okay? Not this one. Okay? Actually this one is looking good or late. So this is the force heading. We just need to put it on the left. And another thing we need to extend this and let us put it on the left side. Okay. Just let us choose some good word, fond, okay, this one looks good. Yes, it looks good, decent. Now we take some decks. Are late. This is just for the sample purpose. Let us copy this active, okay? Okay, so this is looking decent. Size should be a little bit smaller. Suppose we need to remove this early, better graph. Suppose a better enough. This is this much and we need to bold it. And after this, you need to just align it from the top text and okay, I'm so sorry. Okay. And just make it a little bit smaller. And then now you can see all we need to change the font again, it is not looking as good as I like to show. All right, this is looking okay if we unfold it, okay, This is looking good now. Now, as you can see, this is a post shifted to the right side, Little Albert K. Now it's looking good. Now what we can do is you just need to click on this and Control C. Let's copy this, and let's base this, and this will become our second. Okay. And just copy this and paste this. This is this going to become up. Second text for the second. Do not change this size. It would not look good. Okay? This is looking good. All right, so this is our second one. Suppose we are taking the sample text over here. Heading should be, step 2 should be ABC on rate. And same goes with this. Just copy this and paste this and put it over here. It looks good over here. And just copy it and paste it over here. Okay? These are looking good. This is a CYP three. Suppose D E, F. And now the fourth dx should be maybe like this. Let's copy this and paste this over here. And for more, do, for low this page. Maybe we can put this thing Four more, four of them do fall of this page. Or maybe we can put a little text over here, like visit our website, link and description or bio or whatever we can put it. And what we can do is we can also, we can just delete this thing, the dots. And what we'll do is we will click on elements and click on the Save thing. Like, you know, on instructed on, we have the same option, right? So this kind of button you have on each and every post you see on Instagram. So you can put this one as well. This looks pretty good. So where will swipe these images and comes to the last page. So he will see, he or she will see this kind of last page. And as you know, you need to click on this link. This will be the Save button so that the person who will, who is scrolling Instagram Carousels will be like will see that this is the Save button. So he or she might save your post, which is, which will be shown in the below section of the image on the Instagram posts, right? So he or she might save your posts. So this will create engagement on your posts and your Instagram page and follows will grow at a rapid speed, right? So this kind of creative we have created. So also we can remove it. If we do not like this, we can remove this as well. If you're not liking this, or maybe we can dim this a little bit. Okay, we can do this. And similarly over here as well. We can make it like this. Okay? So this is our carousels. So this will be divided into as, as what these lines, as you can see. So this is a guide, basically these ruler and the guide. You can see that it is helping us to cleared such kind of force. So now you can see one image, right? So in the next video, I will be teaching you on how to divide these images with the help of a simple application. And you will be dividing. You will be able to divide these images into five different images. This image into five different images so that you can put it into the corral was a lot of Instagram. So this is how our final Instagram posts will looks like the Instagram carousels. So in the next video, I'll show you that, that application, or you can basically just crowd, just download this image and you can crop it one-by-one. This is totally your choice. I'll tell you the app by which I do. Personally, I do. I divide these images into multiple image, this image into multiple images. So let us proceed with the, another video. 6. Dividing Into Multiple Carousel Posts (Using App) + Another Example: Okay, So in this video now we're going to learn how to crop these images. So for Android, for the, if you have an Android mobile, what you can do is you can simply download this Banner landmark crop for Instagram app. So what do we need to do is just a Laker download this creative and do your mobile phone. And after installing this app, just open this app and you need to open this in Laika, load this image, upload this image in this application, and just tell them that how many images, as you can see over here. If this is five, so do you need to click on this one Five option? And it will create this post. It will divide this image into five different images. So with the help of this, you can crop these images in Lake in a single row. And if you have an Apple phone, then what you can do is this is a free application N-squared for Instagram. So this would be helpful for you. And this will also work similar to this one. Like as you can see, how many pieces you need. So it will create up to five pieces easily. So these are the two applications which I would like to tell you. All right, so let us close this. And another thing, this is one of my brand. So what we'll do is like I've created this kind of simple posts can also pose, but these interconnected pores as, as we have made this one. So how this type of post looks like? I've shown over here. So I'm not like let me just select if it's possible. Let me just select the mobile version of it. Okay. So we are this one. This is the post. After opening this. Let me slide. So this is the first pose. And I've, I've uploaded five post, five images basically in the single Instagram carousel post. So see, these are the lines. This is the logo and this is the heading and some designing. And after this, this zigzag lines, curly lines will continue till the second image, that is our first. And these arrow will continue to another, to another image like this. And these add oval also continue. Like as you can see, I've, I've put some half arrows or wellhead and a half over here. So this is a 0.3 and these are some circles. And it does looking quite decent as simple yet. Great. For more visit our YouTube channel link in description on bio. So this is a kind of creative and this is a kind of Instagram carousels have created. So I hope you guys have understood how to simply create a ketoacyl image. Instagram Carousels straight from scratch. So you can, you can add on many things. Like, suppose, I would like to tell you that. Suppose you need to insert some phases. Suppose like, okay, this, this, or maybe this girl's face is looking good. What do we need to do is This is created by sketchy files. So let us see more from schizophrenia. Or if you found something great. Okay. So yeah, if you are creating something related to office work, so what you can do is view, you can just put some image over here. These are the asserting overhead, maybe. So you can take this one as well. Okay, So this will continue to download that image. And similarly, you can take as many images as you require. Yeah, I like this one. Okay, So this will also look decent, right? So you can do like it. It really depends on you. You need to have a deep look into this element section and you will find so many options over here. So let me just, it is these ones quickly. Okay? So this is what our templates, this is what I Instagram colossal looks like. Okay, So in the second, in another video, we will continue with another example using the templates, right? So see you in the next video. 7. Creating 1st Carousel Using Template: All right, So these other templates that you can see, let us pick a good one. Okay, So this is looking good as you have already seen the introduction video. So let us take this one on. Let's take another one. For this time. Let us take this one. Maybe. This one looks decent. Okay. So this is the template Redeemer template. You just need to edit some things. So what you can do is instead of this logo, you can upload your personal logo. And you can put it over here and just put an arrow so that maybe you can put this text over here. Over here maybe. And some next element, elements with the name next. So what you can see, you can just pick some pick on good one, slight maybe. Okay, this one. They'll just changes do a let us change it to white color. I'll grade it as looking decent and just okay. Our late. So it does also looking decent and L it's looking good. So the person will swipe it and it will go, it will arrive to the next slide. So to view all this DECT, he needs to again switch to the slide. So I put the toast late, and then he will see the fourth one and then the fifth one. So basically, we just need to be a little bit clear dividends thing. You can edit this text. Whatever you want to edit. You can just simply click or double-tap on it and just edit anything and forth you can do is, so this is the divider, this is the ruler. So this and this image is on. These two images are different. So what do we will, we can do is we can just simply take it over so that the person can see only the first alphabets in this image. And then he will definitely go into slate to the another one. This will also looks good. All right. Let us put it in the medulla. Okay. This is looking quite good. Okay. Keep it as it is. Alright. So this is also looking gourd. And by doing this and by using those slides, those applications for Android or Apple, which I've already told you, you can crop these images are like this single image into five different images. And you can proceed with uploading the carousels are like so. In the next video we'll see another example, like simply by taking some random template or maybe we can add on some off Adria creativity over there. So let us proceed with another one. 8. Creating 2nd Carousel Without Using Template: Let's add another one. What we can do is we can choose some background let us created without any help for any template. Suppose V put, we choose this color bubble, one of my favorite color I would rather see. And just, we need to find some elements. Okay, So that ruler is coming over here. Let us scroll below. Yeah, You can see, when you scroll above, then you can see that ruler in this one. But now it is wet here. So this will guide you throughout the creation process of this ketoacyl are late, so let us see some lines. Again. Maybe I'll find some beta lines this time. Basically I need some better design. K, Okay? Okay, that's no. It is pro, up this one, this one is looking gourd and it is, it is actually matching with this, right? So we need to look for the similar designs. What do we do, as I've told you in the previous videos, we then just need to click on this and view more by marketplace designers. So we'll see this kind of design, these kinds of designs again in this section. Okay, this one is also available. This one looks different. Let's add these. And if, if there is any unedited a similar design available, that would be great. Okay? Okay. This one is also looking good. Decent, late. Okay. So these are more than enough, I guess. So what we'll do, just put it over here. Let us flip it. Because I want this opening on the left side. So just need to click on it. Flip horizontally, are late. So just need to make it a little bit bigger. This is looking pretty decent. Okay? Or maybe what we can do is just flip it vertically, horizontally. Now, we can work, we can do is just, we can do this 90 degree and what? This is not looking that good. This is good, okay? And we need to just simply dig this over here. Okay? All right, so this is looking decent. Okay, let us put this one over as, let me just expand this a little bit. Let us put a tear and this is looking decent or late. Okay? So what we will do the same case, I've, as I've already shown you. Now, I'm taking a little bit shortcut over here. We'll copy this one. Or maybe we can copy this one. And this one here. This is our heading. And maybe let us copy this logo and put it here. This is our logo. There. Just keep it on the left side itself and just clear it and make it little bit smaller. Just a second. And a little bit smaller. Okay. Back to fit and bolder. All right. So this is looking let us increase the size of this one. Okay? This is looking good. Another thing we can do is we can add some points, sorry, just you need to click and copy and paste and then drag it over here. These are looking good over here. And what we need to do, what we can do is, again, again, this kind of design would work. Okay? This is looking decent. R What we can do with just increase the size of this one. This looks good. And let us switch it to the white color. White color is looking more and more Good, much good. And we need to suppose V, copy this fund itself and based it over here. Okay? And just maybe we need to add some ADL, something like something delivered through some dots. Let us search 1 second. Maybe this one would work. Maybe. No, it does not looking good at all. Okay, This is looking great, decent. Oh, we just need to be a little bit clear tail, let us switch it to white color. Okay. Moved through marketing 2030. And these are some of the important points related to this thing. So this is how we can create some good kind of carousels. Whatever, whatever alignment you would like to take, you can take on we can all visually put it over here as well. On maybe on the downside of this and ticket on the let's flip vertically. Okay. This is looking good, decent. And this one, this one is also looking nice. Okay? So this is how, and this is how weekly at arousal and for degradation of this colossal, as I've already shown you some of the apps using which you can divide this single arousal image, the full size image into different four or five or three. So we have taken this 1080 and 25. So we have created this pipe posts. You can simply create a similarly create var2 34 or any number of slides you want to create. My multiplying by 1000, 800 into the number of slaves which you need to put. And this is how simply this whole thing works. So I hope you have learned a lot from here and how, and how to use lake, how to quickly create this, this kind of Instagram can OZ. So see you in the final video of this part. 9. Final Words: So thank you so much guys for following this whole course in which I have explained you how to make the arousal for Instagram. And I hope that you will be able to now create these kind of arousal on your own for yourself or maybe for your client as well. So if you leave it like this course and if you like that, I will come up with some more Canvas related courses. Then you can follow me. And I'm a professionally, I'm a digital marketer. So you can also get, I'll be coming up with all new late, many new courses related to digital marketing. So you can follow me as well on the Skillshare. So thank you guys so much for watching this whole tutorial till the end. Thank you.