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Quick knits: Make a super chunky knit hat in less than an hour

teacher avatar Cara Corey, Knitter and overall do-it-yourselfer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Knitting the hat


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      Decreasing at the top


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      Seaming the hat


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About This Class

This giant knit hat is guaranteed to keep you super warm in cold weather! Take advantage of a trend toward huge yarns and giant knitting needles to make a hat that works up in less than an hour. 


This project is great for beginning knitters, although you do need to know how to knit, purl, and do a K2TOG decrease. You do not need to know how to knit in the round as this project is worked on straight needles and seamed. 

Materials needed:

• 1 skein jumbo size (size 7) yarn, such as Chunky Grande Big yarn from Michaels stores or 1/2 pound wool roving (I love wool roving split to half the thickness, too. Look for seasonal chunky yarns in the fall & winter.)
• size US 50/25 mm straight knitting needles
• String or sturdy yarn for optional pom pom


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cara Corey

Knitter and overall do-it-yourselfer


Hi, I'm Cara and I'm a former journalist-turned-pattern designer. I specialize in modern knitting designs using giant needles and unique materials (see my work at caracoreydesigns.com). I make everything from hats and scarves to pillows, poufs, and other home decor. I absolutely love knitting and crochet, and I couldn't put my needles down if I tried.

I have two little kids, so my plate is very full right now, but I believe you always have to make time for creativity.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: tha era, Corey, for Mary Marine, it's bringing you another super fun giant knitting pattern. Uh, this one is for a hat. It's really cute. Um, an easy and quick to make using some really thick yard and giant needles. Um, because there's not very many stitches, you know, it really won't take long at all to put together. I actually think I could make the whole thing for you in this video so you can see how fast it goes. Um, and if you want to see what it looks like on it's crazy huge, nice and warm. Also very cute. And, um, over in the next segment what you need to make the hat, um, materials and supplies. Um, so you could make his money as you want. Um, stay tuned. 2. Materials: Okay. So to make our giant hot, you're gonna need the giant yard. And it's really exciting that some new super thick yarns are commercially available now. I bought both of these yarns at a Michael's craft store. Um, I think they're for sale. Their website to it's called Chunky Grand A or Chunky Lux. Um, and a lot of other brands are starting to have these. They're called jumbo yards. If you look on the back, it should have a number. And this oneness seven. So you want something in that jumbo category to be big enough to do this project? Um, the other option is to use Will robing, which is basically the fibers before their spun into yarn on. They come in a very thick consistency, and you actually order them by the pound. There's a ton of sellers on Etsy now that have this will roving in all different colors. You only need about half a pound to make this pattern, but you might want to go ahead and order a whole pound just to be on the safe side. That will cost you a little bit more than these acrylic yarns. But like you said, you might have some left over if you order a whole pound. That's what this hat is made out of. So this is all very warm, but a little bit scratchy. So if you want something softer, you know, you might want to go with one of these acrylic yarns. Just know that's being soft. Means it'll Fillmore. They're really, really fuzzy. But I'm gonna go ahead and use this charcoal one. This is the chunky grand day. Uh, let's see how many yards this is 24 yards. So not a super long length, but very, very thick. And you also need You're getting needles. These are 25 millimeter or size US 50. Um, I think they're also called speed sticks because they, you know your projects work up so fast. I would say these air $10 or less. Um, pretty much any craft store now or online, you can get some nice would ones from Etsy sellers. Also, I really wish that these came in a small circular set, which is what you'd normally used to make a hat. But I think that is just not something that exists yet, or if it does, it's very hard to find. So I'm gonna teach you how to get it back and forth on straight needles, and then the end will so the seam up the side If, by chance you couldn't find them in circulars, you wouldn't have to have a seem and that would be the ideal situation. So that's all you need for materials. Just save me some scissors to come on, and you don't even need a needle to weave in the ends because you could just use your fingers so thick, so let's get started. 3. Knitting the hat: so I wanted to mention first that you do need to know some basic knitting skills to make this hot. You need to know how to knit and how to pearl. And if you don't know how to do either of those, I'm sure that you could find a video elsewhere on skill share or on YouTube. That just goes over those very basic knitting skills. Um, once you know how to do that, you could make this hot. Gonna take the label off, get started. Gonna make a slipknot for initial stitch and just leave, like, you know, six or eight inches of a tail. Luke, that on your needle and the rena cast on a total of 16 stitches. So to or I eight, 9 10 11. Well, 13 14 15 16. I should just barely fit on one needle. And I don't do any kind of fancy cast on for this because it's just so large. I don't want it to be any bulkier than it has to be. So just your basic Lou being cast on. If you have a favorite when you want to use, go ahead and try it. Once you got our 16 stitches. We're going Teoh knit in a stocking it pattern, which means you need a row and parole rope. So unit, the first row and the first rule is always super tight and takes a little bit longer than the rest of the roads. And, you know, with these bulky needles, it's, you know, it takes a little bit of time to get your rhythm going, but it's pretty fast. I mean, by the time you get your first road yet, you're gonna have like an inch and 1/2 vestiges. So this continue knitting and pearling the second row, fourth row and so on until your piece is six inches tall. Um, and then that's when we're going to start decreasing for the crown. So I'm actually going to go ahead and turn off the camera and it until I get to that point , because that's pretty boring to just watch um, and then we'll go from this 4. Decreasing at the top: okay, So I would have had a knit the main body of the hot. And I checked my wash, and it was less than 10 minutes for me to get this much done. And, of course, I've done this many times before, but, um, you'll find it's it's a pretty quick process. So like I said, a Notaro parola road Notaro Prothero Six times, um, To get to this point, it came up just shy of six inches, and I think that's okay. You want to make sure that your ending with a pearl room so that you're ready to start the next one on a Metro, I think that's just a little bit easier for decreasing. But if it doesn't work out and you just have to end it on a net row, you would just pearl instead of nit to do your decrease on just just basically the reverse . Um, so we've got 16 stitches on here, and we want to start shaping the crown, so I'm going to do a pattern knit Teoh and the knit two together until I get to the end. I will have 12 stitches by the time you get to the end so kind of my fingers want to knit with a super huge yard just a little bit easier net to. And then, if you haven't done this knit two together decrease before. You're basically just sticking your needle under two stitches at the same time and then getting them together. You just repeat that four times in it, too. Knit two together. Net two. You gather to get to together. Okay? And I should mention that if you want a taller hat, if you wanted to be a little bit slouchy, your floppy at the top, what you do differently is to make that main body more than six inches tall. I found that It just looks a little funny if I make it too tall. So trying to stick with that between five and six inches for the main part. Okay, so now we're ready to do our pearl row. So this time, instead of net to knit two together, we're gonna pearl one Purl, two together, Same thing. You stick your needle under two stitches at the same time. Just pearl. Normally, girl, One roll to together. Clear in the end. Okay, so now you have total of eight stitches on here, and this is actually gonna be our final row. That's how quick this hat comes together. We're gonna do the same thing where we get one and then it to together. We'll do that two times net one knit, two together. And then that leaves us with two stitches, and we'll just net each one of those. So we have a total six stitches. So this is what it should look like. A new needles kind of a triangle shape. 5. Seaming the hat: Okay, Now that we have are fully knit peace, we can go ahead and do the finishing on it. So we're gonna leave ourselves a little bit of tail to do the seam of the side. Well, maybe two feet just to be on the safe side. So just cut that off. So I ended up with this much left, which tells me I could have made the hat a little bit bigger, but not much, so it's perfect for once gain. So here's our long tail. Basically, we're just gonna really carefully slip a stitch off the needle and then pull the tail through. Do that for each one of the stitches. Normally, you would use a needle and thread to do this or just a needle to thread the are. But you don't even need a needle because these dishes are so that once you've gotten through all of them, you just pull it tight. That cinches up your hot at the top. So we're gonna actually seem this inside out. So you pulled it right side together, and we'll start by just closing up that hole of the top. So take your long tail, find the first stitch of the row and pull it through there. Hopefully, you can see that just to make sure that our top stays nice and tight. I'm gonna not it through there. And then it's just a matter of lining up the rest of the stitches to match up the two sides together. And basically, what that will do is ensure that when you flip it so that it's right side out, it closes up that seem, and you can barely even see it. It just kind of disappears into the hat. You'll still probably want that to be the back side of the hat, but you can actually make it look pretty hidden. So mashing up the stitches is pretty easy because there's usually on enough. You can see this, but there's kind of, ah, like a long stitch here, and then it sort of round boldest stitch. That's how it looks on the edges. So flat stitch, round, stitch, flat, sit around stitch. So that's what we're kind of trying to work with, matching those up and then you just go pick one stitch per side and run that tail underneath it and just trying to match him up If you have a way of seeming that you like better, that's totally fine. Is that just kind of go down the whole hat? Oops. Matching up stitches As you go, we get close to the bottom. You'll have another tale there. So I like to actually use that to connect the two bottom signs together cause it's a little bit cleaner. Make a nice not at the bottom from that. Just you know, that's the probably the part of the hat that's the most prone to, um, coming apart. So it's good to make an extra, not there in the bottom. And then, actually that will allow you to join these two pieces together when you're finished seeming so I'll do one more there and I'll take those two ends and not him together. And then before I cut this off, I just want to make sure that when I turn it right side out, it looks OK because I have had these hats turnout, where they were a little bit lumpy, and I decided to review the seam, but that actually looks pretty good. So there is a seam. You could see it, but it blends in pretty well with the rest of the hat. And, you know, if you don't want it to show, you could just have that be the back of your hat. So I'm gonna go ahead and cut off all tied in a double knot just to make sure it doesn't Come on. Done not not. Should be well inside the house. So you don't see it, and they just cut off the ends. You have finish hot. Try it on just to make sure that's so cozy. Warm, perfect for winter if you live in a cold place. Um, so I would love to see you try this hat on and posts any pictures that you have in the gallery. Um, and I will have more giant knitting projects for you coming up soon. Thanks for watching.