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      Quick Watercolor Gift Tags


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      Watercolor Resist


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      Inks and mists


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      Finishing Touches


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class


As a papercrafter and mixed media artist, I like to make my own gift tags for parcels, to make my gifts more personal. But very often when I need to wrap a parcel, I don't have any gift tags at hand, and end up cutting one quickly from patterned paper. So for this class, I thought I would make myself a big stash of gift tags, which are suitable for many different occasions.

In this class, you'll learn a quick and easy watercolor resist background technique, which will work for many different types of projects. The technique uses acrylic gels and watercolor paint, and I will also show you the same technique with dye-based inks (Distress Inks) and spray mist.

This class is a great opportunity to play around with different color combinations and to get to know your watercolor paints and acrylic mediums better. Tags are a fun surface to try out new techniques on, since they are so small and it doesn't matter if something doesn't work out as planned. But, as with all my classes, you can use the techniques on any type of project. It will work great for card making, art journaling, scrapbooking, 3-D items, or as a background for a mixed media piece.

I discuss the supplies and possible substitutions in the class and encourage you to use what you have at hand. All you need is watercolor paper, watercolor paint (or dye inks or spray mists), an acrylic gel or paste, and a stencils (it can be homemade too). You can find links to the supplies I used in the Quick Watercolor Gift Tags post on my blog. There are also some additional photos there.

Because it is soon Christmas, I decided to make the class free, but only for a week (until 27 December), after that it will become a premium class.

If you have any questions or comments, please share them in the class discussion area, and if you have any ideas about classes you'd like to see, just let me know and I will see what I can do. :)

Happy crafting!


Meet Your Teacher

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Anna-Karin Evaldsson

Mixed Media artist, papercrafter and stamper


I am a mixed media artist, paper crafter and stamper, sharing inspiration and tutorials on my blog Layers of ink. I have been doing arts and crafts my whole life and started papercrafting in 2002. How lucky I am to have found the joy of making art from paper, dies, stamps, ink, paint and photographs. I enjoy switching between different projects and sizes: cards, tags, mini-books, art journaling, layouts, and canvases. I also do a lot of 3-D projects and home decor/gift items.

I love trying out new and old techniques, to experiment and try different products and tools. I like to include little meaningful details and words on my projects. Building scenes, playing with texture and colour are some of my favourite things. The possibilities are truly endless and every project is a crea... See full profile

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1. Quick Watercolor Gift Tags: Hi, everyone. I'm a McLaren and I have a bloke called layers of Ink, where sheer inspiration and tutorials have been stamping paper, crafting and doing mixed media art for about 15 years now. And I love to do different types of projects and to play around with techniques. I also really enjoy sharing and teaching what I've learned in my experiments. So I'm happy to be back with another class at scale share, and today I'm going to teach me, teaching you a really quick and easy and fun technique. As a paper crafter. I like to add a personal touch to gifts and partials by making my own gift tags. But But whenever any to wrap a gift, I find myself not having any tax at hand, and I and our very quickly cutting something from pattern paper and putting it on the parcel. And it's not actually what I really would like to do. So thought for this class. I've made myself really nice, big special tags that I can use on gifts, and it's soon Christmas. But but these are these work for any type of theme or occasional birthday gifts. So whatever type of gifts that you need on attack. It's a nice little surface to try techniques on, because if if you're not happy with the results, it's just tiny piece of paper, you can just throw it away and started a new one, which is which is, which is why I thought It's a nice format for a cloth. I will be doing a fund rhesus technique using acrylic pastes and gels together with water color paint, and are also going to share the same technique using distress, ink or a spray mist. The the technique, however, work on any type of project you don't need to make gift tax. You could, for instance, during our journey page scrapbooking lay out a card or you could use the technique on the background for a mixed media piece or watercolor painting. So I really hope that you'll end role and join me in the class and that you will enjoy my class so I'll see you in close by 2. Supplies: first, I'm going to show you the supplies that I used to make the tags. I encourage you to use what you have at hand at home, and I'm going to give. Some suggest I'm going to suggest some alternatives on dumb substitution is that you can make you didn't need some watercolor paper, and this is a great opportunity to use up those bits and leftover bits and pieces that you have and I often die cut my tags. But today I decided to do it differently, and I wanted my tags to be all kinds of funny sizes, some narrow ones, long and smaller. Taken Dru stencils. Any types of stencil treated will do. Just use the variation off patent stencils, and there's some words also the circles and bricks and grids and flowers. Whatever you have at hand, if you don't have stencils, you can cut your own. Or you can use a die cut machine to die. Cut stencils with to make your own stencils using dies. You also need to masking fluid, and you can use any kind you could use masking fewer Dutch. Apply with the paintbrush. I used this mullet off Molotov in a graphics art masking liquid pump marker. It's the two millimeter one, and it's great for when you want detail. And in this case, I wanted thin lines can. Then you also need some, um, acrylic jails, and I'm going to show you a bunch of different gels and my just to show you that everything actually works well. It has this basically the same effect for the rhesus technique that we're doing today. There's some slight differences, depending on how porous the jealous. The molding paste, for instance, is a little more porous than a regular glass jail, But everything works two years. Whatever you have at hand, you need a palette knife to apply the gels through the stem cells. You could also use a plastic and old plastic cards. I mainly going to use water color paint in my examples, and any water color paint will do well. But I'm also going to show you some alternative using spray ink, uh, distress inks, which is a diet based. I think that is formulated to work well with water to do the finishing touches on the tags . I use these two tools by we are memory keepers. It's uh, it's this angle to which cuts a, um small and a large angle. When I started crafting a, I used to cut these angles on my tags with a craft knife, and it's sometimes hard to get them looking looking and the same on both sides said. This is really great toe. It cuts through sick and sin, um, thick materials easily. And I used my crocodile, which makes the whole that you need for the tax. Obviously, if you decide to use the techniques for other things for making cards are are churning page or something else like that, then you don't need these two tools. I also stamps some sentiments on the tax and you'll you'll need pence to write your message and something to tie at the top of the tag. I just used to mix of the ribbons and tensile and lace and twine. All right, so let's start making our tags 3. Masking: So to make the base for your tax, you can just cut bearish shapes out of watercolor paper. And, of course, if you prefer to, if you want to make a call instead or another type of projects, you use bigger pieces than what I did here. I wanted the look of lines to write on my tags, and I decided to use masking flu liquid for that just to get that to get white lines instead of black ones, you could just as well make your lines with with a marker and make it black. Or afterwards you could use like a white paint, Ben and make white lines. This is how I did it. You could use your ruler also going to work there if t on my cutting board for this, because then you can use the lines just to make sure that it's straight. You need to shake the marker little and then just pump ups out, some asking liquid instead of using a ruler. I just used one of the stencils that I had at hand. Andi, I just lined it up the line still need to be perfect. No one is going to see if their little crooked, you can even make them a bit thinner. But if they're about like this, then there will be easy to see on the tag and then just leave that to dry before you continue. I also decided Teoh scribbled lines on the test. Some of the text instead make a larger white writing area for myself, and I just did that like that. As I said earlier, you could also use ordinary masking liquid and apply it with with you with a paintbrush. 4. Stenciling: for the next step, you need to use some type of acrylic gel or paste, and I'm going to start with this just regular gel glossy. You put your stencil down on the tag, pick up the pace with the palette knife. You don't need to. You can just over the stencil in place. You don't need Teoh. Apply it with Put it down or temporarily, December Anything like that. And I'm just scraping the paste over the tag to transfer the jail to the background and then just carefully remove it, and there we have it. You'd want to put this in water immediately, or go and clean it immediately. Otherwise the paste gets dry on the tag and you won't be able to remove it. So next I'm going to use the mat medium. Instead, any type of acrylic Matt medium will work. This one is the district Kalash, medium met by Ranger and two holds as before. I'm just placing my stencil on talk. I applied a paste can also use an old plastic card instead of a palette knife. Your move it way. Have it put that decide to dry paced us to be completely drive before you continue with the next step, you can also use a molding paste, molding paste, sometimes different bit, depending on how porters they are. You left experiment to see what if you can get. I'm going to use this A stencil by stents of girls here again. Just told it done. I had slightly too much based on my palette knife. There we have those ladies. You can also catch your own Stansell's and use them. Or you could skip stencils and continue with the masking liquid. So here you can see that I I just sketched a quick frame around and added some dots which will sort of look like snow, maybe, and then or just some kind of general fixture, the next weaker into at color to our tags. 5. Watercolor Resist: so time to color the tags and I'm using ordinary watercolor, says I said earlier. And this is a great time to truck to play around with different color combinations. And just to get to know your paints better because you're working on such a small surface, it really doesn't matter if and if you're not happy with the results, it's It was great fun, so just apply the paint. I don't need to planet much sing a little darker, so oh, there's my first tag. You can just leave them be Sometimes I just told the tissue paper toe against the edges just to soak up some of the extra paint that one was done with glossy with a glossy gel. And I didn't my my tags. Initially I am. I wrote on the back, which gel I used on the front so that I could compare the effect nicely and because you will never remember it if use different jails. And I thought that that's a fun way of getting to know your jails. Address wealth to play around with the different Gelson, see how they work. I'm starting with the turquoise again. I really like this color Let's go more with the blue Look, look for this tag. It's a Doric. We have that. So this tag. It's stunned with molding paste, which is more porous than the glossy gels. And you also see that, um, you'll get a different effect like this of War of the paint will dry on top of the jail. I like this look, but I also tried the technique with light molding paste, which is very porous. And, as you can see on this tag, the resist effect. Almost It almost doesn't work at all because the paste soaks up so much paint. It's going with some purple in. This tag could make the tags light or dark and let him fit the sea sun. Well, the person that you're planning to give them to and here's a tag will use the but messed medio, so let's see what that will do. I found that the more big paint a do tendency to dry a little on the mat medium so that you get less of resist effect. What let me share this tag is well, which only has the masking liquid. Here's another example that I made with that well only I used to stand still here, together with the mosque in liquid marker Teoh. Make those that lettering. That means Mayor Christmas and Swedish Miele. You can obviously use a lot more colors than what I'm doing. I just didn't want to after my workspace with too much paint, which is why you seem using sort of the same colors that I mixed up earlier. Share the later How about one looks when it's dry? No, The favorite of minus This is the brick stand so that I used here together with glossy based, and you'll see it come out when I apply this sort of rusty looking mixture. You can can kind of make the Doric paint run in those groups created by the stunts. But don't if you see it, um, camera. I'll add some close ups on all the tax on my block. Instead of using a patent s stencil. You could also add something like this is recipients H. So here I have a number seven in the paint. You'll see the seven better in the world. I think that should give you a general idea what you can do And remember, watercolor paints dry ice is lighter, so don't be afraid of using him. Dark veins. Mine aren't actually that dark. I used to The doctor paints when I did this originally to drive out for myself. 6. Inks and mists: I told you I was also going to show you the technique with some inks and spray inks, and it works really great with the district's Strange by Tim Holt and Ranger, since that is made to react with water, and here you can see a tag that I made with distress inks. So will you do is to smear the income across sheet like that in the mist it with water and press like into the ink. And there we go, just a paper title to just collect that existing. If you here, you can see there's an area where the paper has not been inked. I kind of like that. If you don't, you could just press it down again. Or sometimes I will just pick some income with my finger to apply color there. The resistant nick works almost more dramatically with the ink, because if you wipe this off a little when it's dry, basically no Inc will remain on the glossy paste. I, however, do like the look of some incriminating on the paste or some paint remaining on the paste us in the watercolor tax. That, and you can also use spray stains or any type of ah based spray, you're basically just missed it on the background and justice. Whether Inc Gist could Seacon if you angle, it's a mother experience world run, which also creates a nice effect, and then you let just let it dry. So this tag, it's an example of you, those exact same express that I just used and justice with with a Distress Inc. It doesn't dry at all on the glossy page faced, while some of the water color paint will dry on the paste. As you can see here, for instance, what kind of like that miss you look, but this looks nice as well, because the white stands out more. 7. Finishing Touches: and not to finish the text. You just rub off the mosque included comes off easily. Reveal the white paper underneath. Here we go. And then we want to add those angles to the tags and amusing the large angle side on this Cripple the corner jumping, and you just place it into the slot. You can also just cut. Cut the angles with a craft knife. Or, if you use dyes to die, cut your tags. You don't have to do this step at or there we go. That's a very easy way to create any size tag, and then we need a whole. You could also add the murdering whole enforcer if you if you want that. But I just left everything. You could just leave the tax and just write your own sentiments, which is probably what I'm going to do for most of my tax, since that gives me more freedom to use the tags for whatever purpose that want to. But if you want to, you can also stand, um, sentiment. So just like that, and then you just continue with the pin. So just to give you an idea of the other tax that I made, I stamped Celebrated your birthday, Merry Christmas and another happy birthday to and from that will. But to him from I did right. But I mean to leave most of my tags without stamped sentiments, because it just gives me more freedom to use them for whatever seem I want to. And as you can see, there were quite general. So they work for birthdays or anniversaries or Christmas. If you just leave the water color paint to dry on its own, some of it will dry on top of the paste, as you can see, for instance, in this tag. And I sort of really like that, missy look, um, but if you rather want the more keener, resist look that you get with the District's Inc. This is the Distress Inc tag that I just made. You can also wife off some of the paint with a slightly moist cloth. You can see that it goes away quite easily. This one is not totally dry. It's better to wait until the tank is totally dry. Before you do this, it just makes it less likely that you'll disturb the paint. Um, underneath, underneath the paste. Stansel But But, as you can see, it comes away easily from the dots. And this is another example where life the paint off from those bricks. Finally, you might want to tie something to take, and I am I died, some crinkle driven with district spray stains that I used so that coordinates nicely with the colors. My tags. You can just tie that, or you could make a nice bo or you could use a piece of lace. It's just gives them a nice finished look. You could obviously add more embellishments to the tags. Get a little flowers or maybe heart or metal pieces of buttons or whatever you think of. Here's a few more examples. I used some string. There's another lace I hear. I used multiple colored, several colors of strength, thicker in the thinner string. I used silver tinsel driven, which works nicely for Christmas. Here's another died Crinkle River. I also used his linen ribbon like that, the rustic look of that just multiple strengths of string and more string. They look quite nice together, don't they? 8. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed this class and lyricist technique and have fun playing around with the technique on your own. And please remember to share your your class projects in the gallery because I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make. And it doesn't need to be a complete projects. You could share any type of experience that you make. And if you want more, resist inspiration with water color paint. Please check out my first sculpture class, which also included I want to call a rhesus technique a different one than than those in this class. Thank you so much for joining me in the class, and I hope to see you soon again in another scale. Share close in it until they're happy crafting by.