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Put Your Brand on Anything Using Mockups (free class)

teacher avatar Lindsay Marsh, Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Preview


    • 2.

      Learn the Basics and Put it on a Mug!


    • 3.

      Put it on a t-shirt of tank top!


    • 4.

      Love gold foil stamping? Try a business card


    • 5.

      Put it on packaging!


    • 6.

      Put it on a magazine cover or folder


    • 7.

      Mockup Banner/Retail sign


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About This Class

Get ready to see your brand like you never seen before. Using free photoshop templates found online, create amazing looking mock-ups of t-shirts, mugs, signage, business cards, really anything you can think of, there is a photoshop mock-up template for it. You do not need to be an expert in photoshop either. Photoshop mock-ups are a great way to test out branding ideas or see how something might look in final production. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and the know-how you will learn from this class! You can find the mock-up templates I use in the notes section of this class. I want to give all the credit to the amazing and talented Photoshop mock-up designers out there! You make it seem so simple!

Mock-Ups we will be working with









Meet Your Teacher

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Lindsay Marsh

Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12+ years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss. 

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.


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1. Class Preview : you can put your brand on anything using Photoshopped muck ups. This class will show you how they let you put your local or brand on almost anything. Business cards, mugs, T shirts, you name it. It's an easy way to be able to place your logo on something to be able to see how can look for concept ing or to brand yourself didn't even put your logo Beautiful. Gold foil business card. Gosh, typically 30 seconds, so let's learn together. 2. Learn the Basics and Put it on a Mug!: Hey, guys, are you ready to learn how to use free Photoshopped mock ups online to make your stuff look 20 times better than it actually is? Let's get started. There's plenty of places to find thes voter shot mock ups, and, ah, one of the ones I've found that seem to have the best free options was graphic burger, and there's so many more or not promoting just this one. And in the notes, I'll put in a couple different resource is our links that where you confined these kind of mock ups for free, and there's also premium ones that are really nice. But, of course, the ones I'm going to talk about today or free let's go ahead and look down at some of these ones. I downloaded a few of these. I, Donald loaded the 10 uh, actually make a plate if he wanted to. Ah, banners. There's bags. There's letterhead. Of course, there's magazines recon Do your magazine mock up on, which is pretty need if you're in tow. Publication, um, scroll down here. There's a couple other ones that I got, and I really think I opened up all these files and I feel like the best one to start Until learn about these Photoshopped market files is this mug. So we're gonna do that today. They go ahead and die then. So I already have that open in photo shop. I just downloaded it and opened it up. Um, right here. Okay, so these falls are a little different than most to standard Photoshopped files. It has something called a smart layer in it. And so that's usually where the design mock up is on. So you'll know it's a smart layer. Ah, by this little icon that here, you can actually double click on this and will open up into another panel where you can put your design and then you would save it, and then the design would automatically populate. Um, so we're gonna go ahead and, um, add our logo. So I have a logo already, but I decided to do a couple of different versions. Just real quick of my original logo is this. But I decided to play around with some things that might look better on a mug vertically and horizontally and also have two different kinds. One on a dark background and ones on light backgrounds. so I can switch around colors and not have to worry about anything blending in. So I'm gonna go ahead and drag. Listen, this is an illustrator all my Lobo's air done in vector format. So I'm gonna go ahead and drag this in to the document press enter. We're gonna double click on that smart layer and you'll see where this current layer is. Ah, so we're just gonna go ahead and delete that Move that out of the way, we're gonna drag our design in, and we're gonna try to make it as big as we can and can always test it out. So when I'm gonna close this tab, this went a separate window that popped up and I'm depressed, safe. The great thing about this, it'll automatically populate the area, and it will actually add I didn't really need that logo. It will actually add curvature to it. So what happens is the script runs and it just takes your flat image and kind of, uh, does magic with the script, does it all for you. So I kind of want the logo a little smaller. So this is double click on that smart layer and you can always locate what different elements are by just toggle ing this view tool. So if you just toggle this, you can figure out what's what. So that's the mug layer. That's the shadow layer eso sometimes and get lost with all these layers. So there's my smart layer so I can go ahead, double click it I'm gonna resize is I hold down shift and a re size so that it doesn't get distorted when I drag it down to a smaller size. Okay, so now I'm gonna go ahead and exit out, save it, and it's good automatically re populate. Just gonna add this nice curvature to it makes it look a lot more realistic than if I were to put a flat logo on there. So now we can change the color. So let's go ahead and highlight the mug. You can either click on the thing or you can find the layer here. Ah, let's see. Change mug color. There it ISS. Let's go ahead and click on this area right here and change up some colors to see if we like it. Well, Steve Blue Oh, it looks like we need to toggle the view on because if you talk a little off, it will do the default white layer. And when you toggle this on, it's an added extra color layer. So that was the trick there. So let me double click back on this now that that layers highlighted and we contest out some pretty cool colors. So you'll also notice some of these colors don't work because I have a really dark, um, bottom text, so that doesn't work. But that's why I have multiple versions of my logo, so I can dio uh ah light design, which I think works with this logo. Or let's try kind of a dark grey or that's a little too dark. Um, let's try kind of this brown color, so that obviously doesn't show up. So let's go ahead and dragon or other layer. So let's go and double click on that smart layer. I'm just gonna hide this because I think I want to use it later. If I want to try out some other colors and let's try this one that has, ah, dark background. So I'm just gonna go ahead and delete the background, and I'm gonna bring this element in do it about the same size. And if I show this when I can kind of see what size that was, I'm gonna increase this kind of matching a little bit. Actually, I think the the M is a little bigger on this version. So I need to go back and let's go back a few steps. I'm gonna make the M a little bigger so I can have it span vertically a lot better. Here we go. Make sure that's defined a little better. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. Bring it in, make it about the same size is or other logo. And see, Now we have a logo that works dark backgrounds and a look at that works on lights. Let's go ahead and untangle that. We're gonna close out our window, save it. It's gotta automatically populate. And look at that. That shows up really well. So that kind of mustard brown color. I'm having second thoughts. But that's no problem. Because you go on here, make it a nice gold color. I love. That looks really great. Um, so I'm gonna go ahead and click, OK? And the really great thing about these mock ups is you can really customize everything outside that smart layer. It's like any other Photoshopped template. So if I click on this, I can actually drag in a photo if I wanted to. So let me go ahead and open up. Maybe a nature seen I have It's going drag that in, and I'm actually gonna go, uh, reduced capacity so I can kind of see where the table starts, and I'm still take a rectangle tool. And I'm just gonna delete that portion. And so you can kind of create conduce a city scene. You can really do anything you want with these templates. It's your creation. Um, so I want to make it a little more realistic. So why don't we do a garrison blur? You do some blur effects. Ah, there's actually let's see, sharpen, stylized. Let's see what is. There's also something called I Can Find it Iris Blur. And so that's gonna blur it. Only in the outside of the iris it's gonna give it kind of a hyper focus on whatever's in the circle. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and say, Yes, that's what we want. Press enter. And so it's processing and let's blur one more time. I'm gonna go back to her layer, blur you're sindler, click OK and increase the capacity back again. And you can even change the layer. You could put a different type of wood, maybe a Morva rustic wood down here. You can actually change the shadowing on here. And since this a shadow layer but can add your own shadowing, Um, you could do that as well. So this is just kind of your first step into mock up templates, and there's many more to go. 3. Put it on a t-shirt of tank top! : All right, So we're gonna move on to the next mock up, so let's create a T shirt. So this is when I found on Graphic Burger and he could find this other places too. There's a lot of different ones is this happens to be a tank top, so we're going to do the same thing we did with the mug. It's kind of the same scenario. Have to find that smart layer. Ah, so right here usually is a layer that says your design here, they try to make it easy for you. They made it red. And this this particular template, we're gonna go ahead and double click this. We're going to see that it's that same separate window that popped up. We're gonna go ahead and put our stuff there. So this is just a place holder, so I can go ahead and create a new layer, and I can delete that layer so I can start fresh. So what I want to have on my tank top? Let's see, um, there's a dark tank top, so let me go ahead and dragon my lighter logo. So that's gonna show up. And so you're really not going to know how it's automatically gonna be placed on there. So the first time is kind of a guess. So I'm gonna close out that tab, I'm gonna save it, and it's going to automatically populate up. That looks amazing already so and it's a little bigger than I wanted to. So no problem. Let's go ahead. Double click on our smart layer that's making a little smaller. It's all about experimenting. Let's go ahead and delete this. I'm just re driving in. We can have better control over it. I think maybe this we'll see about the position to if we need to have it higher or not. Today, I usually like Club was a little bit higher on the shirt. Let's close it, Save click, OK, and there we go. And so now I just created a tank top, and what's really great is you can actually find this is the layer. We go ahead and toggle. Toggle this layer. You can see how this added a little extra contrast. Um, it looks like there's a Phil here. Maybe you can adjust how much contrast it iss some. That's going to be a little dramatic. Maybe you don't want as much. This was default, so I dont want as much contrast. Let me go ahead and lower that. And here's changing the color. Let's see what happens if a change of color. What kind of test? Out different colors and see what we like. Uh, see all I love that blue. That's great. Uh, kind of like the darker blue. Maybe add a little green to it. That kind of goes of my branded colors right here. Perfect click. OK, and there's my T shirt design. Do I want to have anything to see? Shadow over Laid. A lot of times you just play with some of these layers to see what they do. Okay, so that is actually the shadows that goes over your logo. So I kind of like that. Let me reduce that just a little bit. I don't like too much of the wrinkles who do sat was toggle some layers and see what else we have Your shadows. We wanted to have shadows, and I guess right here we can change your background. I mean, I don't know what we'd put it on, but let's see, we want to put it. I have this just happens to have be on my desktop, so this may look hideous, but we'll see what what looks like So I can actually have a would background if you wanted to, instead of just a plain, boring flat background. So you could just start to customize this to however you'd like And we can adjust the shadow and make it more dramatic or at our own shadows so it can actually click on this background layer. And let's go to here. It's gonna be how you're to add some shadows actually, down here to this. We're gonna go ahead and hold. This will do the burn tool. Make sure it's a good size. We're just gonna This is, ah, burn tool on our background layer and we're just gonna go around the shirt, had a little bit of shadowing, make it look like it's lying on top of the wood shadows. Create a lot of realism in these kind of things. I think Monta gone overboard, but no problem would go back and we adjust And there we go. We just create a mock up 4. Love gold foil stamping? Try a business card: okay. Something's telling me that it's gonna be my all time favorite. I love anything. Gold foil stamping, silver foil stamping. I love it and anything that emulates that I love it. So let's give this one to try. This is my first time trying it. Um, And if this is a free when I can't imagine what some of the premium, um, Photoshopped mock ups do. So let's go ahead and get started. Here's our red layer. I saw it right away. Let's go ahead, double click on it, get to create that new layer, delete the placeholder, and let's drag in the logo and see what happens. So I'm actually click back to this and go, OK, so that's kind of a light background so that my white might not work. So let me drag in the dark, but let me do one. That's, ah, more horizontal to maybe even this. And I'm not sure if color matters with this because I think the script that they run is gonna make it gold foil stamping. So let's just kind of do a generic size and test it out. We're gonna save it and see what this thing looks like first time I've seen it. Oh, my gosh, I love it. But just like the metal sign, it doesn't do some of the little drop shadows I have, but that's okay. Ah, what we can do is I can fix that and go back to this area right here and let's see what else we could drag. So let's see. I wonder if I could just do this, not have the m click OK? And save it are close my layer. You do it however you want to. I love that I want to get these cards printed. I love him so much. That's awesome. I love this. So let's kind of see, I love that background already, but I guess you can kind of put whatever background you want on there. So let's go ahead and go to Peck. Sal's Real Quick and and Pixels is a great website for some free stock photos. P x e l s. Let's find a really cool background. I think I found one the other day. I just need to find it somewhere down here. I think if I went to popular, I can find it popular photos and let's see I think it was. It was leaves. Actually, that would back one would look good. Yes. Let me do that. One if I can't find it, Okay. Yeah. Would background it is. Click on this and download it. Free download. Save image to the desktop courses. High resolution is gonna be mega large. Let's go ahead and open and bring this document in and see what happens. We're bring this layer in groups, but all sorts of layers going on here, So let's go ahead and drag this end. Okay? So it looks like this background has this little white section cut out. So let me go ahead and screen this back and cut out this area with the business card. Okay, Uh, that works, but actually, like the original background better. And it looks like this is kind of a background effect that I don't necessarily need anymore . It looks like you can change the type of paper as well. Just buy editing this area, and we can also edit different effects, make them more dramatic courses, a gold texture. I wonder if I d saturated that. If it will be like silver foil stamping it is all awesome. Okay, So if I undo that, I went to this gold texture and we can edit any layer in here just like any template goto adjustments and de saturate, or even better, go to black and white. And now you could test out and see what it looks like if you do silver foil stamping. That's a great way to test out to see how your bread will look with different kind of stamping and extra premium printing stuff on your on your materials. That looks great. I'm gonna go back to that original background, and I think he'll be pretty happy with that. So thank you. 5. Put it on packaging! : Okay, so now it's time for the next mock up. We're good. A design, a 10. And what's great about this is you can really test out, especially if you're in the confectionery business or you sell cookies, brownies, anything that would go in a 10. You'd be ableto kind of check out your brand and see what it could potentially look like. That's the great thing. And the great powerful thing about mock ups is it's a very affordable and cheap way to see what your brand could potentially look like. So let's go ahead and open up. But I have some of my vector files of the little brand that I developed for this class. I'm gonna go in Dragon or just think about maybe having a solid background of this kind of green, blue, mostly green kind of color, 1/2 of my brand. So we're gonna do is find that smart layer. And once again, this is a theme. Usually the smart layers indicated by this little red box and the toggle, um, option. We're gonna go ahead and double click this box right here. Double click it. It's gonna open it up in the new window, just like the other files. And this is a place holder and looks like it's not letting me delete it. So all you do is create a new layer. It just needs to have at least one layer open. You can't have no layers available. So now you get to delete that placeholder, and you have nothing there now, which is what we want. We're gonna go and drag in our color, and I actually want to get a little bit of texture in this. But let me see what it looks like. First, let's go ahead and save it. This is my solid color. No local or anything yet. Okay, so, uh, let's see, what can we dio? I think my logo on white would probably look pretty good. So Well, let's go ahead and bring that in are, actually hold on. Let me open up a smart layer first, because that's really where what's gonna translate and on the product. So make sure you open up that smart layer, the dragon, my logo course, this is the whole 10. So you don't wanna have your gigantic logo everywhere. So maybe have this on the top center and where we could have whatever is gonna be inside the 10 here, So we could just kind of do, Ah, I must do cookies just as a fun the endless sea to make that white. Let's do railway fund. Let's make that black nine students and quick things here. Let's put some spacing between that. Let's put a lot of spacing. 800. It's actually make that thinner. Maybe light stoop light again. Cookies. Okay, Mr Kinda see what that looks like? I do want to add some texture because it is kind of a solid color. So let me see. Let's find some geometric patterns here. Sounds good. Goto Google type and geometric on do patterns. And, of course, when if you actually use it on a print final printed product, you definitely want to make sure you have the copyrights for it. So let me just find something I think would jive, uh, something really simple. Nothing too complicated. So let me, um I do like this. I don't know if it's gonna be high resin off. Let's give it a shot. Sort of you image. Go ahead and download this to the desktop and see what it looks like that's the great thing about mock ups. It's not final. It's It's your just playing around to see how your brand looks. See what textures and things you want to design on your own to make it look good. We're gonna open this end up dragon into our individual layers. Still open are smart layer. I'm gonna drive course the resolutions. Not to be the best on this image. That's okay. Was testing it out? I'm gonna drag this below, and I'm gonna dio up here and I'm gonna change the blending mode to overlay and see what's what some of these different blending modes look like. Um, I think let's try color burn. Let's reduce the opacity. See what that looks like. Okay, now we're talking. So now that I want to see what this looks like, I got to go ahead and close down this this Tabara here and click save it's gonna automatically populate on our 10 template. I love that texture. I think it looks great. I think I could ship the logo down. Obviously add something more than just cookies, but you get the general idea, and so it's kind of click around and see. OK, so this is kind of a gold top. Uh, let's see. I wonder if we can even adjust this on, go to adjustments and de saturate and doesn't have to be gold anymore. Could be any color. You go in here and let's see go to color balance and we can actually make it. Copper, Make it blue. That'd be kind of neat at a little bit of that green in there Course is good to have contrast, so that there we go. Now we have a matching top s. Oh, this is great. If you're gonna be talking to a product manager someone who's gonna be producing, um, your packaging and it's great idea to kind of do this to show him kind of what you're thinking in terms of your brand and what kind of top want colors. And so hopefully this helps 6. Put it on a magazine cover or folder: okay, we're back. And now we're do a magazine cover mock up, which will probably be pretty important for anybody that's in publication. So let's go ahead and get started. When I just went ahead and opened up the markup template and we can go down here, they don't have the little red flag. But I think we're starting to get pretty good at spottings layers by now. Here it is. There is that little symbol that means it's the smart layers. Let's go ahead and double click it. Don't worry about that. That's not a fun will be good to be using Creator New Layer. Delete the old one and let's go ahead and put in something here. So I went ahead. Let's see if I could not kind of make a quick little cover here. So let's go ahead and drag in. Let's actually use my full color logo. So let's go ahead and drag in, keep it white or actually kind of maybe a gray are a light gray. We're gonna go ahead, just drag that in. We're gonna make that the whole cover. I'm gonna lock that layer, and I'm gonna bring in my full color logo gonna put this in the center obviously will be other text of end, but this is just a sample going close my layer, Save it and it's gonna automatically populate Boom. Doesn't that look beautiful? So I'm not gonna be publishing a huge magazine, Maybe just, ah, an annual report or something smaller. So let's go ahead and modify this template to what we need. Let's see what we can do. So this is huge. So let's cut that back a little bit. Something to click around. I'm gonna talk with layer, see what's what. So it looks like this layer right here is the layer that has the book covered. If I drag it out, you can kind of see it. Let's go ahead and cut that back with Newman. And I'm just gonna cut where I think, uh, the length of my little magazine will be. It's not gonna be that thick, so it's going to cut this out, don't drawing rectangle tool and deleting it. And just like that, we just reduced our magazine and size. Of course, it's thicker up here, so let's maybe cut the step back a little bit too. And so now the shadows air a little bit unrealistic. It looks like it's levitating. So we could just take the shadow layer. And how I found that was his ta going around with layers I'm gonna closer. The shadow is to an object the further away it looks, uh, so we can kind of maybe shipped it right here. Maybe that looks good. And there we go. Of course, you could do your magazine cover that has feature articles and kind of see what your magazine brand could look like or annual report as well. This would probably really good or folders. If you want to see what a folder would look like, this would be a good template. So it's kind of see what other layers we can modify here. That's the base. Looks like there's something called FX, I guess. Its effects Let's see with reflection. So if we wanted to have a more dramatic reflection, really, really glossy, looks like we can increase the capacity or decrease it, so I kind of like it a little glossy, but I don't like this kind of rough texture. So what I'm gonna do is that I'm actually gonna blur it so I'm gonna go to Blur, and I'm going to blur this thing a little bit. And so now I just made a rough kind of texture into a nice, smooth, glossy one. I think I can even blurred again. There we go. And we don't need quite as much a reflection. And so we didn't when actually can change the background to, but you're gonna have to find a background that's gonna lay on the right angle, so that could be a little tricky, But if he wanted toe, maybe you don't want just a stark gray background I clicked on this background layer Let's see what we could do. Ah, let me go to photo filter and I'm gonna do a sepia get a little brown tones in their at a little bit of color. You could see that really helps contrast with all the greys in the front cover. Maybe not so much. And then we can go back and adjust some other things. And there we go. We just did a magazine cover 7. Mockup Banner/Retail sign: Okay, so we're back, and now we're doing a retail banner. And so instead of just doing my generic logo to go back in and let's do some kind of sale So I'm gonna zoom in here, and this will kind of just be this is an illustrator. I'm just gonna come to do some generic stuff 50% off, actually. Let me do this. A photo shop since we're already and Photoshopped, I'm going to use to that. Let's find our smart layer and this one's a little bit harder to find. Let's see, there it iss I had to kind of click in that flag box, so I'm gonna double click and that's my flag. So we could start designing. Let me see. What do I want to do? I think I want to do a banner that's this color. So let make drag that in here, and I'm gonna lock this layer, create a new layer, and I'm gonna drag in my logo. That is good for dark backgrounds. I want to make my logo as large as I can for this template. And so here we go again. Still, like a 50% off or something by two Get get one free Anil noticed just doing a test. We're gonna make this as large as I can because that's the promo. So let's do railway one of my favorite go to fonts black. It's because we can get, um, once go to all caps and I got ta. Maybe keep it left a line or since by a logo center line. Let's do center line. And I forgot that railway only thing I hate about railway is Thea. The numbers don't always line up the text, so let's just do something else generic. Let's see what we can use. It's just you can't go wrong with, um, Helvetica was due Helvetica Bold Kasey All right, so not the prettiest, but you get the idea. So we're gonna go ahead and save our layer or say save our extra file that opened up here it's gonna automatically populate. So, uh, I think that looks great. I'm gonna go back double click. I'm actually gonna make my logo a little smaller and put it at the bottom and put my offer at the top, since that's what I want people to see. And what if I added like a cool texture. So I'm gonna do the same geometric pattern. But I'm gonna look for something I could do stripes just kind of see what that looks like. Why not takes not a lot of time to do all this to test some of the South's. That's pretty cool. So let me see. What kind of texture do I want now? A lot of good options on here. Okay, second time, I will pick this one. Or actually, no. I have the one from the other file. Let me use that one. But a desktop find their it ISS. We are to use this on another mock up before it's open this up. Dragon in This looks like it's a little low rez, but I think it will give a little bit of the idea here. Let's go ahead and overlay reduced capacity a little bit. There we go. I think the texture could be even bigger, so let's make it bigger, less distracting. Actually, the resolution is not that good. So let's go back to where we were. There we go spend close and see what looks like, right. Buy two. Get one free. Of course you can see how your retail store could look with banners or your own ice cream shop. This is a great way to kind of test to see how your brand looks on various materials, so I would obviously move that up a little bit and adjust it. I could do that right now, but it's just amazing how powerful these little lockups are. And I'm gonna link into the class notes all the individual files we work with in this class because I want to give the individual artists credits for all the hard work that they put into doing. These things look really simple. They're easy to use. But Thea there's there really complex to actually create because there's lots of scripts and programming that needs to go into adjusting the image to be the right level in different shadings. It's it's really complicated, and I want to give these original artists and credit for their hard work. Well, thank you for joining my class. Hopefully you learned a little bit and you got a little bit inspired to rebrand yourself and see what you look like.