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Proven Tips To Help You Build Your Personal Brand

teacher avatar Mike Allred, Writer | Speaker | Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Personal Branding Tips That Are A Bit Different

    • 2. 7 Fun Facts About You

    • 3. It Sees All, Knows All, About You...

    • 4. Breaking News Style Press Releases

    • 5. Your Secret Online Informant and Spy

    • 6. Strut Your Stuff

    • 7. So, What Do You Really Think of Me...

    • 8. Personal Branding Conclusion with Wildlife Video

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About This Class

Discover six out-of-the-ordinary ways to build and improve your personal brand.  Put these tips to work and watch your public persona and personal brand expand and grow.  

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Mike Allred

Writer | Speaker | Educator


Writer, speaker, storyteller, narrator, video/voice spokesperson. 


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1. Personal Branding Tips That Are A Bit Different: Hello. Welcome to my second class Own building your personal brand. This is Mike Allred again. I am so happy to let you know that I have assembled six Mawr personal branding tips that you can put the work immediately. These personal branding tips, all of which come from my own experience, our ideas and suggestions. You could put the work right away in building your personal brand. The first personal branding tip will cover. It's a simple and easy technique you can use that will make you appear more friendly, warm and approachable, and people check you out online or visit your website. My second tip for you. It's an important one. I call it the C Y a. The cover your butt Personal branding tip. You never know what someone who will find when they do an online search for your name on Google learn what happened to a friend of mine when his past came back to haunt him at a most inopportune time. The third tip shows you to a new way to use the breaking news style press releases and videos. This new style of personal branding news video has 10 times the power and impact of the old style videos and standard press releases, and you can use this new technique in many weddings to market yourself and your brand. The fourth personal branding tip will cover what I consider the most important to you could have in your personal branding to get the Google alerts feature. If you're not using Google alerts, you should be. And in this tip you'll learn why the fifth tip covers how to make people remember you and how to make yourself stand out. In a world of plain vanilla personalities. Tip number six delves into what people really think about you and how you can find out how you are really perceived among your friends, clients and associates. This tip isn't for the faint hearted, and you may want to skip this tip after uploading my personal branding course. Nine proven ways to build your personal brand. I thought of so many other tips I wish I could have added to that class. These six tips are the most important personal branding tips I wish I had added to my first class. I am so glad you're here, and I know you'll enjoy this class. My name is Mike already, and I welcome you to this class 2. 7 Fun Facts About You: Here's a personal branding tip that very few people actually take advantage of. But I know works wonders for your personal brand. I call it the seven fund fax you didn't know about me. Personal brand tip. Using fun facts about yourself in your BIOS, your website about me pages on your linked in profile These fun facts. Let's your bio come toe life fun facts about you shows your human side and lets readers feel closer to you. I can tell you from my own experience that whenever I see such personal revealing facts about someone, I do in fact feel closer to them. On a personal level, your fun facts can be about any aspect of your life. And here are some examples fun facts about your hobbies, your pits with photos or video your Children with photos or video pics or videos of you playing with your kids or pits, maybe facts about your most unusual vacation. You've taken the picture and info of your first car. If you don't have a picture of your first car used Google images, how about your high school graduation picture? That should be a fun fact to see what you look like those many years ago. Incidents like this fund fax like this will give life to your bio to your profile, to your CV, to your resumes. The possibilities are endless For fun facts about you that you can include in your website about pages, you could include fun facts in your social media pages, your resumes and your CDs. This kind of information always makes you look more approachable and easy to get along with . This is a personal branding tip that I highly recommend for everyone to begin using. Now, if you have a media kit, you should make sure to include these fund fax and your media kits, along with photos and videos to show you are a warm, friendly and approachable person. 3. It Sees All, Knows All, About You...: Lesson two, this defensive personal branding tip might be called the be prepared for the unexpected or the C Y. A personal branding tip. No matter how well polished your personal brand or company brand might be, or how well you present yourself in public, you need to be prepared for those unexpected revelations that might show up about you in an online search. Remember, clients, employers, new love, interest, professional groups and associations, and anyone else that has a genuine interest in you will probably do an online search on online Google. Search for your name first. Now, just in case. If there are items that show up on Google that you wish had not been made public, you need to be prepared. Be prepared in advance to answer any questions about those items that show up online. You don't want to be sitting in a job interview or holding the hand of a new love interest , and you're suddenly ask about the D. U I ticket you got years ago and the huge find you had to pay or your bankruptcy filing way back win or a previous messy divorce. Also, keep in mind that most all employers and potential clients will check on you and your social media accounts. This tip comes from an experience that a former business sales rip had while making an important sales presentation. A few years back, he noticed the Bader seemed to be glued to his computer screen and seem to be totally distracted from my salesman friends sales pitch. It turns out the buyer had started an online search of my friend's name as soon as my friend had sat down and started his sales pitch among the usual personal data that showed up a popped a mug shot of my friend who had spent 24 hours in the local county jail on a drunk and disorderly charge. He had been celebrating his birthday party on the beach with some friends. He got in a fight with another customer at a bar and ended up spending one night in jail and getting a small fine. He had totally for gotten about this little escapade that happened many years ago. Other than that one incident, he had a squeaky clean past history. He told me that when the buyer slowly turned his monitor around facing my friend, there was my friends, mug shot and bold living color. My friend, seeing his mug shot on the monitor, left him tongue tied, embarrassed and speechless. Needless to say, he didn't make sail that day. Just be prepared to answer any questions that someone might have about anything they might find online about you. And don't be embarrassed, defensive, irritated or start raising your voice when you're asked about these items. Do what the Washington politicians are trained to do in dealing with the media. Remain calm. Smile. Speak in a normal tone of voice. Don't deny it happened if it in fact did happen. But be prepared with a plausible explanation or changed the subject smoothly again, Be prepared for the unexpected. Don't be embarrassed if these items have brought up. Just be prepared to respond honestly about what happened Now. The first action you should take on this tip is to do a thorough own line search of yourself. Imagine you're a client checking you out. Be prepared for anything that might pop up and be prepared to respond with an explanation for anything embarrassing you might find. If you found others will find it. Also 4. Breaking News Style Press Releases: Tip number three. You're a personal branding can get in amazing boost by using press releases but not standard text image press release. I recommend you use the more effective multimedia breaking new style press releases. Breaking New Style press releases congee highly effective on all social media breaking news . Video press releases are effective because they don't look like press releases and people remember them because they're in a breaking news format. Creating a video press release in a breaking news format outshines the standard video format in every way. With a little creativity, a good press release rider can take a normal text image press release and turn it into a breaking news style press release. Here's an example of a standard press release and an example of a breaking news style press release. Here is a good example of a standard fresh release own owners of teardrop trailers. The teardrop trailer company out of Canada has been extremely successful in the United States market, and this is a standard press release with the contact information at the bottom text and an image. Now let's compare this standard press release to a breaking news video press release. You'll be surprised at the difference. Breaking news that see a Drop Trailer Inc exports teardrops internationally. Small Canadian teardrop trailer manufacturer captivates huge consumer interest. Www dot so that teardrop trailer dot com It's small Canadian manufacturing company is taking the United States by storm with these compact teardrop trailers. More about this story is our international correspondents Alley McQueen Ali, That's Right Sub and an unprecedented move by the teardrop trailer in Ontario, Canada. These trailers are selling across the country at an alarming rate, and just this year alone, they have sold to consumers across the US from New York, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Maine, Florida, Washington and 5. Your Secret Online Informant and Spy: tip number four. Imagine if you had a personal assistant who could monitor to the Web for any mention of your name. Any mention of your business name may be your friends and associates names. Now imagine this assistant was willing to work for free. Well, you actually have such an assistant, and its name is Google Alerts. Google Alerts is one of the most important personal branding tools you can have in your personal branding toolbox. We should remember that when it comes to managing our brand and reputation, listening is key. And the way we listen online is by using Google alerts by setting keyword alerts for our name and all its forms. We can know instantly when anything is posted online about us the same for our business, our associates and our friends. We can use Google alerts to monitor our competitors, potential clients, local news, anything that we have an interest in. Google alerts can be your secret informant keeping you up to date on what's happening in your niche, your specialty and everything concerning you in social media. Let's say you've just said a key word alert for a potential client that you would love to have. When you get an alert, that decline has just expanded operations or added a new product or made a major restructuring, you can send a quick email congratulating him or her. This will make you look good in his eyes and lets him know you're in the know and thinking about their company. Once you've set up your Google alerts, be sure and monitor your alerts on a daily basis. It may take a while to get your alert settings correct. The Google Alerts feature is a valuable personal branding tool. You can make good use off. Make sure you said alerts for your name and all its forms and your business and company Dame. 6. Strut Your Stuff: Lesson five and personal branding always accentuate any positive, unusual or unique physical feature you might have, or any skill or ability you might have in a former business. I once had a friend, a vendor who had a Paul Bunyan like, full trimmed, very masculine beard. He told me one time that when he first became a salesman, people told him that facial hair, especially a beard, was a turn off for salesman. In today's business world, this salesman, a top producer, excelled as a salesman, and the extra attention it received and his warm, friendly, outgoing personality along with this full masculine beard enabled him to thrive and prosper with his clients. I had to admire and because I had tried to grow a beard of 100 times over my life, but I never could. I always gave in and shave once my new beard got about an eighth of an inch long and started 18. Another sales rip, an attractive young woman in her mid twenties at the time, had lovely brown eyes and a charming, tomboyish personality. Well, one Monday, when she was making her regular sales call to my office, she had started wearing striking mysterious green contact lenses and had changed her hair style. And the way she dressed dramatically, these changes totally changed her personality, making her seem sexier, more dominant. A take charge. Take no prisoners kind of attitude, very out of character for a sales representative. But for her, it worked like magic. She worked for an industrial steel supply company at that time. Many years ago, I was a purchasing agent for a structural steel fabrication company. Purchased all types of steel products, steel plate metal fasteners and welding equipment from this unforgettable and quirky sales rip. Believe me, you couldn't forget this sales rip, and that's exactly what she wanted. And yes, I always ordered from her. She was not only a knowledgeable, top notch sales rep, but when it came to structural steel fabrication, she could talk, shop with the design engineers and then turn around and walk out to the welding shops and talk welding techniques. With guys out in the shop. She could walk the walk and talk the talk of her specialty. She was a diamond in the rough. Or rather, I should say she was a diamond with a couple of rough edges and everybody loved everybody liked her, and her personal brand was a unique one of a kind experience. I'll tell you the truth. I'll never forget those striking beautiful green eyes she had. So consider this a personal branding tip to capitalize and accentuate what makes you different. And don't be afraid to be different. If you feel like it, go out and stretch your stuff. 7. So, What Do You Really Think of Me...: Lesson six, this personal branding tip is one of the most difficult to personally implement and pull off. It's also another behind the scenes personal branding tip. When you stop and think that your personal brand is simply your reputation, it's what people say about you when you're not around, and this is what we want to find out. What do people say about you when you're not around? Here's what to do. Ask your friends and co workers to tell you honestly how you are perceived in their eyes. Ask them to describe you in single words and simple short phrases. This could be very revealing, especially if you ask them why they used those words and those phrases to describe you. Ask them if you have any pet peeves that you need to know about. It's often difficult to ask a friend to be brutally honest with you about how you are perceived in their eyes and what pet peeves you might have that might irritate others. But a little honesty about what you do that may irritate others can be invaluable advice. In developing your personal brand. You might get a more honest answer by asking a co worker who is Justin acquaintance but not a close friend. Your personal brand is vitally important, and how people perceive you is extremely important. And so this is a great piece of advice if you want to find out exactly what people really think about you. 8. Personal Branding Conclusion with Wildlife Video: before we conclude. Don't miss what's at the end of this video. Well, we've reached the end of the personal branding tips, and I hope you found these tips helpful. As you move forward in your everyday life, you'll find that keeping yourself visible and accessible will be one of your most important personal branding goals. To successfully build your personal brand, you should strive to stay in the public eye and make yourself visible, accessible and approachable as you're building your personal brand. These six branding tips will prove I positive and competitive advantage for you. I hope you've enjoyed these lessons own developing your personal brand. Of course, there are hundreds of other ways to enhance your personal brand. If you haven't had a chance to check out my other personal brand class, I highly recommend you go over and check out the personal branding tips you'll find there. Thanks again for taking this class. If you feel this class has been of help to you, I would sincerely appreciate a positive review and a thumbs up. And please don't forget to follow me here so that you'll hear about all the new classes. I'll be uploading soon Thanks again. I'm Mike Allred. Here's a video of a mother Osprey feeding her fully grown chick. Who is his biggest? She is. I spotted these beautiful birds while on a walk along the Florida Canal. Sorry for the shaky video. I only had a very small camera with me that had a tiny viewing screen. Enjoy. Yeah.