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Product Styling for a Higher Revenue

teacher avatar Marianne Krohn, Product Styling Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Lesson 1 | Define Your Focus


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      Lesson 2a | Tell Your Brand Story


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      Lesson 2b | Tell Your Product Story


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      Lesson 3 | Select the Props


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      Last Words [& Bloopers]


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About This Class

[December 15th 2018: Updated version with improved audio quality and even more examples!]

Are you an online shop owner who wants to boost your product sales and revenue? Do you want to leave your website visitors feeling like they must have what you are selling?


Make your products irresistible by learning how to

  • show your products in the best light possible
  • through presenting them in a way that supports your brand story
  • and, consequently, attracting the right clients.


Are you an Etsy or Shopify seller? Or do you own a brick and mortar store?


I'm teaching you the tricks and strategies the large, best-selling stores use to entice their clients to purchase their products. And I'm doing this through a real life example: By taking you behind the scenes of one of my client projects.

You will learn how to approach create a solid foundation for your product styling by working through three easy steps:

  1. Defining the focus of your styling.
  2. Deciding on the story you want to tell.
  3. Selecting the props to support your story.


This class does not require any previous knowledge in product styling.


We are focusing on creating the basis for product stylings that will convert for you. Because the best photo won’t convert, if the styling is not on point, i.e. not targeting the right people and not supporting the brand story. 

If you want to learn more about product photography, check out this class:




My class about THE DOS AND DON'TS OF PRODUCT STYLING is exactly what you are looking for! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marianne Krohn

Product Styling Expert


I'm a photographer, passionate teacher and a product styling and visual story telling expert with 10 years of experience in retail.

I’m helping business owners and creative entrepreneurs to tell their story and sell their products through powerful images.

Have fun learning and if you share your progress and results on Instagram feel free to tag me @marianne_krohn so that I can find you and cheer you on! 


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to products styling for a higher revenue. My name is Mary Ann, and I'm a visual merchandiser. That profession product styling is what I do on a daily basis on with 10 years of experience in retail, I know exactly what it takes to make a product not only look beautiful and visually appealing, but also how to start in presented in a way that makes sure that converts. And in this clause, I'm going to teach you how you can build the foundation for products starlings that will increase your revenue. If you're an electoral owner, you might associate product styling with product photography. But snapping the actual picture is only one off the last steps off an entire process. And we all know that there is no use in building a roof if we don't have strong walls and, most importantly, as solid foundation. Or to put it in other words, the best photo won't convert for you. If you're styling is not on point, I plan on tackling product photography in upcoming classes, but for this one, we're going to focus on building this foundation for you. You're going to learn how to make your products irresistible. I'm going to teach you how to show them in the best light possible by presenting them in a way that tells your brand story and that consequently attracts your target audience. And I'm going to do this by a real life example. By taking you behind the scenes off one off my client projects, I'm going to show you how I've taken this promise Stone and started in a way that not only makes it stand out from the competition, but it also attracts my clients Target audience. I want you to walk away from this class with a very clear idea off how you can increase your future revenue through your product, stalling after each lesson. I'll give you a small assignment that will help you apply what I've shown and taught you to your specific needs. And now let's dive in 2. Lesson 1 | Define Your Focus: what gets you most excited about. One of the suspects for me is the props. Is it to say for you I have always on the hunt for new ones, and every trip that I take is a brilliant excuse for me to come home with a few new ones or even in a tie suitcase? What you see here behind me is only part off the proof for that fact. But the selection off props is the last thing that we're going to tackle in this class. First there was a question You need to ask yourself, What is the focus off you're selling? Your answer will be my product off course. And of course you're right. But take a look at your most recent product. Voters issue product Really old ways. The absolute focus off you're selling or are there may be props distracting from it or even worse, overwhelming it. This is something that I see road often, and as I've said before, I absolutely understand her. Fascinated. We can get by your props, but you have to remember that for your products, darling, your props can never play anything else than a supporting role. It is your product. That is the absolute star after show. So with every further step you take in this process, I want you to remember that your product is the most important thing and the absolute focus off you're selling. And now it's time for your first little assignment. Grab your product, grab your phone and snap a quick picture, then had over to the project section off this Kloss. Create your own project on upload your photo. They're this way. You will make sure that you stay on track on that. You really focus on your product. 3. Lesson 2a | Tell Your Brand Story: storytelling is the most important aspect of selling, and it gets me even more excited than props. But you don't have to Burbey. You don't need to have an entire novel behind every one of astonished that you create. However, I promise you the more detailed your back story is that easier. It will be for you to start your product on the battery to styling will convert for you. That is to say, If you have chosen the right story, let me show you how to do that. Input, styling. There are two different aspects to storytelling. The 1st 1 is the brand story on the 2nd 1 is the product story. Let's start with the brand story because your brand story on your brand mood sat the overall mood on the basis for your styling. It's easiest for me to show you this. In an example, I have taken two very different sets off branding objectives on then I've taken the promise Stone and style it accordingly. The first brand is described as elegant, structured and exotic. The 2nd 1 wants to be perceived as earthy, natural and caring. There is no need for me to explain that while styling number one works well for the first brand. It would not work at all for the 2nd 1 and vice versa, despite featuring the same product, the same travel and despite having floral elements in both Stallings isn't it striking how just two sets off free adjectives can create completely different stylings. This is off course, an incredibly simplified process, because your brand story and branding and general are very complex things. I approach my client projects through a very Faro research process because I want and need to make sure that I truly understand my client's brand story, their brand style and their target audience on all of this before I even start considering developing styling of yes, it will go beyond the scope of disclose to dive deeper into this process or to even look at branding or a target market research Before we continue, I encourage you to go to reflect on two questions. Number one. Who is your target audience on number two? How do you want them to feel when they come in contact with your brand? You have to be able to answer these questions in order to grow your business successfully they are not only relevant for product stalling, but for every single aspect off your business. If you need help, you confined. Great resource is through a Google search. If you're interested in my personal approach and in my resource is, please let me know, because I'm always looking for new ways to help you on to cater to your needs and also for topics for new sculpture classes. But let's go back to my example and let me tell you a bit more about the brand story off my client. I styled this photo for the English lifestyle friend Antonio Yorick. The brand is run by a small business owner. Sustainability is very important to both the owner and her clients, and therefore she uses biodegradable on locally sourced material whenever possible. This is a mood board that I created to visualize the style for Brand a lawsuit to make sure that me and my client have the same visual language in mind. Before I actually start creating the Stallings for her, you can see how it conveys all the important aspect offer brand and how she wants her clients to feel when they come in contact with the brand. I have included her free branding adjectives, and you can see how these photos and they're stylings conveyed wipes off a brand that it's natural, earthy and caring. And now it's time for your brand story had over to the project have off this clause, and they're in The resource is list. You will find a Pdf file, which is called brand adjectives, downloaded from this list sale act the free adjectives that you want to be associated with your brand the most and then at thes free adjectives to your project. 4. Lesson 2b | Tell Your Product Story: Once you have explored brand story, it's time for your product study. This is where the true magic happens, because this is where you show your potential customer how your product fits into their lives. I have free example off possible stories that you could tell the 1st 1 is. You could show your potential customs where in his or her life, they could use the product. Is it the kitchen, the living room, maybe at their desk on the girl on a hike? The second possibility is showing them how they could use it in their lives, for example, to decorate a space to organize their lives. To relax, maybe to be more responsible off. Taking care of our environment is a gift, etcetera, and the third option is showing the ingredients off your products. This is something that you often see with products like scented candles. The scent of the candle is a very strong selling argument. However you called Convey it through a picture. Let's say you're sent the candle smells off cinnamon apples. You might want to include as cinnamon stick on a cot, open apple in your styling off this scandal because your potential customers know how cinnamon and Apple smells, and consequently, they will know how your candle smells for my styling. Off the Promise Stone, I went with the second story. I wanted to show my clients potential customers how they could use the product. My photo tells the story off a relaxing spa day at home, off somebody treating themselves. But I'm also using parts off the first story because with the towel, the bowl and the white marble on hinting at where the product could be used. And this already leads us to less and free and our props election. But first I have another small assignment for you. Decide on what type of story you want to tell is the number one where the product could be used. Number two, how it could be used. Or do you choose number three and show us the ingredients off your product? Once you have decided had over to your project and tell us which type off the story you want to tell and then describe your story in a short 123 sentences 5. Lesson 3 | Select the Props: Yes. Finally, props they are that brings our stories toe before we begin. I have to really, you know, because you have to be really careful when selecting your props, even if you want to put them all in there because they're just so drop that forges. You always have to ask yourself the following free questions. Number one. Does my prop support my story? Let's say your product is a notebook and you choose a pen as a prop. This will probably support your story where well, because when you depend in order to use a no pick, maybe you want to add some flowers. I love flowers and greenery because I think it always add a touch of life. But do you want to do what you often seen Start stock photos where there are flowers lying randomly around an entire desk, it might fit your brand and your brand story. But the story you might want to tell could also be that somebody is really working at the risk at. Then the flowers would distract them. They would all be crushed. So for your story, it might be better if you put the flowers in a boss and have them on the desk. This way. Maybe you also want to add at the core moment, like this arm of the last or a thick green or a vintage key. It might act was sort to your story, but make sure that you don't just put something in simply because it looks pretty. The second question. Does my prop fit my target audience? Do you remember the photo off the promise style with your kid? Two photo. It's pretty, but with the orchid, it would not attract my clients. Target audience Because for them, the Levin the really talks about the organic living about the locally and sustainably sourced material while the orchid has this exalted touch. Ah, very simple aspect off. This question is often whether your target audience is male or female, and this will probably influence your choice off colors. If you have both men and women in your target audience, you will probably want to stay away from hot pinks on use collars that are more neutral. Their third question, if you have to ask yourself, is, does my prop distract from, or even worse? Well, my product. Let's go back to the example off the notebook and depend now if this pen was not this simple, a minimal but in hot pink Andi covered with illiterate Rhinestones, it will not play a supporting role for this notebook. Credible. Probably distract from it because the notebook would become a prop for the pen and not vice . Where's up? So this is also something that you always want to think about. Let me show you how, exactly I supported the brand story behind Antonio Yorick on the product story behind this promise Stone through the choice of specific props. First of all, you will notice that I have chosen a toned down color palette. On the one hand, I did not want to overpower Pomace Stone, with its muted and dark brown but determined on colors, also support the natural and earthy wipes off the brand. An exception is the lavender. I knew that I needed to add a pop of color off. The entire selling would end up looking bland and boring, So I looked for something that would add additional meaning and support both the brand and the product story while at the same time not overwhelming or distracting from the product, Levin is a flower that grows local in England. I know for a fact that the brand owner has some plants in front of her house, and with it being a flower, it also hints back at the natural aspect off the brand. Furthermore, lavender is known for its relaxing properties, and this is exactly what you would want to have for your spotty at home, wouldn't you? The bull is something that hints at a bathroom setting, but this is not the main reason for it being there. It has something to do with the use of the product. Did you know that before you treat your skin with a promise stone, you should so both to students as well as your skin warm water? This will prepared in both on. Make sure that you avoid injuries. The tabal that I've added relocates the entire setting the entire story in the bathroom, but also notice it's organic placement. Do you remember how need and strict the tall was placed in the example? Photo with your kid. This would not fit here. It all the organic placement off the Tavel hints once again at the natural and earthy wives off the brand also notice how, through its texture, it adds interest and dynamic despite its wear return. Done color. The final little touches the white marble in the background. It really roots the story in a bathroom on. Although white marble is popping up everywhere, it's something that we still deeply associate with tiles in bathrooms. And now it's time for your final assignment. Think about free props that could support your brand and your product story, then had over to your project and tell us all about them. 6. Last Words [& Bloopers]: Congratulations off the watching all the videos in this class on completing the little assignments off the class project. You are now equipped with the knowledge to tackle your next product selling in a way that will increase your future. Thank you so much for putting. I hope that you've had as much fun learning from me as I've had t you I would really appreciate it if you left a view my class on. I'm also always great for your feet back on for your suggestions for future lost office. Thank you again so much on See where he soon your props can never play anything else than a supporting role that I've taken a promise to and starting is probably very good at here. And it definitely supports the story. Here's a pen to write you will probably want to stay away for from It happened together