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Procreate Digital Collage & Painting - Collage Girl

teacher avatar Bridget M., Digital Mixed Media Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. L1 - The Base LayerL

    • 2. L2 - Face Features

    • 3. L2 - Face Features pt2

    • 4. L3 - Wings

    • 5. L4 - Dress

    • 6. L5 - Hair

    • 7. L6 - Tidying Up

    • 8. L7 - Final

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About This Class

In this class we will be using the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the standard HB pencil Provided.

I will show you how I paint my digital faces, add digital backgrounds to create a unique collage piece of art that looks more authentic.  I have been a traditional mixed media artist for many years, so being able to create work that looks like the more traditional is a huge thumbs up.   Come and have some fun, even if you can’t draw, the sketch used for this workshop is included.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bridget M.

Digital Mixed Media Artist


I started off creating mixed media paintings featuring girl faces over 10 years ago.  

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1. L1 - The Base LayerL: hi and welcome to creating the base layer. This is all done on one layer, and we're just choosing the skin color of the reserve skin pellet that's included in the student notes on. We're just going to use the pencil brush and we're just going to completely cover the entire face. I know that you can see the here, but we're not worrying about the moment. We want to make sure that we cover Behold head, I'm the neck. Andi will just make sure that it's all done, and then we'll take once. Once we've color poll Ferson, we'll just go with I raise. I will use the airbrush heart to Andi. We'll just go around the edges, just tiding the slayer up before we move onto the next one. 2. L2 - Face Features: Hi and welcome to this. Listen on, creating face features we're going to start, uh, with the brown on a new layer about the base. And hopefully you've named the space features. We're just gonna start working around the eyes and going down the bridge of the nose. We're going to do the same on the other side, and then I'm gonna take my blending finger, and I'm gonna blend the sin and you'll see it blends and really nicely. So start spending in, we start getting rid of the harsh lines, and we can start doing the other side, and we'll get back some more brown, and then we'll be blending that again. So just good, but dark, huh? Each time you drop, each time you left your pencil off screen, you are creating another layer. So we just what we're doing is just making this dark her as we go along, and then we'll be blending with again with our finger just to get a bit of, um, smoothness going on over there. I put some shading under the chin and under the nose. Uh, yeah, under the chin, the nose and under the neck. I'm still just blending. I worry about those shortly and we're just going to, and all I'm doing is that base color. I've just been using the color palette and just going dark, her so finding a darker shade because your eyelid, of course court costs a shadow. So just blending that in take the other side it's, Well, we're taking time, texture, good guys, right? Because the eyes are going to be the first thing that you know that people see with your picture. So I'm just just by layering, blending, leering. I'm creating some drama to these eyes, so just darkening them up and planting them and just smoothing away any sort of lines. I see I don't want to see lines. I want to see it looking blended. I'm just gonna go but dark, huh? Seeming in changing my brush because I want to define that area there. It'll be a bit lighter on both sides. It's actually I, so that's just not It's bit lighter. And then I'm gonna put some dark, dark shades under the eye. This is where the I, but I don't know what a sexual name is, but it's sort of where the the bottom eyelashes are so it's below the bottom. Eyelashes just go, you know, just smooth the way. So you just keep smoothing the lines away. Andi, with the pencil darkened the very finest areas. You know where the creases all just keep doing that? I'm just taking that painters of saying about creases and I'm just gonna blend those very quickly. So I've done those well done and I'm going to choose the grey I writes on White such the ever more great kind of some just full birth eyes up with what On then I'm going to choose my green of having green eyes. I'm choosing the mid green to do both eyes and then I'm getting kind of that and just fixing that up on. But I'm going with the darker green, and I'm going to put the darker greens with the shadows would fall. So the top of the eyes and around the sides of the eyeballs. And then I'm putting the peoples and and then taking a really light shade and going along the sides off the irises with like would cat so that the doctor come I'm just going Teoh of the shadows. The shed appears above the eyes. It's cost by the island's. I'm just darkening that up and around the sides for both eyes until I'm happy. Keep darknet and blending it in, and this extends the shed extends across the entire I. So the white glint in the eye appears in the same place for both eyes. 3. L2 - Face Features pt2: hi and welcome to the second part Off the face features. I'm just going to be choosing a brown on doing the eyebrows, just filling those birth in Assad. I'm just thinking of it grow and then going to work on the nostrils Just a bit of brown underneath the and then putting a shadow on the tip of the nose. Darling le p two p area on blending Nicene. Just keep lending it until tells me good speaking to me Just leave it And then just the lips I'm just doing the top Lips are generally darker than the bottom lips. So I'm just choosing a darker red for that. And then I'm just gonna go to the color picker, want colored light to the corners, and I'm gonna choose a lighter red for the bottom lip. You mustn't forget that under the bottom, there's a shadow, so the color will be dark. So just need to put that in. And then she's my doctor, cut her again, putting the shadow underneath there and whether drops joined with lips meet, wouldn't shadow there. And then the doctor I'm just going over that area. Whether that's join again. Smooth it If you look and then very thin pencil lines across the bottom of the lips, thes decreases. The top look doesn't have that many does a few increases? And then I'm going to add some white Thailand's across the bottom and across the top very fine with very fine pencil. Along with talk, they are on the other side, dignity of the nights that's for the nostrils and just bring but of we'll dip on the face just getting darker, adding a bit of highlights when I'm gonna add some pink for the cheeks and then blended in until you you're happy darkness. You know, just have another layer and keep doing that. So a little more shudders. Hard nuts. It's on the bridge of the nose. And then just been that in 4. L3 - Wings: Hi and welcome to this color edged wings. Listen, this, uh, color sheet is in your student notes. You can bring it in and drop it onto the layer named wings and we just using the airbrush hard a razor and we're just racing around the up line off the wings on both sides and then that And then we're gonna create all right? Yeah, just making shorts Looking good. I'm just going to choose already brown color for the art lines. So just go around the plan off the wings once I've chosen my color, but I want on I'll just color battled. So I'll just carry on outlining the wings on both sides. And I'm going to create a new layer above the wings and I'm going to add some shadow. The shadow is going to sit, obviously behind the dresser, the wings up behind you. So I'm just creating a little bit of drama, and when we're done, we're ready to move on to the race 5. L4 - Dress: Hi and welcome to the dress layer. Once you've been poor to draw pattern, you can just full of lines on bond. The rays being outline for the dress. So you just have the dress with the pattern there. We're just gonna finish doing that and we're done. We're gonna cheese a pencil on a color and we're going toe offline. The car, We would do that. So we were using traditional materials. We would be doing the same thing. Be using a graphite pencil Charcoal to be this. We're just creating the fault of the dress and shadows way. I think that would be dark. So in the outer parts of skirt waste with the arms meat upon the shoulders and just slowly build a picture up. Do you use if you used the side of your pin sold, You can actually get a lot of textract, which is what I've been doing. I haven't gone dark or big. I've just used the side of pencil just to have a bit more control. So I'm just adding, um, other bits of color from the pattern, So I'm not straying away from that. I want to keep it looking quite uniform in terms of color. So again, it's just adding light and dark values from the pattern to the dress. I'm just going to make who band or a belt of Greece a blue, and then I'll be taking the pencil and I'll be outlining that just to give. Give it a little bit of something and I'll do the batons that's in orange from the race. Go but darker around the around the outsides. You're not being too Nicosia about that. That's fine. Andi been just going and doing. I'm doing the arms now. Just more color. Where the arms joined the body Ever read down there? I want to emphasize that around the top of about something, my measurement, it would be a shadow Don't make with faults of the dresses. Just keep going along like that. I tell you, I'm happy with that. Good. Okay, it's looking good. I just have to keep tweaking it. So that dark, where you think the doctor needs to go? I'm just going around the top of shoulders downsides. And then just following this skirt, you have Assad. I just work your way around so that you've created definition. I'm just adding some dark lines where I imagine the pleats of a skirt just going making a little more definition name could you know the cover, but a lot. 6. L5 - Hair: hi and welcome to the Heyler in the Slayer. We're going to choose yellow and we're going to have it on its own layer, of course, underneath the sketch. And we're just going to cover the here and then using darker and lighter shades off yellow , going in tow orange. I'm just going to highlight and create shadows where I think they may fool. So I'm just going to do that. I'm not too worried about going up the lines at this point. That will come later on once we're finalizing it. So my he is behind the sketch and I'm just following with sketch not to get lighten dark spots where I think it needs to go. So I'm just just keep refining, adding lot lights from darker colors. I'm going now with an orange. I'm just going to splash it here and there just to create a little bit of drama on a hair. Now imagine if she had tense or highlights that kind of thing, which so it's not looking too bad. No, just a few more butts that I'm going toe Adam using the white just to bring out come up and then I'm going to create a new layer underneath for here between the hair and the face. And I'm choosing a purple. I'm just going around top edges of the face to create a shadow. 7. L6 - Tidying Up: the tightening up is just working through the layers and just rubbing out where I've gone out the line. So I'm just getting around here and just anywhere else where I spot glaringly obvious places that need to be raised. So I'll just go home and do that. Andi, this is just very quick. Just to show you my process, Andi will be going back to the next day some 8. L7 - Final: Hi and welcome back to this last. Listened by now all your layers should be merged and we'll bring our background in and place it behind our image. And we'll take a pencil and a dark color and outline the entire bit of artwork and we going along the age. So we merging the background and foreground together with this with this brush in the real world, that would probably be charcoal or graphite pencil. So I'm just creating that same look that I would do for others using traditional materials . So just adding the before depth to the here and then just going along and just adding but more docks. Well, the stock pins were need it. Thank you for doing this. Listen with me. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope to see a lot more of your work. Thank you.