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PowerPoint Masterclass Series #10 – Create PowerPoint Templates

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction to this module

    • 2. Start a project!

    • 3. What are Master Slides

    • 4. How do Master Slides and Layouts operate

    • 5. What are themes, designs and thmx files

    • 6. Real Life Example - Benefits and Disatvantages

    • 7. Advanced Template Creation

    • 8. Leave a Review, Please

    • 9. How To Design Slides within Templates

    • 10. When and why to use or not to use Master Slides

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About This Class

This is a comprehensive PowerPoint MasterClass divided into small sections (classes like this one) where you will master the software and learn insightful concepts & techniques about design, presentation & animation all applied within Microsoft PowerPoint. Thanks to the division into small classes you can learn in a more organized, bite-sized manner.

==> The Tenth class of this course is about Making powerpoint templates. I will teach you about layouts, master slides and how to set up and save templates.


Avoid frustration by learning a proper workflow from a Professional. I will take you by hand and teach to design great presentation templates and slides with confidence. Once completed you will be sure that the end results will be of highest quality. 


Here is the list of all sections of this course at your disposal:

#1 – Find Photos, Colors, Icons & Fonts

#2 – Important Basic Features

#3 – Advanced Tricks for Pros!

#4 – How to Animate

#5 – Design Slides 1-7!

#6 – Animate Slides 1-7!

#7 – Design Presentations (Slides 8-14)

#8 – Animate Presentations (Slides 8-14)

#9 – Kinetic Typography & Motion Graphics

#10 – Create PowerPoint Templates

#11 – Recording & Exporting Videos

#12 – Video Oriented Slide Design

#13 – Kiosk Style Presentations


I hope you will continue to next sections once you watch videos from this class. Enjoy the ride and get better at PowerPoint together with me!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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1. Introduction to this module: welcome to this essential module about master slides. Master Slight are all about two things master slight and their layout As you click in Power Point I right click I have my layouts Those layouts are created in the view in the very slight master which we know and those slight are masters light There's big ones and those small ones are layout. We can add additional layouts here and we can fill out those long hours with placeholders. We can select content placeholders which will be for everything we can select. For example, picture placeholders which will be only for pictures and those create drag and drop objects within our Power point presentation. I can, for example, copy to several times. I'll know close my slide Master, I want to get out of it back to my presentation I want to create an example New slight and I wont select my layout with tried Just created. So there you have it. End of following lessons. I'll explain you everything about how those are set up How example Slights can be created I want you to only know one thing before we start. Not everything can be created within slight master. So masters light and their layout are mostly set up to create blank spaces for images and for our text. Eventually, for content like videos or charts, the rest should be designed in Power Point. So stay tuned, because this will be really cool, important and very fun lessons. See there. 2. Start a project!: Hi, it would be amazing. And you can help me on Skillshare by starting a product for this class. Nice. At first, it doesn't have to be the ready product is go to the Project and Resources tab. Hit on Create Project. And right, You're welcome message. Later on when you create slides from the lectures, you can share a screenshot of that slide. You can do this by going to File Save As Selecting Browse. And you can select to save as a JPEG there. By saving JPEG, you can select all slides are just this one. Then you can come back to the project, select Image and to just add a slide that you created. I will be really happy to see it and it will also be very helpful. Please start the product right now. It will take only a few clicks and helps me a lot here on Skillshare. 3. What are Master Slides: hello and welcome today in this model were we'll talk about Master Slight in Power Point setting up template because this is definitely a topic we should know about. We should take a look on and I will explain you what you need to know to create effective presentation templates and ultimately become better at power. Point off course, I'll show you a bit off theory. Then I'll show you off course examples on a real life presentation. The presentation, which we did weaken off course, make it as a template as well. You know that I personally like to start from scratch by deleting everything and having a blanks life and setting up my layout from scratch. But we could do the same with help off Master Slight by defining a layout which we don't can use repeatedly in other slides slides in the presentation. So as you have parchment opened as you right click, you have something called layout. Those nine are set up in master slides, so I have those nine layout. They're pretty finally out, but we can also delete at a just and, of course, create our own layout by using master slides. So let me show you all examples and explain what I'm talking about. They think we will be talking about is going to view and using sleight. Master, this is something very important because in this light, master, all the slight layouts funds are determined for the entire presentation. Now, most of the times we use the basic PowerPoint lay out. But if we want to set up a template for a company for for our client, then we should use this type to prepare for everything. Okay, I'll go back to my power point presentation by default. As you can see, as I create new slight, they inherit the layout which I used as I right click and I go to lay out its called office theme and I have nine layouts. Okay, now I'll go to view slight master, does everything make sense? I have one master slight and nine layouts light, as you can see as I delete several off those slight and I close master view as I write like now I go to lay out and I have only those two left so you can notice that the master slightly out determine how many layers I have here to use what's cool. I can go to view. I can go to Slight Master and I can set up multiple new layout or multiple New master Slight. On the very left side, I have insert master slide and insert layout. So this is what I wanted to teach you. In this lesson, you can insert Master slight. As you can see, a new master sleight has appeared with new layout. Well, it used the basic nine layout. We have that we can off course again. Delete this leave only to lay out and show to our client or boss. Hey, I have set up for layout to here to here so you can select whichever you like. So depending on how many masters like you have that many custom designs you will establish and of course, layout. Now why? Layouts are so cool. Layers are cool because I can, with one click at the graph at the table at the chart of the picture, a video or just by Dragon dropping it Here, let me show you an example. Example. Photos to use city photo boom since thank you. Power Point sayings. This was a pre defined box for an image or any other thing, it automatically snapped, which would not normally happen like that with our label. Okay, this is a brief, brief introduction to the master's life. Now I'll finally go in the next lesson and show you how, when, where and what can be done right now. I showed you that on the view. Tell you have a slight master and you can add master slight and lay out depending on how many layers you have. If I have a bunch off different layout with different setups like this box would be different, everything will be changed. It's a club master view. I created a new slight because I'm working on something, and I remember that I had the school out. I just right click layout and I find my crazy layout. It was this one Boom and I have a pre defined presets light to work within Power Point 4. How do Master Slides and Layouts operate: what you place in the template can be easily touched. Let me go back to view to slight master and show you something very, very important. Everything you place on the layout, um insert shapes. I will place one shape here, one shape here on the right side, one ship in the middle. Everything you place on the layout will be hard defined on the layout at part. From the placeholders, the placeholders can be clicked on. It can be changed, but I'll not be able to click on these and change them. It gets even worse or even better for the actual masters light. What is defined on the master sleight is defined on the entire presentation. So if I go to insert and I would like to have a cloudy presentation, I would select a cloud. And let's say that my presentation should have clouds on the bottom because this is my design. What's happening here? The entire presentation, the entire off the layout will copy this style because this is the master title slight we have in our presentation. As I clothed close the master style. No matter what we do, how many slightly add It will always inherit this object. And also those boxes, depending on the layout. As I right, click select layout. You see, I have this left boxes, right Books, middle box and then normally out without those boxes, a little work around which Power point allows us to do is going to view is going to slight master. By selecting a slight, you can select height, background graphics. This is a cool feature because most of the time, if you select something on master slight, you want it to be everywhere. But if you don't, you can always select height, background graphic. And this particular slight will not inherit the design from the Masters. Okay, I will slowly go towards my example because I own at first you don't know what Masters lights are about. And now we'll make a brief stop talking about templates. What are templates? How are they used and how Microsoft set up their own templates and how do they look in master slights? Perhaps you know, already all of this perhaps you you want to know about this because it's super important and I will show you that in the next lesson let's jump right in. I will gladly talk with you about that 5. What are themes, designs and thmx files: Okay. Hello? Hello. Hello. Welcome back. I want to show you something super important. Perhaps you didn't know about this, so we have our slight in our presentation. Now, you know that Power point has a few basic templates we can use go to design. A few years ago, I thought to myself Wow, how do they set up those good looking templates in plantations where there is no trick to it? You just go to view. You just go to slight master and you have everything laid out. Um, let me delete those things. As you can see, a new slight muster has appeared. Okay, let me delete the empty one. And this is the slight master, and this is all they did. Basically, they just took a graphic. They put it in the presentation and boom, They have attempt Lee. They made the color green or any color weaken select here. Or any color fund and effect. We can select your in the theme and this is basically it. If I delete this one object this one object here. We have no presentation at all. Only this layout has it set manually because perhaps they wanted to have a title slight, which has it also hard coded. But basically all those PowerPoint templates are simply set up like that. If I go to teams and I change the team, it's the same. You have an object on those slights and an object here. This is just designed inside the slight master. The funds are changed and the title slight looks like that. They even made a white background here, so they didn't even have to do it. But maybe they wanted to be a pure white design on the first light. Now OK, so this this is a PowerPoint template and something that is possible. Well, I don't really use it often, and perhaps it's not used because if I create the presentation, even if it's set up with Master Slight, it's for the case off. One presentation you really safe templates to maybe only if you sell them. If you prepare those templates for sale for clients, yes, you can save a template. And at the template to this bundle, let's say that this is my layout. I changed here everything. I prepared everything. I have a bunch off layouts ready, which I would like to sell to use apart from this because this looks really bad. Then I can go and save this theme in the team's. You can browse inside the current e. I will save it as an example theme. Now, if you have a new presentation, I have fought, for example, presentation like that. I will create a new slight and then I will know that I am. I wanted to use that template. No problem. You go to design, as you usually do in power point and you have those templates now you will also have your safe's template. As you can see, one new custom templates has appeared. But if it wouldn't appear, I let me delete it. If this design would not be here, I just browse for themes and I would need to select the place where saved it. But if it wouldn't be here, I would need to select the place where we're save it. I would need to go to that place as I could simply import this team. So if you ever wondered what theme X Files are as I can save you, FEMA X files are simply themes for power point, which you can import and they will appear in the design tap. This is what Masters Lights are all about by setting up templates with several layouts. I think layout is the most important thing. So let's go finally to a real life example. In the next lesson, I would like to show you how I would create this slight in our master templates. 6. Real Life Example - Benefits and Disatvantages: Hello. Welcome back. I would like to tackle with you how I would create such a slight with master slights. And what are the difficulties? What are the benefits? Let me show you on an example. So I have a photograph here on the top side and this photograph is covered by such a overlay box. So we will try to create a similar design which will be easy for us to replicate. Let me simply create a new slight and I will try to create layout for it. I will go to view. I will go to Slight Master. I will even create a new layout. So I have my clean lay out. I didn't need a title. I didn't need footers. But I do definitely need people you know a bit difficult because we will have toe jump around. We'll need a placeholder for the photograph which you can automatically add. We can decide if we want also those icons letting may be copied us over so I don't have to design everything from scratch. Go to view again to slight master And let's continue the design on our placeholder. I'll answer the placeholder boom and I'll inside the picture. I want to insert a placeholder for picture. It was about off this size whom perfect now will place control V and I'll place my icons here. And let's say that this slightest set up to have different Aikens, Can't I click them? Okay, I can. So I leave placeholders just for my Aiken. Now, my little problem here is that those items were grouped, so I'll go to group on group and I'll, of course, delete those objects. Okay? It's really goes well, even better. Even better yet. I'm perfect at that. Well, that's the problem. Group on groups. Sorry. I am having so much troubles here. There will be a time where I will be able to click that. Okay, those icons, We are nearly done. This group One group. Okay, so this light is nearly complete. The picture should be to this extension. And on the left bottom side, As you couldn't remember, we had text No problem view slight master. Our crazy slight and insert the placeholder. And this time, a text placeholder. This place holder was too about this size. Now edit Master textiles We can set up manually or we can go to slight master funds, and we can set funds for the entire presentation to be used here. Now I'll try to set it manually by selecting open sense as we had. Okay, the last thing I remember it was this orange color which was used for the text. I don't think it's the same, but let's do it the same. Okay, so I have my layout ready, and you can notice that I could design that straight in sight of Power Point. Or I can set up this layout if I think that I'll use this layout several times in my presentation. In my case, it's not entirely true because I know that I only have one slight like that. Okay, go to slight master select close master view, and I'll try to create the same slight I'm adding a new slide, and this is not the layout I want. The layout I want is the custom layout. I said, Okay, boom. You can see I have the same layout and what's great here. I can drag and drop the image. I can start writing the text and it will immediately look close to that. So I forgot about this title, but that's not important. I wanted to show you how I would set this up to have it to use in my presentation. And what are the benefits? The benefits are that I can use any photograph. I just drag and drop it. And boom Power point snaps this photograph here. And this object is an object merged into this very layout. So my only adjustment, which I could do, is to delete those objects because the box is perfect. I have text here. The text is orange. Their pictures also Okay, But then again, this little object this overlay had to be placed inside here. I couldn't make that in slight mist because if I would go to view to Slight Master and I would put this overlay here like I put those icons here, let me delete them. Close master view. I could not move it, not change it. It would bring me nothing. So this is why on the beginning, on the off the lesson I wanted to show you what are the benefits off using slight master and layouts and templates and what are the disadvantages? The disadvantage is that everything placed here is non movable. Only those placeholders. So you should use a slight master and set up template only by using place holders as you can see in the site. Master, this would not be a way to go. This is okay. And this place holder is perfectly OK and what's cool here? This would be a very clean slight, which could be adapted. So as I close my muster view, I have a new slide. I said, like, this custom layout created and this can be changed. And this is how I lay out. Should be Okay, let's say that I wanted this picture to be like this on the left. Maybe I wanted the picture to be like this on the left side. I wanted the text to be bigger. This can be addressed and this is perfect. Usage off layout in power point. In the next lesson, I would like to start to show you advanced PowerPoint tricks which can make your templates amazing and how professionals designed advanced template inside powerful by using sleight, master and all its features 7. Advanced Template Creation: Hello. I'm so happy that you arrived here. Now comes the real meat. There really advanced content which professional template creators and power pointers like you very soon should use. Okay, I want to set up an entire template with rounded corners. I have a concept for my entire presentation that it should be a little bit rounded or pictures or items. Everything should be on rounded objects. Let me go to view and select and create one new layout. This layout will show you all again benefits and problems, which you can have while working in Power Point. I'll insert layout. And on this layout I want pictures to be shown eventually a bit off text. I don't want any title or footer because it will only crowd my slide. I want to go toe inter placeholder and insert to picture placeholders. I'll select my shift and I will select one on the left side. Control C Control the one on the right side and I want to show you the troubles which you can face. So I wanted rounded corners here. This doesn't look like it, but you can click on this place holder you can go to edit shape in the form attack, change, shape and select any shape you want. So I wanted this rectangle, this rounded corners rectangle to be used here. I can even a click to adjust it a little bit. Okay? And this is what I was Half the little problem I have with PowerPoint is always when I click on it, it shows me the rectangle placeholder. Only if I d selected. It shows me the actual object which will have here at. But I wanted it to be like this. So how could I do that? So I have good and bad news for you. Depending on what PowerPoint version you have, you will or will not be able to do this. So I wrote it is 45 degrees because I wanted everything to be set up in such a style. And as you can see, the picture is not as cute. Now we'll see how this looks in the presentation. The good thing is that you can use subtraction to create any shape you like. And this is the best trick in PowerPoint you can possibly imagine. Let me show you insert shapes and I could insert for example the same shape. I agreed the shape like this with my shift key not controlled shift, I would make it round it. I would rotate it over. I had put it here. And as I believe, power 0.2010 didn't have subtractions. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that PowerPoint 2013 off course without in 16 and all newer versions have this . So if you have powerful in 2013 you are safe. You can simply click on the picture shift, click on the object. And in the former top merch shapes just intersected. Boom! You have this object preferred. And now look how beautiful this light could be set up. I could have several off those here like this, and we have a beautiful, slight set up. I will close my master view and I'm creating my presentation news site. And I know that you want to have pictures on this slide. You just right click your wrist layout and you just select your beautiful layout. Now imagine if an entire presentation would be set up like this. It would be really beautiful and easy to use. So let me know. Select any picture and show you this example. Boom. I have the water, this water, a flight here. What happens when I put it here? Boom! And now you see the problem with the skewing The problem curious that I had do rotate this object. And here this object was cropped. So I definitely, definitely definitely recommend cropping objects to the little object you want to have because this is a no go. You can't use photographs like that. Only if you really, really want them to look like that. But this is a little problem we have in power point off course. You could try to to create a normal image, then create white shapes here to cover this up. This would be super difficult. This, However, we can't change the format off this object and we can change the format here. So again, I want to always show you advantages and benefits and disadvantages and those those bad things which masters lights sometimes help us, and sometimes they limit us in our design. But basically what you want to do you want to create layouts like that where it's super simple. And now I could create several very similar slides by, for example, just selecting new slight and any new site. I add the room boom. It will always use the last layout used. So if I change my layout, I selected a new slight. It'll have the same layout, but since I wanted toe set up several slight like that, for example, this would be slight one. This would be slight, too slight to would be entirely made up off images. So I'll make it like that like that like that. Since these placeholders can be copied, we only can use as many as we have in this layout because I can't press control. See Contrave. It doesn't work like that. Sadly, we can only create photographs and duplicate those photographs. Boom, boom, boom. But sadly, we cannot duplicate those objects. We would have to go to view to slight master, duplicate this layout and make, for example, a few more boxes, which can be used later. Okay, beautiful layout and who you would create a newsnight. I would write me clay out, and I know that to custom layout is the crazy layout with older images here and I'll to use them. I a place him here And this is how you use effectively. Slight Master, how you operate on templates, how you prepare templates, how you create entire presentations with a consistent design. Now, if you have a low, let's say that this is my company logo I go to view. I go to slight master and I know that this logo has to be everywhere, absolutely everywhere. You just go and paste it onto the slight master. You place it here, you make it small and this little object would be on the entire presentation no matter what you do. So this is how operating on slight slight masters and templates work. I hope that this tutorial was really beneficial for you. And you learned a lot how to set up custom shapes for your super cool presentations. 8. Leave a Review, Please: Hey, it would be extremely helpful for this class if you go to the Review tab and click on leave a review and write something there. If you don't see this button yet, you need to watch a few more lectures and it will become available. Sculpture now requires that classes have recent reviews on them. So it would help me greatly. You just click here, you tell if you'd like to class or not, and you write a simpler view and click Submit. I would be very obliged if you can do this right now. Thank you so much and see you soon. 9. How To Design Slides within Templates: Okay. I see you are on fire today and you would like to learn even more so how Professional template creators are creating templates. Now I'll show you a real life example how I would set up a slight with the picture, but not adding too much into this light. Okay, so I'll combine working within Power point and working within master slides. So I'll create and you labeled Go to view Select Slight Master, if you would like to create the same thing that I am creating, so I will select new lay out. Okay, I'm inserting it and I want to create text boxes within PowerPoint but the picture placeholder within this masters light this will be also without any title or footers because I really don't like this crowded set up. And I will go to insert placeholder Answer picture, and I would insert the picture if you would like to follow, please do so. So we will create together a slight with slight master. Okay, take the picture and resize it to the left side off the screen. You can select a size if you wanted to be big or not too big. Ok, I have the picture. Now I'll go to insert shapes and I'll simply insert a dark shape. Okay, I'll place the shape here. I'll make sure that the shape is the same size as the victor. Okay, It's nearly s. I will go to shape old line. No hotline. I will. Not it a bit to the left. I will resize it. Okay. And this is the left side off my slide. Now I'll take this object. I'll select a shape Phil and I would select a color for my design. Let me go to more phone calls and I want something darkish darkish blues like this. Okay? And I have my layout prepared. I close my master of you, And this will allow me to create things within power point without having toe always go to slight Master. Now I'm creating a new slide. This new slight should have my layout, which I preferred right now. Okay, this is the layout and the rest would be created here within power point. So I go within power point to create insert shapes or I mean textbooks and create text boxes here. Here I will select what they cooled. Template. I click on that I would make the text white. And of course, I wanted to use open sense because I'm using open sense in this presentation. Okay. Selected like that, Control V. Then this will be the main color here. Let's say that it's yellow or something. And I'm adding those text boxes inside the normal PowerPoint Creator because I already have my layout. I want this box to be always here, this picture to be on the left side. But those things can be added separately now can migrate somewhere. Example Text. Yes, I can. I mean, maybe even the entire one. Okay. Argentina. Maybe the text should be white here around. Okay, This actually, it looks really cool. So I'll copy also those here whom Okay, this is making up my slight. And then I want maybe two icons like this and this boom and those icons would be here on this site. Then I would select the main color insert shapes, maybe circles for the icons. Maybe some texts. I don't really know. I would select both. Now you don't have to follow my steps. Exactly. I just wanted to show you how I would set up this template and I want actually this yellow color boom. Then I would select text off course. The text is, like, now invisible, but I would make it visible by making it black and big. Okay, control C control V and Wola. There you have it. This would be a template which I would create within power. Point off course. This should be grouped. This circle should be smaller because it looks a bit weird with this. I can Okay. And this is somewhat how I would go about this. Now, if I select this templates to to use, I can also create new slight with the same layout with similar design. And if someone were to receive this presentation for me, if someone would like to change this design, no problem. You can delete that. You can delete that. If you want an image, you just go. Here I take my example. Image boom. The mushroom, for example. Boom. I have to image. I can even go to crop and move the image here. Crump, Boom. You are ready with the slight. I see. I wasn't perfectly precise here, but this can be easily adjusted. And this is how I created a template for my PowerPoint presentation and new layout. And if I would follow this color, perhaps all my layouts, which I would create, would have a similar color. Another layout view. Slight master. For example. Copy this existing layout and place the picture on the right side and this object here, you close everything, and you have already too cool ales to use quickly in your presentations. 10. When and why to use or not to use Master Slides: Hello. Welcome to the summary lesson where I don't do quickly round up what we learned. So now you have a little bit more understanding about Why did I create this presentation? By always creating a new slight and deleting everything versus creating a template which you can sale or rent or anything. So the basic differences If you create a ready presentation which you deliver as a ready file to your client, you can create it without without master slight because you're delivering a ready product which he will use if you however plan toe sell. This presentation s a template. Basically you go about it very similar. Only each photograph and each text You want to be added within the presentation you create with placeholders. This is the more professional way because if you are a company and you will use this template over and over again and you just wanted the template to be consistent in terms off coloristic design and the style off the photographs, you would like to have it super easy. You would like to have this place holder you. If you are not tax savvy and design savvy, you will not resize this you will not change this presentation. You only want to drag and drop a photograph. Start typing or pasting your your text and you want to be done with your presentation. The company logo is already here, which is also cool. And this is it. I would be super happy if I would get a templates from you like that, because I can create my slight within seconds. So it all depends on what are you up to end. How do you agree on the work with your client? I hope you did learn a lot about master slides about setting up templates and saving those templates, because this'll is a fundamental part of knowledge. But it doesn't go much further beyond that, because if you learn how to set up slight and design slight, you'll most likely not have big troubles working within the master slides. Now it's a matter off you going in there checking everything options out, and basically templates are set up in the slight master 10. This is the most important tap. The rest is just that normal transitions, insertions and home tap, which we do adjustments as usual. But this light master allows you to select the placeholders, which are on the slide. The theme can be saved. What What also saved is the colors, phones and effect. I have, for example, here custom funds like I would use Open Sons and Helvetica is my second, or babbles and babbles new as my main text. So if I click that every text would be now with this phone, and you can set up funds very easily, it is customized forms or or create new ones. Customized Select Phone number one, Select Phone number two and Crazy Fund. Set up whom? Safe. And as you can see, I have my new crazy fund set up the crazy fund set up Boom. It's inserted in the presentation. Thank you so much for watching this part. Those lessons. And if you have any more questions or would like to know something else, I'll try to add additional ones to round up this entire content and make it even better for you.