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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Start a project!

    • 3. Color, Gradient, Font

    • 4. Creating Main Shape

    • 5. Icons

    • 6. Text and grouping

    • 7. Leave a Review, Please

    • 8. Coloring

    • 9. Animation - Morph

    • 10. Animation - 2016

    • 11. Thank you

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About This Class

With this short Microsoft PowerPoint class, I want to teach you how to design very modern slides and animate them with help of the Morph transition.I will share a couple of interesting PowerPoint tricks and guide you through every step of the way.

Animation is my favourite set of tools within PowerPoint so I'm glad to share a couple techniques with you on how to correctly prepare and animate such a project.

This is a preview of the animation we prepare here:


I will explain how to:

- Design it

- Gather all resources (font, color)

- Animate with help of Morph / Wipe

- Share PowerPoint tricks along the way.

Enjoy the class and let me know in the discussions tab if you'd like to see more of such!


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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome. Within this short Skillshare class, at first, let me show you the end result of what you are actually creating here. I'll go from scratch and design this slide and animation with you. I'll show you how to collect all the resources, how to select a proper font, how to find icons, and how to apply a color scheme and gradient to this entire design. Once we have all that and we've designed this slide, we will apply the Morph transition and another transition to make this entire animation possible. On the surface, this is just one slide, but it shows you a lot of interesting PowerPoint, tips, tricks and design principles. I will of course, share the resource file so you can work alongside me. You probably know that I enjoyed those type of designs and animations. I'm waiting there for you. You can start right away. Let's go to the next lecture of this class. 2. Start a project!: Hi, it would be amazing. And you can help me on Skillshare by starting a product for this class. Nice. At first, it doesn't have to be the ready product is go to the Project and Resources tab. Hit on Create Project. And right, You're welcome message. Later on when you create slides from the lectures, you can share a screenshot of that slide. You can do this by going to File Save As Selecting Browse. And you can select to save as a JPEG there. By saving JPEG, you can select all slides are just this one. Then you can come back to the project, select Image and to just add a slide that you created. I will be really happy to see it and it will also be very helpful. Please start the product right now. It will take only a few clicks and helps me a lot here on Skillshare. 3. Color, Gradient, Font: Welcome within this morph design where we are preparing this kind of animation and slight overall. To begin with, we need the color scheme, we need a gradient, and we need a nice font by using a website called callers dot SEO. When you watch this lecture, this website might look different, but there should be a way to generate colors. I will click on Generate. And I want only for simple colors, the first color will be white. I'll go to Select Color. I will change the hex to Picker, and I'll just go for white. The second color should be our background. I want a really, really dark background and it's beautiful that we have a big preview here. We immediately see if those colors work together. Of course, everything will work with white. You want to stay in the vicinity of blue or rather gray, and you want a background that is closer to the dark side. I'll remain with this one. For the next color. I would like something for the box. The box should be lighter and closer to gray. For that. I go again to the vicinity of blue colors. I go to the left side where the grace are, and I will pick something. Again, it really dark with something that stands a little bit out from the background. This should be perfectly fine. I want to copy the same color and just make it a slightly brighter. How to do this? I select copy color. Now I go to the next color. I need to briefly change it to the hex code so I can paste in the same hex code. I go back to the picker and they basically stay at the same color. I just make it a bit lighter. So we have something for the text. This should be perfectly fine. Let me hide the ads, let me delete the last color and we are ready with the color scheme. We could do this straight and PowerPoint, but I want to keep it professional. And let's assume that this would be a big presentation. So you would like to have a color scheme here. My trig is going to insert Screenshot, Screen Clipping. As you can see, this green turns white. What I can do, I can simply clip this part of my screen and beautiful, we have this color scheme imported into our PowerPoint. We even have the hex codes here in case we need them. My next stop is gradients. I'm using UI gradients.com, which is a beautiful website where you can click on Show All gradients. And you can simply pick one of the existing gradients to copy over to your PowerPoint. When you design, I would place my PowerPoint on the left side, I would click on the Shape, right-click Format Shape. And under filling options, we have the gradient. Within the gradient, we have those two colors. And at any given point, I can click here. Eyedropper. Click inside of PowerPoint. Don't release your click. Just move your mouse towards these gradient. And for the second color, again, gradient. This one. Just make sure that it is something vibrant, something that really stands out from this light, because the colors I've selected originally are very dark. The last thing you may possibly want to explore is a font. I've actually selected the Poppins font. I click on Download family. I will drag it and simply extracted with the Windows extractor. That's perfectly fine. I double-click on the Poppins. I can select all these fonts. I can right-click and select Install for all users. I've already installed this font, close and open PowerPoint. And you should have the Poppins font available within your PowerPoint presentation using the websites I've suggested is absolutely not mandatory. You can work within PowerPoint with the fonts you already have and with the colors taken straight here in PowerPoint, we can go to Format Background, open the color, more colors if you are confident selecting colors here, that no problem, go to a blue, go to a dark blue, and we would be completely fine working like this. I'm really excited to proceed to the next lecture where we will basically start the design. 4. Creating Main Shape: Let us start the design process. Everything seems so simple. I will of course, added this to the resources so you don't have to look out for this color scheme if you want. Let us start the design by adding the background color. Right-click on the background, format background. This will open the form of panel. Under the Format panel, you want to go to colors. Use the eyedropper. Click down with the eyedropper and select one of the dark colors. I've selected the dark blue for my background. Once we have the background, we want to work on the shape. I go to Insert Shapes and I will select the rounded rectangle. I'll select the rounded rectangle and I will place it somewhere, hero, somewhere in the middle of the screen. I want it almost to fill up the entire slide, but not entirely. At first, I want to adjust the corners by clicking on this yellow dot. We can drag it to the left sides to make a very small rounding on it. I want just a tiny roundness here. Okay, click on this shape. Shape, Outline, no lines. So we get rid of the blue outline before we proceed, I want to go to the align tools, align center, align those, align middle. Now I want to eyeball if everything seems right, I think the gap here is too small, simply too small. What I can do, I can use the height parameter here, I granted, reduce it, or I can do this by hand, by pressing my left control key. I will simultaneously go from the top and the bottom side. If I press my left all key as well, I will not have those guidelines. And I think this would be a size for the width. I want to go with something equal that is dividable by three. I will go with 11.7. Okay? I wanna make sure that it is perfectly in the center again, because I've resized it. Align, align, center, align, align, middle. Now this shape is perfectly in the middle. In a moment everything will make sense. I will change the filling by using the Shape Fill eyedropper to the next color we've selected. We selected this dark gray. It is pretty okay, Pretty nice with the background. A little bit dark. We could make it brighter and add a shadow here, but let's stick with the design that we prepared for ourselves. My next step will be to duplicate this object and divide it into three. This light basically will contain three boxes, three objects. So this is why I've selected this size. This will make sense in a moment. I'll press Control D to duplicate this shape. And this shape, of course, has to be smaller. I wanted it to be like 1 third of the object. So I take my advanced calculator, I put 11.7 and I simply divide it by 3. That's how you work in PowerPoint, three-point nine. Perfect. We have an equal amount. Three-point nine, you just change it. The roundness stays the same, the shape stays the same. And let me very briefly change the color before we add the gradient so we can actually see what's happening on the slide and beautiful, we've basically prepared the base of our design. If I duplicate this two times, just to show you, you can see this is perfectly in the middle. This is now on the right side. We have just a tiny, tiny gap here, but that's barely visible. This is how you make those pixel perfect designs. Because I could move this a little bit and it'll be almost perfect. The slide is an integer, so it's not always easy to make everything absolutely seamless. You can move your arrow keys a little bit and you would have to equal gaps on the left and the right side. This is a perfect way to nicely divide something into three. I'll delete those because we will only use this port. This one will move around on the slide and beautiful. In the next lecture, I want to show you how you can work with icons or you can actually add icons to the PowerPoint. And we will go with the design forward from that point. 5. Icons: Okay, Huygens, in this slide you see I've selected three icons. The first way to add icons, if you have the Microsoft 365 subscription, is by going to Insert and selecting the native icons feature. There are not many icons, there aren't the best in the world. We can select some icons here. You see I've selected an icon, I just select a different one right now because the one I've circled previously isn't isn't popping up package maybe a different keyword. Okay. It was actually from the shipping. And this, this would be probably back. This way. I've selected three icons straight from PowerPoint. I'm selecting Insert. And they are basically downloaded an inserted straight into PowerPoint. I'll go and place them into this slide. And what's great about those icons there, of course, vector icons. I can free resize them. I can freely change their color, which is absolutely perfect for this type of design. I would prefer if you use vector icons. So we can recolor them easier than PNG icons. For example, we can use icon finder.com. If we use back, we select free icons. Surely some free icons will appear. For example, this bag looks really nice. We can luckily downloaded both in PNG and SVG format. The SVG is a vector format. If you have PowerPoint 2019, you will be able to use it straightaway. If you have an older version of PowerPoint like 2016, you can download this icon. Then you can convert it from SVD to EMF. And you can put this EMF right here, and it would be a vector as well. Let me do this right in front of you. For example, I'll use this SVG, this bag, baggy. I'll call it baggy. I've downloaded it. I will select my file. I have selected my baggie SVD. I simply press Convert and I download the EMF, and I'll show you that the EMF will work as well within PowerPoint, I'll download it. Once I take this EMF, you can see it's still a picture format, but if I right-click group, ungroup it, PowerPoint starts to recognize it as a Microsoft Office Drawing object. I'll press yes. And currently, now this is a shape, a vector shape due to conversion, you want to go to group, ungroup it again. So you can see it's a little bit more work because some artificial background is now here. But this would be finally our shape, which we can recolor as well. Just like the other icons, this would be beautiful. This one, shape, outline, node line, and I will have beautiful similar icons within PowerPoint. Method number 3 is simply using PNG icons. You can do this, select the back press just here, copy PNG to clipboard or even right-click copy graphic. Go back to PowerPoint and press Control V, you have almost the same result. Almost the same, because this is a picture. A picture isn't easily recall are, but we have some color options here. We can, for example, make it wash out. We can go to It's Picture Tools, picture corrections, and reduce the contrast. After reducing the contrast, we should have this white option here. So this is using a simple PNG icon, also possible depending on which method you prefer. Please do this right now because in the next lecture, I would like to finalize the design with you. And then we'll proceed with the animations that we add here. 6. Text and grouping: For the texts, it should be simple because we've already installed a font. If you didn't install a font, that's no problem. There process will be the same. Go to Insert Shapes and insert a textbox. Horse simply go here, insert textbox. You can just click away and I will type in clothing. I want to make sure that this is centered. I can press Control E on the box or just click on this little icon. I'll put it in the place where I want this to be. And I will select my Poppins font. I wanted to use the Poppins this time around. So I'll go with a black or extra bold, depend, I want the black. Let's make it really, really bold. I'll use black. I'll make this bigger. And this is why we centered it, because it is resizing itself from the center. I will very quickly just color it to white. And I have my box powerpoint is helping me to put this perfectly in the middle of this object. I'll use my shortcuts to make this smaller because I think this is too big. I'm pressing Control D to duplicate it. And I'll add a text box below. I want a smaller font. So again, from the Poppins fonts, I will select maybe light, maybe, maybe extra light. Let's make a big difference between the fonts. I want to make this smaller and add some sample text here. Basically grab it from the previous slides. Okay, this is pretty big. I'll select everything and with my shortcut, I make this smaller again. I can add any given point, resize this text box. So that is not a big problem. I think this looks pretty nice. I'll just position it a tiny bit lower. And now I want to resize and distribute the icons. For the resizing, since I used PowerPoint icons, they are the same size. But you can also eyeball it. You can hold your Shift key. Everything will be perfectly fine and I will position this here. This one should be perfectly in the middle of the slide. Powerpoint will help you with that. If not, remember you have the aligned tools graphics format. Since I've selected a graphic, Align, Align Center. And now this is perfectly in the center. This one, for now on the right side we will see 12. I switched that to here, where the middle is. Don't be concerned about this for now. For the textbooks. Now I can see everything looks a little weird. Control D. I want to position it at the same place, preferably in the middle. Continuity PowerPoint is helping a little bit with that and I'm changing the text, shipping. I think all of that should be closer, so I'm selecting the icons and with my arrow keys, I bring them a little bit down. Now I'll select the text boxes. Make sure that you select only the textboxes a little bit higher. Beautiful, everything looks pretty good. We can of course, still reposition that later, but I will select all of that and press Control G to group them together. Now in the middle, control G, You can also click, press down your shift key and click on the additional items you want to select and press Control G. That way. This is what you should have ready for this slide, for this lecture. You should have a slight report with the icons, with texts and with the entire box in the middle. In the upcoming lectures, we will duplicate, record and animate everything. 7. Leave a Review, Please: Hey, it would be extremely helpful for this class if you go to the Review tab and click on leave a review and write something there. If you don't see this button yet, you need to watch a few more lectures and it will become available. Sculpture now requires that classes have recent reviews on them. So it would help me greatly. You just click here, you tell if you'd like to class or not, and you write a simpler view and click Submit. I would be very obliged if you can do this right now. Thank you so much and see you soon. 8. Coloring: Before you proceed, you want to make sure that what you've grouped is the size that really fits you if you still want to ungroup this. No problem. Control Shift G or Control Shift G, Control Shift G. It can be ungrouped at any given point. It doesn't even have to be grouped. For example, if I want to make all those icons smaller, I can select all of them at once. I can not only press my Shift key, but I can also put my control key. This would resize it from middle. So I'm pressing my control key. I want those icons a bit smaller, and maybe this text a tiny bit smaller. Okay, this would be completely fine. Then against selecting the text with my shift key and with my arrow keys, moving it a bit higher. Now everything is a bit better distributed. Let's start the recoloring process, right-click Format Shape. And I want to add the gradient to this object. We could do this before, but I wanted to wait until we have the design before us for the colors. I'm removing one color. I'm selecting the eyedropper, and I just select one of the course I've prepared for the gradient. It really doesn't matter which one you select. It's more the principles of design that you will follow here, okay? We have this gradient. You can possibly decide if you want to change this from linear to a different one. Maybe radial. If you want a radial type of gradient and from the direction you can, for example, started from middle. It isn't my preferred choice. It looks much better if it starts from a corner like that. Let's go for this real, it looks pretty, pretty nice. I want you to duplicate this slide twice, duplicate and duplicate. And this will be all the magic that will happen on the second slide. Of course, you want to take this object. You don't want to touch this object. You should go to shape format. If we design everything pixel perfect, I'll go to align, center, align middle, and without me clicking Edit at all, it will look beautifully and perfectly in the middle of the screen. Now for the last one, I need to do this by hand. What you can do to help yourself, you can start moving it, press your Shift key. It will move only horizontally that way. You can move it horizontally. Powerpoint will help you a little. And we've beautifully positioned this on the right side. You can see 123, beautiful. It already starts to come together. The reason we are using vector icons is because we can easily recolor it to any color we want. You can select all the text. Go to Shape Format. I do have the text field. You can either use the PowerPoint colors, the gray colors we have, or if you prefer a color scheme like that or you have the same file, just go to eyedropper and select this gray color. I think this looks now. Absolutely amazing. I'll do the same for the graphic. I'll do the same for the icons, graphics Format, Graphics Fill. And I have the, my recent color here, beautiful, dark gray. This really looks now spaced out. I love it. I will do the same on the following slides. It'll take me just a couple of clicks. Shape, format, textbook, it's already pre-selected, so you just click, you don't have to select this color anymore. And this is, I wanted to make the design first and the recoloring later on. This is an efficient way to work. Graphics Format. Graphics Fill, boom, the same here. Those two graphics format is already selected. Boom. Selecting, sorry, I selected the shape, boom, boom, boom. Shape format texts will already selected. Beautiful. This is what we all be prepared within the next slide, I want to go at this already. Looks so nice. I really do love those types of designs. In the next lecture, I'll show you the animation magic boat for PowerPoint 2019. Or if you have a older version, I'll show you an alternative way of animating this. 9. Animation - Morph: Welcome in the lecture about animation. Actually, instead of animation, we are using a transitional called morph. If you have PowerPoint 2019 at least, or the Microsoft 365 subscription, morph will morph the first light into the second slide, taking into consideration the elements from the previous slide. Since this element and this element is the same, PowerPoint will automatically switch it to the side. Now, what will happens? I go to transitions and I click on morph. And the problem I see somehow, since I've duplicated those textboxes, powerpoint doesn't know which one is which. I'm glad that this error arises because I can show you a way of working when such things occur. I want this to stay in place. What do you need to do? You need to change the names within PowerPoint, go to Home, select, selection pane. We need to tell exactly PowerPoint that this is test number 1 and this is test number 2. I'll call this really Text1 just for myself. And this text to, text to. This will not solve the issue. But there is a workaround in PowerPoint. If you give two exclamation marks, the more feature will know that this shape is two exclamation mark text1. I'll copy the same name. We need those two exclamation marks. This is very important. You will go to the next slide. And you want this shape, this first text to be as well with the same name. Currently, this error will not occur anymore because PowerPoint is 100% sure. Okay, I should move this text into this text. It is staying in place. Now. Nothing will shift. Take a look. I go to transitions, I click on More. You can see no more error. Let's see if we have the error on the next slide. The Press morph here. We have this error again with text number 2 and text number three. We need to correct that. We need to say, Hey, PowerPoint, dude, this is text number 3. Two exclamation marks inform the more feature what it should morph into. You can force morphing on some objects by using this little trick. Okay, this text box number three, I'll just paste the same name. And this error shouldn't occur anymore. This text makes some problems. I can see we should name. This was like number one, right? So I will just make sure that I give it the same name as well. And no more problems. You can decide how long the morphing takes. I think two seconds is perfectly fine. I'll start now the preview. Everything should work perfectly now because I've added exclamation marks, PowerPoint knows what it should morph into. You can go back and forth in this type of design. Remember that it takes two seconds because we've set them all to proceed after two seconds. In the next lecture, I'll show you what to do if you have only PowerPoint 2016 or simply don't want to use the more feature we have a cool work around to create a very similar effect. 10. Animation - 2016: Hello. In this lecture, let me briefly show you the alternative solution. We can click on design because I've created a section and I can control D, duplicate this entire section. So I have the same slides again. You can select the slide, you can press shift and you can select multiple slides that way you can see this little outline. All three slides are selected. I can change the transition from the Morph transition. If a wipe transition and wipe transition would look very similar. And in the Effect Options of this Wipe transition, you want to change it to from left. Let me show you what this does. Going from the first to the second slide, we'll wipe this element from left to right because basically this is the only element that changes on the slide and the colors. And since this is basically a fading, you can go back and forth because powerpoint automatically knows that if I press back, it should wipe it from left, not from right again. And this is a beautiful effect, very similar to the morph effect. Just by pressing your left and right arrow keys, you can transition between this light like that, almost as good as the Morph transition. I hope this is a very eye-opening in terms of design. You could of course, do some fancy things to this object. For example, give it a shadow. Shadow like that. I will go to the shape effect shadow, shadow options. And I will reduce the transparency and increase the size. Maybe not as extreme. I would blur this a little out and you can see we would have this nice shadow effect over this object. Looks really cool. Something to consider before you duplicate this slide three times. 11. Thank you: Very brief. Thank you for participating in this class. Oddly enough, when I designed this the first time, I didn't have this error where I needed to use the exclamation marks. Luckily, we had this arrow here. So you've learned an additional thing about more. If you didn't know that before, use exclamation mark when changing names. Thank you very much for listening to this class and you like the way we designed here in PowerPoint, you can give me a thumbs up for the class. This would be the best possible. Thank you. That you can give me by rating the class here on Skillshare. Thank you very much for listening and see you in my different classes. If you plan to take more.