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Posing Models Masterclass - 100 Examples Included

teacher avatar Angel David Weatherston, Helping Artists Grow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

36 Lessons (3h 50m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. 2 Main Types of Angles

    • 3. 3 Main Types of Poses

    • 4. 4 Pinterest + 100 Examples Included

    • 5. 5 Arms

    • 6. 6 Hands

    • 7. 7 Legs

    • 8. 8 Shoulder

    • 9. 9 Posture

    • 10. 10 Expression

    • 11. 11 Jaw Lines

    • 12. 12 Where to Look

    • 13. 13 Where to Face

    • 14. 14 Standing Poses

    • 15. 15 Leaning Poses

    • 16. 16 Sitting Poses

    • 17. 17 Perfect Shot System

    • 18. 18 Directing Models

    • 19. 19 Which Side is Better

    • 20. 20 Slimming Effect

    • 21. 21 Using Props

    • 22. 22 Legs

    • 23. 23 Hips

    • 24. 24 Arms

    • 25. 25 Hands

    • 26. 26 Chins & Neck

    • 27. 27 Shoulders

    • 28. 28 Posture

    • 29. 29 Hair

    • 30. 30 Expression

    • 31. 31 Where to Face

    • 32. 32 Where to Look

    • 33. 33 Laying Down Poses

    • 34. 34 Leaning poses

    • 35. 35 Sitting Down Poses

    • 36. 36 Standing Poses

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About This Class



In this course you will learn how to pose every major part of the male body for photoshoots. 100 pictures are used as samples to review different poses. This course is geared towards photographers that take pictures of male models, wedding photographers to pose the groom and for male models that want to get better at posing for photoshoots. Once you take this course you will be confident enough to pose for standing, leaning, and sitting positions. 

We will go over these lessons:

- Arms: Different positions for your arms in poses. 18 different places of where to put your hands.

- Legs: Different examples of positions for your legs for standing, sitting, and leaning poses. Tips to makes legs look better.

- Hands: What to do with your hands and tips to make mens hands look better in pictures.

- Shoulders: Tips on using your shoulders to make a pose better, and how much better it is to lean towards your high shoulder

- Posture: Samples on how good posture makes a picture better.

- Expressions: The key to making your expression the best for pictures. Samples of good expression and bad ones.

- Where to Face & Look: Samples of models facing different places in the picture and when to face a certain direction. 

I will also teach you my perfect shot system to take better pictures which shows you how to take a better picture by building from the last picture taken. 

In this class you will learn how to pose every major part of the female body for photoshoots. Over 100 pictures are used as samples to review different poses. This course is geared towards photographers that take pictures of female models and for models that want to get better at posing for photoshoots. Once you take this course you will be confident enough to pose for standing, leaning, and sitting positions. 

We will go over these lessons:

- Legs: Different examples of positions for your legs for standing, sitting, and leaning poses. Tips to makes legs look more interesting.

- Hips: Samples of moving your hips to one side to make the pose look better.

- Arms: Different positions for your arms in poses. All the things you should and shouldn't do with your arms.

- Hands: What to do with your hands and tips to make your hands look better in pictures.

- Chins and Necks: Where to position your chin in relation to your neck. Samples of pictures that look better with the neck exposed.

- Shoulders: Tips on using your shoulders to make a pose better, and how much better it is to show the shoulder versus hiding it.

- Posture: Samples on how good posture makes a picture better.

- Hair: What to do with your hair in the picture and where not to have your hair show in the picture.

- Expressions: The key to making your expression the best for pictures. Samples of good expression and bad ones.

- Where to Face & Look: Samples of models facing different places in the picture and when to face a certain direction. 

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Angel David Weatherston

Helping Artists Grow


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1. 1 Intro: Welcome to my course posing men. Master class. This is my third posing course on this platform, and in this course we're gonna focus on Lee on men. This course is great for any wedding photographer who wants to get better opposing the group or any fashion photographer who shoots male models. In this course, you're going to get access to this Pinterest board with 100 images that we're going to be referencing throughout this whole course on how to oppose male models. Whether it's a male model or just a man in general fruit pictures. This course has everything you need to know from head to toe on how to post a man. Now, in this course, we're gonna talk about the different angles they use when posing a man. We're gonna talk about the different types, opposes that men have. We're also talking about arms, hands, legs, shoulders, postures, expression, the jawline, where to look and where to face. So there's a lot to cover in this course. This is gonna be a very in depth course, is gonna give you so many tips that I have gathered over the years of learning about this topic and over all the different courses I've taken on this topic when it comes to posing men, this is one of the topics that people least talk about and every course I've ever taken by the best photographers in the world. When it comes to posing men, they give you a 2 to 5 minutes overview on what to do, What a man and that's it. And this course you're gonna have over two hours of me talking about posing men, everything I know about it from head to toe, all these little details you could have never thought about. And it's just gonna take your opposing game to the next level. Whether you're male model or a photographer, this is a course won t. What? Because at some point in your career, you're gonna be photographing men. And if you're male model, that this is really can help you out because there's really no course out there like this. Nobody is talking about men in detail. As complex as I am in this course. I'm so excited to be bringing this to you, and I can't wait to see you guys in this course 2. 2 Main Types of Angles: Okay, So in this section, we're gonna be talking about angles. So there's three main angles that when you're posing a man or you are posing for a new image the you can use for the poses. So the first angle is straight on where the model is facing straight on towards the camera . The next angle is left 45. So you're 45 were roughly 45 degrees to the left. So, uh, the man is 45 degrees to hiss left side. Or in your case, if you believe you're the photographer, you can call this right 45 where he's facing to your right. But it to him is his left. So I call this left 45 and then the next one is obviously right 45. Now, when you're posing a man or you're posing yourself, you can go and do a syriza poses or any single post in any one of those angles so you can have this post, Then turn a little bit to your left than to turn a little bit to your right and just keep that post. So any pose really kind of works with any angle. So you just switched the angles and do poses. You can stick toe one angle, do a bunch of poses and switch angles. Be straight a couple poses and do the other side and do a couple poses and just know that you can do everything almost three times based on the angle. Now, if you're leaning or sitting, it is a little different. But in most cases you can turn the angle in which you're facing and just do syriza poses there. So drop all the images we're gonna see today. They're either facing one of these English for the most part. Now you can do this even when you're no, I just standing still. But you can do this also when you're leaning, So this is a leaning one straightforward. So he's facing forward towards the camera on, and this is, um, done by the angle of which the photographer takes the image. So he took the image in a way that he can see the person, um, and he's facing. If you would have switched a little bit over then this would have turned into a left 45. But because of his position, this becomes a front facing image now in all them these images here you see that, um the person face is facing opposite of where their bodies facing When I say left 45 right , 45 I mean the body from neck down I don't mean the face, the face conf ace any direction But it's mainly about the body. So here we have left 45 but his face is facing right 45 Here we have right 45 minutes faces facing left 45. So you see, his face is facing this way and his body's facing this way. Now here we have a front facing body but his face is facing this way So this is still considered a front angle image. Now here is a left 45. So the body is facing to the left and its face is kind of facing forward right? This is still left 45 while leaning Then we have here, right? 45 says bodies facing right and then his face is facing left is very common for men Imposes to do um left 45 face right a right 45 face left is very common. You don't have to be facing the direction in which you're facing. You could, but you can face anywhere. It kind of adds to the number of poses you can do by changing the direction of where you're facing and where your where you're looking at. So where your face is facing, where your body's facing. So the angle was your bodies that add the direction with your faces. So you can also do this while sitting down. So this is a front facing angle while sitting down. This is a left 45 while sitting down while also facing right. And then this is a right 45 while facing left. I hope I didn't confuse you guys with this whole left and right thing. But just note that you have three main angles in which you can face that and just play around with them. Don't always have all the images. Be straightforward, makes them up, going left and going right. Um, and if you feel like your best side is one side that just face your face that way but still move your body in the different directions. So that's it. When it comes to angles, we have the three angles left, 45 right, 45 straightforward, and now we're going to move on to the next section 3. 3 Main Types of Poses: in this section, we're gonna be talking about the four main types of poses. So the first type of pose is standing post pretty straightforward. You're just standing. The next type of pose is the leaning post. So this is where you're leaning up against the wall, whether your bodies leaning on it, or your arms leaning on it. Anything that involves you leaning towards something would be considered under the leaning type of pose. And then the next one is the sitting type of posts. So this is involving sitting in a chair in the stairs or whatever. Now the reason is very important. To know the three main types opposes is because it adds to a variety when you go from one to the other. So instead of just less that you're taking images of a groom or whatever instead of just having him stand the whole time you can have a lien on stub. Then you can have him sit on stuff, and then you've add variety to the type of poses that you have. So whenever I'm doing a photo shoot, I make sure that I'm always mixing it up between, okay, where can this person lean on working this person. Sit on and then you know what's going to frame this person. Good for a standing post. So it's always good to mix and match between the three types of poses. Now there is a fort optional type of post. You can consider this one or disregard this one, and that is the moving pose. There's, ah, a lot of people. I don't really do this, but there's a lot of people that do like walking posts where they create the illusion that the persons walking. We'll talk about that. Another lecture. But this is usually done standing. The reason I didn't put I can consider this a standing post because he is just standing. You can just put this in the standing post based on what the movement is, let's say, the person sitting down and he flips his hair because he has long hair. Um, that's a movement poses well, but he's sitting so movement doesn't necessarily mean standing. It could be for any of the three main types, or you can have it as his own type, which is movement, but you don't really need to do. This is a type of category that opposed that you just rarely do. But just know that it exists in case you want to do it like you're running out of ideas and you're like, OK, let's let's do a walking one And then you do a walking pose to just kind of add and have something different in the image. Maybe it tells a story or something. So those are the main types of poses that you have is standing, leaning and sitting and the option on moving pose. Just note them, rotate between them and you know you'll have more variety when you're taking images. So that's it. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 4. 4 Pinterest + 100 Examples Included: okay in this section. I want to talk about the pinchers board that comes with this course in this lecture. You're gonna have a link to be able to access this pinchers board right here. Now, I've gathered 100 different images that I'm using that I found on Pinterest to help me explain posing men for you guys. I don't want to use my own work because I didn't have enough variety. I felt to explain all the details of posing men. And I really wanted to show what what people are using for, like, catalogs and stuff like that out there to explain what the best are doing from head to toe all the little details. So these are the images I'm gonna be referencing throughout this whole course as I go through every lecture. Now, once you have access to this link, if you don't have a pinchers account, that's fine. You can still see all the images here whenever you want. I was saved this link and come back to it whenever in case you want to recreate any of these poses. Also, if you have a Pinterest account, you can follow along with this board and then you'll have access to this as one of the boards that you could follow on Pinterest. Now, I personally believe that everybody should have a Pinterest account. Whether you're a photographer, a model, because with a Pinterest account you could do stuff like create boards. So let me show you. You go to board section, create a board, and you could say something like male poses, and then when you could do is typing mail opposes and then find images that you like. If there's a poser you like, let's say you really like this one. You will save it under the board that you just created. Let's say for some reason you like this one because you know you have a headache. You like this one because you want to dress it. But in the suit that you have a hat, you like this one because you like a praying when you take pictures. You like this one because you know your neck hurts. Um, you know, uh, you like this one because you're a fan of, uh, X men and then stuff like that, right? Do you save this one? This one because you smoke a lot and then you go to your board and there you have it here, the images that you've saved and then you can access this whenever this is a new awesome awesome website Pinterest. If you're not familiar with it, check it out. Create an account, start saving images into your boards and this is gonna help you guys. Ah, lot, You know, check it out with the board that I'm giving you. But then also, um, if you're not on Pinterest considers creating one as a model or a photographer to start saving images that could help inspire plan and images that you can recreate in your photo shoots. I use pictures a lot in photography. I have so many courses related to pinchers boards have created, and every time I do a photo shoot, I tend to do a Pinterest board to go with that photo shoot so that my clients have an idea of what we're trying to do. It's great for concept sheets. It's great for a lot of different reasons. So if you want to get started with Pinterest, just go to Pinterest dot com and sign up, um, and start saving images and you won't regret it. Okay, so that's it when it comes to Pinterest and this board. If you did, you can't find a link with this lecture than check your messages. You might have gotten a message with it or is in the course description. Somewhere you can find it and you can't find it. Send me a message and I'll send you the link directly to this pictures board. Okay, now back to this course. 5. 5 Arms: Okay, This section will be talking about arms. This is the biggest section and the one you get to pay the most attention on. If you figure out arms, you've done about 80% of the work. When it comes to posing a man, it is very, very difficult for men to figure out what to do with their arms. But once you figure this out than the rest is pretty easy. So I'm going to give you guys 18 different things you can do with the arms. Um, and then there's variation between the 18 that you can incorporate. But these air that 18 main things that you could do with the arm, which seems like a lot more than you probably thought you could to with the arms for a man . But I've broken down 18 different things, and we're gonna go off over all of them with ease. Example images so you can see and figure out what to do when posing arms. So the 1st 1 is on the site. So his left arm here is on the side, just resting on the side. That is kind of like standard what people do when they don't know what to do with their arm . That's fine. In most cases, you can just rested. I think it looks good when you're resting up against the wall or something like that. So you know you're leaning up against the wall, you rest the arm. There's really not much you can do with this arm here, um, so just resting it down. And then also, when you're resting the arms straight down, what's good to do is make sure that the other arm is up doing something. So he's grabbing the jacket here, and he's grabbing the back of his head here. So one arm is doing something, and the other one's resting down instead of both of them just resting them. Um, so as you see here, he's resting down here, and his arm is up here grabbing onto the jacket so it's fine and natural for the arm to rest down, but it looks better of the other arm is doing something, so the next one is on the bed leg. So if you have electives bent usually for sitting poses, you can rest your arm on the bent leg. So here you can see the arm is written resting on his bent leg is similar to the side one, but it's not really just on the side is kind of like it goes here to the center because resting on the bed, like here, you see, goes towards the middle of his legs because is resting on his bent leg. So we're looking at his right arm here. How he's resting it on his bent leg. Here he is, resting it on his bent leg here, and it goes towards the center of his Lex. This is mainly for sitting poses, but I just wanted to you to point out the second part. Now we're moving our arms from the bottom top to the top. So as we progress from the 1st 1 all the way to number 18 you're going to see that the arms air going up slowly. So we still starting in the bottom. So you're resting your arm between ah bent leg. The next one is in your pants pocket. Now, when you have your hands in your pants pocket, you can either have your hand all the way inside, or you can have one dump up which you don't want to do and I don't have an example of is have one thumb in and your hands out. It looks kind of weird for your hands. Fingers to be showing. Um wow, the dumb is inside. It looks better when you hide your hand inside your art and your pants. So you want to do is either hands in or dumb out. Now, the wind that I determine whether I'm going to do one or the other is how does the rest of the arm look? So here he has long enough arms for his elbow to be sticking out. Now, if his arm wasn't long enough, like Hiss, if his head went inside, his arm would have been straight. So in order to create kind of like this elbow out situation on the site you he puts the dumb out because it raises his hand up and makes his elbow be able to go out. So you want the elbows to come out, and in order to do that when you put your hand in your pocket, you are either choosing. You can put it inside because his arms are long enough. It's elbows are bent or if it's arms are long enough, you can choose to put the thumb out, which will raise his hand and have his elbow out. So hopefully yet they're falling along with me. Uh, next is that you could have also, um, back pans pocket. So you don't have to just be the front pockets. It could also be the back pocket were still on the third option. So the 3rd 1 is still hands in your pockets so you can have the hand in your back pocket as well as your front packed pocket. So you see here that he has in his front pocket in his back pocket as well. You could also have it in both back pockets. Now, in this next one, we have it in the pence. So this was something that I don't really recommend to do. But in certain cases, you can pull it off, especially if you're not wearing a shirt so you can put it, like, on your pants. Here, you can put it on your belt. Um, um kind of belt buckle. Like that whole where you put your belt through, you can put it there. Um, So, um, your rest your, uh, dumb on there. Um, so you don't really have to be on your pants pocket, but you could be on your pants. Said consider that number four on your pants. The next one is, um, your jacket pocket so you can have your jacket pockets as one of them, and then the other one that you could do is holding onto your jacket. So I consider all of that is part of, like, the jacket category. So this is number five. Which would be your jacket. Either do jacket pocket or on your jacket. Um, you see, you have one hand up one hand down here. So, um, putting it on your jacket would be considered one. So you can play with your jacket and and have your hands be on your jacket on the next one . Number six is hands together so you can play with your hands touching each other, and that would be a position for your hands. So here you can see that he's kind of like, I don't know, brushing his hands together here. He has one hand. Over the other hand, you have his hands together, and here he has his fingers cross between each other So this is hands together. This is another position you can have for your arms. Play with that. You can, like, do so many things with your hands together. Um, the next one is fixing your sleep. So this is where you're kind of like in this category. I consider it not just fixing your sleeve, but like, fixing things and your, um, in your outfit. So here you're fixing your sleeve, right? He's fixing this sleep. Another thing you can do is hey, could fix his tie so he can put his hand on this tie. He could also play with, um Hiss Rick if he was wearing a ring. I've seen people play with the ring. I don't have an example of that. But if you're playing with your ring, your tie, your sleeps stuff like that, even your collar, like anything that you're fixing in your in your outfit Best category number seven. So seven is fixing something. Um, the next one is across your stomach. So here he has his arm across the stomach and he's resting it on the side. So his right arm is across the stomach, and here his right arm is across the stomach. So this is a number eight across the stomach. Um, here we have it again across the stomach, and then we move on to number nine, which is look at my watch. So his left arm here is in this fist up. Kind of like showing everybody has watched, as you see here, um, arm up with the fish, showing the watch. I just I've seen it several times, So I consider this just, um Look at my watch. So this is number nine. She called. Look at my watch. The next one is the arm across. So here you have the arms cross together, Um, this one I call look at my biceps. So he's kind of pushing his biceps to be bigger by putting his hand on his bicep and his other hand on, uh, insight of his armpit to make this bicep bigger. So this is kind of like a cross arm with, Like, look at my bicep. This is another regular cross arm situation. So this is how you normally cross your arms, right? This is all under number 10. Crossing your arms. Um, next is, uh this is another arm crossing the arm So we're still crossing the arms here. But this is sitting so you could do this also while sitting next, I have was across the opposite shoulder. So when you put a hand across the opposite shoulder now I don't have many examples, so this is the closest one I have. But you see here his right arm goes across over to his shoulder and he's putting his hand on his shoulder. What? This does it. It's kind of like makes a strong bicep. So his right arm is making a strong bison, and then you would put the other hand somewhere else. You can do this like if you're leaning on something like he's as a table there. He could rest his elbow there and he could put his arm there. Or he could put his arm across and then his shoulder than his other arm across the stomach . But this is one other place I found that you can put your arming, which is across the opposite shoulder. So this hand, his right hand goes and grabs his left shoulder kind of to like make a strong, uh, bicep with his right arm. Now the next one is I called touching the face. Um, there's several examples of this. I'm just gonna show you them. This one here is, you know, touching your lip or removing slobber from your lip. But this is still in is touching the face. Here he is again, touching this lip. Like, if, yes, lover or something on his lip. So this is under the touching the face. Um, here we have another one. Touching the lips is still under touching the face, which is a number 12 touching the face touching the faith. Here, um, this touching the face is kind of like I'm thinking, so I'm thinking of something, um, deep. So I'm putting my hand on my face. Uh, this is, uh, you know, I got someone in my ear, so it looks like, you know, when, um, people who work events have, like, the ear piece, and they're like, fixing the ear piece. This is what That's what looks like. So it's touching his face, like towards his ear. Um, here is like, you know, I also the same thing near the ear, like you have an ear piece. Or like he's, like, mind reading. He's trying to read somebody's mind or something. So there's on their touching. The face there is such in the face kind of towards the hair, but this is also in the face. Next, it is touching the neck. So if you put your hand in the back of your neck, um, this is another place to put your arm and is very natural. As you see in this picture. Here it is again touching the back of the neck. The next one, number 14 is a face on fist. So you're making a fist and you're resting your face on it. Um, I know it's still under touching the face, but since he's not really touching like what His fingers, he has now a fist and he's resting his hand on the fist. This is also like a thinking, and it's something we're serious, so you could do that as well. You can make a fist and put your face on the fist. There were that We have it again. Face on the fist. The next one is on your hair, so you put your hand on your hair. So this is mainly for people who have like, longer hairs, and they would like, brush their hair with their hand. Um, here we have it again. He's brushing his hair with his hand. Um, here we have it again. Brushing the hair with your hand. Right. You can do it from the back from the top from near the front. This next one is called over the head. So this is number 16. This is where you rest your hand over your head. He did it. Ah, well here because he's leaving up on something. Um, in the next image, he's, like leaning, laying back. So he's resting this arm back on his head. Kind of like he's resting his head on his arm. So that's another position. You rarely do this one, like most people do their arms down. Um, there you'll see less and less poses with the arms up. So you see something like this? Very seldom. Like you rarely see something like this. Ah, this one is resting on something. So these next two are involved either, Like using something else to help you. Um, then just like poses that you would do by yourself. So this is resting your arms on something. So he has his arm resting on this bar here and then on this thing here. So his right arm is resting on something is left arm is resting on something. Here he is, resting his arm on the wall, and here he is, resting its hands on this edge here. So if you running out of things to do with your arms, what you can do is rest them on something. This is why leaning poses and chairs are great because you can lean your arms on something . Um, the next one involves props. So what you would do is you would use a prop like a jacket or something to grab onto, and then you have something to do with your arms. So in here, um, typical one is to put your jacket over your shoulder. Here. We have a bag over the shoulder, so that's gives his arm something to do here. He's playing with his cat with his left arm. So he's petting his cat, given him something to do with his arms. And in here he's holding on to a cup, giving them something to do with his hand. So if you're stuck towards, um, you tried a few things and you're stuck, you could always introduce a prop, and that gives something for your arm to do, so it looks more natural. So those air 18 different things you can do what your arms for poses for pictures, this is the big one. Just play around with them, mix it up. Try to avoid having both arms of the exact same thing. Have one arm doing one thing, the other one doing the other thing. One could be more dominant, like on the neck on the face on the jacket. The other one could be less dominant, like in your pocket or on the side. You can mix it up like that, so it's better to have one thing doing something big in the other one resting. The other thing is, it's also better of one hand is higher than the other one, so those are some tips for arms for opposing men, and now we're gonna move on to the next section. 6. 6 Hands: in this section, I'm gonna be talking about hands. So to start off, I'm going to show you two images of their hands. So two opposed images. I want you to look at their hands and then tell me which one you think looks better for him . So there's the 1st 1 and then this is the 2nd 1 Okay, 1st 1 and then 2nd 1 Now, if you guys are struggling to make a decision or is pretty obvious to you guys, I personally think that the 1st 1 is better. So this one right here is better than this one right here. And I am going to tell you why the first thing that I do when posing men and I think is the thing that men should really focus on and images is making sure that the hands look masculine. And the thing that makes a hand look most masculine is to kind of create like a fist with your hand. The opposite. A more relaxed hand like this once are what we do when we pose female models. So my posing female models course I teach how to make hands look like this, and in turn, to make a hand look like this, which is feminine. The opposite would be what will look masculine. So what you want to do is avoid hands. Looked like this that looked relaxed and opened fist and fingers out like that. You want the opposite? Where, um, Fingers together, Fist, Um, closed hands. So this is gonna look more masculine than, um, this image right here. Now, I could just stop here and say, That's all you need to know. I'm gonna show you a bunch of other examples, so you can see here we have ah, closed fist. Masculine looking hints. Even though the rest of the post is questionable, at least the hands look masculine here. We have some masculine looking hands you see here. Closed? Closed? I'm nobody here saying Whoa. Why is he making these fists? They just look at this image that look they think is very masculine. And they don't know that without analyzing it. The hands look masculine here. Um, we have kind of like this closed fist here. Closed fist. Here. Here we have more close fist holding onto the jacket with a closed fist, um, resting his hand on the side here with a closed fist. This is masculine. This is what you want to do with men. Men want to look strong and masculine. Okay, now here we have it again to kind of close fist. This is kind of getting towards, like, Hafiz half open. So this hand here is starting to look a little feminine, but it still close enough for it to be kind of masculine. So it's fine. You get kind of stuff in between sometimes. So you kind of really had to, like, analyze your images, look at the hands and see if they're looking feminine and you can make him look more masculine. So here we have another closed fist. It looks strong. So this is kind of what you want to do. If you're resting your arm up like this, you have Ah, fist. Here we have fists and fists here, showing the watch with a fist. Um, now, here's something. Here's an example of one that isn't a closed fist and how it looks. So here. You see this hand here resting here looks a little feminine. This hand here resting here looks a little feminine. This post doesn't look as masculine at least in the areas with the hands here. Same thing. Your hands open like this is a little questionable. Your lake with going on, I would have closed fist. But like, these rules are like you can break them, you can choose. Hey, you know what? Your hand looks good. Like this. That's fine. Um, it's just on a person of person basis. Um, I just like to as much as I can follow some of these rules because that I know that most people will agree. Um, that this is better than the other one. Um, rather than Oh, I personally think this hand looks fine. I don't think anybody else is gonna think otherwise. And then, you know, some people go, you know, it looks a little off with the hint. Um, here's more open hands like this hand here's like, What's going on here? What's going on here? It's like a little off. You know, here's more open hands. So this in here feminine. Uh, this hand here's a little weird. This is kind of like what you would do with your hand. Would a woman like putting her fingers on their face? So this is a little feminine and the ways holiness face. So you might be like, Oh, this is kind of like a fist. But you kind of kind of have to look at the hands and be like, Does this look feminine? This is look masculine. My opinion. I feel like this looks feminine, so I wouldn't do a hand like that on the face. Now, this is open. But it's kind of like one of those things where it's like, Well, he's thinking it kind of goes with the image so you can get away with and be like that. This is fine, right? There had to be faced all the time. Um, so something like this I would be like, Yeah, this is fine. Now, just do it like this here, and look at these hands away that this fingers out like there's a way that this hands out like this. It just looks feminine. Um, which is why wouldn't do something like this with hands. Now, when it comes to, uh, the jacket, Okay. Now some people hold ejaculate. This ok? And the reason that I feel like this is wrong. This, um, I the reason I find this wrong is because you showing the inside of your hand it is feminine to show the inside of the hand, you're rather show the outside of your head or the site, but mainly the outside. You don't want to show the inside of the hand because that is feminine. Okay, um, with women, it's the opposite. You don't want to show the outside of the head you don't want. The outside of the hand is considered masculine. The inside is considered feminine. So he has a feminine hand here because he's showing the inside of the head. For example, on this one here we have a close faces showing the site of the head. This is more masculine, and this could have been a jacket as well. So this is how it would hold a jacket then, Like this with that open hand like this. This is stuff that nobody mentions. This is why this course I feel like it's really gonna help people because nobody talks about this. I really had to, like, put pieces together to figure this out because I've taken so many courses on posing men and nobody talks about this. I had somebody do the jacket holding a reputable posing a reputable, um, at photography education was teaching men's posing where they were holding the jacket with one finger and that look of eminent, and I just wouldn't hold a jacket like that. So I personally think something like this with the fist is better. You just gotta look at the hands and see. Are they manly hands that are not manly hands. So that's it when it comes to hands. Um, hopefully this help you guys out. Combine that with the armed section and you're well ahead of the game to getting some really cool poses. So that's it Would our hands. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 7. 7 Legs: in this section, we're gonna be talking about legs. So, um, even though I feel like arms are more important, once you get the arms right, you don't worry much about the legs. I still want to mention give you a good amount of things to focus on when we're posing the legs. Okay, a lot of these images have the legs cropped because I don't find it that important. With Mel poses, most people shoot 3/4. So from the knee up around the need up because, like showing full body with the shoes and everything, it's not something that you make people do a lot with men modeling from what I've seen. So I'm gonna do my best to show you with these images. Um, would you need to look at when it comes to legs. So the first thing is, I'm gonna be showing you some standing poses legs, and then we'll move on to the other types of poses. So when you're doing a standing post, what you want to do is make sure that the legs are around shoulder width apart. So you want the legs, um, you see shoulder width apart, they're open. So you have this gap here between the legs. You don't want it whiter than this. A look weird, But you don't. And you don't want them to be touching. So you don't want them to be so close that they're touching each other. So here you have them. You see a little gap here in the bottom. This is because their shoulder width apart. Now, in this next image, they're so close that they're practically touching, Which is you don't want to do this. Looks a little feminine. It looks weird when the legs are touching. So you look here and then you look here. This doesn't look good for a man. So you don't want the legs so close together. Okay? I was luckily able to find one where the life we're so close together so I can show you this. Okay? No, the The next thing is, it's a hitter, miss, To do something like this were the legs up. And what I mean by the one like up is where the knee is bet and is raised over the other one. So this leg a straight and then this leg's knee is up. Um so let me show you another example that this is our one leg up is a hitter, miss, with men poses to do that, I try to avoid doing it because I do one leg up when I pose female models. And because of that, I feel like it shouldn't be done when posing men. But there's some images where you see it and you go one doesn't look so bad. So you kind of have to determine, like, do I want to do it or not? My recommendation is just don't But by not like you just got to go with the person and see if it looks good or not. Here's another example of leg up. Usually they're skinnier and tall, like up looks better than if there were shorter or there weren't a skinny. Okay, no, on the next one is still leg up, but is crossing the legs so you can cross the legs. Um, like this And my recommendation is if you're doing cross legs that the person is doing, it has skinny legs. So if you have skinny legs, then it looks a little more natural than if they don't have skinny legs. Um, so I really ever do something like this. But if I were to do it, I make sure that it fits that person the pants that they're wearing and so on. Something like this were like, the pants are a little more bull Gee and stuff, and you don't see the gap as clearly in the center. Looks a little off. So this cross of the legs looks a little off because his legs don't look a skinny. His pants are a little dick. So, um, it just doesn't look as good in this example. Now, I'm gonna be talking about moving when it comes to legs and moving. You could do this whole stepping like you're stepping. I wouldn't do it this big. I wouldn't make the step this long. Okay? It would be a shorter step. Um, something like this. Where what? What's already planted in the other ones up like he's walking. This seems to be a little bit too much now. Doesn't mean don't do it. You could pull it off. But in most cases, I just try to avoid it. So something like this is a little more natural with legs and moving doing the whole step forward thing. Now we're gonna go over the leaning one. So these are involved leaning up against something. So the main thing that people do when they lean up against something is that they're raised a leg up. So they have one like, up against the wall, the one next straight and one like up against the wall. Now, here it is, facing the legs 45. Right. And here is left 45. OK, what you don't want to do and then here is on the site. I try to avoid stuff on the side because it tends to have, like, weird on the top, like on the bottom. It looks fine, but on the top, it looks weird. Like he's forced to have bought bad posture. Um, his arms is doesn't look a strong. I think it's better, like on the side like this, um, then straight on the site, I just try to avoid completely profile images where they're completely on one side, left or right at an angle. I think it's better. Um, now, now here is an example of the same, um, leg up. But instead of against the wall is kind of like just like back in one, like forward, Right. This is kind of the same idea. And because it lifts the knee up and makes the leg forward, this makes sense that he would do like this because of the way that he's leaning upon this He is can lean up higher to put his leg up because this doesn't is not a full wall, so this makes sense. But this is almost the same idea. Now, what you don't want to do is this. You don't want to be straight on in the camera and then put the leg up against a wall because it looks weird here, Um, the leg just looks like it looks fat. It makes the foot disappear in the background. You want to make him look longer? Um, by it being on the side. So this looks better than this. This is I wish I could describe it better, but it doesn't look good if it straight on. So if he's putting this leg up on the wall, you want to photograph this from an angle? Okay. If you're the model, make sure that is being shot from an angle. You don't want it. I'm straight on It just doesn't look good. Now, um, here. Another thing you can do is have the lead cross. So the same idea as when you were standing. You can do this, Let cross, but it looks better if it's skinnier long legs. Okay. And it also looks better if you could see the gap. If this was so close that this gap in the middle was gone, it wouldn't look. It's good. So just cause the gap is there is fine, but it would look a little better. This gap here was bigger. Like this one, in my opinion. Now, would you don't want to do is something like this. Um, this is a leg up by, like, kind of on the side like this. Should those legs should be crossed. But it's that is just raising a leg is what I consider like a hitter, miss. Kind of like in the standing poses. Um, this could look good. This couldn't look, This could also not look good. I personally thing is, it doesn't look good in this image, so I wouldn't do something like this. Now we're gonna look at sitting, um, poses when it comes to legs. So um, he's sitting on stairs here. He's doing the same idea as when they were leaning up. They have one leg up on something. So he has one like up on the stair versus the other one that's more straight. Here he has are one like up on this chair while the other ones on the floor. Right. Same idea as when you were leaning up. Okay, Happy One leg up. And then one like street here. He has one, like, back in one, like forward. If he was standing, this will almost be like the same. One leg up against the wall post here he has Ah, one leg straight. Won't like up on the chair. One leg up on one step. One leg down in the other states. Kind of looks better to do it like this dead to have both legs up on the same step. This is what it would look like if they're in the same step. You could do it, but something like this looks a little better than this, right. So you see this and then you look at this like you would have looked a little better if there was like, um one leg up, one leg down. Now, if you are putting the legs together like this like you can lift your leg up, let's say he was in a chair and there's nothing for him to put his legs up on here. He has an option. He could put us one leg on one step beneath the other one. But if he couldn't What you want to do if you're putting the legs together like this is you want to lean forward and put your arms on your niece. As you see here, he's leaning forward, putting their arms on his niece. That's kind of how you would do this pose with the legs together. Out I mean apart. But not like one over further than the other one he there are again, Um, they're both in the same level. They need leaning forward and resting his elbows on his legs. So that's kind of what you do when you do that. Uh, now one of the things when it comes to sitting that I try to avoid his legs wide open. I feel like it's a hit or miss, and it's just too risky that I just try to avoid it. So here he has his legs wide open. It looks a little feminine, in my opinion, to have the legs wide open like this. Even though women shouldn't have their legs wide open, it just looks weird even for men to do it. Um, Period is again. It just looks off for his life's to be wide open like that. Some people might like this picture and be like, Hey, it goes with the person. But in my opinion, I just don't think anybody should have their legs wide open like that. Okay, uh, now, if you were sitting on the ground and leaning up against the wall, then you know 11 way to sit there's more natural. The most natural way to sit is one knee up and then the other one resting them. You don't want both knees up. It's gonna look weird. So you rest the other leg down like this, and then you can rest your arm on the knee. This looks very natural. I would close this fist. My opinion if you were to sit down on the floor and you don't have anything that lean on, there's something like this on the site is pretty natural. You gotta imagine that this leg is straight on the ground and then this one up. So his knees up on this one and then this one straight on, it's better to crop it out like this. Like this composition is good. Like the rest of the legs would have been weird to show and you show the whole legs. And then it wouldn't go with this image like it feels like is well composed here because it's manly about him and the top part of his body. Um, so that's that's in when it comes to legs. Hopefully, you guys, I learned a liar that you guys got to see different types of ways to position legs. Hopefully, this helps you guys with your poses. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 8. 8 Shoulder: in this section, we're gonna be talking about shoulders. So one thing that, um, I find when it comes opposing men that makes, uh, pose look a little more interesting is when you have what I considered a dominant shoulder or a high shoulder. This is where one shoulder is hired in the other. So instead of them just being completely straight both shoulders, the fact that one's higher than the other makes the post look a little more interesting. So whenever you can incorporate that in your images is gonna look more interesting. So as you see here, we have straight on this shoulder over the other shoulder in here, straight on this shoulders over this shoulder and even leaning over. The one closest to the camera is up versus the one in the back. So this is what I call the high shoulder. Here we have his right shoulder being the high shoulder, and then he's facing the high shoulder. Now, when you face the high shoulder, um, it looks a little bit more dominant, so you have the shoulder up and he's facing the high shoulder. It looks a little bit more masculine, a little bit more dominant. Now if here he is again high shoulder here. So we have it on the his rights shoulder is a high one. Hear his left shoulder is the high one. He's facing the shoulder now. If you weren't facing the shoulder like in this image here, hear his high shoulders in the back and he's facing towards the low shoulder. And by facing towards the low shoulder, This looks a little bit more innocent, a little bit less masculine. So here we are, high shoulder looking towards aiming towards the high shoulder here. He's leaning towards the low shoulder, so he's leaning forward towards this low shoulder. Here we are, high shoulder isas, right, one he's facing towards his high shoulder and then here he's facing towards his low shoulder. It looks a little bit more innocent. Little bit last, masculine. Here we are again. Kind of like leaning back, but like facing in the direction of his high shoulders, high shoulders towards the camera. Here we have the low shoulder towards the camera is leaning that way. Here he looks more innocent. Um, mawr less masculine. Here we are, high shoulder left. His left side is looking in that direction, and that's it. So pure. Look, look at these to get there and then this one, they're in this one. So this is what I wanted to mention when it comes to shoulders, just how it looks in the image, it's better to have. Um I feel like something like this then like this. Um, in my opinion, if you want to make the man look more masculine, strong, dominant. So that's it when it comes to shoulders. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 9. 9 Posture: in this section, we're gonna be talking about posture. Um, posture is important, because if you have that posture is gonna look a little off in the image. So you always want to make sure that you have good posture and the poses is something so simple to fix that almost nobody tries to fix. If your professional and you want to take the Siri's, you want to make sure you're fixed ing posture in images is one of the first things I can point out and say, Hey, what's up with the posture here? So I'm gonna show you some examples so you can see what good posture looks like vs Bad. So here's ah, good posture. His shoulders are back, is his shoulders are relaxed? Um, tips that I could give you guys for a good posture is what you want to do is before the emits, you want to take a deep breath, and what that will do is it will expand the chest and contract the stomach, so give you a stronger chest. If you take a breath in, Did you take a breath in before the image is gonna make the chest look stronger? Okay, The other thing you want to do is you want to relax the shoulders here. You could tell that the shoulders are a little stiff, and it's just bad posture as well. Because of the stiff shoulders. Now, he could be doing this on purpose to for the image. Maybe they're selling something, and you need to feel little stiff, but this is a little stiff in the shoulders. You can see here how relaxed they look in here. How stiff they look. Now, Um, this right here is bad posture. You could tell that, Um, he's kind of Lini slouching a little. Not that so much, but he could be a little bit back, so his shoulders could be a little bit more back which will make it and races chest. Taking a deep breath in will make it a little bit stronger. It looks like he's slouching a little. Here. We have it again. It looks like he's slouching. You can tell when you see this little back area here. You can hide this little back area behind this arm by just pulling back a little. Uh, you pull your arms back a little, raise your chest and then this little back Eric kind of disappears. You have better posture so you can see that he's like leaning forwards it slouching a little. This was, I think, the worst one I confined. So this is just really bad posture. You can tell that the shoulders air just like not even trying nothing here saying I care when the body is just really, really bad. He could have put his shoulders back his chest up. It just would have been a lot better. This is universal for men and women. Here we have it again. You see here because of the back area here, you could really tell the way that his shoulders position that is really bad posture. Here we have it again with bad posture, kind of like leaning forward. He could have, like, pushed this shoulder back a little, and that's it. I just wanted to show you guys. So when you look at your images, I want you to look at the posture and reflect and be like, Could it be better? And here's the thing when I best advice, when it comes to posture is whenever years a photographer, you're taking the picture or you have a model before any image either Say posture allowed. Tell him a fix your posture. People automatically know how to do that. And whatever they're doing, it will look a little bit better. So you just tell somebody posture. And then they were, like, fix their posture, and then it's gonna look better. So you're taking pictures, and then you're like, you know what? Posture. And then they fix their posture a little, and then it looks better than you. Take some more pictures, and then you say posture again. They fix it a little, and you just keep doing that and you're gonna see that you're gonna get better pictures. So that's it when it comes to posture. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 10. 10 Expression: in this section, we're gonna be talking about expressions. So when it comes to expressions, it's simple and the hardest thing to do you can either nail it or not. Um, one photographer that I found online was saying that if you're struggling with your expression, you're struggling. Looking at the camera and getting a good expression at the male model, um, is best to kind of like start with, like, four body images, images more far away, and then work your way up to closer images like this one right here until you get more comfortable with your expression. Um, it's not good to just jump in and start getting all these close ups of yourself, because it's not going to help. The other thing is obviously, like practice in front of the mirror. Practice with SELFIES. Stuff like that can help. But for the most part, here's some tips that hopefully can help you guys when it comes to expressions. So the first thing you need to note is what are the things that you can control when it comes to your face, so it really breaks out to three things. It is you're mount your eyes and your eyebrows so you can control how where you're looking , how wide your eyes are. You can control how your eyebrows look and you can control your mouth. You're smiling. Lip close stuff like that. Those three things are going to determine how the expression is on the image. Once you realize that, then you can focus on controlling the three things to make sure that you have a good expression. So there's so many expressions you can convey. I'm going to show you the more traditional fashion photography type expression. And then at the end, I'm gonna give you some tips for, like, some smiling expressions. So the first thing to note is when it comes to the lips. What I have found is that, um, the best way for fashion post for a man to do his lips are to have his lips closed. If you took my course imposing female models, you saw that it was the opposite. I didn't have the lips closed when it comes to female models, but when it comes to men, I found that is more masculine. To have the lips close than open. I looked at so many, many images and I studied, like, had shot photography, stuff like that. When it comes to men, lips closed. Look a little bit better now. Very simple. Relaxed, lips closed. That's it. You don't have to make 1/2 smile or anything. Just relax. Lips closed. Like this image right here. This is as relaxed closed lips as it can get. You're not doing anything with his lips. That's easy to do. Anybody can do that. Okay? The thing that really like messes people up is this top part right here. The eyes and the eyebrows, people struggle with it. Um, So what you want to do is you wanna have a slight gays with the ice, You don't want it to be squinting. You don't want it to be wide open. You want a slight gays with the ice cracked? Is that practice keeping the gays it throughout the whole photo shoot? It's gonna look great then the next thing with the eyebrows is you wanna have them just relaxed. A lot of people raise the eyebrows or like like, kind of like put the eyebrows down, meaning like they look like they're mad. You just wanna have relaxed eyebrows. You don't want to do anything special with your eyebrows. Kind of like what? Your lips. So already you have to control is your eyes and you're fine. Let me show you this image here. You don't see anything special going on with the lips. You don't see anything special going on with the eyebrows. You just see the eyes are gazing. That's it. Now this is really what makes model and breaks models, like someone that could just have a face like this, not do anything with his eyebrows, not do anything with his lips, gaze a little and look like a supermodel is one makes models better than other models. But regardless, anybody you're posing, um you just want to follow the these pieces of advice. Now let me show you example where they're doing everything wrong. You had the most. What people might say is a very attractive man, Yet he's doing everything wrong with the expression for at least a fashion image. His lips are open, says lips look feminine because his lips are open. If you just like focus on nothing but his lips, let me get closer here. His lips look feminine because they're open to have that little gap that I've shown many women to do. Females for expression. The eyes are more open than usual. Um, this is obviously a lifestyle image rather than a fashion image. His eyes are open. Says eyes Look a little, uh, not as masculine, not a strong. And then his eyebrows are up. You can tell by the wrinkles in his forehead, his eyebrows up, his eyes open and his lips like that. This is a complete opposite. You don't want to do something like this. This is not a strong expression. Now we look right here. Same thing. Eyes open, lips open. This is not a strong expression. You can see the wrinkles in the forehead. The eyebrows are up. Just want to avoid that. If you're getting those wrinkles in the forehead, you're doing it wrong. You wanna have it relaxed? Um, here you have the wrinkles in the center of his nose, like appear showing that he is, uh, eyebrows with the opposite direction. They went down so they're kind of more serious. And then the eyes air find their little squinting. The the eyebrows make him look like he's mad from the top. But then is let's say that something completely different. Hey, he has what you want to avoid at all costs. Besides the lips open, you want to avoid duck lips. So these like puckered lips like you're doing a kiss or your duck. You want to avoid that at all costs. Do not do this with the lips. This is as bad as it gets. So the lips are saying something is his eyes are almost mad because of the eyebrows. Is just not looking it. So that's really it. There's not much to it. I wish there was more to say about expressions. Now I'm gonna give you guys an advice when it comes to smiling pictures. Um, I hear that from experience. A lot of people struggle, smiling genuinely at the camera, a piece of advice that I found from somebody else. Waas. Have them fix, laugh away from the camera. So have them look away from the camera, fake laugh at something like don't think of something funny and laugh on the side. And then from that laugh, turn towards the camera and smile, and it's going to look more natural because he was just laughing and he wasn't looking at the camera because it's easier to laugh away from the camera than at the camera. So he looks away at the way from the camera, laughs, then smiles and then turns out the camera. And then you have a great smiling picture. Does her for those people that struggle to smile at the camera. So that's it when it comes to expressions. Hopefully, this help you guys out, and now we're gonna move on to the next section. 11. 11 Jaw Lines: in this section. I want to talk about jaw lights. Would makes a man's face look very strong and dominant. And masculine is his jawline. So you don't want to hide the jawline usual one, like like everything you do in the image as to make the job line look as strong as possible . Especially if you're doing close ups. So they're more of a close up that you do, the more you wanna insinuate the jawline. You can do that with lighting, you could make it more dramatic and have more shadows under his face, which would make the jawline looks stronger. You can do this by turning the face over to the side, like in this image or this image instead of just being straight on is on the side so you can see this really nice line that makes his jaw line. You can see it here. People would of beards, get to show it a little bit better than people without beards. Um, no, what you don't want to do is hide the job. So here he's hiding it with is jacket. Now you can see it on his left side, which is saving it, but it would have looked better if he wasn't hiding the other half with his jacket. You don't want to do that. Here he is hiding all of his job, his chin with hiss fist, which makes no sense. This is just a terrible image all around, Um, here. Um, it's kind of like he's leaning, has had back like his chins, not out like you want to put the head out and down to make the chin really show Here has had is almost back, and because of that, he's losing some of his chin in this image. So whenever you can have the chin forward and down and then the worst thing you could do is lean your head back. That's just ruining everything with the job line. The lighting, everything is just almost disappears like his neck blends in with the rest of his face. Is job just disappears. You don't want to do something like that. So that's it. When it comes to jaw lines. I just want you to know that the closer you are, the more the jawline is gonna be a parent, and you want to show a strong jawline just moved ahead around put the hat forward and down . Play with the lighting, the angle. So you have a strong jawline. If the jawline and the job looks weak, then you're doing it wrong. Just fix it as best as you can. It's not gonna work for everybody. Some people just don't have strong jaw lines, and there's nothing you could do about that. But they were gonna do close up. The best you can do is have a strong jawline. So that's it when it comes to jaw lines. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 12. 12 Where to Look: and this, Actually, we're gonna be talking about where to look. So, um, you have several options of where, um, the motto can look, So I'm gonna give you several so you can look at them. They're pretty obvious to most. I just want addresses because it makes this course and complete. If I don't talk about this so you can look straight at the camera right now, one thing I want you to know. Look at here. He's looking straight at the camera. What you don't want to do is what he's doing here. He's looking past the camera. Okay, so here he is, looking at the camera here. He's looking above the camera. You can tell you can always tell you, zoom in on the eyes if he's looking at the camera or not. Um, so here he's looking past the camera. It looks a little weird. You almost question where you looking at? What are you looking at like? It looked like he was too nervous to take this picture. So instead of looking at the camera, he looked away. But because he's not obviously looking away, he's supposed to be looking straight at the camera. He's looking past the camera straight on. That's the worst thing you can do. You do now want to look towards the camera, but passed it above it or beneath it. You just wanna look straight at the camera, know where the lenses and look at the leads the whole time. Make sure the model knows that. So it looks like this and it doesn't look like this. Okay, so the next thing is, if you're looking of your face in a certain direction, you can look in the direction that you're facing, right? So he's facing to his right. He's looking at the right. Uh, you could face the right side and then look at the camera so you can face away and look at the camera. And then you can face one direction and looked the other direction here. He's facing his left site and he's looking at his right side. You can do that as well. I do this one the least. I either have him Look where they're facing and look at the camera. I rarely have them Look face one way and look the other way. But you can do that if you're gonna look down um, then, you know, make sure that the eyes are closed like this is kind of like on purpose, like you're facing now you're looking down for an emotional piece. You're either closed. You can do that. But you rarely do this. You almost never want to look down. You always want to look at an angle or straight on the camera, but you can look down is just on an emotional thing. What, You don't want to do a look up? It makes no sense ever to look up. There's nothing above you that you need to be looking at and for someone to be photographing you while looking up so you can look left right straight at the camera. Now past the camera, you can look down, but rarely and you never look up. So that's it when it comes to where to look, hopefully this help you guys out a little bit, and now we're gonna move on to the next section. 13. 13 Where to Face: Now, this section we're gonna be talking about where to face Similar to where to look. But this is about where you can face, um, your face towards so you can obviously face towards the camera. This is the most obvious one you can face away from the camera. So this is 45 right? This is Ah, left left. 45. So right, 45 left. 45 right. Facing to the left side is right side. What? You don't want to do it? Face completely to the right. So this is to the left. 45 degrees. This is to the right, 45 degrees. This is too his right. 90 degrees. This is completely to the right. It looks off. You don't wanna do something like this. Where you just facing completely to the right. It doesn't make sense, um, to do. Maybe the whole body was facing that way. Maybe, but his body's facing 45 degrees to his right, and then it's faces turning 90 degrees to the right. It just makes no sense. In my opinion, you shouldn't do this. Here he is facing street and then having as face 90 degrees to the left. It makes no sense. It doesn't look natural right to do it like this. Um, Now, if you have a main light So if you're shooting in the studio apparent main light where the direction of the lights coming from the main light to shooting the subject, you wanna face that direction? So the lightest coming from the left side. So he's facing his right side. So he's facing the light in. This face is lit up. He can face straight on or to the right, but he can't face to the left because his face would be in the shadow. You don't want to do that. You always want to face the light. Hear his face is in the shadow. He did it wrong. The light is above him. He wants to raise his head up so his face is in the light. You don't want to face in the shadow like this. Now, um, if you were to face down, you could do that. Um, but you're doing it in an emotional piece. Kind of like this. This is a groom that is getting married or just gotten married. So you could do this with a groom um, he's facing down. His eyes are closed, right? This is all part of the emotional piece. Then you can phase down. Then he could be slightly in the shadow. But you want him not to be completely in the shadow. You want there to be enough light? Um, So when it comes to leaning, what you want to do is this when it comes to the face lean. So if you're gonna lean your face right, no matter which direction your face, if you're gonna lean your face, you want to make sure that you're leaning your face forward. Imagine if you had long hair. Has hair would be on his face rather than leaning back where he's pulling his hair back rights of like he was to do a hair flip forward. This is how his hair would lean. Since he's looking in this direction. This is what you want to do. What? You're leaning your face. You don't want to do this where you're leaning your head back. Okay. This doesn't look good. This looks better. You want to lean forward like this? You don't want to lean back like this. Okay? This doesn't look as good this looks better. So you leaning? It's face forward. You don't want to lean your face back. Okay? Just doesn't look good by looking at these images. Is very obvious that where when you're leading your face forward looks better than when you're leaning your face back here. He's leaning forward, and here he is, leaning back. Forward, back. This is the worst picture, I think. One of the word pictures in this collection Just to show you what? How bad it looks to lean back versus leaning forward. So that's in when it comes to where the face. Hopefully this help you guys out. Now we're gonna move on, um, to the next section. 14. 14 Standing Poses: okay, In this next few lectures, I'm going to review almost all the images that we've used in this course. So I'm going to review all the standing poses, all this sitting poses and all the leaning poses that come with this course. So you can follow along with the Pinterest board that comes with this course so you can see all the images in there as I review them. You could just follow along with the videos. I review all these images now. We already went over all the rules that I have when it comes to posing men from arms, two hands, two legs posture and so on. So what I'm just gonna be doing is kind of reviewing each pose to give you my opinion on every post. What I like what I don't like. And so on. If you feel like you've learned enough from all the other lectures that we talked about in this course, you can stop right here. And now watch any further throughout the rest of the this course. Because now I'm just gonna be reviewing all these poses. But if you want to follow along and watch as I review all the poses, then stay tuned as I go through all of them. So the first category I'm going to go in this lecture is the standing poses. So I'm gonna go over all the standing poses and review them so you can see what I think about every single one of them. Okay, so here's the 1st 1 here. Now, Thea arms are great. Like this arm position. The arms cross is something very natural to do. He's obviously showing off his biceps by putting his hand inside his armpit and stuff, which is fine because of the shirt he's wearing. And, you know, it's a great way to make the arms and make him look very masculine. Um, you know, he has strong jawline here. The shadow here, the way they lit it up here looks great. So he has a position here. Well, look at camera. He's straight at one shoulder up over the other one, which is good. His our legs are, could be open. Could be close. Doesn't matter cause it's cropped here. There's not much else to do. So this is a well posed like This is great. This is something I would do the face is great, like yes, seemed somewhat relaxed. I eyebrows and his lips are closed. So everything about this is good when it comes to dispose. Here we have one hand arm grabbing onto the backpack with a close fist, which makes this hand look good. He has another hand in the pocket. So one dominant arm over the other one on this one doing something the other ones just put away in the pocket. So that's good. Um, we have, uh, I am walking right, but not too much. So that's fine walking, moving poses. Good that we have in left. 45. So him facing 45 then looking the other direction, which is good. It's something interesting to do instead of just him looking straight. Uh, him looking over here makes it look a little bit more interesting. So he's looking in the direction that he's facing, which is good, strong jawline because his face is on the side. Everything about this it's good. There's nothing wrong about this image that confined, Um, this one's questionable. On many ways, this is the same guy that's a different guys don't look the same. Okay, so I'm not gonna talk about the fashion. I want to talk about three things. The way that he's lifting his leg up here is a little we're like, maybe it works. Doesn't work. I don't think it works here. I don't think that, um this leg here pushed back like this looks good. With this foot out like this, I don't know what's going on with this leg here. Um, both hands on his pants, I think works because it because of the jacket that he has over his arms. So it limits what he could do with his arms. Of the fact that he's holding his pants with both arms. Um makes sense, I guess, for this pose and that their fist looks good. He has He's right, 45 then looking to the left side, which is good. His expression is perfect. So for the most part, this is a good post. It's just a weird off it and what he's doing with his legs, uh, here his hands like their little off. I mean, he's doing something with his hands, which is good. Just effect, that is. Figures are wide open. Like this is a little off. I wouldn't have wide open like that. I would have enclosed or in a fist. We already talked about this. When it comes to expression, the lips, the nose, I mean, not the nose, the lips, the eyes and the eyebrows are a little off. We have one dominant shoulder. So showed. Ah, high shoulder here, which is good, is interesting. Here we have a high shoulder here we have the arms crossed, which looks good. Good posture. Good expression. Good eye contact with the camera. Everything about this looks great. Here we have. Ah, Good posture. Good eye contact. Good job line here. Good expression. His hands in his pocket. Okay, good. Where else could you put his hands? Not many options. Could it maybe fix this collar here? Um, with his hand? You could have played with his watch. We could play What? His hands together? Um, stuff like that. But this is fine. Like, it looks good. Strong. It doesn't matter that they're both together. They're very limitations there. Some limitations, some outfits on what you could do. So I like this. This is a good post. And in the pocket here looks good. This hand here with his fingers open like that. Not my first choice. I would have closed the fingers, Maybe put my hand on the my jacket or the tie or the back of my neck or the hair. Um, but I could even touch this face, You know, something like that. Um, another thing, too, is like, sometimes when, like, the watches there, like, if you just turn the hand and the watch is visible instead of hiding something like a watch , I tried to show it whenever I can. I don't like to, like, hide it. Okay. Besides, that disposes good. The expression, um, looks good, except for it. Like the eyebrows here with the wrinkles on forehead. Besides that, I mean, it's pretty good. Um, next year, this is funny. Like what he's doing with his mouth here is funny. Is trying against look sexy by like, I don't know, biting his lip or something. I guess it works with us like open shirting, whatever he's going for here, maybe a cologne or something. Whatever he's selling, um, besides that, the eyes and the eyebrows look good. The hands, I think this is perfect. I think what he's doing with his hands is great. I think more people should do something like this with their hands. Looks better than putting their hands in the pocket. I think it looks a little more interesting. So this post looks great here. I don't like that he's its basis facing all the way to the left side. Um, I don't believe in, like, doing something like this Would like the shoulders, Um, like, tense. Like that, Um, and his arms pressed on his side like this. What he's obviously doing is trying, like, show up with arms, which works So you can do this. I guess if you're, like showing your arms, if you're showing the whole arm like this, you could do something like this. But if he wasn't showing the arms, that this wouldn't work, like putting the the arms that close to the sides and then the shoulders up like this just wouldn't work, But because he's trying to show the arms, I guess that makes sense. So questionable what I would say for this post when it comes. Teoh, this post here, this is what you want to do with poses the arms, the legs, cross works the hands with the fist, one arm down, one arm up, grabbing onto the jacket that works. I am looking to the side expression just the way you wanted. Everything about This is perfect. This is This is what a good post looks like. Ah, I wouldn't do Like I said earlier, I wouldn't do it. Step this big. I don't know about touching the lips like this. Ah, but you know, besides that, this arm here makes sense because he's taking such a big step because of the big step. It makes sense that the arm would be up like this. So it's fine. He has good eye contact. So questionable again. Okay, so the arm across the stomach, it's working the other arm up and a slightly close fifth is working. Um, the expression, I don't think is working that well and leaning on his low shoulder, I don't think is working. He's kind of going for, like, the sensitive look, which doesn't go. I think, um, with, uh, the lighting and the rest of the arms. But that's just my opinion. I don't really like a pose like this. Um, here are mentioned before. I don't like the hand here showing the inside of the hand. I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't show the inside of the hand the fact that one arm is up, one arm is down just on the side works. The step is perfect. Just sliced up like this. Legs open, I'm looking on. The side is good. Um, expression is good even with sunglasses. So everything except his little hand here is perfect when it comes to this pose. Um, this one here, um, is, uh OK, so he's slightly on one side, which is good. This hand here's a little off like it's just resting, but it's not like doing anything. This hand here is not fully in the pocket is kind of like on the side. I don't know. It's apparent that he's trying to have the elbows out, which which is good. But he didn't do a good job in what he's doing with his hands. And now the expression is perfect. Jawline shows great. The expression is perfect. The gays, the eyebrows, the lips. That's perfect. That's what saving the picture up here. Down here, it's a little bit of a mess. The legs. I don't even know what's going on Are they close together? I don't know. So everything else is a little off, but from, like, here, up creek posture. Great expression. That part is good. Now, here. I wouldn't do something like this where both hands are together holding onto the jacket, I would have one hand down and the other hand on the jacket. That is my opinion. The fact that their face like that looks good. Um, he's looking down. Um, it's a little off. I don't get the purpose of looking down like that. Um, the lecture good. Besides that, almost everything else is fine. Um, Okay, so this is fine. I don't usually do almost, ever like looking down, but I guess to sell the emotion of this image, they did it. Which kind of works? The hands in the pocket looks good. I would maybe put this dumb closer, but that's just me trying toe. Find something to fix. Besides that, everything about this is fine. So there's nothing really wrong. It's just where he's looking. Uh, here, this looks interesting. Is leg cross You were doing the light cross? You wanna have a gap? Because cropping the rest of the legs Marriages looks like his legs are together here, and this looks weird. The legs should be a little part, so this Disney should be a little bit more to his left. So there'll be a gap here in the center, um, one shoulder higher than the other. That's good. Lips are open, which is my man liking the expression because of the lips you can see a little bit of like . He's like, foreseen his eyebrows. So there's like a little wrinkles in the center. It looks a little serious, but his lips are open, which is not serious. So it looks off. The expression is just throwing everything off in this image, one hand higher than the others looking good. The the way that he's grabbing is his shirt looks good. The fact that he's grabbing and buttons doesn't like you wouldn't grab two buttons like that at the same time like that is kind of like he's trying to do what you would do with a jacket with his shirt, and it doesn't look natural. That's what I don't like about that. Here. He has his hands in his back pocket, which is working for him. His leg crosses looking good because we have that gap there in the center. And he has skinny legs, which looks good. Um, his expression looks good, except for, like, it's lift are slightly open. So I would just like close lips. I think closing the lips would just fix everything. Uh, and I don't know if I would do both hands in the back pocket, maybe one on the jacket, but it works. So it's not bad. Like, I wouldn't fix it because I think it's bad. I would just change it and see if it looks better somewhere else. Okay. Here. Uh, like I said, Hitter miss with leg up like this, I don't know. I want to say it's a hit. It works because I don't know that wearing a shirt, I don't know for some reason it it works here. I can't explain why, um now the hand in the pocket to kind of like bend his elbow so that there's a gap here. It's working. His hand on his hair is working. Um, and even though he's Leaney is facing the low shoulder. Um, it kind of works here, even though, like everything about this post is something I would do with a female, but something about the outfit and what he's portraying here it works. Um, this kind of lifestyle look, but is not dominant. Okay? Looking at his low shoulder, like up, looking down, it's not dominant. That is not that masculine, but it works. And maybe I think it works for me because I'm used to posing female models, and I'm just thinking about a female model, but it is sure it's just look at it, think about it and analyze each part and see if you think it's masculine and enough for you or what you're going for in the picture. Um, here, we have bad posture. If you're gonna do this arm across, I wouldn't have these little fingers showing my opinion. I don't like little fingers showing. I think if he had more of its hand, they would look better if you would show his job line Never looked better. If it's eyebrows, word up will look better. So many things wrong with this pick pose. Um, here, like we talked about leaning towards his, uh, blow shoulder. Uh, the arms are great, like the arms and the pockets. One in the front one in the back with this one bent. It looks great. The legs look great. I see this nice gap here in the center. Looks good. Uh, the expression. It looks like his left eyebrows up, which I wouldn't do. I was just looking off because of that. Um, here we have the left arm in the over the stomach, which looked good, the other arm up with a face showing the watch, which looked good. The I wouldn't do the expression like that with the eyebrows up. But I don't know, maybe, is trying to get somebody's attention. And besides that, everything else about this looks great. And, uh, this one, I would do the shoulders up like this. Uh, I don't think there's any point to it in this image. The other one that we saw like that was showing the arm so it looked good, but here just doesn't seem to look that good. Some people like this like both hands in the pocket, in the shoulders, up like this. My painting. I don't really like it. Um, he seems to serious with his expression while having this lip open. The legs are fine for the most part, I don't like this. Um, this is a good post. Even though, uh, the figure is just like it's funny. I think it's funny, but it kind of works just funny. I don't like the legs. Don't I feel like they're too close together? They should be a little bit more apart. I gave that in the leg example. Um, they need to be more apart. They seem to close together. They're almost touching. Besides that, everything else seems good. The shoulder up everything is great. Uh, this looks interesting. Um, we have slight separation here, like site bent on the elbow here, um, shoulder up, facing the high shoulder, leaning forward, uh, so you could see the jaw line. Good expression. The only thing off about this picture is he's looking down with his eyes open. And you're just like, What is he looking at? It just doesn't make sense that he would be looking over there. Uh, here. He's looking down with his eyes closed. Okay, that's fine touching with his hands like that. I'm not sure about that. His hands open like that's a little feminine. Besides that, the hand in the pocket, the legs open like that. Everything else looks great. I wouldn't do two hands in the same point in the same level like that. Um, I even think lifting the jacket like that looks good. Besides the arms, which is a big part of the pose, the expression seems fine. Um, everything else seems fine. Um, now, here he seems like he's leaning too far down, which is forcing him to have to look up to look at the camera straight on and races, races, eyebrows up. And if he just lifted his face up a little more, he wouldn't have to do that with his eyes. And then I think it would have looked better. Besides that, everything else in the post looks great. This is, I think, like, great in every way. He's a little bit too far left. Maybe if he looked a little bit more of an angle. Besides that, everything about this is perfect. The hands on the pockets with elbows bent separating from the sites looks great. The expression looks good. Except for the lips open. I think it would look a little bit stronger with lips closed. And then that's it. Um, the leg up questionable. I can tell it works or not. Here he's got a smile. His eyes were gazing, its eye brows are relaxed. This is a great lifestyle picture with a great smile. Um, hands in the pockets. Looks good. Um, he could play with something here or its hair. You have long, long mitt, medium size hair. So that is hairs on the same. And I don't think it looks good to hide his right foot behind his other leg. I think both feet should be showing my opinion here. Like we talked about one leg forward over the other one. I mean, the fact that it likes his pants are a little bulky. The lead cross is not working here. His hands in his pocket, like does work kind of fine. If if he had a little more separation in the side, I think we looked a little better. It's expression. Looks great, for the most part, isn't it? Looks good. High shoulder. And then this is the worst. I mean, there's not much to say. You got a high shoulder. Okay? Lives are open. Okay. Besides that, everything else is wrong. And then that's it. Case of those standing ones. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 15. 15 Leaning Poses: Okay. This section I want to review leaning poses very similar to standing posters. So I'm gonna go through them a little bit faster just to really get through everything without boring you guys. So the leg up looks great. We talked about how lifting your leg up, um, while leading like this on the side Looks good. The hands on the fist like that looks good. I don't like that. The fact that he's looking straight on to the side like that, I think you should be looking more of an angle than completely on the side. Besides that, everything else about this looks great. Expression looks good. I'm here. We have a good expression. Good hand placement here on is back on the like, his neck or the back of his head. That looks good. His hand, um, straight on on the side Looks fine, because the other hands up man is doing something. Um, leg up on the wall. Looks good. Besides that, everything about this seems perfect. His hands have something to do. Um, he's kind of like resting on his leg and then grabbing on to a cup. Good prop. Use his expressions. Almost perfect. he's quitting a little bit too much, but it just could could just be the son. But he's squinting a love it too much, so squinting a little bit less would give him a slightly better expression. His left could be closes almost laying the open. But you can't tell, so looks good. Besides that, everything is perfect. Um, here, yeah, lean. Resting an arm on this fence here is great for his arm placement, giving his arm something more natural than just straight down. So whenever you could do that with the arm, it looks great. So I think you did a great job here. They both had both hands are kind of in a face that looks good. His hand is straight arms straight down his right arm. That's fine, because this one's up kind of resting, doing something. His expressions almost perfect, I think, is right. Eye eyebrow is slightly up or something. Besides that, everything looks perfect and the legs looked like the kind of close together. So maybe that. But besides that, I think is perfect here. The legs apart is good. It's arms resting on something is great. It's expression is perfect. Um, there's nothing I could say wrong about this post. Very interesting post. This is kind of what you want to strive to do. Okay, here. What he's doing with his hands is very interesting. Him with his legs crossed like this is very interesting to, um his expression is great. Um, yeah. Everything about this is it's great. There's nothing bad about it. Okay, so now we move on to this one. Um, the fact that he put his arm up on this to rest on that is perfect. It gives him something to do it, lift his arm up, which kind of lets them just rest his other arm down. Like I said before, you gonna rest your arms straight down. You kind of want to be doing something with the other arm. So he's doing that here. Um, this is kind of like a were post because like, he's looking on the side and it's there not much going on. So it's questionable with the sense of like, he's just looking on the side like that. It's got a good expression. Um, I don't know if I was showing more of the body and I could see what his legs were doing. I could see it. Like if I liked this pose better or not. I don't know what the Hoody like that and everything. I don't know, but maybe it's just my opinion on a picture. Okay, um, this one, um he's leaning back. I don't like that. Um, and then nothing else is going on is just a close up of him leaning back. His lips are open. I don't like that. And, uh, his face is in the shadow like there's no light in the space. It's just not that good of a a post slash picture. Uh, his shoulders are almost even. It doesn't seem like anyone is higher than the other is like they're not even trying. Hey, um, Now, with this one, uh, I think that the two hands in the pockets is working. He's got a little separation here and looks interesting. His head lean. Um, looks interesting. There's not much going on with this post. This is a simple as it gets, so it's kind of boring, but there's nothing wrong with it. So I think Is that a good expression? Everything else is good. Um, now, with this one there are several things. There is wrong. I don't like that The legs feel like that practically touching each other. So this looks a little off. Um, it seems to be leaning almost his head back almost. And because of that, it seems a little off, um, his eyes I don't know. They're open, but closed. So that's off. That's weird. Um, and I don't like to hide limbs, so I wouldn't I don't like the fact that I can see his right arm almost at all. So that's a question mark for me. I just think that the best advice is don't hide that other arm. That other arm could have been on this railing here. Could have been on the jacket. Could have been holding onto this jacket on this site like arm over the stomach. Could have done so many things, but the fact that he hit it like that I just don't like it. Uh, here, one hand, the pocket one hand down. This is a simple as against. You don't want to have both hands straight down. So one on the pocket is fine. Besides that, everything about this opposes kind of like basic, but they're like nothing wrong. So his expression is good, his lips slightly open. But that's fine. And it's Ah, lecture apart, which is good is kind of up, which I guess as a hit or miss. But it's not affecting him at all in this picture. So it looks good. Ah, hearing as bad posture, Um, almost looks like if my brother down like he looks a little mad hand in the pocket here is fine, but his postures is ruining everything. Posture here is running everything and, um Okay, good expression. Leg up is fine. Hand in the pockets. Good. I don't like that. I can't see the other arm whatsoever. That's why we shoot these at an angle rather than on the side like this. Um, I don't like their hands. They look a little feminine. I don't like this leg up here like this. Uh, the expression looks fine. Um, everything else seems OK. Expression looks good. It just looks a little serious because both of the eyebrows are a little close. Um, the legs look great. Posture. He could have been a little better. And besides that, everything else is good. Um, OK, so, uh, these two leading ones are good. Except for this one. This smile is a little off. This expression is the best one. Uh, elect apart here. Looks good. The legs here together doesn't look good. And these legs, I don't think I look that good, because up here, they're like, they're touching and it looks a little off. Um, the arms crosses great. That has in the pocket. Looks good. Their hands across like this while touching the face. Looks good. So, yeah, most of it looks good. Just a few little things. The high shoulder looks good. Lex cross with the gap in the middle. Looks good to hand in the pocket with the elbow out. Looks good. Um, the lips with the duck face. I don't like that eyes wide open. I don't like anything about that expression. And that's it. Those are all of them. Thank you guys. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 16. 16 Sitting Poses: Okay, this is the last section. This is the one where we're going to review the sitting poses. So I'm just gonna go quickly. They can't go, There's a bunch of them and a lot of the stuff is going to repeat. And you guys already know what I believe What I think about some of these poses. So you should already have an idea what I believe this is just practice, Hopefully for you guys. What I recommend is that you go on Pinterest and stuff looked through images review them just like I'm doing now. Would you? Like which don't like arms, hands, posture, expressions, um, legs and so on. And then you get better at it. You look at your own work you look at, um you know when you're posing and you're taking the pictures and stuff like that. So let's go through these, and then hopefully you guys have all the tools you need to start posing men and be the best opposing ever. Okay, so, um, the Lexx cross looks interesting. The hands together looks good. The hands, um, looking down a questionable the size that everything looks good. Except I think the shoulders looked weird, but because they're leaning on, uh, on the legs and it's fine. So everything about this looks good. It's just unique. There's a great pose. The way that they're holding hands he's holding hands is a little weird, but not that much you can get. Get. You can get away with something like this and be just fine. The leg up the leg down looks good. The expression is almost perfect. Hi, shoulder facing the high shoulder. Nice jawline. Everything about this is great. Leg up looks good. Uh, this Hamlets. Good. This hand could be a bit better with the fist expression. Looks good. Except for the lips. Look a little like a duck. Um, higher shoulder. Um, besides that, everything else looks good. Touching the face. That's a little weird. Amount open. I don't know what he's doing Eyebrows up with, um, wrinkles in the forehead. So little off. But you know he's doing something. This is to sell something. This arm here is fine. Besides that, everything else looks good. I don't like the hands we talked about this. The legs look great. Uh, posture seems fine. Could be a little better. He could have been, Ah, little bit pulled back. I don't know what he's doing with his face. I don't know what his lips are open. Like this. Um, yes. Great expression. Hands look good. Um, legs look good. I don't know about putting the legs like this, but it gives them something to do with his arms, Which is good. Great posture. Great High shoulder. Great job line. Um, I still think one leg up would have been better. So if he would have put his leg down and put this one like that would have been fine. What he's doing with its arms is great. Resting and leaning forward on his legs. Looks great. Um, the lane, things like it doesn't belong, but there's no reason there no rule. Just seems a little off. Um, here. We, uh this details look good. Um, resting a fist on his face. Looks good. Playing with a pad looks good. Um, expression looks good. Eyebrows could have been in love with down. It doesn't have the wrinkles. They're not just for the wrinkles. Is just a better expression. And that's it. You can tell. That is I brought her down the He's trying to look a little too serious. His lips are open. So this is just a bad expression Overall. Ah, the high shoulder looks good. The hand like this. Like if he put his hand forward and it bent over the side, it would have looked better than just straight like this. And this hand doesn't look that good. Neither a fist would have been better. Besides his hands, his arm placement is good. And like they're good. Everything else is good. His arm over his stuff looks good. It's other arm straight down. Looks good, his legs wide open. I don't like, um, his expression. It's interesting. Um, it's left open its eyebrows close. Adam, Um, this arm up in the hand on the hair looks good. This arm down looks good. The legs look good. Expression looks good. Everything looks great. Um, I don't like the hands. This could have been in the fifth. I don't like this hand on. The legs look great. The rest of body looks good. The expression looks good. Expression is perfect arms. Okay. The rest of the body is like it's kind of hiding behind the chair, so it's like it should have been more like a close up like this. Should have been the picture. Okay, um, this one. The legs look interesting. I don't like, uh, this hand like this on a close Facebook looked a little better. And I don't like this hand here. The expression looks good. Um, And you, um, lips open that would close the lips, but whatever. Like, he can pull it off a little. Um, it's arm. Great position in the arm. I don't like that this hand is hiding here. Like is not obviously in a pocket. You could have put his hand up over his leg. Besides that, everything else looks good. Um, I don't like that his right arm is hidden. He could have turned his body over to show that arm. It would have looked better. And it just looks like he's really long and two diagonal. I don't know, just looks off. I would have done something like this. I wouldn't even use a chair if he is that tall. Ah, here we have the hand placements. Perfect. I still think like this should have been the picture. And now with the legs, I don't think the legs open like that looks good. Um, I don't like that he's leaning back like this. I think he would have had a way better post if he was leaning forward. And, uh, this hand here doesn't look that good. Um, and I feel like he's losing some of his jaw in the way he is positioning its face. Besides that, his legs look, it and his shoulders look good. Posture. I just wouldn't do anything like this. I wouldn't sit like that. I wouldn't have the fist it blocking the face like that from the shoulders. Look it. This looks great. Um, the hand on the face looks interesting. The other hand down, away when the floor looks good, he does great posture. Great expression, except for the lip open. But he's touching it with his hand, so that's fine. Uh, leaning back. I don't like that. The arm straight out in this arm over looks good. Let's look good. Posture looks good. Just the fact that he's leaning back expression looks good. Um, he's looking down. Um, So it was a little off his hands in a great place. I don't like that this heads hiding behind this leg, I would have put it over this. Me legs that look great. Posture looked good. Um, yet Okay. Uh, so defective. He's grabbing his leg and his legs are crossed. Any putting an arm over this knee? I think he did such a great job here to doing something like this. Looks awesome. And then finishing off the hand in the back of the head. This is just a great pose. Overall, there's one of my favorite sitting poses. I would recommend people do something like this more often. Great expression. I just can't find anything wrong with this picture. Um, so this hand here looks a little weird. The other hand find legs look great. The fact that the arms air forward like that I get it is to show off the arms, but normally there would be, like, better posture. I don't know what you're doing with his eyes that lives weird. And expression just looks off. Um, I don't like this hand here like this. I don't know, like this hand on this and the waste is kind of feminine thing to do, So I would never have a guy put his hand on the waste like that. Um, Now, this had fine like that. I don't like that. He's his face is in the shadow like that. Um, yeah. Ah. Okay. So, um, hand on the hair. It looks good. This arm here looks good. Um, expression looks good. Um, shoulders lives seem a little high. Um, yeah. This is interesting. Um, the top half of expression looks good. He doesn't have to open its lip like that. He's starting to look a little feminine. His arm positions. Great. Um, it's Leslie seem wide open, especially because they're on the side like that. So it looks good, and that's it with sitting poses. Um, thank you guys. So much for watching my course. Hopefully you guys learned a lot and you guys could become experts. Opposing. Please, please, please check out my posing models Masterclass where teachers opposed female models. And then when you combine the female one with his male one, you'll have everything you need. I have opposing couples 12 and then a family, um, portrait photography master class, where I teach at a post couples families. So thank you guys so much again for watching my course. If you guys liked it. You guys can please. Sick. A few kind words. Um, in the reviews, that would be great. And, uh, thank you guys so much. 17. 17 Perfect Shot System: So in this insert that I'm including with this posing men's course, I'm adding the perfect shot system that I showed in the posing models Master class, where I teach you out of post female models. I'm including this because I feel like this is something that will benefit you guys when shooting men. Now with men, I don't go as complex as I do with female models like I will show you in this perfect shot system. But it's still something that you guys shouldn't know how to do, regardless of what type of photography you do, because it really helps you out. As you set up your shot one step at a time, you can get a better and better looking image. So take this into consideration when you do your next photo shoot, see how much of this you want to incorporate and hopefully this helps you guys out. So now check out this insert from posing female models. If you like it, then check out the course Female posing models, masterclass. Hopefully you guys wanna get that course combined with this one. Okay, so now we're gonna be talking about the perfect shot system. Basically, the perfect shot system. It's a system that I created to help me take the perfect picture. Basically, this is geared more towards the photographers. But basically what you do is you set the composition about a location. You set the model up somewhere, you take the picture, then you figure out if the angle works of the background works. Then you put your lights that you pulls your model than you fix. Suppose and you keep adjusting the picture until you get it just right and then you move on . I've seen a lot of photographers just take a lot of pictures and the model keeps moving around and they never get a good picture. And I feel the reason they do that is because they don't know what a good picture looks like. So they're just taking pictures and hoping for the best. Since I know how to pose. And I know what I'm looking for. I created the system so that it goes with my posing guide. And once I pose them perfectly and I get the perfect shot that I move on. So I'm gonna show you right now what the perfect shot system looks like with these two examples. Okay, so right here. You see these three pictures? These were taken one after another. First I had my model and we were at a hotel. First. I had my model stand next to this pillar here, and I take a picture full body to see what composition I want from here. Realize the carpet looks really ugly. Um, and I'm probably gonna want a tighter shot. So I know I'm gonna zoom in and get a picture of cropping out the floor at this point. It still telling the model not to worry about posing or anything. So here I have a closer shot and I put ah, one light down just to see how it looks. Get my lighting ready. It looks good. I want her to cover this light and to put this hand up against this pillar. So I told her, put the light a hand up against this pillar. Look over there. And I added my second light, aiming at her face So far, the pictures looking good. But I'm not done yet because I know I could do better. So then I move on. This is the last picture from the last three. This is where Waas and then from here I tell her left up. Elect the reason I do that, IHS You'll see later. I'm gonna talk about Lex is very important to me to have a leg up to make the legs look more interesting. So I have her little the like here and I'm still having her look. Nothing else changes. The composition is the same. The lighting the same. All I did was fix Elect. OK, looks good. Now what don't like from this picture? I don't like this hand and I don't like the shirt. The shirt looks a little baggy. I know I can fix that. Where by either tienen it in the back or having her pull the shirt. So I ended a having her pull the shirt down. She held it. She fixed her hand because now her hand has something to do. She pulls it down. It looks interesting. Her leg looks interesting and she's facing the light source. So everything about this is perfect. I like the shot. I move on and that's it. It's a simple is that basically five pictures is all it took for this perfect shot system to get this picture just away wanted, and then I move on. I'm not sitting there for a long time taking a bunch of pictures, having to move around. I know what I want. I just fix one thing at a time until I get it just right. And then I move on now for this next example. Um, this is the first shot right here. I have just stand there. Don't worry about posing or anything. I even caught her off guard. I just told I just took this picture to see what the composition looks like. Okay, um, this angle is not the best angle bank. No, I like it enough to build something from it. So I kept going. I took one more picture from another angle, and I had her hold onto the ledge and face me. Still told her Don't worry about posing or anything. I just want to get an idea of how it looks. Now I'm gonna add my lights. So added, Ah, light on the side and a light in front of her. And I have my two light system is looking OK. It's a little bright. I'm gonna Lord the brightness a little, but now I'm gonna focus on opposing her. Okay, So the next shot, I tell her, you know, lift the like up, put your arm up on the on your hair because, um, I need your arm doing something and the other one on the ledge, and I'm like, OK, this looks a little weird. The lighting is perfect, Like the rim light, the main light. But the arm looks a little weird because over shoulder sticking up. I know I can adjust it in photo shop, but to get a better picture straight from camera, I'm gonna have her lift pull her arm from here. Out to here. Right from here. Looks a little weird. Pull it out. Looks better, right? I haven't do that in this picture. It looks better. I could stop right here, but I don't like the shape that the bodies making. Um and I know I can fix that with the leg. The leg also looks a little weird, so I have the needs that are coming in going out. Okay, so then I have a need going out the other direction. It looks a lot better because now she can push her hip out one direction left going out the other way and then the knees, elbows going out one way, some creating the shape that looks interesting. Right. So elbow out to the hip, out to the leg, to the knee, sticking out and into the leg going in. So it's this nice shape, this curve shape that you want to create, So I have That looks great, but the elbow is not high enough. I'm down here and I wanted up here. You see the difference between this and this. Okay, so I told her to lift it up higher, and then she went again into, like, hiding it. The rest of the arm out, they going in? I wanted sticking out. So I did that next, And I have it just right now. Here is the perfect pose. Okay, This is exactly what I want. I'm happy. But there is one thing missing in this, and that is the expression. We're gonna talk about that in the course as well. The expression doesn't look that good because her eyes were slightly wide open and her lips are touching together. I wanted to drop her lips and gaze at me. She does that here. And I have the perfect shot. I am super happy with this. Everything just the way I like it. So I got it just right there. I like the picture. I move on. That's the perfect shot. System photographers, try it out, please. You're not going to regret it. You're gonna get better pictures. Practice, practice. Practice is now, Obviously, in order to do the perfect shot system, you need to know what the perfect shot looks like. Needed. No mistakes in the picture that you want to fix, which is why this course is very important. And once you learn all the things that are wrong with a picture, you can fix them and do the perfect shot system and get better pictures. Okay? Models as well. You work with photographers and say, Hey, let's do it like this. Okay? I'll stand here. Outpost. You show me the picture, I'll adjust and we'll get a better shot than once we get it. Perfect. We're good. We got a great picture. Okay, so that's a perfect shot system. I hope you guys learn something now. We want to the next 18. 18 Directing Models: in this video, I'm going to teach you guys how to direct models. This is from years of shooting with hundreds of models for all these different fashion shoots. So right here we have the niece who's gonna be the act model for this video. And I'm gonna show you guys what I do with models in a photo shoot. How do I direct them tips and tricks for you guys, so hopefully you guys can take better pictures? Okay. Okay. So when I'm directing models, the main thing I do to get them to post a certain way is to do what's called Mary we're marrying, is's. Whenever I do something, they do the same thing. I said it was a mirror, so I raised my right arm. They're raising their left arm, so I'm going to show you right now what that looks like. Okay. So if I left this arm up your left that you left this, are you do that right? I put my arm up like this over All right. Last year, last year, Figures. Okay. Like that, right? If I'm grabbing on to the slaughter pulling down there you go turning over, shoulder out you see, just like that? I just made her post just like that by marrying. She posed the way I wanted oppose, Right. I could see what's wrong with it and just by having her move. But I'm posing as what now? A lot of male photographers don't want to do the poses, but it helped me a lot by actually doing opposes. There's usually no one behind you watching you pose like a woman. It doesn't really matter. I do it and it helps Amato out seeing me and marrying me on It's really easy right when you do like that. Okay, The next thing is, a lot of times I have a certain pose, right? So let's say you're you're relaxing your leg like this. Okay, you let lean over right, and then you grab your hand like this. OK, so she's like that. You put your head over this way. Okay, So, um, once they have a certain polls, I'm thinking the picture, right. I think the picture I look at it and it looks good. And sometimes I just need something like the arm to go higher up or lower down from very specific About what I want her to do, right? I told her, Put your left hand higher up, right. And until you grab some of your hair right there you go. So simple directions like that where you're very specific and you're aware that her left hand is basic, where my right hand is making sure you're pointing, saying the right hand and everything you can direct model and tell him exactly what you want to do based on the picture. The other thing I do. Sometimes I show them the picture, right? And I tell them that you see how your head is like this. I want you to look in that direction and you showing them that picture really tells him. You see your leg here doesn't look good. Your arm doesn't look good here, where your shirt looks a little baggy. We're gonna pull it. But I point out the picture and show them what I'm trying to fix. So we're on the same page because I tell them. Look, everything in the picture looks except your head. You need to tell this and they make sure they don't move any of their body. When I do posing, I don't have a model move a lot. So I always reminding them, once we had opposed that we're working on you're gonna keep that closed throughout the whole picture, and we're gonna just very minor things. So try not to move so much because you could ruin the posing with fixed it all over again. So one thing is married. The second thing is being very specific about the little things I wanted to face. And the 13 is showing them the picture pointing out the parts of trying to fix another tip is a case like you're really far away from the model. You shooting from a long legs and you want to fix something Sometimes the friend of the model or your assistant, that hairstylist, a makeup artist, somebody onset kid, come in And you tell them, Hey, look, you see this picture, you see how the hairs on the weight and you go and fix that, okay. And just move that out of the way so that they run over and they adjust and they fix the park. So using somebody really hopes. That's why I always tell models, bring a friend, you know, bring somebody because they're gonna help me. They're gonna just for me. So I don't have to keep running back and forth and adjusting things. And sometimes I save instruction and it's not clear enough and their necks messing up everything. Like if she's posed like this and I need a mover here, she's gonna move the hand so I can't ever I need somebody else to do it Now there's this thing about like she should You go and grab her and move her and just things. And the rule is, for the most part, you're not touching models unless you're female model and you're close with the model and they're comfortable with it. I don't I never touch a model unless, like, we're friends and we know each other well and I let them know him. Move your hair out of the way. Um, and they give you permission. That's a big thing. I know a lot of models have said that is, a guy tried to touch me. It's weird. So, like, I don't really ever touch except, like I'm close with the model and do something minor, like moving hair out of like the shoulder, you know, or something very much besides that that summarize directing models. I hope you guys learned 19. 19 Which Side is Better: Now I'm going to be talking about which side is your side for photo shoots. Now every model tends to have a side of their face that makes them look better than the other. Um, there is many that don't have a side, and they can shoot on either side. But a lot of times there is a site, and people question, How do you know what the site ISS? Because sometimes you can't tell, um, and a lot of times you can't, but sometimes you can't. So there is a trick to figuring out the site. For the most part, the rule is, and this I've learned for many photographers is that the rule is wherever the part iss in the hair. That's where the site ISS. For those who don't know what the part is, Um, that is the gap in the hair where it's open, and then the other side doesn't have its all the hair false over than the parts on this site. So the part was of this side. This side would be better than this one, because the hair falls over and blocks the face is is all based on the most exposure to the face as possible. So with the part, hair tends to fall more on the face and cover it off certain sides over the other. So on this side you will have hair, and on this side you won't and they'll be more open. And this side will look better and pictures than decide because of the hair. Now, certain hairstyles, um, expose the face so that won't be an issue. And certain people has a part right in the center. Those people that have it right in the center. I don't really have a side using that rule because both sides have hair equal amount, so there's not much about what one size more exposed than the other. So, but for the most part, most people have a part on one side or the other. Look for that side. It turned the face over to that side, and you'll see you'll have better pictures. This rule is now one to, like enforce strongly. There's many poses and situations like you're leaning up against a wall or you're facing certain side or your outfit. There's many factors that are more important than your side, Um, but if you have the option of picking one side or the other picked a side that shows the most face, and that would usually come out to be a better picture. You could always ask the model. Do you know what your side is, what side you take better pictures. That and some feel more comfortable facing one side. And even if that's not decide, you would normally choose, Um, models tend to pose better and move the face better when they're facing. Decide that they prefer, um, so I tend to sometimes safe a model prefers aside, and I prefer the other if they're more comfortable in front of the camera, and they had to have a better reaction and expression when they're facing the side they like, and I let them have it. But for the most part, I'm I'm looking for that. I choose aside and I get pictures. Um, they look better in the face because of that side. So those air some tips to help you guys out when it comes to what the better side, and it's all based on the face and the exposure to the face. Do the hair and the part and where the hair blocks the face. Okay, hope you guys learn something new from that, and so I guess the next 20. 20 Slimming Effect: So now I'm gonna be talking about the slimming effect. The slimming effect is several things that photographers due to make a model look slimmer. I don't really put those two practice often because I don't feel the need to cause the model to look slimmer because of the types of models I'm shooting with. But if you're shooting regular portraiture and you're shooting with brides or a certain type of model that, um, wants to look slimmer and pictures, there is some tricks that are universal, and a lot of people already know to make a model look slimmer, someone to break those down. Right now, the first thing that people do to make a model look slimmer is they put their weight in their back hip, so the hip this further away from the camera, they put their way towards that hip that way, Admit pushes awake back, and though hip, this facing the camera makes you look slimmer and it makes the model look slimmer. The second thing that photographers do is they make the model turned to their side by not having the model face straightforward. You can make somebody look slimmer by just turning them to their site. So by turning them to their side, their bodies become slimmer than when they're facing straight at the camera and the dirtying the photographers do and will help make ah subject look slimmer is shooting them from a higher angle. When you shoot straight down at somebody, um, the face becomes bigger than the rest of the body because of bodies further away from the camera. And you create a slimmer effect because by the time you get to the rest of the body, it's further enough from the camera and anything further look smaller. Closer looks bigger, further look smaller to shooting like this. The rest of the body just look smaller. So those three things are tips that you can do to make a subject looks liver. You can incorporate those with some of the tips that you're gonna learn in this course. Then you can get a really nice post for a subject that you want to make look slimmer and the last tip which some people don't agree with. But it's become an industry standard to do that and they were gonna be shooting for publication are something a really big commercial project chances are they're gonna end up doing this anyway. But that is the slimming in post production where they slim you down using the work tool for those air brand new to that, there's a tool in photo shop that would allow you to slim the subject them literally, like, push things in or work things in and makes somebody look slimmer. I do that from time to time when I'm shooting, uh, model and like, the beach or something. And I have, like, a rib sticking out or something weird sticking out. I just push it in. And it's not bad to do because sometimes the body can adjust perfectly. Sometimes you didn't tuck in and you look like you have a little bit of a tummy sticking out. You could just push it in. And photographers, if you don't know how to use this tool, um, please look it up. Go to YouTube. Look up the work tool to slimming effect using photo shop, and you're gonna see all these tutorials on how to use that. And models if you don't like a picture because you don't look a slim and you think something like this could help that your photographer? No. So that they can slim you down, but and overall, that is a slimming effect for photo shoots and hopefully you guys learn something from it. 21. 21 Using Props: everyone. My name is Angel, and in this video I'm going to show you how I use props to get better poses. So every time I take a picture, I'm always figuring out if there's a way to introduce a prop that goes with the picture so that I give model something to do with their hands. Now, even though there's many different places to precision your hands in after a while, some of these posts get too boring and generic, and having a problem really makes your arms look very interesting. You could be grabbing on to a gun, a scar on accessory. Just putting your hand on anything will really make the picture look a lot better. So I always tell models, you know, bring sunglasses, a scarf, a jacket, a purse, something that will help me, maybe down the line in the picture. If I'm really stuck and where to place your arm now, I could place it somewhere. But if she places in somewhere else while holding on to something, the picture sometimes looks better. So really, try this out and see how you can use props to get better positioning for the arms 22. 22 Legs: and this section we're gonna be talking about legs likes are the one of the most important parts for me. With the pictures, I can get most things wrong, but as long as I can make the legs look interesting, I've done most of what I need. The expression is another one. And then sometimes the arms is like the third part. If if I had to split into three parts its arms, legs and expression Now the legs. I'm going to show you many examples off pictures and how I pose the legs and the key things that I'm looking for when imposing legs in the picture, you're gonna see it, whether you're sitting, whether you're standing or whether you're leaning onto something. Those are the three main areas. Is standing leaning and sitting pictures. Okay. One of the main things I look for is lifting up a leg. Okay. When I mean by lifting up the leg is that one? Life has the knee up, and basically a creates this nice shape on your body. I'm gonna show you right now in this picture. Okay, so right here is what I mean by lifting up. Elect her knees. up, right? Basically, you're, like, just lifting your foot. Ups of the knee sticks out and it pushes the knee in. And I create this nice shape where the legs are tightening together and then going up to the hips and creating this hourglass effect. Okay, So you want the legs? If if if you're gonna be having your legs together like her now would her? She has a pencil skirt address or whatever. Basically, her legs are tied together. You can't spread the legs out in this picture. So because their legs stuck together, I need to make the legs look smaller so that that's then and then it goes out to her waste , and their waste is bigger. Creating this hourglass effect. Okay, so to do that, you push the knee in by lifting it up. You lift it up and push it in, and those two legs become, like one. So crazy hourglass effect. Okay, so I have that here a Z. You see, I pushed these two legs in together and to the art to the hips. It looks like a nice are glass effect. Um, makes her body look back. Okay. Um Thea Other way you lift your leg up is out like this, right? Girls turned their waste over to the side. Push one like up. You do this by lifting this foot up the knees up and then the other one straight hip out to the site. So this is lifting the leg up. It looks really good. You want to make sure that they're doing this is what you know, I focus on when I'm doing, like, another way is instead of out of your for this example. This is kind of like the walking, um, picture. So it looks like she's dragging this clock this fabric here. And I still do the like lift here, and it looks like she's walking, and I'm lifting up like so That's very important to me. And looks better than what? Her legs completely down. I could have done this with the other, Like to just happened to be in this life. Here we are there, sitting down one leg up, one leg down. Okay, I'm lifting the leg up again. Very important for me to do that. Um, so, yeah, there it is. And lifting the leg here, I'm lifting the leg out. Um and exposing this one in the slit. Um, this was a little weird. Usually what I do when the dresses like this is I lift the leg up off the one where the Lexx expose. So I don't have this weird, um, like, like this curve here. It is weird because of the leather pants dress, but I wouldn't normally left at the other one. I'm here with the ledge whenever there's a spot that I can put the hell on. Okay, if there is a ledge offense, Um, anything that I could put her life up on. I told her to put her like a hell or matter leg on that, so it will lift her foot up. And it won't look weird that her foot is being lifted. So this was perfect. I was able to lift the leg up like I want to, um, and at the same time, pushing the knee in I'm rather than this way because she has a skirt. So pushing it out the other way would have looked weird, because is opening up for Lex. You want to close the legs because of the skirt? Okay, so it goes in this direction here. Um, now, sometimes when you're sitting, you can't really left the Lego. Even though this is in Iraq and it's supposed to be higher than the other one, you can really tell that it's higher. But the main thing here is you want the legs apart, okay? You never want the legs together when you're sitting and you're looking at the picture from the site. Okay. Where are we standing? From the side, Which you're usually not. You don't have want Alexe together, so the next key is make sure your legs are not together. Okay. I've seen so many pictures of people sitting down and their legs are together, which means one leg is hiding the other one. You don't want that. You want both legs to be visible, both shoes to be visible. So you have the legs split apart so you could see both of them. So I did that here and make sure one went back. One went forward. You could see both shoes. The legs aren't being hidden. Okay, here we go. Lifting up again. Um, what's it called? Legs up. And the hell is touching the fence. Um, this is my common leaning pose where I have the knee touching. I mean, the foot touching the wall or in this case offense and then the knee up here, even when laying down I have one foot higher than the other. But I did it in a unique way in in here. I have one up, and it's almost the same as this picture where she's sitting. Both feet are apart, but backwards, both feet are apart. You can see both shoes, both legs. So I could have done this picture with this foot down. But I wanted one up because I know it's important. This looks a lot more interesting like this. And as a photographer, please don't crop this out, You know? Don't stop here. Don't stop here. Make sure you're showing all of it. Um, now, another one I do is, um, legs cross. Okay. Standing legs cross. Um, so it's a great, um, leg pose where you have elect across. And then what I do in this case was you know, this knee slightly up because it's not straight down, so there's like, it's kind of up and his cross it's interesting. Um, you can see that again. Here. Legs cross right. That is a great position to mix up. So you have different poses. Okay, So you let's cross and like up, um, to the site. So let's cross. We have it there. Here, have my leg up again, the other one down, This one. It's fine that I'm hiding the legs because this picture is a close up and it's all about her body. But still, the leg is up here and the other one is down, which is the way I want with the leg here. Like I said, when there's something I could put the leg up in, I do because of the style that she was dressed in. I put this crate here because I thought, if it I don't know my ability to tell some props work or not, don't they doesn't dictate my my photography abilities. That's completely different topic. But sometimes you ask something you can lift up the leg like that. Uh, here she could have lifted up a little bit higher, but that's the same concept where one leg is back in the other one this up and forward. If it's on the side like this, this is a number one, I think, like the most common female pose were there on the side and one leg us up. Now sitting here, I told you, stretch out one leg and then you lift up the other one. It looks very nice. Interesting. So there we hope I have it here. Like lift up like, stretched out. The legs look interesting. Here we are again lifting the leg up instead of the foot up and the knee sticking out. Um, I put the leg on the crate on this side and have the knee up. So that's another way that I found to lift the leg up and have the foot rest on something here. The legs are apart. This is almost as if she was standing. One knee would be up. I push the feet apart and one knees forward is almost the same. That's lifting, elect. Okay, kind of the same in this concept, one needs forward deal. Once down here, we are again lifting the leg up by using this bench here, put the foot up on this push the knee end, it goes in, so goes in and out towards the hip, and then the body goes out this way. So that shape I'm creating what? Her body, the legs and needs and pushed out this way. It looks really, really interesting. And nice leg up again. You just show you over and over and over again. You get it because it's very, very important that you get this and you see it. Most of my pictures. The leg up. You do this, you gonna have an awesome post live up again. Couldn't I mean, I honestly tried to put this knee at this hell on this wooden area? It was too far. So I just told her Just lift it up. Now, some people might think, Oh, it might look weird, but honestly, I've seen this picture 100 times. I never noticed that this foot is just floating there. It doesn't matter. Um, but the shape that it creates is what matters. This leg lift lift is very interesting. Um, okay. The other one is when the legs are part like that. Now, when you have the legs symmetrical, meaning that they're in the same length apart. Same like nothing's higher than the other. They're equal. You're creating a dramatic and powerful pose. Okay, The leg lift is a feminine and, uh, beautiful posts. Okay, The symmetrical womb where they're even like that is a powerful and strong posts. If the legs are completely still like this, which you almost never do or they're part like this, you have a strong post. When do I do oppose, like that is when I have something like ripped jeans, dramatic lighting, um, maybe a casual outfit, you know, something strong and powerful. Then I do something like this, but for the most part of doing the leg lift and a more feminine and beautiful pose rather than dramatic and strong post here have a strong post because I had this hard light and, um, her reaction just went with it. Everything went well with this, and they're straight like, this is a strong post. Okay, back to the leg. Lift no heels on. You can lift us up a size you can't hear. The other one goes straight down. She's matter When you have heels, it's hard to do a leg lift when you when you have flats like this is easier. You can lift it up like this higher, strong pose right there, like I just talked about legs apart and straight call of duty concept here with the guns. It goes with it a strong post. Okay. I wouldn't really be doing, um, feminine pose when she looks like that. Um, Now, when I'm up against a wall like this, um, this is my go to I push her body away, and then I put a like up by putting an up against a wall like this. Sometimes the leg is up here and it's out sometimes iss, I have it perfectly towards the ground. But being lifted up by being in this angle right here. So it still goes with the whole left leg up. Um, this is another, um, wait. I've learned to pose a leg, which is, if you're gonna be straight up, right. Like you don't have many curves going on and you can't. And you're standing perfectly up. You can, like, create a nice shape around. Then instead of just standing perfectly still, you push this leg out and this knee in, um, it looks a little more interesting. She didn't do it all the way. I wanted this foot. Like, over here. There's only a little bit more in And then if I do it like that, this arm goes down and then this arm goes up. But, um, that's another way. Is now one that you're gonna use a lot or ever. So don't really worry about it. But if you're standing perfectly still up like this, push knees in, put a let out So they're not touching each other. We talked about this one same foot as the one before leg up again, leaning again, lifting the leg up. It doesn't matter that there's nothing there holding this. The leg up like this looks interesting. This one is. You can reach over and grab your heel. It's gonna look very interesting. Okay, um, I don't do it a lot. I do seldomly. I wouldn't pose like this all the time. This is one of those posters that you'll do once, maybe twice, in your portfolio, and that's it once, maybe it's enough just to get something completely different and interesting. You left the leg up and you grab onto it, preferably leaning so you don't fall over because this is really hard to do. Uh, leg up again and in leg up and out, flag up and out legs touching together for still up. And the reason is because her height, it and the heels made it really hard. It was really high heels for her to spread her legs and lift up off foot. So this was the only way I could get that. And it still looks good because the legs lifted. Um, here, this was near my beginning. My photography, Um I was just getting into posing. I told her to lean. I had the lead just right. The leg was up, but now what I would have done differently was this knee goes in and this foot goes out the other way. So this knee goes over here and this shoe comes out this way. So you create this triangle here. Triangles are really mean much. It just happens. Okay, but it shows the shoe a shows the rest of the leg on the legs up. Okay, uh, leg up here while facing this way. Powerful posts like, straight out together. Nothing is higher than the other. It goes with the leather team that we have here with the tire. Okay, it goes with it. You don't have a feminine pose. You have a strong post here. Leg up, Leg up, Leg up, like up, legs apart when you're sitting showing both shoes, like up from one knee up when the up one leg up. Um, even though both are up, I'm splitting the feet apart. I could have had this life straight out, but because this thing here was blocking her from being able to stretch your foot out, it stopped there, right there. And then I just brought this one down to split them apart. One leg up, one leg down while sitting using the scooter to lift this leg up, one leg up and then pushing this foot back so that this one lower than the other one. Okay, legs apart. This one's higher than the other one. One leg up again. There's the trend right there and everything. One of my pictures. One leg up and I'm done. There you go. That's posing for likes. You could do this time and time and time and time will get. Okay, you guys, thank you for watching. And now we will want to the next 23. 23 Hips: Now I'm gonna be talking about posing for hips. Okay, I'm gonna show you what I do with these examples is very easy. There's not much to it. Just have the hip out, and it looks good, so I'm going to show you right now. Okay? This first picture of you have the legs out in one direction. Just put the hips out very slightly. Your fine. You don't do much here. Um, I make sure that when you have, um, someone Bose their body and like, a bikini and stuff and the shape is not, like, perfect. You can hide. Wait by pushing the hip out away from the camera. So if you're on your side like this, right? And you pope, push your hip out out then, uh, you hide. Wait, and it looks better. We're flattering. Then if she was to face the camera, her body facing the camera. So she puts her to wait on the side and then pushes her hip out towards away from the camera. That's very important. If you're trying to hide a little bit of the weight, if you're in a bikini and you're exposing your showing it, okay, so when you're in this example, Um, you're up against alleged. I make sure that the hips out away from the ledge if you're leaning, you want the hip out away. Okay, um, hip out, um, here on the knees. Even though she's in their knees, I still make sure that she has her hip out so that you have this curb right here. Okay. So hip out and then the curve around the back here, that's what we're trying to get hip out, curve around the back. Okay, We have the hip going out here and then curve again. This curve is key. If you see this curve here that you know you're doing it right, which is why we left up the like here and create an even bigger curve around here. Okay. Hip out here. She could here. I would normally left a leg up. I didn't. But Kerber on here around the back, You see, it looks good here, leg up, helping this and pushing this out this way. So the Lexx up this way, then you push out on this side and you got the curve around here. Curve around here, lifting up the leg. Nice curve so this looks really get. You see, It makes it look really mates. Um, here, even if you're standing perfectly with leg open, that strong post I talked about where it's perfectly open like that. You still put the hip out of one direction. You don't stand perfectly straight, okay? You want the hip out in one direction. So even though her legs are straight apart in one leg isn't picked up, she still puts their hip out to one side hit. But again, on one side, they buy it again on one side. Now, look, you can lift the leg up on the side that you have the hip up to create a nice curb, or you can just have the hip up and push it straight. It really depends. You try one or the other and see which one works better. There is really no rule off. Oh, so we left this leg up or left this like up. She would put this hip out on this side or this about on this site, like away from the camera towards the camera. You almost have to just do try on there and see what works. Okay? I haven't been able to figure out. When does it look better on one side? Windows look better on the other side. I've just seen it good on both cases. So try both to see which one works. Okay, so here, um because her legs air tight together, I pushed the leg in and then hip out this way. So, leg, if you're gonna do the leg in like this, and you're gonna have the need out this way, you have the hip out in that direction. Okay, That way you're creating this shape, you see, like, Okay, this is a perfect example of the shape of the body that you're trying to create because their dress our lines, if the lines are straight, I'm doing this wrong. I want the lines to swirl like, create, like an s shape, like a snake. This is a perfect example. I see it in the dress for here. We lifted me up, create the curve here, and you see it right here and the lines and then out this way and then out this way. So you're creating this curve here. You see it right here It curves. That's why I'm doing erect. If I were to push the hip out this way while that leg it's up this way, it wouldn't curve like this. I wanted to curve like this. So we have the leg up, hip out, body out that way. So hip out this way and then body out this way. So hip out this way and then body that way. Okay. Creating the curb. See it in your pictures. Even though the lecture straight Because it's a dramatic picture. Hip out this way in one direction. Doesn't matter. Just pick one on and that's it. That's very simple. Put the hip out always, Um, unless you're sitting or letting, Sometimes you can't. But if you're standing leaning, you put the hip out one direction. OK, thank you. Now we're gonna move on to the next part 24. 24 Arms: now we're gonna be talking about arms. Arms are is the second most important thing. I don't know the order, really. Its legs, arms and expression, But armed, there might all be equally important. Arms are very, very, very important. Where you put your arms are gonna maybe key to making the picture look interesting or not, in my opinion, when it comes to the Post, OK, so pay very strong attention to this part. You're gonna get it now. Legs. We left the leg arms. One thing that I try to follow always is one up, one down. Okay, One up, one down and usually make your hands be doing something. Okay. Make your hands. I mean, your hands be grabbing onto something. Okay, so your arms one up, one down. Okay. And then grabbing onto something. Okay. You know, seeing these examples right here. So you don't want this to be even like this, okay? It looks better when you have one up and one down. Okay? One is higher than the other. This looks better than this. I didn't plan this. We just happened to take these two pictures, and I saw that this is better than this one. This is when I didn't know any better, but the same one up one down. Okay. You could spread them out like this if you're gonna be putting both your hands on your hair or you can put him up like this. Okay, Both are very interesting. And look, armed locations for grabbing your hair, OK? When you grab your hair. This, like this? Um, I do that a lot. Okay? I Because a lot of times you can put your arms on to something. You don't have a ledge, something to lean on, something to grab. So the hair it might go to you're gonna see a lot of times arms on the head, head. Okay, You put your arms on the head. It's kind of like a go to imposing. And I do that a lot with this close up. It's And she didn't have anything else to grab onto, had full tans on the hair on the head. And like I said, instead of it being even one up one down, either elbows out our elbows and so play with that practice in the mirror, see what looks good. Pose models like this or you pulls like that and you'll see one up. One down is what you're going for. Okay, now we're here. Um, she has grabbing onto the hair, grabbing onto this thing appear one up, one down. Uh, now, because of how tight the shot is, I pushed the elbow in. She could have been like this, and I would have been fine. But because the shot is so tight the elbow goes in Onley in this case because shot is tight . OK, sometimes this would have been more interesting, but because the shop is very tight Thea Bogo sense of the elbows not dropped out. Okay, here, um, one is higher than the other. Okay, but what makes them different than it just being the same? Even if there close to the same is that this is forward and this is out, which was a little better. This was like aiming this win. This was a mean this way, so looked interesting. Okay, You don't want the arms to do be doing the exact same thing. Okay? Kind of goes with, like, selecting one leg up, one leg down, but if they're completely the same, the arms you have a strong post. So I've seen people like do this and do this by like, I just even though is the strong pose. Like I said, not feminine but strong, like in the life example. I still think it's better to just avoid it and just keep doing different things on both legs. Okay, I mean, both arms. Okay, so here, one arm on the head, the other one grabbing on to the hair. They're both doing something. Um, which is what I tend to go for now. This is my go to for, um Okay, I do this a lot with arms. It's either this on the shoulder or grabbing onto the hair. Were grabbing on to a purse or something. A jacket. Okay. This, um, this What's it called? Arm resting on your side. It's a nice arm position that I found. So you do this now? Um, make sure when you're doing this, you don't have your shoulder up. Okay, Shoulder up. You don't want, um, shoulder up on this because that's masculine. You want to be feminine. It's a feminine. His shoulder down. As you see here, she has her shoulder down on this and then grabbing. Not their hair to the shoulders, that up on this, shoulders down and grabbing onto the here. You could do this if the hair is a perfect length or you could grab it if it's too short or too long. We look weird, but she had the nice length hairs to grab onto it, so works and then the other one off. This one is what I called the cigarette holding posts. It's a great holding pose for the arms is a lot people who go out and smoke. They arrest their elbow on the arm and then they smoke, right. This is you relax. Your hand is a pose when you really have nothing else to hold on to. So that's what I did with her here. It's a good cheat so that both arms air doing something. You're gonna fall in love with this one if you know you can even have it on the face, on the shoulder or just out like this, or in the hair or grabbing onto something. But it looks interesting and great. So there's another example with the arms that you could do, um, here and then the waste. Um, we do this a lot. It was go to pose for people who didn't know how to post people who did not oppose. Just put the arm on the waist. It's fine to do it sometimes. Just don't do it as your go to where your main tryto change it up and do some of the other arm positions because it's gonna be a better picture. You do this when you literally have nothing else to do or you're stuck. You just need to get that shot. You do this post don't do this. Tried to the other arm positions. We have it here cause we were a little stuck. There wasn't much to do, so we put the arm there and in the other arm on the face. Okay, You could have done it on the hair, but this time on the face, it looked interesting. Okay, here we go. Arm on the ledge. Okay. If there is something of this length, if you're sitting and you have something right here, if you have that the alleged there anything that you could rest your arm on your arresting the arm there because I need your arms to be somewhere. So there's something in this height. You're arresting that Armed it. That was perfect for that. The other one in the hair. And we're done. They're both doing something. Here we go. Hand on the hair. One in the face. Easy. Go 21 up. One down. This 11 up on the hair, the other one. Resting right there. The sand right next to her. One elbow up, one elbow down. One of went down. Perfect. That's where you do it. One up, one down in your arms all the time again. Tight outfit now much to play wit. Put it on the side If you're stuck and you literally have nothing to graham onto, nothing to place your arms. And instead of just resting on the side, you put it on your waist. Okay, but cheat and find something that you can grab onto so that you can have your arm doing something. One on the hair, one there. It's a go to you. Do this. You do this. I mean, you see this all the time. Here you go. Someone in the hair, one on the side. Um, would've looked nicer if she was grabbing her scarf. So she grabs onto the scarf and then the hair. Right. But there you go. Now arrested the arm there down and set on the site. The reason I did this is because of this. You see this shape here? If the back arches like this enough, if the back arches enough so the hip pushes three arm away and you have this back, arch, there's prominent enough. It looks nice to rest the arm straight down, because if you put your hand on the waste your hiding this arch, this arch looks interesting. So if your arch perfectly, you you can rest your arm out on the side like this. Okay, cool. So, uh, take a look for that, especially. Especially if you're in a bikini or you're in a tight outfit that you can see this. Okay, um, because you could see the back perfectly. Here. Arm out. Um, here, Um, what? I did waas arm back on and the other hand up against a wall. Okay. Now for here. Um, instead of putting it on the waist, I had her just ever so slightly sit down to shorts and grab on to the shorts. Um, she doesn't have pockets, so that was the only way on. Then they hand up, um, hand is down, pushing her at this angle, which looks interesting. And then when you're laying down like this or sitting like this, you can always rest your other arm on your leg or on your knee. Okay. You see another example of that, but the resting that there looks natural. Nice. Resting it on the site like that. Okay, so, um, you have the arm here and hand there. One thing that I'm glad this is in the picture. Can't believe I didn't see this. I always look for this and, uh, one thing that you're most girls are gonna have and you might have at the modeling you If you look back in your pictures, we might even have this in one of your pictures. Is this this scrunchie? That right here on her wrist? I can't believe I caught it. Right. Mid course. Make sure that's not there. Always. I taken so many of these from so many models. Models don't notice it. Photographers don't notice that it is there. It's not good. Take it out. So, um, this has to go away here. It iss showed it to you. Okay. Um right here. The best way I found for her to grab on to the fence was with one finger. That's just what I went with. Andan the other hand out because I was able to get a nice curve here. I was able to rest this out like this. Like we talked about before. Hand down. Now, when she was doing this, she was bending her elbow. So she was sitting like this. When you're doing it like this sitting down, you always want a straight. Okay, make sure that our miss straight, because this doesn't look good in the picture. You want a strict. Okay, so this is straight and this is up. I'm here. One m, one arm, one up and one down. Right. We did it straight out. Which was a mistake here because the light cast a shadow on her face. So there's usually done on the side. It looked really nice. I kept it, but it's usually on the side, one up, one down, both grabbing on to the wall. This fence here perfect their perfect length that she can grab onto boat. It looks very interesting. This is another one that I found. I found people putting their arms up instead of putting both arms up. You lift one arm up. I did it with her. Looks really cool. The shot was long enough for it to be done. And you could do this. If you can get this right for yourself as a model or the model you're shooting wit, try it out. It looks really interesting. Um, arm out grabbing onto the dress and pulling it. Okay, You don't just grab onto the dress, you have to tighten it and you're doing a shirt or a dress. You tighten it, you're actually grabbing it. Okay, because Or else it doesn't make any sense to put your hand. There is not doing anything, so you tighten it. She did that there, it lifts the arm. Looks good. Um, de arm is grabbing onto the hair, grabbing on to that thing on her side. Right here. They're both doing something. That's the only reason she's wearing this thing here for that arm. That's how important it is to have the arm doing something. She put this on. I told her to so she can grab onto something. Arm up like this. It's, Ah, position for your arm. It's hard to pull off, but you could pull it off A look. Interesting practice in the mayor of your modeling. If your photographer try it out with a model, See if it looks good if it doesn't discard it. But that's a position that you can do. I would never do the arm behind the back like that. You don't want to hide any limps. Um, I did it here. I don't know any better, but don't do that. Okay? And that's it with the arms. Okay. Yeah. Don't hide. Limps is very important. If we go back here in this arm here, you don't want to hide this arm and just have a hand sticking up. A lot of people do this and just have a hand sticking out is a very distracting. You want the arm showing? I could see the arm at least it ahead. So it's fine. And, um, I think there is another example of that. Yeah, that that's the only example. Yeah. Like even though there's a tight shot I could have easily, like, had the arm out and then just have a hand sticking in. You don't want a hand sticking into frame or hand sticking into the body like this? This looks weird. You want to see the arm? Okay, so there you go with the arms. Quickly. We're gonna move on to hands because it goes with arms and you're gonna see some rules about hands and posing for hands, okay? 25. 25 Hands: okay when it comes to hands, One of the things I've learned is you want your hands to be relaxed and look very feminine . So that's a model. Okay? You don't want it to claw. You don't want it to fist. Even though I have a lot of pictures. Where they're grabbing onto something in the hands are like, almost clawing. It looks better if they're relaxed. Now is not gonna break your photo, but if you're doing it, close up. Oh, are like the hands are very prominent. You want them to be relaxed? The best way to show model or for you, a model to relax your hand is to do this. Okay, You put your hand on the fist very, very, very hard, and then you let go when you let go. That relaxed feeling in your hand has That's the post for your head. Okay, Very hard. Relax. And that's it. Right here. Is it okay? You put this towards you and Lena forward like this. There it is, right there. Okay. Just like that. So that's how you do hands. Okay. Now, to show you some examples so you can see hands in action Done right. Okay, so here it is. Hands right here. Looks nice. Relax That that's how you want it. Now, even though the hand is very out and strong, we have our gasping and the lighting and everything looks very dramatic. So her hands being very strong, like this looks interesting for this picture hand. Relax like this. She doesn't fist it. She doesn't grab it like this. She grabbed a lake feminine, both hands. These hands here, These hands here look great or nice and relaxed right here. Hand relaxed down here. Okay. Hand relaxed right here. Looks really, really nice as how you want the hands look and relaxed. Right? They're really nice hand relaxed. There. Looks really good. This is that club motion that you don't want to do. Okay? You don't want it to look like this, okay? I'm giving examples of both. How did it should look and how shouldn't look, you know, hunted to look like that Hand like this on the waist. Look at that. That is beautiful. That is beautiful. Appear OK. Uh, this model right here is also a dancer, so she doesn't naturally. Okay, this is how you want your hands Look, this is wrong. I don't know what this is. Okay, don't do it like that. Okay, here's the example of, like, I was saying, you don't want to hide the arm The arm is showing. Okay. Could show a little bit more if the arm was hiding behind there. And just a hand was sticking out here. It's gonna look bad. You don't want to hide your arm and just have the hand showing. Okay? Now, if your hand is on the floor like this are up against something, it is fine to be flat like that, you can make this look feminine. OK, so don't worry about that. Will be like a It's not like this. It is fine, because this is leaning, okay, Leaning. It can be straight like that. And that's all. I have her hands. You guys, it's very simple. Um, just your hands, like, relaxed. Like this. Okay, now we're gonna move on to the next part 26. 26 Chins & Neck: Now we're gonna be talking about chin next and then shoulders. Okay? They're all chin neck and then shoulders. OK, you gotta get we gotta look out for that. There's a little mistakes that you could fix when you're doing the perfect shot system or of your model. And, you know, uh, you don't like how you look in pictures. You don't know why this could be it. Okay, so we're gonna start with this first picture, Um, head back, chin up, extending than neck, the giraffe like neck. It's beautiful. You want that? You want to see the neck? It looks very nice. What I like about this picture is seen that long neck, Um, A and using the chin up to do that. Okay. Here again. Neck out, stretched out. It looks beautiful. What makes her pictures look really nice? Is the neck um here? I hiding a lot with the hair? Um, this neck. So right here in this area right here doesn't look as good. Okay. I'm showing you what works and what doesn't work here. The neck looks good. Which what makes this picture interesting? Um, okay. In here we have nothing biting the neck the chins out. Um, the head's tilted, but the chilliness slightly up. Okay, so when it comes to chin up, chin No, it varies a lot, and there's no riel. Rule off, should it can go up to the chin. Go down. Okay. Basically, I have found that, um I look at a picture. Take it, and then I just Assam lift your chin up. Okay? It looks better. No, bring it back down. That's how you basically direct movement off the head up and down. Just chin up, chin down. And then if the neck and this area looks better, do it. And if it doesn't, it looks weird because she's looking like she's pointing straight up. You pull it down and is a sweet spot. You just have to play with it and you get it right. I know it doesn't seem like the best advice, but, um, you want the neck to show and look really nice, but you don't want to be leaning all the way back, So just straight here, it's fine. If I would have put it up, it would have looked weirder. So it's almost that's high. If you can get a without it looking off. Okay? A lot of people do their chins down, and that looks really bad. You want chin up? And but you also want a jaw line with the lighting, which is why the light is always higher. So it cast a shadow all around her chin. Like that. Uh, here, um, the neck is showing. It looks good. Chin, Um, it's just find there. If you would have gone a little bit higher with a bit okay to, um but because of the angle which the picture was taken, that looks just fine. You almost want to make sure that if your model that your face iss the same position straight to the camera, the cameras right here your face is like that. If you're higher, that's too much. If your lower that's too much, make sure that if, like your face waas straight line and you just push your straight towards the camera hits the camera perfectly. Um, here she goes higher, but we're showing the neck. Um, and it's a close up is a beauty shot, and it creates is nice dramatic mood. It looks really nice. So pulling the head and chin up works a lot. And you should play what it tried as much as you can. It's gonna make for your pictures to look better. So if it's looking a little boring, just lift your chin up. Uh, here. She could have lived her chin up and they would have looked a little better. You don't want the next to be scratched like that here. It almost looks like she's stretching out her neck, which makes it look really nice here. She could have been a little bit higher in the chin. Uh, same here. A little bit higher to expose the next alot better and same here. There s beautiful neck Looks really nice in this picture here now, Um, and here the neck looks terrible. You see all these lives here? The best way to fix this is to drop that shoulder down, which will stretch this out. Okay, I have the shoulder up here, which makes this look really bad. So stretching the shoulder over would have fixed this. She could have put it. It may be a little bit higher, but just, uh, Children down will fix that. And then, uh, here, um, I have the chin facing um, this this shoulder here. Okay. And that is because I have this line going here, and basically, this is the one example. Um, that kind of breaks away from everything else. And the reason or chin is down here. Um, if because the focus of the picture is a body and this tattoo, So we doing this, you almost never do it. But if you are doing that is because you want to draw the attention down. If you put your chin down, your drawing the attention down, um, if it straight it is, it's just straight at the face. If it's up like come look up here. Okay? She's pointing down because of the tattoo. And what we're doing in this picture is like, look down here. It's not about my face is about what's going on down here. So that's why it's like, Okay, hopefully this help you guys out 27. 27 Shoulders: Now we're gonna be talking about shoulders. Okay? So there's several things to point out with shoulders. OK, the up down rule does apply. You could have one up, one down. It looks better than perfectly even. Okay, but there's nothing wrong with being perfectly even. You could have What? Forward one back. Okay, which one looks better? So just straight flat. Doesn't look the best. Um, 141 back, one up, one down. Okay, that's the first thing. The next thing is, you don't want to hide the shoulders with hair, okay? And exposing the shoulder if the outfit could expose it. Looks nice to the next examples you're gonna see exposed shoulder, hidden shoulder and it looking better with it exposed. Okay, so here we have both shoulders exposed. She pulled his shirt down, Both shoulders are exposed. They're both in the frame. It looks interesting. That's what makes this picture also pop. Um, this one's a little bit more forward than the other one. The shoulders exposed. At least one. Good. If I would have had hair here. Bad picture. Okay. Uh, shoulders not up. It is down. It's more feminine right here. The shoulder is covered. If I was paying more attention in my perfect shot system, I would have told her, Just moved the hair out of the way and exposed his shoulder. That would have been a better picture here. The shoulder is blocked here, there's a shoulder closest to me is the one that seems like it should be the one showing. So, um, it would have been a better picture if I would have had the hair moved a little. Here, have both shoulders exposed. It's a little dark, but as long as this is exposed, it looks good. Do you have this nice shape here that looks nice here? This shoulders exposes the one closest to me. This was further apart. It could be hidden by the hair. That's fine. The tattoos there too. So this looks get this one's. The ones closest to me is exposed hairs blocking the other one. That's fine. This is showing. That looks really nice. Okay, here we have hair blocking both of them. That picture could have been better with a little bit off exposure off the shoulder. But all these rules could be broken sometimes, and it still leads to good picture the mess of the hair here is what makes the picture interesting. OK, so didn't matter. Their shoulders were being hidden. It's not about that in this picture here, Um even though they're both almost the same distance for me as long as, like pick one and I'm exposing this that shoulder, then that would have been a better picture here. Both shoulders I exposed. It looks really nice hair up like that when it comes to the shoulders. That looks good here. I had a little bit of hair here. I could've photoshopped that off. Uh, just clean the hair up. You get a little bit of hair and there you pull it back all the way and out here too. So starting the armas well, that would have looked nicer here. This shoulders closes to me. If this hair was back and the shoulder was exposed, that would have been better here. This shoulder needs to be seen. It's not seen. Would have been a better picture now and not mess up a lot. But I need to show you the difference. OK, and here's the thing. Going to get it right all the time. Okay, But all that matters is that you know what's wrong. You look at your pictures and no, this is how it would have done it better. So next time you could do it better, Or when you're at the moment and you're trying to do the perfect shot system and you're tryingto get to push you to look a little bit better. You know what? We'll look better. Were you gonna tell somebody who's there helping you out to look out for that So that you get that right in the picture. Here we have. This was exposed. It looks nice of the hair Would have been on the way. It wouldn't have looked this nice. Here we have the shoulder exposed. It looks nice. Shoulder exposed. Would you have the hand on the hip like that? This shoulder at the start waas up. So she had it like this. I have to tell her. Push the shoulder down. So she did. And I looked better. Is fine of the shoulders up if it's going straight down like this. Okay, this is a one time where I break my shoulder down rule because you wouldn't be leaning and shoulder down. Now a lot of people go to put their shoulder down. The Ben there are, But by bending that arm like we talked about, our visit doesn't look good. We want that straight. Even the shoulders up. Okay, this straight here looks better than if it was meant to have the shoulder down this shoulder need to be shown. Okay. I've learned over time I didn't know all the time as I was photography, everything. Now that I know, that would have been a better picture. This shoulders showed we pulled this down. You can do that if you have a now for that, you can pull down to expose the shoulder, especially because you had a tattoo that looks interesting. This shoulder is interesting. It looks nice. I'm showing it. That makes the picture. Look, it. This looks good. If this was hitting my hair, that would have been a worser picture. So that's, uh, nice one here was showing the shoulder and looks good. We pulled a hair back to show the shoulder here. That's looking good. This doesn't look as good. It would have looked better at the shoulder was showing. But the upside is the beautiful hair. Does flowing down looks really nice. So we sacrifice a shoulder for the hair. You could do that if the hair looks really nice, so you can't have it all, sometimes one over the other. Here, the hair looks really nice. So it's fight here. Um, maybe this pull back just a little bit so we can see the neck all the way out to the shoulder. Besides that, this isn't close to this. Perfect that I could get it shoulder shown. You see, common, um, comment in the pictures that I like shoulder showing. You can see how good it looks here. This shoulder could have been showing. It would have looked better here. This shoulder could have been showing it would have looked better. And that's it. So what are we talking my shoulders? Just don't hide them down for feminine unless you're stretching because it's your leaning on something that's fine. And you could sacrifice shoulder over nice hair or something that it's nice. It needs to be there to block it. That's fine. For the most part, you want expose at least one shoulder and I go towards the one that's closest to the camera . Okay, there you go. When it comes to shoulders, 28. 28 Posture: And now we're gonna be talking about postures. Okay? When it comes to your posture, you're basically wanna roll your shoulders back. Okay? Chest out, shoulders back. You don't really have to say much. When you tell a model, fix your posture, her shoulders back, they get it. Now, here's the thing about posture. You don't notice it, okay? And it won't hurt you if you don't have the best posture. You can only make the picture better if you have a better posture. A lot of times a posture is just normal. Everything is perfect. People's I. Okay, great. You fix the posture. Looks better. Okay. It's a simple Is that so? You wanted pose better. If you want to pull someone better at any moment towards the end of the pose, simply say posture. Shoulders that instantly the picture. You're going to see something. So you have everything pose perfectly right, and then you say posture. They stretch back and looks a little bit better. Simple is that they're sitting down like posture. They go like this. It looks better is a simple, quick way to make the picture or post look a little bit better. Okay, We'll show you examples of bad posture and good posture so you can see the difference. Okay, this was right here in the horses. Good posture. Because you can see that the shoulders air rolled back, chest us forward. That looks very strong and beautiful. Shoulders back. You see this here this year? It looks awesome. Shoulders are back. Great. Great Posture. Shoulders back again. Here. Chest out. Great posture there. Great posture here. You could see this. If the shoulders were forward, it wouldn't have looked. That's good posture there to chest up, shoulders back postures there again. Shoulders back. Helps with the curve here because you have the right posture. Here's bad posture right there. You see it? The shoulders forward here. The shoulder would have been back. It would have been a better picture. She's like this on the site instead of this. This this difference slight but important here. Same thing. Could have had it back. Would have looked more interesting. They're great posture. Shoulders back. She's doing this. She has a back. Looks very, very, very nice. Shoulders back again. Looks good. Shoulders back again. Looks good. Shoulders back again. It looks good. Okay? And that's it, so posture. Just pull it back. You're gonna get a better picture. Very simple to do. Think about it when you're posing or when you're posing somebody posture usually towards the end, Get the post just right. And then, at the very end, push back. 29. 29 Hair: Now we're gonna be talking about posing the head, OK? We talked about the body from chin down. Now we're gonna be talking about your facial expression, your hair where to look and where to face. Okay, we're going to start with the hair because it's going with what we talked about a little earlier. Now, when it comes to the hair, my rule is this one hair back one here. Forward. I like that the best. Okay, I almost all the pictures like the best one hair forward. One hair is back. If I'm exposing the shoulder, those closest to me, this one is pulled back so I can see the neck to the shoulder. And this one this away from the camera as the hair forward. Simple is that, uh also they asked me How should I do my hair? I found that volume. It's better. I was a found that hair gets messed up a lot because I have models hold onto their hair, put their hand on their hair a lot. So, um, unless you're working with professional hair salads and it's further portfolio, uh, for the most part, you're probably gonna mess up the hair So does it matter that much? How? Well, perfect. The Harris volume looks better than a flat hair. And, uh, yeah, for the most part here is not that big for me. Just following the rules of not hiding. A lot of people have short hair or have the hair up look really good pictures, too, because you're showing a lot of the neck and the shoulders. So they have things to think about when you're thinking about your hair and for shits. Okay, So here's some examples. Uh, one hair forward, one hair back. This hair should have been the one this back because of his shoulder. Um, both back is fine because she's grabbing onto it, so it goes with it. It looks cool like that, um, grabbing onto the hair there, but the hairs back, one hair back, one haired forward, shoulder exposed. Perfect. This is something I've done a few times. Um, and that is where I do, in effect, where the hair being pulled out. Um, and I've done it in, like, three or four times in my portfolio. You'll see. And for photographers and models, if you have long enough hair, um, try it once. You don't like how looks don't do it, but don't do it more than once. Okay? I think is one of those things. Like you do it once a school, but don't do it more than once. Anyway, The way that you do it is simple. You have somebody help out. They grab us much of your hair, they pull it out, the photographer takes the picture, and usually they photoshopped the hand that fits in the frame or the hand has to move really fast. So that is not in the frame. And they caught it in the air. It's a little blurry, but, um, Melissa shall would've really fast shutter speed anyway. Besides that, that's how we did this picture. Somebody grabbed the hair, they jumped out and I took the picture right at that time. Okay. I did it again here. Somebody grabbed the hair, they pulled it and they just jumped out. And I took the picture right in that moment, we tried a couple of times. We got it. Um, and then we did it here. We did on both sides because we had a theme going. It's okay. You could try it. You want. So that's a an idea for here. Okay. So back, um, one here, 41 here backs my focus, but it shoulders exposed as hidden. So the other side, but because of the way she's leaning, if she would have put that hair forward, it would have gone over to her chest. You don't want the hair in the center and the chest. Okay. The placement of the hair is right here between the arm and the chest, right on the site. Right here. Okay. If any hairs in the chest, you have to move it to the side. Okay. Check this out. Right here. Here's a chest hairs out on the site. Okay. Um, you could do hair back. That is fine, too. Um, but I tend to do one here for one here, back in the arms up like this. And you're on the side like this. And it was gonna hide the shoulder. You do it. Just back. Um, here, one. Here. Forward. One hair back. Um, maybe they here behind the shoulder. Okay, um, here and that's an example. The hair starts naturally falling straight down here. It goes from here to the Chester. You tell the model. Move it over to the site. It can't cover the front, so moves over. Decided between the arm and chest. That's where you place the hair right here. Naturally. Will follow the chest. You push it over. Um, here, one here for one here, back a little bit out on the site. Matt in the center. Um, if you're leaning and the hairs falling, that looks good, and then the other ones back. Ah, if you're laying down okay, if you ever doing a picture where you're laying down and the photographers taking the picture of you like this, you don't want the hair all the way in the back. Um, Heidi being hidden by your head. What's more interesting issues of floor to add volume to your hair. Spread it out. I found that to look better. I did it here. I spread it out a little and made it look like she had a lot of hair. And, um, - I also did it here. She's laying down. I have the hair up. I didn't love it too much, but you get the idea. You spread out the hair were laying down Instead of hiding that because bigger hair looks better. Um okay, so I was here, here, right between the arms like this, that's where you want it. But on this side, not on this side. This one goes back. Okay? Because it was a shoulder there. So the hairs right there and this one goes back, this hair goes back. That goes between the arms leaning over the hairs back the hair go straight down, the looks perfect. Like that. Leaning your head over the hair goes down. If the hair wherever the hairs forward, you can lean your head that direction and let the hair fall. It looks nice. You don't want to lean the opposite or where the hairs following. So the hairs falling this way you don't want only like this could. Then their hair falls on the face and the looks ugly have fallen like this. Hair falling like that is almost like the hairs pulling your head. That's a tip for where you lean your head hair straight down, one hair back showing that ear was a key and showing the rest of her face because the hair covers her face. Um, one hair down because, um, the shirt was gonna hide the shoulder. It doesn't matter that the hair's falling down there because the shoulder wouldn't have looked nice anywhere because anyway, because of that shirt. So the hair there is just fine. The other one back one here for one hair back. The one that's back isn't is the one closest to me because of the shoulder. I need to see that shoulder. This was back. Big volume is here. Let's talk about volume, his hair and some tricks that photographer first do. I don't really do it, but I know it could have and would have looked better. They have fans blowing and low speeds towards the model. So the hair at volume and it looks more interesting. You want to try it, try to show you what other people do in case you want to do it. Kind of looks like I did it here. I didn't really do it here. Hair just look like that. But it will look like this if you had a fan, uh, hair falling instead of the like I said we laid down instead of hiding the hair expose how long the hair is some way in here, Hattar had lean over. So the hair is pulled out leaning towards the site of where the Harris showing the next showing the shoulder, Um, a shoulder. And then, um, one hair back, one hair, about one year forward. The one closest to me is, um, exposed grabbing onto the hair. If is straight and short like that. These this is ah, wrong way to do it. I would have put one back and then the other one forward and away from the chest. This one a little bit away from the chest would have been better. Do you see how we make it? Like go away from the chest of the justice and hidden. And then one hair back and in the shoulder exposed here. We from the chest on the side here. Um, even though the shoulders hidden these pictures beautiful hair looks nice. We sacrifice the shoulder over the nice hair. You could do that. Still look good. The hair didn't look as good. I would hide it behind her and exposed a shoulder. Even if I expose the shoulder and had to hear in the back, it was still looking leaning towards the side of where the hair's falling shoulder exposed hair back hair right between the arms. This little bit could have been over this little bit. Could have been over out to those little bits that would have made a difference. Another example. Me pulling the hair out on a picture. Dramatic picture. Just having somebody just drank it. And I take the picture grabbing onto the hair to add volume one. Hair back, one hair down. Um, beautiful, beautiful, hair grabbing. Adding volume up here, making the hair look really big and nice. And it is coming down. She could lean her head that direction, but it's fine like that too. Um, in here, short hair that much. Um, in here. One hair back. One here. Forward. Nice volume. This is what they're talking about. What, like the volume looks a little better. Um, then if it was flat, so her fixing their hair up like that made this picture really pop. Um, the first time I do hair in the face. Always have hair. No hair in the face. Um, but because of the leather, the dark at how she looks is fine. But for the most part, that here's away from her face. And that's it. When it comes to hair 30. 30 Expression: Now we're gonna be talking about expressions when it comes to expressions. My go to for expressions is this lips slightly down. So the mouth slightly open and I'm gazing right. Gays, lips slightly down. Now here's the thing to me, that's what makes or breaks a picture. We have the legs, we have the arms. But the expression if I have a bad expression, I don't like the picture, no matter how perfect everything is. If I have a bad expression, I don't like the picture. Um, now there's an okay expression. That's fine. Bad expression. I don't like the picture. I don't use them really great expression. I will sacrifice some of the other things and the pose for a good expression. They do that all the time. The expression looks awesome. I choose that over the one where the poses better so the expression is very important is also the hardest thing. Posing his easy expression. It's hard that takes the most practice. You look in the mirror, you practice with selfies on your phone. You get the expression right, is it? Gaze on the lips style. Over time, I learned to take better pictures of myself because of this expression. Uh, when the lips touch, you look either normal, not interesting or Matt. Okay? Very little. You can do what? Your eyes. OK? Your eyebrows are always relaxed. Okay? You're not doing this with your eyebrows. You're not grinning with your eyebrows. You're not looking that you never looked mad. You try not. You never raise your eyebrows up like your surprise. Relax. Eyebrows. Gays in the eyes left slightly down because when the lives are closed, looks boring. It looks like you're mad sometimes. Now, here's a problem. The problem comes in when a motto relaxes her lips down and it looks like a duck face. It looks ugly. Then that's when the problems come in. Because either got it or you got it. And that's like where the struggle comes in for me as a photographer and models to get good pictures because the expression looks bad. So first lipped out. See how it comes practice in the mirror. To get that right, you can get this, Dan. It looks good. I'm sure you some examples in a bit. I've learned recently that you can close the lip and green a little. So you're doing the sly smile. Okay, So close lipped. You just slice him out over and then you do the case that's considered like smiling with your eyes is a full smile with your face without really smiling. Now, if I can't get the expression right that I like might cheat, that might go to It's just Miley. It never go wrong with smiling and never had someone smile. And it looks bad. For the most part, smiling is easy, but it doesn't look like very fashion. Look, But I do it sometimes when I just can't get the other expression. Okay, so I'm sure some examples and you'll see this is what I mean with the MT. Okay. Just like that. I used to describe it as a little bit of teeth because a little bit of teeth shows sometimes, and it looks good. Um, here it is again. Gays. Mouth. This was a little bit more open than what I'm used to, but it looked really good on her because she had a really big teeth. Okay, here it is again, to the point where amount is actually open. But it looks really powerful. It's strong. Okay, so looks good on her. I can't do it with her. So she's mouse and it looked great. Her smile looks great, so and it's a holiday picture. So sometimes based on the theme of the picture, you smart but Gates. I've never wide open. Here's an example. Lips closed, eyes wide open. Bad expression. Okay, I like the neck. How it looks here, the hair, everything else. The lighting, the background, but the expression. And never used this picture from our portfolio because I don't really like the expression. The ice wide open and the lips closed dared this right there. Mouth open, gays. It looks very, very nice. There it is again. Mouth slightly open. Gays looks awesome. There it is wrong. Okay, in here, with the eyes more open, there's a lack of gays and lips close. This is not a good expression that I like. That I think looks good. So here is the opposite. See, there you can see here Gays in the ice lips slightly open. Looks better here. Gays left slightly open. Gays lips slightly open, gays and lips open with a sly smile. Awesome lips slightly open on a smile here because of the mood of the picture. Still have the gays smile, Dress? Um, mouth open. Looks awesome here. Her biting her tongue. It looks really awesome in this picture. I just really like this smile. You just resort to that sometimes when you can't get it. Smile. It is not bad. It's just would have been better if you could do the other expression. But in here, um, you can't do it. You just go to the US lips slightly open the gates, this one, that one of the best that gays and those lips. Supermodel expression. Right there. Okay, so this is a bast example. I have for the expression you want as a model, the lips slightly open the gays. She has the perfect model face right there. Even though the lips are good, the eyes are more open than I want. It's not really gaze where the eyes are like, slightly squinting. Um, so with the expressions not right for me. There it iss. That looks good. Um, but her looking like this and then the I with, uh, be too close to the edge like that looks a little weird. That's dealing. Thing is weird with this is the I being all the way out over here. If her her lips being close here is not as powerful, it's not bad. Like this picture to most awesome picture their lips were slightly open. Would have been get if her lips close warn, making that slight smile on her. I weren't I good. This would been a bad expression. They get most of it right. It's okay. It's just that great. There is a really good one expression with the eyes, the mouth slightly open. She did it to most likely open gates Could have been a little stronger, but it was still really good for someone who had never done a photo shoot. Not really a model just did it kiss? Um, she let us borrow this background and a letter b in the photo shoot, and she killed it there it iss live slightly open gays. Gays could have been a little better. Gays smile cause she can't do the other, uh, expression. But it's a kind of like a happy picture. And the smile goes with it like sometimes a smile goes with the picture. So you do that my slightly open the gays mouth slightly open in the gays, which means it wasn't that strong. Like when she does it is not as good, at least in the special. And, uh, that's all I got for you guys with the expression. I wish it could have been more detailed better, but it's a simple is that mouth slightly open? Gays Look in the mirror practice. Take some pictures. Look at it. You'll see it. Look at pictures and you'll see how that's how you get that awesome expression. Um, eyebrows relaxed and smile if you have to. And if you have to close your lips, take a serious picture like sly smile so it doesn't look like you're mad is what I'm trying to say. That's it for the expression. 31. 31 Where to Face: Now we're gonna move on to where to face and where to look. So did go together and, um is important because a lot of times models will only look at the camera the whole time. And I've noticed that some pictures look better when the motto looks away. So I don't know, a dirt or half of my pictures, the models looking away. So the question is, where do they face? And when you make that decision to face away Okay. So in this picture here, she's walking away. She could look straight, but the light is coming from over there. So she looks over there. She could look in that direction. She could look away, She could look at the camera. But looking at the camera when you're like, kind of walking doesn't make any sense. So if you're like walking, then it makes sense to look away. Look at somebody's looking at you. Or look straight. If the light was in front of you, you look straight of the lights coming from over there. You look over there. The goal is to always face where the light source this. Okay, The life source in front of me you face this where the light sources this weight you face this way you could face straight. You can't face away so you could face out. Almost at this angle, you can't face away because then you have a shadow. Okay, I want to be facing towards the main light source. You know what? The main light sources as a model. Ask your photographer. Look, for the son of you used in natural light Um, if you have even flat light, then you can face anywhere. And that is if you're shooting with natural light and it's cloudy day and there's even light everywhere you face wherever you want, okay, facing towards the direction of the life source facing towards the direction of the light source. Um, and this is because, um, this is kind of like a scene of them hanging out. And instead of making a look to Posey, you look away here. Um, you are facing away even though you're looking at the camera you're facing awake because your whole body is facing that direction Makes sense. A of your whole body is like facing over here. Do not turn your head. Sometimes it looks better to face with it. That and then just look so same thing here, the faces slightly towards the direction of where the body is facing. That's natural. So to make it look more natural, you face it slightly in the direction. Here, though, she's facing opposite over the bodies, facing uh, basically here. The goal is to face. She faced her body away from the light and says the main light is coming from over there. She has to face that way. She couldn't face towards the other direction because of the light. Um, she's kind of trying to face me. Face that direction. She's fine. That's where the latest here is almost the same thing as this. Your body is facing that way. She's facing this way because of the light. And here's the lights over there. So she faces over there. Here's the lights over there she faces over there, here, Um, she's facing slightly and then looking straight up, Um, that's just the wrong way. She would have looked stronger. She would have faced hired and face towards me. Here she is facing towards the light. Um, while her body is looking this way, this is creating this shape, um, her shoulders pointing that direction. So looks good to face that direction. Even though the bodies facing over here, uh, also stretches out her neck if you face it that way than if you face is this way stretching out her neck, facing that way. Now, this was wrong when it came to the like, the main light with kind of like in the other direction, so that you have his weird shadow right here in the face. And this is actually not even the main light. This is the room light the light behind her. This is the main like she should have been facing, uh, that way, what worked here? Was that her neck waas, um stretched out and in photo shop, I made the shadow. Now look a strong. The shadow was very apparent. There. Here. The main light was coming from over there. She was looking in that direction. Uh, here, um, there was a main light here, even though you can't really tell. Looks like it's natural light. Um, this little dot there and they're shows that there was a light coming from over there, so she faced the light she faced the light sores. Face the light source. Check this out. It's still didn't answer. Should be facing the life source all the time. Or Chevy facing the camera kind off you do boat. And what I mean by that is this When you're posing a lot of times they're both almost the same and you just pick one and then you actually almost take both pictures. You hold it like this, and then you pose like this. Do you think this picture? And then you take this picture and they're both fine and you have both pictures and you look at both of them and then you just pick one, because for some reason, like, oh, maybe my neck looked a little better. This one made my faith look a little brighter. And this one. So, um, there's no, like once better than the other. They're both almost equal. So you do both in the picture you pose and then you look at the camera and then you look away and at towards the light. You try both. See what comes out better. That's my quest. Looking away. Looking away here would have looked weird. Wouldn't look. That's good if she was looking at the camera because we do a full body full escape. It's like a beach goddess. And it would have looked, um I would have killed from the mood if you will look towards the camera here if you're leaning. And I think on Lee, if you're leaning up against a wall and you're taking the picture from the site, can they look completely on the site like this? Okay, this is the only case I found where you can look completely on the site and that is and they're leaning up against a wall like that. There's another scenario where a farm we're looking straight to the side looks good. Okay, So looking towards the light source there, looking towards the light source there, almost completely on the side because she's leaning back so she could do that almost looking completed, decided because she's leaning back. And she could do that. Um, looking towards the light, she could have looked towards me, but this one looks better. And, um, that's it. So where do you face your face towards the light? You could only face straight on if you're to the site of Europe against the Wall you try both to see which one looks better. There is no rule. Which one is the better way to go? Certain things you're gonna get from each one. So try both and that's it. 32. 32 Where to Look: now Quickly. Where to? Look. Um, you look at the camera. You look across. No, the light source could be up here. You don't look sure that late. Um, sometimes a life it class like this big, like whiteness on the eyes, which looks back through You look across. Okay, so the lights appear, you look across it underneath it. That's five. OK, but in the direction of where the latest, um Actually in the direction of where you're facing, you're facing towards the likes of you looking in that direction you're facing straight, you don't look away. That would be weird. You only look away. You're facing that direction. Okay? You're facing away. You can look at the camp and is one of those things. Like where to face. You look at the camera. You look away, see what's better. You Onley looked down If it's not about your face and you're trying to show the rest of the picture. Okay, so here it's not about the face here. It's about everything that's going out. So she looks down here she is looking away, and she's looking in that direction, but not at the main light, which would have been. Moreover, there is. She's looking straight out. She's fine. Here she is, looking at me while looking away. That is fine to do. But like we said before, she has to gaze a little. They're both looking in direction of where they're facing looking across, facing away for looking at me, facing away, looking that way, facing away. Look in that direction, facing way. Look in that direction, facing away looking at me, but almost looks like she's looking past me in the other direction, which is Bath. It was apparent that she is looking at me. That's good. Or she could have looked in the direction of where she was facing, looking down to show the body, and that the tattoo is there, looking away, looking away, looking away, where they're facing, where they're facing, where they're facing, where they're facing or they're facing where they're facing. And that's it. Very simple. Where to look? Not much to it, Really. Okay, so that's it when it comes to your head, where to face, where to look, your hair and your expression 33. 33 Laying Down Poses: Okay, so now we're gonna be talking about laying down poses and these examples, I'm gonna show you a full picture off the pose laying down, and I'm going to describe it so you can see some examples so you can go ahead and start doing in your photo shoots. Okay, In this first picture, I have, um this model laying in the bathtub with both her arms up now and tilting over the tilt is basically to create some curve and make the picture look more interesting. Um, you could do this a lot when you're laying down, if you're the pictures being taken from above and curbing your body if you have a tight shot is very important, because when the picture is straight on and looks boring, you usually use your legs and other parts of your body to create some curbs. But if being cropped out, curving your body like this really helps make the picture look more interesting and give you some curve curves look really nice and pictures I have two hands. Even though they're both on the hair, they're both facing in different directions, so they're not the same. Uh, I have one uh, facing this way and one facing the other way. So that makes the post better than if they were both equal facing the same direction. And, you know, neck up ended the expression. So the expression in shots like this close ups are what makes the picture. Stephen, if her arm would have been off a little or she wasn't curving. If you have a good expression, the picture looks the best. So giving something to do with the hands, there's no legs here. But give it something to do both hands is was important. Now I want over the next one. This was a very, very, very strong pose. Basically, my focus is a few things when when I'm putting together this post first, I want to make sure that everything that I want that matters is in frame. So I have both arms in the frame, um, phase up to most of the hair, um, the body and then some of the leg, and I can crop out the rest of the leg in the foot because that doesn't really matter. Um, main thing is, um, make sure that our arms are look good and her hands look good and they're doing something so once in the hair because that would go to when you have a tight shot like this and you don't have anything to play with her. Alfa doesn't allow anything to grab onto the other one just lays out because, um, you are laying down. You can't just leave it laying down if the arm is it with hand a soft like this. Okay, We talked about hands earlier. You don't want them to look like you're clawing or you have a fist, something relaxed like this. Now, the next thing iss arching the back posture we talked about posture. This is the posture we're looking for. And we want this arch here so that the back looks like there's this nice shape here. So when you're doing this pose and you're shooting in this angle, you have to really, really, really emphasize this back in this arch, you make them us a model or years a photographer and make sure that the model is really, really arching their back in this in a very, very uncomfortable way. But it looks good in the picture. So we have this arch here That was a very important. The angle is very important, but that's a whole another topic. But we have the arch here. Um, and the leg is up right now. If the other leg was up, you don't get this nice curve around here. That looks really nice. So this, like it's up to show this curve. And, um, you might not notice or think about this when taking the picture. But one way is lift one leg up, see how it looks. Lift the other leg up, Whichever one looks better. If you see a curve like this down here, then you have a good picture. And then the expression the gays and, ah, lips slightly open. Ah, the hairs are being pushed down. It's being pushed out. So it creates a little bit of volume in the hair. And overall, we have an amazing posey. Er, um, you know, hair is and down hiding the shoulder. Any part of the body, it looks really good. Now we move on to this. Um, this is like side laying down. Um, this is big. Especially with, like dresses. Um, you lay down on the side, um, laying down on the side like on the sand are with the view in the background. It's very popular, Done this a lot. So we're laying down. My goal is, you know, make sure that both lives are shown with the arms. So both arms have really shown here. Ah, lot of people do this and hide their arm and have just a hand sticking. Now you want the arm to show, um, you you pull yourself up. There's so many people that I've seen Do this lay down post where the models laying down straight on the floor And it doesn't look It's good because you want to lift her up so that camera captures her an increase this curve here. So you lift her up, you can lift her up by the elbow, or you can left there up full up and her hands touching, and she's pushing herself straight off. Now the other thing is, you put the arm over here or you put the arm on the hair or are pulling on the dress so pulling on the dress, resting over the side or up in the hair. This one just relaxes here. Make sure that no hair is falling over from this side, Her left side looking at it right side and down over the chest. The chest is always exposed. There's no hair on it. If this hair, it falls over that it doesn't cover this shoulder. And one leg is usually up or over. You can't really see it in this dress. I'm not gonna talk about it. Here is another later impose. Where? Because you can't really see the body and the arch doesn't really matter. Here we have both hands in the picture. That's very important. Almost anywhere else. We put their hands. You would not get them in the picture, so I put him here. This hand could be a little bit more relaxed. It looks almost like she's making a fist. Um, one leg straight out and then the other one up is better than both of these together. Okay, Um and then, yeah, you just put both hands and frame one leg stretched, stretched out the other one over and pushed in. And, uh, maybe like, I would have done the right leg straight, the left leg up and then the legs going and to the right. So that will create a curve over here. Uh, here, Um, Misha, book arms are in the frame. I pushed this leg up and out and I can see this curve back here, so it's curving. The whole body is pushing over this way on, and then the legs go down the other way. So it goes out. So the but goes out this way, and then this shoulder and upper body goes over to the that direction, and then we have the arm up over here. Um, so just making sure that you're creating some sort of curve when you're laying down, it's important. We're going left then right? And then the arms out to the left and she's looking to the left. That creates a nice curb. Um, with this, we have even though, um, if there's something behind her, like a wall or something, you're putting the legs up against the wall in your laying down. You lift the legs up, it looks very interesting. And then you frame it in a way where you can see the full legs, or even if it's cropped, the left being up. It's interesting putting one leg in front of the other like you're crossing it. But with the knee up is interesting. It creates is nice curve right here. You see, this shape right here is very, very important. If you get the shape here, it looks really good. Um, hand positions. If she would arrested it over, she would have blocked this. Uh, she's on your almost stuck with this head. Maybe maybe could have rested it straight out towards this knee. Um, but another places a lot of, um, another way toe place your hand this in your shoulder so she rest her arm in the shoulder Is not your go to is usually done better on the side. So you're not creating this, like muscle here, but at least her hands doing something. And then the other hand on the hair expression neck ups of the chin ups of the next exposed . So this post looks good. And then this is another example of laying down instead of the elbow is a hand. She's pretty short. So elbow would have really pushed her down. Uh, she pushes her up. It creates is nice. Curve here is straight. And then out over, um, lifting. Putting this like forward creates a curve over here. Even though we have this, um, dress that we created covering the curve, it still makes a compose good. If you lift the leg forward like this to create a curve over here, um, and then we have the expression they hand over or the hand of the hair and then arm showing . So there you have it. There's not that many great poses for laying down at least that. I know off laying down. It's time I go to. I try to avoid laying down poses unless it's on the side, which is very simple to do. But laying down straight down with the picture straight up is kind of hard to do. But, uh, if you get the expression right, the arms in the frame up, down, um, on the site was a little curve shoulder over simple things like that while laying down, you'll have a nice expression. Um, tilts look good. The gasp neck up hair spread out or be like up, but not down. If it is down, is not covering the chest. Little tips like that make sure that it's curved instead of a straight picture. Your curving your body over this looks better. Um, and things like that will make your lane. Ampoule was very interesting. Okay, Thank you. Now we're gonna move on to the next word. 34. 34 Leaning poses: Okay, So now we're gonna be talking about leaning poses. Those air supposes that involve the model leaning up against something. It could be a walk. The offense. It could be anything that she leans up against. Your not standing straight. You're using whatever you're leaning on, Assad. Part of the picture is part of the pose. So I'm going to show you some examples and my thought behind posing models this way. So right here where this bridge and I had her lean over here When leaning over, I have the opportunity to put one hand on the ledge and one foot over on the ledges. Well, so this allows me to pick up the leg here and grab on here. Um, she lays, tilts her, had over and drops her hair down, which makes it look really good. Exposing this shoulder this shoulders up the shoulders out. Same with as hands. You can put one shoulder up on one shoulder down Makes look interesting. You creating a curve here. It all starts with this leg right here. So this leg is in front of the other. It starts to curve here it goes over out to the hip and then out to this shoulder here and then ends with her face in that direction. So you're creating this s here or this snake shape that makes oppose look very interesting . Okay, so to repeat, we start over here cause there's legs forward down here, left side. Then we go to the right side of the Frank because of the knee, all the way out to the hip. That to the left side of the frame with the shoulder up and then to the right side with her face tilting that direction. Which means if you would attempted the left side to the other side, it wouldn't have look as good if you would have pushed her hip in somehow, it wouldn't have looked this good. And if this knee would have gone in with this shoulder going out this way, I mean, with this hip going out this way wouldn't have looked this good. So this curve here is very important. Now, one leg straight. This one does not doing much. Doesn't matter. Um, one me up, hip out, um, and then shoulder up, shoulder down. Tilt handover. This hand can be here. Even those not doing anything Maybe she could have grabbed this dress and pulled it over. But this dress is kind of short, so holding on to this particular dress is not that good. Um, and then But you can rest it over as long as your hands relax. You seeing the arm, and it doesn't block from this curve here. It didn't really block the curve, so it looks good. And then we have the expression the neck exposed. So this poses perfect. This one again? Um, this little packed way up here, same as before. Opportunity toe, uh, grab onto this and put her leg up. Now we're doing this again, but says Disney is behind the curb. Really starts down here because it's likes in front. So this is almost, like is pointing to the left side the left side of the frame here cause this was forward. She's not standing with her foot over here and being a straight body. Her foot is forward and she's leaning back and pushing her hip out this way because you want to create this curve. So we start on the left side, go to the right side of the frame with this hip to the left side of the frame with the arm and then still end with the hat tilted to the right. The left, right, left, right, chest being forward. So you can almost stop here and then look out over here. Um, so hand under hair. And here pull Tanzer doing something foot down here. The other foot, one foot stop. One foot down, hip out. Posture back. Chin up a little so you can see some of the neck. Um, this shoulder exposed would have been better. And the expression. So that's another really great polls right here. Here, um, is another way you can One way you can lean up against the wall with the elbow, which naturally puts your hand behind your hair or on top of your head. Um, so this is one way to lead It pushes your body over this way. And if you're pushing your body over to the left, you're creating a gap here behind the wall so that it is not straight on. Um, she's actually leaning naturally. When you tell somebody to lean like this, they're gonna put themselves closer to the one just put their arm up your telling them go further away from the wall and then fall and lean over the wall. Um, and then you're going diagonally. Your body even better. Would have been her hip without more to her left. Her body doesn't really allow much of Littles curves. She's kind of short the legs you lift one up on one way to do that for her and this post waas crossing the legs over like this, Her legs up over here looks interesting. If her leg was longer and she could have lifted up more and pushed over a little bit more, it would have looked a little better. This hand could have grabbed onto the jacket or this skirt. Um, but laying down like this is not the end of the world is still okay. Posts. Um, expression could have been a little better. Uh, chin up a little. Here is another awesome pose that I love, um, that I put together leaning up against the wall with the hand on the wall like this. Um, you don't really want to do when your have your hand on the wall on his hand to be straight . You want it to be bent like this if she's sitting down, that's a different story in her hands down. But when she's up against a wall like this, I always bend my arm right. So she's not far enough from the wall where the hand arm is straight. The arm is bent like this, the other hand on the hair cause there's nothing else to grab onto. One leg up, one leg down. And she's grabbing onto the hair. Um, and pulling it up like this is very interesting. Kind of goes with the theme of like, putting your hair up for the beach so doesn't get what or something. I don't know. Uh, chin up. So exposing the neck, the expressions just right. You could see it in the mountain. You have this curve right here by lifting this leg up. Okay, so this leg up and over creates is nice Curve over here. So again, here we started, left side with this foot. We go, the rice. I were the hips out, and then we go to the left side where the arms out. Maybe Maybe this elbow could have been a little bit further. Do you see the shape it goes? And the elbow right around here, but it is fine. It is looking a little straight up, but, um, just the fact that her arms are doing something, her legs are doing something. You have this curve here. Um, it looks really good. So this poses really great post. Um, in this picture here, we're leaning up against a pool table. I told her, Put your hand on the pool table somewhere. Um, so the arm is straight. She couldn't really put it all the way down here, so she puts it up here. Her hands are relaxed, which looked really nice. We grab onto a pool stick. She could have grabbed up to her hair here, but since pull sticks are nice proper, we could use she grabbed onto that Her arms, her legs lifted, even though is not resting on anything. It just looks better to lift the leg up like this. Lifting up the leg closest to the camera created this nice curve over here. Then you can see and in the hips out so hip out. And this curve here looks really nice. So because it is the closest one to the camera, we start this curve here from the left side to the right side with the need to the left side with the hip to the right side, with the body, the body is going moving forward. Who is pushing you to the right side of the frame and then the tilting the head pushing you back to the left. So you're creating this nice curve year. You want to look out for this curve? The arms aren't really pushing, are helping the curve. It doesn't really matter. It's all about right now, the body here and, um there you go here, You leaning over. Like I said, um, with the hand or the elbow of your using the elbow like this and the hand goes on the hair . On the other hand, um, could of the best place to put it on was pulling the dress by pulling the dress it makes. It creates the illusion that you're helping the leg be exposed. This leg was not positioned Well, it would have looked better. This knee would have gone out this way. The reason is because of this name was out over here. Then we have this curve that goes like this to the knee to the left to the right. Um, so stuff like that, it's stuff you think about. Um, Also, if you have a slid on the dress, um, it's good to expose the leg where the slit its act and then push the leg out so that you can see that leg here. We're leaning over. Relaxing. This hand would have been better. You lean by bending your leg bending your arm if this would have been bent all the way up here than it would have gone on the hair. But you could also lean by bending the elbow down and then using the other arm off for the hair. Especially with a closer like this, I wouldn't have anywhere to put this hand. So pushing this hand down and then this one up may dispose better. This stuff I think about so the hip goes out this way, goes left to this arm and right to this elbow. So you has a nice curve here, Um, here, by leaning, um, I had the opportunity to place the arm right in this spot here. I think I even pushed this forward. This box here so she can rest her arm here on the other arm goes up, so one arm up, one arm down, um, on one leg up. Okay, so we don't have much of a curve going on here, but we are pushing this forward hip out over here back. And then if this arm would have got more forward, we would have gone left and then Right. Um, here. Same thing. Arm down if her hand would have gotten in the hair. Um, that could have been a slightly better position than this arm resting here so we could see more of the curve here it is. Fine of the armistice would have gotten straight down. Um, if it would have not hidden that back. Also, this hand could have grabbed onto the hell if she could have reached or on the hair. So sometimes when you don't know where to place that, a lot of people place it right on their side like this. But there is better places to place your hand when I go blonde, like down one, arms up to the other. Um, the shoulders exposed hair forward here back. Um, so yep. Besides, this arm placement deposes really nice. Um, when leaning back on the wall and your back is gonna touch the ball. A few things are very crucial. One is posture. So the chess is up. Shoulders are back. Is pushing your chest forward. You have good posture than the shoulders forward. The next thing is hand placement right here we're using to props for her to hold on to. Fine. She's doing something with her arms. That's good. And if you're doing full body and you're doing this post like this, I'm pushing this forward all the way up to one foot and then the other foot is bent over and up. I normally lift this one higher. Maybe the foot goes up against the wall. But, um, I think with her long legs, it wasn't gonna work. So this is the closest thing to lifting a leg up that we could do. Um, so there we go lifting. Um, you can lean here now, if you're doing it like this, it would have been a little bit better if she would have been further from the wall. So these arms aren't smushed together like this, Okay. And then, even though she's grabbing on to this perfectly because is in the same line as the same height as the other arm. She could have done something different with one arm, so the picture would have been better. So, for example, she could have put this arm straight down and just lean up against a wall with her shoulder and it would have been one arm down, one arm up, and this would have looked nice. She could put this elbow up here and on the hair. So one elbows up in one elbows down. Regardless, she did do this spot, this arm correctly. It looks really nice is grabbing onto something. Um, neck looks really nice. Shoulders a chance up, legs up, hips out. So we're on this left side, over to this right side, over to the left side and then tilting her head over to the right side. So we are. We do have a nice curb going on here. Like I said, when I'm leaning up against a wall on the side like this, I'm always pushing. The model is far away from the wall with her leg and causing her body to curve over towards the walk. Same thing. Foot as far away from the wall and letting her fall into the wall. This is what I meant by putting resting by your shoulder and arm down so you can rest by your shoulder so you can rest by your shoulder on the wall. You can rest by your arm like this. You can rest with your arm like this, but not straight. Um, and then you can rest here or here. Um, so those are the positions that you're doing, site pictures on the wall. Okay. And then you have, ah, the foot out as far. And then this other arm would have been better on the hair. But because we have this black and white and the mood we're going for, it's not very flashy. If it were a flashier, opposed more fashion, um, like, I I'm used to this hand would have been on the hair with the elbow out on this direction. So we're going left, right, and then left to the other elbow and then says we're going left. If this foot was in front of this one, um, we would have gone to the right again, so this knee would have gone over this foot, and then the foot would have gone over to this side. So we have the shape here off the leg. So our foot starts here, her knee ends here, and then we go out this direction all the way up to the shoulder. Then over here to the elbow. We're creating the curve, but, um, yes. So there is that. Okay. Resting with the elbow goes to the hair, um, hand on her side again. Um, there's not much of a curve here that she's really blocking, so that's fine. Her hand looks really nice and relaxed. Here. It goes with this whole, like, um, barely wearing anything I need to cover up. So it goes with this based on the outfit in the look, um, ham position might look better and certain pictures of the other. Um, I guess I normally don't put the arm out on the side like this, but in here, it doesn't look that bad. Um, one leg, one leg. Lift it up and over. And yeah, that said the shoulders exposed the hairs forward on this side and back on the other. Here's another pose up against a wall on this one. I had both hands on the wall because with the tight dress and, um, positions for the arm was tough for me. So it will see me. But in this arm here, in this arm here, one arcs up, one arms down. That is, um, looks good, too. If you would have put her arm a like this, it wouldn't have looked as interesting to me because it looks more like the typical pose with their arms up in the arms on the shoulder that I don't really like I try to avoid. She has that jacket. She would have done this. And this over then we would have happened is that the elbow would have blocked a lot of her , her chest and in the front of her, um, her on the side like this with it didn't work. We tried several different polls. I remember for this. This one came on really nice. So you can try this. Grab on with both hands. I just put the jacket here. You could do this without the jacket. It just happened to look like Oh, she's just holding onto the jacket. Um, now you've seen on the other examples. When you put the elbow out here, the hand goes behind the hair. I said that you could put it over if, like, the arms air long enough and they reach if it's over with her. I've had her, like play with her hair and grab it and pull her hair. So when the hair fell over, you're looking at the hair and it looks interesting. So it's not just over and relaxing. It looks a little better if you're grabbing some of the hair, adding while even making the hair look interesting. So we have that up here going on. Hey, about this way and because we're leaning the body over to this direction and we need the leg up. This leg up is here. Um, even though this legs in front of the camera, the curve starts here because there's more light on this. So this leg seems like is more prominent on this picture. So we're down here, up on the side, to the right, forward with this arm and then out ending where, though, had its she could have tilted the head over a little, but maybe wouldn't have worked with, like so she could have tilted this way. But it may be no would have worked with the hand here, so she has to be straight. Besides, that is a perfect pulled. I love this. Um, this is a the example example showed earlier leaning up against the wall where the posture would have been better if it was back. What makes this picture really good is the hand. This hand here looks beautiful, and it's just resting home in the air. It creates the illusion that she's touching her faith, but and here she's actually just resting it in the air chin ups of the next expose. A little this hair could have been back and look better. Um, and then it's all about that face expression. So you're doing this. That's a really nice pose up against the wall that I like. If if a model can pull it off. So here's another leaning up picture, Um, this time, like like before we have both hands on the wall. If you do that, you still don't forget to lift this up. So you give yourself enough space to lift the leg up. Um, she could lift either leg up based on which one looks better. This but yeah, we have the leg lift here. The arm here, the other arm on the wall here because there's nothing else she could have done with this arm if it weren't just touching the wall. So with the outfit that she's wearing with everything going on in this pose, in the angle can rested on the shoulder forward, she can arrested back, can't rested on the side issue, puts the laying down. It would affect the curve. Um, she can't put it in her hair. When you're like this forward, you can't put in your hair cause you already doing that with this hand. And it looked weird to do this. So putting, resting it on on the wall is the Onley choice you have left to do. This is one of those, like put your arm somewhere. Those look around, Look around. Okay, right here. Once up, once down. So that's important. But merely posing comes out to this A lot of times you question yourself, where can I put my arm? So you look around the person and go OK? Hair, shoulder side, um, outfit that she's wearing a prop the wall, the floor where, and you pick the best buffered so this went up. And, um, that's how we came up with this post hand resting on the wall while her hair is up and heard leaning back in her, resting her foot up. So foot up for foot down, arm up, Arm down. Um, here, back here. Forward. Chin up. Would have made this a lot better. The problem I'm having with this picture is the chin down. Okay, Not many places for this arms that we arrested here on the wall. Uh, not close to her. So you this curve is not being hidden. Wasn't lit well here, So that's besides the point. But that's basically at this post. Came to be. This is the same one as the one before, But better that we have the posture where she's leaning over, and she has her hand up. So our hands up, almost as if she's blowing her nails. Um, just to give the arm of something to do without grabbing on to anything the other arms relaxed out here far enough so that it doesn't touch the body doesn't block this gap here. Um, the jacket was positioned in a way that makes her, uh her stomach looks smaller. Her side looked really small because we're closing this off, so it creates a nice, makes her look smaller. We left in this leg up. Even though you can't tell, she would have lifted up a little bit more. We would have had more of a curve down here. Um, you could try chin up if gender than up doesn't work. Chin straight on, but never down. And the hair is not in the way. This is in the way a little here, So this hair back a little would have been better. So that's it for your leading poses. I hope you guys learn a lot from watching these examples on things to think about when you're leaning different ways that you can lean up against the wall with the shoulder. Um, you could put your arm on different things or on the wall. You still lift up the leg is important postures and important. Um and yeah. So things like that when leaning up against the wall 35. 35 Sitting Down Poses: So now we're gonna be talking about sitting down poses. I'm gonna show you a bunch of examples so you can see what my thought process was behind these poses. So you guys can learn a little bit about full body sitting down poses. Okay, We're gonna start with this one. There's one of my recent shoots. Um, basically, just want to get the pose right? Was part of my lighting course to, but basically, when it comes to this pose, main things air this. Make sure that the arm is straight down and back. We give the arm of play a placement, something to do one arm up, one arm down. So this is straight on here. It pushes her body forward. So watch me. Pushes your body forward by me straight. If it's bent, it doesn't. So you want the chest and the body to be forward and pushed forward by the back arm. So the back arm pushed the body forward trying to create the best posture we can create one leg up, one like down. So we stretch one leg out and we put one foot back and won me up on the other arm up grabbing onto the hair. Um, and then the hair out of the way from the chest. One here for one hair back. If this was a little bit over and they, um, shoulder wasn't hidden, it would have been a little better. Besides that, this is a great pose. The expression could have been love it. Okay, um, here we have two sitting models. Um, and but the posing rules are applied the same two x, both of them. OK, so what? Foot up, one foot down. If you're leaning up against the wall, then both arms go forward. And, uh, one of my main things when I have the need up like that is to rest your arms straight on the knee or bent on the knee. Okay. That knee that's close to you when you're setting like this gives you a position to place your arm somewhere. Okay? So you could do like this straight on the knee or side like this on the knee. Okay. So here we have her elbow touching the knee and then on the hair and then the other one, instead of doing the exact same thing. I'm trying to do something slightly different with each one ISS side on the knee and resting her arm forward like that. She had a necklace which gave me a perfect opportunity for her to do something with her hands. So she put her hand on her necklace like that and pulled it. The other one just rested it on the foot. She could have maybe grabbed onto the jacket. Okay. Just to give the handsome and do what she's not going to do is hide her arm behind her body and just rested on the floor away from the camera. So you can't see it. You don't want to hide anything. You don't want to hide limbs. So putting it right there, um, it's just fine is not an amazing post, but it is not a bad pose, which is what matters here. She's sitting one foot forward, would foot back. Um, I normally do one arm up, one arm down. But, um, this worked just fine as well. Um, she rested her hand here and rested her hand back. Um, I normally have the arms straight it spent here, but you can really tell that is bent. We're chest is forward, has amazing posture nice curve around here. The are the leg is up and forward is helping. This curve, which is important, were left, right, left admin. Maybe she could have tell to back a little, but besides that, this post looks really nice. This is one of the poses that kind of go against everything I'm teaching, imposing. But there's certain things that were limited with with her outfit, which is what causes posed and you're gonna have to play with, and it's gonna happen to you. So some a lot of times the outfit that the model has affects the pose. You can't do this with a tight dress. You can do this with a long dress. You can't do this with your full body exposing. You have just a bikini on because there are things don't look good. So in this picture here because of the long dress and, uh, this opening here, um, we can't stretch her leg out and left the Neil. It just wasn't gonna work. This is what I normally do one leg down, one like forward, one like up one like that. So instead, we expose the leg, um, and had her just sit with her legs close together like that. Like she might normally do. Um, it is raining. Everything is wet. We're tryingto have or not Grab onto this chair. So she's not sitting back and, um, resting her arm back. So she's not sitting like this and arrested back in hand on the hair like that. Um, we we have both knees available for her to rest her arms into, um, one is down. One is up, which is important. Still for me if I could do that. So that one this up is touching her face and her hair is down. Um, we have the shoulder exposed. This shoulder could have been back a little more. So is we have better posture. We have the curve here, which looks good. And yes. So sometimes you're limited by the outfits and the situation. You still make the best of a So this is what we came up with. Maybe maybe one of these two foots could have been back. So one doesn't hide the other. And once forward and once back now, with this post here, this is one of my favorite poses sitting down. She did everything right. Instead of just sitting normally on this chair. She's leaning back on the side and do It's really amazing, Like post. So her legs air up and out, but still like, curve like that. So looks very interesting. Um, you need something to do with both arms. So her right arm could be on her leg like that or on her hair, the other one just resting over on the side of the chair. So that looks just perfect. She has a nice expression here. Um, and yet over all this post came on really nice. You have a nice curve is on the side. It looks very interesting. This is my go to sitting pose. Basically, this describes everything I think about when sitting down is one leg straight out, one leg up, and then the arm resting over the leg does is up and in the other arm up somewhere. If you have a chair you could arrested like this on the chair. She could have pushed herself a little bit forward. So we go like this and then forward a little with her body. Um, no hair on the chest is on the side like this. Just perfect position. Right? here for the hair the next exposed. She turned her, lifted her head up. So the neck looks really nice along. So this is a nice, nice pose for sitting now, uh, sitting down like this, Um, you gonna, um So for this picture, where she's sitting down is very low to the ground, which caused a lot of the things in this picture to be the way they are versus how it normally do it. I normally have one leg stretched out and one knee up, but because she's so low to the ground, she can't really left a leg up without it looking weird with the short skirt. So this is high as you can lift the leg up. Um, and we put the arm over the knee and then because she's looking over this way, um, instead of this arm being over the knee, the other places, she can put her hand if resting on this space here or on her side. Now, this is pretty dirty, and, um, it was making her body, and I Look, it's interesting by laying it down. So we put it on her side and it came out really nice this shape here looks really interesting. Um ah. Her hair is back and forward, her shoulders exposed, and she has nice posture for So it looks really good with this post here. One arm back and straight and pushing her up and shoulders back. One leg up, one leg down. Um, I normally stretched this one out and left this one up, but, um, this looks alot more natural. And the idea with this post, I guess, is to be natural. This is more of a lifestyle posed in a fashion post. So what fashion. You push and make really strong poses. And with lifestyle, you make be as natural as they would be. So you don't push as much as you normally would with some things. So the elbow isn't as out and the leg is in us up. So, um, with this post, this gap isn't as big. And instead of her hand on her hair with the elbow up, we have hand on the hair with the elbow down, so it's more casual. And then a smile. Here we are again, Um, hand on the knee. Wonderful for one foot back the other one with the arms straight um, making sure we have good posture. So we have the nice curves, the arch on the back, and, uh, one here forward would hear back. We missed this strand of hair here. Bothers me a little. If this would have been back, we could see more of the neck, and it wouldn't have touched the shoulder here. Here. Um so here we have her sitting down, arms straight. The other one up. One leg would normally be straight. The other would been up, but because of this thing here, she couldn't really stretch it out. Um, and if you would have arched a little bit more, would have been a little better sitting here one foot up. What? Foot down. Um, now, the main thing here is this, um, a lot of times when they're doing the site polls, they turned their body. So you're sitting like this. They have the legs just right. They have the artist, right? And this is what I see allow with east side poses. Even though the legs in the body facing this way, it looks better for that back shoulder not to be hiding from the camera. So for you to turn your body, the top part of your body towards the camera. So you have the legs just right, And then you turn this over so this forward looks better than this back and naturally, models pose in the direction that they're facing. But if the cameras over here, you want the body forward towards the camera, this upper torso now doesn't have to be fully like straight on. It's just enough to you can see this shoulder. So when she's sitting here like this, um, her body's more towards that direction that shoulders hidden. I told her to turn this upper body towards me. So you see, this upper body turned more towards me, and I could see that shoulder just looks a little bit better if the chest is facing the camera, even though the rest of the body isn't, you do that with this with the shoulders, the chest is facing the camera. Even though the rest of the body isn't, it looks a little better than of the chess is on the site like that. If you do, the site poses like this when you're sitting, um, so right here again, she could have turned this over a little bit more. And even though she's on the side like this and she would have been a little bit over with the chest, it would have looked a little better than this chest on the side, like this one. Leg up, one leg down, one arm straight, one arm up. Chin up. So the next exposed. If this shoulder would have been had no hair on, it would have been better. You have this nice current, even though this foot is in the one that's up because she just has a nice curve here. Naturally, you see the arch on the back of your showing the back you have to art arches. And, um yeah, so you have the post just right here. Same as before with the same chair. Um, make the legs look interesting. One up, one down and here hand there. It's the same poses before this right here is another pose that I do do forward and and up . And her case, she has the gun. Okay, But if you're wearing jeans, pants, anything that like, isn't tight down there on and like showing too much legs, then I do legs forward and open and always covering the front with the arm. This air right here, if the legs are gonna be open, needs to be covered by something. So I placed the arm right there. If she campos comfortably with the arm like this, then you have to close your legs. That's, uh, Arias, But a lot of people miss it. They have their legs open in the camera. You I only do legs open if I'm gonna put the arm in the middle covering everything. So the arm is touching the chair right there and their legs are open. Um, her body was forward because of the the outfit to show the whole outfit at the bullets strapped here. Um, the other arm rests on the chair, and it's straight up, and the prop gives her something to put on. She could have put it on her hair. She didn't have a problem. Um, with shorts like this, I wouldn't have done the leg open. Um, leg ill stressed out one Like up. Um, I could put the arm on the knee or up like this on her hair or up would a prop the other one is straight on and in the back, and that's it when it comes to city. So one leg up, like down one arm up, one arm down the army straight when you're sitting. Um, chest. If you're on the side because you're resting your body on the side, you push the chest forward, um, towards the camera, make sure that the hair one hair forward, one hair back with shoulder exposed, um and yeah, hopefully you guys learned a little bit with the's examples on sitting Now imposes. Now we're gonna move on to the next part. 36. 36 Standing Poses: Okay, Now we're gonna be doing standing poses. This is one of the big ones that a lot of people want to learn because it's easy to pose when you're sitting when you're laying, um, sometimes. And when you're leaning up against something, it's really hard to pose with nothing around you to put your arms on or to lean up against . So hopefully these examples will help you guys out. Okay, So leg up, hip out. And because there's nothing to put their hands on both hands on the hair as long as their boat different. So instead of like this, like, this is how she is doing it like this. This, you know, their their separate. They're different from each other, Preferably one up. One down. Okay, um, here we have the arm up the arm on the hair, one leg up, hip out on the side. That's another great pose you can do. You could do this arm like this on the shoulder. You could do this arm like this on a jacket. Um, that you have, like, over your shoulder or a purse or a prop. Will some sort Uh, you I have my hand up here on the face. One arm on the side, hip out. Um, instead of the traditional like hand on the hair hand on the hip, I just had relaxed it like this. So we're not doing the traditional pose that we're trying to avoid. We're trying to do something more interesting than this, um, beginner pose. So we have this post here like that. This is opposed that I'm talking about. The only thing that made this different was what we did with hair, but the beginner posed What I call it is a hand on the hip and the hand on the hair like this legs up. We could have been higher, but with these small heels, it was tough to really left this leg up here instead of on the hip. We have it grabbing onto the shorts down here. Hands still on the hair. Um, chest is facing the camera. So we push this back and turn it over rather than on the side and the legs up here here By doing the leg straight, we need, um, we have a leg straight. We still push on to one side the weight that we have, the hip out on this site. What to do with the arms? Okay, So what? This post, we have the leg open like that. We have the hand on the hair, the hand on the prop here and the hip on this site. Very straightforward pose with this one. We have the hand on the prop here with the gun, and we have the legs open on the hand, grabbing the hair. With this, we have the legs cross, which was one of the ways you could put your legs. You can rest your arm down. If, um, if you're not really affecting the curve and you have the hand nicely like this when I'm putting the hand down like this, usually have the other hand up because one hand up, one hand down. This is a hand in the neck. I don't really do this much, but if the hair is out on this side and the hairs back on this side, you could do it like that as well. Um, this is me out doing, grabbing onto the hell with their hair up and the hand up like that. I don't usually do that pose, but I always thought it was interesting if you give your hand something to do by grabbing onto the hell, especially if you have nowhere else to put the hand. So, um, you could try that out. Grabbing onto the dress. If there is a dress and is long, that hand always goes on the dress and it always picks it up. Um, I want the long the dress exposed and showing your kind of showing off the dress, and it gives your hands something to do with the other hand up on the head and then the like left up here, the traditional posed with the hand up and their hand down instead of the hair hand over the hair. Its under the hair like this hip out knee open like this, the same poses before using the fact that I have this tire here to open the legs out, push the hip over and then the hand up hair forward and back, shoulder exposed, hand grabbing on to the shirt. Um, here, we're ever so slightly just to give the hand something to do, grabbing onto the jacket. If you're doing it over like I said, you could grab onto the jacket on the other hand over on the side like this and the hip out , hip out like, uh, hand over. This is one of the positions you can put your arm and hand on the jacket. Like I said, shoulder you jacket or grabbing onto the jacket or ejected does you're not wearing. Like we said, if you have the dress exposure grinding onto the dress, the dress here, you're showing the dress gives her hands something that do, um, the other hand on the hair, Um, and the leg up. She's not wearing any heels or anything. So she could really left that leg up. Um, one here forward one here back. So there's a really, really nice post instead of putting the hand on the hair like you normally, dude, raising it over like this. This is a perfect example of it, So you could see how racing the arm move like this. Looks like hand can go down if it doesn't block from this curve here instead of her, grab her not to. This may be able to just relax is straight down. One foot forward. One foot of one foot down is not really up, but it is slightly up here. The hand can go straight down. This is how I would have preferred it from the other picture. As long as away from the body is not blocking this curve. One foot forward. We have a nice curve here, um, one foot one arm up, grabbing not to the hair, making the hair fall down. And, yeah, this is a really, really nice post one hand up. There's something to grab onto their, um so it looks nice for the army to be up. The other one, even though it is up, is technically down Compared to this one, there's nothing else to grab Montez of. This is a get cheap. Just if you could put your hand up on something, lifting a leg up and that's it. Those of what I have for you guys for full body poses. Thank you guys so much for watching this court courts. Hopefully, you guys learned a lot from it. And yet, uh, this is gonna be great from photographers and models who want to learn. Um, I'm gonna be making YouTube videos on the topics of you guys. Check us out on youtube. Um, looking up in the media company. You can see more YouTube videos on this topic and thank you guys for joining this course. Look up for more courses that we're gonna be making for models and for photographers. OK, Seaga's.