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Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow Part 4! Male Posing

teacher avatar Sandy Dee, Sandyseyecatcher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. How To Create A Bigger Upper Body And Small Movements For Better Storytelling

    • 2. From Headshots To Portraits

    • 3. Posing With More Contrast And Music

    • 4. Sitting Positions And Narrow Lighting

    • 5. Fun With Props And Gels

    • 6. How To Relax Your Clients: Find A Wall

    • 7. Hats as Props

    • 8. Recap and Sitting Against The Wall

    • 9. How To Relax Your Clients: Chair Straddling

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About This Class

Welcome to our course Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! This is the 4th part of our 4 part series, covering all techniques of posing female models, couples and male models. The 'ultimate posing flow' courses are all shot in the studio to give you a hands-on feel to learning.

In our photo studio we have led over 50 photography workshops so far, specializing in creating conceptual photoshoots. And knowing how to pose a model or client is a big part of a successful shoot. I realized that most of my students were really savvy about photography techniques and new technology but started to freeze when they had to pose the model.

One of the most important skills that you will need to develop as a portrait photographer is being able to direct your subjects into the right pose. It will make your model or client feel natural, and your photography session will flow.

At the end of this course, you will know how to pose your clients and models for the most flattering pictures. If you watched my tutorial ‘posing like a pro’ or if you have already learned the foundations of posing for portrait photography,  this course takes those lessons even further by bringing you into my studio where you can watch how I put it all together into a real shoot to create the ‘posing flow’.

To give you a real life experience, I will show you how I work with a model versus a couple that never stood in front of the camera. None of the shoots are rehearsed with the exception that I briefed our model Rebecca to bring some different wardrobe items for variety. This means you will see realistic posing problems and questions that your client or model might have, and how I communicate with them to bring them into the right pose.

The entire tutorial is shot from my point of view, so you are more than just a fly on the wall - you see everything almost exactly as if you were behind the camera! Each time I take a shot, the image is overlaid so you can see the result straight away. There is no post production on them - they are ‘SOOC’ - straight out of camera with the exception that they are cropped in ACR. Sometimes I’ve also adjusted the white balance because different styles of image look best when they are warmer or cooler in tone.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to pose models and clients - females, males, and couples
  • Standing vs sitting poses, and tips for slimming bigger clients
  • How to quickly create different styles to offer more variety and enhanced sales: from headshots, beauty, dreamy, fashion, edgy, and more.
  • Getting creative with concepts such as my trademark ‘lying on the floor’ setup
  • How to modify your communication style for experienced models vs regular clients
  • How to create an amazing experience and have fun while still getting the shot

One point to keep in mind as I will be covering a lot of detail that may seem impossible to get right all the time: don’t worry about the perfect pose, because it’s hard even for “super-pros” to achieve a “100%” perfect result - and if in doubt it’s always ‘Emotions Over Posing”. However if you are interested in knowing why a client maybe didn’t buy certain images due to things they didn’t like about themselves then our tutorial will tell you all about how you can best flatter your client.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandy Dee



Sandy is originally from Germany and studied Photography in London, where she earned a Diploma in Professional Photography. Following her passion for creative conceptual portrait photography, she moved to San Jose, California where she runs stylized portrait workshops, and wrote the book 'Posing Like A Pro' which covers all aspects of posing for the contemporary photographer.

Sandy loves teaching and helping other artists to reach new levels in their technique and creativity! New In 2021: Sandy now also teaches paper crafting. No matter if you want to learn photography, portraiture, photoshop, creating backdrops on a budget, paper crafting, card making, mixed media....Sandy has a class for you. Happy Shooting and Happy Crafting!

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1. How To Create A Bigger Upper Body And Small Movements For Better Storytelling: So in the section we will talk about how to pose a major and model, and you saw already a few poses that we did with Jimmy. So you know already that I consider, as a male body more like V. So if we put our legs together once malls and you know, just toe demonstrate again that it looks more like this reposition even with Matt. So it's not just to me, it's most men. They're not really curvy, and therefore we want to enhance the upper body even more. And that's why we normally say Is the sea poses a good one? Because especially if you can have now if you relax your feet for a second, if you can have some men a little bit in a relaxed position, kindof like they're standing on a bar so that they really relaxed so normally there have been like the weight on one foot or the other doesn't really matter either ways what looks relaxed and then they also would come a little bit forward, and once more this would exact aerators. Upper body position. So to exactly rates is even for Raza. There's one really big difference between men and women. So for women, you really want toe makes the upper body or the whole body. Really? But with the upper body, you would create no shape in between the arm. So if you would do this now for me so yeah, that's how I would pose a woman. Not all the time, as we said, because you can walk around like this than it looks a little bit too robotic. However often times we would create shape here in the waistline. However, if that means that this creates is lemma shape off the upper body, then that would be really counterproductive for men because we said we want that the upper body, it's strong and muscly in the moment they creates this massive gap from the arms to the body. Then that wouldn't really work. Therefore, are the biggest difference between men and women Posing is that we don't have to speak gap here, but more off a slight gap. So they could, especially if you have pockets back here. Then you could just have your hands and here and just basically point the Arab owes more to the war and then immediately you still have some shape, but it's just a smaller gap and therefore the upper body looks bigger. The rest off supposes they are very similar toe female model. So, as we said, it normally looks a bit more manly. If the Mantis the head to the lower shoulder because that's more considered a merry pose. Because if met would lift now his shoulder and goes like, Oh, I'm survivable, thud, then that probably wouldn't really work. But the same would also be in the yeah, kind off and more storytelling or more body language approach. So if met with now, if you cross your arms and now you just look straight towards the camera now this can also look very distant because a lot off times in, like headshots or even in portraiture, we have says as a normal polls will be cross arms. However, if you just look straight with a camera that can just look like Oh, I don't want to have anything to do with you, just leave me alone. I don't even want to be here, so we have to soften the somehow and therefore I always still play with the ticket off the head, as we did with Jimmy. And as we said, it normally looks more attractive instead, off stating away from the camera, which is natural for most people, that just it away. But then they show a lot off flesh years who we say it normally looks better if that it a little bit towards the camera. But just make sure that then the whole body is in the way shifted. That this happens, that's us. Shorter is actually a little bit lower so that I can stated that they're still in this man . He position. But that's the whole look. It's no soft in so that it doesn't s Yeah, it shouldn't really say I don't want that. So it was a tit off the head and especially was assured us you can really change the whole story off this polls. The next thing is that we said that's the same with women and men. Really, this is probably the biggest thing was, yeah, that you don't create so much shape here and that you have to look a little bit off the story off the shoulders. But if we just look at the face, then there are a lot off similarities between man and woman. And one thing is that you never want to tell us ahead too far away that the nose starts to cut the sheikh because this makes any knows. Really? Yeah, unflattering, because it will look bigger. So be careful that either you Yeah, go completely profile that you don't even see the other side off the face. All that you just tooted if you just did back toe, what's the camera? That it's Dylan and anger that it doesn't break the cheek because this is obviously one off the biggest evaluations. When you meet a person, do they have a big nose? And you want to make sure that, you know, sometimes when the nose goes more like this than if you turn it this way and profile, it will look even bigger. And then it might be better if you don't even go in profile position. But you kind of stay front and other people, you know, then maybe it looks better than the in profile position, like if they have, like a box on north, so like then if the nose is really white, then it might be very flattering for them to be more in the profile position. So obviously, always make sure that the tailed off the head, and especially how far you go away with the head. If that still looks flattering for the facial features, the next thing is also, as we said, the moment when you just brings and nose too far around. And if I would be now in camera position like where you are and if I just say no, bring you guys back to me, then you start to see all this creepy I white. So it doesn't matter if it's man a woman. It will always look creepy when you just see a lot off my boy and no pupil anymore. And the next things off course that especially in man posing. We want to make sure that there's a really strong chicken jin. Oh, yeah, if you bring out this jaw line as much as possible, then that obviously, also as the whole part off the body language, it creates this kind of strong look, and that's especially important with men. And now, if you just hit the head again this way and really brings a strolling out, then immediately you have a really strong head shot. So that's all the yeah, typical thing for the face. The other thing is, now that's yeah. Come sometimes and say I think this man it's more important that comes more into place and with women, because most you can relax for a second. Obviously, most men not all if you're hippies and you might have long hair, but a lot off men obviously have short hair, and then you also have to be a little bit careful on how you light a person. So normally, as I said and head shots, you want that kind off, even light because especially if met would be Noah Bangka, and that would have just one light source and half off the face and shadow once more. It's about the storytelling, and then it just looks a little bit suspicious if the banker is in the shadows. So you want to create this even light. However, when possible, it makes sense that you don't really lit years. That's why I say that's more probably for men than for women, because most women they could maybe just cover it was here. And then it's not such a big problem or ever. If you have short hair or a guy with short hair. Then just be careful that you don't light the years too much because the skin off the ears is like releasing, and therefore they can appear red, so that's something to avoid a swell. 2. From Headshots To Portraits: all right. So from here we can also go through really some proposing flow. And let's start again with a normal head shot and then some portrait. And as we said with men, sometimes I mean, obviously it was the year you have to look a little bit after that. You don't like this too much or ever normally, the man skin that's really forgiving on the light source. So why it's this female portraiture? And I know this is not really about the lighting. It's about supposing, but that's the thing. It's important to know, because with females he obviously wanted most off the time really soft and flattering, but was guys, You can also have a bit more contrast. And if it's not a bank, a head shot, it even looks interesting if you have split lighting or they could also be brought lit. And you have a lot off variety in this way that you don't really have to be too careful about the light source because most off the time, actually is a more contrast e and different. The light looks, the more interesting the shot can be. So met just changed now into a short and then, yeah, let's just change a little bit so light source and see what we get. Yeah, just and relax, that is great. And first of all, I will shoot a little bit on I high it, so I have to raise myself a little bit. This is great, and from here, just lower your sure that on your front shoulder and just be really relaxed. And I just tilt your head towards that. OK, so this is, as we said, considered more Mendy. Just because the ticket off the head to the lower shorter just looks very relaxed from here . You can also just cross your arms and just keeps the same post, which means that's a front or the front shoulder that I see. It just laws itself a little bit and then once more just told you had a little bit perfect . This is great. And as he said, every time when you obviously have a problem with this kind off arms crossed, which can easily look a little bit yeah, defend defensive. Theun. The moments when you just half the world had position and it's often then immediately looks more approachable, So it would also just started shooting Lexus. Very nice. Okay, I just take one more because I don't think the flesh fire. It's this way. Yeah, Perfect. So just for a quick recap here, what we do with the light it's pretty similar what we had before the big soft box that still our key light and we meet us at nine. Because again, I think was headshots. He wanted the depths off here. It has everything in focus and that the second I the moment you turned the head doesn't get too soft. So it was f nine. This is pretty good. And they also have a little bit off feel like coming from the side. As we said, I don't want that in both eyes that there is a catch light I don't want that face gets to flat, but I want that it looks very even these bread and very soft so that we just produce a really soft headshot for the moment. And we will change this up in a bit. Okay, So from the body language once more the moment a shoot on eye level. This is obviously the typical kind of portrait. However I give were different Look, if I just crunched down so it shoots us now from the No. You still stay in the same position. But I just shoot from down below. And now I just pretend that Mattis is super important high tech CEO, and now I just make him as taut as possible. Very nice and lower. You had even more towards me because I don't really want to shoot up your nose. Perfect. Awesome. So obviously now is the role of my paper goes through the head. But if that would be obviously now a little bit taller from the height off the studios and the whole body language, it just looks like he's a lot taller than he is. Perfect. So that's looks obviously very flattering if you can elongate somebody to make him tall and powerful. Okay, so from here, we can also just have a normal portray if you just have your position a bit more in profile . So if you just turn sideways, okay and now just looks straight with the war, so now it's not a headshot anymore. Now it would be more like a portfolio profile if he's like an actor and he needs a shot from the side. Cool. Just a like this and just bring you knows, a tiny bit towards me. Great. So in a way we don't want to see is the second I because now it's considered a true profile and doesn't make us knows bigger. If I just shoot this for a moment, how it would look with a nose bigger, just a like this, I will tell you, Just bring in those a little bit more to the back wall. Perfect. And now just ice back at me and actually a nose a little bit towards me. Okay, Now you can see that the no starts to break the cheek, and that would just make some knows a lot bigger. And that's what we want to avoid. Another way to shoot the profile is obviously also if you just turn around and look to the back wall and then you look towards the left side off the room and come a little bit more towards me. Yes. Perfect. So this is obviously another way how you could shoot the profile, bring your nose even more towards me. Perfect. Did you know you didn't blink? Very good. Even more towards me That perfect and just a Lexus. Okay, so come around once more and that if you want to relax the polls even further, we can also bring in this little steps toe. And now we can just play from the head shot into a more for portrait shot so have one foot on their just for now and then. And now we just create the sea pose. And then this is kind of more a casual shot, mawf portray rather than the head shot. Because it's more Yeah, more fun and play for But I think that looks really good. Very nice. And you can look towards the door. All right. Very nice. You can also switch the feet. Now if you just bring the other foot on and just do the same thing again just like really relaxed and just, like, very down perfect. And just brings the as a hand so it doesn't look like it's on your groin area. And don't cut your fingers all the time. I want to see the whole hand. Burfict. Very good. Very nice. And from there you can also just cross the arms once more and don't it away from you. So you always want to turn towards me. So you actually looking bigger when you're hurting more towards the camera and now it just changes toe horrors. Horizontal position. Very nice. And from here, we can also, if you even kick your butt further bag and can you actually really kind off crunching, but not like both hands together, but kind of just leaning in this way. Perfect. So it was more for but you comes and more exaggeration we have with the Sikh off. And now this is kind off front on. But you can also just turn around and just have it more sideways. So if you now just shift a little bit sideways and just do the same thing again, then once more from here, you could just look towards me. Perfect. Interested in once more, very good. Or you can also just look towards the wall. And then it's more off this profile position. Very cool. And this way we just have this exaggeration off the upper body, which is really nice. So from here, I mean, we could play here even more was head shots. But you saw me already. How did this was Jimmy, so I think, just for a little bit off varieties of school. And as we said, if we also want to create even more dramatic shots, I can now just listen easy. Yeah. One move I can just shifted around and then the light is more kind off feather. So it's kind of not hitting the backwards so much so immediately. Once more, I just create a different look with a different looking backdrop, and then I can also reduce the fill light. And then I can create a more narrow light. Or, if he looks back at me than it's kind of considered a split light or, if he looks in kind off more from from the light away. Like if he looks this way, cleanses becomes this broad lighting what I said. So he over Kendall's play a little bit around to make it a bit more dramatic. All right, Yeah, just cross your arms once more and just look straight towards me and just half your face. Always tidbits this way. Perfect. And just lower the stroller down the thing. You don't want that the moment I say it it towards this shorter, and that's raised, then you just look like a pretty female on deal so soft and so sexy. So that's better, though. It looks more relaxed very nights. Yeah. So immediately. This creates a whole different mood and it looks a lot more dramatic. The only thing, the moment when you cross your arms here, this kind of just pops up a little bit. So I just wanted us. Doesn't like too many crinkles Essel. That looks really good. And that takes the same. Also ends the horizontal Perfect. This looks really nice. And once more I'm here now on I hide pretty much a little bit below because I'm smaller, but I want toe lower myself again. Just be a little bit from below and just toe a long gait met so it looks more like sissy or well, it would look like to see or what you look more like You're having doubts off the future of your company. So let me do this one smaller Now I'm all the way to the floor and now look as powerful as you can, because you just I don't know, bought another company and you're like, I don't know, a little something No, that's still doesn't convince me one more. Okay, give me one. Really serious scrimmaged expression. Yeah. Do the Pete Earley squinty. Very good. 3. Posing With More Contrast And Music: 4. Sitting Positions And Narrow Lighting: Okay, So let's see how that looks if it's not quite so dramatic, but still with a chance to lower myself down because I think it looks better if I mourn. I hide you perfect. Yeah, this looks really cool because you still have such a narrow lighting. And I think this looks flattering for men and for female. However, I think it's not quite as dramatic as before. It's a little bit more illuminated, but yeah, that's obviously depends if you like it more dramatic, almost softer. But it's definitely worse fire to play here. So the next thing from here we can just take a few more If I'm also standing up from here and I just take more again like a head shop, Cool. Just for men, thing is likely. Cut your hands off there, so bring your hands maybe a little bit closer in, and just you kind of just relax them down on your Yeah, I think this looks good, like on your side. Very nice. Very cool. And from here, we can obviously, also, if you just look out this way now, although I think it looks more flattering looking into the key light However, if you just wanted to have now abroad, let in much then this could also back well from him because the lighting is very flattering . Very nice. And then if you bring your nose just a little bit towards me, but still look out off the window and just bring your eyes back at me. Perfect. Very cool. And just look straight towards me. Perfect. Very nice. And shift your legs even more towards society. Very cool. And I'm thinking, if it brings us and you think it's too high, if you can just rest you foot on this or the legs look. Yes? Was Alexa look a bit more separated in a bit more relaxed. Very cool. Awesome. And maybe also the as a lick. Is that too high? It's not comfortable, is it? I wish I had something half half the size. So if that doesn't work, then you just to repeat it was Jimmy. If you just come to the edge off the chair and then just bring your legs to is outside and V s I as possible. And now I think you a little bit too much on the edge. If you just slide a little bit backwards. Perfect. This is relaxed. Comfy? Okay. You don't look comfy. Okay. Really cool and sorry. One more. I think I just go a little bit in closer. Very nice. And come, actually a straight as possible. Yes, that's better. Awesome. And I'll take one more horizontal, and this is kind of more like a royal chair. So now you have to be like friends, huh? No, this was like a softy. Be more like friends, Harry. He's tough. Yeah, that's very cool. And I'm not sure if I have your hands and the hardest thing. I just have some out for night yet. Perfect. Just like this. Very nice. And just lower your head once more to the shorter. That's non. Yeah. Perfect. You just switched it. So it's the front joy that that's no lower, which is better. Very nice. And maybe just stay like this one's more. Just keep it from appear. And then I also take it once more from a little girl and the royal family. Imagine you have some kind of crown. Okay. It's OK. Okay. So this is just a very simple quick workflow. If it's more just like a simple portray. If it's a client that you have seen for the first time, where you also don't really know a lot about then obviously there are only so many things you can do. Like we said, you can have these micro movement through the head shot s, he said. Make sure that you play with the shorter end ahead position. That's the jaw is relaxed that whenever I see tension in people that's often in the jaw as well. And they kind off instinctively pulled their face back if they don't really feel comfortable to be photographed. So that's what we always make sure that this is strong jawline, that it's the chicken sh in that you don't go back but forwards and leaning towards the camera. But also, if you feel that have tension in here when you could also tell them toe weaker than those like a bunny. So if you and immediately was kind off loose in the Seoul area up the next problem that we obviously have, where people have tension that Z especially like met in his hands, because somehow he just always says the fingers like this like so that happens obviously, also a lot of people carry tension and then just have some relax their hands. So hands in Photography is in general a big problem for photographers because it's often what to do with hands and if they're not a professional model. Also Met has to model for me all the time, but it's not a professional model. It's always like Okay, what to do with hands and I always say is in doubt. You could also just hide hand. So I think if if you really don't know if the the motor country like fans, you could also just have the hands behind the back, so it's not noticeable. Or as I said, if they have genes that can be in the back pocket or likely said, they can also just cross arms and then the hands are hidden are the next best thing is Obviously if you know your clients and you know they have some kind of hobby, then you can also give them something to play with, and that's what we will do next. 5. Fun With Props And Gels: So as we said, it's always good if you have a little talk with your client or mortar beforehand so that you get a bit often idea what kind of persons. I also that you can be the repertoire. And then you can also ask them if they have some hobbies. And I always think props is I really help If a person doesn't really know what to do with their hands, eso it gives them something to play, and in our case it's literally that I could play it. So obviously, like a musical instrument that's always a really nice prop to have, especially if it's a great looking one like this. Yeah, and as I know this guy, I know he loves us. Get house. So that's obviously really nice thing to play with and also obviously to shoot. So in terms off, lighting set up. Not really. A lot of things change. We're still on the same background with the on this main key light that we meet. It forced the F nine. Nothing really changed here, except that it's kind off isn't more phaser, so it's not quite as much on the background because we want to have a little bit darker. But then, as I said before, I always have things to light standing around toe, lighten up my background if I want a high keep background. But now we just changed it once more for a little bit off color so that we get this kind off more realistic story. Because I say it's always best to tell a story that, yeah, realistic as possible because I see a lot of photographers that yeah, they include a prop. But the prop doesn't really make anything for the story. So if Mattis just holding now a suitcase in front, off the great background, then sure, he would have something for his hands he could play somehow. It's a suitcase, but the whole story that you have a suitcase in the studio that wouldn't you really makes so much sense. So now with ease gels on the back lights, obviously it looks hopefully a little bit like a stage. And yeah, let's just see what we can create from here. So don't play so loud, but kind of just pretend that you're playing And the nice thing is obviously just to point that out at the moment if he's holding the guitar in the realistic way because he doesn't know how to play the guitar. But then it also creates obviously, now in nice shape with the hands, as long as you don't really have too much off the back hand showing because we always say that's normally captures a lot off lights or I always say, it was a man. When the linen and you see the backhand, it's kind of okay because it's a typical man polls. But it also captures or, you know, it just catches a lot off light. So therefore, obviously, even when their players props, just be careful how the light behaves and that it still looks flattering. So, yeah, just hold it as you would normally Yeah, and take a few shots from you. Just a quick test. Okay, this looks really cool, and I just move a little bit around you that I don't have the lighting stands in the way and said, just a little bit straight, perfect and just the nose a bit towards me. Perfect. And just look down. That's a guitar, and I think I want to lower myself a little bit here just sit down. Right? Cool. Just look down to the guitar. Perfect. Yeah, this looks really cool. And once more just sit up a little bit straight, huh? Perfect. And just look down. Perfect. And now just look out off the door. Really cool. And now just your eyes at me. Perfect. Just your eyes at me. Perfect. Very cool. Can you have? Ah, legs closer together, but still like in an angle. So you still want to be more sideway if you can. Uh, yeah. Yes, that's possible. Or do you want a little a little stool? Oh, yeah. Maybe if you don't such fully but actually have one, like, relaxed down just so that we get this cough once more. Very cool. Nice. And just eyes at me. Perfect. Just like four body shots. Very nice. And just move in a little bit closer and just I said me perfect. And maybe a bit more this way. Just look out off the window and bring you knows a bit towards me and just look down to your hand. Perfect. Okay? And to make it even more realistic if you just play something and kind of like you sing along a little bit. Very cool. Awesome. And maybe just actually changed the position off your legs around. So the other one kind of comes down? Yes, that's the comfy. Let's play. But you can Just alluded. Perfect. So this looks really broken. Can we just somehow maybe brings a chair so that you don't sit quiet on this edge, but yeah. Is that okay? Yeah, I think that's better. Because before your foot angles in the sweetie, Awkward, like, broken way perfectly. I just holds a guitar. Zia and I just take one for a body shot from here and just look down and maybe just sit on that completely once more. And still, yeah, maybe just first of all, straight on towards me and then just have to get a little bit more lifted like you're holding it. So you're kind of more posing with that for right now. Perfect. And just look at it like your true love. Very nice. And maybe also to the as a site. So you kind of just hold it onto the other side. No, I'm not. Not from the back. It kind of what he did on the side. Now you just from the other side. Perfect. Just like this. Perfect. Just bring your nose a little bit more towards me. Perfect. Very nice. And a little bit more like you actually enjoy this photo? I don't know. You do very nice and brings the Italian but closer toe. What's your perfect and just look at it. Perfect. Very nice. And can you also? Oh, no, actually. So I'd let me do this one more time, had your eyes closed. Very cool. And can you also stand up for a second? And then kind of just leaning against the chairs if you were playing? Yeah. Just stand up like, Yeah, you're kind of like you just arrived on stage. Yes, yes. Perfect. So you're not quite sitting down yet? You're just holding a perfect now. You like what you do with the other arm. They can still hold it like you would play, But you just don't sit on the chair. Perfect. Very nice. Just don't like this Very nice. And now, just once more looked down towards the guitar. Not so much that you bend with you. Everybody. It's more just, like, literally a little bit like lowering your eyes. But don't screens your face and like a pancake. So still have such an al it a little bit perfect. Very cool. And maybe just fc guitar standing. Kind of just like like it kind of just comes from the side. Eso I still see the bodies? Oh, yes, that's great, as they want to see the body and kind of just like a relaxed and perfect. Let me just go down the tip. Actually, you have to move a tiny but backwards. Otherwise, I just have few ends in the light year. Perfect. I'm just a nexus. Yes, this is really cool. Just look down onto the light. I want to see guitar. Sorry. And bring your nose a bit more towards the window. Perfect Mericle. And once more just lifted up just toward it. Very nice. Cool. How, um much light is on these guys. That's a moment. Cannot turn them higher. Yeah, this is pretty cool. The only problem is that if I want the inverse square law to have a darker background, this is kind of just a little bit toe bacon in my way. So it probably would be better to work with the tighter lights lost. Yeah, I could probably just feather of a little bit. Just so it's not quite so much in the way because I'm shooting with the 50 millimeter years . I can't really zoom and all very nice and holds this app again, but, yes, the kind of running out of my backgrounds school. Now, I just don't have any light on your anymore, so I just want a little bit more or otherwise. The faces so red. Awesome. Okay. Very cool. And actually stay exactly like that. Have your body even more turns this way. And then still you ice back at me. Perfect. Very nice. And you can just look down again. Very cool. And 11 more. Maybe. Where you just come? A bit more frontal on a still. Your leg looks broken. Yeah, maybe more like one down. And I don't really want to look into guys growing area. So you still have to resemble too. Yeah, maybe just with the leg down again. And just lean in with the upper body more towards me. Perfect. And then just eyes back at me. Perfect. Perfect. Yeah, This is very nice. And they take one for body shop and then also zoom in Very cool and just I suspect at me. Awesome. Okay. And now this time you can also just give me a little bit more off expression, Like I don't know. How are you on stage like a girl? That's not expression. I'm like, Yeah, like you're talking to your friends. Yeah. Yeah. Does this again. That was the 1st 1 more. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Right, birds. Are you one more? One more. One more like yours. A rock n roll star like Yeah. Okay, awesome. That looks really nice. So yeah, immediately Just was a simple creek. Change off these kind off background lights, just with some gels again gives a little bit story to the prop. And that's really what we want to achieve. Just that's the problem. Extends that somebody was a bit insecure with their hands that they just have something to play and that have a little fun because not everybody actually is so excited to have four to shoot. Because most people are kind of uncomfortable when, then the spotlight. In the moment, they have some their parts off themselves, like a hobby. Immediately they can relax, and you know you can just create a variety off images with something that they like or enjoy doing. So, yeah, that was great. 6. How To Relax Your Clients: Find A Wall: So as we said, obviously a lot off body parts was the client or the model can hold attention. And yeah, and the other part is obviously after resolved. The drawer line was a vehicle, and then the hands that probably can hold something to make it more comfortable for the client. The next part is where I always say, lower your shorter because also, if your client tenses up, not only that, push their head back, but they also immediately pulls the shoulders up. And for me it's even worse because every time and Matt says, Yeah, I take a picture off you not only I put my head back, my shoulders up and my icicle exists. So it's like I like 10 stuff and it's weird because I should know how to pose. But it's this kind of being on spotlight where people just tends up with different body parts and everybody is a little bit different. So the nice to sing ISS when you have in the studio. If you're shooting outside, if you can find the war because of Wallace is kindof comfort zone, because immediately if you feel that your client or your model, if they have the tension in the shoulder and that you always have to tell them. Relax. Your shoulder relaxes shorter than a wall. It's like the perfect thing, because this is immediately this gifts uses kind off, come forward where you can just lean against and you can be casual and the fields are natural and you don't really feel posed. So it was a problem in my studio is, as you see, I have these foam boards up here, and that's just because my studio doesn't actually offer full wars or you don't actually see it right now, but we swivel it, the whole studio around. So before we were shooting this way, now you're shooting where we were sitting before, where we have a couch in the feeding area. And the problem is just because screws of oil studio, I have to sport fed like a board, like a skirt and bought going through. So that obviously look silly if I say no to a client. Okay, lean against us. Ugly yellow walls was bought going across, so therefore we came up with the solution and then Home Depot we bought See's Home Depot. Yeah, right Loafers. No, Home Depot and Lowe's. So yeah, we bought these. Yeah. What is that? Like insulation panels. Like a political polystyrene like foam? Like what? Like Styrofoam one inch. No one's more. Yeah, listen to him, as he knows on the actually meant for insulation for house building and stuff like that. Right? So the nice thing is that they are really? Yeah, really Lie it. So it's easy for me if I just put them up against the wall. And if I have to carry them out without met, I mean the high. And like I said, my ceilings are not that high, but the pretty lie to lift up and I can just put them anywhere in the studio and once more just gives me this easy, simple look without that I have to do a lot. And now they actually like on one side there white. And this is now this insulation sing with the civil on it, and it's practical when I'm filming because it kind of pounds a slight back into the studio . But it also can be used if I have no some kind of gift paper on here are like a close or something I can just stick it in, and then I have my kind of fake wall, and this is the only way how I can achieve this more relaxed Look where the client can be against it, although I still have to say Be careful because obviously still love. It's a bit and makes monkey noises, but that's another idea. If you want to change up the look or if you want to change the polls, obviously when you're outside, it's easy. You can find a garret's door war. Just always make sure that it's obviously not dangerous. Always when I'm shooting outside, I always look if there any, like sharp edges coming out on there's or something, obviously always make sure that your client safe. But here, that's obviously saves, so lean against it. And still not a lot of things changed in the way we still have, like a key light coming from the side. And there are just a few rules that you have to follow when you're Klein, this leaning against and the first thing us. So that's the immediate thing that they do. So they will in with the back, and if they lean, was there back once more as I do. Kind of the opposite off what the body should toe, especially for a guy, because we said we want to exaggerate the upper body, so that means they have to actually lean against it with your bum. Uh, okay. So let me see what that's like. F eight. We said right. Okay, cool. So just and in those a position, this is good. And just with the Obama cancer and then with your apple. But you just for what? Very cool and just look at me. Yeah, this is really cool. So once more, this is obviously not how you would normally have your wall with the civil stuff, but it gives you this kind off nightclub atmosphere. So this is pretty cool. Just toe. Show you how wall would work. So the next thing is, obviously you can just look slightly towards the light, but still stay there with your bum against and then just your upper body towards me instead of half the chicken shin out here. Perfect. And actually, um, I do one for body shot where I need you and cross off the scab so I don't see the gap so much perfect. Just a Lexus. Just to show how it looks completely miracle. And from here, can you just flip your legs over so that this is really comfy? Perfect. Does they go up even higher? Yes. Perfect. And stay like this And just look at me now. Very cool. Very nice. And just a Lexus suggests women awesome. Cool. And from here, the Nazem in the extra Caesar's cap again. So if you just with a little bit more to the server panel up there and just still do the same things there was your bomb for effect and just leaning towards me. Perfect. Very good. And relax a shorter, even more. And you can also just rest your hands now against the wall and kind of just pushing. And so you're still leaning forward. Perfect. Really cool. So from there, you can also just bring obviously your shoulder toe the world. So if you just come around Texas that you're more sideways and then you just lean against the war perfect. And now you just have to look back into the light. And actually, I think you have to swivel a little bit more this way. Just so that I don't see the scape so much and just look back into the light. And still you're more on your shoulder, but still be also bit more with the Obama against it. And then you can just lean a tiny bit more towards me. So with your feet, you want to be as close as possible to get you up against the wall. So it's not study and then just lean back towards me. Perfect. And I your something perfect, perfect model, very nice. And then also just cross your arms court and once more just lean and with your bum against so while Sorry. So if you just come straight again, just lean in with your mom. You can also now lift your feet up in the ways that you kind of just kicking against the war. Very cool. Yep, perfect. And you, this is already pretty good, because the problem that I see here often is that people just kick too much up with the feet against the wall. And obviously I'm shooting here. Not really in a good anger, because a foreshortened like a little bit so if I had more space, I would shoot more along sides of war. But let me just get this just in an angle so the knee doesn't look too short. Okay? And a lot of time is also that people just lift this like, too high. And you don't really want it so high that you don't see the foot from underneath anymore. Because I know just looks like, Yeah, Mad lost half off the leg a little bit like a flamingos, the end or something. So obviously, this still has to be a flattering anger. So from there, we can also brings a shoulder into the other position. So you kind of just lean once more against really cool. That looks good. Very nice. This looks actually really like a nightclub. Yeah. Party. Cool it once more. To me. Yes. So you kind of just really bring your upper body towards me. Really nice. And just one small Lexus stood, say, like this. This is great. 7. Hats as Props: one hand, Just lift their heads a little bit up. Very cool. And also kind of just hold it down. Yeah. Perfect. And now just you have to look into the light so I don't have so much edl on your face. And now I just have one. I'm coming across the belly. Yeah, and just look school perfect state nexus. Very nice. And stay exactly like that. And this time you just want to actually come with your head towards me a little bit, but you still want to be a bit like this. Perfect. Very nice. And just don't give me the cut off fingers with the other hand again. So just relax them And maybe just cause I'm a little bit in or if you just grab your shirt or something just so that they have some kind of purpose. Yeah, just towards the buttons. Perfect. And still just lean a little, but not about me. Perfect. That's great. And once more, just look into the light and actually go back into this as our position. And I just lost Your isa just took back towards me lift ahead. A perfect and just a Lexus and just eyes at me. Perfect. And so I kind of just Yeah, maybe just puts his hand in the pocket or in your back pocket, actually. Can you stick it in your back pocket? Perfect. And then just lift. Um, since I had on Justin back towards me. Perfect. Very nice. Yeah, I like our your shoulder. Relax. As this was good. The other thing you just did actually is that you kind of just tilted a little bit backwards. So you had to still towards the light, and you just kind of just went into those angers really have your battle against the wall as much as you can. Yes. Perfect. On just a Lexus And just lift the head even higher and give me a moody expression. Perfect. I thought he would just look in the weird expression, but you did it actually, the school from there you can also if you just lowers the head down so you can just actually take it off. But you still hold it. So you cannot just still hold it, like, against your hip or somewhere perfect. And just look down towards the head. Perfect. But I might actually just change is up to the as a hand perfect. And just lower it down and just look at the head perfect and surrogacy as I had something to do. So you don't look like a robot. Perfect. Very cool. Awesome. And then just give me, like, a more playful expression. Kind of like salt for very cool. Oh, that's like typical Steve drops poses. Not very good. Now, don't do the duck face. Very cool. Okay, Put your hands in your pockets and just cross your feet over and just looking down. Perfect on. And actually, I give you another problem. Cool. Now you're like a newspaper boy, so yeah, that's great. And just looking down. Cool. Not quite as much, actually. Perfect. Stay Lexus. Really cool and half your Yeah, actually, what you did there was like lower rings. I had to make sure that it was actually cool if I had most basic could just move more around the wall. But obviously I'm a bit titles. And now just your eyes at me, full and actually lift is also kind of like you just have taking it off, but not quite lifting. Just was that a see you guys and now Just your eyes at me. Cool newspaper on your space. That's cool. Okay. And then from there you can just be, like on on your hand, like, kind of just resting your hands. Perfect. Really cool. And maybe, like, just go steal some And now just your eyes at me. But stay in this post cool. And one more where you can just cross your arms and just kick your hips back and have your upper body more forward. But you still have to be still kind off toil. So still imagine that kind of a hooker in your head and you stay kind of just you're not really leaning with your upper body. That kind of just rounds after you're kind of lean with your lower back. Absolutely upper body stays straight. Does this make sense? Eso You're not bringing the shore that down? Perfect. Very cool. And just one more where you kind of just looked up to the ceiling and just bring your nose a little bit more round and just look up to the ceiling. Cool. And one Norway kind of justly invest your shoulder this way and you're looking back into the light. Very cool. Can't This is awesome, lean and even closer towards me. Like Ton even more if you can't Perfect. Very nice. And obviously, if you want to post more with, um, hands, I mean some people that also used, like opposing table. Personally, I think it's a little bit old fashioned because it's very formal if you have opposing table . But if you like the log, you can also just direct the model in the way that they can imagine. That's on the posing table, and then you're just kind of crop. Was arm eso a lot off? People obviously like this. Typical Steve Jobs Post. What did you do, like like this or something? Yes, obviously, if you don't have opposing table where somebody's actually standing with the table like resting on the table, which would work in a way because it's also a good seek love if you mentioned there's no table and then the model handing in. But yeah, I don't really use it, but I often direct as if I would use it so you can still kind of say Okay, have your arm like this, and then you kind of just lean and and then you kind of catch from down here. So if you want to try this, we're kind of stood Lee Nick ends and kind of just pretends that there's a table and you could kind arrest onto Lexus. Perfect. Really nice and brings us literally, like as if there was a table. So as if you're really kind of just leaning in and the other one just comes up and you're resting your head on Cool. Just stay like this Very nice. And one was kind of like proper guy polls. Where you just resting your head? Perfect. Really nice. I want to do the same thing, but this time more like and an anger. So it's kind of just like more natural, I think if it's more from the side Perfect. Yeah, this is cool. Very nice. And one more where you just relax your hand and you just bring them behind your back. So if in doubt hides the hands, if you don't know what else to do with that Perfect. This was great. Just stay like this. And now just look to your feet. Not so much with your hood had they didn't put your head to you if you just look down too, if you cool and just to do this, but still kind of just sold it. See your eyes, friends. And you're just looking down. But you have to be more than anger. Yeah, And now just looking down. Perfect. And now just expect at me. Let me just see if there's a shadow Non your eyes. No, this is actually cool. They like this. This is great. Don't forget to breathe. That's another indicator. When somebody's not relax, I can see you don't read. So just breathe, okay? And I'll just go and really tie. And now just really second the air, like and then Okay, that's better. 8. Recap and Sitting Against The Wall: I think off the letter a or any kind of shape that makes sense to you. If it's also like a a young boy, if it's like a teenager, all souls and again they can be just rebellious and being like this. And obviously that's not always the most flattering polls. I want to teach you what looks obviously best, and I want to have someone massively and therefore I'm not shooting so much side on. It's mostly like for on, especially if we have, like a lady that moves in the like a couple that we always make sure that's the guy look strong, like with the upper body always a little bit forward so that this is exaggerated. And that's a girl that slim. But yeah, every time and I get stuck. That's kind off my go to Ussing. What kindof little shape could I do? Are is there any, um, like 360 degrees anger? And obviously in the studio I'm limited because I have only a certain amount of space where I can move around. But if you shoot outside and obviously don't forget that it's not just the model that can turn 360 degrees, but that you can also turn around 360 degrees, especially if this would be now like a brick wall. Then you can also change your Apertura. You can have maybe a very shallow apertura where you kind of shooting alongside. So it's pretty much like this that you have this kind of drop off and you can do so many interesting effects as well. The other thing you can do with the nice clean wall and clean floor. Hopefully, yes. Also, that you could bring your model down. So let's do this next we just bring you down. But because I'm now working here with the title space and small light source this time I definitely also have to bring my light source down. So yeah, if you just does this for me. Sorry. I wanted to say if you just sit down and I do this, but thank you. Okay. Actually, as didn't see the hat so you could actually just grabs us and just hordes of some somewhere . Yeah, Perfect. Let me see what that looks like. Medical. I think you have to probably just move you about a little bit close. That is the wall of possible. Okay, Very cool. This stain like this. Very nice. And you can also just maybe puts ahead on one small. Yeah. Actually, Alexis, if you just stay like this. So I kind of just sees the shape off you and not the face. Very cool. And from there, you can just Yeah, just stay like this, Actually, Was your head more to the side? And you kind of just look over the shoulder. Really nice. Cool, actually. Lower your hand a little bit down. So the problem is versus pose once more. We obviously never want to shoot in anybody's groin area. So we kind of want to cover that. And it's a moment. Yeah. I think this is better life if this is not so visible. Although, if you're wearing dark clothes is it's obviously not so a bigger for do but ascendancy. You are sure out. So if you just brings a shut down Yeah, And then just cross the hands again, the arms perfect. And just look at me. Perfect. And now just look down onto the floor. Cool. And now you can just look into the light. Perfect. Very cool. And from here. Can you also just bring your legs to either side? Because I think you it looks like you have two long legs. I don't know. How would you normally sit on the floor? Uh huh. Okay, cool. Just Yeah. Once more. Just close the groin area for me. Cool. And now just lean your head more again to the slower, shorter need that sugar Awesome place in school. And from there you can also, if you can, you just switch the leg position actually around because you always just want to have your head to the lower shoulder. So it doesn't look so girly, girly, and yeah, that was this is this not the low shoulder, once more And just in your head into perfect and look after the light once more. Okay, cool. 9. How To Relax Your Clients: Chair Straddling: so the wall definitely gives you a lot of variety, like standing or sitting. And obviously, as I said, always be aware if the whole area safe and if your model can do all those poses because as we just saw Mets like there too long and they just don't do what I tell them to do so therefore, as another option, you can also bring in the chair, and that normally works really well. If you want to do more sitting poses, I mean, we did already a few, but a nice way is also if you don't want to sit somebody onto the chair and the traditional sentence and you can do the same thing that we did was Rebecca in the beginning, where we also had toe like the opposite way on the chair. And this is not the perfect chair now because it's a bit girly with the flowers. However, if you have more like a wooden chair or something without any pattern, I think this is a really nice male pose as well, because most men can really relax and onto the chair if it's the other way around seconds Australia position and then they can also lean and on here, so yeah, let's just take a few off those and pretends this is not a girly girl Chairs. This is now a major, like, Whoa. So if you just sit on your wrong side around pretty much like Strel onto it and then one small this listen just like a casual and relaxed portrait Because we always want to make obviously sure that our client and our model is very relaxed. And this is probably too low now, isn't so We can just raise this up again. So, as I said, always make sure that the light source comes with the concept. And you think this is beside the right, like 45 degrees on you? Yeah. Okay. And then just wrestle. Light meter again, describes it. Okay, so it puts us in 11 and nothing else changed. I'm still 125 hours shooting the studio with the shutter speed and the Aiso at 100 and I'm still on the 24 1 or five lens. Just so I have some flexibility here, swimming and out with the school. Actually, if I bring you in just a little bit, this way, then I'm not shooting quiet until the scab like, Yeah, Like a hole. Cool. Yeah. You can just say Lexus. Perfect. Very nice. And once more you can always decide this. Men. I think it can also look quite interesting if they abroad lit. So it was a woman obviously, always wanted. It looks very slimming. And I would have them looking this way. So I've got the shadow on the side with guys. I think it's interesting is away. So I'm not too worried about that. So we just showed one more from this kind of broad lit, Very nice. And then I can just move myself. And if you just look now into this light and then it's kind of more a narrow lighting. Very nice. Are you actually already a sayest? You can be? Can you be, like, really high? Like you have a hook and you have perfect. Very nice. And just look back into the light. Awesome. And can you also bring from there maybe the hand back into your face? Maybe the other one, actually. And yeah, so it's more sideways, so it doesn't catch so much light. Just look back into the light. Very cool. And maybe just cross the arms once more. Yeah, Just look back until the life awesome And relax. E arms down, actually, and just stay in the same position and just look back into the light. And now just eyes at me. And one more way you're handless just on your head. Cool and ice back into the light and ice to the ceiling. And now just eyes down to the floor, Not the whole head, Just eyes. And now a little smile because it looks like Graham Be OK. Relax your hand down, Uh, incident. Stay as high as you can be really cool. And from there I just actually brings us armed down. I don't want us in the shop. And just angle your body wants more, So it's a little bit sideways. Very nice day like this. And once more just your eyes back at me. And now just this one. I'm coming in. Yes, perfect. Very nice. And maybe more even. Let me see if I can be more sideways, because once more the problem is the moment you have any kind of variables on needs in front. You don't really want that kind off the start and makes his arm like super big. So if it's more like, can you just have it? Like arrested Lexus so small, straight on, perfect. And once more with the hands and relax. And that's what happened. Cut off perfect and stay like this. Exactly. And just bring this hand Now, also on top off this hand. Perfect. Very nice and just looks actually weird. So just lower it down. We're Can you just interlock? Yes. Cool. And I expected me. Perfect. Really cool. So from there you can also if you stand up for a second and just come in from the site and then you could do the same thing as Rebecca, you could also now just lean in from the side. And then you can kind of be like this in case your model isn't flexible in the groin at all . Then you can also just have some from the side. That's true. Really cool. And you can also just step out with Ah, you can just put this girly chair out for a second. And I just have one more where you have just your bum against the wall and kind of just have your whole weight, like on your on your leg. Because now I can do it because the light sources lower down and actually do the same thing that I don't want that I have toe photo shops escape out. So yeah, perfect. Cool. And look enters a light and the mention your bit more rebellious some go expression. This is my girl Culp. And you can come straight up once more and being just, like, all straight up, like legs, slightly apart. And then just have your arms. Like we said in the beginning, that you don't want a big gap. But they're just like little sideways perfect and just really tends them And just give me some, like our expression. Really cool. And now you just cross them. And still don't forget to restore. Relax. No, you so that really cool and squinty eyes a little bit really cool. And you can also just soften it once more on just lower your shoulder down. And just how would you stand? Normal leads the world. Just if I wouldn't pose you just can't afford x Perfect. Now you perfectly doing it like you are on the bow or something. This is good and you deserve in Vienna what you do often. Very good job. Well done.