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Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! Part 2! Female Posing

teacher avatar Sandy Dee, Sandyseyecatcher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (2h 12m)
    • 1. Evaluation Of Your Location, Your Subject, Your Lenses

    • 2. The Best Standing Position For The Most Flattering Images

    • 3. Headshots: The Set-Up

    • 4. Headshots: The Theory

    • 5. Headshots: The Shoot

    • 6. How To Change From Headshots To Fashion Inspired Close-Ups

    • 7. Beauty Shoot

    • 8. Beauty Shoot Flow: With Props And Music

    • 9. Portraiture: Fashion Standing - If You Ever Get Stuck, Think Letters

    • 10. Portraiture: 360 Degree Posing And Emotions

    • 11. Standing Fashion Poses

    • 12. Sitting Poses

    • 13. How To Enhance Your Images Even Further

    • 14. Dreamy Fashion Editorial With Blue Gels And Lens Flare

    • 15. "Edgy" Editorial Fashion With Blue And Red Gels

    • 16. Sitting And Lying Floor Poses

    • 17. Creating Floor Sets

    • 18. "Halloween" Style Floor Shoot

    • 19. Autumn Themed Shoot With Music

    • 20. Moody "Rainy" Shoot With Music

    • 21. "Best Of" Female Posing Slideshow

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About This Class

Welcome to our course Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! This is the 2nd part of our 4 part series, covering all techniques of posing female models, couples and male models. The 'ultimate posing flow' courses are all shot in the studio to give you a hands-on feel to learning.

In our photo studio we have led over 50 photography workshops so far, specializing in creating conceptual photoshoots. And knowing how to pose a model or client is a big part of a successful shoot. I realized that most of my students were really savvy about photography techniques and new technology but started to freeze when they had to pose the model.

One of the most important skills that you will need to develop as a portrait photographer is being able to direct your subjects into the right pose. It will make your model or client feel natural, and your photography session will flow.

At the end of this course, you will know how to pose your clients and models for the most flattering pictures. If you watched my tutorial ‘posing like a pro’ or if you have already learned the foundations of posing for portrait photography,  this course takes those lessons even further by bringing you into my studio where you can watch how I put it all together into a real shoot to create the ‘posing flow’.

To give you a real life experience, I will show you how I work with a model versus a couple that never stood in front of the camera. None of the shoots are rehearsed with the exception that I briefed our model Rebecca to bring some different wardrobe items for variety. This means you will see realistic posing problems and questions that your client or model might have, and how I communicate with them to bring them into the right pose.

The entire tutorial is shot from my point of view, so you are more than just a fly on the wall - you see everything almost exactly as if you were behind the camera! Each time I take a shot, the image is overlaid so you can see the result straight away. There is no post production on them - they are ‘SOOC’ - straight out of camera with the exception that they are cropped in ACR. Sometimes I’ve also adjusted the white balance because different styles of image look best when they are warmer or cooler in tone.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to pose models and clients - females, males, and couples
  • Standing vs sitting poses, and tips for slimming bigger clients
  • How to quickly create different styles to offer more variety and enhanced sales: from headshots, beauty, dreamy, fashion, edgy, and more.
  • Getting creative with concepts such as my trademark ‘lying on the floor’ setup
  • How to modify your communication style for experienced models vs regular clients
  • How to create an amazing experience and have fun while still getting the shot

One point to keep in mind as I will be covering a lot of detail that may seem impossible to get right all the time: don’t worry about the perfect pose, because it’s hard even for “super-pros” to achieve a “100%” perfect result - and if in doubt it’s always ‘Emotions Over Posing”.

However if you are interested in knowing why a client maybe didn’t buy certain images due to things they didn’t like about themselves then our tutorial will tell you all about how you can best flatter your client.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandy Dee



Sandy is originally from Germany and studied Photography in London, where she earned a Diploma in Professional Photography. Following her passion for creative conceptual portrait photography, she moved to San Jose, California where she runs stylized portrait workshops, and wrote the book 'Posing Like A Pro' which covers all aspects of posing for the contemporary photographer.

Sandy loves teaching and helping other artists to reach new levels in their technique and creativity! New In 2021: Sandy now also teaches paper crafting. No matter if you want to learn photography, portraiture, photoshop, creating backdrops on a budget, paper crafting, card making, mixed media....Sandy has a class for you. Happy Shooting and Happy Crafting!

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1. Evaluation Of Your Location, Your Subject, Your Lenses: so Hi, guys. And welcome to the posing floor. So today I'm here in the studio with Rebecca and Rebecca. She is actually one of our favorite models, so we work quite a few times together. That's however, I will say to her, Don't do too much work on your own so that we actually can demonstrate the poses. Otherwise, she can just obviously do her own thing. But today we're here to really go through a complete posing flow and the first thing that I always toe like a set. And the other tutorial, if you saw the video posing like a pro, then you know that I always evaluate before the shoot. And the first thing is location. So s you can see we're in the studio environment and here I don't really have to think about Is anything growing out off Rebecca's head as any branches that I have to take care officer any rubbish? So obviously that's all a clean environment. So there's not too much yeah, evaluation off the location because I know what It's my studio. It's supposed to be tidy assed ideas, a candy, but the next thing we want to evaluate us obviously Rebecca's body shape, and she is really good, like portray model. But if we wanted to really bring out like, a fashion style and we would shoot it from quiet below so that she really has, like, long legs, because she's kind of short, probably a bit tricky for any runway. But if you just want to really bring out and more like a fashion style offshoot, and this is also still possible, you just lower yourself so that you really elongate your legs just so that it looks like she's actually a lot taller than she is, which is no problem. The next thing we want to do, then as the third part off our evaluation as lenses and we will actually walk through it backwards. If you watched my tutorial posing like a pro, then you know that I always that was the feed and we will still do this. We will still go through, go through the basics wherever we will, then go into headshots and for headshots, ever use this Lancia the same like for beauty, and this is 135 millimeter lens, and normally it would be even better if I had more space than I would even shoot with, like a 200 millimeter lens, because it just gives me the best compression for her face so that it doesn't look to this daughter. However, as you can hopefully see, it's not really the longest room there. 435 millimeter there gives me a good compression not as much as I would like to have, but it's good enough. And then we were goes through like a portrait style in like fashion style. And for this one, normally can you can also shoot was like a 50 millimeter prime. However, I will shoot here was a 24 to 1 or five lens because this will just give me a little bit more variety, so I can true fashion and portraiture all in one, and so you don't have to watch me changing lenses. So these as a three components and let's start the shoot 2. The Best Standing Position For The Most Flattering Images: Okay, so let's start with the basic foundation that I do for all off my posing. And that's that. I always start with the feet. So the problem is that when you say to a model or to a client, okay, just stands there. They will do pretty much just what Rebecca dust. Now they were just stands, and that means they would stand on right front until the camera. The problem is that this never looks really flattering unless you shooting fashion where you can also break the rule. Obviously, if you have very slim moderates, it doesn't really matter so much. However, if you have declined, that's a little bit more curvy than being front with with the camera that we're just exactly rates this area, and you don't really want to show the camera all of this exaggeration. You always want to tell you that a little bit back. So that's why I start with the feet first. And so if we just go a little bit sideways now, just to be a bit more flattering, that's great. The problem is also now, even if I should head shots, that the moment when you don't start with the feet and you say to the modern, Okay, turn a little bit This way they will do this whoever turns this way, but they won't bring their feet with them. And the problem is, if they keep the feet where they are and the turning this way over time, they were just drift backwards because otherwise it's just very uncomfortable to twist your body's this way. And therefore I always start with the feet, so the best way to post the feet for the most flattering way. Obviously, if you want to shoot fashion like I said, you can break a lot off rules and just do really whatever you want. However, if you want to shoot the most flattering anger, always have the body a little bit sideways, and then tell your model that she should have all her weight on the back leg. So if you have all your all your weight shifted like this immediately, this kind of brings the shape into the body because the hip and the belly is immunity, a little bit kickback. That means that Rebecca's Fund foot shouldn't have no any weight, right? Can you lift it good and this toe up front. This is kind of just now, like a like a show foot, so there's just no, not really any weight on. And the nice thing that happens now is obviously because she shifted her weight. We can even exaggerate this even further, but hurting the hip backwards. So if Rebecca wouldn't be now full, unprofessional, modern, and so pass them, this would help her shape even further because more you can to back the more your upper body turns towards the camera, which means the emphasis is oil on your upper body and not so much on the hips anymore. And therefore you have been really nice shape to the body and, yeah, so this is kind off our basic position for any, even if it's a fashion stand or portraiture stand, or what we will do now is a head shot, and that's how we would work from here. 3. Headshots: The Set-Up: all right. So, as we said, we will start now with our headshots flu. And for that, we just brought in this white piece off paper. Normally, when I should high key images, I will actually shoot this on like a vinyl. However, you only have to shoot in the vinyl itself because it's really heavy, and I can't probably store it. That means that it has a lot off Brinker's, which doesn't really matter when you're shooting a high key background because you kind of blow out all off this information. However, if you have like a white wall, or if you also have just like a white paper, then the nicest thing about it is that you can just switch your back lights off and then you immediately have, like a grayish background, because was headshots. Obviously, you're really limited on how you can flow through the posers because the model or the client has to look to the camera. You can really play around too much with hands. It has to look professional, so you can maybe two but the head and make it a bit different, or maybe a different jacket. However, if you want to have even more off a variety, and you have like a white wall or white paper. The easiest is obviously also to change the background, and then you have a whole different look for your images. So that's why we kind of started. Instead. Off has a heavy vinyl where we can't really turn the back lights off because it just doesn't look good and great. Therefore we have now is a white paper in here, and we can go through a little bit off afloat. So the lights itself. So also, obviously, during years of filming, I can't really tracking the studio down because then you won't really see Rebecca anymore. So therefore, we have a lot of natural light. However, we meet at us and it's not too bad. It's kind of between 2.8 and four. That's a bit off our fill light. But our main key or the key light let's measure at eight. And because this is measured at 80 high key set up the lights behind me there are measured so that it's 16 on the background. So we measured these guys here here for, like F 16 and we measured from Rebecca's face to what the psyche was. This kind of monkey light that is an F eight 4. Headshots: The Theory: So when you have a client that doesn't really know how to tell the head because, as we said was headshots, that's pretty much all you can do. It's a little bit off a headed, but you have to have the eye contact with the camera and if they don't really understand, visited and I can kind of demonstrate, you know what that means? If I turn around and that's a No to Rebecca said at your head, that's normally what I do. First of all, she's very good because she's still not taking too much. But I have a lot of clients when I say it city head, and it's like full on second steinzor just like that. And I'm like, OK, that doesn't look good, eh? So what we want to do is obviously a little bit off ahead to that, a lot of times that it also to the wrong side. So if you turn to the other side and it's kind of nice was Rebecca because she has a lot of hair and that's kind of covered. However, if you have a client like short hair, I don't know, maybe even a bit more for cabbage in in the tilting this way, Then you exposed a lot off flesh year. So obviously was Rebecca. We can play is away. However, normally I want that declines to the head towards me. So if you did a little bit this way, perfect and to it this way. Okay, so you see if you can follow my hand quite easy. So a lot of time when you try to director client, they just hurt. It's easier that you say Okay, imagine that my hands kind of sticks. No in your face. And then you just it with my hands. So that's a lot easier, right? So that's pretty good. So considering on how she is standing, it's also important that the kind off look that you want to achieve so it sees a more masculine look for more feminine look, and that's normally considered on the height off the shoulder. So if you're tilting your head and bring your shoulder down and now brings us really down and now told you had a little bit this way, so this is considered a more masculine polls. So whenever you're hurting, your face was ahead towards the lower shoulder. That's more for masculine polls. That kind off says It's not really meant just for a man, but it means it's more like strings. And yes, it's kind of strong position. And if you now raise a short of a prepare castle, bring it really in. And now, she tells her head to water, That's considered a very female log. And it's nearly a little bit like flirty or like Ryan Rubber. And you achieved was just a lower, shorter, a complete different look. So just keep in mind if you're shooting headshots. What kind off look are you going for? Is it like a strong Poles? Is it like a CEO off a company, or is it a more like flirty look, so you can just change the shorter and you have a whole different look? 5. Headshots: The Shoot: So first off, we just That was like, um, yeah, just your hands on your body. But just bring your arms and anomaly in portraiture. It's good when you have your hands out, because then you create a lot of shape, but with headshots, you don't want that you showed us are sticking out too much, so it's better to bring them in. So normally, first of what I say, can you hold a baguette? So literally? Yeah, perfect. And now, just lower your show it off, down perfect. And just a Lexus, because I will only have obviously your upper like head and shoulders. So I don't see your hands. It's only so that you keep your hands and really okay. And you just keep next set. That's great. Going a bit closer. Really good. Awesome. And from here, I would also just change the camera in the compositions. I also just go into the horizontal mode. That's great. Okay, so maybe if you bring all your hair first off our backs, so they're kind of all just on your on your back. Yeah. Perfect. And then you hold it by, Get again, But just bring your hands a little bit lower. Perfect. Yeah, that's great. And now, yeah, let's play No visited off the head. So we just keep it a little bit this way. That's great. Perfect. And now also told the as I said, and just try that your hand states moves and doesn't bouche onto your short of perfect, That's great. And that just keeps the same position and just give you this, okay? Perfect often. And also try, um, toe shift your body a little bit more this way. That's great. And I just bring it a tiny but back towards me. Great. And now just lower it down and really bring it out as far as you can. And I call this a chicken shin because you really want a strong jawline. And now just lower it down and just ice back at new perfect. That's great. And I would just move in here just gets us a little bit straighter. Really good. That's great, very nice. And from here, we can now across the arm and just try to pretend you're now the C O off a company. So it's kind of more like a strong I don't know, like you're proud to have a 1,000,000 employees or something like that. Rebecca Ng. Exactly So, yes, they'll exist. That's great. Vacant. And from here we can also do different things now with a hand. So at the moment, the hand this kindof really front on everyone that it's a little bit more curved inside the arm. So it's not quite as Klaus, but as if it can be as gentle as possible. So it's kind of like road a little bit inside your arm. So yeah, perfect. Perfect. So that's a little bit more off for four million poles. That's great. And just bring your fingers a little bit closer together. Perfect. And just keep some royal perfect until your hips a little bit backward. So you're just shooting a tiny but towards me. This was great, Very good. And now you can also Hyatt your arms in sight. Ah, your hands. Sorry. Yeah, perfect. And just look at me. That's great. And once more, bring your your chin out as much as you can. That was out your body. It's more just literally just a chin and just a little bit down and then your eyes back with me. Perfect. Very good. Okay, cool. So let's revisit the whole thing. How it looks different with the shorter. So if you just drops a shoulder down again a little bit, just have your hands, like flat to you, our body and just kick your hip a little bit backwards. Perfect. Just a Lexus perfect and actually was headshots. I always take a lot more time because I wanted it Super perfect because it's obviously for business, are normally move in a lot more than I do is portrait's to release moves and everything out , making sure that color and everything is greater things that looks perfect right on the folks I Lexus. That's great. It is good. And then we also just change my composition. Perfect. Stay, Alexis. And now just brings a shorter up and just yeah, and just flip your hands. Words just see your neck a little bit better. Perfect. And just a Lexus Perfect. And now just it you had ever so slightly perfect instead exist. That's great. Just once more this way. Perfect. And now just cross your arms for me again, like more like a CEO. Perfect your beautiful hands. That's great. Very nice and just heard you had a little bit this, like, perfect. Very nice. And now pretend you're more like an actor or you need shots. That's more like for atter, so you can actually laugh a bit more and be a bit more like fluidity, but it's still kind of a head shot, But it's more about yeah, how you would come across if you would. I don't know, go to a label and say, Hey, I'm your new singer or dancer or whatever. Yeah, that's great. Perfect, Exactly. Stavis is expression and just let your arms a little bit down, actually. And your little thing or this thing out yet? Perfect. Perfect. In just a necklace. That's great. And just a big smile. Beautiful. Very good. Just one more to the side. Very nice. And now we're just bring all your hair to the front. Shorter. Just a bit more variety. Yeah, very nice. The nexus. And once more just it. You had a little bit more towards me. Perfect. Very nice. And give me a little bit more off a fierce expression like Yeah, exactly. Very nice. That's what Peter Hurley called swinging when you actually bring you a lower lit a little bit up. So give me this kind off a swinging look because that's kind of supposed to be more confident, perfect. That's great that exist. It's perfect, very nice. And I think I want that. You do know the same thing, but just bring your hair up into like, a ponytail and then give me the whole fierce expression. So obviously, if you're working with the hair and makeup person than they could fix this no, even better. But just so that you get a bit off a different look. That's great. And give me the squinting looks. That's perfect. Very nice. Perfect. And now bring your upper body a little bit more towards me and just cross your arms again. Very nice and not just bring your head a little with this way. The effect. And also bring your head now a little bit to the other side. Perfect. And bring your chin forward and a little bit down and now down and just bring your eyes up at me. Perfect. This was really nice, and now also hides the fingers off the other hand, actually, so I don't see them at all perfect, and I just want to make sure that this is our maybe just a little bit more. Yeah, kind of straight yet Perfect. Very good. Awesome. So, normally, I would just take more time to really straightened out here if it's for, like, a proper business shot. But I think for the floor just good enough. And I think now we can just change the jacket because obviously, a lot of people, when they go for head shots, they will change into Black on. They want a white background, which is obviously, always very contrast. Ian. Normally we photograph everything on the same color scheme. However, that's how a lot of people should head shots. But let's switch it up just to give you another look. How it would look on a white background with the white jacket. Perfect. Just bring your blouse a little bit down perfect, and just bring your upper body little bit back towards me. Perfect and just cross your arms. Perfect. Very nice. Interested to have your perfect little bits, They say. That's great, very nice. And you can also just losing your hair applicant and just bring them over the shorter Perfect. Just so it's a bit more for a variety. Perfect. Very nice. And again, I would go in a lot more justice, movement our but just to give you but off a floor because was had shot such a signature bs perfect as possible. But I think that's good. Very nice income. One small, completely like frontal and just cross your arms. Perfect. Very good. Like fierce expression. Like you, the CEO. Very good. And now it wants more Your kind off actor kind off a natural, smiling one. Yeah, that's great. Awesome. And from here, we can switch. Can you stretch those lights off from here? We just switch the lights off the background lights just to give a different look. Very good. Let's see what that's like. Nice, Cool. And you can also just lose your jacket and then I just photographs of blouse. Very good. And just, uh, also, actually, no loose your tie because that's always helped thing that I see in the pictures and yeah, just maybe cross your arms once more, just like once more like a c all kind of headshot. That's good, very nice. And just bring your upper body a little bit more to society not too much that I still see easy as a short are very good. And bring your chin forward much forward as you can. So kind of Imagine that your genitals on my hand and I just pull it now towards me. But don't come with your whole upper body. It's literally be like a chicken. Do it. Yeah, but that is not a big back make make make and even a little bit more back, back, back kitchen yet perfect. And now just down. And I speak of me. Perfect Vega. That's great. Very nice. And it looks cool. Was a different background as well. And I give you one more time The black jacket, right? Very nice. And just yesterday front is once more just with your arms crossed. Perfect. And bring it in a little bit down and a little bit forward again. Perfect. And bring your hands out against what they're kind of craft. Perfect and actually lower your shoulders down and I'll just did your head again. But perfect and once more that you're bringing your body a little bit this way. But take your feet again with you, so it's a bit more sideways perfect And just flip your hand backwards, perfect. And just back towards me. Very good. And one more Just holdings that I get perfect and just it a little bit side with beautiful . You just have to go a little bit in, actually. Very good. Awesome. So the next thing you have to look out for like, if I would say no to Rebecca Kid, bring you ahead even further this way. So just just stand us. You are in just your head. So imagine my hand is in your face and now move it. Move with perfect. So the problem as two things when you move the head too much this way, just do it again just for demonstration. So the problem is you still once eye contact with the camera. However, the you can really bring the head too much around because if you turn your head, Mama, Mama, Mama, there will be a time where the nose is cutting the cheek. And this will just make Rebecca's nose look larger. So with headshots, especially ones that it looks as flattering as possible. But if you bring your face a little bit this way and just lower it down and bring it this way. So there's really only so much that you can turn the head. It's just like really micro movement, so to speak, because first off ours the nose is not allowed to cut the cheek. And second of all, if Rebecca's faces too much this way and she then has to look back to the camera. So if you just look back to me now, just with your eyes, you see immediately what happens, so to look back towards me or towards my camera position, she will really strain her eyes and there will be a lot off I wide visible, which is not very flattering and also the nose were just appear lot larger. So especially in headshots, really take your time to go through really small movement to have the best result. 6. How To Change From Headshots To Fashion Inspired Close-Ups: So, as we said, the head shot is obviously something like really ecstatic. But to offer your client a bit off a variety if they come to you and they don't really know what I want, it's easier to start with something really basic. But still take your time to smooth out the hair to make sure the jacket is correct. Because I also have clients that come in was a blazer jacket and they're completely like, Ah, wrong batons everywhere. So you really have to take your time to see if the buttons at the right place with the holes and not that it's all prompted up, and that's the color is right. And that's the hairs, right? But yeah, as I said, it's kind of micro movement you can play a bit was if your client also has long hair to bring it up or to bring it down. If you have makeup or hair stylist and it's even better, and as we just did that, you can also obviously either just turn your back ground lights off, then you have some kind off great grayish background. Or you could also bring in maybe one of those pop up back black backgrounds. And then again, you have a completely different look in this way. At least you can give your client a little bit off a riot. You. The other thing is once you already on this look and it looks kind off like a fashionable blazer that Rebecca is wearing here. So we can go from the standard head shots into a more off a fashion portray. And that's what we will do now. So I will try toe put the wind machine on to see if Rebecca long hair actually capture some winds. Let's see if it works. Get a All right. Are your eyes OK? Not let me know if they're getting too dry, right. So always make sure that you re meter your light, especially when you're working with spec lights, because they will obviously spill a lot off lights. And so now we have the background lights off and we only working with our key lie. It's at what f 16 at five months six and was a little bit off fiddle light coming from the sides. And so the wind looks good. All right, let's do this. That looks awesome. Let me see Just a test. Okay, this looks really cool. So the thing you always want to avoid is that your model has their hands or anybody. Position? That's too symmetrical. So, Rebecca, if you just lift one hand either up or down and any movement can be just is away just so that it's not, like symmetrical because And it just looks a little bit too, I guess. Boring for the picture. So this is great. And also try toe just show me like this. Perfect. The right hand is perfect. But the left hand Yeah, just that I don't see it flat, but more like in the curve. Maybe the other way around. Yeah. Perfect. That's great. Wonderful. Yeah. This is great. Maybe you can also just brings a button. Oh, yeah. And then you can really cannot just pull is away. Perfect. This is great. Very good. Actually, I think you can stand now a little bit more backwards and I get you. But better in here with this lens. Perfect. Very good. Beautiful. Awesome. Just changes up again. Perfect. Beautiful. And ice back at me. Perfect. Awesome. So was fashion. Always portraiture. You can obviously no play a lot more with your expression so you can basically just rips the jacket more open and then just look down cool. And then I expect at me perfect, really cool and maybe just cattle yourself in yet. Perfect. Beautiful. Just ice back at me and bring your eyes up. Kinda just like looking after the ceiling. Very nice. Keeps the expression and maybe just so that you capture edibles like with yes, perfect. And maybe also So I see the other arm and just kept in very nice and bring you our eyes a little bit back towards me. Actually turned your face a little bit more this way. Perfect. And just bring your eyes back up Very nice and just give me one more kind off. More like Yep, perfect. That's great. Very nice and just ice bigot me perfect and do the same thing once more, just so that I get your hands a little bit better in perfect. Just because I'm so tighter, very nice. And maybe just take your jacket off and just rolled over your shoulder. It's just a little bit often. Extension off the boring had shots, but if I want to shoot real fashion. I just switch the lenses so I'm a little bit close here. But this is great, very nice. And maybe it's an eye condition. Sing where you can grab into and just rode over your shoulder. I don't know. It's not like a little something like this. If you just grab in this and then you kind of just court. That's great day Lexus. It's beautiful and kick your booty without perfect Very nice. And come on Swan's Frontal and still have your jackets out. And also still have your weight on your back leg kind of, and then just come a little bit more frontal towards me. Perfect. That's great. Beautiful stand access. Awesome. And half your body always away this time fronted towards me. And now just bring your legs a little bit closer together and just shift your weight these away. Yes, perfect. That's great. Perfect. Say Lexus, and I'm actually Captain your hands off because I'm on such a tight land. So if you just bring this in perfect. That's great. Beautiful. And maybe half your hair all the way to the side. Awesome. Just moves on your head. Actually, Vasa. Yeah, Perfect perfect. Very nice. Yeah, that's great. State exist. It's beautiful. So what Rebecca just did, by the way, just to demonstrate you, that's a perfect hand position because you always want to see the site off the hand. And she just did this year, like, in a really nice way, the thing we don't really want to see in any portraiture, fashion or whatever. Or at least I never want to see it. Is this back side off the hand because it captures a lot off light? It's find a few photographing men who are doing this because that's kind of normally more Mandy polls. Anyway, I don't mind it, but a lot off models, they do this and a I don't know what this. Why would anybody have the hand like this? So if you want that the hand is on the shorter, then just tell your model to do something with that, and that works normally Better not in this post, obviously. But if Rebecca is wearing now like address, you could say OK, playing always a strap or something like that. But otherwise we don't really want to see the back side off the hand. So what you just did there. Waas Perfect. So let's do some more reading. Nice, beautiful, Awesome. And you can just throws a jacket to the side. Just kick it out and we just go now Some just with the blouse. Perfect. Beautiful. Awesome. Maybe one more. Yeah, crossed arms. Perfect. Beautiful. And just on one's around also. And just look over your shoulder. So just turn yourself to the site and then just look over here as this is perfect. Beautiful. Yeah. Give me is a swinging look again. Perfect. Beautiful. And bring your I'm just a little bit over your belly, but keeps the post. Yep. Beautiful. One more and big smile. Beautiful. And come in once more, just like frontal towards me And just give me some kind off. Uh, cava, go kind of look perfect. This is great. Beautiful. Awesome. Great. Okay, let's move from here. Now. Toe the beauty dish 7. Beauty Shoot: So as you can see, we just changed the set up like super quickly because I mean today it's not really about lighting, but just to give you some aberration with supposing flow. It also means, obviously, that supposes have to make sense with the story. And obviously a big part off any story is the right lighting. So now you can do basically the same thing with any client or any kind off model that has not. Yes, you can see the perfect top here just works with any kind of top. So we just basically removed Rebecca's bra straps just to give this kind off clean beauty shots. And we just changed the light in the way that it comes more from above. And we have a reflector from underneath to kind off light under knees Rebecca's eyes just to get rid off. Some also shadows, and that's kind of considered like a clamshell lighting, because it's kind of like a temporal, I guess, And yes, so we were just work from here. First, we just have some kind off hands and face kind of beauty shots, and from there we can also bring in some props and I mean, Rebecca's make up this beautiful anyway. But it would work even if she has no, like, the strong makeup, like eye color and stuff, like said, like, I share on stuff. So this is normally considered this typical beauty set up and, yeah, let's go from here, OK? First thing's first. My trusted assistant comes in with the light meter, so just make sure that we have to correct exposure on Rebecca night. Okay, Lets keeps us at nine. That's great. That's good for any beauty shop, because you have a lot of steps or feud, which you obviously want to have, like a crystal clear makeup and so on. And now I just have to move my way, so I don't actually see the light stand. Okay, so I just do a quick test, so just enter. That's great. Yeah, that's beautiful. Okay, so from here, we can just play maybe first with your hair, So maybe just brings a hair on either side off the shorter, like all of them together. Okay. Perfect. That's Yeah, that's great. Beautiful. Very nice. And maybe bring even your as I hand in a swell. So it's kind of just like maybe bulls in your house. Just the sight off the hands. So this was beautiful. Your left hand is great. And now just the other hand as well. So just show me the site. Perfect. Beautiful. That's great. Beautiful. And now just it you had ever so slightly and just bring your chin a little bit down Beautiful. And just look towards your hands. Perfect. Awesome. And now just bring your hands into your face. Texas Perfect, Beautiful, Perfect. And maybe turn your right hand even more. I'm like, this is my left. So this is your right. Okay, so maybe more like this and then we'll see as I want underneath. Perfect. Beautiful. That's great. And bring your chin even further out. So, like the chicken shin again, so even fills out perfect. And now just lower it down, down, down, down, down, down Beautiful, Awesome And just keep this hand That's beautiful And just bring you as a hand onto it Perfect And just it you had ever so slightly and just bring it down Down, down, down, down And I speak up with me Beautiful Okay Bring your hands all the way down So the reason why I always has a model to bring the ice completely down or the chin down. And then I speak up to me because that's not considered the can new. And this is very typical for beauty photography, because it's considered very attractive for females. If you look if you bring your chin down again, down and down and look back up, it's a camera. Now you can see the white under the pupil, and that's why it's called The Can Win. That's kind off this typical beauty look. So if you just shoot this perfect so bring it. Shouldn't even felt that down and just ice back at me. Perfect, Beautiful count. And that's do the same thing again. Just bring your hair this time over both shoulders. Perfect. And just look down and then I spec at me. Perfect. And just to put your head, I've also slightly and bring your chin down. Down, down, down, down. I expect at me. Perfect. Okay. Bring your head even more straight. Straight, straight straight. Then the chin down, down them and ice again. Back up with me. Sorry. Just bring you up. I just wasn't without guess problem. Okay, Beautiful very nice. And from them maybe just bring your hair back onto your back. Perfect. Beautiful. Yeah. Racy. Are your short actually a little bit Perfect. Beautiful. That's great. Stay Lexus for one second. I just don't want just a little thing that awesome Beautiful. Just move a little bit back Perfect. And ice back at me. Beautiful. And now just bring your hands up Lexus Wariness And actually brings us as a hand even further in Lexus and then your chin down Perfect. And not dio I dragged on legs, but just so it's very gentle maybe even want in your hair rather than in your eye Yeah, perfect, Beautiful. And just your chin down again. Perfect. Beautiful. That's really nice. And from there, just maybe bring you arms down exist again. So it's kind of like together Lexus. Perfect. Beautiful. Now just have my light standing there. Perfect. Okay, so from here, we can obviously also play with some accessories. So if you think your kin puts us over somehow, just stuff Is this big in you? Obviously. Always ask your client if you love to touch them, but Rebecca knows me knows I just do this. I was out asking, but I normally do us. So now we just add it on accessory just to give it again a little bit off a different beauty. Look, that's perfect. Actually. Bring your hand out first and just really smoothing over your head as you just did. Perfect. So it's like super sleek, Perfect. And just bring your hands down. Perfect. Very nice. Coming a little closer, beautiful. And just bring your eyes down Perfect. And just bring your eyes up Perfect. And bring your eyes all the way to the ceiling. Beautiful, Awesome. And then just play with you our face One more just nexus beautiful. And just bring it on down Perfect. Maybe even maybe do something. Actually, where you kind of squeeze your hair and from both sides was kind of just like yes, perfect and just lawyer, too. No, you are beautiful. Very nice. And maybe if you just bring one arm over your head. Perfect. Very nice. It's beautiful. Very nice. And maybe just one more where you kind of just bring your hand. Lexus. And then the other one. Texas. Maybe even higher to the other hand. Yes, beautiful, Perfect. Lower your eyes down beautiful and now all eyes at me Perfect, awesome. And just bring your eyes up to the ceiling. I didn't smile. Perfect. Very nice. And just relax your arms down once more and turn yourself just a little bit more to the site and just bring your eyes back with me. Perfect. And actually, also, Turtle had a little bit this way, and then I just removed this once more perfect and just lowers a stroller down. So the more the shoulders downs and more relaxed can looks perfect. And now just give a little bit off capsule. It's not quite so squeezed to your body. Perfect. Beautiful. Stay exactly Lexus. That's great. All right, beautiful often. 8. Beauty Shoot Flow: With Props And Music: I think being compelled feelings I've never felt used to be controlled by came along. Thank you. So your looks, your eyes. Something chance. The O. There's no one in There's no want the super natural roles. Father Side, I think, been feelings. I've never felt witches on broomsticks feel like good. There's no one super natural rose by reside Can Una spell slipping Rose Bar naturally lose far? 9. Portraiture: Fashion Standing - If You Ever Get Stuck, Think Letters: Okay, so after we did know the head shots and kind off went into a bit off a fashion look and then more like a beauty look. From there, we can go now into the portraiture, as you know it from traditional portraiture. So if you're worried that your client is a little bit more heavy, then you don't really want to turn them into the light. Because, as we said, this is our key light, and the more light is on something, the more it's also kind of exaggerated. So if we would be worried that Rebecca has like a really full bust, like big boobs or really small boobs, we wouldn't really want to turn her into the light because it would exaggerate is away. It would either look Fulla, it would look really flat. So what we would do in this case, in the traditional sense off portraiture, we would actually turn her away from the light. So if you turn with me and then she would look back into the light so that shoot that very nice. So this is no really flattering, as you can see, because Rebecca's face is now completely lit, which is nice, but because she turned into the light, you still have some awesome Yeah, narrow lighting because there is shadow going along this face, and then this is illuminated. So that's very flattering. And it's also considered the most flattering light in a way, because, as you can see is assistant it kind off in shadow, and it's kind of just like a slightly wash over her chest. But, I mean, she doesn't have to worry about it anyway because she's limb. But if she would be no, a little bit bigger or if she had more belly than this, would be completely hidden. So let's play a little bit from this angle, okay? And just stay like this. And now just bring your arms into hips to give yourself a bit shape and just look back into the light. Perfect. Very nice. And look down perfect and back at me. Beautiful. And maybe also, just bring your arms behind your body. Perfect. But don't squeeze your arms too much. You always want to be a little bit off a gap. Perfect. Beautiful, very nice. And you could also know, obviously go from here and you could also have a chair in here or something and still have your client sitting this way and just looking back into the light. So this is just most flattering. If you're worried about some, you know, some people with the bigger breath or something like that just so that it looks a little bit more hidden. But obviously was Rebecca. We don't have to worry about that. So we will move now through a 360 degrees off, moving around so that we can just get a few different shots and different angles. So let's say we want to do a bit more for fashion, portray so coming all the way across and have your legs a little bit. Ah, like straight and out. Perfect. And I just cross your arms and I consider this a position because that's a very typical fashion polls. So let's shoot that very nice. And here, obviously, I'm now on the 24 to 1 or five so I can take the full shot with toes and and everything, and I also can zoom in a little bit closer to a bit more awful portrait look, so that's nice. Very cool from here. You can also shift Now your weight left to right. Perfect. Very nice. And if you don't want to always go into this position where you have your model with the hips bag and this kind of very position with the feet, it also looks really nice and very flattering. The moments of model shifts left to right because normally they move their arms and immediately you have to step between the arms and the body. And that's something you normally always want except in headshots. Because as we've had head shots, you want that the arms in that the shoulders don't reach the stick out, but in any kind off portray where you have like an upper body or like 3/4 he wanted have such little bit off a gap, however the polls is can become, like, really static because and it's kind of very robotic of everybody just days like that. So you don't always have to have this massive gap. Therefore, it can also just help if you should left to right. So if you just continue doing that and I just take a few shots perfect and just shift perfect, but you shifting now like this, But I don't put the to shift like this. I want that you just go. Alexis. More, more, Mama. Perfect. So does this on small, perfect, beautiful. And really take your arms with you. So kind off that your Lexus and then you're going left to right and really, like nearly like you're stroking on your hips. Kinda, because I knew immediately create a bit off a gap. Perfect. Beautiful, Awesome. You don't have to do to extreme. So just like ever so slightly. Just like really just shift your weight left to right, left to right Perfect. They go because immediately you create a whole different body dynamic and also kind off a little bit off a gap off off the arms. Perfect. Very nice, Beautiful. From here we can obviously, also, instead of having a pose, you did it already for me. Instead of having the legs of power, We can obviously art across them because this is then considered the most female poll, so to speak, because the most females have this kindof hourglass body. And obviously the moment when you cross the legs it's flattering because it hides part off the legs so it looks lemma and at the same time, you kind of creates this hourglass body shape. So this looks really nice as well. Beautiful, often very nice, beautiful. And maybe just cross your arms. Perfect. And I just swim in beautiful and come on even straighter. I mean, use them so you can do it. I wouldn't do it, but come in this straight as you can, like, fronted with your body and still have your legs crossed. Perfect. And now just give me a little bit off shape and just one. Squeeze your arms too much to your body. Just relax. And the hump. Perfect. Beautiful. Perfect. All right. From here, we can also go into another classic fashion polls, which is kind of considered, if you're like is a really young or kind of rebellion. You can go from here into this. What I call that I oppose. So that pretty much means that you just have your arms like this. So kind of like the body creates and I and then you can either do it like this, or you can also move a little bit sideways and really round your shoulders. So normally, we don't really want that our models or clients have this kindof round the back we want. That's a lift as tall as possible through through the whole bag that they look really elongated. However, if you want to elect with down if you imagine you analysis can off rabbit teenagers and you can also kind of just roll your back forward. Yeah, exactly. So that's kind off like a very young and dynamic Ah, fashion position. Perfect. Beautiful. And come on front of to Megan and just give me one small this kindof I So we kind of just cross your legs together. Perfect. And maybe just give me this kindof Yeah, perfect. Beautiful. Very nice. From here, we can also go into a Naza fashion position. That would be an esc off. So with the S curve, it's kind of like you imagine that the body shapes and s so you have to go with 11 part off your booty is away this way or this way, while the upper body goes into the other direction. So if your booty goes this way, then you am would go this way. Perfect. And this way, your whole body creates this kind off s shape. Perfect. Beautiful Yes. Bring the fan even into your stomach and then just got Lexus and really exaggerate your but as matches possible. Perfect. And you can't even do this when you cross your legs again and then just really kick your bum out is away and just come up with your upper body and just go, Alexis. Perfect. So that's kind of a classic er s cough. 10. Portraiture: 360 Degree Posing And Emotions: okay, so another opposed. That's very fashion considered, and it's normally for guys, but it also works with a strong female that's considered to see pose. So the sea as you can imagine this as a letter C. It's kind off round, and it's kind of considered. Maybe because it's more because guys are normally more shifted with the way it and kind of nearly like they're leaning on the bar or something, which means the whole upper body kind off drops, and that creates a secret off. So in fashion, this also works quite well, especially when you have somebody who's, you know, a little bit more like with stronger closes. I wouldn't do it now with, like, a flattering dress or something like that, because I can look too masculine. But if you just put your foot back on map, because was Rebecca outfit that really works? And yeah, exactly. So now you can see the upper body and legs that kind of makes a secret off perfect, and its once more this kind off, more off a rebellious and young fashion polls very nice, and you can also do this obviously with a smaller chair. So she doesn't have to lean too much. However, Was this one? We can also just turned us around. If you just sit on there was like up there. Then you can also do the Sikh off while sitting perfect. And that just means the whole poses very relaxed and kind of just more round. Perfect. Very nice. All right, so now you know I an a and C and s so that you could give you some good variety off different fashion stents. And now we can also just play around with the 360 degree anger. So we did already. Let's do it once more. Just turn your face towards this window, Rebecca, and then just look into the light and come a little bit forward. I think a little bit forward. Perfect. And now just look back into your key light. Perfect. Very nice. And just come fronted towards me Enough. That's just like, yes, Just turn your body towards me and your feet all the way to the front like this. Perfect. And just give me the a again some kind of Lexus perfect. And just use away with your hip. Perfect, Beautiful, very nice. And I'll turn yourself even further this way and now just look. And from here we can obviously play with different positions. So once more in portraiture, it's obviously not like with headshots, where you have to look back to the camera. You can look up, you can look down, you can look sort for you can be smiling. So let's just play with a few different emotions. Yeah, perfect. It's beautiful. Good night. Awesome. Maybe also bring your hands like the framing your face once more beautiful, very nice. And bring your hair all the way up, like off. Kind of like a messy up do beautiful. Very nice, awesome. And turn yourself all the way to the back and then just look over to me again. And I just want to bring in some wins again. Yeah, perfect, actually. Let's do it first to the other side. Perfect, beautiful. And just bring your face more towards me. Beautiful. Stay. Alexis. That's gorgeous. Very nice, beautiful and actually turn a little bit more towards me and maybe have bulls hens together like the on your chest. Beautiful. That's watches. Beautiful. And maybe pretend No, you like you're playing with your your dress, travel with your hair, something that gives you a hand reason to be. They'll not like a sad, just like fools, but kind of like it should be the perfect That's beautiful and look at me beautiful and relax your hand down, and that's play with different emotions now. So, as we said, if you raise your shoulder up, that kind of considered very vulnerable. Perfect. So just Catelyn beautiful and just bring your eyes down. Beautiful. Maybe even bring all of your hair onto your back. Yes, beautiful, yes, that's beautiful. Also with the hands if you're kind across them and it's kind of nearly like a praying position that's also very vulnerable. So stay like this and just look down and also bring your hands a little bit down. Beautiful. Very nice. Yeah, thank you. That's also OK. And now let's just bring in some other emotions. Maybe just more like if you do this and it can also be kind of like floor to you. Kind of like sexy. Very nice. Beautiful brings us as a hand. Maybe also in Texas. Beautiful. And now just relax the shoulder down and now be kind of more like edgy, perfect. Beautiful. That's great. Awesome. And maybe also just a bit more fun where you kind of just throw your arms up into the air. I don't care. This kind of beautiful. That's great. And you can just move through Perfect. That's awesome. And bring in some kind of laughs, like big kindof like No, that's terrible. Bigger laugh, bigger love. Yeah, you really mess your hair up like, really Big 10. So you're then. So you condense. No. Yeah, Just go. Big. Beautiful. That's great. Awesome. I want even the tiny bit more perfect and just go through some big movements often. That's beautiful. Awesome. 11. Standing Fashion Poses: we will finish this all off. This how we started with, like, standing basic positions. But now, obviously, Rebecca can just move around and just yeah, be or more fashion oriented with a few different like jackets and so on. And just make sure Obviously, we didn't really talk about that yet. But if you bring somebody down and then up again that you always move your lights so we're working here Was really big light, so I don't really have to worry about this too much, but just make sure that you don't really go down, and then you go back up without moving your lights. So let's that from here, that waas a jacket, Right? Perfect. So just roses on and also lower myself now a little bit so that I can really along it. Rebecca's legs. Perfect. Beautiful, beautiful. 12. Sitting Poses: Okay, So after you did the normal portraiture in the traditional way some fashion or some dancing around, which already should you? Yeah, it should give you a lot of variety to also just bring your client around in 360 degrees. Then you can obviously also play with chairs. So the number one problem I see with normal she, Elsa so that if you don't have a model that sits immediately as gorgeous and gracious as Rebecca, most people that just sit down like they do when the watch Netflix or something that just sit on the couch and they relax. But you don't really want that. Your model Relax. I mean, obviously it's supposed to be comfortable but not too comfortable, because you still want that the body and everything looks really elongated and gracious. So therefore, we just put Rebecca onto the side, because once more you don't see then the big part off the hips. I mean, you don't have big parts, but I wouldnt so therefore, it looks better if it's in those anger. So let's take a few pictures from here. That's cool. Very nice. Awesome. Can you put the deck? It on. Also very nice and maybe have both feeds actually on. Is that okay or shall I just move it out a bit more? Is that comfortable enough? Yeah. Okay. Beautiful. So, yeah, if you can be in onto your arm. This is great. Perfect. Beautiful. Very nice. Maybe even. Yeah. Come. Maybe first. Completely. Straight up. That's great. And then maybe from there like this bows arms that you kind of come forward. Perfect. Beautiful. And may become Oh, actually, Alexis's Well, just don't show me the sights. Just threw me. Yes, beautiful. She gets it already Perfect. Very nice. And may become always away. Or actually, Alexis tools overseas. Kind off, yet perfect. Beautiful. And now come all the way up and just have maybe the one. Not that they're so together these legs maybe just a little bit apart. And then I just want to create also a little bit off in anger with your arm. Perfect. But now I think I see your fingers, so never show fingers that look like there's nothing else there. Just fingers that good. So it's your hands that Yes, it's beautiful. But I'm thinking the as our food should also just tip onto the other chair of possible with the high. Here's so if you just tip it on but, you know, maybe more like, that's it just more about here, So kind of just like, Should I move this a bit further? This place, it's easier. Maybe. What exist? Maybe it's better from this angle. Beautiful, Awesome. Perfect. And maybe just one more way. Kind of lean forward like this. Beautiful, actually. Say exactly like you as this is great. And then I just grabs us all to you. Perfect. Beautiful. And I speak at me and just flipping the perfect. I actually like the Houthis once more. Just keep your hand in there, that perfect. Awesome. Okay. And maybe just lose the jacket. And I quite like the Silver Sea red and maybe this. So I throw this in just for a little bit off variety, and then we just change the chair. So when I was a reason why I like when Rebecca is in this way, it's also because I don't really like it when people pull somebody on the chair was like naked needs towards the camera, because I always think the naked knee is the same as an arable. It's just not very attractive. Therefore, if you can hide like knees and elbows in the way that it's more like an angle rather than being straight with the camera, I think it's better. And it's also not so for shortening. So it looks a bit flattering. Perfect. Beautiful. Very nice. I actually have to come down this way. Perfect. Beautiful. Very nice. Can you also cross your legs? Perfect. Mm. Is that they're comfortable. Assure that puts this share on again. It's okay. Okay. Awesome. Okay, stand up again. But keep everything on. I just froze us out. And obviously, if you're working with the Hyatt share, the model doesn't always have to sit on it. We can also use it as a standing crop. So you could also just lean onto It is a way. Perfect. That's great. Beautiful. Awesome. And shall we drop in the other chair? Okay, let's switch the chance around just once more. You have obviously different chairs in your studio and the oil work a little bit different and regards to posing. And you can takes us off again. I just thought it looks kinda quid was the red share. I can just drops us really nice. So once more, make sure that your model doesn't sit like on the sofa at home. So it's always best when you can set somehow rather than on your whole bomb that you can sit more on the hip so you would angle yourself in the way that you're not sitting quite on the flesh. But that you morons, the hip bone. So is a way that works fine. Oops, perfect. And I should actually not shoot so much. Remember off it's better from an angle from shooting a bit more straight on. Perfect, Beautiful, awesome can. Actually Alexis to this. Sorry, just careful with you. Yeah, perfect. Beautiful. And can you actually chance a chair a little bit more this way? Perfect. Because then again, I can just have you more on an angle and more on the edge off the chair. That's perfect. Beautiful. That's great. Awesome. And maybe once more, if you can. If you can just throw your legs over the other. No, actually, over the rest is that's not painful, actually, the other way around. Sorry, I think it's more like we have two chances back for us. And then just like over there, was he as a way, Use a way. That's books. Fine, Perfect. That's great. Beautiful Assam and once more just towards me, but kind of Traister to stay just on your hip bones. So just bring your bomb to the other side and then just really roll off your bum. Perfect, Perfect and one small. Just get up from second. So you're kind of like you and you kind off rather than on your whole fresh. Just kinda more nexus. Perfect. And bring your feet in a little bit. Beautiful. Yeah, that's perfect. Well, that you really elongated legs, that's great. And then you're not squeezing any fresh off the bump perfectly. Next chair. That's probably more off a typical chair if you don't use the high chair on a chair with armrests. So that's probably what everybody has in the studio at home. And once more, you don't really want that the modest it's with the whole flesh onto the chair. So again you would just basically say to her, Come on with your hip bone and then also you want to be on the edge off the chair because and more. She's in the chair. Obviously, the more danger there is it she would just sink into the chair. So how? Rebecca is now, that's obviously awesome. So we just go from here and just angling me down. It's on the same height. Perfect, beautiful. And from there, because now you don't really have any, um, rest worry about you can actually even bring your bum all the way to the light. So if you just move all the way, kind of like, Oh, you can, actually, if you don't sit on it just how you would do. But if you, you know, you would actually sit on the this place of pretends, um, all this kind of thing would be here. Go out. What are you from? What? Okay. Okay. So, again, that just gives you, then the whole different look. Perfect. Beautiful. Very nice. Because you also don't have any worry off. Four shortening her legs so she can extend the legs out. And then it's all a bit more often. Entry pose. Perfect. Beautiful. You can actually also bring your legs and just a little bit more perfect. And then you can easily in back yet perfect that's beautiful, awesome. And stay exactly like that. Just show me you as a hand. Yes, perfect, beautiful, very nice. And you can just look down from sale up. He's away. Beautiful. That's beautiful state, except just give me a little bit more often. Angle with your arms were not quite so straight because it's always if it can bends and bend it. So it should be a little bit more natural. Perfect. And just relax your shoulder a little bit down. Perfect. And I've Beckett me beautiful. The next thing we can, obviously dual. That's especially effect for if you get up for a second. If you're worried that your model has a little bit more bigger belly, then we could also obviously just straddle her on the chair. So for this, I would just turn the chair around, and then you just bring your legs out, and then you can lean on here with your arms. Perfect, beautiful. And maybe just bring your arms up Lexus. Perfect. Very nice, beautiful. And then, obviously all of this would cover any potential benefit if there was any. But there isn't beautiful. You can also, if your model doesn't wear a dress or trousers that go out this way. If that's too uncomfortable, you can obviously also just bring your legs into either side. So if you just come up and you just sit as you said before and then you can just hacks the chair pretty much perfect. Beautiful. Just be careful once more. Now you have the arable sticking out closest to the camera so you don't fall short now too much. So if it's more to the side, that's probably better. Perfect. And maybe you can just brings us hand a little bit in and just pretend you're leaning on. But don't properly press your cheek down. Perfect. Just pretend awesome and just one more kind of just as high, like pretend that that's like a hook on your on your head, and that really put it the absolutely, really, really straight. And then just bring your hands and ever so gentle, perfect, beautiful 13. How To Enhance Your Images Even Further: That was a really good flow that read it. Here was Rebecca on this kind of gray fashion background, and you can see how easy it is just through the different poses. And obviously I was also using the 24 to 1 No. Five lens that gives me just a fast of a riot. You can zoom in 3/4 or even for your body shots. And that was really nice, However, if you watched any off my other tutorials and you might know that I'm a big fan off the photography academy by my click on and McLagan, he's really good photographer and also instructor, and he has the thing that he called the like the best recipe for Fantastic Portrait and the Seven Ingredients, obviously first off oils opposing. Because if the posing doesn't look, what then? Yeah, the whole pictures. Basically a failure. So he always want to make sure that the model looks got in her polls, that she looks comfortable and relaxed and that it fits to your whole concept and the second ingredient is obviously light. So in the studio studio environment, I obviously don't have to worry too much about the control off the light because I have some all set up, and that is already then also third ingredient your exposure. So here you obviously make your own decision. What kind of apertura you want the whole look. So these ingredients are pretty easy for me to achieve here. And that brings you to the force ingredient, which is the style, and the style includes the fifth ingredient, which is a composition. As you saw that, we took some pictures that will portray. And then we swept over toe horizontal composition just to give Rebecca some variety. And from there you can also the site if your style includes the post processing. So if you want to do any photo shop editing or light room and so on, then that all brings us together with your style. And that brings us to the most important ingredient. And that is the storytelling. And obviously, if you're photo has no story, whatever, then it's kind off. What's the point? So you have to have some story in your image, and you might say no. Yeah, okay, that sounds interesting. However, you're shooting just the model on the gray background. What can be there for a story. So in our case, it's obviously than I the connection with the modern. That's why I always make sure that Rebecca looks relaxed and happy and has fun. And we do a lot of communications so that she always knows that she's doing good. But she does throw this fantastic. However, we also want to switch it in a little bit, Yeah, so that we can see even more off a story. So in our case now, we just changed the background lights into that. They're coming back onto the background and they have a blue gel on them. So the whole background will look now a little bit blue. And then we have these two speed lights and they're pointing back towards the camera and I will give us a little bit off a flare. And so the whole shoot looks a bit more whimsical, maybe a bit more fantasy, but brings and also cholera and again makes it just a bit different so that we can give our customer was a client of the model just again really different look, but not changing too much because you obviously want toe keeps the shoot not to drag out. Basically, you want to change anything the same time as your model or your client is changing the world rope. So you have to be really fast. So the fastest thing for me is obviously as 1/2 sees background flights anyway, standing around, I just put the gel on them. I can't really meet her them. It's really up to you. How strong you want that the jealous looking and then you could just points is to speed lights back to the camera, and immediately you have a complete different new look. And so, yeah, let's shoot and see what that looks like. 14. Dreamy Fashion Editorial With Blue Gels And Lens Flare: Okay, So before we start to shoot, I just wanted to mention that also switched now my lens. So before I was shooting with a 24 to 105 As I said to just give a bit more variety forever to get this reading Nice starburst from the speed light. It's a little bit better if you can shoot with the prime Mince. It also works if you shoot with any other lens, however, than the light might not give you the star effect, that might be more off around circular effect, which can look also interesting. However, I decided it looks better today with the 50 millimeter lens. And also obviously you wanna maybe how can you shoot this? Because Rebecca's now pretty much in between the speed lights and you will obviously see them in the shots. Yeah, that takes a little bit work later and photoshopped toe retouch them out. However, that's why we've got them on the spoons. 10 so I don't actually have toe edit out the world stand. I can only edit out this little bit here, So this is really easy and ever show you how to do this. So yeah, I would start to shoot now, and that's going to be a little bit noisy once more. Because over start with seven machine and yeah, let's do this. Okay. Yeah. Yes. This is great. Very nice, actually. Will go a little bit down. Just sit on this one. Wonderful. Beautiful. Okay. And give me some as much as you can. Big shapes, like maybe with your jacket open, but obviously still. So you don't knock any off these flash plug in between reason. Yeah. Perfect. That's beautiful. Wonderful. Very nice. And give me one more way. You're jacket is open and just look down to the floor. That's great. Beautiful. And now look out off the window over that. Perfect. And now look out off the door. Very nice. Bring your nose a little bit more towards me. Perfect. Beautiful. And no. Also, your eyes at me. Very nice. Give me one off. These kind of a shapes what we talked about, but maybe have your jacket a little bit more that it's a metrical. Yeah, that's better rising because it's a little bit baggy, otherwise beautiful and kick your hip a little bit back. What's beautiful? Very nice. And come on straight again and kick your hip outs of sweet perfect. Beautiful. Yeah, that's great. Very nice. And 67 Is that better? Okay, awesome. Very nice. And give me maybe kind of crossed arms for yeah, kind of cattle in and kick your hip out is a way I like. This was a cross like that. Now just kick it out. Yes, Perfect. It's beautiful, very nice. And maybe just lose the head bend. So just kick it off and maybe just play with it if you just open it up and then you kind of just like a Scouse. Very nice. Awesome. Very nice. Keep it even out. Can I like this? Yep. Perfect. Very nice, Actually. Bring your body a little bit. Or actually, I turn away first. This is fantastic, actually. Stay like that and just give me this for that. Just looks really nice. Possible Beautiful and stayed with your body like this. Lower your shoulder down. Very nice. And now take it a little bit. Not what's me beautiful. And cross your legs. Beautiful. Recognize? I was checking. Didn't slash one more awesome. And maybe give me one big shape. One small with that jacket and give me also some kind off aggression, Like, rare. Kinda awesome. They like this. Very nice. Beautiful. Yeah. I like this Really squinted eyes. That looks awesome. Very nice. And maybe lose our actual Lexus. Also go, like, really like down? Yeah, perfect. Or actually keep you elect straight and just lower your shoulder down. Perfect. Beautiful. That's great. And still probably half your legs of straight as you can and just really lowers a shoulder down. Perfect. Yes, that's great. Beautiful. And I expect at me that night Awesome. Very nice. And you can just drops us out to the site. And I just give you this now just to play with us just a little bit. It's beautiful. Very nice. Cool, beautiful. We're like that. Just bend your arm a little. Perfect. Beautiful. And you can also drops this out again. And now I icis already s I on. This is goes I still want your him here. That's better, right? Yeah. You feel better. Okay. All right. Now come a little closer. Beautiful. Do you get perfect? That's gorgeous. Very nice. Awesome. Beautiful. And relax for a second. Yeah, that looks wonderful. Beautiful. Awesome. actually, Can you do this again? You did something like this. Yeah. Perfect. Beautiful. Maybe. Also turn yourself a little bit sideways and then kind of just frame your face. Perfect. Beautiful, gorgeous And drop seed Asa, hand down. So I only see And no sorry, the other one. So I only see the front one. Perfect. And just like that. That's beautiful. Very nice. And now just pretend like you're some kind of stroking your hair back. But you're some, the other some. No. What's it on? Yeah, There you go. Perfect. Beautiful. Very nice. And drop your hip a little bit backwards. Yes. Perfect. And just Yeah, or you can just go through your hair. Beautiful. That's great. You had one more time. Like, really slowly just going through your hair. That's gorgeous. Beautiful. And look at me. That's great. And city I had a little bit not what's me beautiful and stay like that. It's gorgeous and status. He had like that for a second and just maybe go Lexus. Perfect. And did you have? Yeah, perfect. Perfect. That's beautiful. Awesome. Very nice. And maybe give me something like use away with your hands, like on your face? Yes. Perfect. Beautiful. And so that you had a little bit more towards me. Perfect. I really I really like this. This hands the upper hand. Stay with that. And just don't really show me the inside off the and more like the curve. Beautiful. And with the other 1 may be just around your belly. Perfect, beautiful. And a little bit towards me. Beautiful. Very nice. And relax your hand down and you can just go through your own flow once more. 15. "Edgy" Editorial Fashion With Blue And Red Gels: Yeah, this was really nice. Awesome. Beautiful. Maybe Kind of. Just play with your necklace or just looking down. Yeah. Perfect. Beautiful. Actually. Across your next while doing this. Perfect. And now just look up with me. Beautiful. Very nice. And I actually turn your body always away this way, and then just look back into the light. Perfect. What? Like what? Can you do this one more Where you kind of just swing your hair, But I count you with, like, sweet toe one beautiful. That's great. And now you can just do your own thing again. Beautiful. Very nice. Well, that's great. And can you also kind of kind of pulls a short nearly? Like what we did was a jacket. So it's kind off. Yeah. Beautiful. This looks right. Yeah. Beautiful. Very nice. The effect. That's what Even right when you kind of pull it out. Is this is a bit like stretchy? Yeah. Perfect. Yeah, that's great. Beautiful. Awesome. That's great. I never knew you had tattoos. That's cool. Yeah, that's great, Actually. Come down this Well. Oh, yeah. That looks awesome. Yeah, This school beautiful. Awesome. Very nice. Cool. Let's take Can you put this on again because I think a little of even cooler. If there's some movement, I might come even closer. Yes. Yeah, that's gorgeous. Oh, yeah. Beautiful. Very nice. Very nice. Davis is kind of like innocent, flirty. Look, and then change it up to more like site. Sorry. Go. Very nice drops. A short that justice. Tiny but down. Beautiful. Very nice. Okay. And now you can kind of changes. Leg. You're some kind off. I don't know what villains do, but that's the kind of life. Yes. Awesome. Yeah, Very good. Can you go even, You know, like this kind off. I can do it, but you can probably do it. Cool. Oh, yeah, That looks great. Stay exactly like set. I just changed my anger. Beautiful. Actually, it's a little can we even brings a sore flash a little bit back. What's because it's a little hot. Nothing in the face. It's a bit burned. Yeah. Beautiful. Oh, yeah, that's great. Let me see what that's like. Oh, yeah, that's perfect. It's better. Beautiful. Awesome. Oh, yeah, that's great. And now give me some. Like, where are kind of like that's no overall that sexy like you just is this right? So it's kind of like I kind of like you have the rock festival. Oh, so yeah, that's awesome. That's awesome. Yeah, that's great. You can change it again. Beautiful. Yeah, that's awesome. You can do it. No, no, not sex again. Yeah, I go crazy again. Awesome. Yeah, that's great. Oh, I like this was the hair. That's Yeah. Puffing. Awesome. Yeah, that's great. 16. Sitting And Lying Floor Poses: So as you just saw, it also looks like really awesome. Even if you don't have any chair or any other props, it also looks really interesting when your model can go down and do some interesting poses from there. We just actually brought the light down because, as I said, just be careful if you don't have a really big light source that you always take your light with you because I see this a lot of times in my workshops that I said that light up high and it's a smaller light. And then immediately the student comes in and sits the model down. And then obviously the light doesn't make any sense anymore for the shot. So obviously make sure that you are, if you're concept changes that everything else changes visit. So from here, we will actually do this right now. Also, if you can sit down right now when we were just take a few shots from down, that means I also wouldn't go down, okay? And yeah, so the first thing is, when you're sitting down, the problem is, as we said, we don't really want toe. But actually, we have two problems here So, first of all, we don't want to look ever into the moderates groin. So obviously, when she comes forward like this, which a lot of people do when I say sit down, that's how that's it. And if they opens a grind, then obviously you don't want to look into it. Now it's OK because we have pencil, we are covered. But if you would be address or anything, then obviously that's not very flattering. Well, yeah, basic instinct. So we want to avoid set. So what she's doing now, that's obviously good. And we can also change it from here. The next problem, but you also have when you have your legs forward is that we said that never looks really flattering. If you look at somebody's elbows or knees because they're just very bony, it's normally not that attractive ones more with pens. It's obviously less off a problem, but yeah, let's just work from here. All right, so this is already really good polls because the moment when a model is crossing her legs in the sitting forward, you want to avoid. If Rebecca would have just a brow or bikini top, then you would see all of these challenges, but now it's obviously are covered. So that's good. However, I laughed this post over truth this Yeah, that's very good. Okay, so from here, normally if Rebecca would were now, like I said, like a bikini or something. The easiest way to cover any bulges that literally it's normal, even if somebody super skinny if you lean forward, there's some skin that will overlap so immediately. This would be now a good post to Cavazos. This is great. Or you could also just cross your arms and then once more if you lean a little bit more towards me again, so this area would be now covered. So this is great. The problem. What we have now is just that when Rebecca is leaning forward and Alexa Cross, we really shortened everything. So I would probably just turn you a little bit more this way. So if you swivel a bit more toe, yeah, perfect. Because now it looks like it's actually a little longer because you don't really want O for short and everything that comes to the camera perfect. You don't want to make it smaller or bigger. Zenit This So this is much better. Very nice. And from here, we can also, if you just stretch your legs out from there and now, over your legs look even longer. Perfect. Who is this is very nice. Beautiful. Actually, Rebecca just changed her position there, Which I would have told her No. Anyway, so if you go back into the strait, Um Okay, perfect. So the problem is, when you say to the modern sit down and most off them would because most of them are probably not so sporty and shit like Rebecca. The problem is, if you bend your arm now, this actually, it's really tough, right? Because now you actually rest on your masters. So the it looks betters or because, as we say, if you can bend us, you should bend it because it just looks more flattering. Especially if the arm straight you have no this big, massive popping out. So some people that are actually strong So was Rebecca. I could do this for a few shots. If I just say OK, now, just bend your arm down perfect as she did anyway, because immediately it looks a lot better. However, if your model is not that strong. Then you would probably have to do a little bit photo shop because And you would just push this back in and photo shop just to make it more like a real arm. But Rebecca strong so we can shoot this. Perfect. Very nice. Beautiful. And maybe just cross your legs from them. Perfect. Very nice. And if you can bend your arm even more perfect. Very nice. And actually, sliver just a tiny bit this way. Perfect. Beautiful. And now we could really long legs for Rebecca, because now they come closer towards the camera. And immediately, this looks now like super long. Beautiful. Very nice point. You are, Lex, like, really close to your body as much as you can. Perfect. And from here, we can also create a more like a vulnerable look. So if you can off hacked into Lex Perfect, actually, just flip your hair back. Or is there? Yeah, perfect. Very nice. And actually turn again. Just most sideways. Beautiful. Nice. And just drop your shoulder down. Perfect. And bring your head just a little bit. So what? Meat. Perfect. Stay like this and drops a short. I want smoke. Beautiful. Very nice. from here. One off these as opposes that I see a lot, which is a typical studio photography, where the photographer Saito the model that I should lay on their belly. So I will show you now to problems that could be with that. So if you lay on your belly for now and normally you see this was high, keep like a hike, a background, like a white background. But I just demonstrated on this one now. Perfect. So if I go as low as you, Okay. So as you can see now, the problem is that when you shoot somebody frontal on, it looks now like there's nobody. It actually looks like this. Just so you see what I mean? Like you only upper body s seizes the Laden classical mistake of people who want this pose but actually don't know what to do now. So we can. The next problem that also see is if you cross your legs now. So now you would see her legs, but because of feet across, right behind her head, it means No, it looks like bunny ears. That's why I always calls us a bunny. Ear polls, because it's kind of like your legs are growing out off your head. So obviously, that's all what we want to avoid. And there's an easy way to fix us. We just turn your little bit sideways. And so that Rebecca has Lex really cool. Actually, you can turn the tiny, but so you're more like my anger towards the room but affect even the tiny but more perfect . So I think now this looks really good because we have really long legs and I still see, like, what is a feeding everything? So that's great. And from here, you can just play as you would do normally. Very nice. Bring your legs actually tighter towards your bum yet Perfect. Very nice. Really nice. And just keep in mind to problems that you would have here with those polls that, first of all, a lot of people that actually forget to take their label off the shoes like the price sticker. You're good, but I see that a lot, and I have to retouch this outs. Obviously keep in mind that if you can take that off, it's better. And the other problem would also be not for Rebecca, because she's slim and fit. However, when you do this post with people who have more bast and I will show you what I mean. So I'm I'm not that rich in this area, However, if I would be if if you imagine now that we are like really big women, like, really curvy and I would have no a curvy woman doing this pose, then keep in mind that the gravity comes into place and that the boobs will be on the floor . And obviously this is not very flattering. So this is a fine polls for anybody like Rebecca, who's limb off it. And I would say it's even better if it's maybe for like, a kid or, you know, for like, parents with Children. But I wouldn't do it was a grown up or heavy woman. But let's just take a couple more shots just to give you some variety here. In case you would like to do such a pose. Very nice. Awesome, however, or actually I'd like this. This is one more adjustment. Big, perfect. Very nice. So from here, it's obviously also good if you have a really fit woman that you keep yourself up as high as possible. So then obviously you look even more link and elongated. Yeah, that's over, right. Elongated, perfect, Beautiful. And that's always obviously very flattering. The more arches in the back for more curvy and graceful. It looks so. This is beautiful. 17. Creating Floor Sets: awesome. But as I said, this is not something I would recommend with everybody. Some people want to do this. Polls there, for this is how you can do it. But there's a much nicer way if you want to shoot on the floor and that's what we do next. Okay, so s U C or else you will see in the second we changed the background. And as I promise, there are nicer ways if you want to lay a person onto the floor and I also recommend it because it's a very unique thing to do. Not a lot of photographers are doing that, but it looks really awesome because it can change the scene so quickly, as you can see. Yeah, I'm just holding a simple hello Wean napkin, and you can do this with any napkins. I'm doing this now and the hell win style because I'm shooting it. Whites were having October. It's a moment, so it's just a fun thing to do. And yeah, it's giving use this really unique background and the costs. I don't know, like $5 maybe for two packages off those napkins, and then you can, obviously by a different props fitting to the seem. As I said, It doesn't have to be a hello bean. It can also be an autumn off foiled Seymour in January. You can put snow on the ground like cotton were, or something like that just to give you yourself and your modern wants Moses variety, And it's very flattering for a lot of people to actually lay on the floor. So, as we said was, Rebecca trees limb. It's flattering wherever he shoot her, that's no problem. But if you have somebody who is a bit more curvy than especially because you're shooting from above, it gives a really nice compression toe the body. Or you can also shoot slightly from an anger. So you kind off shoot from behind her. So you have a drop off into her cleavage, which once more looks very flattering. So if met now swivels around so you can actually see what we live with, it data. Rebecca is now on the floor, as we said in the really nice position, because she's curvy and this is just very flattering and looks very beautiful. So if you're wondering why I'm actually shooting from this end, it's because if you decide to do such a shoot and you also want to have him model on the ground in this kind of position, I recommend that you shooting always from the head position down. And if you say now we're but then all have the images upside down. That's not really good. Then you can change this, obviously, in post production. If you have it an A c, our light room or in photo shop, then you just turns the image around later. The reason why I'm shooting like this and not from the other side straight on, it's because it never looks really flattering, if you should, into somebody's nostril. So if you would imagine me now, are either that I'm on the side or Rebecca would be turned around and what I would kind of shooting the wrong side up onto her. First of all, I would have her legs and focus and then the head last, which really foreshortened, said Lex, which might be interesting. But normally anything. It's just not that flattering and definitely not flattering. Any time when you showed up somebody's nostrils in fashion, sometimes it's obviously a bit different because in the model standing, you lower yourself. But even then, most off the time, I tell my mother too low as ahead, because once more you don't really want to shoot up into the notes. That's just not really that nice. So that's why I'm on this head side off. Rebecca and I will also use the letter just so that I can lift myself a little bit higher and get a whole different perspective. However, now it would be again really good time if you have a second shooter. Because if you ever shot weddings, then you might know that the second shooter, Austin, gets a lot off really good shots that you couldn't because all the pressure is on you as the main photographer on getting all these poses, Stan, why is the second truth? I can just run around like freely and just get all different angers. And if you don't really have a second truth has no problem. You can also, like, have a friend with you or maybe even the moderates friend, and it doesn't even have to be done with the proper camera. Could be just an iPhone. Just obviously be careful that when you have no somebody on the letter was an iPhone or any camera. And it's not secured that the camera doesn't fall onto the model because we always want to make sure the model is safe. That always comes first. But yeah, the moment you have no somebody up here, then you obviously also a little bit more free and going a little bit up and down the model to just get different angers. And you can also decide if you still want to shoot with the flesh or if you also maybe you can shoot with the Emmy in light. So here we have a set with these little fairy lights and we will just see if it makes maybe sense, do not have some overpowered my flesh, but actually should was natural light. So you will also see today met now and shooting because he is my second shooter and we will just move around and see if we can create some standing results 18. "Halloween" Style Floor Shoot: Yeah, that's really nice. Beautiful. Yeah. Beautiful. And bring this mask up a little bit higher. Perfect. And maybe so. It's more angered across. Yes, Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful. Very nice. Single. Put a bit more exposure on here. Perfect. It's beautiful. Can you kind of try toe? Bring even more, um, shape into your booties. What's kind off More? Yeah. Perfect. Beautiful. Very nice. Oh, yeah, that's perfect. Tremble too. Right now. Maybe for Oh, yes. Perfect. Yeah, that's great. Very nice. Yep. Perfect. Stay exactly like set. Just turn your hands inside so I don't look into your palm. Just have to come a little bit. Perfect. Beautiful. And can you offer may be good for this bell book. Perfect. Very nice. And can you brings a mask out for a second and just keeps us palatable? Beautiful Maronites. Yes, that's great. Beautiful. And can you help us to put this back in? And the mask maybe, like on the other side? And then can you give us a fan? Yeah. Yeah, And then there's just now little gap, But what can you bring your legs closer towards me? Said possible. Like nearly like curling up together? Yeah, perfect. And yeah, just can you stick your dress, actually, in your knees? That doesn't make any sense. Can you help her from behind? Whereas addresses poking out, like on her shoes. Do you see that? Can you just put this dressed down there? Yes. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. It's just Yeah, that's okay. Perfect. It's beautiful. Beautiful. Say exactly like that. Don't move. Can you just fix? No, The napkin here. Rebecca moved. Beautiful. Perfect. That's great. Beautiful. And maybe, like half over one side of your face. Perfect. Stay exactly as here I come once more was out old sleeping on your here. Perfect, Beautiful. And once more just over EUR. I like one I perfect. Awesome. And just maybe on your belly or something. Perfect. And maybe just rest it down yet. Very nice. Okay. And now you come up here and I just move around. I think being compelled feelings are never used to be controlled by Thank you. So your looks your eyes. Something chance? So there's no one in. There's no the super natural roles. Father Side 19. Autumn Themed Shoot With Music: - just stuffing is to Catherine's mind Match food steps. You're close to my side. Here is a kiss. Everyone has been something tree something to counting way . 20. Moody "Rainy" Shoot With Music: - we are strangers in these so so way it's wants is no what just way it's No, - it's it is way wants. 21. "Best Of" Female Posing Slideshow: right.