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Portrait Posing Guide II - Learn to Pose Individuals, Siblings, and Headshots

teacher avatar Bernie Raffe AMPA, Award winning photographer and teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Male Posing Part I - In the garden, standing & leaning and posing with a jacket


    • 3.

      Male Posing Part II - Seated on a sofa, and sitting and leaning again a wall


    • 4.

      Female posing Part I - Inside on sofa and chair, and in the garden on a bench


    • 5.

      Female posing Part II - By a local lake, sitting, standing and leaning


    • 6.

      Female poses with some great off-camera flash lighting


    • 7.

      Individual female poses (repeated from my other course)


    • 8.

      Head and Shoulders posing, tips and tricks


    • 9.

      Headshots - It's all about the Jawline


    • 10.

      Younger brothers


    • 11.

      Older brothers


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About This Class

Part II - Individuals, Couples, Young and Older Siblings plus Head and Shoulders

Follow me on live photo sessions and watch me create some lovely relaxed poses

  • Real life outdoor photo sessions
  • Warts and all posing i.e. some of them don't quite work, and I say why!
  • (Mostly) non-model real live people, like you and me.
  • Create beautiful family photos by getting your lovely subjects into more natural, relaxed and flattering positions
  • Practice the easy steps in this course and it will pay huge dividends in your portraits
  • PDF crib sheets are available for most of lectures, keep them with you

Models aside, the majority of us are not aware of our natural and unconscious body positions and so we don't present ourselves as well as we might. Most of us tend not to be concerned with where or how we place our hands and arms, tilt our heads, or position our feet. This course shows how to overcome this problem.

Posing is a powerful skill that will transform your portrait, understand the basic dynamics of a good pose, and then you can create your own.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bernie Raffe AMPA

Award winning photographer and teacher


Award winning portrait & wedding photographer

I'm a retired professional photographer based in Bedfordshire UK, and have been passionate about photography ever since my parents bought me my first camera when I was just 11 years old (a Kodak Brownie 127)!

I'm qualified as a photographer to 'Associate' level with both the MPA (Master Photographers Association), and the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) in the UK.

I'm also a guest speaker on cruise ships, and was also in demand as a speaker to other professionals and to beginner and keen amateurs at camera clubs...

I love to share my passion for photography, and these entertaining and informative films will demonstrate, without blinding you with science, how you can be a better photograph... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I'm burning raffia. Professional photographer, instructor on organ. Nice guy based in the UK on Welcome to my course All about posing. If you like to take photos of people, you will have discovered by now that it's not always easy to get fantastic photos with your subjects looking nice and relaxed and comfortable. But here's the thing. It's not that hard. You just have to learn some basic steps and then practice them. And so lovely relaxed posing is what your learn on this course. Many posing tutorials feature mostly gorgeous experience models to show you the poses, but this course isn't anything like that. Only one video has a gorgeous professional model. All of the others feature real people who are maybe not quite so gorgeous, and they all feature in life photo sessions. Yeah, that's why I go out and photograph normal. Everyday people like you may and our families. There's individuals. There's couples, families with Children, siblings both young and old, what you might call full of figure couples as well, plus a photo session with an extended family of about 10 people, including Children on a lovely old granddad in a wheelchair. There's tips and tricks for head and shoulders posing. Plus a fantastic idea for getting a stronger head shop and know everything goes to plan. I make mistakes. Yeah, Instructors make them all the time and so will you. But those mistakes are kept in there. No edited out. This is real life, after all. And these things happen. Posing is hard to remember. Well, it was for May. Anyway. So each video has an accompanying pdf crib she of the poses for that particular lecture that you can download and keep with you. So if you like to take pictures of people, be they models, family or just friends, this course is the one for you. Your learn loads. So why not sign up now and learn the secrets of great posing? Bye for now. 2. Male Posing Part I - In the garden, standing & leaning and posing with a jacket: this video dildo of MALP poses now, it's probably fair to say that most posing tip tutorials focus on the female form on. Funnily enough, there's nowhere near as much information available about how to probably properly pose men . Even when you do find a guide, it's usually more about listings imposes on Seldom do you actually see somebody explaining why particular post works or doesn't work? And so that's what I try to do in all of these videos. Once you understand why certain poses work or them work, you're well on the way to creating your own poses on variations. So just why is posing men different from women? Well imposing women? We usually try to accentuate curves, whereas the opposite is true when posing men, a man's body is know about curves. It's about looking strong fit and coal. In this video, you'll see I pay a lot of attention to how Alia is standing. When the body weight is distributed equally between both legs, the post can often look while the stiff. When women shift their way onto one leg or the other, it could result in more curves. That's obviously no appropriate for a man but another been of benefit of shifting the way is that the subject tend to look for more relaxed. The exception to this is probably Children. They tend to feel quite comfortable when standing squarely on their feet, often as youngsters to stand with their feet apart and hands in their pockets like this. It shows a bit of attitude to which I generally like. Generally speaking, I prefer to laugh and joke and chatter people to show a little bit more of their personalities. But in this particular session, I didn't spend any time trying to elicit any particular expressions. Familiar Many men of his ID. You want to look call, and that's a bit more difficult to achieve when smiling and laughing. I did have one specific problem in this video in the Eliot kept holding his chin up. I don't know why I did that anyway. You'll see how I deal with it. So let's see how we got on again in this video. We're going to be looking at men men's poses. Andi, we've got Elliot here. Good, good friend of mine. Despite the fact that is young, slim and fit is actually not a model Elliott standing Freddie flatfooted straight onto the camera, which is not the best kind of pose. And I'll take a shot of this just so we can compare it. Also, you don't normally what your subjects facing straight onto the camera that's were widest, obviously, Elliott's nice and slim, so probably not so important in this case, anyway. I just take a quick shot. Event it why he's starting, that this is compared this light on. Okay, so now will improve the pose. Why? I turned in earlier a little bit, maybe 2030 degrees and shifting the white onto one leg. So let's give that a try and it just foot turned that way slightly point, the other leg out. That's it. Maybe put a hand in the pocket. Well, he's got his whole hand in a pocket, which is not really a great look to start off with. Maybe just put your some in need your handout. That's it. Although if you is ah, wedding photographer, maybe a guy in a dark suit. The hand might stick out too much. In that case, you could just put the whole hand in tow, hide the hand. But most of its most photographers prefer either just a summon or the hand in with the some out. So it's a bit bit subjective, really. Let's give that a try. Just roll towards May very slightly chin down. I quite often ask people to just roll towards May. It does feel a bit strange to them, but it does look better now. Here's a comparison of the flat footed pose and one with the weight more. One leg. You can see how much better it looks. It Elliot has turned slightly. You can see that Elliot is his chin up a bit. Now. Most people don't realize they're doing this. And for some reason Elliott was especially guilty of this. I had to keep reminding him to put his chin down a little. So now let's try it with the legs crossed. Give that a go. Uh huh. Just turn maybe a little bit to that side and then do it again. That's it. 14 length on one. Close up. Put a hand in the pocket again. The way he has his feet cross looks a bit staged, but that's how he felt most comfortable, so I didn't interfere. It looks OK, but he's doing the thing with his chin again, and you can see how much better it looks with the chin down. Some people push their chin up in the belief it will hide a double chin. It's better for them to push their heads towards the camera and then chin down. Standing poses really start with the feet, so avoid having a subject stand flat footed or with their feet pointing in the same direction. It's better to have your subject place. They weigh over one leg or the other. Crossing the fee also helps to relax the pose. Right now, what would you do is just tilt your head this way. Now, when you ask people to tell their head, quite often they turn it. What I'm really after is just a little a little till now. That's it. More like that now, funnily enough, there's a feminine way of tilting your head on a masculine. Why now? Normally, if you were to tell you head this way, that's it like that and not turn towards a come a bit more. That looks a bit kind of female Kuti type of look, so you want to avoid that with men generally speaking, you want to tilt the head onto the lover shoulder or further away from the camera. That's it. But looking back up May that's it, and that makes it look a little bit cooler. I'm gonna go for a close up their chin down a little bit. The head till can definitely reformed. Oppose. I mentioned tilting towards a lower shoulder, but that only really makes sense of the subject is at an angle, and there is a lower shoulder. Probably a better way of thinking about it is for mental. Tilt their heads just a bit. Not too much away from the camera, not fold your arms. There's another easy posted do I want? Oh, shoot mainly 3/4 now rather than four length, so just roll towards me slightly at it. We'll just just coming towards me more and chin down. The arms folded post can provide a stronger post great for business or corporate type. All traits again. A slight roll towards the camera usually improves, oppose putting more emphasis on the face. I don't really like shooting against a sky. Let's come over tiny bit this way. Why? So I know what we're doing. Folding the arms When we let's fold you turn this way a bit more. But why not quite as much as that. What matatu would ahead this way is a combination of the same strong post arms folded but with a slight head to Personally, I think it does look better. And I look down here Now look up looking over this wagon. Okay, so data variations, you know, one somebody's posed, you can get them to look in different directions. I won't keep doing that. But you get the general idea you can easily varied. Oppose just by somebody looking for why you're looking. Looking down. One of the problems with any portrait is what the subject should do with their hands, because just leaving them down here. But aside, looks OK, but dozen particularly great on DA. A couple of ideas are the folding of the hands, which I just we just did hands in the pockets as well. Generally you want the hands resting or holding or holding on some onto something. So a couple of other ideas, especially a wedding you could have the groom maybe just play with their cuffs, looking down at it looking down at their cuffs. That would make a nice short. Let's do that again. Turning to the side, resting on one leg and then just playing with the cuffs looking down, that's a nice natural look Imposed. Another idea. Might bay say, for supporting your home on your neck? Yeah, yeah, just like this is if you were just gonna scratching yourself. Maybe a little bit lover. Yeah, about they're just little bit behind. What we don't want is your elbow, but you don't want the subject all by pointing towards the camera. Was anything new at the camera looks, it is going to look a little bit larger. So it's just as if you were really just putting your about. They're looking, maybe looking down. Yeah, I'm not sure how well this one has worked. It looks a bit like a sniffing his armpits, but it can't look much better if the elbows pointing down on the hand is more around the neck. This pose also looks better when the subject is sitting down, but it was worth a try. Another very simple trick did you see quite often is to use a jacket on just get this subject to slinger over the shoulder, So give that a try straight away. That loves looks pretty good. Elliott's standing on. He's got his weight on one leg. Just turn a little bit more to the side, leaned towards me a little bit. About what? Intervals me 10 down. Perfect. Yeah, that looks great, doesn't it? Nice natural. Look of the hands. One hanging onto the jacket on one in the pocket. Here's another one. Same basic pose, this time in front of a tree and with a slight head till, well, you've got opposed with a jacket over the shoulder. Could be great if the subject just walking along with it. So let's give it a try. You're just gonna walk towards May. Don't even look at may. Just look over to the total Why, as you walk now, I personally prefer subjects not to look at the camera while they're walking, usually asking them to look past May or towards any nicer light. I use a burst mode with continues focusing and choose the best one or two images. What we've got defense behind us. We might as well make use of it because people do like to lean on things, makes the subject look a little bit more relaxed. So if you go against the fence, maybe just put both arms out, cross your legs. Perfect. Look at that. Straight away. That looks pretty good. Chin down and bear close up. And I come away from offense slightly and just lean. What? One arm. Just lean against it. That's it. Maybe uncross your legs. Now just stand as if you were just waiting for a bus. Wait on. God, that's it. May be that hand in the pocket. Just put your thumb in. Uh, and I living in towards me slightly because you are leaning back a little bit. Yeah, people do like to lean on things. Makes him for far more relaxed look. And so if you do have the opportunity, you've got a nearby wall offense. Try and make use of that. Also, don't forget the subject could look down. Look up. I didn't want to do that every single time. It gets a bit repetitive, but you get the general idea 3. Male Posing Part II - Seated on a sofa, and sitting and leaning again a wall: well in this session, we're indoors and we'll just take a few shots on the sofa sitting down. Obviously. Now Elliott's just sat exactly how you would normally sit on a sofa leaning back, and that's not gonna be a great pose to start off with. But we'll take one anyway just to compare them, see what it looks like. The light is a little bit flashing here, so the light is a little bit flat in here. I should say on. So I'm gonna put the flash on Andi. I think I'll just bounce it on. Did use a flag just so that there's not too much light hidden him directly to give a nice light on his face. And in fact, I take one with and one without, just to show you the difference. So let's give that a try. First of all, just Azalea is sitting as he is in a moment as up. Okay, Okay. I'm leaving the flash off for this picture because it's not a great post. I just want using this one just to compare. See how it looks like one, right? Right now. Idiot. What would you do is sit on the very edge of the sofa that's just and lean towards May. What we didn't want is in leaning back, because then the emphasis would have been on his feet and his knees. So now that he's leaning forward, the emphasis is more on his face. Rather than hold your hat, bring your hands in a little bit. Maybe put one arm across. Yeah, that's it. Little spell a lot that right now I'll try one without the fashion on on this one. I'll put the flash on abusing this flag, which means that there'll be no directly like hitting him from the from the flash, and it's not gonna be bounced off the side. What? Decide there? Okay, chin down a little bit. Yeah, let's could you see the light on its face is a little bit better, and also the poses is nice, so he's leaning forward, so the emphasis is more on your body and he's on his face. One of the problems here is that his hands, his fingers are interlocked, so it looks a little bit. Sausage even are, but you have been our start getting. The problem is he's got his fingers into a lot then That's not a great look. So just unravel your fingers. Maybe just hope that's perfect like that. Bring your hands back. Just a tiny bit. Great. Now, also, your feet are in the same distance, so I prefer if 14 is in front of the other. So just bring one leg in front of the other. That's it. That way you can lean on the Union, right? Yeah, that looks good. Clean and simple. Make sure the subjects arms and hands are not pointing straight towards the camera. Otherwise they look bigger. The other thing we can try is sitting on the arm of the sofa. But you got your shoes aren't a shoes off a second on. We'll give that a go. What s on Yom? Maybe put your feet up on the Yes. Yeah, I put one foot in front of the other right now. Look out a window if you've got a you know, an arm of a so far arm of a bench that could look quite nice getting your subject to sit on that and put his legs to the side. Turn them sideways. Okay. Thank you. But we've just moved outside another great option for a seated pose is putting a chair with a back rest. Put it the wrong way round. Get the subject to quit his legs, either side. Just lean on the back of it. Here, you want the arms kind of folded across the rather than forward. That's good. Let's give that a try, Great slot told head This way. Great. Another head till for comparison. Oh yeah. One thing I forgot to mention is that I feel arms folded. Looks better when the subject is wearing long sleeves. Its objective. So just my personal opinion. In this session, we found a lovely Brit border we can use failure to lean against on. As I said before, people do find it quite relaxing and easier to pose. Especially they're not models to religious lean against something and walls a perfect Also , You can take a shot from the side from the fun on. Vary the photos that way. So let's give this a try Festival Just being right back against the wall. Just cross your arms, maybe cost you feed over as well. I share that you've got the that great behind you. Let's come over. It's just to the white to avoid that. About the right. I take a full. And first of all, why not put your hands in your pockets? Yeah, that looks really nice. It's so easy to take shots against a wall or fence. Much easier than having somebody stand out in the open. A nice poses. One a leg up against the wall. The trouble is, if you try that now and we take a short I'll just show you what happens if I take a shot now of this. Uh huh. Yeah. If you make the mistake of having your subject what he's put up against a wall and you're straight on, it can look a little bit. Shall we say stumpy so? Especially if you do those sort type of shots from the from the side. Although you could ask the subject just to lower to lower his four. If you didn't want to take one from the front, cross your legs over again. I'm gonna tell you what, Just lean your shoulder against the wall now, Like this I'm doing. That's it. Let's give that a try. Hide your right handed. Live in the hand, furthest away from a just hide it. These leaning posers are very easy to do with the convenient Walter Hand and not there. Elliot needs it, but just leaning one shoulder against the wall turns the subject to decide. And so slims them down. No, the cross feet. And as I knew, we were going to have darkish tones in the photo, bearing in mind the wall when the color of Elliott's closed, I also seem to Hardy's forehand. So now he's face another hand on the light is part of the image, which is what you want. In fact, I could have even gone further and asked him to put the other hand completely in his pocket as well. That way on his face would have had the lighter tones. We'll take some from the side now as well, rather than in front, and we can also make use of the fact that is quite a long wall. We use a shallow depth of field. Hopefully, that will go out of focus. Onda. We could do one of those shots where earlier has got his leg up on the wall will try and vary it for a couple of shots. Okay, Yeah, the leg up on the wall looks much better from the side. Also, like the diagonal lines created by the brickwork. One thing I haven't really mentioned is as a general rule. Having the chest and head pointing in different directions can put the body into a nice shape and improves many poses. And here's another example of that, this time also looking down. Okay, we're just using the same wall that we did before. This time seated poses and it should be should turn out pretty good because it's quite easy to do seated poses when somebody has something Thi lien on Justus when they're standing. So let's give this a try will adjust the post slightly. We don't really want Elliott's needs in that position because they'll be too much emphasis on them. So I think what we'll do is maybe talk one underneath the other on rest of your left arm, over over that one. That's it. A good, clean, simple pose, this one with one knee up. It provides a convenient place for resting an arm again. I prefer the arm going across rather than towards the camera, but we'll carry on with the city ones. But taking them from the side. I've taken the flash of the camera because I think we'll get some nice light and shadow on the face if we do that. So let's give this a try. I think maybe bring your hand up to your to your face or your hands. Now what? Actually, one hand look good, and I'm gonna show from above. Okay, I'm now being both hands up. I look towards May. Yeah. I think I was not come out a little bit. You have gone for a more moody short here because the wall is actually creating a shadow on this side of his face with the light on the other side giving him or kind of ah, more of a dramatic look to the image. I think I was quite nice. Okay, well, we found a table with a bench there. And this is a similar pose, I guess, to the one on the sofa when Eliot was sitting on the arm earlier. Just make sure to turn to the side on 14 is further forward than the other one. That always looks better. In fact, just put both feet together just to show the camera. What? What? It looks like it doesn't quite good. So bring one for back. Bring another one forward. Now. Put your hands behind you. Look on the table. Well, that's it for the men's posing video. Hope you enjoyed that and found it useful. As always. There's a pdf document, which is supplementary material which has old opposes this listed out or printed out. So thanks very much earlier. Thank you. On See you in the next video. Why? For now? 4. Female posing Part I - Inside on sofa and chair, and in the garden on a bench: higher. This video on individual female posing is somewhat different to the other, posting videos on the course. This is the only one where I've used a model. All of the other videos feature just normal mortals just like you. And may I say that really? Because, as you'll see, Katie is no ordinary model. She's been published in various magazines, appeared on TV, where she was campaigning against size zero models, and she also teaches other models. So with all of that great talent and experience, I thought it best. If in this video I let Katie talk through her poses rather to me interfering, and I think it worked out pretty well. There's lots to see here with loads of different poses. Too many remember to remember, So I would recommend you just use a small sample and try to remember those, or just print off the posing crib she and keep it with you. You'll find that some poses work great for general photography of friends or family members , while some poses, especially towards the end of the video, are little more kind of provocative on work, great for that type of model photography, If that's what you're after. I know in this politically correct world, some people might object to these kind of sexually provocative poses. But, you know, this is the world we live in on. So I make no apology for showing a couple of the more curvy type of model poses. We had a little trouble with a microphone at first, so I apologize for some of the audio at a star. It's quite older Waldo. So I hope you enjoy this one. Let's see how we got on hi again In this video, we're going to be looking at loads of female poses sitting down on sofas, benches, chairs, blood plus also lots of standing up poses. But I'm not just talking about what you might call model type poses. Oh, no. These posters are going to be great for your mother or sister or girlfriend. Opposes it looked norm or on relaxed on. I'm not to kind of exaggerated. So we really like it here to have a very experienced professional model. Katie on. We've worked together before when I did an off camera flash seminar and she's going to help me kind of analyze. Someone opposes to look at them and see just what it is about these poses that work or maybe don't work. So, Katie, Hi. I don't have you been a professional model off infection for 13 years now? I've been lucky enough to major commercial brands travel Well, nowadays, actually tutoring you teach models of training, I think I'm gonna need your help as well. Okay. For the first post, which is going to do a nice, relaxed pose are sitting on the sofa on. I think we start off with one work. I just sitting back and then we'll compare that. When will you come forward? Maybe change. Oppose. Should we get rid of some of these questions? What is it about? Cushions and women? My wife just loves these questions. These cushions this make someone's a boy. Okay. Do you need that one there? We'll get rid of it. Okay, so we start off just a normal pose sitting on the sofa. How would we improve that? I think if you come forward first of all, because obviously the closer anything is to the camera, the mawr emphasis there is on it. So just now, they would have been more emphasis on your legs So let's try maybe putting them for one side. That looks great. So what can we say about this parts? First of all, you came forward. Put your hands to the side. We've made quite a nice diagonal lines as well, but your legs over to the side as well, on which looked really looked really good on because they're coming together. The kind of tapered on those world. Yeah, I think it really have to. You sure? Yeah. And you got your legs. Your toes pointed as well. Is that a little trick use quite about? Well, you portray May. I was like, from the very beginning, which that's what I think. Okay. Another nice, relaxed pose on the sofa is where you just laying across it and leaning on the arm. Let's give that a try. Kate is changing where she's looking for it. Shop. Right. That's lovely. Okay, we've moved into the kitchen, got the kitchen table out, which I few nice, relaxed type of poses, and we'll start off with a corporate type of shot, one that you might do for PR. PR photo. Somebody wants it for their website. So on and then we'll go into more lifestyle. Relax, relax shots on after each change opposed, Kate is going to explain what she's actually what she's what she's thinking, what she's doing. I can start with just a nice, simple pose. A settle the chair, bring the elbows up on perhaps a hand just to the face. Can I just switch has way You just change the eyes, You know you get four different shots just by one straight down the lens Once I decide I want to the other side. So after all my house, like this morning, I've got burning to make me a cup of tea And we can transform the shot into a commercial shop Just buying, chasing a coffee cup? Yeah, these are very simple poses on they, but, you know, they're very effective. Obviously, Kate is wonderful. Practice small helps a lot, but for most subjects, you can get similar response by maybe chatting to them in a kind of lighthearted way. Okay, we've moved out into the garden and we take some pictures on the bench. Bench is the great proposing and his various ways You you know, you can do it. You can sit straight on you can turn sideways. Put your legs up on the on the bench so we'll start off with one that doesn't work too well , is how most people would sit on the bench if you ask to take it awesome to take your five. Let's give that a try so you just want to sit back with your legs out. Because the novel community next, the first sort of rule of families to always keep your spine straight from matters for the way we're sitting. That's why should always be straight to give you that nice posture. So nice straight back. And I just think maybe just a lean what you put your hand on your on your when you're cheap and you've turned your hand to the side as well, haven't you? Yes, on your hand on the the turn to the side, it's never a good look to shoot with the front of your hands Face on. It always looked a bit too big, I find. So if you just tilt it slightly to the side, I think it gives him much more elegant looking out to the distance really well and also really good shop for a teenager could have somebody more young who's wearing and cool para Childs are great urban outfit is to get one me up on the bench. Kind of give me a hug. You can introduce the other night, perhaps. And a nice hot there and also is great. Just a tough one leg under knee, and then you can really get low down. Also. Really nice shot to do is to get the our bow and place it on the back of the bench. That is never a great shot when you're shooting plateau just from the froth. Yeah, that doesn't look too good from this angle. So if we come on this way and you also using you your hand there to tear your hair. But it was further away from your place as well. Yes. Good. Yeah. I mean, the hands in the air never works. It's difficult to do trouble. Okay, that's great. I think I worked really well knows poses. So after the light, now we'll try a few more standing poses. See, in a minute 5. Female posing Part II - By a local lake, sitting, standing and leaning: okay, We're the like. Now, This is called a cot, like in Milton Keynes, and they go sign in here. Oh, actually see them in the little lasers I go past on the fly of us. Anyway, I digress. Well, we've got a nice Bailey. So we're gonna use that for suppose there's imposes. Andi, we're gonna do what we did before. Kate is going to one through a few poses explaining what she's doing on. We're gonna very deposes on. Duh. So try a few different ones. OK, let's give that a try. Okay, So we're gonna start with a really unflattering shot. I mean, lots of ladies and lots of girls like to put their hands in their hair, which is great, but never shoot with the elbows this way. Always shoot with them out. Okay. And now will go into some more flattering shots. Obviously, we're fighting with the winds here, but let's just make it what it is. Notice our Katie is keeping hold of the well, even if it's only one hand. Also notice what you put her hand to her hair. It's a very light touch with the hand turned to decide in this post. Look how hands on at different heights. Plus, very importantly, her left arm is away from her body, showing her waist. Generally speaking, it's better to avoid having the arm. Why up? Close to the body And I just hang around. Bernie, would you some from behind? Yeah, be careful with this. Poses. Turning the head around can create creases on the neck. If your subject is long hair, you can cover up that part of the neck with the hair. All right, good. And I just do some side on one's, perhaps from the railings. I always think a little peek through looks really good in this short sequence notice. First of all, that her posture is very straight, even though she's leaning against the rail. Also placing the head a different angle to the body usually results in a nice body shape on . By placing one foot on the step on the other leg, bending the knee. Katie has accentuated a body shape, but generally speaking, you can see just how small adjustments could lead to a variety of different poses. Hand on the vow arm on the vow on looking in different directions. She's so good at this. Isn't you? Okay, you can create some nice opposes using steps, just sitting down. Nice, relaxed, kind of poses. It helps that you can get your legs a bit low. Obviously, because you are, you are on a step. You have to be careful not to have your feet too far out towards the camera. The other thing is way. Talk about hands didn't read before the back of the hand. But it's typical, isn't it? To know what to do? Your hands, I think. Generally speaking, they need to kind of rest on something or maybe hold hold onto something is as a general kind of gold. So let's give this a try list. Try for one, first of all, with your legs out, it doesn't look so good. So that was not the way to do it. I think a better way is just attacked those knees up to create a nice ally and just with the house using to prime the face and also with the heart. It's really good to use a prop because ladies can use their hands to hold it. And I'm a big fan of lightly anonymous shot. So just covering one eye with the hat, so we're not going to start doing some or standing poses on people. Offer might make him a steak just standing flatfooted straight onto the camera. Don't know. And that's probably one of the worst kind of looks you could right. Let's just take a shot of that. I mean more very on going to some other poses show. So, yeah, as you were saying, the worst mistake to make is just just I'm really flat footed like this is unflattering for anybody's figure, even if you're petite or not, a few good ways to just change up the SIGIR. It's so sort of. Put your weight on one foot. So perhaps on the right foot like this, it's like a fake walk. So you kind of walking towards the cover or the other way. Or, if you want a nice body, you need so stick of foot out like that or the other way. But if you want a nice rate, let just transfer the weight on one hip, and it gives a really nice s shape when you show us where your weight onto one hit, and that's the best way to stand Okay, So you mentioned the s shape. Would you like to explain to my lovely viewers exactly what we'll just create some really nice, bigger lines? This s shape. Now, you know, I'm not gonna lie. You have to practice it a few times in front of the mirror, and it takes any bit of getting used to, but once you've mastered it, it's such a great look. Um, in involves getting one of the hits out. I prefer my right here and also using the head. And it just gives you that lovely s shaped line, which is great when you're composing the picture. But you have to have your weight on one leg. You do? Yeah. So we wouldn't work if you just want on. Both looks known. So the hippie that you've got sticking out always transfer your weight onto that side. So I got my weight on my right. But I've got my right hip out. I've got my head tilted this way. Let me give that try. Very nice. Thank you. Yeah, OK, well, was a great as well proposing. I mean, it is quite difficult. Most people just to stand in an open space isn't it? You know, it takes a little bit of practice, so if somebody can lean on a wall or a fence or availing it can help people with their not used to pose in. But we will try some, maybe straight on against the wall, and then try something. The site should get this nice, nice kind of length of war room. So let's see how we get on. So I always tell us the models I tutor to use their hands against the wall. I think it gives a really nice shape. Bernie is going to go to the side of me now, and we're just gonna do something that's kind of working against on because the lighting is limited. I'm trying to keep my face towards the open space, and then we can use the Alba technique from just a reeling. I saw resting head against the wall and just wrapping around around creates a really nice shape. And just to finish off, I'm gonna run suit Bruce and the extreme model poses, you know, lots of, you know, accentuated their shapes, etcetera. Yes, it s so that's about it. For this video, we've seen some fantastic poses by Katie Activity so much. Great. See you in the next video. Now 6. Female poses with some great off-camera flash lighting: Oh, yeah. This video is just a quick follow on from the previous photo session with Katie. It is slightly off topic on, although there's a couple of new poses here. The idea was to demonstrate how great the poses could look with more creative lighting using off camera flash. So if you're at all interested in using a speed light or two to create lovely light, this short lecture is definitely worth a look. In fact, I've made a whole course on using off camera flash. So if you like what you see, please take a look as everything is explained in great detail on that course. But for now, I just go through to set up briefly. First of all, I wanted to get a good exposure for the ambient light. He's one of the test videos taken 1/100 of a second. Therefore, I s I 100 now. This is exactly how the sky and like actually looked. But I wanted to under expose the background to create a more moody sky onto dark and the like. So I set the shutter speed to to thousands of a second aperture was left F four to blow the background. I s O still at 100 to bear speed lights. Camera left on four. Power fired using young. Now's high speed sink trigger receiver system the y n 62 twos. If I hadn't used high speed sink on Indy Filter, I would have had to use a shutter speed of 2/50 of a second, which were then given me an aperture of F 11. So the background would have been much sharper, which I didn't want. You could see how great the posters now look, using a little more thought and creativity with the light. By the way, I thrown recommend using multiple speed lights without an umbrella or soft box, as you can then get multiple shadows Now. I didn't have any choice here because it was too windy for a light modifier. So in some of the images, you can see a double shadow on Katie's neck and arms. But you get the general idea, and I think I got some lovely pictures. Bye for now, 7. Individual female poses (repeated from my other course): in this film, I want to demonstrate some relaxed and natural poses for women would not want to try and avoid is the typical model model poses that you see magazine now. Typically, if you're just standing straight on to the camera, it doesn't really do much for your subject. You know, they're a bit flat footed. Most of the time you want to turn people to the side, so that's what we're gonna do in this first pose. Love has got a top. Tory has, ah, weight on the leg, further away from the camera, and she's bought about the leg in front of it. She got a hand in the back pockets. Andare alarms air behind it. Let's take a shot this way and see how it looks. Quite an elegant pose, This one, the hand in the back pockets throws the shoulders back and puts the past hour. Make sure that the front leg comes across the other one. A slight variation on that pose. Standing in more or less the same position. Put one hand on the hip, on the other hand, but the hand, food and food hair. I like to do that with my hair sometimes, but it doesn't quite have the same effect. Tribe. A shop turned slightly to the side, hand on hip and hand through her hair. Make sure she doesn't throw her head too far back as a hand goes through her hair in this next one is going to turn to the side of a bit weight on the leg, further away from the camera and you want a folder? Arms. When, Uh, When a woman has a weight on the leg further away from the camera, they can exaggerate it a little bit of a one by pushing their bum back? Not quite. What is that? Ignoring the popular belief that body language rules say that crossing the arms is putting up a barrier. I think this post looks quite good. No deterrent sideways and cross legs, which will help to slim down the subject. Now, despite what I said earlier on in this post, Tory is going to stand straight onto the camera, not something you want to do for everybody. But you can what will? Sometimes. But you don't really want a model to be standing flatfooted, so she's put her hands in the pockets. There if you put you legs a little bit apart and then just move the hip over to one side and then that creates a nice kind of what the target was called in that shape, especially if you just tell you head that way. You see, it's made a nice kind of shape. Let's take a picture of this. Actually, I just made a mistake there to create the S shape. The head should be tilted slightly in the same direction as the hip. Like in this photo, make sure that the legs are about shoulder length apart on. Try exaggerating the hip movement, but not too much. This pose is also great for teenagers, who would like to show a bit of attitude for this next post. We gotta turn Tory all the way around. You got almost got back to us, kind of standing about 45 degrees. And what away from the camera and then looking back into the camera position. Let's give that a try. Uh, don't turn the body too far around just about 30 45 degrees. Otherwise you'll be craning her neck. It also helps here that Toya's long hair to cover any creases in the neck that occur when turning their head around. So far, so watch out for those, remember that the subject wants to look good. Well, don't. Well, let's take a look at some sitting down poses. Toby is you kind of old are rolled onto here. Got one leg behind the other one on. Got harm over a Let's take a shot here, see how it looks. She's got a croquet players behind her, if you can. You do need to have the cocaine players in the background. It is important that your subject rolls onto a hip rather than sitting flat on a bum. Actually, I made a slight mistake you, and allowed Tory to Tucker front leg into far. So now it looks just like a stump. I should have asked her to swing her legs around a little so that we could see a foot in this post. Op is sitting down. She's more that's facing the camera. She's got one leg tucked behind the names. You're gonna bring the other leg up and put her arms around that. It's almost like giving myself a little cuddle, and I think a little better if you tilt your head to one side, take a shot. Their outlooks. It's only really her lower body that's turned to one side. She's twisted so that her head and shoulders are facing the camera. By the way, notice how I get down to eye level to take these seated poses in this party's talk is turned completely to decide on she's, uh, one leg up. The nearest leg is gold up quite a bit higher than the other one. And to Armagh out to decide now I don't really like this hand is, so I think I'll ask her to just run it through the hair as I as I take the shop, let's see how that looks. Yeah, this pose definitely looks better. If one leg is right is higher than the other. The hand through her hair does admittedly look more than model typos. So just ask your subject to hide a hand in the lap. If you're not so keen on that style, there's a nice feminine pose that I like to use in the studio, but it's great for youngsters here. A young female flying on the phone bring the defeat a bit of back and cost them over on brother after hands out to the fun. Just bring the hands up to the side of the face or possibly even quote the arms. But I think if you bring your hands up to decided a face, that's quite nice. Make sure that, like here, your subject is lying at Angle Garden and straight. This post works really well with young girls, but I feel to be honest that Toys boots disappointing this image slightly. The Post does look better with bare feet or at least much lighter footwear. Unfortunately, we run out of time in the park. Love is modeling for us for the rest of the film. Now we're going to try a few more poses. It's great if you can lean against something as well. It helps you to kind of relax and put you into a relaxed kind of stance. So love, if you just lean against the post, he also discredited. Maybe put your leg up on the wall or post, or just cross your legs over. Probably easier. That's it. Maybe just fold your arms, tele quickly. That looks nice. Let's try that. This is a nice, easy, relaxed pose definitely looks better with one leg up on the wall or post, which is crossed over, like in this photo. So let's try another pose on a bench rather than just sitting straight on to the camera. You can not good if you just. If you just turn to the side and put your feet up on the bench, let's try that. That was great Notice. Our legs are different. Different heights as well, actually, just being your foot up slightly slightly. The hand should really look. The hand will probably better inside inside your lap. I think here or visit a little bit so I can't see it from underneath. I could have asked lover to place of my arm along the length of the back of the bench. I think that would have looked good, too. If the bench has arms on the sides, you can try sitting your subject on one of them again turned to decide with the feet up on the bench, legs of different levels. I finally for our last pose and I simple one looking straight on to the camera, especially if your subject is quite slim. When you do this, because generally speaking. You know what you turn. Turn them to decide, but love is beautiful and slim, so I will give it a try. So that was just being one hand across the other hand. Come up. Maybe to decide and just tilt your head slightly the other way. No, that's quite nice. Nice and relax. Let's give that a try. Our final poses another relaxed looking one. A variation on this would be would have been to use the up by arm to maybe fiddled with her hair or necklace. So that's it on cream. Opposing. Have you enjoyed those tips and found them useful Bye for now. 8. Head and Shoulders posing, tips and tricks: wagon. This video with my friend Sabrina shows a few tips for taking head and shoulder photos. Now I don't want through Loads opposes in this video. That is plenty you can use in the individual male and female posing videos. So it's really just a few tips and tricks, plus a step by step guide to getting great results, even if you haven't photographed this type of Paul tried before. Now it goes with that goes without saying really, that you want good life, any portrayed. But for close ups, it becomes even more important on the always, especially should normally be well lit. So in this video, I just opened up the back doors of my house and play Sabrina a few feet in to get some beautiful top shade light, as described on my first course. Now that's where I'm standing right now. One thing I should mention is that she's quite tall on the doorframe is quite low, meaning the top of the video fame does go a tiny bit darker, but it's not too bad. Only mention it in case you were wondering. Ok, let's see how we get on. So here's my lovely young friend Sabina. Now we belong to the same local tennis club and play together occasionally, and she's volunteered to help me out with this video. So say hello. So this is the back of the house of just opened the doors on. We've got some lovely shop shade and I put up a white background behind Sabrina and that will probably go off white or light light gray. And that's fine, Beautiful light there on her face. Now, obviously, there's various different ways you can approach a head and shoulder session on. What I want to do, first of all, is to show you my kind of five point plan, and that is five easy steps you can take if you kind of seize up and can't can't remember where to start, it is a great place to begin. So first of all, we've got Sabrina face in the camera straight on, and we don't want to take a photo like that. Obviously, it's not a great body position. So first of also being a turn about 30 degrees to your right. Lovely. And then that's the first step. Step number two. Put your weight on one leg on the legs say, furthest away from the camera. Perfect. And straight away, you can see that a body is in a better position. Her shoulders and now diagonal on one shoulder of the far shoulder is lower than the near shoulder. So now, Sabrina, what want you to step number three? Look towards the camera. Okay. Perfect. You doing great so far? Don't worry. So now step number four. Turn your face a little bit more. Away from the wife of the camera. Perfect. And step number five. Actually, if you keep looking at me now, step number five is just bringing your eyes back to the camera. That's it. The five steps. Let's go through them again very quickly. Straight on. Step number one. Turn, turn slightly. Step number two. Why on one leg? Step number three. Bring your face towards the camera. Step number four. Bring your face a little bit further around and step number five looking at the camera. And there you are. There you have it. That looks, that looks good. Now. Also, you don't want people leading back. It'll you want them kind of leaning into water camera. So maybe a little goal towards a camera just very slightly perfect. There you are. And if we had a great expression there, that would look brilliant. So what's achieved by doing this? Well, first of all, it gets the shoulders at an angle rather than a straight onto the camera on. This usually result in one shoulder being lower than the other one, which is what we want. Also. Now the chest in the face will be pointed in different directions on, although that's not a hard and fast rule. Generally speaking, get in the chest and head. Facing different directions is a great starting point for many poses. You don't want your subject leaning back, so a slight roll forward usually helps on. Also, a slight tilting of the head also helps to add to the pose. The general thinking is a tilting away from the camera to what is. Sometimes the lower shoulder is a more masculine till on a tilt to the head. Higher shoulder is a more feminine till so stride at so Sabrina U Turn If you tell, you had just slightly this way, okay, that's generally considered a more masculine till, but it can work as a kind of a stronger pose for women. Now, if you tilt your head to the shoulder and bring it from being a chin down slightly, that's more of a feminine till you have to be careful. No, not to tilt her head too far as you can get creases on under the neck. That's not really what you want. Okay? Another thing to be aware off if you do take a side on shot of the face is not to have the nose break the edge of the cheek and I'll show you what I mean. So, Sabine, if you turn your face very slowly, keep going, keep going. And you see her now her nose is encapsulated within a cheek. Keep going. Okay, Governor. And got a bit more bit more. But now, noses protruding from the edge of a cheek and that can make the nose look larger. So be careful of doing that when you're taking a side on side on shop. Now, being it back slowly about there is better kind of a 3/4 head shop. Okay, so those were just some quick tips is just a few more poses you can use. But to Seymour, what's the individual mount and female posing videos. Plus, very importantly, especially for real, close up head shots. Watch the next video on creating the perfect your line Bye for now. 9. Headshots - It's all about the Jawline: How are you? Everybody who has the photos taken wants to look good in their pictures, who also vain arm we. So if somebody comes to see me and they want a head and shoulders photo or more typically these days, a close up head shot for their website or social networking? One of the first things I talked to him about is accentuating the door line. It's really quite important and plays a big part in ensuring that they're going to be happy with their pictures now. Unfortunately, I'm no longer my good looking, youthful self that I was years ago. Yes, I know, I know. I've been taking the handsome lessons, but there's only so much those lessons come due. Time takes its toll. So unfortunately, I have quite a bit of this going on about my jaw and neck. So if the method I'm going to demonstrate come work for May, then it should work for most people, as most people are younger than may, he said bitterly. So watch this. This is what I show them. Watch the area around here. First of all, if I bring my head back, it just gets worse. Okay, I can almost hear your reading back in holler. It's not a pretty sight. I know. OK, now watch this. I'm going to bring my head forward and down. Hopefully now I have a better jawline. See that? Let's do it again. Forward on down Has that look now pretty good? A. Some people get this straight away, but most people don't they just bring their chins forward or make some other stupid face movement like this. No, I don't want them to do an impression of the poor old Jimmy Jimmy Hill who had a massive chin. Forget the chin all together. It's more the fathered bringing the father towards the camera. If they're not getting it and you usually don't I stand in front of the mirror and help them to practice it. What you have to make sure that I understand is that although it feels weird doing this, it does actually look better. This video shows the idea is working in practice, so let's get on with it. So it's a beano again who you met in the previous video high speed on, Even though she is young and lovely, if she just stands like a normal human being without posing. There's always going to be a bit of a soft your line and, you know, for a close up, you really want to get a nice, strong jaw line. So let's have a go at improving things. So if you just bring your head back a tiny bit, your cedar straightaway effected your line and you know it's much softer and you don't want that. People want to look great in their photos. Don't know. So let's start off by it. First of all, just lean forward to your shoulders. Just lean forward slightly. Okay, Now bring the head forward and down. Look at that straight away. You can see a much better joy line. Maybe she's got ahead too far down the lift let up to its very slightly about there. I think that's that's perfect. And although it may feel strange to the subject, it does look better. So try turning your shoulders well. Okay, Stand normally. Just are normally, relax on normally standing normally, still a little bit of under than under the chin going on there, which you don't want. So let's try again. Head forward on down. Uh, look at, uh the difference. It makes his incredible, isn't it? Right? So it's only a small adjustment as well, but it looks fantastic right now till your head to the right and you still see she's got that good jawline. You see that shadow on the left side of her face now till your head this way? What now? You can see. Now we've made it worse. That head to has given us more the softer cheekbones and jawline. So watch out for that. We don't we don't want that says to standing straight again and relax. What now? Turn again? This time? Lean away from the camera. You never want to have your subject. Lean away from the camera like this. You can see how it's destroyed. George. Your line on duh. You know, there's a lot that stuff going on underneath underneath the gender, and also, when people laugh, they tend to bring their head back, creating a double chin or softer your line. So you have to coach your people that if you do make a Joeckel or make them laugh to keep their head forward. So she's still gotta shoulders turned. Just link leaned down toward me. Alright, bring your head forward, Forward and chin down looking at. But ah, brilliant. Got a great jawline. There. Now don't get your subject to lean too far. Keep coming. Keep coming. That looks. That looks weird and unnatural on dso Go back. You don't want to leaning too far forward. Maybe a bit further back. That's it. Looks beautiful, doesn't it? Once you've got them in that position, you can then snap away, take loads of pictures. Expression is really important. So chat to them. Make them laugh. Onda, Uh, make sure their heads down. Go back when? When they laugh. Brilliant. That looks perfect. So here's a few before and after photos. First of all of Sabrina as you saw just standing normally. And you can see her jawline doesn't look too great here. And remember, Sabrina is just young, slim and fit with more mature subjects that your line could look much softer than this, making this technique even more important. So this is a standing like a normal person on now. Bang Head forward and down with a slight till look at the difference. Who put that jaw line? Here it is again. Boom, March. Better now Here's a photo of Ben and I shot of him really great expression, but let down by not doing him any favors in the jaw line department on now, with his head forward and down there, it is much better. It has to be said that Ben does suffer from a bit of a week your neck area, which is why he likes the young shaven look. But even so, this shot does. Flattery. Is jawline far more? Okay, here's his brother Matt. I said something mildly amusing to him, and he bought his head back. And now there's too much bad stuff going on in what you might call the lover face area. He brings his face forward and down a bit and bang. What a difference. Let's just say that once more. There it is. Plus, the cool expression makes a great shot. So do you remember this technique? It's most important for real, close up shots that your subject might want to use for social networking profile image. Sometimes those images are very small on the screen, in which case close ups worked well. Okay, bye. For now, 10. Younger brothers: this video is a continuation of a family photo session. But now, just photographing the two youngsters, Liam and Reese, it shows how I go about posing younger brothers or sisters or brother and sister. As always, I try to make it a fun session for them, not just to get great expressions, but just to make it a fun experience for them. Coming immediately after the family session, I think the novelty of being photographed was starting to wear off, which obviously happens with youngsters, so it was especially important to bring some fund into the session. Anyway, let's look at these poses. We've just been taking some photos with Mom and Dad, and Liam and Facebook were broken off to do a few shots of the two boys together. So let's think now, if you sit down, Reese, you're gonna sit down like this, facing that way, and then you're gonna go back to back. That's it like that. I'm bringing these up, right? Exposure looks good. Now, what one used to do when I on the count of three, you're gonna push against each other so you wins. But Liam, go easy. Yeah, Ready? Steady. Go! Push you don't knows our movement, whose pushing who's winning should go Okay again. This is a great way of getting some good eat good expressions. We tried this once more. Who won that one, I think. Liam, I won that one. Go easy, Right. There you go. Now go. Oh, Bush one. That's I'm road on. That's a lovely way of getting some good expressions from the boys. But if one is a lot bigger than the other than to have to be a bit careful, OK? For this one, Got Liam lying on the ground is the elder of the two. So that's better Fees at the bottom. I'm released. What you going todo You don't know your idea. You're gonna lie on top of top of Liam, Live on top of him. It is important that you're gonna go What? High up and put your head. They're not there where my hand is. Hey, uh oh. Uh, no. What we don't want is his head. What? Above you. What about the other head? So move over that way. Give me a little bit vertical gone. I think I captured some great moments here. There's a couple of important points. You have to be quite bold. The person on top should be right over the person underneath, maybe supporting themselves with their arms either side. As I said in the video, the person on top must bring their head right up front and to decide. Don't let them move backwards once they're in position. You have to be very quick before the novelty wears off. Go back in the video and watch just how quick I jump up to take the photos. Once our position them. Here we go. So not least you. You put your you bring your legs around here and put your head. Just lay down. Put your head next to them. Why? Where he's here is put your head right by these here. Why? You hear like that on the ground? I'm gonna move. You ready? Not to be recommended. Really doing that. But now put your head next to limbs. You move your whole body over. Quite God did not bring your legs around here. So you're like diagonal. That's a key government. Good government. You're going. I know, Liam. You move your whole body around that. Why keeping head there? No. So quite working is not just straighten up. Yes. You don't want to cook it head just just just pointed. Point strikes you, Max It doubly. That's it. We only talk about 10 minutes to get there. It's got no soul on their faces. Now give me the article. I'm going. I made a right old mess. They're getting the boys in the correct position. But I thought I would leave the whole clip in to show you what can happen if you don't give people proper instructions on how to pose. Which I was very guilty off there. We got there in the end. Yes. This is another good pose for siblings. That what you generally works quite well. Stay exactly as you are. That's perfect. Yeah, a few kind of yourself up on one arm, like Mrs doing, but coming really close to about to get your head about here. That's right. On. Um, come over this way a tiny bit. Okay, if the person that the fund is a bit taller Yeah, on older, older, older siblings, it you can be quite nice with the person that from just to lay down their elbow just to lower their head but which was finding it a bit uncomfortable to do that. That's in fact, you could put your arm on your elbow on limbs. These you need down then because the shot is going to be here. I'm not gonna bother take in their legs, so it's gonna be probably a square shop just there. So let's give that a try Not taking the Mickey out community, you know that not be. Although this looks OK. The Post didn't quite work out as I'd intended. I really wanted released of old over more towards the camera on for Liam to come up close behind him. If you rewind back to the start of the bit where I say stay exactly as you are this, you'll see what I mean as he then started leaning back into his brother. I'll try to pose again when I photograph older brothers. Couple of standing up poses Liam's lots of relax with Zach up on a tree, the heads of different heights, which is great, isn't it? So I don't have to worry too much about that. This has got his legs crossed. Just tell you what, put your hands in your pockets race just want someone just put your thumbs in. Yes. And why, under his pockets, that's it. Look at nice and relaxed. Cross your legs over. It is good. Nice try and get a nice blurred background here. Going go along my back. The sooner covered A with a cricket with a cricket is are you can look into may Look at these. It's much easier to pose people of any age when they're leaning on something. Also, one leg on the tree or feet crossed over provides a more relaxed look, especially with hands in the pockets. Although police completely ignored my request to just put his summers in the pockets. As I said before, it can look a little less staged. If your subjects are looking in different directions like they are here for the final shot of Liam and Reese, I'm going to get the money in between the trees on this track. The important thing is putting toe hold hands because if they don't, Liam, who's older, will probably run faster and recently be behind. So it's good to get them holding hands. The other problem we've got is the sun is quite strong in a moment on. We've got areas of shade caused by the trees, so I let me shoot while they're in the sun. Andi, I won't bother shooting. When? When the trees creating the Scheide. I've got a camera on continuous focusing. So that's I FC and Nick on Yukon Terms. Nine point dynamic area equivalent cannon is a point expansion on. I'm going into a burst mode. So I'll take about what we take about a dozen shots and I've got to switch lenses as well. This is a 72 200 lens on. I'm starting off in 202 100 mil onder F four, 500 of a second so that I should be able to get really nice, blurry, blurry background or blue the trees in the foreground. So let's give this a try as they hit him This anyway, a lot of trial and error involved. Okay, when you're ready, Steady? Yeah, The light did prove to be of a bit of a problem, but you did not bad. Not bad images, but you get the general idea. People run into walls. You try and get a blurry background, if you can, by using a wide aperture while shutter speed. Andi, remember to get them to hold hands, not to look at the camera. And you get some great shots that way. Anyway, I think we're just about done now with the Liam and released. Thanks, guys. You really good fast runners as well. Almost too fast for my camera. Uh, quite for now. 11. Older brothers: Here's a session showing some poses for two older brothers, but the poses here would work equally well with brother and sister. We shot this video while on a family holiday, so there's a bit of silliness, but it does show some good natural. Relax poses. Oh, easy to do. Let's see how we got on Hi. We're on holiday in calm or poor Isaac In the UK It's a beautiful setting. We rented a house overlooking the cliffs and the sea on. We're gonna carry on with the sibling poses for older brothers. This time we got better Matt fit on a family holiday. Two brothers, Onda all having a great time. It's quite cloudy today, which is actually suitable for the video, which is great. So we'll get cracking on. Cem poses well on food and fairly fairly quickly see how we get on. We'll start off with a fairly simple standing up shop now awesome just to stand there, and there are just standing there quite flat footed, so it doesn't look too great. So, Matt, just and put your weight on one leg now Ben, just lean on his arm on his shoulder, made perfect. That's a good start, which I want fallen. Give me smile if you want to. My pressure. It needs to be the tour person messing on the shorter one. If it was Matt who Shorter was resting on Ben's shoulder, his arm would be too high up if the brothers were the same higher. This wouldn't work so well either, for that reason. Also, in my haste, I forgot to ask Matt not to put his whole hand in his pockets, then has it about right. While we're in this position, we might just very a little bit So, Ben, stick your arm around him, given strangle him a little bit. So, uh, yeah, that looks pretty good. While you're in a particular pose, you might was just just very a little bit for some fun. We've got a nice war here. So we might try and make use of that. Then you sit down on the wall. Maybe just Salim back. Perfect. You're gonna say I appear on Just come on this way. Put your legs up on their It could really not good if they're doing different things. You know, when you're posing people, you don't always want them to be two symmetrical, doing the same thing. So that kind of looks looks good, but Matt leaned back against Ben. Come on, let's go for a full dental on. First of all, now, we haven't got a very good background are not too concerned. We've got the cheers in the background now, having my which don't look too great. I'm gonna move them. Uh, just put. Maybe put your hands in your pockets or 11 hand in the pocket. Ben, Matt, lean back a tiny bit. Okay, Now gone for a close up. Now, then clean your head. Lean back a bit more. Try not to look like in pain. Try not to look like you in pain. Usually, that one works quite well, then. Getting some laughter looking that this post lies on. I think it would have looked better if Matt had one leg further forward on. Bought the other leg back in. Okay, this is when we tried before with them and Reese, I just want to try and perfect it out of the bill. It better because these was kind of leading back in that short. So the guide of fun should be leaning on his elbow or maybe coming down on with his hand on his on his face like that. We've got Matt quite low on his elbow and then Ben is up on his arm. So that means his head is a different higher. It's possible to this one works better with brother and sister, but we'll talk anyway. What? Move you arm away. I've been from behind. Mattered on. Put your leg down because your legs necks Not gonna be in it. Okay, that's great. Looking about uncomfortable Looks good. This is the shot here. Ah, square format shot. I won't get their like their legs in or Ben's for. So that looks pretty good. Actually, I think that worked quite well for two brothers as well. We've got some my steps here, which I quite like to use. And it's great if you put each person on on a different step to vary the heights. So but if you put your arm on that Maxime, you have to be careful with their legs open and a high senior, you don't take ah, close up shot of their clown jewels if you get my meaning. So you have to be a big care. Careful of that, I think that looks good. I was hoping to get to really handsome people in this session, but I just couldn't find any. So we had to do make do with better map. This is a good starting point for the post, but it could have been improved if Matt had placed one foot on the lowest step. Close these legs a little and turn them sideways. Also, I'm not keen on the interlocking fingers. It was a rather rough session as the boys were keen to get to the beach. So there's my excuse right there. Another. The idea is to get one brother slightly behind the other, so they're not actually on the same plane. But you have to be careful with your focus and make sure you're not using too shallow depth of field to my short about sharp. Let's give that a try. Not looking very happy, all right, Don't forget. People don't have to be looking at the camera. So let's try and Matt, who's on poor looking over to the side, betting to see a profile. I do like this pose, along with the grungy Phil, but admittedly their expressions are a bit serious. The observant amongst you will notice that I photoshopped out the white wall. Just a slight variation on the one we did earlier. And also to get in some of this beautiful scenery which want another standing up shop. My Ben, if you lean on my just leaning on his shoulder, Matt just turned on that way. Slightly. Fold your arms. Yeah, that's great. Great. That's very good. Okay, Thanks, Ben. Thanks, Matt. That's the end of this session. So there's a few tips on posing, posing siblings. Older, older brothers, Andi, younger brothers. Have you enjoyed that film? See, in the next one. Bye for now. Uh