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Podcasting für Einsteiger Teil 1 (Deutsch)

teacher avatar Florian Prince, Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Zielsetzung und Kursübersicht


    • 2.

      Welche Software / Onlinetools werden benötigt?


    • 3.

      Welche Hardware wird benötigt?


    • 4.

      Download & Installation von Audacity


    • 5.

      Wichtige Einstellungen bei Audacity


    • 6.

      Kurzer Überblick über die Software


    • 7.

      Verschiedene Mikrofone im Überblick


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About This Class

Dies ist Teil 1 von insgesamt  3 Kursteilen!

Dieser Kurs besteht aus mehreren kurzen und leicht zu folgenden Vorträgen. Wenn du dem Kurs folgst, wirst du schnell in der Lage sein, deine Podcast-Show zu erstellen und die erste Episode zu veröffentlichen.

Podcasting wächst rasant. Dank Apples Podcast App, welche auf jedem neuen Gerät vorinstalliert ist und Drittanbieter Podcast Apps, welche man sich leicht installieren kann wird ein weiteres, starkes Wachstum für die kommenden Jahre vorausgesagt. Podcasting steckt prinzipiell noch in den Kinderschuhen hat aber enormes Potenzial. Verpasse nicht den geringen Wettbewerb und die hohe Nachfrage, welche deine Podcast-Kollegen bereits genießen.

Entdecke, wie du einen wirkungsvollen Podcast schnell und einfach erstellst und veröffentlichst. 

Verwende deinen Podcast zum Beispiel, um dich erfolgreich als Experte zu positionieren, Geschäftsbeziehungen aufzubauen, einflussreicher zu werden, Umsätze zu steigern, oder einfach nur als spannendes Hobby :-)

"Dieser Kurs wird ständig weiterentwickelt, Inhalte überarbeitet und/oder ergänzt. Wenn du dich in den Kurs heute einschreibst, profitierst du durch deine lebenslangen Zugriffsrechte natürlich ebenfalls von künftigen Verbesserungen und Updates."

Welche Voraussetzungen gibt es?

  • Du benötigst einen einfachen Breitband Internetzugang
  • Du benötigst einen Computer (Windows oder Mac)
  • Es ist hilfreich zu wissen, was dein generelles Themengebiet ist über welches du im Podcast sprechen willst. Dieser Kurs zeigt dir nicht, wie du dein Themengebiet findest.
  • Du solltest mit dem "DU" als Kursansprache zurecht kommen, denn ich vermittle meine Inhalte gerne in entspannter Atmosphäre :-)

Was bringt mir dieser Kurs?

  • Erlerne, wie du das richtige, günstige Mikrofon findest.
  • Erlerne, wie du deine erste Aufnahme mit Audacity machst
  • Erlerne, wie du deine Aufnahmen schneidest.
  • Erlerne, wie du Intro und Outro in deine Aufnahmen einfügst.
  • Erlerne, wie du deinen Podcast in weniger als 15 min. veröffentlichst (vorausgesetzt deine Tonaufnahme ist bereits fertig aufgenommen und bearbeitet)
  • Erlerne, wie du dein Podcast Cover selbst gestaltest.
  • Erlerne, wie du deinen RSS-Feed erstellst und diesen bei iTunes, Stitcher und Co. einreichst.

An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

  • Dieser Kurs richtet sich an jeden, der einen Podcast starten möchte.
  • Es sind keine Vorkenntnisse in Bezug auf Podcasting erforderlich.
  • Wenn du schon immer einmal wissen wolltest, wie man einen Podcast erstellt, dann zeigt dir dieser Kurs, wie man das sehr einfach und mir Spaß machen kann.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Florian Prince



Florian Prince ist digital Native durch und durch. Seit dem Jahr 20012 erfolgreich im Netz tatig. Hier baut er Webseiten fur KMU`s und erstellt, betreut und verwaltet Social Media Auftritte diverser Kunden. Ebenfalls konnte er schon einiges an Erfahrung im Bereich Affiliate Marketing sammeln. Auf seinem Weg entdeckte er das Podcasten nicht nur als Marketing und zusatzlichen Social Media Kanal, nein, es wurde auch zu seiner Leidenschaft.

Selbst begeistert von eLearning, belegte er bereits Fernstudien in den Bereichen Interior Design, Grafik Design und Social Media Management.

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1. Zielsetzung und Kursübersicht: Hey at seven comments. Um, course podcasting for anche tiger If communities areas to hide him it Abi beest mine Ah, Miss Flora imprints won't even try balloons. I get home outside or provide and in podcast on, Yeah, podcasting, the NFL immobile ever. Podcasting is our high not yeah, noise, marketing toe warned at Zika's Nieto Vartan. That's hard for me to undermine. Estimate. A biased owned legacy was podcasting Landmark test, but things as of late. Cigar. Diane asked. Magan podcast starting practiced Muslims and isn't course indecent. Course. Verity on kind of tying Vega cost noses off. They're doing new text on the fort. Low ceiling. Not really very hard. Very Vegas Miko Phone. Toby. New text. But things at the Vegas Miko Phone Cancer preventing them It was 1/4 closely in canst owner . The increasing wouldn't cost in Stuart's into missing. Now done. Dance to Evita around. As often I masturbate are biased. Fitters can subunits meters cost Loeser toe audacity. Audacity is platform you've archived and Sprick. Few Mac Few windows on field in Oxnard. Glad Amazon brutes bar on because actress laws on June it has toe relative giving abyss car kind of antics cost in lost this cancer and get Italians to will be designed podcast Bynum hostin latest and Austin is so designed dining online platform an online databank off their than against in podcast his own leading owned these A podcast Hasta redid our marriage on it s feet I'm dangerous and says I'm it mia By noting stand nine I split by Jones and by stitcher etcetera pp. Time attend podcast out invading vacant of 18 hours. Feel it. I want to go. The rest lands in Italy No video and nine podcast off thinking, eating platform for effort least Verizon Delivery here on Arugam Mine Rickety Collis package medium Du Tanabe said Alice Lee and stressed of his most home dining s and Iran podcasts over everything that I am to give us the Proust Domino studying this tiny D whose closet isn't you asked was breaking back to Sudan Podcast with my solo skin vassals team Assign Tuscany Tick up. Name Abbas. Instance Agathe Alice Robinson Contact Alice Master visit most whom Dine esten migrant podcast In the of 18 hours to for Peyton it isn't in every song lessons closely 2. Welche Software / Onlinetools werden benötigt?: bacon software, but things for baking online towards bed nets I Pinotti noone that so happy steer our, uh Yeah, incline. Its video marked Want lessons like my mind starting and some island balcony off. Unifier. Audacity. Then audacity is here for decent course. Ones are vile. Does al phenomena tools the most? My zone envoy. Now, not really considering. Hey, it's been make no TSA on often. Make comics from four install utes and garage bed this week The yard I want him course domestic and foreign A software titan. But things by the office off trying in very here for your alibi trip Systemic. Like a massive continued on audacity itself. Unifier at my own cost. Lohse Hedley won't investigation. And if your Mac fear Windows owned your, um really looks not so Hedley. Yeah, so I mean, how much almond reticulated courses fed on, um, mood, son. But things that Onda hardware notes on up correct owned you reconnect like a mass and a little start mons and asked Magnin podcast water Yeah, Dan problem. You're come upon. Come can rise. It's kinda Columbus. Few off ones own technology. Mrs. On camera is an online tool. When to combine. Yeah, the streets instead by off. In fact, art adviser designs 2.5, not on two sets its zagging and photoshopped your army. It was my number one yards and come back and under them Yeah, Holographic wants a fight. A few Zain and social media. Off with Martin Opperman can out discounts a few wins on spec peanuts and on Sita and cover on podcast cover and very often on film sets in his Mandan and Zain and podcast host or Haukland can omit. Yeah, I was on a podcast and far Angus escaped the commission. Some podcast host are in decent fire, having me feel podcaster the Ian shed in Riley put Cassidy our Zeps don't provide for mining podcast and really you know about no, another podcasts. Hasta forced Ellen about What is it I saw in podcast? Hostile. Yeah, And podcast host A It zang dina online dot in bank in Vega do dine podcasts breakdown audio that I dumped them here and formats Yonan, azo then show notes or doesn't stick grocery benign from its own owned? Yeah, them damn little bit as uncover internally, ext on spy. Just as a sort of England on lunch. Biker wedding answer Podcast at how Fleek owned in vital falafel Teaser podcast. Hoster donned Costa Dearden Address s feeder Stellan Bacon Do done by iTunes on dancing under than Yeah, Podcast for Brighton Me Smile. Yeah, hopefully it's on wall Candies and diamond podcast. A cannon owned Imadi noise and falling out. Omar Tish for Brighton. Yeah, invited fell off luggage of Isaac. It's than so. I don't I do. It is you, bouba Shine advised in a few more often EPO pitting was and protector and looked for Knepper on. Yeah, the thing isn't really also almost orders. That's off. Ryan. Apple product in size an iPhone and iPad Hassan stickers Sean the Apple. I can have podcast app Foreign solicitors When they met Thein podcast off Leasing greatness shine brause to iTunes Enough iTunes, Mr Dunn Dean by them podcast Host of positive. That s feed Hawk Lardon on duties and protests within quasi year for getting to know I hope Blitzed by then and podcast Host automatic drink iTunes for prided on a Shinzo Tarzana automatic off Alan Shepard Grayton My situation, Richard dollars Vendors about Nick no and Apple use on Replicate Uptick! Methodist's undone. How? Yeah, Android. Give it on kind and I must get thinner us physically, misery and young. Then call me Respond on the one that is stitcher. Yeah, it's as onion. Um I'm Androids between his telephone. Hostile handy Hast order windows phone. We are imam done hostile Italy unique to defund apple for incident here. Them podcast ep often unit salamander mostly on fine upon the Latin very here. Podcasts. You're crawled. Catched became the podcast RSS feeds off fived ones done in the zep up Obama on. Yeah, you know him? Very hep dude on winter. Glad on. It has to be noticed. Um, you know the impala with me and helps me exact are stitcher then, Nikki the app, crafty teas and exacting s feet from idea on Sundays. Give the hiding eps. Do you want it? Is cancer fund stitcher on Alice up to date? More had so Cody Alligator up to taking into a good year Mention off the planet dining podcast again tomorrow in order to be a mom, a mom saw Nina. And as long, Zack TEM it quickly, fast you dementia Offseason planet There is a Muktar dining podcast and fungal on her own Can misdemeanors cancer out past the Jinai mission. Any awaken field staying within your time? It s feet by iTunes on stitcher hoca latin Has the house oceans a good Giddon mention off this planet height when it s done with their asses would be dimension. Condon. Dad, wish a guy from Bacon and get it. Then dining podcast you in via Cannon And how high on top of it is at it for 10 years. That's effort in A to return in. I know Danny Select soon. 3. Welche Hardware wird benötigt?: bacon out there that it's an impunity. Yeah, Hardware. Tama is handed cans and fashion. Afghan dental s paramilitary and in computer. Yeah. Then often computer Mr Malone was off Chancery in medium bananas are streaming off him. Current invited Halliburton Cannon as of anemia. Buried their computer got so Those are the ones I have. Stick bite a few and poverty on an ex tennis mingle phone. Then in the atomized and fairness his torso Does this thing about chemical phone You are Schmertz Amazon? It was Minda vetting equality it Lee Foot as a bomb, Nick Like empower oil in Misty in on sunshine Miko Phone tooling and ex tennis McCaw Fondling medium via the often inequality reduction air He plea for best Duncan on the last but not least Paul minute video on Internet Sogang then are missing the Unitarians Unfair digging podcast on our Humvee in Internet Haukland corn would be harm. Yeah, here in power on nine. Towards meeting the our Brighton on staff apartment to look out for the Internet so well, but it's fascinating. Shown me a problem as manic on as always hot. Grab it lift. Call me a Spanish man when Alice Vital airfare sedan in thin. Yeah, and then following the nectar 4. Download & Installation von Audacity: Yeah, that's ever come toe. He's elected when it samia so feel Cuba. Audacity is popcorn that miss most about my winter Latin, then owner or density. But things as the owner often armento can actually all kind of off damaged that Finn. So it's a wonderland of it, actually. Migrants classes, school, but you don't have the audacity at Zoo Cliffhanger game, my schoolmates are sports in a charity fashion and milk carton from Santa Talon. On the words are gone, Chapman's attorney client for the website. This unbeaten us. I want to stand in front of a pumped audacity team. Pumped or condom came out from a cough on Sharma's definite naturally, the website phone or, as it is, abs on him is military car chronicling is opened. Then the a prominent off the outsider beated audacity hit like thes off there to download a new ones, just like in the actress. Messy own in That's my Point and spawned by quick Madama Golf on Leave is in a frenzy hits here for Sheena Mordechai. Tonton Week in fact, a drama event harbor historicity and a platform you book haIf and often arms after on um yeah, damage playing to beat it. Audacity and download for Windows for Mac owned our for your lean Oksana in magnifier Die make notes have been very Italy off. What a very naturally t download Medicaid for Mac notes and when the windows not serviced clicks to damage pregnancy off visiting on as the nukes. Not sanitary cough. Reasoning here. So what exactly been Magno zoned cricket or clicking here off season drink Audacity for Mac O. K. On video. Here's East when it's viewed a fashion emoticon. Anger Borten When the under metallic our sip file at a blood bond. A sip file. You can join him here about deputy director intellect. Soon start I injustice by an iMac and upon TMG, inch pregnant by windows were stunned. E pumped. Exit a time about the exact yards Magnotta Larry Mitzi directed him. Get that. I haven't so has to use any of its wonder. Gallardon Art Equipment's Xa Quinton When it's hot. Medan's court business fare together and was he couldn't perfect that is this. Clicking it off onto Schamus Passy. It gets article, I hear I hear this fence off key and he could suitable rift opted attire cannot known as China. Five. Design its Arctic lighters until etc. Once fence the Afghan. Yeah, I wanted. Sizes are shown. That's intellectuals Finster. Yeah, in mind if I have tickets, actually, or destitution off from Rational in Sally, it was Big market is a life of crime problem. Sign in. Follow here does Max I In fact, he's not know here I unseen in applications folder on the Internet and started and then do the exact window. So Lennox notes Zions Artist Don for God, in fact, tienen insult Soon's and Wiseman on stands alter this Alice crime problem. Sign owned or density off them reconciliate. Then Sophie that series election when visit anti fact like hopefully in the next election redone Minster from Gate the Yeah, My Family Zine v. Dressage and after About is technically eight, and it seems that so won't guns victim the victim's and ask my insulin in audacity to four names. Artist Aumento Anna Goto Alfama in the comes based, like 5. Wichtige Einstellungen bei Audacity: ville Come and silicon. These electron in these electromagnetic guns could sign bay here, inched along and remembering for women's artist commit audacity. 50 Wunderbar Frampton yet of on a victim's statement, isn't in concert audio. Spoornet The region that's who are created and I know speed of intellect. So Indiana Mia yet sour tonight's Telemann on its wound and speak Tetum Island here by this makeover. Once I inch brick and the lying articulator, that's the 1st 0 window audacity just as to my deafness. Zero forfeit nematodes. Chemical phone Integrated state makeover indicates tickets. Here, my dear Alberto has physically I'm extenders Microphone So collect on. Um Jesus. Tenants in garbage. Great answer. A cannon mustard is yellow, Asthma changed and a size two tricks off His writer on Stanzel to hear Enodis opts Yonan Dynex 10 Is Mikel phone Zain that has two years of the economic dinos x 10 Emiko Feinstein Yeah, in mine and file is just this road podcaster this being cliquey tissue on on top So Mitt mine extends Niko phone at Zion Garbage Great Devyn yet as a constricted year and is a listed time Mikel phone our civilian that has to get coughed on a truly help for anguish. Last nationa. Okay, it's right against cancer. Eating up bonus here. Bowers Garbage, Great Dutch state and even files By the year, winless Estimize stiffness I was going into creates Done 20 back Answer is so lesson our son when it's comes du hast aina x tenor. Um, meningitis has risen. Extends large prey. Has it so fast? Done. Villain factors. I was really 10 Kamala. Their sound Andi Tick Tick Glenn Qualitative minus year in extending large plan sets is stuck in the regal and far Pesa via the sound where you Austin integrate large by harmed Zo . So for my dots room as a big exact chickens to any off its kind unticketed, lessen our sado house. Time extend is large, but has it number on the middle range? Provide again. But so fairly our this road podcast that did circulate as integrated as well. That's an ex tennis microphone. Then really, guesthouse was Merrick. It's in my frenemy. How then find this? But in Rhode Podcaster and gives the movie Kite and as item on and cultural and social season thesis that Saddam, it too, attends Fry Monetario enhanced this heist Intensify ized owner for too long. What is highest of her stank vase? Indian cop feel on the language. Last nast dynasty minute there and displaced at at all four tires Took like most upsets and cancel his address. Okay, is we just turn off names on, um audacity Be the deity. Ultimately kite a road podcaster and aim files that suits the notes in a vendor That same all phenomenal off unrest. This has to most any text link up up named the inauguration Our fast or the steps in computer understand severe Anybody compute a lot quicker. Nine. Audacity! Speeders Did an algorithm off the clashing cop fair up by the indoor monetarist Naomi Tickle favor voto in them road podcaster Senator Angus steak test. Doesn't that ultimately card on the infield? Et a quasi? It's these multi kite fights toe emphasis on road podcast opposites. Yeah. So, feeling the select zone owned visit on site like in the next video dislike 6. Kurzer Überblick über die Software: Yeah, in a de select. You wanna Martita guns? Could saying vegan audacity after about this on committed a tin cans audacity tightened and audacity is principal Phyllis is cost losses and healthy domestic tool in a connected here Highlighted Teigen Very here you're a different soon Batasan do browse online Esten podcast off the name nightmare about Vania bite against Everton three. No, I'm, uh, course Kim in the meteor and comet cancer audacity tied in Canada Respect just about here, but isn't course gets around, then asked podcast off the name. I'd just have make it is cancer and off the field. So, in pushing the Dr T passed starting tomorrow buildings, then doesn't it against investing? Yeah, from Jones Testing Demoff Unified ball once by here and slinks deposit test. Um, hindsight. Um, dear Play button, Azalea Start Then we die in spite. Idea stopped up. I'm fighter. It's protester goof. OECD from therefore tester on phones and sex can scan treaty there often on the button. Watch me and Fed writer. When wti only aleph into on tidings are noted, Dr Ones were deviating when two minus issue home links These are ya lost Libby and cars are They're button Is that Sudar, whom now where deposits Joan Seville and, you know, have a timeline as Alice faster Afghan amassed is the husband goes on in the timeline Going Dark Incident midseason button. And finally, they believe it was its own. Our speed, and from there to now have it are on fan canst up to her on. But things was often they don't know how the UN Frankenstein annoy often arm up. These oppose it. Soon was it was starting her to get back missing comic on Arbor. If tax and a handle him to type and they're off damage Darden then there but in directs and even that is the button. Mitch Dame Kern Environmentalists excavate home but is in fact like couldn't beer in the high by now. Phenomena de allowed stare care by your non fat and none on rediscover Internet site. Namik Tan, now in the election, was target via an intro in and Out for Me on our Biden DePaul Medicine on stuff written there. He won't in These are button Mitt in filings and acts done, that is, defunct humans test them whom? Not here the often Armento on shell on this heist over sheep narrowing scratches on the white ones of What about Otto SoGen on a clear home. So from tone in an Ashby to connect you? Yeah. Rex Uneven Hamadan. Zang. Yeah. Then OSHA lacks Patton, Lex Patten's actual nine and the anti gay borders Enhanced. Be time. Make a phone call Schlichter nine. Young, skeletal, select. I want yeah, on their concerns and decent morning talk show in up. This can send electrical short or our need dynamics and him this cancer. If you're interested in host, no as well. Here's this we know being understood. Traced Manto An input signal. Gibbs when he was this was done. Ben do? Yeah, it was really up speediest, Doctor Normal. It's mind over Joan D turnout here up visas X. You did. It's much tree here. A little three boys with a range of life to bust Ryan about his taxi on a team that these kinds of old church about a season arsenal Ganske Now then, um yeah, Ben Butoh inspired Nick, Don't come Zo Our bus on a consequence critic is your spare our by now. Here since your Gunton the loop effect soon Ahmadi pollution. Miller's Lupin. Now, that's what I'm at some Heinz woman in this Canseco. Shane on telly. Mantras off it on Austin Manson Machine house. This woman this film about an island Ashby, Jones, Ian, weaken almond us hunt up on bended owned. Yeah, that's like that. If I don't say that to me on a last but not least must not constricted ist bear here. Clinton the audio position as the outer opposite. Soon dark and servant as in v yeah. Belong then often ominous tale. 10 minutes. Veteran podcast must eat on my xperia merged the and humorous man podcast Nick Lang over to be her since ties it Norton. By the time for them I know been that's an optimizing is in this country. My IBM sport and so on were often big toe Alibied him out in the band or well on. Yeah, physical activity eight infinities, medium podcast. And for her for dragging. When this had Martita kind of student long in four Trigger Hartman kind of struggling podcast. Politicians on I found were these explain the longer based on a hunch donor because activity, but like, been asking Are these theoretical ing is Yeah, through the inspiration and activity eaten by Denman, Ivanka and podcast Consummate. Okay, so that some quota public You believe it? Dixon Fortuyn deviates. Pardon? So all phenomenons as Aston podcast on memories hangs ambulance in annex electoral media based like 7. Verschiedene Mikrofone im Überblick: Yes. Come in Addition, 80 Fraga off. Very chemical phone A zintan. I comfy inspired our big chemical fauna and feeds it. And then I note under my wall. So in Misty in season corn Tabish yet I found my recliner in planning. You were blinking on inclined public uber firstly name Michael Flanagan marked Deepak's only in fee and canned. I shown in videos ever found Limit examined. Help order him. A nominal podcast acquitting podcast quitting and the damage they found that won't yard is being Mexico to exact his new public committee Time must've been feeling can on lessons time. I'm starting my invaded our zam zone Meteo Yeah, that's his son. Very, pretty gorgeous. Miko Phone food from an interesting off and fire as this part Tabram had disease Towson lying about in stand up on this cancer question and took a number of empty I was infirmity or me or Mars? What sort of empty connected or most of your finest Ian on? Yeah, I want a very fast need on Fannin. Mr. Trahn, I think I was off Mikel Fiona D c. And in no neatly cover price we're going within Are we think my meat is exactly a warm master X Files from has defeated fire 80 greeted codus equipment, lights and start Been one busy man Visteon practiced done Canada Canada's owner m et annoying, not be in fear. That isn't already Retik dollars. Michael Phone. Um, yeah, it's later kind of hanging out in standard or, uh ah. Born off. Unified consoler against the Lakeland characteristic on star Mitt Master Finn for our next fight's just kinds of constant and only article on Yeah, it's avian adviser this middle class eager or a middle prizing a grade my city here gonna and feet and make them last but not least, hominids and dudes Langdon the masterclass Waas, podcast, nickel phone And get this fear This road podcaster this Kansas It so hours leaked on by silica who not from 1 50 or home the operative pretty good in the States and s ever moment out in this moment out in an road podcaster When was exactly yeah, wonderful pretty Or was since my s my installed surprise Arbour toe First there's a long afforded on home. Then defend my road. Is there under Feuz relation? We can feel good. Miko! Fiona on a different road gets or got so vital. Zang Hey, isn't zaibatsu excellence in product? Pasveer seen Yard guaranteed a fair game as they begin with beating of a guaranteed off. Yeah, discount isn't really readability. 12 for our righted man hat here. So much alcohol. Isa Yeah, scientist Lichens route on Michel's Keramik is the highest auction lying about pop shots, the size printable poster kind except pop shorts, Merkel from One Basin Dynasty and nine. No contest runs over When this is my kind of into it and our vision and gimmicks upgrade. NBC apso always often built It is in Izmit being a, um, that was spinning and coupled quasi from fish and help them take off Howard and copper to spin. Is embassy in this Mick off on a phone on these? Okay, often bitters in its How about so? And shrink arm on. Enhancing the vendors. Martyrs. Conservative, flexible. Um, Ammar, But splats on a city councilman, fear isn't really a Spanish longer get are in effect alone. Takes bigly about it. Can exact model zero in fear or experience had slaying like Einstein. Fun off uniform. Answer Chef in because I just kept on modalities and and winters about Heisey 50 or he cries about it sneaked. We descend to swing and Felix or your knee when they think, oh, coming into the ocean about the high solution. The ability cough cough time on. It's committed to resign as it didn't need to their own too long. If I don't have this being invested a place for 50 pieces, exactly, I will have to. Sean sums on Media War MIT team Happy off, He in fact radio. Pretty Yeah, pretty long avoided. Um, Allah links sued, isn't great and uber amounts on Indian fire. Flink Oyston like that went up on some it control. You think like Shoma, I inclined. Probably give us cancer for shopping for a mere Sofia. So the whole brick inimical for him in public, that's endemic. Affinity each like him, feeling can on the Yeah, your spring Like Cuba in the next election.