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Podcasting : Record , Edit & Distribute your podcast using your Phone.

teacher avatar Andrei Palacios, Marketing Manager & Agency owner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Recording your Podcast


    • 3.

      Editing your Podcast


    • 4.

      Distribute your Podcast


    • 5.

      Promote your Podcast


    • 6.

      Project + Conclusion


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About This Class

This class is for anyone looking to get started with podcasting, you think you don't have the necessary equipment but in reality you do!

All you need is your phone to get started with podcasting!

You will learn:

1. How to record your podcast using Anchor 

2. Editing your podcast

3. Distribute your Podcast

4. Promote your Podcast 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrei Palacios

Marketing Manager & Agency owner

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: has it going. My name's Andre and welcome to podcasting record. Edit and distribute your podcasts using your phone. This courses for anyone looking to get started with podcasting but doesn't know where to start. They think they don't have the necessary equipment. They're not good enough. I think it's too difficult. Well, this course is here to tell you that. No, it is not. It's super easy. You need nothing but your phone, which most of us have these days. So if you have your phone, you have everything you need to get your podcast ready. So let's get started with this course and let's get our podcast out. 2. Recording your Podcast: All right, So now we're going to be going to look at how to record our podcast. And this whole courses based on the APP anchor anchor is what allows us to be able to make and distribute our podcast to all these platforms and stuff like that. So Anchor was actually bought by Spotify in 2019 to go ahead and download that once your anger sign up, either sign up with Facebook or signed up with an email, Of course. So now that we're in anchor and now that we actually have an account, let's go ahead and record our podcast. So as we go here in the middle here, they have tools. So this is actually where you make your podcast. So it literally says right here how to start your podcast in four easy steps record or input, some audio. So you can either put your own audio in from another if you enjoy another ATM, or you can import your audio afterwards. If you're come from more comfortable in a certain editing software that you already know, Go ahead. Is that one that you already know? Orders. Go ahead and use anchor field. Your episode out with these little segments that I'm gonna show you and then distribute you podcast and then get your podcast listener ready. So we're gonna go over all this. So let's go ahead and get our podcast going. So let's go ahead and record something. Hello? Welcome to this test. This is a test podcast that I am recording for this mini course. So let's go ahead and save that. What's this segment called? So let's just say that was part of a segment. I could call that intro ad recording toe episode. So that is that block, and then you can go ahead and add interlude sounds. Go ahead and make it intro. I suggest you actually get a freelancer online and get them to make your intro and outro. So it's when listeners air getting that first listen to you is really positive. First interaction with you, so we go ahead of record and let's just say, for example, we want to record with a guest. So we go to the top right corner and price record with friends and you actually attend of a link. But here's a little tip actually, have ah separate account ready for them because there will actually need an account. I had an instance where I will have a guest and I wasn't familiar with that. And he actually had to make an account before being able to get interviewed by me. And that's just not a really positive experience. So go ahead and make an extra account like a guest account. So they've him or her that credentials to that account so they can go ahead and join your podcast and they'll go ahead and you guys can do the podcast episode and everything's recorded right in anchor. Go ahead, play around with anger and get started recording. 3. Editing your Podcast : right. So now that we know how to record our podcast now, we need to know how to edit our podcast to get our podcast listener ready. So to do that, we're going to have those different slices of the podcast that was said in the previous step. So this is why I recommend to get an intro for your podcast. Because, as we can see here, we have my intro that I'm gonna play for you. So you guys get a sense of what you want, your interest beat or just you know, yourself No influence. Media presents no influence. Podcast with fondre pill ASIO A podcast where we dive into the world of content creation, social media, e sports and the latest technology. Are you ready? I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready. So starts in three, 21 So you see how I kind of transition it offs to make it really easy for me to just jump in and start having conversation. So that's how I recommend you make your intro. But if not, just go ahead and use the tools available to you within anchor. So here we can see here The clip that we made in the other one. We can go ahead and I had background music. We can trim and start points so we can cut what we want and what we don't want from this sort of those interludes. We can go ahead and add all these different types of sounds that we want. So we want this one. We're gonna add this sound to our episode, and all you need to do is just keep playing around with it until you feel your podcast is ready. But don't go for perfection. Don't go for anything. Just get your podcast out there, get it ready because we're always gonna improve. No one's going to be looking at your first podcast episode and be thinking that's how it's going to be forever. You know, a lot of things change in that time. Just what you need to do is to get started and just get going to start. Let's go, let's do it 4. Distribute your Podcast: All right, So now that we've recorded our podcast, we've edited our podcast. It's time for us to distribute our podcast to all the platforms and get it ready for that. So for that, we're going to do so Now that we have our podcast that we worked on the previous lesson, we're going ahead and press published so you can put in image for your podcast. You're gonna put episode title episode description and you're going to want to go ahead and put a really good description. This is going to be really good for CEO. You're gonna show up on multiple different platforms, so make sure you get a good description and title going. So let's go test test. Once you do, you test and then we can publish it now and then. You're also going to name your podcast now, So test podcast and your podcast description. Now it's time to go and say what your podcast is going to be all about. This is what my podcast is, uh, about. Continue. So choose your cover art. You're gonna want something that represents you. This is what's going to show up on Spotify Apple music anchor All these platforms, so have a good picture that you would like. So let's just you choose one for me And here is my picture that I made for my podcast. We're going to go ahead and choose a category for our podcast. Whatever that's going to be. It's going to handle all the podcasts set up for use here ago that says we're finishing up your podcast. This will make your podcast available in all major platforms and Coupal and including Apple podcast will let you know. Great, Thanks. And just like that, your first episode is live and available on all platforms, and you're also going to get all your analytics for your podcast right here. This is actually all the platforms that your podcast will be uploaded on Apple Podcast Breaker Cast. Fox Google Podcast Overcast Pocket cast radio Public Spotify stitcher Tune in. It's gonna take a couple days for everything to go ahead and be distributed across all those platforms, but you will be on all major platform. Take advantage of that. Once you start getting listeners, you'll be able to see what platform listeners are listening to. So you maybe you'll have more listeners on Spotify apple music, and in that way you'll know what links to promote on which platforms 5. Promote your Podcast: all right. So now that we have recorder of podcast, edited our podcast and also distributed our podcast to all the major platforms, it's time to get listeners, because what's a podcast without any listeners? So it's time to start creating content on instagram Facebook. Tick talk all the major social platforms point team listeners to your podcast or whatever else you want to promote. The whole point is to build brand. You need your podcast tohave brand, so some ways you can do this is you can also make video with your podcast and use and use that and upload it to YouTube as well. So you get some content with that as well. You can just take a picture and start recording on Instagram and make little clips of your podcast to try and hook people in and get them to listen to the full podcast on any of the major platforms. You can join Facebook groups, which there's multiple Facebook groups that you conjoined of all different types of Nisha's . Depending on what your group is all about, you conjoined them build influence in those group. People will want to check you out once you start making a name for yourself. You know, you can start making tick talks. I also just made a course on how to get started on to talk. What is it? And if you don't know what that is, check that out. It's also on here post 3 to 5 times daily on all these platforms. Twitter, instagram, tick talk. Don't be lazy. You need to go and make come. You need to go in, make content because if you wanna have a podcast, this is something serious. So go ahead, get started. Figure out ways that you can get people to listen to your podcasts. Do a giveaway. Get people to review you. Anything you can do to get listeners is a thumbs up. 6. Project + Conclusion : thanks for checking it out. Skill share. And the project for this course is to actually lead your first episode down below in the project section, because I want to hear what you come up with with your first podcast. And maybe you even see someone else's podcast that you like. You can even network with each other, be on each other's podcast. That would be amazing if we could get that going down below and make it a little networking little place for each other. So go ahead and get that done. And if you have anything you want me to teach on skill share next, just let me know. You can give me a follow on Instagram or Twitter and let's have a conversation. If you have any questions about podcast image, anything moving forward, I can definitely be of assistance to you. Thanks for taking this course with me and have a good one at the US