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Playing with Shape—5 Express the Human Body with Basic Shapes

teacher avatar Rita Zhang

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Demonstration

    • 3. Challenge

    • 4. Tips

    • 5. Homework

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About This Class

How to draw human body?

Let's go step by step!

In this class, I’ll show you how to break down the human body with transformed basic shapes we’ve learned before.

Try it with me, you’ll find shaping is so simple and interesting!

-Target: know how to break down and use transformed basic shapes to express human body

-Target group: novice; anyone who want’s to learn how to draw human body

-Class activity: take the challenge to break down a standing-in-the-front female body by yourself in the class with limited time 

-Homework: practice with the shaping skills you've learned in the class

It’s super easy like assembling, try it and have fun! And feel free to share your works in our project gallery, I'd love to see what you come up with!


Meet Your Teacher

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Rita Zhang


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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. They Sister Rita where? Come to my class today. I'll show you how to express the human body. This basic shapes a class includes three parts. The first parties. I would demonstrate the breaking down process off a standing female body for your reference . Second part is a challenge for you. You'll be asked to break down a standing in the front female body into basic shapes with a limited time. In the third part are we'll explain how to see in how to use the main shape to draw a standing post to take this, cause you need to have the basic knowledge of the human body proportion first. So if you don't remember it clearly gather proportion reference picture along with you, as I said before. But if you have no idea about the human body proportion at all, please go back to the second class. All right, I ready. Take out your pencil and paper. Let's do a challenge 2. Demonstration: 3. Challenge: so you'll see the demonstration. Now it's your time to take a challenge. You have 10 seconds to observe and 60 seconds to drawing shapes. Please observe and think how to break down. And remember, no details focusing shapes. Let's do it. 4. Tips: Hey, guys, how do you feel about the breaking down process? What's the main transform shape you are using? Where in this class? I'll show you some of the tapes and to the main transform shape. How to use it. Okay, let's see the breaking document body. I mean, before you can see that the head is constituted off to parts around in the extra part. Okay. And as to the men body, I used to triangles opposite triangles Here are they all the same size? Think about it. Yes, they are. They are of the same size. But still, tonight was talking about the human body proposed proportion. I told you that the shoulder the human body showed her He's always lodger. Then Hippo. Okay. But when I want to express a little girl, I can choose. They are. I can choose they all the same size. And that's why they have the same triangle. OK, and here you can see that. Yeah, arms. Relax. All of therm a middle up, off one transform shape that his face shape. It's something like being shape, and somebody call it a being shaped. And actually it's a transformed. The in lips K. And the opera part is Baker. And this part is smaller. It is tilted. Remember that when you express it in a human body, the bean shape is always tilted. Okay, you can see that the arms here arms here and next Here. Also the bake, the big parts on the neck, small parts, they are all tilted. Okay. And they say is the most important shape you need to practice with. Okay, in second the drones I use the rounds to to connect all the parts to express the joints. Okay, You can see many books off reduce. They all use the runs to conduct the different parts of the body. And But when you see that thesis by, ah, sketch off the arm non neck. I did not use the wrongs here and that's because I remember the proportion well, but at the beginning, off drawing. I like you to use the rounds. Okay, it's full, better measurement. And that's seat here. The arm into the net. The off the similar shape. OK, it's very much of say you can see that here year, Miss, burn this part. They are all transformed being shapes. Okay, I also put one here long here to make you better understand. Actually, these parts should be baker. This part should be bigger. And this is smaller and it is tilted. So let's go back to see the picture from Pinterest Board off City society. Andi, let's try to break it down. Okay? So stop from head. The heavies constituted off, around and patrol, OK, And the main body here. Okay. And here is the next sorry. Not used to sure was the digital pen. And here. Okay, it's the transformed lips. And so the arms, the feet. Excellent. Okay. In the breast. Also off. Two runs. Okay, nap, okay. 5. Homework: finish your first challenge. Good job. Well, this week's homework. A simple just practice with the being shakes to draw more standing poses and share your joy in our project gallery. And that's it for today. See you next time.