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Planning for Thanksgiving: Create a guide book to use every year

teacher avatar Lindsey DeRose, Sweet Lane Events

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Your Thanksgiving To Do List

    • 3. Plan the day with a Timeline

    • 4. Guest List & Thanksgiving Menu

    • 5. Supply Lists to Inventory your Kitchen & Party Supplies

    • 6. Create a Reusable Thanksgiving Grocery List

    • 7. Keeping Track of Expenses & Cost Sharing

    • 8. Format Your Thanksgiving Recipes

    • 9. Putting Together the Book

    • 10. How to Get & Use the PDFs & Documents

    • 11. Thanks for Watching

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About This Class

Organize and make planning for Thanksgiving a little easier and less stressful.   Create a Thanksgiving planning guide book that will make next years Thanksgiving a lot easier.  No need to reinvent the wheel each year, do it once and every year following you have a simple guide to follow.   

Create a week by week to do list to make sure you get everything done.  Print a beautiful menu and guest list.  Create an hour by hour timeline for the day of to make sure the turkey comes out on time.  List all supplies needed so nothing gets forgotten.  Format your family Thanksgiving recipes into a simple easy to read format.  Keep track of your expenses.  Get your grocery shopping done with an easy to fill out list, that you can reuse and print out each year.  

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Lindsey DeRose

Sweet Lane Events


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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Lindsay. Two rows of sweet, lean events. And today in this class, my goal is to help make planning for things giving a little simpler with a little bit more work ahead of time. This year, this Thanksgiving and the years following will hopefully be a little easier and a little less stressful. So I'm gonna show you how to make a Thanksgiving guidebook like this for yourself that you can reuse year after year. But before I get started with that, I want to tell you a little bit about myself and how I got started. Be making this guidebook. Eso My aunt has been hosting Thanksgiving for years before I was even born, and at some point she realized, Well, I probably to find somebody to train to take over at some point. Um, she asked her boys that they weren't interested. My older cousins weren't interested either, so she asked me and nine years old, I said, Sure, some of those years I was just helping make roles, setting the table, that kind of stuff, but it was fun. And now, almost 20 years later, I pretty much taken over. Um, I do all the planning. And she's my helper, which is great. We love working together and really, really love Thanksgiving, so it works out. But about 10 years ago, I started realizing that it seemed like we were recreating the wheel and redoing things that didn't seem necessary. Like we have the same recipes every year. So, for example, why do we have to recreate a grocery list every year? So I created a document that you can type in, um, entering all your ingredients and then that way every year. You just have to adjust it if you change the recipe or anything like that. And it's simple to Dio. You don't have to rewrite it every year, and it's also organized a dissection. So it's easy when your grocery shopping you can get a whole section done and said is exactly across the store. Excuse me. Um, so after the grocery list, things just started evolving. I did it to do list kind of a week by week and a day by day, falling up to Thanksgiving, a timeline for the day of so everything is timed out when exactly everything has to go in the oven out of the oven. example, for example, a menu, a guest list to keep track of who's coming, who's not coming all those sorts of things and just makes things easier. Um, I also formatted all of our recipes in the same style format and put them re captivated them to the cracks serving sizes for Thanksgiving, which makes it just a lot easier. Um, and I put all that into a three ring binder, right? I have a guidebook for planning Thanksgiving. Um, now it does take time to do this, especially the first year to put all this together, and it will take some time in the years following to keep up on it and keep it current inaccurate. And you want to make adjustments, make it a little bit better for every year following, right? Excuse me. So thinking about this to try to help with stress levels of Thanksgiving, I think there's a really two parts that are stressful when planning Thanksgiving or really any event, and the first dress I find is like trying to get everything done in the time you have right so I can't make more time for you. But with this to do list or planning guide, you really will help set yourself up to get everything done ahead of time. So you weren't stressed so much the day. Have you really help yourself? Use the time you have and get things done? The second stress I find is just worrying about all the details that you have to worry about and making sure you haven't forgotten anything. My trash bags or something simple like that, Um, and I'm also going. That's just so if you write all those things down, you don't have Teoh worry about them, and then they'll be there for next year, so you don't have to think of them again. I'll be written down. You could just keep adding it and making a better list. Like for us. We always forgot to put the butter out like an hour ahead ahead of time. So what's often? And so we'd have a big heart block of butter on the table that was almost impossible to use , but not anymore. The timeline. We put it on their an hour ahead of time, and it's out and soft and perfect. So I'm not saying that this is going to take away a lot of the work for Thanksgiving. This there's a lot to do and a lot of of things to take care of. Um, but with this is really gonna help you get ahead of things and get plan ahead so you can really spend time with your family on Thanksgiving and not doing not slave to the kitchen or stuck all day in there without seeing anybody, especially some family, Or maybe only see once once a year. Um, you probably sleep out of the night before Thanksgiving. I certainly do. When I have everything I know, everything else is on the timeline. And when I need to get everything in the oven and out of the oven Oh, I sleep so much better. It's really, really helpful. Um, so everything I've talked about, um, and haven't mentioned everything but the plan and guide the menu guest list Timeline recipe formats explain sheet grocery list and supply list. I'm going to give you, um, there in various forms with I will explain and how to download them. But they're all gonna be ready for you to use. And then you can create your own guidebook, um, to reuse. Year after year, But first we'll talk a little bit more just about planning for Thanksgiving and how toe make that a little easier. 2. Your Thanksgiving To Do List: This is the planning guide. So this is really your to do list for the weeks in the days coming up to Thanksgiving. So it starts with eight weeks, six weeks, four weeks, two weeks, one week, and then on to the next page, I'll show you in in a minute, which is, um, two days one day in the day up of what you need to do so is the checklist. You can easily check off things as you go along, but basically you want to include everything here that you need to do, and it just helps you spread it out over the weeks beforehand. They're not so stressed the a few days before here, trying to get everything done. You can get some things done early. It really, really helps. Eso Shopping is one thing you want to consider. That's especially something you could do. Early decorations, maybe supplies that you need. Make sure you have everything. Whatever you need to do that could be done early. Even grocery shopping. You have to plan that ahead of time because, like the turkey needs to be defrosted, so that needs to be done. I actually do, usually to grocery shops, grocery shopping trips. Excuse me. One about a week beforehand and then one like the day before for the last minute perishable items. Um, decorating is another thing you can do early soon. And you can get that out of the way that bad and right Get those fall decorations up and out. Um, if you can get your table set up early, that's great. Make centerpieces. Even if you you can't set up your tables, get everything ready. So it's easier just to bring everything out. Um, food prep. That's the thing you can dio sometimes, maybe even a week early. But up to a couple days of longhand start getting things chopped vegetables, cranberry sauce. Actually, I think tastes better after s. It's for a few days in the refrigerator. Um, invitations. That's important. It doesn't have to be fancy. I just do it email out to my family that no big deal just includes all the information. I will sometimes do a save the date earlier just to get the information out to them so they can make sure they have. They're ready to go. Um, I mean, save the date of Thanksgiving. It doesn't It's a holiday. It's not like it's gonna think. I don't know when it's gonna happen, but I just want to remind them and just get the details out there so they can let you know if they're coming or not. Inventory. Another thing you think about is checking for your supplies, making sure you have everything going over stuff that's early communion early. So that way you can go shopping, have time to go shopping and then this is the second page you can see where it's two days one day before the list gets longer for me. What I need to do. Um, obviously a lot of prep work for food of the day, the two days beforehand. I'm trying to do as much as possible, cleaning up whatever I could do to be ready. So the less I have to do with Thanksgiving, Um, and then Thanksgiving. I just list out everything here that needs to be, doesn't and later used the timeline for really specific times need to be done. And when things need to go in the event 3. Plan the day with a Timeline : This is the timeline, basically everything you need to do for the day of Thanksgiving by time to make sure it all gets done in the right order and everything. It's in the oven and has the chance to cook. Right? That's really important. So there's just a column for her time what the task is, and then who's doing it? Um, and I start basically figuring this out first with the turkey. When does the turkey need to be out of the oven? So it has time enough time to rest and then be card before dinner. Um, how long? Approximately Doesn't need to cook. Give a little extra wiggle room. I think on that. And then what time does it need to go in the oven? How much prep time ahead of time do you need? All that needs to be? I start with first and then kind of, you know, work backwards, filling in the other things of what needs to also go in the oven. That's kind of like the trick to Thanksgiving. I think it's figuring out how to get everything in the oven cooked and done or whatever, however, or else you're cooking it um, I like to include oven times and tempts Just makes it easier. So you're not flipping back to recipes. It's just right there. You know what time you ever needs to go on and at what temperature off course. Make sure every dish is included. That's obviously really important and assigned half. Make sure there's no reason why your family and friends can't help you out. Um, on Thanksgiving, feeling a couple potatoes, setting the table. Whatever it is, it doesn't have to be much right, but they can certainly help out. It's not going to make their day any less enjoyable. You're doing most the work as it is right. They can help out a little bit. And don't forget to make time for yourself to get ready. Have time for your shower, getting dressed whatever else you need. But make sure you have that time. Have somebody else take over for a little while so you can get ready if necessary. And the most important thing to not forget clean up. I don't have this on my timeline over here about, um, I do include eight on the second page. There's actually multiple pages of this that you can have as many pages as you want, but it's find people to help with. There's all the plates and utensils to be cleaned. There's all the parts of hands serving dishes. The food has to be put packed and put away or packed to be taken home, whatever is gonna happen to it, and then all those dishes have to be put away to. It's a lot of work, and there needs to be a lot of people involved in that. There again, no reason why your family can't help you out. My family is great about helping out, but when it comes to after dinner, I do have toe, um, work to get them to help. The all just kind of wanna relax after dinner, which I get, but there's a lot of clean up, and I'm we really need to help to get it all done right. So please don't feel bad asking people to help you. There's no reason why you have to run yourself ragged the whole day, doing it all yourself 4. Guest List & Thanksgiving Menu: the guest list. So basically, this is pretty self explanatory all the guests that you're inviting right? But I like to start out with it, printed early with everybody who I think is coming in. That way you can have a easily check off list of who's coming, who's not coming. I can write in things, and then at the right beforehand I can redo it. So it's final for the the actual day. Um, it's a great memory to look back on. Um, just to know who was there every year I have over 10 years of deathless. It's kind of nice just to see who came every year, right? Um, you may want include last names. It's just something I thought of this year. Um, I've been recently doing some ancestry stuff, and sometimes when you look back at old records, you may not know who everybody is, and it could be really helpful to have last names on on the guest list. You also want a note, which I don't show here is whose guests they are, Um, so if somebody brings a boyfriend or girlfriend, I just say It's so and so's guest that way. It's on about boyfriend. I'm not trying to define their relationship. It's just, um, somebody's guest, that we can remember who they are years later. Um, it's just a quick way, obviously, to keep track of total guests. So you know how many you're serving. How many place settings do you need it? Just helpful. Least before I did this, we're constantly just counting on her fingers. How many guests trying to go over the list again and again? Um, which is stupid? This just makes it easy here, and you can display this in a framed if you like, um, for Thanksgiving and the menu. Also simple. It's, Ah, memory toe Look back on. But basically, it's just all your dishes that you're serving right. It helps keep track of everything you're cooking, so when you're making a time one, you could make sure everything is on layer. Um, right before you are serving, I run to this list and double check. I have everything out I have for gotten to pull out cranberry sauce out of the refrigerator before that has happened and make notes. If guests are contributing anything on given credit, just a nice thing to do, and you can also display this in a frame at Thanksgiving as well 5. Supply Lists to Inventory your Kitchen & Party Supplies: the supply lists. This 1st 1 is the kitchens of pilots. So basically every cooking instrument you need in the kitchen, it's just a quick checklist to go off to make sure you have everything right. And it may seem like unnecessary. Like, Why do I need a whole list? All the stuff is in my kitchen. I serve Thanksgiving year after year on set, right, but it could be extremely valuable in the future. You move. Um, for some reason, somebody else has to take over. You have Teoh decided to go somewhere for Thanksgiving and have it someplace else. You may need to bring some of these things with you. It's just super helpful, and it just makes things easier. I find, at least, and this is the party supply list. So everything else that's basically um, not for cooking is on this list. Um, items needed to serve dinner plates, napkins, um, cups, utensils, everything that you need to serve dinner, um, bulls, platters, whatever. It is me specific, like you need a platter for the turkey. You need a A bull for the cranberry sauce, whatever it is. Visas specific about what it's for. It really helps, um, year to year, cause I I lose. I don't. My memory is not that good here. Two year everything you need for setting the table, table, class, table, um, tables, chairs and where you're going to get them from if they're not yours, whatever you need here is really helpful. Um, tools for decorating scissors, batteries, tablecloth clips. If you're serving outdoors of trash bags, everything you could possibly think of, um, put on this list. It's just helpful for when you're doing your inventory, um, to make sure you have all this stuff because things change over the years and things get tossed out or given away. So you need to make sure you have them every year, right? And don't bring it supplies to some left over toe to send home leftovers with 6. Create a Reusable Thanksgiving Grocery List: Okay, Grocery list. My favorite list. This is actually where it all started out, right? Um, this just a super healthy over the grocery shopping and making your lists, cause I mean, this is just page one. There's page to There's a lot of things you have to buy right, and it's a long list to make out every year. So much easier when it's done, you could just tweak it every year, depending on your recipes for the year. Things change. Have it obviously divided into departments. That just helps it again. Make shopping easier Say about zigzagging around the grocery store. Um, I went to write in how much you actually need, Um, let's say for like, sugar, you can see here granulated sugar, 10.5 cups of sugar. That way I can compare to what I have at home toe what I need to buy. Um and I do. I don't have it right in here, But I like to say I think sugar comes in town, so I like to say how many pounds that is. Um, you can google it online to find out. It just makes it easier. So you know how much. You should be wide. What size Hackett is you should be Body. Um, just gonna make shopping so much simpler and all these air little check boxes yet putting arrived to check off of. And there's empty space here. Usually, which is really great because I like to write in like, Oh, say, well, better it on the next. That's which I'll show you, um, butter here. Margarine. I need 17 sticks. It's 4.25 boxes, right? So IM already have two boxes at home, So I'm going to write in two boxes. I just write in when I already have, so I could figure out when I'm there. What I need just makes it easier. But again, I really hope this this list helps. You could. It certainly helps me. It just makes grocery shopping simple and easy. 7. Keeping Track of Expenses & Cost Sharing: expenses. Um, this is something you may or may not want to do with up to you. But I like to keep track of what we spread it. Every year we have been two actually split the cost of my family. So no. But so even though my aunt and I are the ones that hosted every year, we're not the ones covering the cost. Everybody helps up, which is really nice. But it's this expense. She will help you easily keep track of your cost. You can categorize them if you like to. You on the left column. Um and it will. This sheet, I'll show you Wolf will add up all your totals and everything like that. And actually, down with the bottom. You'll see it shows you, um, a grand total. But it also does, um if you entering the number of adults and number of kids, it will figure out the cost per adult, and you can add in below a cost per child if you like. So I would like to charge 3 to 12 year olds only $5 because they don't need as much. And but we do provide stuff for them. So they don't need to pay the $16 for them. They can pay the lower amount and to get everyone to make it easy for everyone to pay. I put out this expense envelope. This is just 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper that you can fill in with these amounts and attach it to one of those large are bloops. Um, and I. It's easy way for a family, you know, your family and friends to share the cost. I just put the total How many kids? Adults So they know what they're looking at, Um, and then how much it is per adults, how much it is for kid. And then I just three and under a totally free aside, attached it to a large envelope, and then I includes a change inside. 8. Format Your Thanksgiving Recipes: recipes. This is just an easy format to an easy format to read to put your recipes into. I have adjusted them also. They are the right proportions for Thanksgiving like this. Originally, um, wasn't quite enough for Thanksgiving, so we do it 1.5 times. So I just did all the ingredients. So there, at the right level, so we don't have to figure it out every year. It's just ready to go. Um, I like to include notes and stories. This recipe actually was my aunt thought it was hers, but actually kid from her friend and it was a funny story anyway. Include that all there. I like to include little notes about things over the years. Like we started, we had to stop putting. That's in it from my cousin, whose allergic just things like that, and it just makes it fun. For years later, toe have the use notes there, and I also like Teoh, add on my own photos that needs my own photo over stuffing. Um, it just makes it fun and more personalized. For years later, 9. Putting Together the Book: This is the Thanksgiving planning guide book or has, as my family is nicknamed it just the Thanksgiving book. So just to go over quickly, everything that you need to make this it's also, um, listed as well in the project description. So you can find a full list, a swell but basically 1.5 to 2 inch binder five or either eight tab sheet protector dividers. And I'll explain that in a minute. Um, card stock. She protectors a copy paper. A printer, of course, to print off the sheets that we've talked about before. Um, hole punch, Ah, binder plastic Velcro envelope, which I'll explain. And then also, I like to put a note pad in here, um, or some loose paper for notes, as well as, um, a large envelope for the expense sheet as well. But of course, before even get started, everything. All those items are optional. You can choose as I go through this, and I'll show you everything how it works, whether you want to use them or not. It's totally up to you on how you want to create this book. That's what works best for you, not for me. So again, this is just a 1.5 2 inch binder. Um, this color is actually very, very difficult brown color like this for the fall. It's hard to find I. This is probably 10 years old, and I've been always looking on the hunt for a new one, just in case that's one false apart. Have not been able to find one, maybe a burger anyone will have to do when this one actually falls apart. Um, someday you can see it has been. It's a little warn, but it's still lasting, so and it still looks good. So inside here is that plastic Velcro envelope I talked about. It's clear, so hopefully you can see this, but I just keep some pens, pencils, and then it's great place to throw in receipts. Last minute. Any little notes. Paper is just quickly so they don't get lost. Raymond Friend. I keep the planning guide that or the to do list. It just makes it easy to check things off and know where I'm at. But it's right in front, easy to get to. And then here, um, we have the dividers, which I'll explain the sheep they are she protector dividers. Which means they actually are wider than regular dividers. They stick out farther. If you use regular dividers and she protectors, you won't be able to see these dividers. They will hide behind the she protectors. So you have to get she protector dividers. Either five or eight tab. Um, I at the time I brought these a long time ago, they only had five, so I bought two sets. Really? I only need eight, though. Would work just fine as well. So it's up to you. Whatever you choose to dio, and you can label on with sheets that they provide you in those, or I just use the label maker. Cesaire, have these for a long time. Um, you can on this. This is the card stock that I put in here. These actually are just clear. So you could put something in there if you want to. I just put the white card stock in there. It just makes these, um, thicker and more durable again. Totally optional of what you want to dio. And then you can see here the first thing, the timeline and I've been put these in. She protectors because I pulled him out. I leave some blank wins in here so we can get started on making ours. I've written up one to kind of get started. You know, I have old ones in here is you can see that are hand written, all kinds of things with notes to help make every year a little bit better and a little easier. Um, guest list? Not too. Not too much to explain about this. Just property in the guest list in here. And then I have many years past so great memories to see who was at each Thanksgiving menu . Pretty simple, pretty basic. But it's in here, its protected, so you can take it out and stick it in a frame if you like to. For Thanksgiving dinner, Grocery list. Um, just keep me. I mean, really, you don't use this too often. You just pull it out for the day you go grocery shopping or the two days you go grocery shopping or whatever, so I just keep it in a sheet protector. It's just easier keeps a little cleaner cuts. Once I take it grocery shopping, it tends to get a little mangled, so it just keeps it cleaner. I'm I. Also, you could see you have old years because I taken and write notes, so I know haven't improved for next year's grocery lists as well. You don't have to keep years and years, but maybe the year before it would be good and this is the recipe section. You could see some of the colors. Even I think I have 1/3 color. That's not even in here. But you can see the different colors, the formats. It's easy to read. It's all similar, and TheStreet protectors are very helpful for the recipes. It really keeps, um, cleaner actually just replaced all of them because my old shoe protectors were covered in food and who knows what else. So they're pretty gross and nasty so that you can see it's nice clean ones again. But she protectors of that expensive and worth doing. I also put just a quick being in here of recipe they're not using. This is just a quick sheet, but you can add in your leave your old ones back here just in case. If you're not using him, um, there are still there as well. If you change your mind. The supply list. Both the kitchen and the party supplies list are right here. I don't put those and she protectors, As you can see, it's just it's just what it depends on what you like to do. I like to be able to check these off Vago, and they're easy to get to without having to pull them out of anything. Expenses I just print off the sheet at the end of, um, after I typed in everything, and it's just a quick reminder what everything costs and so I can fill up the envelope and set it out for everybody to share. Cost in the last section is just notes. I didn't leave anything in here right now, but I like to put this. Have a paper in here, um, or you could just put loose sheets. Whatever works for you. I found this thing, which I don't know what it's called, and I wish I looked it up and tried to find 14 years. I could list what it's called, but it actually just slides in. You just slide in a no pad into this thing, and it holds it into a three ring binder. I obviously got it left at the 99 cent store. Three from I'm not even a greater deal. But this was a couple of years ago, so I'm sorry. I don't know the name of it. Somebody does know. Please let me know. Second, add it to the notes and then last just in the back. I have just tucked in Is the envelope Um just a large envelope, right? I literally just take this thing on here on the sheet on here to share the expenses with my family and that is it for the entire book. And then I minutes now, next section I'm going to just show you how to download all the sheets and how you can access seven filament for yourself. 10. How to Get & Use the PDFs & Documents: the last section is all about the documents. Show you how to you download, save Print all these documents to you. Make your own Thanksgiving planning guide. So the first thing there's Pdf's um Planning Guide Guest list menu timeline Grocery list supply list. They're all PDFs that are easily fielding. You can save them. Print them whatever you want to dio. You just need Adobe Acrobat, which you can Google and find out line to download for free. To be able to access these. I have not families to be mobile friendly when you want it, like fill them in, but you can easily fill them in on a desktop computer. Others to work. There's couple were docks, three of them for recipes that just in different colors. You could play with those, um, and then there's the expense sheet for the envelope that you just print often attached to the envelope. If you're sharing expenses and lastly, there's an Excel document. Um, for all your expenses when you download, they're Pdf's made open them up in your Internet browser. I'm using chrome here, and that's what it happens for me. That's the automatic option that it does open it up, so you can see you can, um, edit them and do what you want here. But you can't save it from here. So what you do need to do is open it from Adobe Acrobat Axe. To be able to save these, change these and keep anything you change. This is the Thanksgiving plan and guy and opened up in the official name of this program. I should tell you the full name is Adobe Acrobat Reader D. C. So just make sure you google that online, you'll be able to find it and downloaded if you don't already have a pdf reader on your on your desktop. Um, but you can see from this guide I have this is the only one I actually started filling out for you. Just to give you some ideas on where to start. Follow things that you may need to do for Thanksgiving obviously could change any one of these you could change all of them to lead them, put in your own things everything you want to dio um, it happened with is the timeline, which is four pages, so you have plenty of space to fill out just so you know, all these blue boxes don't actually print when you show. It just is an indication of a place that you can fill in. So this has everything you need. Time, task and who's going to do it? This is the guest list pretty basic to fill out. Just one more thing, though, To get each fill in spots, you can easily just use the tab key on your keyboard to move between spots. That just makes a little quicker. This is the menu, just boxes under each category, too easily typing whatever you like. Thing is the grocery list, which is basically just a checklist. You can easily check off these boxes if you like, put in the item and the quantity. But this box up here when I explain to you recipes, I like to put in all the recipes that I've included the ingredients for. On this list, it may seem a little over the top for the this year. You will easily remember that. But next year, um, if recipes you decided to take recipes out are you can't remember exactly what recipes used will have a list right there. It just makes it that much easier. Last pdf is the supply list. So you have two pages. A kitchen supply. Listen, the second is the parties of vilest. Pretty basic. Just fill in all the supplies you need print and check off as you go. Thanks. So now we're onto the word documents. These are the first ones here are for the recipes. If this doesn't come up looking exactly like this with all these grid lines, the way to change that is to go here at the end toe layout and you'll see, but like it one in view grid lines. If you click this, it will disappear too quick. Him again. It will put them back on these Don't print another. These guidelines will print when you print, but it makes it so much easier when you're feeling things out. I like things. Tow line up. It just makes things pretty year and cleaner I find so you can obviously enter in all your information. Your title. Here you can insert a photo and enter in all these information the ingredients, instructions, notes, the source section. I just like to have this too. So I know where this rested became from where we can keep track of who who brought it in where it came from. What year? All that information you can add down here. If you have to double click to open this up because this is in the footer section you can put in your family. You can put like Johnson Thanksgiving down here. That's a nice little addition. This updated part automatically will update with you update the date for you. You don't have to worry about that at all. So you have the orange one, Berg. Anyone fleeing the brown one, Just three different colors to play around with it. Coordinate with the rest of the forms in the last document is an Excel spreadsheet for your expenses. So you can see I've had this one here is set up for 2019 and I have different. She's already set up for the next five years. For you, it's really easy to open them up and look at them. Um, but basically, everything is really easy to fill out. You could do a category item description where you got it from Purchase date the quantity. I'm just gonna fill in a couple things here. So you can see how it automatically has all the equations for you to fill out of. All these orange boxes have an equation in them, so if you leave those alone, that's the best. The best way for this to work, you can see it automatically figures out a grand total for you down here. You entering the number of adults that are attending, let's say 25 you have, let's say, three kids and you can see it figures out the cost per adult. If you don't charge anything for kids, if you do charts something for kids, it's a $5. It makes a little bit less, Um, so this is pretty easy. Can printed offense one page. 11. Thanks for Watching: thanks so much for watching planning for Thanksgiving, creating a Thanksgiving guidebook to use every year. I'm Lindsay. The rows of sweet, lean events. My website is sweetly and events dot com. I have a blogger where actually our party tips and ideas. I have a shop where I sell personalized party decorations where I specialized in popcorn bars. So if you know what that is or don't know what it is, I'd love for you to check it out and learn more about it. Um, muscle on instagram and Pinterest that sweetly events, um, just want to say I really appreciate you for joining me today and going through this class . I truly hope this helps in that. Make a Thanksgiving guidebook for yourself really helps ease the stress of planning Thanksgiving for you. It has for me, and that's why I wanted to share this with others. Um, if you have any questions or comments, um, you can leave them for me in the community section or emailed me directly Lindsay at sweet lean events dot com. Um, but please share your photos of your guidebook. I'd love to see what you've done in the student project section. leave me review But again I really just love to hear from you If you love something or didn't love something you have questions about things out things, working or not working. I want to hear and I want to help. Whatever I could Dio so again thinks again and have a great day.