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Picture Perfect Pie - Modernizing the classic apple pie recipe with a leafy, sharp cheddar crust.

teacher avatar Becky Sue Wilberding, Baker. Blogger. Photographer. Designer. Stylist.

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Lessons in This Class

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      01 Intro - Picture Perfect Pie


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      02 Secret Weapons - Picture Perfect Pie


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      03 Mix it Up - Picture Perfect Pie


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      04 Roll Out - Picture Perfect Pie


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      05 Fill It Up - Picture Perfect Pie


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      06 Top It Off - Picture Perfect Pie


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      07 Bake It Off - Picture Perfect Pie


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      08 Outro - Picture Perfect Pie


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About This Class

In this class, Becky Sue from bakingthegoods.com shares her secret weapons, tips and tricks to baking the Picture Perfect Pie. In under 40 minutes, this video walks you through every simple step of her Apple Cheddar Pie recipe, including a show-stopping, leaf-laden decorative crust.

You'll squash any pie baking anxieties that might be lurking in your kitchen. By combining quality ingredients, simple techniques, patience and practice, Becky Sue helps you build your confidence. You'll be baking Picture Perfect Pie in no time. 

Music: "With You" by King Radio. Hear the full version of "With You" and more of their beautiful music on kingradiomusic.com 

Meet Your Teacher

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Becky Sue Wilberding

Baker. Blogger. Photographer. Designer. Stylist.


Becky Sue Wilberding is a food photographer and stylist. She develops her recipes, bakes her goods, and shoots the stunning photos seen on her website, BakingTheGoods.com.








I'm a West Coaster to the core, raised in rural Eastern Washington but Portland is home. I left my heart in San Francisco (more specifically, Oakland) and I'm currently soaking up the sunny Central California coastline of Santa Barbara. With stunning landscapes, diverse climates, creative and unique folks and a laid back approach, the left coast is a melting pot of constant inspiration and comfort for me.


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1. 01 Intro - Picture Perfect Pie: Hey, guys. I'm Becky Sue from making the goods dot com where I go step by step recipes that are both approachable and rustic. Today I'm going to show you my favorite tips and tricks to making the most picture perfect pie imaginable as a home base. Baker, I know how stressful high bacon can be, especially with the pressures of the holidays. So I'm here to help you and guide you through that stressful process. Today, we're gonna take a modern twist on the classic apple pie. We're gonna make extra sharp cheddar cheese right into that crust gives a unique flavor that is unforgettable. Then I'm going to show you my favorite secret weapons the most picture perfect pie dough. We're gonna make a beautiful, leafy crust top, but as show stopping as it is flavorful. So let's give baking the goods and take that picture perfect high together 2. 02 Secret Weapons - Picture Perfect Pie: all right. Before we get baking, let me show you some of my secret weapons to the picture. Perfect pie crust. So over here, we've got our food processor. If you have one, use it. It will make the pie dough come together like that. It makes a super smooth, like really cohesive dough. If not, no worries. You can use one of these pastry blenders if you don't have one of those, you got hands, so you're good. So you've got some options there, then for the pie plate, I just use like a good old fashioned Pyrex glass plate. You can use a fancy ceramic like fluted, you know, really pretty one. But I actually think these bake up a nicer pie. It's more even and crisp, and you just get a better, better crust. Um, or just a simple metal dish works really well, too. So there's that. And also like, your pie should be the star, like, not the plate. The pie is gonna be so beautiful. Who cares that the plate looks like Then we've got a rolling pin. You're gonna need one of those to get that smooth even dough. Um, if you don't have one. You should get one if not use just a wine bottle and then drank some wine. Um, a bench scraper. This comes in super handy when the dough starts to get that sticky texture and like you can't get it off the counter, it gets a little warm. This will help. Just kind of scrape it up without warming it up too much. How, like us deserves to cut around the dough. You can use a knife, but if you have scissors, it comes in super handy. Um, you're gonna need a baking sheet in some parchment paper. I'll show you why. And then finally, to get that beautiful like leafy design on the top, you gotta have some kind of leaf cutter. You can do it by hand, but these air super cheap on Amazon. If you want to get him, go get em. They're called like cookie cutters or pilot leaf cutters or something. I don't know. You'll find them so that will make that beautiful like you leafy design and make your pie super unique. So there you have it here. Some secret weapons. Let's get toe baking that picture perfect pie dough and get to making the goods 3. 03 Mix it Up - Picture Perfect Pie: Okay, We're ready to mix it up and mix up our picture. Perfect pie dough. So there's some key ingredients and some special sauce that goes into that beautiful, flaky tender dealt when I'm gonna share that with you right now. Okay, So first of all, we're going to start by just mixing our dry ingredients together. We've got 2.5 cups of just all purpose flour. Basic? No, nothing special. Then about a tablespoon of sugar just to sweeten it up just a bit, then a teaspoon of salt. Um, because we are using unsalted butter. Just whisk that together real quick, and then we're just gonna set that aside. All right, let's get into the secret sauce of the picture. Perfect pie. So we're gonna start here with our butter. I've got a high fat, European style butter. There's more fat in this in less water, which means a tender flakier crust because those fats stay solid longer. When you're baking and help build the layers and the puffiness of that pastry. Then we've got our vodka. I use vodka in place of water because vodka helps, like, keep the gluten strands from forming. When you mix flour and water. Together, they instantly start forming gluten, which tightens the dough and makes it tougher. But if you use vodka, it's sort of slows down that process and keeps the dough, like from getting too tight to quickly. So it helps it relax, and then that helps build the layers. And also, when the vodka is baking, it kind of takes off quicker because it's got that alcohol. So everything just puffs up and bakes into that flaky, layered crust a lot quicker. So our butter we've got chopped up. I used my bench knife to chop it into about half inch cubes. There's a cup of butter here. Now I'm just gonna take this cold butter and just toss it in with the flower so gets nice and coded now, Like I said, you want this butter to be really, really cold. You gotta keep your chill here. That's what's most important. You gotta stay. Chill. Your butters gotta be chilled on your vodka has got to be nice and chilled so you can toss it in here. Now I'm gonna use my food processor. But before I do that, I'm gonna show you a couple techniques on how to do this by hand if you don't have a food processor. So this is one way you can use your actual hands just like this. Um, really get in there and get dirty. The only reason I don't like to do this is because I tend tohave warm, sweaty hands when I'm stressed out and baking. And so that melts the butter, which you don't want. But if you could move quickly and maybe, you know, keep your hands cool, you'll be fine. So what you do is you just take these chunks of butter into the flour and you just sort of mashed them together like this intel. You get this sort of like pea sized little Granules. You just keep doing that also, you know, if it melts, it's actually okay because you can put it back in the fridge or the freezer real quick. So it solidifies again. So that's how you do it by hand. It takes a little bit longer. If you have one of these pastry blenders, you can just take this guy and kind of cut it in while you rotate the bowl, which also is it's quicker than the hands, but it's, you know, a little bit slower process. If you want to be like a superstar and get this done as quick as possible, you can just toss it into your food processor, which I will show you how to do now. So you just take all of this when you're gonna dump it in. You've got your processors fitted with this metal blade. Okay, get that on there. I'm just gonna toss it all right into your food processor. Maybe some on the counter are a lot on the counter. Okay. Oh, so there's that. Then fit the lid on the top. And you're just gonna do this by pulsing. You don't want to, like, do the full on because you want to be able to control the blend. So there's gonna slow pulse, maybe like, six or seven times until it looks pretty cohesive. So you can see here. It seems pretty even. We've got, like, some pea size little chunks in there, and that's really good. Make sure it's all mixing together hands of dirty again. It's fine. Okay, Now we're going to hydrate our dough with our ice cold vodka. So we're just gonna measure out 1/4 cup of this frosty vodka. I like to just keep it in my freezer all the time because you never know when you need an ice cold drink vodka. All right, so we'll just remove that feed, too. And we're gonna just slowly pour this in while we just keep pulsing, just like before. Don't just like a nice even stream. I don't want to dump all that in at once, starting to hydrate. As you can see, it's kind of coming together, clumping up, but let's check it. We've still got plenty of texture in there. It's not just one big clump. Um, this looks a little bit dry, which is fine. That's why we've got a little couple water here, so we're squeezing it together. It's just a little dry still. So at that point, you're just gonna add a tiny bit of ice cold water a little bit at a time, no more than a tablespoon at a time. It's like 1.5 here. I just started to come together. That's looking a lot more hydrated now so you can see it's a little bit wetter, not quite as dry and crumbly. So when you grab and gather a little handful and squeeze it together, see how it just sticks together in a nice little ball? It's not sticky, but it's not super drying, crumbly. That is what we're looking for. So the dough is perfect at this stage. Now we're gonna add our secret sauce are extra sharp white cheddar. I like to use white cheddar because it blends right into the dough and you don't even see it. So it makes for like, a nice surprise when you bite into this delicious pie. Um, my mom always said apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze, and I think that is true. Ain't nobody want a kiss without a squeeze. So give this a try because it's delicious. Okay, so that is in. And now we're just gonna pulls it a couple more times just to blend that cheese right into the dough. Keep pulsing, hatchet looking really good, starting to become cohesive, but it's still crumbly. All right, so now, as you can see, that cheeses all blended in. We got a nice, crumbly, slightly hydrated dough, so that is perfect. We're gonna start shaping that dough into disks so we can let it chill in the fridge. Okay, We've cleared our work surface and made plenty of space to get the dough shaped on a lightly flour the surface just to keep things from sticking. And then it's gonna take this, turn this guy out onto your work surface, and then you've got a crumbly mess here. But don't worry about it. It's all gonna come together. That's good. You want that crumble that gives the pie dough its texture. So now it's gonna gather it gently by hand. You don't want to knead the dough. You don't want to overwork the dough because that's gonna break down the butter and make like a smooth dough instead of that crumbly, nice texture. So we kind of just bring it into a shape here doesn't really matter. At this point, you're just gonna take it, grab your bench knife and cut it directly in half, so you got the top and the bottom half of the dough and then just form each of these into a dough disc. There's some cracks going on. That's totally fine. This is just the beginning phase. Okay, gather and patted down. Flip it over. Maybe you get all these little bits. Those bits are good news. All right, so we've got two discs here. I'd like to just sort of turn it in my hand and bring the edges together. So they're not to crack E because that'll help when you're rolling out to keep the edges from cracking. Okay? Just rolling in and together, okay? We don't want to over handle. This does. So we are good here. It's gonna grab some plastic wrap on and wrap up if your dough disks, but not a little. Wrap it up. Just You really don't want to overwork the dough? That's what's most important here. Give him a nice pat and got some nice discs. Grab these bad boys and we're gonna stick him in the freezer or the refrigerator. If you want to save them for a later date, you're gonna freeze them. If you're gonna bake today, just stick him in the fridge for maybe an hour at least maybe two hours, and then they're gonna be ready to roll. They just need some time to rest. And so do you. 4. 04 Roll Out - Picture Perfect Pie: Okay, We've got our bottom dough disc here. It's been resting on the counter for about 20 to 30 minutes, bringing it up to room temperature. So it's nice and malleable right now. Still, like chill and cool to the touch, but it's a lot easier to work with. Um, if you froze the dough, you can remove it, you know, probably two hours before, and let it sit on the counter or overnight in the fridge. So here we go. We're gonna just Sprinkle our surface with some flower a little bit on top, and we're gonna grab are rolling pin and just Sprinkle that with a little flour to just so it doesn't stick my pie plate out of the way. And what we're gonna do here is we're gonna start from the center and roll our way out. Okay, You can come back towards you, but you want to start in the middle and rotate the dough 1/4 turn after you roll out. You don't want to roll back and forth because that kind of makes ridges in the dough. So this way you're pushing the dough from the center out to the edges in keeping it nice and even which is what we want. We keep turning that dough so that it doesn't stick to the counter and become like a glue on the counter and become impossible to remove. Just keep rolling and rotating. Nice round dough Here. Now, see here. We've got a crack happening. That's OK. Don't panic. It's gonna be fine. You can at this stage just kind of stick it back together all those cracks. Because if you keep rolling and have that crack, it's gonna make the crack deeper as you roll and make not quite as even of a role. So if you want, just go ahead and do that. Now, save yourself some heartache. Okay? So we're rolling from the center out. That's how we keep it. Nice and round. Keep Mom role in. You want some pretty good pressure there? You're pushing down into the pin as you're rolling away from yourself. Um, because if you're just kind of rolling like this, it's not gonna do much, So you want to give it a nice even pressure from both sides, and you can see there's some little bits of butter in this dough and that is what you want . You want those chunks of butter because they're going to give it all of that flavor and texture. Um, I know a lot of people say that shortening is a superior pie crust, and I just I don't agree. I think butter is so much better. I mean, it tastes amazing. Sure, like shortening rolls out easier and it like, I don't know. It makes for a tender of flaky crust. What? It doesn't taste good. It doesn't taste like butter. Like if you can accomplish it with butter, file means use the butter, right? It's gonna taste so much better. That's what I'm teaching you. Move quickly, Be confident. Put some elbow grease in. It's so worth it, and that butter is delicious. What's going to make butter better? Not much, unless you mixing extra sharp cheddar cheese, that's what. And then you mix it with some apples. That's amazing. Just keep rolling. We're gonna roll until we have around. That's about 1/4 inch, maybe an eighth inch thick thicknesses. Even we have a nice, smooth joe, even though we're using butter and not shortening, okay, and you're gonna want to roll it until it's a couple inches larger than your piping. I think this is a nine inch pie plate, so go like 11 to 12 inches here because you wanted to sit down in that plate and you also want an overhang so we can tuck that dough under, so that's looking pretty good. We've got plenty of space around the edge, so now there's a couple ways to transfer this into the plate. You can fold it in the quarters like this and just gently place it right in the middle and then unfold like magic and then just shifted around, or I'm gonna show you another way real quick. Let's pretend that didn't happen. This is the way I prefer you. Grab your trusty rolling pin and just roll the dough straight around the pin. Slide that plate in and then unroll it right back into that place. It's like magic. Okay, so now you can shift it around until it's kind of centered, which is great. And now this is important. You want to take your hand and just make sure that the dough is going all the way down into that edge of the pipeline. You don't want any gap, so you don't want you want it to come all the way to the said. You don't want that gap because that'll make it shrink and just be kind of a pain. So really, get it in there. It's perfect. Looks lovely and it's all uneven. That's why we got these. So we're just gonna take our scissors. You can do this with a knife to, but scissors air quick. So I like to use my sisters because it's fast and you want to move fast with this because you don't want it to melt. You want to keep the integrity of that butter. So that bakes up into that flaky crust. And you know what? This doesn't have to be perfect either. So don't stress deeper to everything's fine. Okay. Okay. So now we have about one inch overhang all the way around the pie. Now we're going, Teoh, take the edges and just tuck them under all the way around. Tuck underneath her fit until it just comes to the edge of that plate. This base is just super simple. We're not doing anything fancy because our top is going to be so fancy, So don't stress too much here. Just needs to fill the space on be nice and even thickness, which it is. So now that's all tucked. You could stop there, but I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, so I just like to make sure it goes to the edges. It's even. And I kind of just press it down along that rim so that it looks like you bought it at the store even though you made it at home because you're so good. Beautiful. Okay, it's starting to warm up and get really stop. So this is a good time to be done. Beautiful. There we have it. Ah, pie shell. We're gonna put it in the fridge or the freezer and let it chill out here. We've got our top crust. It's ready to roll out, and we've got our cookie. Samp's over here in our line sheet. So this is the fun part. This is where we get to be creative. So we're just going to be the same thing as we did before. Lightly flour the surface. Okay. Lower the top. You remember this from before? Flower that and roll from the center just like we did so come over here, you know, here on over fees and grab our cute little stamps. Um, I found these online. They're not very expensive, so you start push it in first. And then I think the cute little design pops right out. Transfer it right to that lined baking sheet. Some of each design. I like to use them all because they're super cute and I have them, so they might as well, and they just come out like, so precisely cut their adorable. Okay, so that was some of that one. You just continue with each one. You know what? Let me show you something else. If you don't have these and you still want to make a leaf, design me, grab a knife. You can do this by hand. If you're kind of the artsy type and just slice into them and cut whatever like leaf shape your heart desires. You can even do like the little cracks in the leaves. So if you don't want to spend the like $6 or whatever on Amazon, which I totally get it, do it by hand. Then it's like, even more rustic. You can also do really big leaves whatever you want. You know you can get creative. So if you still want that look, you can still have it. But since I'm a little bit lazy, I just like to use a stamp and get in there. Now, if, um, if it's kind of sticky, if the dough is getting a little sticky, just get some flour right on that stamp, it should pop right out. No problem. And just move quick and you're good. Maybe one more time. Roll this out. But more than that, it's gonna just be, like, smooth and it's not gonna have the flakiness. So there you have it. You've got all your leaves. Now we're gonna just stick this guy right into the fridge or the freezer and let these firm up. So when we build our pie there like, solid and ready to go, So let's do it 5. 05 Fill It Up - Picture Perfect Pie: All right now we're ready to do our apple pie filling. There's not a whole lot of tips and tricks here. It's pretty simple and straightforward. I use a blend of apples. I really like a tart Granny Smith and the sweetness that comes from a honey crisp. But it's still got that crispness, which both worked really well with this rich, buttery dough. So we're gonna start here just by appealing the apple real quick. Um, if you have one of those fancy shmancy Apple Peeler rotating things, you can use that. I just I like to do things my hands. So I just do this real quick. We're going to use about somewhere between six and eight. More like eight apples, depending on the size. Um, I really like to jam pack my pie with apples and create like a real tall mound in the middle because you know you're making a pie. Might as well go for it, right? So just go ahead and kill all of your apples, but you're using. She'll do this same thing with all of them. It's pretty simple. And then, um, if you have ah, apple core or you can use that or you can just use a knife. I just kind of cut quarters all the way around. And then you have a core, okay? And then this is what really matters most. You want to cut these pretty thin somewhere between, I don't know. 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch erring on the side of porridge. Um, just so they bake up, you want them to be about the same thickness, so they bake up evenly. Um, and if they're too thick, it's gonna take longer. So, you know, just eyeball, get it about right, and then just repeat this with all of your apples and then just toss them in a bowl because we're gonna toss them together with the rest of the ingredients that are going to go on your filling. So once you're sliced up, just, uh, get that mixing bowl out and get ready to mix. Now we're going to just mix. Are filling together really quickly. It's super basic and very simple. I just take the juice from about half of a lemon about a tablespoon. Squeeze it right over these apples. It gives just like a nice, like Citrus acidic kick. Just a nice flavor. Um, I don't want to get the seeds in, so I try to keep them in my hands. Just sort of toss. Set together. Coat those apples with that juice. Um, and then it's really simple. Just 1/2 cup of regular sugar, half cup of brown sugar and a tablespoon of delicious cinnamon just to spice it up and give it that warm apple pie flavour. So you just toss these together. She may be used a bigger bowl. Um, and just you're just gonna let it sit for probably 15 minutes is all you need. And what happens when it sits is it releases those juices from the apples and then the juices released into this bowl instead of into your pie. So, um, it makes you know less of less of a soggy filling, which is nice. So you keep that crisp bottom of the apple. Ah, lot of people use like a thickener like a some flour or cornstarch in there filling. But for the apple feeling, I just I don't feel like you need it because, um, when you do this and you let it sit for that 15 minutes, that's that's all you need. It doesn't it doesn't need anything extra. You can add filler if you want, but it's not necessary, maybe for a berry pie or something. I use that, but not not in the apple. So just get it nice and coated and then just let it do its thing. You'll see it's gonna look totally different in 15 minutes. It's all gonna be like glistening and blended together, even though it seems like it's not so nice and coated. Let it sit and check back in 15. All right, here we go. This is the Superfund part, and we're getting close to the pay office where? So we've got our filling here. Those juices have all released from these apples, and it's kind of syrupy and, like Super Cinnamon E. If you're not as big of a cinnamon fan, is me, you don't have to put that much. You can do just like 1/2 teaspoon, but I really go for it cause I love the taste of cinnamon. So we're just going to fill that chilled show that we made earlier and our leaves over here nice and chilled all the dough. Israel firm And it's ready to be worked with, so that's good news. You can dump this in, but I like I said, those juices that released I don't want to dump those all in here and make a soggy bottom. So I just kind of spoon them in with this slotted spoon. Just minimize the sogginess. Who still about all that flavor from the apples and the cinnamon and the sugar. So you should be good. Just spoon it in. Now it looks like a lot of apples are going in, and I like to mount them kind of up into the center because when the pie is baking, the fruit shrinks, actually, and like, kind of settles into the pie, so it looks really, really tall. But when it bakes and everything settles, everything just sort of sinks down, including your crust. And you're feeling so don't stress if you think this is like, way too much, and this is really full. So also, you need to just sort of help settle these apples down in because, you know, they've got shape of their own. So they just kind of need to be told what to do. Just directed Okay, see how, see how much it's already fallen just by pressing that down. Okay, that looks really, really nice. Perfect 6. 06 Top It Off - Picture Perfect Pie: and now is the really fun part decorating the top. But before you do them way, have a more butter because that makes everything delicious. This just kind of like fills out the filling and gives it a more rich flavour. So it's not just sweet. You've got that buttery hit, and it just melts right into the apples and makes such a warm and yummy flavor. So just got the top just randomly. There's about 1 to 2 tablespoons here. You don't need a lot just enoughto bring that creamy flavor. Okay, so let's get to it. So we we did four different leaf patterns here, and we're gonna start by just pressing them into the edge. I like toe alternate the leaves. So I go all the way around starting on the outside. I'm just making a pretty pattern using all the different leaves. Um, you know, you can be, like, very precise and make sure each one is like, used every fourth time. Or you can just kind of be random because it's gonna be beautiful no matter what. So all the way, who I don't want to do the exact same one all the way around varying your leaves kind of just press it in. They're pretty firm because you have them chilling. But since they're so small they warm up quick, so you gotta move pretty fast. So now I like to go the opposite direction in the next layer. I just like the way that it kind of builds up the structure. It's kind of layer them over each other. Um, in this in this pattern, right on top of the apples and just layer the leaves like they're actually fallen leaves, Um, t blaring and you can't see it now. But there's all that cheese in here, which is gonna give just that unbelievably like crisp, salty flavor that pairs so well with those sweet apples and see how Ah, we're leaving some little vents here so that steam can escape when it's baking and it doesn't all get trapped. So the moisture is escaping. It's building a crispy crust and your pie won't be soggy. I like to save one of the Cubist ones to go right on top because he worked so hard. Look at that perfectly covered picture. Perfect pie. But one more thing, we gotta chill it just once. more before we bake it. So I like to go right into the freezer with this. If you're baking it today, freeze it for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. So everything firms back up, those butters solidify, and we keep that integrity. Um, Or if you are planning way ahead, you can freeze this thing for a month or two. So, you know, Thanksgiving's coming up, make it before freeze it. And then the morning off, you just pop it right into the oven and it's ready. You don't have to defrost it. Nothing. It's ready to go. So we're just gonna freeze this guy and we'll be right back. 7. 07 Bake It Off - Picture Perfect Pie: Okay. Our entire pie is chilled in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, so things were really firm. That's gonna help keep the structure. When this bakes, we're gonna start by pre heating or of into 400 degrees, probably 10 or 15 minutes before you pull this guy out. Um, the reason why we bake at such a high temperature for 20 minutes is so that we can really lock in that shape. So the high heat kind of cooks the exterior really quick without cooking the interior, and that holds the shape. Then we turn the oven down to 350 degrees, and then that kind of slowly bakes everything. Um, that's gonna be probably at least 45 minutes, maybe 55 minutes. If this was frozen solid, it might take an extra 15 or 20 minutes that you'll have to add on. So now let's start with the egg wash. It's super simple. Just one egg in a crack right into a bowl. Um, this isn't totally necessary, but I like to do in English because it gives your pie a really nice sheen and just makes you look a little bit more pro. So, um, just quickly with that egg up, get it nice and mixed up. Super simple. Some people put cream in there. There's all different ways, but I just like, just just simple a because I really like the way that it gives it a sheen. Okay, so now we're just gonna take a pastry brush and just really lightly brush because you don't want to shift these too much. The leaves should pretty much stay in place. Since we took that extra time and we chilled again. It was all worth it. So they shouldn't shift around too much when you're doing this just real quick all the way around. Cover all that texture. So all these leaves concertos in up and look really beautiful when they bake. Um, just a light touch. You don't want too much. Just enough to kind of cover each little leaf all the way around, even get the rim around the edge. I want to cover it all. Any exposed pie dough? Okay, that looks great. Oh, covered there. Then the final touch that I like to dio is used this It's called sparkling sugar. It's kind of Ah, fancy fancier sugar It's like a raw sugar, but way fans here just add some like glitz and glam to your pie and just really makes it extra special. You can find this on the Internet or at specialty baking shops, sometimes even like Whole Foods husband for just a nice little sprinkling. You only need, like maybe a tablespoon, just a kind of coat that it also gives a nice crunch to the texture, which is nice when you bite into that pie. So we are ready to bake this bad boy preheated at 400. Let's pop it in for 20 minutes, and you want to bake it on like in the center of the oven in the middle rack, sticking in there on. Let her go. Here we are, the moment of truth. We're about to pull that pie out of the oven. It smells unreal in here that cheese is melting into the crust and you can smell that. The warm cinnamon apple filling is amazing, and it's all buttery and delicious. So let's pull that pie out and see how it looks. Oh, yeah, bad is looking good. Perfect. Okay, I wasn't lying. That is a picture perfect pie. You guys look at this thing, So check this out. We've got our baking sheet here. We line it with parchment because when this pie bakes, it bubbles up and kind of spills over. And look at all this mess. You don't want that on the inside your oven. So that's a really good trick to Dio. Um, Then let's take a look at this picture. Perfect pipe. Okay, let's start with the crust. It's all caramelized and beautiful. We've got, like, some depth of color and texture all throughout the whole pie. I like to go deeper with my pie baking. I don't like like a uniform like pale pie. I want this like criminalization. I want that feeling to bubble up and kind of like spill over the edge and give all that flavor to the crust, cause that's what you worked so hard for. You want to taste that hard work. You put so much elbow grease into this and you chilled out. You kept your chill. It's worth it because look at these layers. There's so many layers in each of these leaves you can see that had stacked up and built the layers when it baked, and that was worth it. I promise it's gonna taste so good. You can see the cheese is melted in some of these spots and started to bubble up. It's gonna taste amazing against the sweetness of that filling. Then we did. The egg wash has a nice sheen over the whole thing. And that sparkling sugar just gave that extra step. It, like, made it so much more special. Look how sparkly and glitzy that is. Beautiful. This truly is a picture perfect pie. 8. 08 Outro - Picture Perfect Pie: Okay, guys, there you have it. My top tips and tricks. My favorite secret weapons and all the secret sauce to making the most picture perfect. Apple cheddar pie imaginable. It's worth it, I promise. Just keep your chill. Follow all those steps and remember, picture perfect pie takes practice. So keep on practicing. Bake up those pies and reap the benefit because it's delicious. Now it's your turn to bake up a picture. Perfect pie. I can't wait to see your photos to hear all about it. Thank you guys so much for taking this skill share. Plus, it means the world to me truly. Please let me know if you have questions along the way. I am totally here for you. Just remember keep your chill No yodo and keep on baking the goods.