Photoshop in a Nutshell - Beginner's Guide to Easily Remove Any Background (Like A Pro!) | Aisha Borel | Skillshare

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Photoshop in a Nutshell - Beginner's Guide to Easily Remove Any Background (Like A Pro!)

teacher avatar Aisha Borel, Instructional Designer | Mind Map Lover

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro Photoshop in a Nutshell

    • 2. Remove Background in Photoshop

    • 3. Class Project Photoshop

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About This Class


Do you ever wonder where to start when it comes to learning Photoshop and doing something cool?

Do you like taking your own pictures and wish you could remove the background like a professional?

Would you like to learn one simple approach that I've been using for years?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the perfect course for you.

What Students are Saying...

"It's my first time trying to remove a BG on Photoshop and it was an interesting experience. I found out that it requires a bit of patience but it can be fun." ~ Babi Chagas

About This Course

Getting started with using Adobe Photoshop may not be easy, but it certainly doesn't have to be difficult. This is where "Photoshop in a Nutshell" learning series comes in.

In this short little course, I jump straight into showing you:

  • the exact nuts and bolts of how I easily remove any background 
  • by solely using the lasso tool in photoshop
  • and offering a "watch me work" behind the scenes, over-the-shoulder approach where I divulge practical tips and easy to apply techniques along the way

This style of approach is NOT fancy!
(And that's WHY it works)

Why Take This Course

The specific technique I teach in this course is one that I use all the time (even almost 20 years after learning it) because it is so effective.

It's something, anyone, with practically any version of photoshop and — and absolutely no prior skill — can successfully start using straight away.

Even if you've been using Photoshop for a while, learning this ONE technique could be a game-changer

So, if that sounds cool, let's get started!

:D Aisha

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aisha Borel

Instructional Designer | Mind Map Lover


Hi! My name is Aisha (pronounced EYE-sha).

On top of being a Mom to two super amazing tiny human beings (Jaida 9, John Arthur 3) I'm a graphic designer and instructional designer.

I went to school for graphic design and have been designing and creating all kinds of whatnots for well over 20 years. I love graphic design, but more importantly, I really LOVE that I get the weekly opportunity to bring my passion for design to the work I do AND earn a good living that helps support my family in the process.

It's fun and for that I am thankful.

Speaking of gratitude and things I love, about 12 years ago I was introduced into the world of mind mapping through a teacher at the time who I still to this day admire.

What I learned in her classes ex... See full profile

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1. Intro Photoshop in a Nutshell: Hello and welcome to photo shop and in nutshell. Now, as you know, photo shop is not a kind of that shell course. But sometimes, as like myself, I'm graphic designer. My name is I sh I guess I should introduce myself first, but my name is Aisha, and I'm a graphic designer and instructional designer. I have been doing graphic design for well over 20 years now in a professional setting. One of things I like about quick courses. Is it narrowing down something super large such as Photoshopped and basically just taking just a little fraction of it? Putting that into a nutshell and teaching you quickly how to do one thing. So that's pretty much what you can expect from these photos. Choppiness nutshell. Siri's courses and this course is all about how to quickly remove a background from Photoshopped. So before we get into it, you do not have toe have a ton of experience with Photoshopped to do this. If you just basically have access to a photo shop and watch me work, then you will be able to do exactly what I am doing. So with that set I love to see in the course 2. Remove Background in Photoshop: Okay, So without any further ado, let's go ahead and get started. So I've got this image right here that I want to open up and you can open up in a couple different ways. I'm just going to put it on top of the Adobe photo shop icon. I am using Photoshopped 2020. You can use pretty much whatever version of photo shop that you have available. Um, disarms. It's, I think, within the last 20 years. You should be good. Um, so, yeah, I've got this really adorable image of Ah, this beagle and this orange cat, which I just thought was absolutely adorable and really great for removing the background on. So how we're going to get started is doing this. I'm gonna go ahead, and I am going to grab my lasso tool. I'm going. Teoh, I like Teoh. Uh, I like to be able to use the one that is the poly polygon. No, last so no until it saying that incorrectly. But a that's life. So next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna see look at the background. So we've got the background on layers. Your layers tool might be somewhere different. depending on how you have your photo shop sat up. So I am going to just double click it. And what this is do got to do is it's going to release it and allow me to edit this document. So one of things I do automatically is I create. Ah, there we go. That made a little bit larger, but one of things I do automatically is I go ahead and duplicate the layer that I am working with. That way, I don't, um We're gonna call this clipped image, and then I'm going to turn off layer zero that way. I'm never like ruining. Um, I'm never ruining the actual file that I am working with. So now I'm just basically going to take my and I've got one of these. I think it's helpful to use one of these track pads. You can certainly use a mouse. I just like the way that the track bad feels better. Um, when working with photo shop and everything. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to come up here, and I am just going to create just a rule quick type of image. I like the sidewalk that is here. Um and I don't know if it's a sidewalk or not. Whatever it is, I like it. And I kind of want to keep it because it gives a bit of a grounding to the It allows the dog and the cat somewhere to kind of rest. And I'm going to get rid of roughly this background right here. Okay? And so with this lasso tool, one of things that you can notice right away is that we've got the feathery. Now I'll be jumping into this and a little bit. But for here now, I've just basically got my lasso tool to where it's, you know, I've got the images of the dog. Um, and now I can start to zoom in on different types of areas. So let's zoom in our the for of the beagle. So one of things is is that you see how this is like, super soft type of for And so if I go through and I basically created toe wear, let's start here at the bottom. I can go through and I can create it like this and we'll just click off so you get a good idea and I'll delete it. There we go. But one of things you can notice is that it doesn't create that feather type of look that soft look that, um, we would really want. Instead, it starts to look like, you know, a clipped, um, background image which, if that's what you're going for, its fine. However, let's go ahead and click, undo and get that back. And now I'm gonna go back to my lasso tool and I am going to put a three for the feather. I'm just gonna move in just a little bit further. It's good and cut in here, and I'm basically just clicking and literally just click, click, click, click, click. Now for something like this I don't like Ah, I don't like quick removal tools because I think they just look really bad in the long run . And, um, for and different types of hair is just so soft. So I'll just go through and just click, click, click, click, click. Now I'm just roughly getting an idea of how old this for, and stuff is kind of starting toe look and I want to go down. I wanna bring these edges together. I want to create, delete, and then we'll go like this. So now you can see that there's a nice little like thing yet and a feathering of the image , and it just helps it look softer in just a little bit nicer wing, you zoom on out, it keeps that feather soft look, which is what we want. So for different points of this image, we may bump up the feathering toe like a five. Or, you know, if we're going into this area right back here, we might bump it up a little bit further. Um and so it just depends. But I think that helps it toe look really nice. So let's go ahead and keep that. Let's go back to here. We're still on a three feather, and I am going to just create a nice little soft line for the background and then move those points together and then start to jump in on the dog in his ears. OK, so this is where the sharpness starts to change a little bit. We've got his ear, the tip of his ear, and that's nice and soft. But when we move out into the, um, more of his nose and facial structure. That's where we get a little bit harder of an edge for the photo. And we want that hardness is certainly come through. So what I'm gonna do now is I am going to move. Teoh instead of a zero, would have moved to a one for feathering. And I'm just gonna come out here and move back in. Now you see all these whiskers so I don't like to completely like I will get rid of through photo shop and removing this background. I will get rid of those whiskers because I think they just look, it just was better if we just get rid of them all together, you can agree or disagree with me, which is fun, because that's what photo shop is all about is making it look, um, you know how you prefer it toe look. But literally whatever image I'm working with, I'll just go through and created a nice little vignette around it. And through here, I'll create more of ah, up and down zigzag. That way, it gives his for just a little bit of ruffling. Okay, Now I'm going to stop right here because I've done quite a bit of, um, like selection. And I don't want to do too much at one time, because if I accidentally, like, mess up and the image just basically starts to look a little rough or say I go in and because I am using a track pad I'm going through, I've got all this that I'm working on. I accidentally go down here Now, you know, there's just nothing you can do about removing that. You just got I got start over. So we are just going to go little by little And, like, even with this, is looking a little bit rough. So I'm gonna go and and maybe do, like, a five on this type of feathering on his face and just go in and kind of like, redo it just a little bit, and you can even see with the edge. It just smooths it out just a bit more. And then that way, just kind of like you can see a little bit of wisp of that and just gives it a little bit nicer softness. So let's go ahead and go back to the lasso tool. Um, gonna go to a four on this, and I want to be able to get rid of that green and the background because I don't want it to have, like a green edging on it from the full legend stuff in the background. So what I'm going to do and you might be received a little bit better if I come down here is and stuff going on exactly the top edge. Instead, I'm coming underneath the actual image. That way, there's a little bit of brown nous, um, that way it basically I assure that I'm getting rid of as much of the green in the background as possible. And since this has a lot of Boca meaning, it has a nice, shallow depth of field when it comes to crisp eyes and that really crisp nozzle on his face and then the background like the hair being mawr like a softer. That's what I mean by that depth of field. I might actually let's go ahead and zoom out just a bit, connecting these edges and delete, and that's looking nice. And of course, what we want to do is we want to be able to save this often, so I risk it. I clicked Save, Save it to my dust heart. So, yeah, you definitely want to save as much as possible. Um, And then for this part, I'm gonna go ahead and bump up my feathering two more of an eight for this part through here. Would it start out here? Come in. Now. You see, I'm leaving a lot of the brown edge kind of there. It's because the feathering is going to basically allow me a lot of grace when it comes to like, hair. And when it comes to, um for so just a zonas I create a nice little feather and kind of go in and out with that. It should look really good, even if my edges are a bit not perfect. Okay, so I've done quite a bit so far, so I want to closed this loop and delete. I also want to let's go ahead and do command zero to so we can see the whole of the image. You see how that looks really nice. It follows the sharpness of the nose even though we were really, um, within like, the for on his eyebrows and stuff. Even though we were kind of vague It looks really nice as faras how it's looking, So I'm pleased with how that's looking. Now we've got this kind of image. Before we move on to the cat, it's go ahead and zoom Anna bet. And it looks like I want to be able to just keep this line here and then move on to the cat . So I'm not sure what this is back here, and I'm not thinking that we really need to keep it. So I'm gonna come out and move back in zooming and just a bet. I want to stay, leave quite a bit of so basically hug it from the inside like I'm doing here with the image and then from here gets really, really soft. So I'm just gonna assume that the image goes out this way and that his hind leg goes out like FIS. And then that brings us to the cat's fur. And even though the cat's eyes are really sharp and in focus as they should be, um, there's a lot of change from that sharpness off his I to the for two boom the background. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to kind of like create the illusion by creating just, like, really roughness and the for And remember, we're still at an eight point four feathering, So all right, let's go ahead and close this loop and delete that. See how we're looking here. I think it looks all right. Kind of softens the face quite a bit. We've got Maura softness than a roughness on his face as faras the whiskers and stuff. And I'm actually going to come in and tighten this up a bit more by going in putting a three for the feathering and just going in and removing some of this faint background. Now you'll notice I'm coming through on the outside and removing it. It's because I want to still have some feathering going in and out, and I'm just gonna come through and you see this little bit of orange back hair. Let's go ahead and start to define. So if you're not super happy about how some things looking in your furthering process, you can always go back in and just a just, um, so that it looks much better. And let's go up through here a hand, close our loop. Let's save it and let's zoom out. So I think that's starting to look really, really good, and we're actually almost done. So let's go ahead and finish up the cats phase. I kind of want to keep that softness in the background. So let's go back to our lasso tool. We're gonna go to what's to us six this time, and I'm just going to roughly come in here, get some of that softness in the background kind of Huggies here, just a little bit closed. This loop were a delete. Actually, it's going to go back to the clips. Sometimes in the process of deletion, the background might disappear, or your layer that selected. That's fine. It happens all the time. So you can just basically go in and go back to your clipped image or whatever you have this labeled and then go back to your lasso tool. Okay, so let's adjust it to a four now. What I'm doing is I'm just guessing as far as when I go 34 to. It's just I have a bit of experience with photo shop, so I was just kind of like, I know my preferences are, um and then I would have come in and out make this kind of really rough and ragged along through here. What a nice four curse menace. And I'm just gonna go. So what I can do here since I do see that greenness in the background is I can come through here are gonna just that feathering. I'll make it in eight again and just come in and just make this a little bit softer. Oven edge. Hey, that's going good. And let's go ahead a finishes off. I'm kind of liking where the eight. Is that so? I'm just gonna come up here, come down here. So one of the reasons I'm not starting right in the middle is that I like coming into the file that I'm working on and then moving back. So what that allows me to do is to be, but did not have such hard edges of Okay. I started here and them work down here started here, so it just makes a little bit softer. Um, so I'm just gonna come through kind of get this robe rough, kind of organic shaping because it's super soft, you know, as far as blending and everything down here, and I'm going to assume that the sidewalk starts somewhere along here as far as the top edge of the sidewalk on. And the more you closed this loop I am, we're gonna zoom out. And I think that's starting toe look really, really good as far as quickly, quickly removing a background of for and hair and ah, so on. So now I'm going to because I always like to test how this looks because right now the background is kind of this greater. Let me know that it's transparent. It's we're just gonna come in, do a new layer, label it background if I can spell, and we're gonna put it right below this layer and let's make it white. And then I'm just gonna go to my bucket tool and just click and just fill in. So that lets me know. Okay. Said if I have it on a white background, how is the vignette ing and the feathering looking does look weird. Doesn't look all right, um, and you can just go in and basically just work with this image create, you know, a little bit of extra roughness if you're wanting to your wanting to create just a little bit more sharpness like in these ears. You can definitely do so by coming in here, going back to your clipped image, going back to the lasso tool, making this quite a bit rougher, like Let's do, Ah, two for lasso because we can see the bit of background coming in, and we can make this a bit more rough still using that vignette in that feathering and I still like this wispy nous of that cluster of hair, and I'm just working my way out of the image now and then. Let's delete. Let's zoom out. So that's starting toe look better as far as you know, that ear being just a bit more crisp, getting rid of that you can come through. You can soften these edges if you want. If you're thinking, Oh, those look a little bit too harsh. Let's go ahead and do like a five and just work your way into an image and maybe get make that a little bit more soft. There's something going on, so let's go ahead and work around this. Since I am in a five feathering, I don't wanna go too close to it. We'll just delete that. Come back out, take a look at it that's looking a lot softer, so there's just little bits and tweaks that you can do, but that is how you quickly remove any type of background and Photoshopped. 3. Class Project Photoshop: All right. So that's that, King. You guess what the class project will be? Yes. What I want you to do is I want you to go onto Google or use of your own photos or Google images and basically just picked any image that you think would be fun to work out, work with, open up photo shop and go through the process. Just use a lasso tool and a little bit of feathering and remove a background you can even and so putting it on a white background. You can choose some type of different background to see what that looks like. So you know, what do your kids look like? If you have kids or pets look like catching a ball in space or on Mars? I don't know. The world's you know, the world's your oyster. So go ahead and pick a background, remove it and then share with the class. And for me, definitely to see I love to see your work. I'd love to hear your comments. If you enjoyed this class, definitely leave a review. Let me know what you, uh what? What, you think I'd love to hear your thoughts? All right. See, in the next course back