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Petrykivka - Ukrainian Folk Art: Digital Floral Illustration - Combination of Gouache and Watercolor

teacher avatar Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating paper

    • 3. Petrykivka - Ukrainian Folk Art

    • 4. New Technique: Painting Flowers

    • 5. New Technique: Painting Leaves

    • 6. Adding Shades

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About This Class


Welcome back to my class and let’s dive into Ukrainian art and paint all together beautiful illustration in Petrikovka (Petrykivka) style.

At the end of my class you will learn more about Procreate and composition, especially how to use layers, clipping mask, alpha lock, selection tool and how to add texture, volume and color variation to your picture. And most importantly - you will learn more about Ukrainian folk art, particularly Petrikovka, using gouache and watercolor brushes in a simple way and new painting technique.

You can use the illustration you create for posting in Instagram, add it to your portfolio, or sell it on Etsy, Gumroad and so on. Or just share it with someone whom you really like. I am sure they will be so happy to get an illustration that is created by you.

Today I want to show you that gouache and watercolor is so simple and it’s a real fun! And you can combine them together!

And in the end of my class you can see it. Also you can try yourself in totally new style.

Today I will teach you:

  • How to create texture paper,
  • How create artwork from the sketch,
  • What is composition;
  • What is Petrikovka (or Petrykivka),
  • How to create traditional folk art illustrations in Procreate,
  • How to paint picture without reference picture
  • How to use my and default Procreate brushes for painting in Petrikovka style,
  • How to apply my new painting techniques,
  • What are the nuances you need to know if you want to create gouache and watercolor illustration,
  • How to use alpha lock and clipping mask,
  • How to add texture to our artwork,
  • I will also show you how to add shades and highlights.


I will show you my whole process from the start till finish.

And as a bonus I will share with you my textured paper, custom brushset (with a new brush, created specially for this style), color palette, sketch, that I created. I will also add file of my picture that i drew. Feel free to use it for your own art projects.

This class is great for intermediate level, also can be useful for beginners (if you watched my previous classes) and experienced artists - probably here you can find an inspiration and new ways how to paint Ukrainian folk art illustration.

You can also check my newly created set with cliparts and brushes, related to Petrykivka art:

Petrykivka stamp brushes

Find me here: 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.


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1. Introduction : Hi guys for everyone. Welcome back to my class. During my today's class, I will teach you how to paint lovely illustration in traditional Ukrainian folk art, which is called PATRIC UCA. And said Go be so easy. I prepared for you as a special brush set will help you to create realistic illustration. Also during our today's class, you're gonna combine gouache and watercolor styles altogether. I hope you will exit, guys. I would be very happy to see all your artworks to give my feedback. And if you have some suggestions or recommendations, you might leave some in discussion section. So guys, if you're ready, grab your iPad, Apple pencil. And let's fancy altogether. Hi guys. I'm Inga freelance illustrator. Welcome back to my class and let's dive into your creating an art and paint altogether beautiful illustration in PATRIC keep Castile. At the end of my class, you will learn more about Procreate and composition, especially how to use layers can even mask Alpha Lock Selection tool and how to add texture, volume, and color variation to your picture. And most importantly, you will learn more about ukrainian folk art, particularly Patrick UCA or Patrick Kafka, using gouache and watercolor brushes in a simple way. And you paint in technique. You can use a illustration, you create a posting on Instagram, add it to your portfolio, or sell it on Etsy. I'm Rod and saw for just share it with someone whom you read alike. I am sure there will be so happy to get an illustration that is created by you. Today I want to show you said gouache and watercolor are so simple and it's a real fun. And you can combine them together. In the end of my class. You can see it. Also. You can try yourself in total in your style. Today I will teach you how to create texture paper. How to create artwork froms a sketch. What is composition? What is Patrick UGA? How to create traditional folk art illustrations in Procreate. How to paint a picture without reference picture. How to use my default Procreate brushes for painting in PATRIC IPA style. How to apply my new painting technique? What doesn't you and says you need to know if you want to create gouache and watercolor illustration. How to use Alpha Lock and clipping mask. How to add texture to your artwork. I will also show you how to use selection tool. I will also show you how to add shapes and highlights. I will show you my whole process from start to finish. And as a bonus, I will share with you my textured paper custom brush set. There's a new brush created specially forces style color palette sketch that I created. I will also add file of my pictures that I drew. Feel free to use it for your own art projects. This class is great for intermediate level, also can be useful for beginners. If you watched my previous illnesses and experienced artists, probably here you can find an inspiration in new ways how to paint ukrainian folk art illustration. Your class project fill the next. Paints illustration and Peter keep Castile using the tips and brushes. If I gave you today, I will use Procreate for this class. We use iPad and Apple Pencil. If you have it, or some master drawing paths or just regular watercolor paper and paint. Please join our class. And good luck. 2. Creating paper: Hi guys. Hello everyone. During our today's class, I'm going to show you how to paint lovely artwork in Ukrainian traditional folk art, which is called PATRIC UCA or battery Kafka. I hope you liked that. We're gonna create our illustration from his cage. And little a little, I will explain you what is the procedure? How to use our brush, how to use my new brush that I created for the procreate in PATRIC, a style. So I hope now you're ready to start painting. And first of all, I will show you how to create texture paper and how to export all our freebies, Franz's Skillshare app into say, a Procreate. First of all, if you need to open Procreate. And after that, we need to tap Plus tab blast again and switch from pig cells into inches and write 1311 inches. As you see is if you have 300 DPI resolution and the maximum layers sit, you might have these third seventh grade. Now I haven't explained you how to export everything into Procreate. First of all, you need to open our class in a browser. It can be Chrome or Safari. Why we need to do it in browser? Because if you do set in a Skillshare app, my freebies might not be visible. We'll go to our browser. And after said, you go to Projects and Resources section. And in the right corner under the headline resources, you can find all my Freemasons. In our next step is we need to download all of those freebies and you can find them in downloads folder, in a file's app. I have to Zed, if you want, you can split the screen. From the one side you will have file's app, and from another side you will have procreate. And you need just to drag and drop our freebies into the procreate and amines of freebies union find our paper. So our next step, we need to create texture paper. How to address it? We have already have Canvas. Next step, we need to create couple of new layers here. And we need to tab Action button to have a head and tab, insert a file. And after said, let's go to Downloads folder and find Zara, our paper. Next, let's rotate it. Hence, Victor cannabis, as you might see, is a size of cannabis was slightly bigger, but it's high. Let's just move to the edges. Paper. Next, you need to duplicate the paper one time. And speech to blending mode. To Linear Burn, Color Burn. I have to set, Let's duplicate linear burn. One time. Replicate Color Burn also on time and March sat together. Next video go to linear burn mode and LavAzza opacity till 50%. Lexis. Next step, let's select two layers. You see I can do it by swiping, right? You need to tap group. Next, let's rename says group. I have to say that we need to create a couple of new layers underneath of paper group. And we also rename them and call paint here. Next we'll duplicate by pain here layer if you times our paper is ready. Now please remember, we need to paint and Denise, how paper layer group. Why? Because in this case, if you paint on top, you might loose texture. We need to keep its right tried to keep it on Denise. I can now let's talk about our color palette and our brushes to die created for today's class. Speaking about counter palette, this one, I would move to this side is called PATRIC EPA Ukrainian art. And you're going to use all of those colors. Mostly. You'll have some variation and you have some option which colors you want to use. And speaking about brushes is called Ukrainian art. And we're gonna use all those brushes to take. First of all, mercury brush that you might use for your sketching. Next Bupa, tricky because this is in your brush. We will talk about his brush later for Oriental dry brush to prior to two, you already know broke wash brush in some color variations. Next, we will have required splendor that you can use as a brush and as a blender. I have to say if you have poor watercolor background set for the help us to add some shades. Now let's return to puppetry Kyiv cup rash. It's in new ones, a prior setae created specially for this theme. And I'll show you how to use this brush. This brush is very precious sensitive. And later I will explain you. What does an UN says you need to know in order to paint in Ukrainian traditional way. God now I went to show you is a very interesting. You see it has dark edges. So if you press lighter, you will have darker shade. If you press lighter, you will have thinner, you will have brighter color. You see here, that's important for our illustration because it has a right way how to paint flowers in traditional way. In PATRIC, if Castile, this brush is very interested in, it requires some time to learn how to use it. But when we finally do, you will enjoy some paint in process. That's it. Now you'll have seen all of the brushes that I've created, a color palette and paper. And let's move the next part where I'll show you the sketch that I created and that we're gonna use for today's class. I will explain you how to paint in PATRIC. You've Castile waters it. And I'll show you some examples. 3. Petrykivka - Ukrainian Folk Art: Now let's talk about ventricular heart, and I will give you some examples here. If you go into Pinterest and right Patrick, You've got all Patrick Kafka. You will see a variety of very beautiful the artwork set are created by Ukrainian artists. Later I will explain you what is the main feature sources style. By the way, speaking about PATRIC, you've got it takes its origin from this small religious named Patrick UGA. It's really beautiful. So of course, if you have chance, you'll need to raise it. I suggested to visit his place. Lots of houses, paint with ornaments, given now in 21st century. And it's not just about as a House's. If you go inside the house, you will see some tools for the kitchen sound like parts of a house, as they are also decorated. In this patrick, you've got art and that's fair and beautiful. And also as a reason meaning behind the art, of course, was the main theme. As you see from the picture, is paint in plants, particularly garden flowers, some flower buds. More often they're combined. Visa births say aim to protect the house, protects a family from all evil staff. And they also, because they aim to bring harmony in a house and her family. That's beautiful. Now let's move to our art arc. So distinctive feature of this folk art style I its flower patterns as you see, some distinctive brush strokes. Additionally, wide background. Of course nowadays lots of artists say ten till, like experimentally styles at something you and say nowadays they might not paying just on white background. So you can paint on the globe background ASMR, any other colors. But why it was y to the first because houses in Ukraine save of paint, he's a white color. So that's wiser colors. Flowers it to be put on a top of a wall. Of course, they're colorful and it creates some specific contrast. And it looks very beautiful and eye-catching. If your paint is his style, you don't need to depict realistic perspective effective. You might think, maybe this is a source. Plants are too big. Actually, if we talk about them in a real life, some of the fibers can be smaller buds. It doesn't matter in PATRIC Ukiyo-e style because it's the most important VSA composition. And also some meanings that you put behind the art. Overall design is built around one of more plants stamp, we have one blend stamp here, beach. Some other elements are attached. Once again, zig key elements for example, here we have some main flower here, some flower buds here, tiny one. Like smaller flowers. They help us to create a composition. And also we have some kind of berries from Z22 sides. Also one more berry from this part. And also tiny flower vase here and lots of leaves. And as you might see, once again, we had some main stem here, main flowers. And from Zambia keep creating some ASA plural elements. This stem or branches, they typically don't overlap each other. So you see I'm trying to paint him separately and not overlap. Many elements such as petals. You see different petals here or stamps or berries. Say, I depict it using one single brushstroke and more slightly. You know, if you paint some berries, for example, this one, you take say color some paint. You put your fingers as only one finger, this one in a color and after you need to put it just right on the paper, and thanks to your finger, you can create a barrier and in some specific way you will have your fingerprint and will look very unique. Whenever it was a key to our primary school. As a frosted exhibit we have learned was actually Patrick UCA art. What I wanted to tell you is it professional, Patrick, you've got artists say paint without a sketch. They don't create like predrawn sketch to have some thoughts in their head. But when they start painting, because it doesn't create a sketch, dry, it creates a frost flower with Sam and pharmacies flowers and create another one and another one anymore and more. But they don't start painting unless they know what's fair coin to create. Zachary is a compositions ahead. Now let's jump into the next part, speaking about materials. First, it was all froms and nature. Pigments were extracted from harps, from berries, flowers. Later, of course, art is a switch to another technique to Anansi, materials. And they use gouache and watercolor. Again, nowadays I also saw some artists who use acrylic to create beautiful artworks. So if you're going to use gouache and watercolor in our today's class. Now let's talk a little bit about as a sketch. And after that, we'll jump into actually painting process and I'll show you how I create zed. And let's turn it up. First of all, I created a few flowers you see here is it was a first step. I have to say, I realize that I need to add some flower buds. Here. I added two more. Next I need to create to add some leaves. As you see, I also added some flowers from both sides. My last step was I thought it's not enough. Elements like xik cannabis looks a little bit empty. So I decided to add a little bit more floral elements and also some berries. And I think now say a composition is complete and it feels as a whole paper. And we added all the elements we wanted. And now it's time to paint. You know, everything about it. Is it literally Keith cut everything that we need in order to create illustration. And we have the sketch. And now this next part, the next part we will be led, start painting. 4. New Technique: Painting Flowers: Javier, ready to start painting? This is our sketch one more time. For our today's picture will be done actually have like the reference picture because B create a sketch prompts ahead by us. We can go to Sapient rest for some inspirations and we can check how as a Ukrainian artists use of brush strokes. How's they use some color combinations saw. Okay, so let's now Pinterest. And here you might see if you have so many different kinds of flowers, some color combinations. And I will explain you what does it mean features of this tile? One more time. We need to find some pictures that might look pretty waterfalls and inspiration. I like this one. It looks beautiful, but for today's class, I think we will use less blue color. Probably that good. Looks like our picture a little bit. And I like the colors, but I think I will use more yellow and orange color in our illustration. And I will make some leaves brighter. You might see that the middle of the floral has some shade and said edges also darker parts. The middle part is lighter and it's like everywhere. This is why I created as a prior that is pressure sensitive way how you use it. We'll define Z brush strokes and you have like same here he sees a middle is lighter bars, the outer parts are darker. Same. For example, if you use your finger area and if you need to like pain Barrett's, you need to tap. And of course because you have the pressure in the middle of a berry. So as the pressures and middle part, because of the pressure will be lighter and the edges are a bit darker. This is explanation, and this is one of the main features. Here's you see as a tools, kitchen tools and the way how the artistic created is so beautiful. Here is you're on the contrary. We have edges of our leaf cell lighter compared to the middle part. And look at the Paris. They're pretty colorful, you see, and steel Zai artists didn't overlap all. And it has a mainstem, yeah, and from this team we have some berries and some leaves. Therapeutic. Start painting my situation. I want to lower the opacity of our sketch. I'll door and loggers opacity of every part of it. Maybe 30% plus minus. And we will paint on a layer. Whereas written paint here. And this layer is underneath our sketch and our paper group, paper group. Now I went to start these bio-metric. Kafka. Miss his brush and I wanted to start with sauce plants. Okay guys, I think it would be easier for us if we might use our color palette somewhere. If we don't need to, go tap to the color wheel and after they choose a color again and again. In this case, what we should do, we can just go tab and morbid here. And we have our color palette from left side. It's very useful. So once again, to be duplicated layers or be on a new layer, be grabbed our puppetry Kafka brush. Let's start adding some cars. Okay guys, for loudly, Flora, I'm going to use this yellowish color. And once again, you press lighter, you have thicker, darker color, you press heavier and you will have lighter one. It's hard to see it here because the color is pretty bright, but if you grab a darker shade, you might see. To show it to you. Maybe here, you press harder and you will have brighter color. You press a lighter and you have dark color again. You need to learn how to use this brush because it's very pressure sensitive. But first of all, we need to grab sees color lighter, one for all our petals. Now press harder. Lighter. My axis in here, start from the bottom and press lighter. And after that the harder. Also one of the main features of said Patrick keep calm style painting. He said, you paint everything just with one brush stroke. But here we have some tiny difference because this is not an actual brush. But still we are trying to imitate. So it makes it difficult to paint just one petal with single stroke. But when you paint with traditional paints, you will use just one brush stroke. Usually you don't leave any gaps. There shouldn't be any white gaps between two colors. Later we'll put a second layer and add more shades. Areas where we have some gaps. Here. The grab our gouache blender and just blend it. Don't leave any gaps. Second petal flowers. And we're going to paint leaf by leaf. Auto. Press lighter later whether you're gonna use a nozzle brush. Actually we can make already set difference if you want. We can create new layer and we can grab another color of a brush like say swan. We can start it in Saqqara. Lexis. Press lighter. Now make darker color. Requires some practice, so don't worry, you're going to have UCs alliance and that's perfect. You will grip blend in and gently blend Sam over lipids. It's totally normal. Great. Now let's move to another one. Darker shade. I press very lightly. Now let's just save the source part. Remember from the edges to colors, color is darker, but in the middle it's lighter because they have some gifts for your graph. A blending tool. Same here. Very lightly done. Press harder, press lighter, lighter, lighter. Same here. And now brighter. Control your brush stroke. Right there. If you feel sick, gaps blends. Same here. Janet logins attach. Steel darker. Now press harder. We're gonna have pretty bright color. If you want, you might not blend it. It's up to you. If you'd like. It, likes it feeling. Press lighter. I press harder, then very hard. Like this. We've done in his plan. And he sees there is a big difference between saying we could do is plant as well as create one more layer. I want to do all those plans on different layers because later I will just pick, just say capacity, increase the size. Maybe I want to make it slightly brighter. Exist. I moved from the orange color to yellow. And by the way, speaking about his size, you see the size is 40%. If you want to save this size, you think, wow, this is perfect. You might tap Plus and now you can move it to the different sites. But still you see it. We have mark here like the tech, where it says, Okay, this is our favorite size. If you don't like it, you can just tap miners. Capacity is also 100%. Let's start painting. Press very lightly. Press like thicker. I think I went to increase the size to 55%. Blended. They told it because we have very big petals. Don't press so hard. Now press harder. I went to loaders the size because I think it's too too big. Brush we'll go to the size for the seven. Careful you see, try not to leave some gaps. Same problems as part from the bottom. Maybe I'll press lightly. And also here, not to press harder. Blends are gaps from these petal as well. I can now guys, I wanted to show you some magic trick. We can create one more layer. And let's start creating, start coloring. How petal press lightly. Does that, start pressing harder? Now Blend, Blend, Blend does their magic trick is. The cases layer. Don delete. We're going to duplicate it, swipe left, and tap, duplicate it. Now if you're gonna use the same petal for another plant, leaf, like this, you can erase some of our lipids. But it's fine because later we're going to play second layer and we'll cover all our imperfections. Now let's duplicate it one more time and move to this side. Here you see we have tiny gap that we can cover. How to do it. Paint on the top, I've said. Yeah, like said. Now erase some overlapping, perfect. Duplicate it one more time. Merged together previous petals. Let's move this petal to that side. If you see that we have some parts that should be improved, we can go to adjustments and press liquefy, go, move the size to 40%. Chose the push is one of the tools and push it to the edges. Now our, now 33. And I want to move this part perfectly. You see it helps us to save time. Duplicate, merge, previous petal. This part gets smaller. That was perfect. You can erase this one. Race is firing. Lovely Kate. Felipe, horizontal races. Now you see in-between we have petals that has a very unique shape. So my suggestion just to paint it yourself. Grab our brush, lighter and brighter. Marriage together. That would a kid sees petal. Move to the bigger one, increases size, more. It looks very good. Now merged together. Next suggestion is do we need to paint some petals ourselves? At least this one? I created a new layer. Press lighter, very lightly, and press harder. Blending tool. You see, yeah, this is set shape of our brush and it imitates away how like the fingerprints that you use when you paint some berries. Because I was a printer ability press harder in the middle. If you press harder and in the middle and set means that it's a middle part will have less pigment and outer ones will have more, and of course, need to erase it. Now let's test the kids. A layer was petal and move it to the next better. Erase some of her Lepanto. You see here because of the shape. Petal we need to remove. Parts are just not accordingly to our floral merged together, duplicate. Move to the last one. Last very lovely petal. Erase over lipids. Here we actually need to paint it. Perfect. You finish creating Zillow or layer of our floral. We can merge everything together. Now let's create one more layer on top. Go grab pretty bright color. My businessman. Top should be a little bit brighter. I'm going to do same. Felt. Try to create one leaf and after I will duplicate it, don't forget to press lighter. You can't see it here, but it's fine later we just gonna just sat porosity in brightness. Ok, each petal. That oblique aid. Let's move to next one is size and shape. Gate. You see sometimes we have overlap pins and when you avoid it, we will go to lower layer, grab blending tool and blends apart some white gaps. Let's return duplicated one more time. Now flip horizontal. Perfect. We see some gap, go to lower layer and blend it. Duplicate one more time. March, previous petal with the rest of Sam. The kth one more time. We see the overlapping gaps, not soccer lipids, grep, told and cover SAT. Navigate. Let's put this petal here. Last one goes, I'm going to transfer says size, I will make it smaller. Let us return to the first layer. Grab blending tool, not eraser. And fields of camps like this. Merge together outright. Be careful, merged together just was the last petal with the rest of a top layer. I'll create one more layer. And I want to show the middle part of our floral. And as you see from this, exists paint in this lovely one, immediately is pretty bright, but it has its red and black dots. So I have a graph even brighter color. And I just want to fill this area with surprise color. This is my suggestion. I think I want to make the color of this flavor a little bit brighter. So I will go to adjustments and go to Curves. I can play with curves, make it slightly brighter in the same time, I can still make the contrast. So you can go to Adjustments, Hue Saturation and Brightness. And go to brightness, make it brighter. Exist. Same. I can do this. The rest of our flowers. I will go to. The top one says planned. Go to curves. I can show a contrast to lethal bid adjustments, hue saturation and brightness. And go to brightness. I want to keep this bright feeling same. I will go to our first plant, go to hue saturation and brightness. And make it brighter. Saying he's our plant which is red and go to Curves because here we have very obvious difference in colors, make it slightly lighter. Weight curves, make it slightly lighter. And at the same time, I want to show this difference. Go to Adjustments, Hue Saturation and Brightness. And I made it slightly brighter. Node set, red. You see it thanks to curves and thanks to the Adjustments, Hue, Saturation, Brightness. You can change the color if you don't like that. Also is in middle part. You see us our big plant. I want to make it brighter. Go to hue saturation and brightness. Go to brightness and increase the brightness a little bit. Same. I forgot about source. The middle part of source plants. I am on the layer where we have some middle part of our first plant. And I still want to have some middle part lighter. Try to avoid overlapping kids. Now it's time when we can make it brighter. Saturation and brightness and mix and middle part brighter. Perfect guy. So what do you want to tell you is that this is a flower buds that we also need to color. Here. We also have one more plant and I think it's his plan. It also should be pretty pricey. I will what I'm gonna do, how to create one more layer. I think it can be darker like Zimbardo, plants say fell through fairly bright, so you'll be yellowish. Bad says smaller ones at bads. Flower buds and tiny flower can be reddish. Who's his tour? Press lighter. The same I'm going to do is tiny ones. Second one. Don't forget about buries that we have here. Barriers feel a bit darker. I'm going to use very bright color, bright red color for that. I'll create one more layer as well. Try to create very beautiful composition. Tiny Berry here. Properties at once. Said. If you have also you see a tiny, tiny ones. Danny Flores here. I want to make some lighter. Let's return to the one where we had this planned. And I want to add some red color, pretty PRI thread color, but lighters and our Paris. Now a middle part came, either part of it will be yellow. Now you see if you have two more florals. And we need to think what color we can use for. Say. Okay guys, I decided to add phosphorus tiny plants, the swans. I would like to use this bluish color. Press harder, you will have darker color and press lighter. Something that didn't blue and purple. Same here. I think these colors perfect flaws as planned. Also be my change this color because I think it's enough red color. And properly, I would like to add pretty brighter green, blue, and purple color on the top of this one. What we're gonna do here is I will press select on the layer where we have this plant is this berries. And I just switched the color. Because when we choose, Select or we can also press alpha lock. Thanks to said, you can't go beyond two lines. I grew up slightly darker color and press very lightly and said held me to add some color variations. This as grit, blend and blend it. Next we can deselect, get Lexis. Now I don't like the colors is not perfectly red. But like when we add this irradiation, grab free hand, select US plants, go to curse. And I want to play with the colors. Makes them knots at dark, became like SAT. Now we've done is paint in all our florals. We're going to add shades later. Next part of our class will be about A1 and feelings of color for all. So sleeves and steps. Let's do it. 5. New Technique: Painting Leaves: Now, the next part of our class, I have the same brush puppetry, Kafka, and I need to create one more layer. In this way, I'm going to choose a color for our leaks. You see it? You he chose this greenish Schwann. You press harder enough to press lighter. Almost yellowish. That's beautiful, but I think we already have two my truck yellow color. So we need to be careful. They said, crab greener in the same unit. Controls at capacity and pressure. Also looks great. What about dark, darker, lighter? And I think this color is perfect. And middle part blend plant likes that. If you're gonna grab this dark green color for the leaves. Same here. You can leave if Apple pencil, It's fine. I have to sit grab, blending tool. Blends, overlap pins is a gaps, no solder leptons. Now I want to place all our leaves under nice because Sunday visitors, this one overlaps with the floral. I don't want to show it. To overlap. On what tiny fluoro. Leave. Press harder, lighter, great, spend, slider, harder. And Lexis, it's perfect if you paint everything just one stroke and darker like this. Here, same here we can increase the size of the brush a little bit to you. Let me show you 50% harder and writer axis. Same as his frog is this one. This way their behalf, the leaves her. Increases size. We can show some part in his area. Blends are lipids. Careful because his flex perfect. Now let's think about SaaS swans, I think say sleeves. We can go to dark green color. I went to it with one more layer. And I can show wait a second. I can show lighter or harder, lighter, lighter. Press harder and lighter. Lighter, harder and harder. And harder. Heart. To pride. Same area. I don't want to press too light. Same sphere. Increases size. Same area. Let's go to the parents. Is this lovely client. You see it's very much easier to paint leaves because you don't actually have too much combinations. Would oppose his fans. Press harder, lighter. Speaking about these plants, we can place it on top of our florals. Because Sam, you see someone leaves, they should overlap. Control the size. Blacks had. Slide. Yeah, be careful. Max height increases size here. Thirty-five percent. Opacity. Oliver says size of blending tool a little bit. If you have still some leaves. I have some of the premises side. Let me think. What else do we have? Here? I have some tiny stems. Be careful. Stems I can recover plants that we have. Whereas create one more layer under nice. And if you think that's a line is drawn towards thick, you can adjust it. The race overlap as we said, flora now knocked it together. I think I still see some leaves here. Sets can be improved. I love lovers besides till 12%. Just 12. I wanted to make very thin lines. Like sad. I can now I have some stamps at a very, very think. I've also used the same brush and I will keep pretty dark color. Who say I don't not make it said bright. Saying Behance, his theme in this area. Try not to lift your pencil on the screen. This case arrest for the rest. I'm going to use another, a brush. I'm going to use another brush reaches for Oriental dry brush. And I just wanted to show this tiny lines here. I like this brush has some like Dr. feeling because sometimes when we paint, not all the times that we have plenty of water on our brush. Now I had trying to connect to leaves. Leaves a stamp. Not everywhere, like I told you, it's not that important. But some main lines, of course they should be connected. Lots of lines here. And we have done is I didn't colors to our loved ear leaves and to our stamps. And now let's move to the next part where we're going to add shades and said, What did you say? 6. Adding Shades: Now we move to the next part where if you're going to add some shades, because the brush is very thick and non-transparent to be the need to remove transparency, which is cook. Now, I'm ready to add some shades. I think we need to start with florals like we did before. I will go and press clipping mask. And after said, I cannot change the blending mode, it will stay normal. I want to grab these. Let me think. Orange color. I will switch to blue watercolor background brush. And now I want to wait, orange color, orange crop. Now, I will go to edges here and I want to add some shades to the edges. I said, same and it looks beautiful. If you want to make it more saturated, you can go to Curves. Same what we did before. Yeah, we added some contrast. And it looks wonderful. I'm going to keep it that way. But don't forget, we also have some contrast is his side as well. A little bit, but still we have this part. You see, we have some parts of the overlapping. If you're gonna go to layer where we have some middles, the heart of our floral legal chess, remote, overlapping. Now, let's merge together these two layers and now it's moved to this plant fluoro clip ahead. And I will grab a reddish color, but move it wait, reddish color. But move to slightly like light, a version of it. Yeah, same hexane. Let's start adding some daughters. Same about the heart of chloro. If you have some other weapons, Let's just erase it. If you have some gaps, we can blend it to caps for help us to make a flower look perfect. Now we need to show some shade problems at edges. Just a little bit. It remembers a middle path should feel a lighter. Now go to curse. It looks beautiful. Gonna keep it that way. Merge together. Now let's go to the top of our floral clip it grab orange color. Let's add some sap shades in the middle. Now grab more ready? Schwann, brighter, steals a hard. Obey here. Says shapes between the petals. Grab The Curse. Also play these colors. Like so my hard looks. Now let's go to the middle of plants, this one. Clip it. Show us some shade. Maybe blend. Sounds cool. Now just saying with the heart, this area likes that. March together. Now let's go to our tiny florals. Clip it. Crap, reddish color. Don't worry now you don't see it. But later when we use our lovely tool, sees a difference. Same here. Prompts, edges show tiny shapes, go to curves. And now you see you can show that. It's huge. Told Don't forget those shows. A meal part. I wanted to, I like it. I want to add more shapes to merge together, create one more layer, clip it and blend the layer mode moved to multiply. Grab a dark red color. Now shows, see it's even bigger. If you're gripped darker shade until a bit even bigger, even darker. I like it. And it's pretty enough for me. Very sad. Now, I will go with our berries, clip it more to multiply. I wanted to show some shades to the Paris as well. Same here. We have our notepad, Barry in this area. After sad to remember, go to curves, shows his bride color here. We also have scholars, so shades. I think we can also show us the shade from this side. I'll create one more layer, clip it, move to multiply, go to scalar. It will grab bluish color, show some shades. Bluish, purple. From this side. Remember as part should be brighter. Go to curves. Show to color, thanks to a curse. Next part I wanted to show some middle part should be even brighter. How the toes had gone that merged together. Sam parts. If one leaves this plant, I'm going to merge together as a leaf with two florals. I'll create one more layer on the top. I will clip it at normal as a blending layer mode. Now grab pretty bright yellow color, size. Maybe even invite. Yeah, you see it? Thanks to set. White color I can show it's a middle part is lighter, like sad. Now let's just save it. A farmer could leap it. Show some dots on each petal. Next, go to curse. Make it brighter. If you want to duplicate it. And it also will proprietor lovers that pass it in one layer till 55%. I will emerge together, follow it the same if it's another tool, florals lowers app, I said to do 50% of 40 and merge everything together. The same as the rest of our florals. A clipping mask, lipid. I want to show some pride parts without barriers. Looks good. Now what I did before, I will duplicate this layer. However, Zapata to Duan De percent, I think it would be fine. Hand merge, sat together. It looks very beautiful. Now nobody even go to our leaves. Sleep it, it did before. I will go to multiply. Let's go to our color palette. With time, place it into this area. I'll grab this dark color. Same but watercolor background, brush, clipping mask. Yeah. We didn't meet it for now. And I want to show some dark lines. Remember likes this part you see here, the beginning point will be darker. I want to show it everywhere. Shade to the stem as well. Shows a Shades and it looks beautiful and more realistic. Dan was his part. One more leaf here, merged together. Now to have SaaS plans, I'll create one more layer here and I will clip it. Can either move to multiply. And here I have a speech Surprise, cash, tool. Pink, this dark green. I also need to show some shades. Of course, not everywhere. Yes, a shade from the leaf. Shade from the leap here froms, from the flora. It looks good. If you want, you can go to Curves. Make it even darker. Looks very beautiful. Now, we need to show some main lines here and our plants and said, guys, I forgot to show the source leaves. I forgot to show us a line. Oriental dry brush. Now shows the lines here. Because you're going to turn off the sketch layer very soon. I want to connect all the parts all together. Now, I went to connect, you see as a splint separate two main parts. Either create one more layer. Perhaps his dark red color, and I will move to multiply blend mode. I want to show the lines here on our lovely, lovely plants. I wanted to separate barriers. I wanted to create one more layer and also move to multiply because probably I will love or South Park City and I didn't make it not a pride to him, like destroys it as a layer. If can ask layers, I don't need to lawyers have positive. Let's separate the Leafs won from each other. I'm going to split up the veto in order to make it faster. I can't now it's time to turn off our sketch on my hair. Looks great. And I think I went to love herself, capacity of our plants and lethal bid. And after that, I will go to curves. I still want to make it more white. Guys. Final file detail, you said, I want to show some, like you see Z alliance. They are not emphasized legs, it borders the edges. And I'll show you the way how to do that. First of all, we're going to go to Source plants and you can combine them together. Floor else will go to the selection tool press Automatic tip. Does it go tip better? 2%. Go to hue saturation and brightness and lovers of brightness till 20% and saturation till 18. Now you see the borders, they're very pretty quick. Select it. Now this tube is arrest. Go to our plants here, this one's grab selection tool. We selected Sam, how about be careful, don't overlap. Let's turn off all the layers except the leaves. Grabs an automatic selects the leaves. Phasor 2%, Hue Saturation and Brightness. The brightness increase saturation, brightness 20% you see supporters say became very obvious. Good. Now let's move to another part of our leaves. Automate. Intake TO percent hue saturation and brightness lovers of brightness till 20% saturation to 80. Now we can turn off our leaves and turn on our plants here, our florals. Same selection tool, click Automatic. And we selected all our florals. Go to feather to a percent. Hue saturation and brightness. Loggers uprightness, increase situation. Perfect. It emphasized turn on oscillator set for not peaceable before. Looks beautiful. I am going to merge together also layers exist. If you want to can make our picture even more white, brand more saturated, how to do it? Go to curves. You see you can play visit colors and play with the saturation color. It's looks very beautiful. You see that before it was very bright. Let me, I merge it together. I will duplicate the layers in case if I wanted to keep the original one, the curves. Now I can play around and I can add some color variation. You guys, you're almost done. Now as you remember, that Kiva art is painted on, on a white background. So we have a background. Now, I want to make a frame. I think it would be very beautiful. How to do it? Go and grab mercury brush. Increase the size. We can paint. Careful brighter color. We will paint just some kind of rectangle. Tip. After the press Edit Shape and press rectangle. Rectangle is perfect, almost perfect. We can just fields apart such as not finished. Also, we can go and duplicate this layer. Go grab uniform. We can make a second frame. It looks very beautiful. Next, if you wanted to keep it that way. But if you want, you can erase the parts that are overlapping. We use our illustration. Like seas said, he'll help us to finish our composition. Same here. Guys and our Ukrainian art is finished. I hope you enjoyed painting in PATRIC, if Castile. Now you know how to paint illustration in Ukrainian folk art and IV. Sure, what's up? Inspiration. And guys, in our next class, we are gonna paint lovely creatures, like some cute animals in Gore style. This is the end of our class. By now, you know how to paint lovely folk art illustration in Ukrainian way. And you know more about Patrick, you've Castile guys, I've USU lots of inspiration and I will be glad to see all your beautiful artworks and let us see each other in a new class. Bye bye.